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2011 Virginia Section Report

Posted July 31, 2011

The 2011 annual meeting of the Virginia Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy was held on Friday June 17, 2011 in Williamsburg VA at the Williamsburg Inn. There were 50 members and guests in attendance at the luncheon meeting. Section Chair Ed Mullins presided.

Recent graduate Emil Christofakis, the recipient if the PFA Research Award, presented his research project. He was awarded a $1000.00 scholarship. Rising senior dental student Emily Keeton received $1000.00 as the recipient of PFA Virginia Chapter Award. Rising senior Samuel Allen was awarded the PFA Dental Student Scholarship Award by the PFA Foundation and received $1500.00. The Dean of VCU Dental School, Dr David Sattett, introduced each of the three award recipients and Section Chair Mullins presented the awards.

Six New Fellows were inducted. They are: Dr. Ed Griggs, Dr. Noel Root, Dr. Charles Harris, Dr. Ross Fuller, Dr. Paul Wiley and Dr. Michael Miller. The Virginia Section Distinguished Dentist Award was presented to Dr. Richard Barnes in recognition of his many years of selfless service to the profession of dentistry.

The Virginia Section donated $3000.00 to VCU Dental School to support ethics programs as well as $500.00 to the VDA to support the VDA meeting. Dr. Dan Grabeel was installed as the new section chair at the conclusion of the meeting.