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November - December 2022

Leadership in Turbulent Times

The Leadership in Turbulent Times course is available to PFA Fellows. Log in to the website for access.

The modules offered in this program:

1. An Introduction to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®
2. The Mistakes Leaders Make When It’s Time to Make Things Happen
3. How to Keep Your Cool When Things Are Heating Up
4. Taking Risks and Failing Forward in Uncertain Times

5. The Secret of Innovation that You Already Know (but are not using yet!)
6. Unleashing Your Leadership Potential
7. Understanding Diversity & Inclusion to Lead More Effectively
8. Are You Hanging on to the Past? Key Strategies for Letting Go
9. Creative Problem Solving When You’re Stuck in the Status Quo
10. How Visionary Leaders Lift the Fog & Create Clarity

The content presented throughout this course is based on an evidence-based framework of
leadership and global research with over 5 million leaders. Our presenter, Deb Calvert, is a
leadership speaker and consultant who has been named one of “The 65 Most Influential Women in
Business” by Treeline. Our own PFA Trustee, Dr. Cheryl Billingsley, will also provide content so you
can immediately apply concepts and tools offered.

You will receive wonderful training in Leadership that will enable you to take this back to your office
and apply immediately, especially helpful during this Covid 19 Crisis.

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