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Looking Ahead When the Pierre Fauchard Academy was founded in 1936 by Dr. Elmer S. Best, his mission was clear: To recognize and develop outstanding leadership in our profession, internationally. Fast forward to today, the Academy continues to pursue the goals of our founder, but with renewed commitment to serve and to further advance the profession to benefit our members and the communities we serve around the world. For more than eight decades now, we have proactively addressed concerns surrounding the dental practice, offered solutions, and achieved milestones.



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Photos submitted must be large and high enough resolution for printing, usually the minimum size is 4" x 6" and 600dpi resolution at 22 picas wide (after cropping) if sent electronically, and compressed JPEG photo images (.JPG ) are best for sending electronically. Sending actual photo prints on photographic paper via regular postal mail is also accepted.

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