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July-August 2018

2011 Anniversary Report from Paris

Posted July 11, 2011

On Thursday June 16, the commemoration of the Pierre Fauchard Academy's 75th Anniversary was held in Paris, France . For this important event, about 120 people came from 16 different countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, India, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the USA.

It began with a scientific session at the Paris 7 University Dental School with 4 brilliant lecturers:

- Dr. Paul Miara, specialist in esthetic dentistry who spoke about bleaching, microabrasion and veneers.

- Pr. Pierre Machtou, former PFA Elmer Best Awardee, showed us the progress of modern root canal therapy with a single instrument.

- Pr. Patrick Missika explained the technic of extraction and immediate placement of implants.

- Dr. Jean-Christophe Loir, Dentist and Historian, who evoked Pierre Fauchard's life in Paris and the places where he lived.

During the time the fellows were listening the lectures, their spouses/partners could visit the Palais du Luxembourg, seat of the Senat, which is the high chamber of the French Parliament. This splendid building was built during the 17th Century by Marie de Medicis, wife of King Henri IV of France. All the Ladies were very pleased of this visit in English.

Then to complete the morning's schedule, all the participants walked through Paris passing by the Saint-Sulpice Church, and gathered togther for an official PFA ceremony held at the 6th District of Paris City Hall. This district is the one where Pierre Fauchard lived, worked and died exactly 250 years ago.

There we could welcome the Officers who came to attend this ceremony: Steve Hedlund, immediate Past-President; Joe Harris, President Elect; Ernesto Acuna, Vice President; and Mark Stanley, Dental World Editor. We also were pleased to welcome the Trustees: Kiyoshi Ohura for Asia, Cheri Newman for Midwest USA, Karyn Stockwell for Southeast USA, Mark Sinclair for Australasia; Jose Dahan for Europe, and Dan Castagna for Western USA. Also let us not forget Jane Riley, Dental Abstracts Publisher (Elsevier) and Dr. Douglas Berkey, Editor-in-Chief of the Dental Abstracts publication. For representing France, the host country, we had Dr. Guy Bias, Vice President of the Dentist's National Board and Pr. Patrick Missika, Vice Dean of the Dental School.

The Award ceremony began with Pr. Jose Font-Buxo, from Madrid, Spain who was honored with the Elmer Best Award. Dr. Font-Buxo is a former President of the FDI, he has published more than 70 articles, dedicated 35 courses, and presented 80 lectures. He is member of many scientific societies in Spain, USA and France.

A President Award was given to Pr. Eugeniusz Spiechowicz from Warsaw, Poland . He was Vice Chair of the PfA Poland section in 1991 and Chair in 2003 until now. He is Professor at the Medical University of Warsaw, published many articles, gave many lectures and occupied many official positions in his country.

Pr. Patrick Missika was granted with a Certificate of Merit. He is clinical professor at the Paris 7 University Dental School, and Head of the University Department of Implantology, Vice Dean of The Dental School, and an expert at the Apellate Court.

After these main awards, others were given by Dr. Ouvrard, President and Dr. Hedlund, past President and Trustee of the Foundation of the PFA: 3 student Scholarship Awards to Davy Aubeux (Nantes University), Jamila Bbenlemqacem (Paris 7 University) and Antoine Galibourg (Toulouse University).

Also a special subsidy was granted to the "Bus Social Dentaire" which gives dental care to poor people in the suburbs of Paris so the goal of the Foundation "to support projects that will benefit the dental profession and the public" was reached.

Then a great induction ceremony with held for 13 new inducted Fellows: Ten of them were French Dentists (Drs. Jean-Pierre Attal, Jean-Pierre Bernard, Guy Biass, Jean Granat, Laurence Jordan, Patrick Limbourg, Jean-Paul Louis, Armelle Manière-Ezvan, Jacques Penaud and Bachir Rahal), one Belgian (Dominique Scalais) one Romanian (Norina Forna) and one American (Peter Vanstrom).

All these new Fellows are brilliant dentists and very dedicated to their profession and to helping other people. They made a pledge to serve the Academy and to respect the ethics.

After this very important ceremony, which is an expression of the good health of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, every Fellow received a commemoration medal of this anniversary offered by the Dentsply company and a nice cocktail party was organized in the City Hall for all the participants: with champagne, wine, soft drinks and plenty of different foods. At the beginning of the afternoon buses took us to a river boat for a two hours cruise on the Seine River among the most beautiful monuments of Paris with a fine sunny weather. This cruise was the result of the generosity of Acteon Group (Satelec, Pierre Roland, Riskontrol) a former PFA Trade and Industry Awardee.

To end this day of celebration, a diner brought together all the Fellows and guests in the "Restaurant du Senat" inside the Palais du Luxembourg where the food was delicious, the French wines of excellent quality, and the atmosphere very enjoyable.

As President, I hope that everyone will remember for a long time this beautiful day of the Pierre Fauchard Academy's 75th Anniversary in Paris.

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard,

2011 President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy