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November-December 2019

2011.3 May - June

President's Message

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard

Dear Officers, Trustees, and Fellows, This is my fourth message as President, and I would like tell you about my travels during the past year for the Pierre Fauchard Academy, including events I attended as President-Elect and as the new PFA President starting in October 2010.

In May 2010 I attended the annual Spanish Section meeting organized by Chairman Leopoldo Forner in Tarragona, Spain. Tarragona is a beautiful town on the Mediterranean seaside that once was an important Roman-era harbor. We visited the Roman ruins in this town, which are very well preserved.

The meeting included a scientific session with lectures on the future use of dental pulp stem cells and their future applications in dentistry. These very interesting lectures were at the leading edge of scientific research today.

The second part of the meeting was an Induction Ceremony of seven new Fellows, which was held in the prestigious Government Hall of the Provincia de Tarragona. For the ceremony all of the professors here wear a toga, and it was a brilliant induction ceremony. In the evening we had a dinner party with classical music performed by a very fine string quartet. The next day we concluded the meeting with a very friendly lunch with typical Catalan food and enjoyed the traditional Spanish hospitality.

After my installation as President during the Orlando Annual Board Meeting, I went to Tokyo in November 2010 for the 41st Annual Meeting of the PFA Japanese Section. Hospitality is also a tradition in Japan, and Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura, Region Asia Trustee, and Dr. Keishi Matsumoto, Japan Section Chairman, both welcomed me with great warmth and attention to detail.

This 1-day meeting in Japan began with a ceremony at which awards were given to Fellows participating in a Mentorship Program and eight new Fellows were inducted. In the evening, after a group photo was taken, we had a delicious buffet dinner of Asian food with splendid and lively entertainment.

After a 2-day rest in Paris, I flew to Buenos Aires to join my good friend, Vice President Ernesto Acuña, and to participate in the Argentina Section Meeting led by Dr. Roberto Rossi. Dr. Rossi is a very fine man and quickly became a great friend. (See the January-February and March-April 2011 issues of Dental World for more detailed reports and photographs from the trips to Japan and Argentina.)

At the beginning of February 2011 I went to Atlanta, Georgia at the invitation of Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell. I spent two marvelous days attending the 9th Annual Georgia Section Meeting organized by Dr. Robin Reich, the Georgia Section Chair. (More details about my Atlanta trip are available in my President's Message in the March-April 2011 issue of Dental World and later in this issue in the Georgia Section News.)

The meeting featured a report on an important program of dental care for schoolaged children sponsored by The Georgia Section. This program is staffed and operated by volunteers, all of whom are PFA Fellows.

More recently I went to the Second PFA European Meeting in Cologne, Germany. This meeting, which took place on March 25 during the International Dental Show, was organized by Dr. Frank Braun, PFA Germany Section Chairman. We had a very interesting lecture by Dr. Karl-Heinz Kimmel on "Professional Ethics" and a general discussion on this important theme. In the evening we had a ceremony at which 5 new Fellows were inducted by Dr. Braun, Dr. José Dahan, PFA Region 7 Europe Trustee, and myself.

In these visits to five PFA Sections, I was happy to see what the Trustees and Chairmen have made happen in their countries. Everyone works in his or her own unique way, with the help of other Fellows in the Academy, for the betterment of dental health for the people of their country. They are an example for all and are the pride of the PFA.

Let us all remember that the Pierre Fauchard Academy is not only an honor society but also an organization of action that helps people in all countries of the world.

Before I conclude, I must mention that our Japanese Fellows have been very much in my thoughts after the terrifying tsunami and earthquake they had in their country. As of this writing, more than 10,000 people have died and more than 17,000 people are missing! It is the worst disaster they have had since the Second World War. On top of that, the Japanese people are still courageous and full of dignity. What a lesson for those of us who complain about the little inconveniences of our own day-to-day life ! I would like Kiyoshi Ohura, Region 9 Asia Trustee, and Keishi Matsumoto, Japan Section Chairman, to know that all the PFA Fellows send their best wishes for a quick rebirth of their towns and restoration of their beautiful country, along with our warmest condolences for those who have lost a relative or a friend there.

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard
President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the President-Elect

Joseph C. Harris, DDS

In the midst of all of the well-deserved fanfare surrounding the Pierre Fauchard Academy's 75th Anniversary celebrations in Paris and Mexico City and our Academy's namesake, let us not forget the Academy's founder, Minneapolis dentist Dr. Elmer S. Best.

Dr. Best was born in Peterboro, Ontario, Canada. He attended the Chicago College of Dental Surgery, graduating in 1906. A year after graduation he moved to Minneapolis and set up practice at several locations with several associates, until eventually he settled his office in the Metropolitan Bank Building.

Dr. Best was very active in organized dentistry. He was the second President of the Minneapolis District Dental Society and belonged to the Minnesota State Dental Association and ADA.

Dr. Best later became a member of the dental faculty at Columbia University, where he lectured three times a year. He was very active in promoting dental hygiene and preventative care to children in the Minneapolis schools system.

During his travels throughout the dental community, Dr. Best became troubled by the influence of commercial interests in the profession of dentistry. He believed that treatment protocols were mandated not by evidence-based information based on peer-reviewed scientific research but by marketing-fueled propaganda provided by companies with the intent to boost profit margins of these same companies that produced the "data." To maintain the integrity of the literature provided to the dental community, Dr. Best created the Pierre Fauchard Academy, which was named after the father of modern dentistry.

Dr. Elmer S. Best, founder of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

The Academy provided a haven for like-minded dental professionals who shared Dr. Best's dedication to education, research, and love of community. Ethics and integrity were at the forefront of the Academy's mission, and awards were created to distinguish among the distinguished for exemplary deeds.

Dr. Best's vision lives on among us, the Fellows of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. A cursory glance at the Fellows of the Academy reveals among our ranks the leaders in the field of dentistry, be it education, research, mentorship, or community service. As all the eyes of the Academy look toward the 75th Anniversary celebration in France to pay homage to the man who raised dentistry to a profession, we should not forget that our Academy's inception occurred in 1936 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, thanks to Dr. Elmer S. Best.

Dr. Joseph C. Harris
President-Elect of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Vice President

Dr. Ernesto Acuña

The 75th anniversary of the birth of our Academy is being celebrated this year in the city of Paris, France, on June 16 and in Mexico City on September 13, 2011. The Academy was founded in the year 1936 in the city of Minneapolis by Dr. Elmer S. Best, who was also the first Editor of the Dental World when it began publication in 1946.

Also this year, we who are a part of this international honor organization cannot forget the horrific sufferings of so many persons and families affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Despite the geographic distance that separates us, we must be spiritually joined with our companions of this wonderful country, who through their will and determination have always moved forward to overcome any and all tragedies that have come their way. As history has shown, our Japanese compatriots have always had the strength of character to rebuild their great country.

Dr. Ernesto Acuña
Vice President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Executive Director

Judith D. Kozal

The Central Office has been busy with preparations to send out second notices for U.S. and Canadian annual dues and new 75th Anniversary Fellowship certificates for several upcoming Section meetings, where new Fellows will be inducted. Much to their credit, quite a few Section Chairs have already started this year off with a bang through their dedicated hard work in inviting quality dentists to join our PFA International "Family." Congratulations and a really big thank you to all of you!

Along with the annual request that has been sent to Life Fellows for a voluntary contribution to the Academy's scholarships and educational programs, a letter was enclosed to thank them for their many years of support as active dues-paying Fellows and now as our esteemed Life Fellows. Many of them became Fellows in the 1980s and have truly earned our respect and admiration, not only for their support of the Academy, but also for their many contributions to the profession of dentistry. Congratulations to all of our Life Fellows for having achieved "Life" status, and thank you! As a reminder, the three basic requirements for attaining Life Fellow status are (1) having attained the age of 65 years or older, (2) being fully retired from practice and not earning income from the practice of dentistry (this includes a teaching position), and (3) having been a Fellow in good standing for at least 10 consecutive years. Life Fellow status also may be granted on a case by case basis for those who become disabled and are no longer able to work or teach.

We already have received requests from several dental schools for the Senior Undergraduate Certificate of Merit Award in response to our annual letter to dental school deans. In recognition of our 75th Anniversary, every recipient of this award will receive a specially designed anniversary certificate.

Don't forget we will have a PFA 75th Anniversary Celebration in Mexico City. During the Worldwide FDI meeting, PFA Vice President Ernesto Acuña has arranged for a special evening event on September 13 at the French Embassy in Mexico.

Preparations for our October 8-11 Board Meeting and functions in Las Vegas are still in the early stages. As updated information becomes available, it will be posted on our Web site, so take advantage of this service offered by the Academy. Our PFA headquarters hotel is the Four Seasons, and our reservation codes will be available by the time this issue is printing. As soon as I know, everyone will know!

I will close with these two little thoughts: "Attitude is a choice made daily" (Sue Raye) and "The greatest things in life aren't things" (Stella Kugler). Excellent advice!

Judith D. Kozal
Executive Director of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


From the Desk of the Editor

From the Desk of the Editor

Mark D. Stanley

It has been a busy year preparing for and celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Looking back over the last 75 years we can recall a long list of accomplishments by the Pierre Fauchard Academy. PresidentElect Joe Harris mentions in this issue how Dr. Elmer S. Best founded the Academy in 1936 in Minnesota, and how Dr. Best's vision laid a solid foundation for the Academy that still brings us all together today. Dental Abstracts, the official journal of the Pierre Fauchard Acdemy, still continues his pioneering efforts to collect and inform the profession about the best in dental literature today. French dental surgeon Pierre Fauchard also had a vision over 250 years ago to write down and share the existing dental techniques of his time, so that dentists could work together to improve oral health care. Pierre Fauchard's extensive manuscript was first published in 1728 and entitled "Le Chirurgien Dentiste, ou, Traité des Dents." (The Surgeon-Dentist, or a Treatise on the Teeth.) The publication of this book paved the way to the formation of the profession of dentistry as it is known today.

In the early part of the 20th century Fauchard's original manuscript came to light again thanks to the work of George Viau, and generated a great deal of interest regarding the history of dentistry. In 1941 the Academy published a 100-page book compiled by Dr. Bernhard W. Weinberger entitled "Pierre Fauchard, SurgeonDentist," to share knowledge of Fauchard's work and life with a wider audience. In this issue we have included an English translation of a new article, originally written in French by Drs. Jean-Christophe Loir and Florence Loir, about the area of Paris where Fauchard lived. For those of you who cannot travel to Paris for the Academy's June 16th celebration, we hope you will enjoy this historical article about Fauchard's life when he lived there.

Included in this issue is the PFA Annual Board Meeting schedule for Las Vegas, as well as a Calendar of PFA events occurring throughout the world. Also the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy is now accepting grant applications, so please submit an application by June 11th for a special dental service project in your area. Just download the application form from the website at Fauchard. org, fill it out on your computer, then email it back to the Foundation office. The Foundation thanks the many donors who generously contributed to the Foundation during 2010. Donor names are listed starting on page 11.

This issue concludes with updates from five different Sections, showing some of the vitality of this dental honor organization. This is our third issue of the Dental World for 2011 and we will be publishing only one more issue this year for September-October. Please send in a report by July 15th about your Section's activities so we may be able to print your photos and news articles this year.

Mark D. Stanley, MFA
Dental World Editor


PFA Nevada Dental Museum Cleaning

On December 1, 2010, the Student Dental Assisting Association at the College of Southern Nevada cleaned the Pierre Fauchard Museum. The museum was dedicated earlier in 2010 to Dr. Richard Adam Kozal by the Academy. Dr. Kozal was an instructor in both the dental assisting and dental hygiene programs for many years. The Museum is a living legacy to Richard and a recognition of his lifelong dedication to the Pierre Fauchard Academy and its values and to Dental History. Thanks again to the many dentists who donated dental items from different eras for display. Each semester the dental hygiene and dental assisting students take field trips to the museum to learn about how dentistry was conducted in the past and to talk about how far the profession has advanced.

Dr. Richard Adam Kozal Memorial Scholarship awarded in Nevada

Dental Assisting Program Director Carole Brew presents student Tammy Macon with the Richard Adam Kozal Award.

Last year it was announced that the Pierre Fauchard Academy will annually fund the Dr. Richard Adam Kozal Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1500 to be given to a deserving College of Southern Nevada Dental Assistant student. This scholarship is funded from the generous donations given by Fellows toward the Academy Educational Programs.

We are proud to announce last year's recipient of the award. On December 15, 2010, Tammie L. Macon received the first ever Dr. Richard Adam Kozal Memorial Scholarship Award at the College of Southern Nevada's Fall Graduation. Tammy was presented with the award by Carole, Brew, CDA, MEd, Program Director. She also received a Certificate of Achievement for maintaining a high GPA.

Tammie was well-liked and respected by her fellow classmates, professors, and professionals at the dental offices where she was assigned during her 300 hours of externship. She will be able to share her knowledge and create a positive work environment. You can see how pleased her classmates were that she was the recipient of this award.


Tammie L. Macon, Dental Assisting Program Student

My name is Tammie Macon. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, but I have grown up in Las Vegas. I am a 31-year-old single parent who has quit a part-time job to attend school full time. My children are 12, 6, and 3. I am currently on my externship and am fascinated by every moment of it! I absolutely love the dental field, and I will admit that I may be just a little obsessed with teeth (according to friends and family).

I rarely visited the dentist when I was younger; therefore, I was not aware of proper oral hygiene and proper brushing. I had a few cavities here and there, but I have never had any major work done. For this reason alone, dentistry has always intrigued me. It has allowed me to teach my children about oral health care, and it has enabled me to understand why things happen inside the oral cavity. I have learned so much during the past year thanks to the Dental Assisting Program. I am thankful for the opportunity to be accepted in the program, and upon completion I will be so proud of my accomplishment. Respectfully,

Tammie Macon
Richard Adam Kozal Memorial Scholarship Award Recipient 2010

Following Pierre Fauchard in Paris

Painting of Pierre Fauchard by Le Bel

by Dr. Jean-Christophe Loir and Dr. Florence Loir Translated from the original article in French; published by the Société Française d'Histoire de l'Art Dentaire in 2009, Actes 14 (SFHAD, French Society of History of Dentistry)

Much of Pierre Fauchard's early life is based on supposition. He was born somewhere in Brittany in the year 1678. The only information we on his youth comes from the forward of his book Le Chirurgien-Dentiste (published in 1728). His life crossed several reigns--the end of Louis XIV, the Regency, and the reign of Louis XV. This was the Century of Lights when France and especially Paris were highly influential and admired in all of Europe, and Fauchard encountered many literary, musical, artistic, and scientific figures. From other sources we know that in 1693 Pierre Fauchard became a student doctor in the French Navy, and from 1696 to 1718 Fauchard practiced in Angers, Tours, Rennes, and Nantes. In 1719 he went to Paris and moved in at 14 Rue des Fossés-Saint-Germain.

Fauchard's wife Elizabeth Guillemette Chemin (Propriété Flüry-Hérard)

In 1728 Pierre Fauchard published the first edition of his book Le Chirurgien-Dentiste ou Traite des Dents, and the following year he married Elizabeth Guillemette Chemin, who was 38 years younger than him. Their first son, JeanBaptiste, was born June 5, 1737.

On April 1, 1738, Fauchard signed a contract of collaboration with Pierre Gaulard, who later would be executed for robbery on September 29, 1740. Fauchard's wife, Elizabeth, died in 1739. In 1741 Pierre Fauchard trained his only student, Laurant Tugdual Duchemin, and in 1746 he published the second edition of his book Le Chirurgien-Dentiste. In January 1747 he moved to "rue des Cordeliers" in a new house with a carriage entrance. He lived there and practiced as a surgeon and dentist. On June 5, 1747, he married Louise Rousselot, a young cousin of Elizabeth; they separated in 1751.

The café Procope in the 18th century

In 1746, on page 369 of volume 2 of the second edition of his book, Pierre Fauchard answers the concerns of those who saw him stop his practice at the age of 68 years; however, he continued to see patients with his brother-in-law. When he died in 1761, Pierre Fauchard was buried in Saint-Come Church, which was later destroyed, and his tomb disappeared into the asphalt of Boulevard Saint-Michel.

In the contracts we could examine, including the agreement with Gaulard and those of his marriages, one can find the name of the street where he lived, but not the number. In the papers of "Procés Gaulard" (Gaulard's lawsuit), we learn that Pierre Fauchard lived on the top of the "Comédie Française," therefore in number 14. Did he frequent the Comédians? Did he live at the Alliance Hotel? Jussieu referred patients to him; did they cross paths at Procope? A simple road along the trenches excavated at different places of the bases of the enclosure given to Paris by Phillipe Auguste, the street was designed in 1560 like the street or road that is on the ditches between St. Germain des Prés and Bussy.

Exterior of the Comédie Française in the 18th century

The Saint-Germain Fair was close by, with its seasonal procession of festivals and games. At the end of the 17th century, this was a road with games of paume (similar to tennis) and boules (bocce) along with baths and cabarets. It would be called "Rue de la Comédie Française," which today is called "Rue de l'Ancienne Comédie" (the street of ancient comedy).

On rue des Fossés-Saint-Germain, a house featured the sign "du Soleil d'or ("of the golden sun") next to an old establishment of the baths with a sign proclaiming this way "To the Holy Shroud of Turin"; its frontage announced to those who passed by, "Here within, hair is properly groomed and in addition we have baths and saunas." The boutique had a ready-made clientele of jeux de paume players whose courts were located directly across from the baths. In 1686 François Procope transformed the bath establishment into a café. Procope was born in 1650 in Palermo or Florence in Italy and was probably a ruined gentleman, a peddler who later served the crowds of people around the Saint-Germain Fair. He rented a place and in 1675 was qualified as a merchant, a distiller, and a bar keeper, first on rue de Tournon and then on rue des Fossés-Saint Germain.

Exterior facade today: "Ancien hôtel des comédiens"

The café was decorated luxuriously for the era with furniture, mirrors, and sparkling chandeliers. A spirit merchant and apothecary, Procope worked a true laboratory. In the summer he served sorbets and refreshing beverages, and in the winter he served coffee, tea, and chocolate. Coffee taken as a beverage provoked some controversy, but with the addition of sugar and milk, it was increasingly accepted. Nicolas de Blegny, author of the book The Good Use of Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, (Lyon, 1687), even recommended coffee for certain toothaches in his book Livre Commode ("useful book"), which contained addresses in Paris and which was published continuously during the 1690s. Procope had eight children and Alexander, the seventh son, succeeded his father in 1716. Coffee with milk became Parisians' breakfast (a cup sold for two pennies), and two newspapers--La Gazette and Le Mercure of France--were available for customers to read. In 1742, Rousseau visited the Procope, which attracted the curiosity of many people. At the time the café was at the top of its fame and the customers questioned the talent of la Clarion, the woman comedian from the theater across the street. The street there was alive with constant movement between Le Procope and La Comédie Française.

Pierre Jean Chemin dit Duchemin (Bibliothèque de la Comédie Française)

In 1673, La Troupe de Moliere (Moliere's troop) was driven out of the Royal Palace and forced to wander until 1686, at which time they moved to 14 rue des Fossés-Saint-Germain, in spite of opposition from the clergy, who would have preferred having no theater troupe at all in the neighborhood. The troupe bought the Jeu de Paume de l'Etoile hall and an adjoining house. The architect François d'Orbay built a theater, and thus the Royal Theater was born. On April 18, 1689, it was inaugurated with the presentation of the dramatic tragedy "Phedre" and the comedy "The Doctor in Spite of Himself" ("The Mock Doctor"). The rear and side sections of the theater were filled with neighbors from the Procope, which rented a place to sell drinks, and it seemed that it was going to be a very profitable situation. Unfortunately the theater moved eventually to the Tuileries in 1770.

Pierre Fauchard was close to the theater in many ways. His second wife, Elizabeth Guillemette Chemin, was the daughter of two actors. Her Father, Pierre Jean, was a member of the Comédie Française for 23 years. Her brother Pierre Jacques was a member of the troupe in 1726 at the age of 18 years. He married La Duclos, who was 38 years older and who had been a member of the troop since 1696. People often used the expression "dumb like La Duclos," but she was beautiful and smart enough to attract many men as protectors and to seduce a very young man. However, this was a very troubled marriage, and Pierre-Jacques left his wife and the Comédie Française in 1735 and became an actor in Munich. La Duclos moved in 1736 to rue de la Comédie into an apartment belonging to Procope.

First page of contract

Fauchard's son, Jean Baptiste, was a lawyer until 1771, at which time he went into exile to Brussels, became an actor, and married Adelaïde, an actress. He became known by the name "Grandmesnil" and was a member of the Comédie Française on February 21,1792. Fauchard looked after the actors and their families such as Pierre Jacques, his brother-in-law, and Marie-Anne Renoult, Duchemin's niece. He trained his brother-in-law, Laurent Tugducal Duchemin, in dentistry. In the paragraph "reflexion" of chapter XI (1746), he wrote, "I was persuaded that the public would be grateful to have a unique student who would be ready to face any challenge."

Contract with Pierre Nicolas Gaulard

The number 14 rue de la Comédie Française originally had two distinct houses to the north of the hall for the le jeu de paume, which became the Comédie Française. The vault was an entryway to the theater. One can still see some of the remnants in the courtyard today. To the south can be found the Hotel Alliance, which could have been a hotel or cheap eating establishment of that time. A small part of the ground floor housed a wine merchant under Louis XIV. The rest of the building had three floors and an attic. This unit was sold in auction to the French Comedians in 1773. Michel Procope Couteau, son of François and brother of Alexander, was born in 1684 and livened up the café with his truculent language and his witty remarks. Ecclesiastic, then an outstanding medical student, was chosen by his peers at the age of 25 years to be the curator of their library. An exceptional doctor, he severely criticized his colleagues, finding them pedantic and guilty of using poor science. He called into question the practice of severe bleeding, harsh diets, and repeated purging. Procope Couteau left poems and plays, as well as scientific works, such as "l'analyse du système de trituration de Hecquet" (the analysis of the trituration system of Hecquet), which he thoroughly condemned. Pierre Fauchard knew him and referred to him in his book as a doctor "correspondent." This same Procope also criticized the paper that La Peyronne gave at the medical school entitled L'art de faire des garçons (The Art of Making Boys), where he cast serious doubt on the theory of spontaneous generation. He was brilliant and precursory but misunderstood by his peers. Fauchard himself was criticized for teaching the method of selection of experts in his preface. Procope even wrote satirical verse about his father-in-law, the dentist Carmeline. But did Fauchard write about the famous dentist Carmeline in his preface, or was it his nephew Quaranta? According to Besombes and Dagan (Pierre Fauchard et ses contemporains, 1961), Fauchard would not have known Carmeline or his nephew who, according to the Livre Commode, was living at "Quai de Megisseri" and practiced dentistry.

Collaboration Contract with Gaulard

The contract between Pierre Fauchard and Pierre Nicolas Gaulard appears in the National Archives. It is dated April 5, 1739, in the afternoon, in front of Master de Savigny, notary. Those present were Pierre Fauchard; his wife, Elizabeth; Pierre Nicolas Gaulard; his father, Pierre Gaulard expert; his second wife, Catherine de Pars; and a clerk who signed "Z Imonée." No mention is made of the title "expert" for Pierre Fauchard; they only say "dental surgeon." Terms in the contract resemble those we use today; for example, the integral transfer of all the sums acquired by the collaborator and the retrocession of fees equivalent to a quarter. In exchange, Pierre Fauchard promised to train his student, to feed and house him, and to have his laundry done. The contract was good for 5 years starting April 1, 1738. A contract negotiated in front of a notary could be predated. In case of the death of Pierre Fauchard, the contract would be renewed by his widow; therefore the retrocession to Pierre Nicolas Gaulard would go to one third of the money received by the former. The place where Pierre Nicolas Gaulard would work is not known. We can guess it would be a place at Pierre Fauchard's house where he was staying and also treating outpatients, as they were doing at the time. Fauchard would be able to associate with another collaborator with Gaulard's agreement. In the event of the failure of this contract, he would have to pay a sum of 3000 livres.

Among the signatures at the bottom of the contract is that of Elizabeth, who signed first "Elizabeth Fauchard." This signature was poorly erased and replaced by "Elizabeth Chemin." This contract would be suspended at Gaulard's execution.


The authors, Dr. Jean-Christophe Loir and Dr. Florence Loir, thank Drs. Jean Granat and Pierre Baron for their help, advice, and the visuals they provided.

Editor's note: We thank Joan Munzner for additional help with the English translation and Marcelle B. Charles for the translation work to English. Some additional historical information was added to clarify the life story of Pierre Fauchard when deemed necessary. We also thank SFHAD Secrétaire Général Dr. Micheline Ruel-Kellerman for permission to use the images and text. A special virtual exhibition about Pierre Fauchard, on the 250th anniversary of his death, is now available online at http://www.


Besombes A., Dagen G. «Pierre Fauchard, père de l'Art Dentaire Moderne (1678-1761) et ses contemporains», Société des publications médicales et dentaires, 1961.
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hommes qui se sont faits un nom....», Lille, L. Lefort, 1833.
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Michaud J. «Biographie Universelle, ancienne et moderne» Paris, depuis 1811. Moura J. Louvet P. «Le café Procope», Librairie Académique Perrin et cie, 1930. Remerciements aux Docteurs Jean Granat et Pierre Baron pour leur aide, leurs conseils, et l'iconographie qu'ils nous ont communiquée.


PFA 75th Anniversary Special Fellowship Certificate


In 2011 a limited number of special 75th Anniversary Certificates will be available for re-issue, with the PFA Fellow's name hand lettered on the Certificate. Any Fellow can order a copy to replace or complement his or her existing PFA Certificate, at a cost of $25 per certificate. Contact the Central Office to place your order.

From the Desk of the Foundation President

James Long, DDS

Dear Fellows,

The Foundation's Executive Director, Jennifer Teale, has prepared a marketing plan for consideration and adoption by your Executive Committee and Board of Trustees in Las Vegas. This plan will enable the Foundation to make itself more visible and to define who we are outside of the dental community. Our ultimate goal is to increase donations outside of and within the profession to increase our ability to fully fund more grant requests. The adoption of a logo for the Foundation has been accomplished. This logo will be evident on our Web page and other Foundation materials. This logo reveals we are moving forward, expresses our world wide nature, and reveals our relationship to the Academy. Our Executive Director was instrumental in designing this logo.

June 11, 2011, is the deadline for receiving grant applications. Section chairs, please take note of this deadline and get your Section's grant information in on time. We anticipate receiving more grant requests this year, and we sincerely hope we can fund all of them.

Spring has arrived in this part of the world with its sense of urgency as flowers bloom and grow in fulfillment of nature's plan. Your Foundation will exhibit this same sense of growth and dedication to improve the dental health of those around the globe. I hope all of you read the two articles in the November-December issue of Dental World about two people who exemplify the spirit of the Foundation and the Academy. One was about a dental student who used her scholarship check awarded to take part in a dental mission in Central America (see the next article in this issue for more on the Guatemalan trip). The other article was about an American dentist from Colorado who gave his life trying the help needy people in Afghanistan. Their actions and pictures are worth a thousand words. This says it all!!

Dr. James Long
President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Foundation Executive Director


Jennifer Teale

Today we live in a world where the transformation in both general health and oral health is unmatched in history. Yet despite remarkable achievements in recent decades, millions of people worldwide have been excluded from the benefits of improved world health care and quality of life.

It is only through your donations that the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy is able to make a difference in the quality of care for thousands of persons around the world. I would like to share with you one report received from a grant recipient about how donations are working to help those less fortunate to smile.


The Word of Life would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the Grant contribution for our Mercy trip to Guatemala.

This trip took us to small villages near the city of Escuintia, the Village of Chaperma, and the Village of Gunagazapa, where dentists, oral surgeons, and assistants provided care to more than 1490 Guatemalan people.

Our goals were met by providing treatment to many of the poor who could not afford any dental care. Each day patients were first triaged to evaluate their most urgent dental need. From there they were transferred to one of the dentists/ oral surgeons for treatment. Many different procedures were performed by our doctors, from fillings and extractions to root canals and dental prophylaxis.


Your Foundation is truly a blessing to the poor people of Guatemala. Thank you for your special acts of kindness through the Grant in contributing to this humanitarian effort. When we all join together with a heart of unity the world is ultimately blessed.

In March 2011, Grant applications became available, and the Foundation has received a record number of requests for funding. Applications will be reviewed by the grants community in October, and Grants will be awarded in late November.


In June, 58 U.S. and 30 international third-year dental students will receive a $1500 scholarship. The student scholarship recipients were selected on the basis of the following criteria: demonstrated potential for developing into an outstanding leader in the profession because of their participation in the university, dental school, or community; above-average grades; demonstrated qualities of integrity, imagination, initiative, and outstanding communicative skills; and a need for financial support.

Thank you for supporting the Foundation's scholarship program.


You can be proud of your Foundation, and we thank you for your support. Your contributions go a long way. The Trustees work to keep the Foundation's expenses at a bare minimum so that your donation goes to support the grants and scholarship programs. If you would like to make a donation so we can continue our tradition of supporting charitable projects in dentistry, go to to make your secure online donation, or call 703-217-1480.

Jennifer Teale
Executive Director, Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Section News


Letter from the Japan Section

Dear good friends of PFA and all the PFA Fellows in the World, The recent devastating news on the earthquake (9.0 magnitude), the tsunami that mercilessly attacked the northeastern coast of Japan, and the resulting nuclear power plant damage have caused shock throughout the world.

As of today, March 25, 2011, more than 10,000 deaths have been confirmed, and another 17,000 people remain missing. The Fellows of PFA Japan Section are fortunately safe from this terrible disaster, although the status of a few of them is not yet clear.

Even though the entire county is devastated by the horrific disaster and worried about all of the victims who are suffering from the extreme circumstances, everyone is keeping their spirits up and is determined to overcome this combination of tragedies.

We, the Fellows of the PFA Japan Section, say "Thank you very much" for your warm compassion and encouragement.

Yours truly,

PFA Japan Section Chair Keishi Matsumoto PFA Region 9 Asia Trustee Kiyoshi Ohura

Editors note: It has been suggested by the Japan Section that the best way to send donations to help Japan is through the Red Cross (http://american. The money will go to the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami response, specifically the Japanese Red Cross, which is providing direct emergency relief, medical services, and counseling to affected communities.




University Of Colorado 2013 White Coat Ceremony

Fifty-two second-year students of the Class of 2013 of the University of Colorado-Denver School of Dental Medicine received their white coats in a ceremony held on January 12, 2011. This is the sixth year that the White Coat Ceremony has existed in Colorado. The white coats are presented to the secondyear students as they prepare to enter the clinic floor.

Specially selected flowers for the University of Colorado- Denver School of Dental Medicine White Coat Ceremony held January 12th, 2261

Dean Denise K. Kassebaum, a PFA Fellow, gave the Dean's welcome and introduction. The history and significance of the white coat was addressed by Dr. Brad Potter. The ceremony was funded by the American College of Dentists Colorado Chapter, the International College of Dentists Colorado Chapter, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy Colorado Chapter. The students, their families and guests, and the faculty of the school were addressed by the three heads of the Colleges in Colorado. Dr. Randy Kluender represented ACD, Dr. James Setterberg represented ICD, and Dr. Terry Brewick represented PFA. In addition, Dr. Brian Brada spoke for the University Of Colorado School Of Dental Medicine Alumni Association. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. David Chambers, Journal Editor of the American College of Dentists. Dr. Chambers spoke on ethics.

Drs. Kluender, Setterberg, and Brewick presented the students with their white coats. After the reading of the Dentist's Pledge, there was a reception for the students and their families and guests.


In addition to paying their portion of monies to help support the White Coat Ceremony, the Colorado Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy presented the students with a large floral arrangement. The arrangement was composed of flowers representing the colors of each College and the Academy. Dr. Brewick, Colorado Section Chair of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, in his brief remarks, informed the group about the colors. American red rose and lavender statice were used for the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists was represented by gold roses and greens representing pantone green, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy was represented by blue delphiniums and white and red roses. The Pierre Fauchard colors represent the colors of the French flag. Dr. Brewick pointed out to the group that it was the 75th anniversa- Colorado continued ry of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and that our International President, Dr. Hubert Ouvrard, was from Paris, France. The students and their families were encouraged to take home a flower to remember the ceremony.

L-R, Janet Steward, pro-bono consultant for the Colorado PFA Chapter; Dr. Terry Brewick, Colorado Section Chair of PFA; Dr. Matthew Dunn; Dr. Douglas B. Berkey, Editor of Dental Abstracts; and Dr. Bonnie Ferrell, Immediate Past Section Chair of the Colora

Journalism Award Presented To Dr. Matthew Dunn On January 13, 2011, 64 Fellows attended the joint Breakfast Meeting of the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The breakfast was held on the 27th floor of the Hyatt Convention Center Hotel in the Peak's Lounge, with majestic views of the Rocky Mountains and the city of Denver.

Dr. Terry Brewick, Colorado Section Chair of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, presented a special Journalism Award to Dr. Matthew Dunn for his distinguished service as Editor of The Articulator, the newsletter for the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society. MDDS comprises more than half of the dentists in Colorado. Dr. Dunn was the youngest contributor to serve on the JADA Editorial Advisory Board. During his editorship of The Articulator magazine, his tribute to the late, great Dr. Larry Meskin was prominently reprinted in the ADA News.

--Submitted by Terry L. Brewick, DDS PFA Colorado Section Chair



The Georgia Section's tradition of consistently raising the bar each year at their Annual Leadership Conference and Convocation was again in full swing February 4-6, 2011. Sixteen nominees were recognized for their outstanding leadership, commitment, and service to dentistry and their communities by being inducted into Fellowship by International President Ouvrard, Trustee Stockwell, and new Section Chair Dr. Robin Reich during a "Mystery Theater" awards dinner.

Georgia's Class of 2011 includes Dr. Lee Andrews II, Augusta; Dr. Janine Bethea, Marietta; Dr. Hank Bradford, Marietta; Dr. David Carithers, Loganville; Dr.

Max Cohen, Dunwoody; Dr. Ralph Cohen, Marietta; Dr. Jeril Cooper III, Evans; Dr. Narisa Goode, Atlanta; Dr. Andrew Hamilton, Americus; Dr. James Knighton, Adel; Dr. Amy Loden, Warner Robins; Dr. Kara Moore, Gray; Dr. Frank O'Connor, Jr., Tucker; Dr. Chris Rautenstrauch, Woodstock; Dr. Lawrence Schmitz, Savannah; and Dr. Wilkie Stadeker, Marietta.


Dr. Mark Shurett (see photo right) received the Section's Distinguished Dentist Award. Dr. John Blalock, an Associate Professor at Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) School of Dental Medicine, received the Section's Excellence in Education Award. The PFA Foundation Scholarship recipient, GHSU Senior Erika Lentini, and the Section's second Mark Ritz Research Scholarship recipient, Rebecca Paquin, as well as Life Member Dr. John Clements, were recognized at the awards dinner. Congratulations to all of these outstanding professionals!


Conference Chair Dr. Rebecca Weinman and her Committee put together an outstanding Conference that is kicked off annually with Fellows, new inductees, and Medical College of Georgia senior dental students volunteering for "Give Kids a Smile" in three mobile dental vans with auxiliary staff once again donated for use by Fellow Dr. Mark Shurett. The vans were stationed at elementary schools in Greene and Putnam Counties, and approximately 90 children were treated. The children received examinations, x-rays, oral hygiene instructions, sealants, fillings, extractions, pulpotomies, and stainless steel crowns as needed.

On Friday evening, Fellows enjoyed a casual welcome dinner and beer tasting at the lakeside home of Dr. Robin Reich, and on Saturday morning attendees enjoyed an informative half-day "Legal Update and Trends Facing the Dental Profession in 2011 and Beyond" continuing education program presented by Atlanta attorney Mr. Stuart Oberman.


Fellows and family members participated in the Annual "Shotgun Shoot" or relaxed in the spa or--new this year-- participated in a Texas Hold 'em tournament before celebrating our new honorees at a gala formal dinner. The fun quotient during the dinner was kicked up a notch with the addition of Agatha's Mystery Theater production of "Graves Anatomy" in three acts between courses. We participated in the action of this comic murder mystery as Meredeath and Dr. McDreamboat investigated the murder of Dr. McStunning with the help of the brilliant but completely unlikable Dr. Gregory Adobe. I might add that President Ouvrard gave an Oscar worthy performance as Patient Number Three!


The weekend conference wrapped up on Sunday morning with a wellattended, informative, and productive business breakfast meeting in which Rebecca Paquin presented a synopsis PowerPoint presentation of her research on "Dry Mouth: New Findings & Novel Approaches to Commercial Products."

GHSU School of Dental Medicine Dean Dr. Connie Drisko gave an update on the new dental school clinical facility.


Dr. Ouvrard invited everyone to attend the 75th Anniversary celebration of the PFA in Paris on June 16, 2011. Trustee Stockwell encouraged everyone to volunteer for the Georgia Mission of Mercy event August 11-13, 2011, because the impetus for having a Georgia Mission started at the Section business meeting in 2009! Dr. Stockwell again thanked the Foundation for approving a $9000 grant for this worthy event.


Dr. Ouvrard invited everyone to attend the 75th Anniversary celebration of the PFA in Paris on June 16, 2011. Trustee Stockwell encouraged everyone to volunteer for the Georgia Mission of Mercy event August 11-13, 2011, because the impetus for having a Georgia Mission started at the Section business meeting in 2009! Dr. Stockwell again thanked the Foundation for approving a $9000 grant for this worthy event.

Section Chair Reich and Conference Chair Weinman

It was a pleasure to have our International President in attendance at the Conference; it always makes it extra special for our Fellows and especially our new inductees, and we appreciate the effort Dr. Ouvrard made to travel from Paris to Greensboro, Georgia, to be with us for our 9th Annual Conference!

Hats off to Conference Chair Weinman and Section Chair Reich--it's been a great year for the Georgia Section. I look forward to yet another active year from this Section and their new Conference venue at Chateau Elan on February 3-5, 2012, for the 10th Annual Leadership Conference & Convocation!


Dr. Blalock with the Excellence in Education Award presented by GHSU Dean Connie Drisko.

Traveling Dental Exhibit at the SEE Science Museum

On March 21, 2011, the New Hampshire Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met at the SEE Science Museum located in Manchester, New Hampshire. This gathering was a fundraiser for a traveling dental exhibit that will be shown there April 1 through September 4, 2011. The museum was open for our private engagement, and we were able to raise thousands of dollars for this cause through our local and state dental organizations, as well as through our members' private donations.

The museum was founded in 1986 by Dean Kamen, the famous inventor of such things as the Segway PT, an allterrain electric wheelchair, and the first insulin pump. This is the first time the museum has displayed an exhibit involving dentistry. We hope, given the strong support the dental community was able to offer, it will not be the last.


Ticket Donation to New Hampshire Technical Institute

On April 4, 2011, Dr. Jayne Boyd, Section Chair of the New Hampshire Section the Pierre Fauchard Academy, presented a donation of tickets to the SEE Science Museum to Ms. Catherine Brock, dental assisting program coordinator for the New Hampshire Technical Institute. These tickets will be used to sponsor a class field trip for the dental assisting program, which will allow the entire class to attend a temporary dental exhibit that will be held at the museum.

--Submitted by Dr. Jayne Boyd New Hampshire Section Chair


L-R: Dr. Elliott Paisner, Chairman of the NHDS Foundation; Dr. Roland Bryan, President of the Greater Manchester Dental Society; Peter Gustafson, Development Coordinator of the SEE Science Museum; Dr. Richard Vachon, President of the NHDS; Dr. Jayne Boyd

Once again it was an honor to attend the South Carolina Section's Annual Luncheon and Induction held on Friday, January 28, 2011, in Columbia. Chair John Reese organized a wellattended program held in conjunction with a halfday continuing education program on CAD/CAM Dentistry at the Columbia Conference Center

At the conclusion of the education program, attendees were able to visit with representatives of Patterson Dental and Henry Schein to see a demonstration of the E4D and Cerac machines.

During an enjoyable luncheon, the new Dental Access Day video was shown, followed by a presentation on what will be in store for us at our Annual South Carolina Dental Association meeting.

Dr. Jayne Boyd presents a donation from the New Hampshire section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy to Mr. Peter Gustafson.

After lunch I was able to make some remarks about the Academy and Foundation, invite attendees to the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the PFA in Paris on June 16, 2011, and congratulate them on a successful Foundation Grant application. Vice Chair Dr. Chris Griffin put together a Grant application to request aid for a state Dental Access Day clinical outreach project and was awarded a $9000 grant for this endeavor. I also strongly encouraged attendees to participate in the Academy by sponsoring new Fellows and by participating in Academy functions at the ADA meeting this coming October in Las Vegas, as well as being active and engaged in their Section's activities.

L-R: Ms. Catherine Brock, student Dawn Lewis, and Dr. Jayne Boyd, PFA New Hampshire Section Chair.

Dr. Reese announced that the recipient of the Section's Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award was Dr. Tariq Javed, who serves as the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Dental Medicine. This award will be presented to Dr. Javed at the upcoming Alumni weekend at MUSC, as he was unable to attend the luncheon because of a scheduling conflict.

After Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Craig Draffin presented his report, Immediate Past Chair Dr. Monica Cayouette, Chair Dr. John Reese, Vice Chair Dr. Chris Griffin, and I then inducted five nominees into Fellowship of the Pierre Fauchard Academy: Dr. Heather H. Barker of Easley, Dr. William B. Edwards of Newberry, Drs. Sarah G. Machowski and Walter J. Machowski, Jr., of Myrtle Beach, and Dr. Samuel Ted McGill of Charleston

L-R: Ms. Catherine Brock, student Dawn Lewis, and Dr. Jayne Boyd, PFA New Hampshire Section Chair.

Dr. Reese announced that the recipient of the Section's Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award was Dr. Tariq Javed, who serves as the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Dental Medicine. This award will be presented to Dr. Javed at the upcoming Alumni weekend at MUSC, as he was unable to attend the luncheon because of a scheduling conflict.

After Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Craig Draffin presented his report, Immediate Past Chair Dr. Monica Cayouette, Chair Dr. John Reese, Vice Chair Dr. Chris Griffin, and I then inducted five nominees into Fellowship of the Pierre Fauchard Academy: Dr. Heather H. Barker of Easley, Dr. William B. Edwards of Newberry, Drs. Sarah G. Machowski and Walter J. Machowski, Jr., of Myrtle Beach, and Dr. Samuel Ted McGill of Charleston

The South Carolina Fellowship Class of 2411. L-R: Trustee Stockwell; New Fellows Drs. Wm. Edwards, Heather Barker, Sarah Machowski, Walter Machowski, and Ted McGill; and SC Section Chair Dr. John Reese.

Dr. Reese presented the Section Chair Plaque to immediate past Chair Dr. Monica Cayouette and installed the new officers: Dr. David Dedmon as the 20112012 Section Chair, Dr. Chris Griffin as the Chair-elect, and Dr. David Jordan as Vice Chair. Dr. Craig Draffin will continue to serve as the Secretary/Treasurer.

The South Carolina Section continues to be a well-organized and dynamic group with excellent participation of Fellows in multiple activities; they were especially well represented as leaders and volunteers in the SCDA's Dental Access Days program and were very appreciative of the PFA Foundation Grant to help continue this excellent outreach program. It was a pleasure to once again spend time with this section.


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