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July-August 2018

September 16, 2011

Posted September 17, 2011

The meeting of September 16, 2011 of our Section Belgium was a success. Prof. Dr. Michel Brecx presented microscopic 3D slices and ... a world first and based on this he overthrew a lot of idols in pararodontology. We told him: “the Pierre Fauchard Academy is an international dental honour society”. We all believed that it was for the Academy an honour to make him Honorary Fellow.

This day was also the birthday of a new Section. The Section Romania was officially created. Prof. Dr. Corneliu Amariei was made effective fellow of the Academy and at the same time Chair of the Section Romania. The Romanian section will have 14 fellows in majority professors and brought up to strength by duly qualified dentists.

The evening ended with the presentation of Prof. Dr Charles Pilipili, about the situation of the dental schools of Africa and the evolution of need for dental treatment in Congo. The Chair of the Section Belgium Christiaan Colpaert, Chair of a Taskforce on Health at the Council of Europe and former inhabitant of Congo, explained that he agrees the fundamental difference between a structured Europe where official directives are efficient and a young Africa where financial backing of individual initiatives is the best help to make progress in the goals of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Motivated by the presentation, knowing the help that several Belgian and Romanian professors gave based on human ideal outside of any organised feeling, Prof. Amariei promised to look out how he could help Prof Pilipili.