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July-August 2018

PFA "Everyone For Veterans" Program

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“On May 25, 2004, my son, Army Specialist Rory Dunn, was on escort duty for a civil service team just outside Fallujah, when a daisy-chained IED hid-den in a tree overhanging the road on which he was traveling was detonated by remote control as his Humvee passed underneath. The devastating shrapnel tore through the canvas top of the unarmored Humvee killing two soldiers and critically wounding Rory and another soldier. Rory was wearing a helmet, but the blast crushed his right cheek, forehead, and frontal skull from ear to ear; destroyed his right eye and right eye orbit completely; blew his other eye out of his head; and deafened him immediately in both ears. With no eyesight or hearing and with massive head injuries, Rory attempted to search the back of the Humvee to see if anyone else was still there, but then collapsed across one of the seats where he had been sitting. Rory was so grievously wounded that the medic, upon arriving, passed over him to assist another soldier who he thought had a better chance of survival. However, a Marine holding my son in his arms asked what he could do for Rory, as Rory was still clutching his weapon and asking about his buddies. Rory struggled against the three soldiers who tried to get him to the ground and on a stretcher. Rory finally lost consciousness as he was airlifted to a field hospital in Baghdad. His traumatic brain injuries (TBI) were so devastating that upon arrival at the hospital emergency unit, the triage doctor’s diagnosis/prognosis was that there was nothing that could be done for him. My son was set aside to die. It was his 22nd birthday.”

Excerpt from “My Son Went to War” Cynthia Lefever




Everyone for Veterans      
September 2018
Mission Accomplished! 
Lesile and Dr. Pavlorich
Seattle dentist, Dr. Matthew Pavlovich of Pavlovich Dental honored Vietnam veteran, Leslie Strothers, with an implant supported lower denture as well as relining his existing upper denture!  The generosity that Dr. Pavlovich has shown Leslie comes through in Leslie’s smile and has restored his confidence in chewing again.  It has also shown Leslie that his service and sacrifices during war time are appreciated and not forgotten.  Leslie is a Navy veteran who was deployed during the Vietnam War on aircraft carrier the USS Hancock between 1960-63.  He was a Boiler Tender for a year and was then boat coxing (shuttling enlisted to shore and back to the ship).  After his return from the war, things were tough with his marriage which resulted in a divorce. Leslie worked hard all his life at Lockheed, and later as a plumber, raising 2 boys and 2 girls. Leslie is battling some health issues and feels especially grateful to Dr. Pavlorich and E4V to have this excellent dental care.  He would also like to recognize and thank the staff as well!  They are such a great team!      

Be like Dr. Pavlovich and be the change in the life of a combat veteran!  Dentists sign up here.    

Not a dentist?  Become a Wingman to help a veteran in your community! Sign up here
Honor a veteran. Donate today!
Veterans Day Open Mic Town Hall

It’s not just about Veterans Day Sales...

Please join us in honoring and acknowledging veterans this Veterans Day.  This is a free event where veterans and their families share their stories of combat deployment and readjustment at home and the public can listen and learn.  Reserve your ticket now. Invitation link here

Our Intern 

Hi, my name is Jackie. I am a Junior at UW and I am an intern for E4V. Initially when I first heard about E4V, I didn't know if I could help. The reason is because most people who help veteran organizations have family who are veterans. For me, that was not the case. However, after I met Dr. Theresa Cheng, I found out she did not have veterans in her family either. Then, I realized - - you don't need to have a veteran in the family in order to help. Through my work at E4V, I learned more and more about the hardships of combat veterans. I learned how difficult it is for them to obtain adequate dental care. I found out more about how veterans are affected by PTSD. The more I learn, the more I want to help. E4V has opened my eyes to struggles I could've never imagined. I am excited to continue to intern at E4V and for what is yet to come. Thank you, E4V for this great opportunity! 

I love working with E4V because I feel as if I am slowly making a difference in people's lives. It means the world to me to be able to work with an organization that cares so much about improving the lives of combat veterans. 

Thank you Jackie for your dedication to the cause. You are a tremendous contribution to E4V! 

  1. More Blood Drives coming:  October 30th, Issaquah RAM; November 27th, Puyallup RAM
  2. We are in Boeing Employee Matching Gift Fund: Please designate us in your donations. 
  3. We are in the Washington State Combined Fund Drive, code 1482437.  Please designate us. 
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Speaking Opportunities: We are happy to speak to companies, rotary, kiwanis, VFW, book clubs, churches, synagogues , temples,  unions, etc. Please recommend us to your groups and email us at drcheng@everyoneforveterans.org

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