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Posted September 21, 2011

2010-2011 was my 4th year as Region 5 Western United States Trustee. I can report much activity and energy showing our Academy’s growth in the Region 5 Sections: Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.

During the year, I represented the Academy Officers & Trustees at two Region 5 meetings. I was invited & hosted by Oregon Section Chair Weston Heringer (11/6/11) and my own N. CA Section meeting (9/24/11). At these meetings, I presented a PFA overview (history & current status) and the Foundation’s current projects. Also, I presided over the New Fellows installations. Note: at the N CA event President-Elect Joe Harris participated with New Fellows installation.

In addition this past June, I attended a PFA 75th year celebration in Paris. Good attendance by PFA Officers, Trustees, Section Chairs and many guests provided excellent representation at such a memorable event.

During the year, all Region 5 Section Chairs were contacted multiple times by written letter, emails, and telephone. Most recent contact was to submit their Section activity reports.

PFA Region 5 Fellowship membership is up; showing current recruitment and retention sectional activities are working. However, many members are aging and attrition occurs due to deaths combined with a growing number who are converting to Life Fellowship status. PFA needs continued recruitment and retention strategies to increase membership.

Note: for many years on our Web page, N CA and S CA Section Fellows Leadership Directory were combined into 1 California directory. Since there are 2 separate Sections--Northern California and Southern California Section directories are now online.

I presented at the Sonrisas Community Dental Center (Half Moon Bay, CA) celebration for the staff/volunteers that helped with the 2010 PFA N CA Section grant received from the PFA Foundation. This $5,000 grant provided preventive instruction/dental care to the underserved patients of San Mateo County, CA.

It is my last year as N CA Section Chair person. At the N CA Section Annual New Fellow & Awards Luncheon in September, Dr. Wai Chan (Sacramento, CA) will assume the Chairperson position.

I do look forward to the PFA Board of Trustees meeting in Las Vegas this October. Many important issues/activities need discussion, resolution and implementation.

I thank all the Region 5 Western Section Chairpersons for their dedication to our PFA Academy. This is my lat year as Trustee. Dr. Barry Feder (WA) will begin as our new PFA Region 5 Western United States Trustee. Please support him as you have supported me.

Warmest Regards!

Daniel Castagna, DDS, FPFA 2011 Region 5 Western United States Trustee