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July - August 2012


President's Message

Dr. Joseph C. Harris

As I reach the midpoint of my term, I can report progress in the Academy's affairs. The most encouraging points for me as the Academy's President are witnessing first hand the commitment, effort and dedication shown by our local Section Chairpersons. The direction taken by each Section is unique and distinct, however the common element demonstrated by the successful Sections is that strong leadership equals a strong Section. This issue of the Dental World will begin a series of articles written by the leaders of the Academy's most active and vibrant Sections--with the purpose of giving a view of their philosophy and methodology they used to achieve success for PFA.

Final preparations are being made for the Academy's annual meeting, which will take place in San Francisco in October in conjunction with the American Dental Association's annual session. It is during these meetings that Academy "business" is tended to. The Executive Board and Board of Trustees finalize Old Business as well as create a blueprint for future activities. A summary of the meeting minutes will be available for your perusal on the President's Newsletter page on the PFA website.

Please keep in mind that our Annual Meeting is not all work and no play ... many fun activities also will take place during our event. Our prestigious Awards Luncheon, Section Chair Caucus, President's Reception, PFA Ladies Luncheon and President's Dinner Party provide many opportunities for PFA Fellows to network with each other. The truly international flavor of the Academy can make for some interesting and promising bedfellows (no pun intended). I hope that those of you who are planning on attending the ADA session will try to participate in some of our functions. Your Officers and Staff will gladly take you by the hand and give you an intimate view of our beloved Academy. I encourage you to visit the Academy's website ( to keep abreast of all the latest news regarding the annual meeting as well as all other PFA business.

I have the grand privilege of announcing to the Fellowship that the Academy's newest Section had its inaugural meeting on February 2, 2011. Thanks to the hard work and planning of PFA Fellow Dr. Dominique Caron, Dubai (UAE) has become the latest nation to join the ranks of the Academy. Twenty-six Fellows were inducted by Dr. Caron and PFA Immediate Past President Hubert Ouvrard. Dr. Caron will be receiving a Distinguished Service Award for his valiant efforts in this area.

Remember that we, the Officers and Staff of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, are ever cognizant that our duties and responsibilities are guided by our Mission Statement. You, the Fellows of the Academy, are the reason we work so diligently to maintain and improve the Academy. All plans, actions and implementations occur with you in mind. We encourage feedback from the "ranks" and it is the Board's greatest desire to receive discourse from you.

Dr. Joseph C. Harris 
International President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the President Elect

Dr. Ernesto Acuña

Last year we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of our beloved Academy, with the main celebration taking place in Paris, France, where Pierre Fauchard once lived and wrote his books that would lay the foundation of modern dentistry. Later in the year after the Paris festivities, another grand celebration was held in Mexico City at the French Embassy.

With the idea of paying tribute to the founder of our Academy, Dr. Elmer Best, and keeping with his ideals, the Academy will present the first " International Induction Ceremony" to be held in conjunction with the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). The functions will take place in the main auditorium of the Jacob K Javits Convention Center in New York City on November 27th, 2012 . This event has been named in the memory of Dr. Elmer Best, with the intent of sharing knowledge of the dental profession worldwide.

The basic idea of performing this ceremony comes as a reflection of the times in which we live. We see the Academy taking on a more globalized position. We will take advantage of our international status and present the opportunity for Fellows, and for those candidates nominated to be inducted by their regional Chairpersons of different international sections, to meet. This strategy should strengthen ties of friendship and encourage the exchange of experiences, thus creating channels for future communications.

Traditionally, induction ceremonies take place in local Sections with nominees being inaugurated on their own turf. The international induction ceremony is a great opportunity for new candidates from different sections and regions of the world to come together and in one special ceremony, magnify our honor organization, and give light and example to the vision of the founder of our beloved Academy.

Dr. Ernesto Acuña E. 
President Elect of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Vice President

Dr. Daniel Castagna

PFA: Awards For The Outstanding In Our Profession

The Pierre Fauchard Academy Constitution and Bylaws has seven objectives. Objective number three states: "encourage, through annual awards, outstanding contributions to the art and science of dentistry and service to the profession".

The Board of Trustees Awards Committee oversees the annual awards process, selection and proper honoree recognition. As your Pierre Fauchard Academy Vice President, I am the Committee Chairperson.

All Academy awards help fulfill our founder Dr. Elmer Best's vision and legacy for this honorary service organization. In the last Dental World issue, I reported on the Pierre Fauchard Academy Gold Medal. In this issue, I am highlighting the Elmer Best Memorial Award.

In 1962, the Board of Trustees established this award in memory of the Dr. Best. Its recipients are dental professionals from outside the United States who have made distinguished contributions to dentistry with international significance.

When the current Board of Trustees deems the occasion appropriate, one recipient is chosen that year. The Awards Committee solicits and receives nominations. There are two nomination sources: the current Board of Trustees, or any PFA Fellow. All Academy Fellows are encouraged to bring strong candidates forward to the Board of Trustees attention for Award consideration.

The following are required qualifications for Elmer Best Memorial Award consideration: candidates must have dental degree or its equivalent; reside outside the United States; show strong commitment and dedication to the dental profession needs; truly exhibit service and merit above recognized standards.

After the initial nomination and a PFA Fellow's supporting letter, further documentation maybe solicited by the Awards Committee. Then, after thorough nominee evaluations, the Awards Committee recommends a candidate for final Board of Trustees' approval. With the Board approval, the recipient is automatically deemed an Academy Honorary Fellow.

The Elmer Best Memorial Award is presented at a time and location mutually agreed upon by the recipient and the presenter. The presenter that bestows this award is designated as a PFA Ambassador and is usually the current PFA President.

In 2011, Dr. Jose Font-Buxo (Spain) was the recipient presented by then President Dr. Hubert Ouvrard (France). Current PFA President Joe Harris recently announced Dr. Burton Conrod of Nova Scotia Canada as the 2012 recipient (see page 00) . His presentation will occur this September in Canada.

In addition, the recipients and their spouse/guest are always invited to the Awards Luncheon during the annual PFA Academy meeting (concurrent with the American Dental Association Annual Sessions).

Please visit awards page for more details and see the 50 past recipients. After viewing this list, you become familiar with many "international dental legends".

Academy Fellows, I hope you realize the Academy's strength is honoring international leaders in our wonderful profession with Elmer Best Memorial Award. Be aware that all Fellows are invited to the annual awards luncheon on October 19, 2012, at the San Francisco Intercontinental Hotel.

As always, please contact me with any issues/concerns you may have for our Academy. I look forward to hearing from any Fellow. Thank you for this opportunity to serve our Pierre Fauchard Academy!

Dr. Daniel Castagna 
Vice President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Immediate Past President

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard

Dear Officers, Trustees and Fellows. In the last issue of Dental World, our dear Editor, Mark Stanley, published the list of newly inducted Fellows for 2011, the 75th Anniversary year of our Academy. We can read the names of close to 320 new Fellows from around the world. This is a great achievement in a very special year, but I'm afraid it is not enough. Some very active Sections have increased membership remarkably, while others languish. I realize the situation is not the same everywhere, even within the United States, but everyone must be mindful of the need to recruit new members. It is important to nominate new members and pass names along to their Section Chairs.

In the beginning of February, I went to Dubai at the invitation of my friend and colleague Dr. Dominique Caron, former General Secretary of the French Dental Academy and Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. As you will recall, Dubai is our newest section, having been established after three years of hard work. Dubai became the first section in the Middle East. As Immediate Past President, it was my honor to induct 20 new Fellows. The ultimate goal of Dr. Caron, now Chair of this section, is to have a sufficient number of Fellows in each country of the Middle East so that a new Region might be created. This is a very ambitious plan, but I know him well and I am sure he will succeed.

I was honored to induct two new Fellows recruited by Dr. Pierre Marois, Trustee Emeritus of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. I was able to arrange this ceremony in his home as he is troubled with heavy health issues. You see, everyone must do what one can to maintain the Academy as a great honor society and the most important one in the world.

Too many know too little of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and we must work on communication so that our name is recognized throughout the profession. Our colleagues that are not Fellows need to know of us and our work so that we may instill in them a desire to join.

Next year will be a year of many changes with a new Executive Director and a new Central Office. We have been privileged to have worked for so many years with Richard and Judith Kozal We all will bear responsibility in working for the continuation of the success that Pierre Fauchard Academy has had so that the aims and objectives of the Academy benefit dentistry and the people it serves

Dr. Hubert P. Ouvrard 
Immediate Past President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Academy Executive Director

Judith D. Kozal

Who and what are we? What will we become?

This year is flying can time go by so quickly! The Central Office has been kept "crazy" busy since the beginning of the year thanks to our ever-multi-tasking and hard working Section Chairs. I can't remember so many requests for Fellowship induction materials...and all for the same meeting time frame! No complaints here as this is a really good thing as it shows our PFA "Family" is constantly growing and strong. How great is that!

All of this activity reminds me that the visionaries who started our Academy in 1936 would be proud to see how those who followed them have taken the stewardship of their vision seriously......faithfully fulfilling the steps laid down to ensure the "Family" would continue in the same spirit they intended it to be. We've made it happen for 75 years now.....not an easy task at times, but nevertheless here we are, better than ever.

Yes, we have come a very long way from index cards in a shoe-box and I'm sure our fore-fathers might have had a hard time envisioning just how far we would come. While hoping their early work would set in place the growth of their "child", I'm sure they could not have imagined our wonderful web-site, our modern methods of communication, our beautiful Fellowship certificates and our many Awards. I am sure however, that their greatest hope has been realized in the fact that our PFA "Family" has not only maintained and sustained their vision, but has also been able to accomplish so much more by holding true to their original plan and the traditions they thought to create.

Keeping all of these thoughts in mind, I thought it might be a good time to refresh the collective memories of our long-time Fellows and Life-Fellows and enlighten our newest family members to exactly what and who we are...and how it all comes together to make it work so well! First of all we need to remember the Academy was organized with an orderly system. We have a set of steps everyone follows and a "Chain of Command". To make this simple and short......the Academy operates with a President and Officers who preside over a Board of Trustees, who guide the Section Chairs and of course the Fellows themselves.

At the center of the system is the Central Office, with an Executive Director who runs the day to day business of the Academy. The Central Office and the Director are the connection to All the Officers, Trustees, Section Chairs and Fellows in all regions and sections both in the US and internationally. The Central office and the Director are in place to support everyone and everything....everywhere. The Central Office provides materials needed for the Section Chairs to invite qualified dentists to join the Academy. Dentists who are already Fellows also may nominate other dentists to join, however the Section Chair has the responsibility to ensure the nominees are qualified. The Academy does not grow the ranks just for the sake of growth. PFA is about quality not quantity and our devoted Section Chairs are the best judge of quality. This is why they have been given and have accepted the responsibility of recruiting new PFA members....and this is why PFA is so successful.

The Central Office and the Director have many duties and responsibilities, but there are some things which are never done by the office or it's Director; Recruiting new members, marketing products (The Academy is not in the business of marketing products), advertising and communications. The Academy does not "advertise" to recruit new members. Fellows are invited by other Fellows. As far as communications are concerned, we have a wonderful, efficient and knowledgeable Editor and Web-Master who has created a web-site which is the envy of all other organizations. Through our web-site our Fellows have a wealth of information at the click of their mouse and are able to communicate their questions, concerns and many other things directly to the Editor and the Director of the Central Office. Any Officer, Trustee, Section Chair or Fellow can also contact the Central Office by phone and speak to the Director personally at any time. This is another reason why PFA is so successful......we have a "personal" touch, a rare thing in these times of automation....a very rare thing! Let's not spoil our success with a blind need to become like so many other organizations who are struggling perhaps because they have forgotten how they started out many years ago...with success!

Wishing you All Good Things......... See you in San Francisco! 
Faithfully yours, 
Judith D. Kozal 
Executive Director of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Editor

Mark D. Stanley

Dentistry and oral health care remain one of the most direct and hands-on relationships in health care today.  You can greatly affect your patients overall care by how you treat your patient with respect,  and how you convey that you have the their best interests in mind. You can give confidence to your patients that there exist many levels of help out there in the health professions to provide great care, a spectrum of care, across  all stages of life, and in any circumstance.  Excellence in oral health care is one of the original goals of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, which is still clearly expressed today in its a publication of the official Dental Abstracts journal and the Dental World news update, and both are available online to readers using many different devices.

It is the privilege and the role of an editor to bring together each Dental World issue and see it all the way through each of the publication steps. Each issue can that take up to two months to complete, from the very first reports and images that arrive via email from Section Chairs, to the final approvals of the page layout just before it goes to press. The completed issue then arrives at your doorstep in 2-3 weeks and then is also eventually posted online. My job is to make sense of each issue and present it as a whole if possible. So many different aspects of the profession are covered in a range of articles. Some are historical, others cover present-day concerns and issues. A calendar is assembled to help keep Fellows aware of upcoming events. Special coverage for award recipients is an important focus - providing recognition of successful and the resourceful professionals in oral health. There are so many wonderful faces of the PFA to be presented: Awardees receiving special recognition for their contributions to dentistry, college scholarship winners, new Fellows being inducted, Section meetings in many different places, location photos showing oral-care being delivered through special grant-funded public-service projects.

The medium of publication and communication has seen some radical transformations in the last decade or so. Now each Dental World issue goes beyond print as we adapt to an ever changing world of rapidly advancing technologies in production and distribution, with instant delivery over networks. Our publisher Elsevier is moving ahead to envision what the Dental Abstracts journal may be in another decade. They are asking questions such as: how will future dentists be reading and accessing the information they need to keep on top of their field? Publishers are now moving out on an ever-evolving path - adapting to a wired world that is globally interconnected. It might be tablet "apps", or embracing the evolution of web publishing standards for encoding content and delivering the best possible presentation of materials. It may be all open access, or subscription-based. Expectations are already being set that the needed resources of the future will be "always on" and available interactively in a 24/7 wired world. For those with smart phones, we now can print and display special QR codes that can be scanned by your phone's camera and take you immediately to a webpage for further reading (see the History article on French Dentist Georges Villain ) so you can learn more about a topic.

I hope the past two years have brought some welcome changes to the Dental World publication, and there will still more changes yet to come. There is always one important question that I hope every issue can address in some manor: What make a great dentist? How would you answer that question for yourself? Does each issue help you learn more about what it takes to be a leader in your profession? How do you know when you have exceeded you own expectations and that of your patients? Please send in your own suggestions and contribute your voice and professional insights to this publication, the public face of your organization. 

Mark D. Stanley 
Dental World Editor of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

2012 PFA Distinguished Service Awards

Dr. Douglas Anderson

Dr. Douglas R. Anderson of Columbus, Ohio will be presented the prestigious PFA Distinguished Service Award at the Ohio section meeting in September. Dr. Anderson is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon practicing in Columbus as well as an adjunct clinical professor at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry.

Dr. Anderson was presented the Marvin Fisk award by the Ohio Dental Association for his philanthropic activities with Health Professionals Serving Humanity. He spearheaded six trips to various cities and villages in Honduras in which a group of dentists, residents, dental students, dental hygienists, nurses, assistants and pharmacists provided dental procedures and education to underserved populations.

Dr. Don Brotman

Dr. Don Brotman of Baltimore, Maryland has been selected by the Academy's Board to receive a PFA Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Brotman was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy in 1975 and became the Section Chair of Maryland in 2000. Although he stepped down as the Chair in 2005, Dr. Don, as he is affectionately known, has remained very active with the Maryland Section.

He has served on the American Association of Dental Examiners, Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners, Northeast Regional Board of Dental Examiners, president of the Maryland State Dental Association, president of the Baltimore City Dental Society, president of Alpha Omega Fraternity and many more.

The Distinguished Service Award will be bestowed upon Dr. Brotman at the PFA Maryland Section's annual fall meeting.

On Being Part of a Great Profession

New Fellow in Chile Dra. Danitza Pecarevic Muñoz

The moment that I received my Pierre Fauchard Academy certificate at the induction ceremony, I thought of my first image of dentistry: I was six years of age that one morning as I sat in the waiting room of my school's recently acquired dental clinic waiting for a checkup. I heard my name called, the clinic door opened and before me appeared a majestic and once modern Ritter dental unit; this true marvel unfolded before this girl's astonished eyes. The dentist, like a hero in a Hollywood movie, knew exactly how to control this machine, turning each of its switches, lights and engine. After careful consideration, the doctor chose what I would later learn is named a "bur" from a large group of other instruments and chose the right one! This was the day I decided that I should become a dentist.

As my dream of becoming a dentist was somewhat in the distant future, I transferred my desire to achieve that profession to that of child's play by using dolls and a plaster model recently disposed of by a dental student as my patient and aided by my armamentarium of scissors and an "assistant". I performed many "fillings" by condensing chocolates into the cavity preps I made in the teeth of the plaster model.

Years later when I truly began my career of dentistry, my family teased me by reminding me about my "real "entry into the profession when I was "playing" to be dentist.

My student life was uneventful at the prestigious University of Chile. There was of course a lot of studying and a lot of dedication and motivation. These were the factors that helped me achieve my goal.

In the fourth year of my studies, I received permission to enter a supervised Medico-Dental program of emergency practice in a suburb of the Santiago, the capitol of Chile. One Saturday afternoon a young patient from a rural community who was involved in a motorcycle accident presented for secondary treatment after being seen for a wound on his left cheek and forehead. To complete the case, the patient had to be reviewed by a dentist. The supervising dentist was busy with other patients, leaving the motorcycle patient, who happened to be asleep as he arrived via ambulance, in my care. While in the middle of suturing an intraoral wound, I observed that he had a somewhat sloppily sutured dressing which covered a cheek wound. With great pride and skill I re-tied the suture with all of the care and precision that I was taught in school. After completing the suturing of the cheek I checked the forehead and just as I expected I encountered an even longer and more unsightly suture. I proceeded to remove it and following the steps that I had learned in my classes of surgery, I used my gloved finger to explore the tissue looking for any foreign bodies, and surprise surprise ... I discovered the frontal bone had a hole which exposed part of an extensive fracture of the skull. The brain tissue was exposed. And all that I was concerned about was the aesthetics of the sutures!!!

After my desperate cries to doctors and my shift supervisor alerting them of what I had found, the motorcyclist was transferred to emergency neurosurgery for two cranial surgeries, followed by hospitalization and after several weeks in the ICU. He was eventually discharged. A few days later and still shaken by the experience, I received a visit from the mother of the patient, a woman of very meager means, who excitedly brought me the best gift that she could afford; fresh oranges harvested by her own hands from a tree in her own yard. I assumed from the attending doctors, and the tears of the woman, that the boy survived. On this Saturday evening, I stopped "playing" at being a dentist, and came to understand the real dimension of my Profession.

Professionals are the repositories of scientific knowledge in our field, equipped with lengthy training and a special clinical skills. They reach the deepest dimensions of our field, the guardians of the sacred, human life, attached to transcendent values that give meaning to our professional identity.

The career of a dentist is regulated by ethical standards and legal precepts of the highest regard and scope, but one must also profess faith in our clinical knowledge. We are obligated to display our moral character with a high degree of commitment and dedication.

This dedication to the profession, via our altruism and the commitment that we demonstrate to our career , is an ode to the legacy of Pierre Fauchard. Not only was Dr. Fauchard a competent professional, researcher, and innovative creator, he also dignified the profession by the example he set.

As professionals in the healthcare field, we are expected to demonstrate the highest of standards in the public as well as in clinical practice. There is no one in the world more vulnerable and sensitive than a patient who suffers from dental ailments. Our patients suffer physically, but also suffer emotionally for whatever reasons such as low self-esteem. There is a need for society to be able to implicitly trust their professionals and more so with honest and reliable dentists. With trust and confidence our patients can more readily accept our treatment plans as they know we have their best interests at heart, regardless of the cost. The benefit of belonging to a group of professionals of explicit integrity speaks for itself and we as a group must maintain our standard and thus maintain our standing with the public with which we serve.

Our art also compels us. Like Pierre Fauchard in his time, we can contribute to our generation by the dissemination of knowledge. We can incorporate evidence-based knowledge that supports today's train of thought while at the same time encouraging development to new thoughts that correspond to the evolution and changing needs of society. Our advances elevate the quality of life of those we serve.

Times have changed, of that there can be no doubt, and various external forces have been imposed on our profession. There is perverse game of competitiveness in higher education which has diluted the importance of specialty programs by multiplying the types of advanced training programs in dentistry, at times without the necessary accreditation.

It is important to note the following. Dentistry is the only field in which students, in the middle of their training, are required to perform clinical procedures which are invasive and irreversible in patients, in areas of high complexity and adjacent to vital structures. Our responsibility to society and to future generations of colleagues is enormous.

It is the responsibility of our generation to safeguard the legacy that was left to us by the colleagues that preceded us. Those, like Fauchard, assumed their work as a virtuous activity, a moral enterprise. By placing the professionalism in Dentistry at a high level, were able to achieve Fauchard's dream.

It is in this realm that our profession presses on. As members of an academic community, professional society, dental service community, and especially, of this Academy of honor, we are duty bound to be examples for those colleagues who have been newly initiated into this Academy, and for the future colleagues who will some day us replace us.

The dental profession is at a critical juncture. Its ability to maintain a leadership role in our society depends to a great extent on its will to express itself with excellence and ethical behavior. The best legacy that we can leave for the future generations of dentists is to be models of a highly reflective, responsible professional. We can be a profession that benefits from constant self-criticism and auto-regulation. We can be professionals with compassion, amiability, comprehension and solidarity, and above all, maintaining an attitude of service and commitment. This is the only way to maintain the prestige, honor and dignity of the Profession, today and tomorrow.

Dra. Danitza Pecarevic Muñoz 
PFA Chile Section Fellow

Making Your Section a Success

Dr. Karyn L. Stockwell

By Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell

Dr. Karyn L. Stockwell

Vision, passion and enthusiasm can rally your Section around common goals. It is easy for others to get excited about things to be done when an energetic leader is showing the way. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success". Being willing to try new things and valuing member involvement are critical. It is best to not do it alone; be sure to delegate and engage others in the work of your Section so you can turn vision into reality.

Consider dividing your Section into districts, perhaps following your State Association district lines and appointing a District Chair in each one. In this way you have multiple people helping to find and vet worthy candidates, and a core group to motivate and encourage the Fellows within their district to become more involved and to help steer toward the goals of the Academy. They are also able to help gather feedback so your Section can act upon it.

In Georgia each Section Chair over the past 10 years has been selected from the District Chair pool and has stood on the shoulders of their predecessor in order to add their own autograph of excellence. Momentum was built up and continues with the bar being raised each and every year. When a great job has been done, no one wants to be the one who lets it slide on his or her watch!

The Academy encourages Section Chairs to serve one three-year term with the opportunity to serve a second term; having District Chairs gives the Section Chair a way to recruit his/her replacement by having a pool of informed and engaged members familiar with how the Section runs. This also allows the opportunity to implement new ideas and to gain a fresh perspective for the Section, and gives a definite end point and thus motivation to groom your replacement. This is how Georgia rebuilt their Section following a period of inactivity following the unexpected death of a Section Chair who did everything himself. This format helps combat burnout while also giving time to implement new ideas.

Some Sections utilize a Vice President, President Elect and President format, with a Secretary/Treasurer serving a multiyear term. The difficulty with this format from a Trustee perspective is that that particular Section may not have the opportunity to get "their guy" noticed by the PFA Board of Trustees, and subsequently not have an avenue to serve in an Academy Leadership position.

Another important reason for a three-year term is to have a pool of experienced, knowledgeable and motivated Section Chairs for the Trustee to recruit his/her replacement (Trustees serve a three-year term and may be elected to a second three-year term), and thus gain international experience and an opportunity to serve as an officer of the Academy.

Engaging your members in Section functions creates community. Your functions need to allow for New Fellows to participate immediately and your programs need to provide value. One of the benefits of Georgia having a weekend long conference is that it takes a committee to put it together and this allows opportunity for Fellows and new Fellows to be involved. As a secondary benefit, it is a great leadership training ground for those who have been recognized as having great potential for future leadership.

It is important for each Section to develop member benefits--value is key for long-term retention of members. Many Sections have instituted a student scholarship separate from the Academy's Foundation Scholarship; others have Faculty Awards, white coat ceremonies, mentoring programs and service projects. An active Section is more likely to have success in applying and receiving foundation grants. Since the Georgia Section has become active, in addition to the student scholarship at GHSU, over $40,000 in grant monies has come into the state from the PFA Foundation for access to care projects at community clinics and the Georgia Mission of Mercy project. This is impressive and it helps to see fellowship as an ongoing relationship rather than "I got an award and now I'm done." We are more than a "lapel pin" organization. Fellowship in PFA shouldn't end with a certificate on the wall and a pin on your lapel, Fellowship should serve as a catalyst for Fellows to be, do and give more of themselves in service to their families, profession and community. While Fellowship is a tribute to past accomplishments it also an encouragement for future productivity. Sections are the source of inspiration for Fellows to not only be proud of their fellowship but also to become strong proponents of the Academy.

Encouraging new Fellow sponsors to attend the Induction ceremony with their nominee as this also serves to actively engage our Fellows with Section activities. Having the sponsor in attendance makes the honor for the nominee even more special and it models the expected future behavior for the nominee.

Your section's strength depends on the level of membership involvement in its programs or functions. To succeed, combine and coordinate the efforts of your members to develop useful and relevant programs or functions. Give Kids a Smile, Mission of Mercy projects, Fellow involvement in community clinics, White Coat ceremonies, etc, are meaningful and active ways for members to get involved in Section activities.

How can you improve your Section's meetings and inductions? Does your Section's new Fellow induction feel more like an afterthought than a well-planned event? Does your Section only ever meet with another group, or is it a rushed breakfast where everyone has somewhere else they have to be? By far the most active and engaged Sections are those that host a separate event to induct their Nominees and present Honor Awards, many of these Sections still participate in combined breakfast meetings but find brunches, luncheons, dinner dances, a continuing education event with an induction luncheon or even entire weekend conference to be a much better venue for this important activity. So be bold, be inventive, and make it fun so your Fellows will come!

Attendance at the annual Academy Section Caucus is another valuable way to see how to implement or improve your Section Activities. Section Chairs are encouraged to attend this caucus at least once during their 3-year term as it is held in conjunction with the ADA and thus should be relatively convenient to attend at least once in that time as the ADA meeting generally moves around the country. Additionally, a stipend is available for the Section Chair to help offset the expense of attending the Caucus. At the Caucus successful Section Chairs are always willing to share great ideas, and typically have overcome any obstacles you might be facing. I personally gained much from attending these Caucus' and in doing so found myself challenged that if "such and such state could do that, then certainly Georgia could too!" It is where I picked up many good ideas to implement in Georgia and shared our successes with others.

I would also encourage Section Chairs and Fellows in general to participate in the Academy Awards Luncheon and the President's Reception during the ADA Annual Meeting. You will meet Fellows from all over the world and enjoy wonderful camaraderie.

In closing, rather than say "can't never could do nothing", just say "how can I" and make your success happen! Be more than a "lapel pin" Section!

2012 Calendar

17-21 July Idaho State Dental Annual Session Coeur d'Alene, ID
19-22 July West Virginia Annual Session White Sulphur Springs, WV
19-22 July Georgia Dental Association Amelia Island, FL
29 August-1 September FDI World  Dental Congress Hong Kong, SAR China
6-9 September Illinois State Dental Society Schaumburg, IL
13-15 September North Dakota Dental Association Bismarck, ND
13-16 September Ohio Dental Association Columbus, OH
14 September PFA Canada Section Saskatoon, SK, Canada
20-21 September Vermont State Dental Society Burlington, Vermont
21-23 September Chesapeake Dental Conference Ocean City, MD
28-29 September Maine Dental Association Rockport, ME
18-20 October PFA Annual Meeting and Awards San Francisco , CA
18-23 October 153rd ADA Annual Session San Francisco , CA
8-9 November Mid-Continent Dental Congress St. Louis, Missouri
9-11 November Japan Dental Show Osaka, Japan
23-28 November Greater New York Dental Meeting New York, NY
27 November PFA: First International Induction New York, NY
27 November-1 December Association Dentaire Française Paris, France

The Greatest Happiness

At the time when I was a boy, it was still customary in Japan that boys came of age on their 15th birthday. At this time they were to choose their profession, be looked on, and to think of themselves as having the responsibilities of an adult.

On the morning of my 15th birthday my father, who was a dentist, asked me what I wanted to be in the future. I replied that, like him, I wanted to help people and earn their respect as a dentist. That evening at my birthday dinner my father presented me with his "bible," a book of basic medicine, and a copy of the biography of Dr. Hideo Noguchi. Though my father knew that the book of basic medicine would be far too difficult for a youth of fifteen to understand, he said that just having it near at hand would help me come to the realization of what was involved in the path I had chosen. I read the biography of the bacteriologist Dr. Hideo Noguchi over and over. He was the first Japanese to be a member of the Rockefeller Institute, and while in South America he sacrificed his life for his research. The biography impressed upon me the responsibilities of one who practices medicine, and how one must strive continuously to gain knowledge in order to help others.

I have recommended a great many books to many people, but none has had a more profound influence upon my attitude toward my profession than this one given to me by my father.

Later, I proceeded to study at Osaka Dental College under Professor Ono, under whom my father had also been privileged to study. Following graduation, Mr. Michinosuke Nakayama introduced me to Dr. Doerr who made possible my post-graduate studies at the University of Michigan. He helped and advised me a great deal while I was there. Bearing all of this in mind, it was not by chance that I was able to develop ultrasonic endodontics, but rather due to my having been blessed with such a wonderful father, teachers and guides.

To me, it is important to have a goal in life, many great friends, to read many books, respect the lives and work of the pioneers of medicine, and to apply myself to helping others. However, it is through making others happy that I have the right to the greatest happiness.

-- Dr. Atsumu Miyahara, Japan

(excerpted from Legacy, The Dental Profession, by Dr. Clifford Loader and Dr. Shig Ryan Kishi)

PFA Annual Meeting Schedule in San Francisco, October 18-20th

PFA Annual Meeting Schedule in San Francisco, October 18-20th

PFA International Induction Ceremony at the GYNDM

Foundation News

Dr. Kevin L. Roach

President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

With warm summer nights at the cottage and perfectly manicured golf greens soon to be history for another year I must reflect back on the past few months with joy and some satisfaction. Thanks to a resurgent Dow Jones and dare we say an improving American economy our Foundation corpus has improved nicely year to date. Now if the forthcoming American Presidential election result is kind to the financial markets we shall all breath a sigh of relief be we Canadians, Americans, Mexicans or any other nationality looking for a reprieve from record unemployment, stagnant economies and mounting government deficits. Increasing donations to improve the number and amount of our grants as well as the financial level of the student scholarships is still our most laudable goal and to this end I must thank those fellows who have stepped up and made their commitment in a very tangible way. They are all deservedly recognized on our web site.

This past spring I was fortunate to be able to attend two outstanding Fellowship Inductions: the first in Denver on April 22nd and the second in Toronto on May 10th. In Denver, PFA Colorado Section Chair Terry Brewick hosted a delicious brunch at the Columbine Golf and Country Club with a 'Year of the Dragon' Chinese theme that one had to see to believe! Fourteen new fellows were installed in this elegant yet homey setting. Among the new inductees was my daughter Maureen as well as several of her classmates, outstanding candidates all, many of whom like my daughter are active participants in 'Give Kids a Smile Day' (in which participating offices provide a full day of complimentary dental treatment to children in need of care) as well as other charitable endeavours in the Denver area such as new PFA Fellow Dr. Anil Idiculla's 'Friday Night Bites' a personal fund raiser for the 'Colorado Orthodontic Youth Foundation'. Some ninety attendees witnessed friends and relatives be honored by the Academy and graciously listened to myself, Pierre Fauchard Academy International President Joseph C. Harris and PFA Vice-President Daniel Castagna update all in attendance. PFA Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell from Georgia also attended and her superb protocol skills were evident in the Induction Ceremony for the new fellows.

In Toronto the Royal York Hotel was the scene of a Gala Dinner attended by over one hundred friends and relatives of some thirty-one new fellows. Ontario Section Chair Aldo Boccia hosted a magnificent feast in an elegant location frequented by U.S. Presidents and British Royalty. PFA Canada Chair Barry Dolman was on hand to welcome the new fellows and Region Six Trustee Tom Breneman read the charge to the inductees. The new fellows represented a cross section of Canada's largest province, Ontario and neighboring provinces. Many have been active participants in their local community charities, the Ontario Dental Association, Alpha Omega, and the Toronto Academy of Dentistry; a truly outstanding new fellowship class! Once again Trustee Karyn Stockwell was in attendance and this time brought greetings from President Joseph C. Harris of behalf of the Academy. I was pleased to welcome the Section 3 Trustee to Toronto, host and partially repay Karyn for her southern hospitality when I visited her outstanding Georgia Section meeting while serving as PFA President in 2004. The year 2012 is a banner one for Canada as for the first time they are holding two new fellow inductions with the second upcoming in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan site of this year's annual Canadian Dental Association convention in September. I look forward to personally welcoming President Joe to Canada at that time and joining him as he awards the 2012 Elmer S. Best Award to an exceptional Canadian dentist, Dr. Burton Conrad. (see March April 2012 issue of Dental World, page 5.) Until then enjoy the dog days of summer and continue your support of the Foundation in your charitable giving.

Dr. Kevin L. Roach 
President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of Executive Director of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Jennifer Teale

Your Donations at Work

According to the US Department of Labor, employment of dentists is expected to grow by 21 percent from 2010 to 2020. Many members of the baby-boom generation will need complicated dental work. In addition, because each generation is more likely to keep their teeth than past generations, more dental care will be needed in the years to come. Dentists will continue to see an increase in public demand for their services as studies continue to link oral health to overall health.

Yes, the need will be great in the future for more dentists. However, how to finance a dental education can be a major undertaking. The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy believes that the promotion of oral health begins with the education of dental practitioners. The professional education of students is to, not only be superb clinicians, but to encourage and develop leadership qualities.

Through YOUR donations, the Foundation yearly provides each dental school in the US and selected others worldwide with a third year student scholarship. Students are selected based on outstanding leadership in the profession, because of their participation in the University, dental school or community. They are expected to be an above average student. The qualities of integrity, imagination, initiative and communicative skills should enter into the selection process, as well as, the recipient's "need" for financial support.

Since 1995, the Foundation's Scholarship program has been an incredible success with total awards of over $1,850,000 to date. Through your support, the great benefits that have derived from this program is reflected in these young professionals and the fine example they have set for their peers, in school and beyond.

Thank You for Your Support 
Foundation Executive Editor Jennifer Teale

Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy 2012 Scholarship Awards

University of Alabama School of Dentistry at UAB David W. Davis
Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine- Arizona Kimberly Mattheis
A.T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry Robert MacArthur
University of California at Los Angeles School of Dentistry Daniel Johnson
Western University of Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine Elmer Hilo
University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry Joseph Lee Eliason
University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Jamie G. Leach
University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine Mark Angeloni
Howard University College of Dentistry Damion Myers
Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine Martin Avey
University of Florida College of Dentistry Lindsey S. Chang
University of Iowa College of Dentistry John Syrbu
Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine Amanda D. Coyle
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry Matthew Hamedani
Indiana University School of Dentistry Dante Carlascio
University of Kentucky College of Dentistry Justin R. Kolasa
University of Louisville School of Dentistry Patrick R. Gilbert
Louisiana State University School of Dentistry Erica L. Hender
Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine Joshua Quinby
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Kevin Burke
University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery Serena N. Mitchual
University of Michigan School of Dentistry William Shin
University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry Lauren Frizzo
University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Matthew R. Hei
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry Beth Morrey
University of Mississippi School of Dentistry Lacey Michelle Harris
University of North Carolina School of Dentistry James T. Purvis
University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry Matthew J. Weber Creighton
University School of Dentistry Rory B. Manke
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey Benjamin M. Immerman
University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine Nicholas P. Booth
State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine Timothy M. Calnon
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Evan Krause
New York University College of Dentistry Paul Lazari
State University of NY at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine Lauren Jain
Case Western Reserve Univ. School of Dental Medicine Jesse M. Brannan
Ohio State University College of Dentistry Daniela Canache
University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry Dominika Kovacikova
Loma Linda School of Dentistry Jason Masani
Kyushu University - Japan Mai Sonoda
Tokyo Medical and Dental University - Japan Erina Seki
Tohoku University School of Dentistry - Japan Kota Sugawara

Section News


A Global View

All of you are good fellows dedicated to our Academy. You are used to reading news from the active and vital sections that work together to create the presence of PFA all over the world.

You may have noticed that on the footprint of PFA across the globe, there is a wide area that remained almost empty, as there was never much from the area of the Middle East!

Where was the weakness? In the Middle East we have many patients with a mouth and teeth, we have dental practitioners, professional associations, dental congresses, conferences, lectures, teachers, dental colleges, deans, etc.

I felt we had the pieces of the puzzle, but I just needed to bring it all together. That was my mind when I came to Dubai, after several years with the supercharged French section, which guided at that time by our future President Hubert Ouvrard. I found a new world in Dubai, one that was running fast. It was a new world full of opportunities, full of good will and vital energy. A new world in which public health was a kind of new frontier.

So many goals to reach, so many professional structures to create, and the one and only international dental Academy, PFA, that provided welcome support. For years, with the permanent support of the board and the successive presidents, I have been wandering the dental world from congress to exhibitions, from lectures to courses, from clinics to colleges, from public events to private meetings.

I knew all this would take time to build a presence for PFA in the Middle East, but I very grateful to have received from the very beginning the constant support of our Past President Hubert Ouvrard. As he has been successfully in charge of France, then of Europe and finally of the whole world, he knows what pressures and obstacles that need to be overcome in organizing a new section.

In February 2012, we have had the most important dental meeting of the Middle East in the city of Dubai. The whole dental world gathered there and it was a great opportunity for the inaugural get together and to launch officially the new Middle East branch.

In a lounge of the trade center of Dubai, surrounded by colleagues and students, I had the pleasure to welcome the first twenty fellows coming from the seven Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qwiain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and also from other countries in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq, Khurdistan and Pakistan.

The first meeting gave great substance to the vision we have for this region. We have the great honor to have a prestigious aegis here, just as our international dental academy has the elegance to take the name of Pierre Fauchard, the French dentist of the 18th century known as the "Father of Modern Dentistry"

The General Consul of France in Dubai, Mr. Eric Giraud-Telme, found the time to bring us the friendly support of France for this borderless vision we have of public health and professional improvement. Our Immediate Past President, Hubert Ouvrard, after those years of deep interest, took the time to come to Dubai to show the strong support of the Board and the interest taken to the international friendship. Dr. Ouvrard welcomed all our new Fellows and gave a bright start to this adventure.

To show the support of the rulers of Dubai, we received the honor to begin our new branch under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Manea Bin Hasher Al Maktoum who keeps a friendly eye on our efforts.

To follow the goals of PFA, always looking forward for the best, I gave a lecture on sleep apnea, its medical and social impact, and the newest way to diagnose and fix it. All this, in a comfortable setting with open bar and exquisite international buffet. This is the first step of the adventure.

In April 2012, I went to Qatar to see our very welcoming new fellow Dr. Mohammed Sultan Al-Darwish, President of the Dental Society of Qatar. We already have arranged for upcoming projects in the next months. We hope we will give all of PFA a good reason to be proud of their new Section. Our one and only international dental academy is now covering the whole dental world. PFA is now fully worldwide!

Our personal and deep thanks to our Executive Director Judith Kozal, for her warm welcome and helpful support. PFA can be proud to have such efficient and great organizer and manager at its head.

Dr. Dominique CARON 
Doctor in Dental and Oral Surgery - France 
PFA Dubai Section Chair


On May 10th, 2012 in the Fairmont Royal York hotel in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the PFA Ontario Section held its annual Awards and Induction Ceremony. This event was organized and emceed by the PFA Ontario Section Chair Aldo Boccia.

Following the Welcome and Opening remarks by the PFA Region 6 Trustee Tom Breneman, the Invocation was delivered by Dr Harry Hoediono, President of the Ontario Dental Association.

Greetings were then brought by Dr Barry Dolman, Canada Chair; PFA Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell; and Dr. Kevin Roach, President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

The 2012 Distinguished Service Awards were then presented to Dr Barry Chapnick and Dr Jack Cottrell for their many contributions to organized dentistry.

Tom Magyarody the CEO/Executive Director of the Ontario Dental Association then introduced Mrs. Linda Samek who was presented with the Honorary Fellowship Award for her outstanding leadership as the ODA Director of Professional Affairs. Thirty-four new Fellows from Ontario were then inducted into the Pierre Fauchard Academy


An induction ceremony was held on March 23, 2012 at the home of Dr. Pierre Marois, Trustee Emeritus. The two new Fellows were introduced by Dr. Bertrand de Beaupuis, member of the PFA Paris section.  Dr. Gilles Demolon and Dr. Yves de Coulare de la Fontaine were inducted by PFA Immediate Past President Dr. Hubert Ouvrard.

Dr. Terry L. Brewick



[Dr. Terry L. Brewick]

Dr. Terry L. Brewick

2012 has been a banner year for the Colorado Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The Joint ACD, ICD, PFA Breakfast at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention set a new record of 80 Fellows attending. A new high mark was achieved with over 100 registered for the Installation of New Fellows Brunch in April. The key to Colorado's success has been persistence, creativity and a general love of the dental profession. In Colorado we contact the Fellows by Evite and Coco Dot via email followed with personal phone calls. In the case of our Installation of New Fellows we send out written invitations as well. Colorado instituted Section dues this year in the amount of $30.00 per Fellow, for both active and life members. The added dues have been very well received by the Fellows. When planning the events it is crucial to hold events that the dental spouses want to attend. Colorado is known for its style and creativity and the events keep growing in the numbers of Fellows attending, especially in the 30-40 age range.

The Colorado Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy has had four major events during the 2012 calendar year. In addition we will be applying for a Section grant from the Foundation of the PFA and this fall reinstituting our Mentorship Program with the students of the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine.

On Wednesday January 18, 2012, the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine had its White Coat Ceremony at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, Colorado. 51 students from the Dental Class of 2014 were presented with their white coats as they prepared to enter the clinic floor. The event was sponsored by the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and the Colorado Chapters of the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Dr. Terry Brewick, Colorado Section Chair, represented and addressed the students and their guests on behalf of the Academy. A reception was held after the ceremony. Next year the Colorado Section will provide the flower arrangements for the reception in addition to our annual monetary contribution.

The following Thursday morning on January 19, 2012, 80 Fellows of the ACD, ICD, and PFA gathered for Fellowship and breakfast at the Hyatt Convention Center Hotel in Denver, Colorado, during the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention. Many dignitaries addressed the group including the American Dental Association Second Vice President Dr. Kenneth Versman and the American Dental Association Treasurer Dr. Ed Leone Jr. Both Dr. Versman and Dr. Leone are from Denver, Colorado.

The Year of the Dragon Brunch and Installation of New Fellows was held on April 22, 2012, at Columbine Country Club in Littleton, Colorado. 14 New Fellows were inducted into the Pierre Fauchard Academy from the Colorado Section. Colorado was very fortunate to have PFA President Dr. Joseph C. Harris, PFA Vice President Dr. Daniel Castagna, PFA Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roach and Region 3 Trustee Dr. Karyn Stockwell in attendance.

Dr. Ernesto Acuna, PFA President Elect called personally from Mexico with his well wishes to the Colorado Section and explained he had been planning on attending but he could not attend due to the illness of his mother. Many of the Officers and the Trustee attended the event with their own finances. The Colorado Section and Dr. Brewick are grateful for the friendships of these distinguished Officers.

Special Awards were presented prior to the Installation of the 14 New Fellows. Dr. Michael N. Poulos was presented with the Distinguished Dentist of the Year Award by Dr. Kevin Roach. Dr. Joseph C. Harris presented the Award of Appreciation to Rick Morales-Brewick for Rick's assistance on both a national and local level for PFA. Other Awards of Appreciation were presented to Dione Smith Benson and Jenni Poulos-Lobben for their diligent work for the Colorado Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. A very special Colorado thank you was given to PFA Executive Director Judith Kozal for her design and creation of these awards!

The Installation and Brunch featured a Chinese theme complete with Chinese music, centerpieces and party favors. The party favors were blue glossy Chinese take out boxes that contained fortune cookies and a save the date for the Annual Awards Luncheon in San Francisco this October. A special thank you to PFA Fellow Michael Diorio and to Jason Mauterer, the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society, for their photographs of the event which accompany this article.

In June another Joint Breakfast was held during the Colorado Dental Convention in Loveland, Colorado. The Joint breakfast was well attended.

It is crucial that the Section Chair attend the Annual Session of the Academy which is held in conjunction with the Annual Session of the American Dental Association. As a Section Chair during my six year tenure as Colorado Section Chair I have only missed one Section Chair Caucus and have attended many Awards Luncheons, Presidential Cocktail Parties and Black Tie Dinners. The friends that I have made with the Officers and Trustees have been invaluable to me personally and through those connections I have brought back many new ideas that I have implemented for the Colorado Section.

Respectfully submitted, 
Terry L. Brewick, DDS 
PFA Colorado Section Chair


The Georgia Section celebrated it's 10th Annual Leadership Conference and Convocation at their new venue; Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA, where once again Section Chair Robin Reich and Conference Chair Becky Weinman raised the bar on their already excellent meeting. Twelve nominees were recognized for their outstanding leadership, commitment and service to dentistry and their communities by being inducted into Fellowship by International President Joseph C. Harris, Trustee Karyn Stockwell and Section Chair Robin Reich during a delightful dinner in the Cask room of the Chateau Elan Winery.

Conference Chair Dr. Rebecca Weinman and her committee put together another outstanding Conference kicked off with the Section's annual participation as a group in the ADA's "Give Kids a Smile" Day.

GKAS Chair, Dr. Shirley Fisher and Help a Child Smile of Conyers coordinated mobile dental vans to visit two nearby elementary schools. Fellows; Drs. Janine Bethea, Shirley Fisher, Narisa Goode, Annette Rainge, Karyn Stockwell, Mike Vernon (GDA President), Rebecca Weinman, Richard Weinman, and Mark Shurett, along with GHSU's PFA Scholarship receipient, Bradford Huffman treated 54 children with services valued in excess of $16,500 on Friday morning.

On Friday evening Fellows enjoyed a casual Mardi Gras themed welcome dinner, repleat with billards, prizes for dental trivia and a chance to buy tickets for the shotgun raffle.

Following a sumptuous buffet breakfast Saturday morning attendees enjoyed an informative half day "Radiology Update: Advances in imaging technology and pathology review" continuing education program presented by GHSU Assistant Professor of Oral Health and Diagnostic Sciences, Dr. Allison Hunter. Dr. Celia Dunn was the highest bidder on an auctioned Vince Dooley autographed football donated by Atlanta Dental to help the Section raise funds for the Mark Ritz Research scholarship. Thanks go to Mike McDaniel of Atlanta Dental for this donation and his auctioneering expertise! Saturday afternoon Fellows and family members found themselves rejuvenating mind and spirit in the newly renovated spa, touring the winery, participating in a cooking class or because the weather was terrific; enjoying a round of golf before celebrating our new honorees at the dinner gala. Following a reception in the winery art gallery, GDA President and Fellow, Dr. Michael Vernon and GHSU School of Dental Medicine Dean and Fellow, Dr. Connie Drisko brought greetings to the group as did PFA President Harris and Trustee Stockwell. Section Chair Reich then invited President Harris and Trustee Stockwell to help her induct the new Fellows.

Georgia's Class of 2012 includes: Dr. Matthew R. Adams, Columbus, Dr. Evis Babo, Atlanta, Dr. David H. Bordeaux, Atlanta, Dr. Katherine L. Fry, Marietta, Dr. Holland Maness, Martinez, Dr. Ken A. McMillan, Lilburn, Dr. Amanda S. Merritt, Leesburg, Dr. W. Neal Morgan, Peachtree City, Dr. P. Edward Pafford, Lawrenceville, Dr. Alfred Peters, Milledgeville, and Dr. W. Seth Stewart, Atlanta. Each nominee was introduced by their respective District Chair. Additionally, Dr. James M. Lewis of Madison, Alabama was inducted into fellowship, he was introduced by his sponsor, GA Fellow, Dr. Tom David.

The Georgia Section's Excellence in Education Award was presented to Jacob K. Stern, DMD, M.Sc. Dr. Stern is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. As an Associate Professor at GHSU School of Dental Medicine, he serves as director of post-­‐graduate training in Periodontics. PFA Foundation Scholarship recipient, GHSU Senior, Bradford Huffman, and the Section's 3rd Mark Ritz Research Scholarship recipient, Anushka Amin, were recognized at the awards dinner. Congratulations to all three of these outstanding professionals!

Following dinner, the big door between the Cask room and the Vat room rolled open to the sounds of "Guilty Pleasure" inviting everyone to dance the evening away.

The weekend conference wrapped up on Sunday morning with a well attended business meeting in which GHSU junior, Ms. Anushka Amin presented a synopsis powerpoint presentation of her research on "Residual bioload on disinfected curing lights". Dr. Harris updated the group on Academy invited everyone to attend PFA functions in San Francisco and Trustee Stockwell encouraged grant applications and foundation donations. GKAS Chair Dr. Shirley Fisher handed out certificates of Appreciation to the GKAS volunteers, Conference Chair Weinman received consensus that the new venue was a success and expressed her appreciation for her committee chairs. Section Chair Reich recognized outgoing Western District Chair, Dr. John Vollenweider for his 12 years of service in that position and installed Dr. Joe Arnold as the new Western District Chair. Dr. Reich reported that the section was financially healthy and that it was PFA's turn to host the Hinman tri-breakfast meeting and invited all to attend that function, then wrapped up the meeting by presenting each of her District Chairs with a token of appreciation for their support and service throughout the year.

It was a pleasure to have our PFA International President in attendance at the conference as it always makes it extra special for our Fellows and especially our new inductees. We appreciate Dr. Harris flying in from Detroit to help us celebrate our 10th Annual Conference!

Once again I congratulate the Georgia Section and especially Conference Chair Weinman and Section Chair Reich for another fun and successful Conference!

In March it was the PFA Section's turn to host the Tri-­‐Breakfast Meeting held in conjunction with the Hinman Dental Meeting. Section Chair Reich organized a well-attended breakfast emceed by Fellow Dr. Stuart Loos. Keynote speaker, Dr. Ty Ivey Chairman of the Georgia Patient Protection Task Force gave an excellent presentation on ensuring that the citizens of Georgia receive their all their dental care from licensed dentists.

The next event will be on February 1-3, 2013 for the Georgia Section Pierre Fauchard Academy 11th Annual Leadership Conference & Convocation!


At its most recent meeting on April 21st, in Lansing, the Michigan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy inducted the following Michigan dentists into PFA Fellowship: Seth Vruggink, Mert Aksu, Lawrence Bacon, Denise Polk, Michelle Tulak-Gorecki and Christopher Gorecki.

As of April 21, 2012, Michigan Section Chair Ed Hirsch, stepped down. Dr. Hirsch has been Section Chair for the last four years. PFA President Joseph C Harris presented Dr. Hirsch with a plaque thanking him for his years of service.

Ed has been a member of PFA for over 42 years and has been of great service to the academy. We greatly appreciate his many contributions.

The Michigan Section welcomes its new section chair, Dr. Ghabi Kaspo, who was recently inducted by Trustee Region 4 Cheri Newman.. We look forward to Dr. Kaspo's leadership!

Dr. Ghabi Kaspo has been practicing dentistry, primarily in the field of Orofacial Pain Management and TMJ Disorders for the past seventeen years. His scholastic achievements include: a D.D.S. and a D. Orth. from Damascus University; a D.D.S. from University of Detroit Mercy; and a Certificate of Training in TMJ and Orofacial Pain Management from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He received a Certificate of Training in TMJ and Orofacial Pain Management after completing a one-year full time fellowship program. He also earned a diplomate for the American Board of Orofacial Pain. He is the former president of the Central Branch of the Detroit District Dental Society. Dr. Kaspo is also on staff at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital of Pontiac, Henry Ford of Macomb and Wayne State University - Detroit Medical Centers.


South Carolina held its Annual Section Luncheon and Induction on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Marina Restaurant in Charleston. Chair David Dedmon, organized a well attended program held in conjunction with Alumni Day at MUSC. PFA Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell had the pleasure of participating in the induction of their new Fellows, and in other aspects of the event.

During the luncheon MUSC Dean Tariq Javed introduced the PFA Foundation Scholarship recipient; MUSC Senior Paul Blackmon, his wife and his parents. Dr. Javed thanked the Section for their past financial support of the MUSC Simulation Lab and welcomed any additional support the group could give as they have expanded the sophomore lab from 50 to 75 stations.

After the Section Secretary/Tresurer Dr. Craig Drafin presented his report. Section Chair Dedmon, Chair-elect Dr. David Jordan and Trustee Karyn Stockwell then inducted Dr. Todd Barrett of Columbia, SC and Dr. Heywood Robinson of Lexington, SC into Fellowship. Three other nominees: Drs. Jeffrey Horowitz, Joseph Park and Sohee Kim Park were not in attendance and will be inducted later at their district meetings.

After lunch, Dr. George Bumgardener gave a short presentation on the upcoming D.A.D. (Dental Access Day) project. He thanked the PFA Foundation for the $9,000 grant they received for their 2011 D.A.D. event and reported that they have applied for another grant for this excellent outreach program and encouraged all present to be D.A.D. Volunteers.

SCDA President, Dr. Betsy Jabbour gave a brief synopsis of SCDA news, legislative updates as well as what will be in store for them at their annual South Carolina Dental Association meeting. I presented an update on Academy and Foundation activities and extended an invitation to participate the Academy's functions being held October 18th-20th, in conjunction with the ADA meeting in San Francisco.

Dr. Dedmon introduced the recipient of the Section's Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award as Dr. Alec E. Brown. Dr. Brown was recognized for his contributions to the profession as an educator, mentor, leader in the community, for his service to organized dentistry, and his example of professionalism to his colleagues.

Dr. Dedmon presented the Section Chair Plaque in abstentia to immediate past Chair Dr. John Reese and installed Dr. Chris Griffin as the 2012-2013 Section Chair, Dr. David Jordan as the Chair-elect, and Dr. Rocky Napier was elected as Vice Chair. Dr. Craig Draffin will continue to serve as the Secretary/Treasurer.

The Section plans to present a continuing education course in Columbia next year in conjunction with their Section meeting. This Section continues to be well-organized and dynamic with excellent participation of Fellows in the SCDA's Dental Access Days (D.A.D.) program. Additionally the South Carolina Section donated $1000 to a Saturday indigent clinic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

On a sad note, long time former SC Section Chair and Region 3, Trustee, Dr. Gordan B. Stine passed away on April 11, 2012 after a long illness. Dr. Stine was a long time civic and dental leader in South Carolina. Dr. Stine was a past South Carolina Dental Association President and was awarded South Carolina's Order of the Palmetto three times, by three different Governors.


The Texas A&smp;M Health Science Center College mourns Dr. Richard E. Bradley, former Dean of the Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Richard E. Bradley passed away Sunday, March 11, 2012. -He also served on the board of directors of the Baylor Oral Health Foundation. He was the recipient in 2007 of the Pierre Fauchard Gold Medal from the Pierre Fauchard Academy.


Dr. Dan Grabeel has accepted his new position as Section Chair for the PFA Virginia Section. Dr. Dan Grabeel was installed as the new Section Chair at the conclusion of the last year's meeting on June 17, 2011. Special thanks to outgoing Section Chair Dr. Ed Mullins for his leadership over the past years.


Region 4 Trustee CHERI S. NEWMAN had the privilege and honor to attend the Wisconsin Section meeting held in Madison. The Wisconsin Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy held it's annual meeting at the Monona Terrace Community and Conference Center on Friday, May 14, 2012. The meeting was lead by Section Chair Gene Shoemaker. An update covering events of the section was given. The mentorship program continues to be the strongest in the Academy. A mentorship meeting was held last September with over 400 mentors and proteges in attendance. The section supports the White Coat Ceremony for the D1 students at the University of Marquette Dental School. A $300 award is given to a graduating senior who is recognized for their contribution to the profession and the community as well as the $1,500 scholarship awarded by the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. In addition, the Wisconsin Section is very active in the Wisconsin Dental Association Mission of Mercy program.

Dr. Steve Stoll, President of the Wisconsin Dental Association, gave an update. Dr. Jim Morgenroth spoke on the Mission of Mercy program to be held June 29-30, 2012 in Madison. Dr. Cheri Newman, Trustee Region 4, gave an update about the Academy. Dr. Morgentroth received the PFA Distinguished Dentist Award.

The program was completed with the induction of nine new members, seven of which were in attendance. Congratulations to Dr. Bob Bennan, Dr. Nick Calhamer, Dr. Russ Christian, Dr. Dane Clemens, Dr. Paul Feit, Dr. Richard Miller and Dr. Conrad Nenn.


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