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Published quarterly, Dental World includes news of the Academy, its Foundation, and its Regions and Sections in the United States and abroad. This offical newsletter of the Pierre Fauchard Academy contains news of individual members throughout the world, announcements of meetings, abstracts of selected articles from the world of dentistry with comments, reviews of books written by PFA members, and occasional editorials.  Dental World appears four times a year as an insert in Dental Abstracts which is distributed bimonthly as part of the membership benefits to Fellows of the Academy.

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Dental Abstracts

Dental Abstracts is the official publication of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.  Information from around the globe is presented in this bimonthly publication featuring approximately 50 abstracts from key articles in dentistry. Dental Abstracts keeps dentists informed of developments and advances in general dentistry and its specialties in an easy-to-read, abstract format. Graphs, tables, and figures that have appeared in original articles are also included. This time-saving publication covers topics such as guided tissue regeneration, treatments for anterior single tooth implants, clinical evaluation of dentin bonding agents, and more.

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It seems to be about that time I guess. My term as President is concluding in October and the plans for the meeting in Denver are well under way. I’ve enjoyed my time in the position and hope I’ve had a positive impact on the organization. It’s interesting to be in a position such as this in that so much of what one does is never seen. I’ve had more pictures taken of me in different settings than I ever could have imagined, and am quite convinced that the number in any one setting is more than I was in at any of my daughters’ weddings. I have to say it’s a bit humbling. Let’s be honest, I’m not good looking, not a famous dentist from the lecture and CE circuit, and don’t look as good in a tuxedo as I used to. Nonetheless, members still want a picture with the President. It’s great to know that it matters to our Fellows to have an officer at their meetings.


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Dental Abstracts Issue

Dental Abstracts (2017)

September 13, 2017
  • Oral health key to overall health improvement
  • Bridging the gap in communication
  • Including oral health coverage in Medicare
  • Elder abuse
  • Confirmation bias
  • Table of Contents
  • Editorial Board
  • Dental World
  • Sexual behavior and oral cancer
  • Mandibular third molar extraction complications
  • Eye protection for dentists
  • Success of endodontic treatment and age
  • Diagnosing and managing hypersensitivity
  • Taking dental care coverage away from adults
  • Genetics in dental fear and fear of pain
  • Dental procedures for patients on anticoagulants
  • Mini implant−retained overdentures
  • Evolution of implant dentistry
  • Assessing pulpal health
  • Diabetes screening in the dental office
  • Clinical use of antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Third molar complications and antibiotic use
  • Locating your practice
  • Practice growth models
  • Engaged team members
  • Learning from business leaders
  • No phishing
  • Handling misinformation
  • Safety measures
  • Collecting on unpaid bills
  • Overcoming barriers to women serving as leaders
  • Gender differences in hours worked
  • Changing the course of oral health care
  • Status of expanded function mid-level providers
  • Ownership or dental support organization employment?
  • Crunching the debt numbers
  • Ownership
  • Options for career pathways
  • Deep carious lesion management
  • Root caries prevention
  • Toothbrushing frequency and caries
  • Toothpaste and plaque removal
  • Placing implants in a periodontally compromised patient
  • Norway’s palliative oral care
  • NSAIDs for postoperative endodontic pain
  • Impacted canines
  • Sarcopenia
  • Mobile dental photography
  • Keeping patients safe during imaging
  • Parents in the operatory
  • YouTube as information source
  • Mobile apps deliver dental information
  • OPPERA study results
  • Happy to run
  • Fruits and veggies—we don’t eat enough
  • Addicted—to your smartphone
  • Toss that deadly chair!
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