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November - December 2022

Pierre Fauchard Academy Mentorship Program

The Pierre Fauchard Academy invites you to participate in the Mentorship Program. The concept of Mentorship has been around for centuries. Would Plato have become a philosopher without Socrates? Or as the Englishman Sir Isaac Newton stated "If I have seen far, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants."

Many sections of the Pierre Fauchard Academy worldwide promote Mentorship as a Service Project. The activity in Mentorship is growing exponentially as more sections promote this time proven and worthwhile concept to greet new dentists.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy recognizes the benefits of Mentorship and welcomes you to participate in its rewards.


  • Initiate first contact and have regular follow-ups.
  • Help acclimate the new professional into the dental community
  • Introduce protégé to key people.
  • Increase protégé's visibility in the profession and/or community.
  • Are a good listener and a trusted friend.
  • Provide nonjudgmental support.
  • Are a luminary that a new professional can go to for guidance and inspiration.
  • See the energy and talent of recent graduates to address their needs at the leadership level.
  • You are not a legal advisor or responsible to help establish a practice.
  • One year commitment.
  • Activities could include introductions at component meetings and seminars, arranging visitations at nearby dental office, or attending sporting and civic events with your protégé.
  • Report your experiences to the Mentorship chair in your Pierre Fauchard Academy Section.


  • Become introduced to professionals and key people in your area.
  • Have a "mentor" colleague to call as you will discover challenges, complexities, and rewards in your new profession.
  • Receive advice, information and encouragement.
  • Have a valuable resource in your profession.
  • Share your knowledge and ideas with newly met colleagues.
  • Keep in touch with your mentor.
  • Report experiences to the Mentorship Chair of your Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.
  • When the term ends, after about a year, be certain to express your appreciation and acknowledge what you may have gained from the relationship.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy mentorship program is an International program that encompasses every Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy in the world.

This program consists of Section and subsections mentorship chairpersons so that the Academy will be able to promote mentorship in even the smallest areas.

The Academy believes this is an excellent program that will benefit the students, new practitioners, established practitioners, and the patients.