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May - June 2022

Dental Trade and Industry Recognition Award

The Dental Trade and Industry Award of Recognition may be presented to honor an outstanding leader in the field for contributions to dentistry and the community. Only one plaque per year will be awarded.  The recipient must be nominated by the awards committee and have the approval of the Board of Trustees. The President will present the plaque at the PFA Annual Awards Luncheon.

2019 Dental Trade and Industry Award 

Burkhart Dental Supply 


Founded by Dr. William Burkhart in 1888 as an addition to his dental practice, Burkhart Dental Supply provides over $200 million a year in supplies, equipment and technology, service and repair, practice consulting, and office planning and design to over 7,500 dentists.  For more than a century, the people of Burkhart have helped dentists achieve personal and professional success. This remains our passion and guides our relationships with our clients.  We’re not a small company, but we continue to provide the attention and service of a private, family and employee-owned business.  It’s the values, ethics, and talent of our people that distinguishes us.  Everyone at Burkhart is asked to focus on three things. What sets us apart is the fulfillment of these principles, every day and with every client:  

Integrity: Act with integrity to earn our clients’ trust

Knowledge: Be a knowledgeable resource

Client Success: Always work in our clients’ best interest to help them succeed

Headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, Burkhart has 400 employees, ten regional divisions in nineteen locations, and three distribution centers. Its regional divisions are in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.


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