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President's Message

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard

Dear Officers, Trustees, and Fellows, This is my last message as President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

By the time it is published, Dr. Joe Harris will be the Academy's new President. I am sure he will have an excellent tenure as President, because he proved to be a fantastic President-Elect, as evidenced by his hard work for the Academy and the assistance he gave me. Dr. Harris will be assisted by Dr. Ernesto Acuña from Mexico City who, as Vice President, gave me his support throughout the year. I also want to thank Dr. Steve Hedlund, Immediate Past President, for his precious counsel.

This year has gone by too quickly! The bulk of my time was spent preparing for the Pierre Fauchard Academy 75th Anniversary celebration. Fellows from 16 different countries met in Paris on June 16, 2011, for this important event. They came from the United States, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and many other countries. France was very honored to welcome all the Fellows, and I thank all those who made the effort to come to Paris. Seventy-five years is still young for an Honor Society such as ours, and we must continue to develop our Academy. Currently we are about 8000 Fellows strong and are dispersed in 120 sections around the world. Our goal is to reach 10,000 Fellows in the next few years and to create new sections in countries where none presently exist, such as Scandinavia and the Emirates, for instance.

Fellows gather for the PFA 75th Anniversary Celebration in Paris, France on June 16, 2011, in the 6th District of Paris City Hall.

A year seems like a great deal of time to complete a lot of work as President, but it actually turned out to be a very small amount of time. I would have liked to have accomplished more things for our Academy, and I particularly wish I could have visited more sections. The presence of the President at an Annual Meeting boosts the enthusiasm of the local Section Chair and Fellows and gives them a sense of being a part of a great organization and a great family, of which they are a renowned and important member.

During my travels for our Academy, I was very impressed by the philanthropic programs developed in many Sections around the world. During this period of economic crisis, pro bono oral screenings and volunteer oral care programs for children are very important, but equally important are the educational programs that teach patients about these conditions. Education will improve overall public health.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and acknowledge the great job done by its President, James Long, the Foundation's Board, and the new Executive Director, Jennifer Teale. The numerous Scholarship Student Awards and grants given to deserving organizations continue to provide good public health as the world faces an economic crisis.

As I conclude this message, I extend my gratitude to Dr. Pierre Marois, Trustee Emeritus, who has been my mentor inside the Pierre Fauchard Academy and to whom I owe many things, especially the opportunity to have been your President this year.

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard
International President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the President-Elect

Dr. Joseph C. Harris

As my year as President-Elect of the Pierre Fauchard Academy comes to an end and I reflect on all that has occurred during the past 12 months, I cannot help but marvel at how the Academy's evolution is progressing right before my eyes. The changes occurring within the Fellowship reflect the demographics of the general population. The general population is approaching the point where many people are entering the retirement phase of the life cycle. Although these "retirees" were once the mainstay of PFA activities, we now are starting to see younger practicing dentists taking charge of the inner workings of the Academy. As the younger Fellows' involvement intensifies, the way in which the Academy and its Central Office interacts with its constituents will evolve with the cultural particularities of this new group.

Communication is essential to maintaining our vibrant organization, and incorporating the media tools of this generation has become an important part of the PFA. The present Executive Board consists of two American Fellows, a French Fellow, and a Mexican Fellow. Not too long ago this configuration would have caused a logistical nightmare, but today computerbased video conference calls via Skype, e-voting, and Federal Express have made communications effortless.

This year the Academy celebrated its 75th Anniversary on two different continents. The planning of the celebrations, as well as the actual events, came off without a hitch and ultimately have laid the groundwork for the new global approach that we will be seeing from the Academy in the near future. The cross-pollination that will occur from the expanded ranks will strengthen the Academy with new blood and new ideas. Despite the fact that we are on the forefront of a new beginning, we will remain ever faithful to our core values of education, philanthropy, and mentorship. We will be strong and progressive because of the high-quality Fellows who inhabit our rosters. Our mission shall never change.

Presently we are looking into the possibility of incorporating mentorship into the Academy's media division. At one time, mentorship relied on a "oneon-one" relationship between the mentor and pupil, which usually entailed a synchronization of schedules between the two. With the busy agendas faced by everyone today, many contacts made between mentors and pupils fizzled out because of the frustration caused by the inability of the parties involved to find mutual meeting times. To remedy this dilemma, the Academy will develop a Mentorship section on our Web site that will have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section as well as an interactive blog. Dental students and recent graduates will be able to post questions on the blog and will receive responses from Fellows designated as being responsible for answering them. If a physical contact (such as a visit to a practicing dentist's office) is requested and is mutually agreed upon, clearance will be made through the local chairperson. Otherwise, we hope most communications can be achieved via the Web page and e-mail at each participant's leisure.

For the first time in its history, the Academy's Board has three women as Trustees, all of whom are beginning to show a strong influence on the Academy's affairs. As time progresses and they move up the executive ranks, their diligence, hard work, and presence will make the Pierre Fauchard Academy a vibrant and relevant entity well into the 21st century.

Although a hierarchy exists within the political wing of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the value and future of the Academy lies within each individual Fellow. The changes that are on the horizon should not be looked at with trepidation but should be embraced as a logical progression and a reflection of the world in which we live. We are on the right path.

Dr. Joseph C. Harris
President-Elect of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Vice President

Dr. Ernesto Acuña

On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the founding of our Academy, I was honored as PFA Vice President, along with the PFA Mexico Section Chair Dr. Federico Perez Diez, to have the pleasure of participating in a special ceremony hosted by the Ambassador of France, Mr. Daniel M. Parfait, in his residence in Lomas Virreyes, Mexico City, on September 13, 2011.

The ceremony was presided over by PFA President Hubert Ouvrard, President-Elect Joseph Harris, and myself, in which special recognition was extended to two people for their contributions. The Distinguished Service Award was given to Dr. Jose Angel Cordova, Ministry of Health, for his immediate action during the H1N1 influenza epidemic in the past several years. The second recognition was awarded in memory of Mr. Miguel Aleman Valdes, President of Mexico (1946-1952), for his valuable support in building the University City of the National University of Mexico, in which the Faculty of Dentistry is located.

During the ceremony, PFA President Ouvrard gave the 2011 PFA Dental Student Scholarship Award to Andres Loza Hernandez, who is a student at the Universidad de Puebla Andres.

In addition to thanking the Fellows of the Mexico Section, I thank the many Fellows who came to the celebration from various regions of the Academy: Italy, Romania, Germany, Spain, France, Chile, Canada, and the Philippines, including Dr. Tom Brink, Academy of Dentistry International (ADI) President, and Dr. Robert Ramus, Executive Director of the ADI, as well as members of the American Dental Association and French Dental Association delegations who attended the Congress of the FDI World Dental Federation, which was held for the third time in Mexico City.

At the end of the ceremony all Fellows, guests, and their wives enjoyed a delicious buffet.

Now that our beloved Academy has existed for 75 years, we can be proud that the exalted ideals and the mission and purpose of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, founded by Dr. Elmer Best, continue to be fulfilled in every Region and every Section.

Dr. Ernesto Acuña,
Vice President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Immediate Past President

Dr. Steven K. Hedlund

This is the last article I will write as an officer of the PFA Academy, because my term as Immediate Past President is coming to a close. I would like to reflect on some great memories and look to the future of our Academy.

The 75th Anniversary event held in Paris was a wonderful experience, and President Hubert Ouvrard did an outstanding job of planning this celebration. PFA members from all over the world attended and shared this moment in the Academy's history.

It was very satisfying to hear about the dedication of the Wall of Fame at the University of Maryland Dental School. Thank you, Dr. Lynn Halik, for bringing to a close this long overdue search for a new home for our plaques that honor the most distinguished dentists our profession has known.

Although I need to thank many people, the following persons have made my journey through the chairs of the Academy a real pleasure. Judith Kozal, along with Richard Kozal, have managed our Central Office for almost half of the 75 years of the Academy and shall always have a special place in my heart and a big thank you.

Mark Stanley, our Editor and Web Manager, Dan Jonker, our CPA, and our Foundation President Dr. Jim Long also receive my special thanks. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention my good friend Dr. Keishi Matsumoto and wish him well as he is recovering from some health issues.

Serving the Academy as a Section Chair, Trustee, or Officer takes an incredible amount of time and effort. Having said that, it has been a wonderful experience for me, and the most important part is the wonderful friendships I have made all over the world. For this I will be eternally grateful. The Pierre Fauchard Academy is a wonderful organization and is on the edge of greatness. I believe we have accomplished a lot, but we need to carry on the work so we can be the best that we can be.

I am very proud to have served the Academy.

Dr. Steven K. Hedlund,
Immediate Past President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Academy Executive Director

Judith D. Kozal

Dear PFA Fellows, It's truly amazing to realize that more than half the year of our Academy's 75th Anniversary has flown by. Thus far the celebration of this event has been very successful, with the highlights being the meeting and gala functions in Paris that were planned and hosted by our "French" President Ouvrard. It doesn't get any better than this!! Docteur Pierre Fauchard would be proud, I'm sure.

In addition to the Paris celebration, Dr. Ernesto Acuña, our Vice President, hosted another meeting to honor the 75th Anniversary on September 13th in Mexico City.

On a smaller scale, the Central Office designed a Special Anniversary Fellowship Certificate for New Fellows being inducted this year. To date, 279 certificates for inductions/meetings have been prepared and sent to Section Chairs for their Induction Ceremonies, and 148 new U.S. Fellows and 131 International Fellows have been inducted.

The Academy is offering this Special Edition Fellowship Certificate to any Fellow who wishes to order one for a small fee of $25. From the special mailing to Fellows from 1995 to 2010 we have already received 175 orders and still counting! This enthusiastic response to our offer really puts the icing on the 75th Anniversary celebration cake! Due to the large amount of requests, the certificates will be mailed out in order received, and the Fellows who have requested the special framed certificate must allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. We will try our very best to complete all orders as quickly as possible. A limited number of the certificates are available.

The letters to the Deans of all U.S. and Canadian dental schools were sent in January as usual, and we have prepared and sent 61 Undergraduate Certificates of Merit to deserving senior students.

This Award also was redesigned for the 75th Anniversary, and all the students who were chosen to receive the award will have something extra to be proud of when they display their Special Edition Anniversary Certificate.

In addition to having Special Anniversary Certificates this year, we decided it was time to make a change in some of the most requested plaque awards. Some of the older awards the Academy provides have been around for a very long time, and some we don't even use any more. The newly designed plaques are the Section "Distinguished Dentist" Award, the Section "Outgoing Chairman" Award, and a brand new "Special Appreciation" Award that can be used by any Section that wishes to honor and show appreciation to anyone, whether a dentist or a layperson, for his or her contributions and efforts for the good of the community and the dental profession. These new awards can be viewed on our Web site. The Web site also includes a form that can be printed out and sent to the Central Office to request any of the new plaques or awards.

With regard to the financial side of the Central Office, the first and second annual national dues statements for both the U.S. and International Fellows were sent out as usual, but with the additional option for U.S. Fellows to pay their dues online with a credit card. International Fellows have always had the option of sending their dues payment by credit card, and these payments are processed quickly at the Central Office through a credit card terminal. (International Fellows also have the option of sending a wire transfer; however, fewer are using that method because it entails high bank fees.) Gradually, more Fellows are choosing to make a secure credit card payment through online Member Services after they register their e-mail address at the Central Office and log onto the Web site. However, most Fellows are still putting a check in the mail. Whatever option Fellows choose to use, dues payments are appreciated. Final letters will be sent in September to U.S. Fellows who have not paid 2011 dues by then, and International letters are sent in December.

As I end my report, I want to tell everyone how efficient the Central Office has become in the past 6 months thanks to my wonderful staff. Our days are much less stressful and much more productive as each person does what he or she does best. Michael is our "Communicator," answering the phone every day and helping anyone who has a question or concern. He is also our "Supply Sargent," ordering our office supplies and equipment at the best prices. Louise is my "right hand," working alongside me to package the completed certificates and other induction materials for FedEx shipping to the Section Chairs. She is also our "Master Secretary" and the best typist (a dying art!), and she does our banking, depositing the checks and keeping the checkbook updated.

Last but not least is Diana, our newest team member, who is our "Computer Geek"! She works with Mark Stanley, our Web Master and Editor, to make sure our database and the Web site directory are always in sync. She also enters Fellows' information into the database (something all of us at the office know how to do) and picks up the mail every day.

It's a pleasure to go to work when everyone knows their job and is happy doing it. And we are!!! I want everyone to know how much we all appreciate the support of the Officers and Trustees and the efforts of the hard-working Section Chairs to make our sometimes tedious job easier.

Thank you, and please remember we are always here to help you any time you have a request, question, or concern. I hope to see everyone in Las Vegas this October for our PFA Meetings and Functions.

A parting thought: "To do great and important tasks, two things are necessary: a plan and not quite enough time" (Anonymous).

Judith D. Kozal
Executive Director of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Editor

Mark D. Stanley

This is the fourth issue of Dental World this year in the new full-color print format. I want to thank Immediate Past President Steve Hedlund and the Executive Board for their vision to improve the quality of the publication. I also thank PresidentElect Joe Harris and Region 10 Trustee Mike Schafhauser, who have been instrumental in shaping and guiding each issue during the past 2 years. Each issue comprises the writings of Section Chairs, Trustees, and Fellows from around the world, all of whom have taken time out of their busy schedules to send reports and photographs regarding various activities to the Dental World office. This year also has provided an opportunity to research the long history of the Dental World publication, which was first published in 1946 under the editorial leadership of Dr. Elmer S. Best.

One thing I have learned is that the Academy is different from other dental organizations because of its structure, which allows for autonomous governance in all Sections and Regions. Each Section Chair can adapt to and allow for the unique needs and style of each country or section. What drives the direction and the success of the PFA are persons who do not wait for change but are proactive and see that by working together with other like-minded persons, they can really make a difference in their profession and in their community. Being part of the Executive Board gives the Dental World Editor a first-hand involvement in the plans and needs of the organization as it grows and adapts to a changing world and new demographics, as well as a chance to work with a fine leadership team.

This summer it was a special honor to witness the well-attended lectures and presentations in Paris during the 75th Anniversary Celebration. President Hubert Ouvrard and his team organized the events very well, and they were able to secure the sponsorship and support of many dental organizations. Paris itself was an amazing place to explore with regard to the history of dentistry. It was an unforgettable experience to walk on the same cobblestone streets that Pierre Fauchard himself traversed more than 250 years ago. On that same street my wife Lydia and I visited the famous café Le Procope, which was established in 1686 and served as a meeting place where Benjamin Franklin, Pierre Fauchard, and writers such as Diderot and Voltaire exchanged enlightened ideas with other innovative literary and scientific thinkers of their times. We can imagine that Fauchard shared meals and coffee with his friends and peers at this café and perhaps wrote some of the pages for in his two-volume book that laid the foundation for modern dentistry. The maitre d' of the restaurant Le Procope was pleased to give us a special booklet translated into English that describes the unique history of this Parisian establishment, and he gave us a private tour of the upper rooms where Benjamin Franklin had stayed. Paris is truly a place layered in history, with past and present existing simultaneously, as was so well illustrated by the recent feature film entitled Midnight in Paris.

Parisian street scene near where Pierre Fauchard lived.

In another area of Paris, west of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, is a quiet neighborhood that houses the Ordre National des Chirurgiens Dentistes. Arriving in the foyer, one is greeted by a marble bust of Pierre Fauchard, with a wood and glass cabinet nearby displaying ancient tools of dentistry. Two wood and cloth dental chairs from the 18th century also are displayed. The organization's Vice President, Mr. Gilbert Bouteille, was kind enough to show me more treasures to make my visit memorable, including a very modern state-of-the-art conference room. At the far end of the table was a well-executed oil painting depicting the painful activity of tooth-pulling as it was practiced before the advent of modern dentistry. It reminds one how far the art and science of dentistry has advanced. Further on, I was led into a newly renovated lecture hall, where the advancements of dentistry are chronicled on a wall covered by 18 plaques honoring the "greatest of the greats" in dentistry. This is our very own PFA Wall of Fame of Dentistry in Paris, a duplicate of the Hall of Fame in the United States that was recently reinstalled in a new location at the UMB School of Dentistry in Maryland (see page 8).

PFA Wall of Fame in Paris, France.

The 75th Anniversary Celebration was very well planned, and the afternoon boat trip on the Seine river was a most pleasant and refreshing voyage that allowed us to see the many outstanding landmarks of Paris: The Louvre, Musee D' Orsay, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, Saint Chapelle, the Eiffel Tower, and even a small version of the Statue of Liberty that marks the friendship between France and the United States. The evening concluded with a very splendid dinner at the restaurant of the Senat in the Palais du Luxembourg.

Mark D. stanley
Dental World Editor


The correct date and place of the birth for Pierre Fauchard in the article "Following Fauchard in Paris (May-June Issue) is January 2, 1679 and he was born in a village named Saint-Denis-de-Gastines near Ernée, department of Mayenne, in France.

PFA 75th Anniversary Celebration in Paris, France

Attendees of the Pierre Fauchard Academy's 75th Anniversary ceremonies gather in front of the 6th District of Paris City Hall.

On Thursday, June 16, 2011, the commemoration of the Pierre Fauchard Academy's 75th Anniversary was held in Paris, France. For this important event, about 120 people came from 16 different countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, India, Japan, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The day began with a scientific session at the Paris 7 University Dental School with four brilliant lecturers:

• Dr. Paul Miara, a specialist in aesthetic dentistry, spoke about bleaching, microabrasion, and veneers.

• Pr. Pierre Machtou, former PFA Elmer Best Awardee, showed us the progress of modern root canal therapy with a single instrument.

• Pr. Patrick Missika explained the technique of extraction and immediate placement of implants.

• Dr. Jean-Christophe Loir, Dentist and Historian, evoked Pierre Fauchard's life in Paris and the places where he lived.

While the Fellows were listening to the lectures, their spouses/partners visited the Palais du Luxembourg, the seat of the Senat, which is the high chamber of the French Parliament. This splendid building was built during the 17th century by Marie de Medicis, wife of King Henri IV of France. All the spouses/partners were very pleased with this special tour, which was narrated in English.

To complete the morning's schedule, all the participants walked through Paris, passing by the Saint-Sulpice Church, and gathered together for an official PFA ceremony held at the 6th District of Paris City Hall. This district is the one where Pierre Fauchard lived, worked, and died exactly 250 years ago.

In the City Hall we welcomed the Officers who came to attend this ceremony: Dr. Steve Hedlund, Immediate Past President; Dr. Joseph C. Harris, President-Elect; Dr. Ernesto Acuña, Vice President; and Mark Stanley, Dental World Editor. We also were pleased to welcome the following PFA Trustees: Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura (Asia), Dr. Cheri Newman (Midwest USA), Dr. Karyn Stockwell (Southeast USA), Dr. Mark Sinclair (Australasia), Dr. Jose Dahan (Europe), and Dr. Dan Castagna (Western USA). Also attending were Jane Ryley, Dental Abstracts Publisher (Elsevier), and Dr. Douglas Berkey, Editor-in-Chief of Dental Abstracts, the official Journal of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Representing France, the host country, was Dr. Guy Bias, Vice President of the Dentist's National Board, and Pr. Patrick Missika, Vice Dean of the Dental School.

The Award ceremony began with Pr. Jose Font-Buxo from Madrid, Spain, who was honored with the Elmer Best Award. Dr. Font-Buxo, a former President of the FDI, has published more than 70 articles, developed more than 35 educational courses, and presented more than 80 lectures. He is a member of many scientific societies in Spain, the United States, and France.

A President's Award was given to Pr. Eugeniusz Spiechowicz from Warsaw, Poland. He was Vice Chair of the PFA Poland section in 1991 and Chair from 2003 until now. He is Professor at the Medical University of Warsaw and has published many articles, given many lectures, and served in many official positions in his country.

Pr. Patrick Missika was awarded a Certificate of Merit. He is clinical professor at the Paris 7 University Dental School and Head of the University Department of Implantology, Vice Dean of The Dental School, and an expert at the Appellate Court.

After these main awards were presented, others were given by Dr. Ouvrard, PFA President, and Dr. Hedlund, Past President and also a Trustee of the Foundation of the PFA. Three student Scholarship Awards were presented to students Davy Aubeux (Nantes University), Jamila Benlemqacem (Paris 7 University), and Antoine Galibourg (Toulouse University).

A special subsidy was granted to the "Bus Social Dentaire," which provides dental care to poor people in the suburbs of Paris, so we can meet the stated goal of the Foundation "to support projects that will benefit the dental profession and the public."

A great induction ceremony was then held for 13 new inducted Fellows. Ten of them were French dentists (Drs. Jean-Pierre Attal, Jean-Pierre Bernard, Guy Biass, Jean Granat, Laurence Jordan, Patrick Limbourg, Jean-Paul Louis, Armelle Manière-Ezvan, Jacques Penaud and Bachir Rahal), one was Belgian (Dominique Scalais), one was Romanian (Norina Forna), and one was American (Peter Vanstrom). All these new Fellows are brilliant dentists and very dedicated to their profession and to helping other people. They made a pledge to serve the Academy and to respect the Academy's ethics.

After this ceremony, which was an expression of the good health of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, every Fellow received a commemorative Anniversary medal offered by the Dentsply company. Immediately afterward, the participants enjoyed a cocktail party in the City Hall with champagne, wine, soft drinks, and many different foods. At the beginning of the afternoon, which featured fine, sunny weather, buses took the participants to a river boat for a two-hour cruise on the Seine River that provided views of the most beautiful monuments of Paris. This cruise was provided through the generosity of the Acteon Group (Satelec, Pierre Roland, Riskontrol), a former PFA Trade and Industry Awardee.

To end this day of celebration, a dinner brought together all the Fellows and guests in the "Restaurant du Senat" inside the Palais du Luxembourg, where the food was delicious, the French wines were of excellent quality, and the atmosphere was very enjoyable.

I hope that everyone will remember for a long time this beautiful day of the Pierre Fauchard Academy's 75th Anniversary in Paris.

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard
President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Executive Board Meeting Held in Paris

Executive Board Officers Drs. Ouvrard, Hedlund, Harris, and Acuña at the Hotel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel.

The PFA mid-year Executive Board Meeting was held on June 17, 2011, at the Pullman Eiffel Tower Hotel in Paris. Dr. Hedlund gave the invocation. Present were President Hubert Ouvrard, President-Elect Joseph C. Harris, Vice President Ernesto Acuña, Immediate Past President Steven Hedlund, and Dental World Editor Mark D. Stanley.

Also joining the meeting via videoconference were PFA Executive Director Judith Kozal and Accountant Dan Jonker. A quorum was established and business was conducted. Some of the topics discussed were special awards to be presented at the PFA 75th Anniversary Celebration in Mexico City. Academy finances were reported to be positive, and donations to the Academy are up for the year. Almost 300 new Fellows have been added this year. International dues were discussed. Lunch was held in the restaurant of the hotel, with spouses joining the Board Members for a fine meal.

PFA's International Hall of Fame of Dentistry

New installation of the Hall of Fame. (Photo: University of Maryland School of Dentistry.)

On June 2, 2011, the University of Maryland School of Dentistry kicked off its Alumni Weekend with the inaugural celebration of the Pierre Fauchard Academy's Hall of Fame. The festive dedication brought a happy ending to the Hall's long and tortuous journey in search of a home.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy's Hall of Fame is the realization of dream by the late Dr. Joseph Cappuccio, who wanted a vehicle to promote and acknowledge the "greats" of the dental profession. With the support and aid of PFA President Carl Lundgren, Dr. Cappuccio devised a practical plan of bringing the Hall project to life. He obtained funding for the Hall via a $25,000 donation from Bud Tarrson, founder and owner of the Butler toothbrush company, which was then matched by the PFA Foundation. The Hall of Fame Committee was then founded and chaired by Dr. Cappuccio and was given the mission of selecting deserving candidates, who, after approval by a vote of the Officers and Board of Trustees, would assume a place in the hall of the dental elite. Along with Dr. Cappuccio, the original committee comprised past ADA Presidents James Saddoris and Frank Bowyer, Trustee Pierre Marois, ICD Past President Joseph Tamari, PFA President Foster Bens, and Trustee Nicholas Saccone. As of today, only 20 dentists have received a place in our prestigious Hall (please refer to the Academy's Web site to read about the recipients online at awards/hall_of_fame/inductees.html).

Dr. Cappuccio's daughter Mary Louise Cappuccio.

The original locations of the Hall of Fame were at the French Federation of Dentistry (Ordre National des Chirurgiens-Dentistes) in Paris, France, and the Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland. On May 19, 1994, the inaugural ceremony was held at the French Federation of Dentistry in Paris. Dr. Eugene St. Eve, then president of the French Dental Society, conducted the ceremony, where Dr. Pierre Fauchard received the honor of being named the first awardee to placed in the Hall of Fame.

Activity around these Halls flourished as the late Dr. Joseph Cappuccio led the Committee that was designated to overseeing its mission and direction. Dr. Ray Klein first headed this activity and made it into a very prestigious recognition before turning it over to Dr. Kevin Roach. Under his leadership, a natural evolution occurred, with great detail given to the presentation of Hall inductees, such as plaque inscriptions, induction write-ups, and media information in Dental World. Families of the recipients have been given a plaque as well, and some of the institutions where these individuals held sway likewise have been recognized.

(L-R) UMB School of Dentistry Dean Dr. Christian Stohler, Region 2 Trustee Lynne Halik, PFA President-Elect Joe Harris, and Trustees Dr. Karyn Stockwell (Region 3) and Dr. Cheri Newman (Region 4), (Photo: University of Maryland Dental School.)

All seemed to be going well until the year 2007, when PFA Past President Howard Mark paid a visit to the Baltimore location with the intent of reaching an agreement with the Museum of Dentistry regarding the Hall's placement in the museum. Although the Academy had donated significant funds to the Museum, officials of the Museum wanted to place the Academy's exhibit in an obscure, minimally traveled part of the building. Dr. Mark returned to the Board and reported that the proposed arrangement was totally unacceptable and recommended that ties between the Academy and the Museum be severed. The Hall of Fame exhibit was subsequently taken down and placed in storage at the Academy's Central Office in Mesquite, Nevada.

Two years later, Dr. Mark met with Dr. Christian Stohler, Dean of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMB), and discussed with him the possibility of a home for the Hall on the UMB Dental School's campus. The Dean, who was familiar with the Hall and Dr. Cappuccio's involvement with it (Dr. Cappuccio was on the staff at the Maryland Dental School), believed that this could be accomplished.

At this point in the story, Dr. Steve Hedlund was assuming the presidency of the Academy, and one of the top items on his agenda was to put to rest the uncertainty surrounding the Hall of Fame's location. He called upon the newly elected Region 2 Trustee, Dr. Lynne Halik, in whose region the State of Maryland fell, and gave her the task not only of securing the Hall's location but also of overseeing its design and presentation.

PFA Region 4 Trustee Cheri Newman and PFA Trustee Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell by the new installation of the Hall of Fame at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Dr. Halik met with representatives of the University and devised a plan, design, and location for the Hall of Fame. Dean Stohler gave his full support to the project, largely because of the inspiration he received from seeing Dr. Cappuccio's conviction and dedication to the Hall. The Dean designated the much traveled and highly recognized hallway outside his office as the final location for the Hall. It then was decided that the Hall should be dedicated to the late Dr. Joseph Cappuccio as a legacy, not only because of his commitment to the project, but also as a reminder of the many wonderful and great deeds he performed while an instructor at the University.

On June 2, 2011, the unveiling ceremony was held before University of Maryland staff, students, alumni, family members of Dr. Cappuccio, and Fellows of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Words of wisdom were spoken, fond memories of Joe Cappuccio were shared, and all present were impressed with the beauty of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Hall of Fame.

Many people are responsible for the fruition of this project. It demonstrates what teamwork and cooperation can achieve. It was a glorious moment in the Academy's history and bodes well for the future of the Academy.

I would like to thank Drs. Halik, Hedlund, Lundgren, Mark, Roach, and Saccone for their invaluable help in constructing this article. In addition, numerous photographs were provided by the University of Maryland Dental School.

PFA President-Elect Joseph C. Harris


From the Desk of the Foundation President

James Long, DDS

Dear Fellows,

As I write this epistle, I am sitting in Perdido Key, Florida, gazing at a cobalt blue ocean with waves lapping in the sand. The sky is blue, there's not a cloud in sight, and the room I am sitting in is now is quieter than it has been all morning. I hear the sound of little feet on their way to the swimming pool, so maybe I will have a few moments of silence in which to put my thoughts on paper.

We, as dentists, no matter where we live, are blessed to be members of a profession that is a very important part of the health care team. If we don't do anything but relieve pain, think of what a blessing that is for the person seated in our chair and how it improves his or her quality of life. One dentist even gave his life for the betterment of people in Afghanistan. This is the ultimate gift! (I will come back to this later.)

Having served the past three years as President of this Foundation has been a rewarding and challenging experience. Being elected to this office by your peers is awesome! I could not have asked for more cooperation from the Board of Trustees. Many times we have had different opinions about how to proceed or deal with a specific grant; however, in the final analysis, the action we took was in the best interest of the people we serve and the Foundation.

The decision to "go outside the box," so to speak, which was made a couple of years ago, was a giant step in the life of this Foundation. In the coming years, we will aggressively pursue a program aimed at corporation donations. Our Executive Director, Mrs. Jennifer Teale, has special expertise and experience in the field of fund-raising. Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with and at this moment is hard at work developing a new Web site for the Foundation that will be available to all of you through an external link on the Academy's Web site. This new program is not a dream, but one that will become a reality. It will in turn increase our portfolio, which will enable the funding of more grants and increase the dollar amount of scholarship checks to third-year dental students. Fifty-one grant applications have been received this year, and approximately 72 checks were mailed to students. Brochures have been developed to tell others who we are and what we do. These are available to Section Chairs and other Fellows who request them.

I hope to see you at the Awards Luncheon on October 10, 2011, at which time we will honor the memory and work of Dr. Thomas Grams, who was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. His parents and twin brother, Tim, and his wife will be our guests. In his will, Dr. Grams left the Foundation $50,000, for which we are very thankful. These funds will enable us to continue the work that he started, maybe not in Afghanistan, but in other parts of the world for people who have never seen a toothbrush.

The past three years have been rewarding for me, and I will always treasure them. The last three Presidents of the Academy, Dr. Eller, Dr. Hedlund, and Dr. Ouvrard, have been very gracious and a pleasure to work with. Fellows, we can sit back and watch the world go by, or we can help shape the future.

Take care,

Dr. Jim Long
President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Foundation Executive Director

Seventy Percent of the World's Population Have Little or No Oral Health Care

Jennifer Teale

I live in the Washington, DC, area, where we have numerous shelters that support our homeless. I volunteer at one of those shelters on a regular basis. Last week, upon handing out a personal hygiene kit complete with a toothbrush to an elderly gentleman, I noticed that he only had one tooth. He smiled and said, "I need this to keep the keep the last one shiny." I asked him why he had not been to a dentist. His response hit home: "A dentist! Why, I can't even afford a toothbrush!" I gave him an encouraging word, a second toothbrush, and the address of a free dental clinic in the area.

As we go about our daily routine, we forget that more than 70% of the world's population, mainly those living in lowand middle-income countries, have little or no access to oral health care. Although we all know that oral health care is recognized as a human life essential, the lack of appropriate and affordable health care for more than 4 billion people worldwide is an amazing fact. However, through YOUR support, the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy has made a significant difference in oral health care.

Make a Difference...One Smile at a Time

Since 1995, the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy has served as the leading honorary philanthropic dental service organization. Our mission is to improve the oral health of citizens worldwide. The Foundation is supported 100% by donations. No funds are received from PFA Fellowship dues. Through this generous support, we have provided $1,800,000 in Scholarships to deserving third-year dental students in the United States and around the world and $2,465,500 in grants to charitable programs.

The organization stretches every dollar donated to achieve the maximum impact in giving back to those in need. The Foundation is led by a dedicated Board of Trustees who generously volunteer their time each year. Our only expense is a part-time Executive Director.

Last year, the Foundation received donations from approximately 600 PFA Fellows. To those who have donated, we thank you for your generous support, and we are privileged to put your compassion into action. Right now, we are asking the entire Academy to donate to your Foundation. The bottom line is that we need your help in an effort to support future dentists through scholarships and charitable grant programs.

2011 Grants are Now Being Reviewed

This year, 51 grant applications have been submitted to the Foundation for a total request of $435,000 in funding. This is an increase of 10% from last year. These applications are for very worthy programs. Determining which programs can be funded this year will be a difficult task for the Trustees as they gather at their October Board meeting. The money awarded will go to outstanding causes, and the grants will enable hundreds of low-income people around the world to be able to smile with pride. We wish we could say "yes" to each applicant, and with your continued support, some day we may be able to do that!

Foundation Dental Student Scholarship

In 2011, 58 U.S. and 14 international third-year dental students each received a $1500 scholarship. The student scholarship recipients were selected on the basis of the following criteria:

• they demonstrated potential for developing into an outstanding leader in the profession because of their participation in the university, dental school, or community;

• they had above-average grades; • they demonstrated qualities of integrity, imagination, initiative, and out-

standing communicative skills; and • they had a "need" for financial


Donate Today

You can be proud of your Foundation, and we thank you for your ongoing support. If you would like to make a donation, please send a check payable to the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and send it to the following address:

Peoples Bank of Commerce
Attn: Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy
43 East Kellogg Blvd
St. Paul, MN 55101

Or go to our Website at donations/donate.php

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 Private Foundation; all contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Jennifer teale
Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy
Executive Director
11654 Plaza America Dr,
#901, Reston, VA 20190
Phone: 703-217-1480,
Fax: 703-430-4277


Project Homeless Connect Provides Oral Health Care in Minnesota

Jessica Omlie (left), a volunteer hygienist, helps her father, Dr. Mark Omlie, at the recent Project Homeless Connect event in Minneapolis.

Adele Della Torre, DDS
Board Member, Apple Tree Dental

(Editor's note: The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy awarded a grant in 2010 to Apple Tree Dental that enabled expansion and updated technology for their Mobile Dental Office level of services.)

You don't have to be a dentist to see increasing disparity in access to dental care. Recently I worked with a group of African American women who were learning advocacy skills. Almost all of them had visibly poor dental health, including one 40-year-old women who dressed impeccably but was completely edentulous and without dentures. How frequently have you observed the carious and missing teeth of people serving you in low-wage positions, such as the cashiers at big-box stores? The state of oral health among the working poor in our country today harkens back to my first trip to the Yucatan Peninsula 30 years ago, when as a young dentist I was appalled by the oral conditions. Three decades later, I am still appalled...closer to home.

(L-R) Susan Voigt, Senior Institute Director at Apple Tree Dental, and Dr. Adele Della Torre.

Since the 1980s, we have seen earned incomes dramatically increase for the top 20% of households, change minimally in the middle and, when adjusted for inflation, actually decrease in the bottom 20% of households earning wages. Exacerbated by the recent economic downturns, today's homeless aren't just the stereotypical alcoholic bum on the streets, but entire families. Food pantries are cropping up all over suburban USA. If our citizens can't afford to put food on their tables, you can bet they can't afford to purchase dental health care.

Kim McCabe (left), a volunteer hygienist. Dr. Adele Della Torre (right), volunteer dentist and head of dental services at PHC.

A One-day Urban Mission Trip Collaboration: Project Homeless Connect and Apple Tree Dental

Considered a "best practice" among national programs to end homelessness, Project Homeless Connect (PHC) is a "one-stop shop" offering essential services to address the myriad of factors that contribute to long-term homelessness. Since December 2005, semi-annual events, co-sponsored by the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County, have offered employment training and placement, housing assistance, legal assistance, and medical, dental, optometry, mental, and chemical health care. Since 2006, St. Paul/Ramsey County has sponsored a June PHC, and similar events are held at more than 400 sites across the country. At events in the Minneapolis Convention Center 800 to 1000 volunteers from 125 service providers serve about 2000 persons. Remarkably, dental care is the third most requested PHC service, following only housing and employment services.

How does an empty convention center hall morph into a dental clinic capable of screening and treating 300 people in one day? That happens thanks to the caring hands of many dental volunteers and the on-site care expertise of one major team player, Apple Tree Dental, a nonprofit whose mission is to improve oral health in the lives of people who face barriers to care.

Susan Voigt (left), Senior Institute Director at Apple Tree Dental, and Jodi Pouliot (right), Oral Health Support Director at Apple Tree Dental.

Apple Tree Dental supports PHC in a big way. The night before events, their delivery trucks roll up to the convention center docks to unload and set up Mobile Dental Offices, digital x-ray units with laptops, autoclaves, instruments, and supplies so the dental area is ready for action the next morning. Their staff plans and manages the operations. With each successful event, their level of participation has increased to the point of bringing up to seven Mobile Dental Offices and 10 to 15 employees who work with the 50-plus dental volunteers.

At PHC, dedicated professional and student volunteers become an amazing team providing care that might otherwise be sought in an emergency department or not at all. Oral surgeons lead extraction services and provide their expertise if a situation gets tough. Dentists write orders, administer anesthetics, perform exodontia, and oversee assessments. Hygienists provide standardized assessments and administer anesthetics. Assistants keep operations flowing by assisting chairside, taking x-rays, and sterilizing instruments. Dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting students provide oral hygiene and postoperative instructions and pitch in wherever needed. Students, recognizing the urgent unmet needs, often return after graduation as volunteer professionals.

At PHC, we eliminate infection and untold pain, but our quest is to do more. The reality is that we are only able to treat the most urgent needs by extracting nonrestorable teeth. In 2011, we added full-mouth debridements and the satisfaction of saving teeth.

The line of people seeking service is long, and their needs are great. We end the day with a mixture of weariness and fulfillment. On average, we screen close to 300 people, treat 100, and extract up to 300 teeth. At PHC, dedicated dental professionals and some of our society's most vulnerable members give and receive oral health care that might mean being hired, finding housing, or avoiding a life-threatening infection. We've not yet ended oral health disparitie, but we have made desperately needed care available, touching many lives in the process. Please join efforts in your own city and see for yourself.


Foundation News


We received the following letter of thanks from a past Scholarship recipient at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry:

"I wish to express my gratitude for awarding me with the Pierre Fauchard Academy Senior Student Award Scholarship. I am honored to be recognized for my leadership qualities and my clinical and academic abilities. As I begin my career in dentistry, I will endeavor to uphold the attributes of this scholarship. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Ghada Adhami, Naperville, Illinois."


Mr. Jerrick Rose receiving his scholarship award from Dr. David Duncan.

Dr. David Duncan, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, presented the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Scholarship certificate and check to Mr. Jerrick Rose, D3 student. Mr. Rose is the current D3 class president and has been president of his class all three years. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, where he was on the Dean's List and the President's List.


Mr. Jerrick Rose receiving his scholarship award from Dr. David Duncan.

Dr. David Duncan, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, presented the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Scholarship certificate and check to Mr. Jerrick Rose, D3 student. Mr. Rose is the current D3 class president and has been president of his class all three years. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, where he was on the Dean's List and the President's List.

Section News


On a clear, humid morning on April 1, 2011, the Australasian Region of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met for its traditional breakfast in conjunction with the 34th Australian Dental Congress in Brisbane, Queensland. The meeting had more than 100 participants and was chaired by Austrailian Section Trustee Dr. Patrick Meaney.

Special guests included leaders in many facets of the profession throughout Australia: Dr. Derek Lewis Chair, Local Organizing Committee, Brisbane Congress; Dr. Rod Marshall Chair, Scientific Committee, Brisbane Congress; Dr. Shane Fryer President, Australian Dental Association Inc.; Dr. John Lockwood, President Mr. Robert BoydBoland, CEO, ADA Inc.; Ms. Tanya Vogt, Chief Executive Officer, Dental Board of Australia; Dr. William Winspear, Past International President, PFA; Dr. Jonathan Rogers, Past Australasian Region 8 Trustee; Mrs. Simone Rogers; and Dr. Matthew Fisher, CEO, ADA (NSW) Branch.

Our audience also included a significant number of both past Federal and State Presidents of the Australian Dental Association. The Section Report occasional address was given by incumbent PFA Region 8 Trustee Dr. Mark Sinclair. He commented on some current facets of the Academy's work and assistance programs and relayed the best wishes of International President Dr. Hubert Ouvrard and President-Elect Dr. Joe Harris. The meeting afforded the opportunity to induct 19 new fellows in person with a further 11 in absentia. They were warmly welcomed into the Academy and presented with their certifi-

cates, pins, and medals. This meeting also conferred two special life member awards to two highly deserving individuals. Dr. William (Bill) Winspear was the first non-North American International President of the Academy. He was Australasian Region 8 Trustee for many years and to a large degree the current strength and profile of the Academy. Fellows, especially in Australia, owe much to Bill's efforts. In June 2010, his contribution to both the profession and society in general were publicly acknowledged by conferring an Order of Australia Award, which represents the highest civil accolade in the Australian community.

Dr. Jonathan Rogers from South Australia has been a long-time servant of the Academy, especially in the role of Australasian Region 8 Trustee. He single-handedly was responsible for the admission of the great Australian orthodontist and academic Dr. Percy Raymond Begg into the PFA Hall of Fame. This Award ranks this Australian with the greatest name in dentistry over the centuries, and Jonathan's endeavours are both acknowledged and appreciated. Upon conferring and accepting their Awards, both Bill and Jonathan spoke to the assembled audience and voiced their appreciation to and respect for the Academy.

I also wish to acknowledge the guidance and assistance of the other Australia Section Trustees, Drs. Clausen, Meaney, Sawyers, and Prof. Paul Abbot. I consider myself lucky to have such a supportive group guiding the actions and involvement of the PFA. Following the breakfast, a brief meeting of the Trustees took place and a strategic plan was developed for the year ahead. It would be hoped that the footprint of the Academy can be enhanced leading to our next induction in Melbourne in 2013.

Dr. Mark C. Sinclair, BDS, LLB
PFA Region 8 Australasian International Trustee


PFA Trustee Kiyoshi Ohura received the 2011 IADR Award at a ceremony in San Diego, California.

PFA Region 9 Asia Trustee Kiyoshi Ohura receives IADR Research Award

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) presented Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura with the 2011 IADR Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology Research Award. He was recognized at the Association's 89th General Session & Exhibition in San Diego, California, on March 16, 2011. This meeting was held in conjunction with the 40th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research and the 35th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research.

Dr. Ohura is a professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Osaka Dental University, Japan. Since 1975, Ohura has been studying the relationships among drugs such as local anesthetics, antiinflammatory drugs, chemotherapeutic drugs, and sea-urchin poison and the biological defense system, mainly white blood cell function such as chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and active oxygen production of white blood cells. He also has investigated the associations of various diseases such as AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease, and oral cancer with cytokines to investigate effective therapeutic methods and the possibility of gene diagnosis for periodontal disease and implant therapy, contributing to the establishment of individualized patient treatment.

Supported by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, the Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology Research Award is one of the 16 IADR Distinguished Scientist Awards and is one of the highest honors bestowed by IADR. The Award is made for outstanding and sustained peer-reviewed research that has contributed to our knowledge of the mechanisms, efficacy, or safety of drugs used in dentistry and consists of a monetary prize and a plaque.

The IADR is a nonprofit organization with more than 12,000 individual members worldwide that is dedicated to (1) advancing research and increasing knowledge to improve oral health, (2) supporting the oral health research community, and (3) facilitating the communication and application of research findings for the improvement of oral health worldwide. To learn more about IADR, visit


The PFA Paraguay Section is proud to induct this year's new Fellows: Dr. Luis Gonzalez Sarubbi, Dra. Patricia Gavilan, Dra. Claudia Sosa Nicoli, Dra. Patricia Flores, Dra. Nidia Gonzalez Ocampo, Dr. Martin Lando Browne. Dra. Marta Becker, Dra. Christina Munoz, Dr. Raul Cubilla Mora, and Dra. Mirta Chamorro Zambrzycki.


Dr. Hermogenes P. Villareal, General Chairman of the 33rd Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC), recently received the "Excellence Award" from the Philippine Federation of Professional Associations. He has distinguished himself and has proven to be indefatigable in his role as Local Organizing Chairman of the 33rd APDC that took place May 1-6, 2011 in Manila. PFA Fellow Dr. Hermogenes P. Villareal is the Immediate Past Chairman of the Pierre Fauchard Academy's Philippine Section.

The "Excellence Award," given by the Philippine Federation of Professional Associations (PFPA), was conferred upon Dr. Villareal on April 16, 2011. The highly prestigious recognition ceremonies for the 6th PFPA took place at the Cory C. Aquino Kalayaan Hall at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan. The PFPA Excellence Awards were established to serve as inspiration to member-professionals to excel in their chosen fields of endeavor and to motivate them to give their best for the country. It aims to be the highest distinction to be conferred on professionals who have displayed exemplary contribution in the advancement of their professions and to nation building. The last dentist who received this esteemed PFPA award was Dr. Primo Gonzales, dating back to 1980. As noted by PFPA's President Reynaldo Umali in his speech, ".. these men and women are the Creme de la Creme of their respective fields...." Dr. Villareal is also the current President of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation for 2011-2012. Dr. Villareal also celebrated this success with his family, colleagues, and friends on his 63rd birthday on April 19, 2011. Dr. Villareal completed his residency in Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University, USA; he attended the Calcitek Implant Surgery and Prosthetics Training Course in San Diego, California, USA; and he studied the Surgical and Prosthetic Management of Implant Patients at the University of the East College of Dentistry, Manila.



We welcome our new PFA California Northern Section inductees for this year: Drs. Edmond Chow, Alan Golshanara, Julie Greenlaw-O'Toole, Richard Gregory, Lester Low, Richard Lubman, Morton Rosenberg, Suzanne Saidi, Amy Scriven, Dorothy Slattery, and Dennis Weir.


On Saturday, May 21, 2011, at the Columbine Country Club in Littleton, Colorado, the Colorado Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Academy and the initiation of new Fellows. Twelve new Fellows were installed at the dinner dance, which featured a special French-inspired dinner created especially for the evening. Dr. Ellen Sachs gave opening remarks in French, which were translated by Colorado Section Chair Dr. Terry Brewick. The cocktail hour featured songs of Frank Sinatra by Sinatra impersonator Derek Evilsizor. The evening, appropriately named "I Love Paris," was enjoyed by all in attendance. Special guests included Dr. Joseph Harris and Dr. Steve Hedlund and his wife, Chris Hedlund.

Submitted by Dr. Terry Brewick, PFA Colorado Section Chair


Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell in Paris with Region 4 Trustee Cheri Newman and new Georgia Fellow Dr. Peter Vanstrom (center).

The Georgia section is currently testing a new process of electronically submitting the Nomination Forms that was developed under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Kaufmann. PFA Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell attended the PFA 75th Anniversary celebration in Paris on June 16, 2011. Inductees this year: Drs. Janine Bethea, Andrew J. Hamilton, Jr., Henry T. Bradford, Max J. Cohen, Amy S. Loden, David G. Carithers, Ralph S. Cohen, James E. Knighton, Narissa A. Goode, Jeril R. Cooper, III, Lee J. Andrews, II, Kara G. Moore, Christopher L. Rautenstrauch, Wilkie J. Stadeker, Frank L O'Connor, Jr., Larry P. Schmitz, and Peter V. Vanstrom.


The Indiana Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy held its Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 9, 2011. It was held in conjunction with the Indiana Dental Association Meeting at the French Lick Resort Hotel in French Lick, Indiana. The meeting was conducted by Section Chair Dr. Tom Murray. Dr. Jeff Platt spoke for an hour on dental materials and was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his efforts. Forty-six PFA Fellows were in attendance. Ten new fellows were approved for induction, and nine were able to attend. The New Fellows are: Drs. Jeffrey A. Bennett, Mara Catey-Williams, Douglas J. Hazel, Bruce E. Holder, David A.Varner, Dale A. Sorenson, James G. Woodyard, David E. Yates, Kevin D. Ward, and Gregory A. Berger.


The Indiana Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy held its Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 9, 2011. It was held in conjunction with the Indiana Dental Association Meeting at the French Lick Resort Hotel in French Lick, Indiana. The meeting was conducted by Section Chair Dr. Tom Murray. Dr. Jeff Platt spoke for an hour on dental materials and was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his efforts. Forty-six PFA Fellows were in attendance. Ten new fellows were approved for induction, and nine were able to attend. The New Fellows are: Drs. Jeffrey A. Bennett, Mara Catey-Williams, Douglas J. Hazel, Bruce E. Holder, David A.Varner, Dale A. Sorenson, James G. Woodyard, David E. Yates, Kevin D. Ward, and Gregory A. Berger.


The Kentucky Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met in April 2011 in conjunction with the Kentucky Dental Association Meeting. The meeting was conducted by Section Chair Karl Lange. Sixty-five Fellows were in attendance, and no new Fellows were inducted. The Dean introduced the scholarship and leadership recipients. The Outstanding Service Award was given to Dr. John Thompson. Dr. Thompson is the editor of the Kentucky Dental Association Journal and is a faculty member of the University of Kentucky Dental School.


The Kentucky Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met in April 2011 in conjunction with the Kentucky Dental Association Meeting. The meeting was conducted by Section Chair Karl Lange. Sixty-five Fellows were in attendance, and no new Fellows were inducted. The Dean introduced the scholarship and leadership recipients. The Outstanding Service Award was given to Dr. John Thompson. Dr. Thompson is the editor of the Kentucky Dental Association Journal and is a faculty member of the University of Kentucky Dental School.


Ms. Renee Bourgeois

The Louisiana Section met on Friday, April 15, 2011, for a luncheon in conjunction with the New Orleans Dental Association Conference at the Hampton Inn and Suites. Dr. Frank Martello gave a moving invocation about the value of life and the challenge to make the most of every day. Our newest fellow is Dr. Raymond Unland, who was inducted and presented with his certificate, key, and pin. Dr. Frank Minyard, coroner of New Orleans since 1974 and recently re-elected at 80 years of age, discussed the challenges he has faced in almost 40 years in office and his goals for his current term--to build a state-of-the-art facility made possible by federal rebuilding grants. Our 2011 Dental Scholarship Award winner is Renee Bourgeois. Ms. Bourgeois is currently in her fourth year of dental school and has been very active in student government as our American Student Dental Association representative for the past three years. She has organized numerous Lunch and Learn programs for fellow dental students while maintaining an academic rank in the top 25% of her class.


The Michigan Section of the Academy met on Saturday, April 16, 2011, at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids. The meeting started at 7 a.m. in the Gerald Ford Room. We met in conjunction with the Annual Session of the Michigan Dental Association. Fortyseven persons attended. Our Trustee, Dr. Cheri Newman, gave the invocation, and Dr. Hirsch introduced the guests in attendance. Dr. Ross Fraker from the Washington State Section was attending the Michigan Dental Association meeting, and he was invited to attend the Section meeting.

Dr. David Campbell introduced two students from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, and Dr. Robert Niskar introduced three students from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Each of the students gave a brief report on their future plans. Dr. Benkhe gave the Secretary's report, and the Treasurer's report was given by Dr. Ruskin. Dr. Boyle gave the Membership Chairperson's report, and Dr. Maihofer gave the Editor's report.

Our Trustee, Dr. Newman, gave her report and mentioned the upcoming events of the Academy, including the meeting in Paris, France, in June 2011. Dr. Newman then presented a "Life Fellow" award to Dr. Hirsch for his many years of service to the Academy. This award originated from the Central Office, and was signed by the President of the Academy and the Executive Director. Dr. Hirsch thanked Dr. Newman for her kind words. Dr. Hirsch then presented his report, which included the passing of a recommendation to purchase a Pierre Fauchard statue from the Oklahoma Section of the Academy. This statue will be placed in the main foyer of the new Michigan Dental Association Building.

We also passed a resolution to send $500 to the Japanese Section to help in the relief effort for their recent disaster. We have contacted the Editor of the Academy to ask for help in presenting to the PFA Board our request to sell the Life Membership Lapel Pins and Certificates to any section in the Academy both in the United States and internationally. Dr. Hirsch then presented Drs. Marc Dwoskin, Kevin Hale, John Hoitenga, and Gregory Maxson for induction into the Academy.

The Fellowship charge and Pledge was read by the Secretary, Dr. Behnke. The keys, lapel pins, and certificates were presented by our Trustee and by Dr. Hirsch. Dr. Hirsch then introduced and presented the Life Member Lapel Pin and Certificate to Dr. Marshall E. Ellens.

The next meeting of the Michigan Section will be held on November 4, 2011, at Burton Manor in Livonia.

Submitted by Dr. Edward H. Hirsch, DDS, FPFA, Michigan Section Chair

We will surely miss PFA Fellow Dr. Joseph B. Harris, who passed away on June 25, 2011. He was born in 1920 and was the beloved father of Dr. Joseph C. Harris, who is our current International PFA President-Elect.

Dr. Joseph B. Harris returned in 1946 to Richmond, Virginia, the place of his birth, to attend Virginia Union University, after serving in the United States Army in the European and Pacific operations from 1943-1946, with decorations for the Battle of Normandy and the Asiatic-Pacific Theater Medal and Bronze Star. In 1949 he received a BS, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and he was inducted in the Alpha Kappa MU Honorary Society. He then enrolled in Howard University College of Dentistry, where he graduated in 1953 with honors and was inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Den-

tal Society and received the Children's Dentistry award. Dr. Harris served his alma mater as the co-chair of the Howard University New Direction Fund from 1979-1984 and as co-chair of the Michigan Dental Fund for Howard University in 1989. In 1991, Dr. Harris was awarded the Alumnus of the Year Award, Howard University, State of Michigan.

Dr. Harris also served dentistry and the community in many ways. He was on the Michigan Board of Dentistry from 1992-2001 and eventually became its Chairman. Dr. Harris also served on Northeast Regional Board of Dental Examiners from 1992 to 2001 In 1994, Dr. Harris received the Public Service Award from the Michigan Dental Association, and he was very active in the Detroit District Dental Society. He also was a fellow in the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, and The Academy of Dentistry International. The Michigan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy named their Mentorship Award him in November 2010. Dr. Joseph B. Harris also was the recipient and Honoree of the Michigan Section Mentorship Award Plaque given this past November at the PFA Michigan Section Meeting.


We had our annual PFA dinner in conjunction with the American College and the International College. It was held at the Marlin Grill in Sandestin, Florida, during the Mississippi Dental Association Annual Convention. We enjoyed good food and fellowship and inducted three new members into the academy. The inductees were Dr. Mindy Austin, Dr. Thad Strange, and Dr. Paula Strange.



The PFA North Carolina Section held its 2011 Convocation of New Fellows on Friday, May 20, 2011, at the Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our convocation ceremony was held during the Annual Session Meeting of the North Carolina Dental Society. Eight New Fellows joined the North Carolina Section of the PFA: Dr. Luis M. Benitez of Greensboro, Dr. Benjamin W. Brown of Raleigh, Dr. Roslyn Crisp of Burlington, Dr. Karen Lanier of High Point, Dr. Alicia Rodriguez of Asheville, Dr. Angela Ruff of Fayetteville, Dr. J. Jackson Teague, III, of Asheville, and Dr. Ronald D. Venezie of Apex.

After our convocation ceremony, our new Fellows and their families were asked to join us for the UNC School of

Dentistry Student/Mentor reception. Each year, during the Annual Session of the North Carolina Dental Society, The Committee on the New Dentist of the NCDS, the UNC School of Dentistry Dental Alumni Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the North Carolina Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy sponsor this reception for the current students and

their mentors. This event provides an opportunity for students to ask questions of their mentors and to discuss future employment opportunities and practice transitions.

Once again this year, our section was a collaborating sponsor of a University of North Carolina (UNC) Dental Student Trip to the country of Moldova. The students carried dental supplies to the country's dental school and treated children in an area orphanage. We have been collaborative sponsors of this International Mission Project for several years. PFA Fellow Dr. Burton Horwitz accompanied the group to Moldova this year.

Ms. Kate Donovan, member of the 2011 graduating class of the UNC School of Dentistry, was awarded the Pierre Fauchard Senior Student Award. This award was presented at the Annual Spurgeon Dental Society Awards program on April 6, 2011. Mr. Kevin Ricker was awarded the Pierre Fauchard Scholarship. Mr. Ricker is a third-year dental student at UNC.

The North Carolina Section of the PFA is proud to have so many members who contribute their time and energies to the North Carolina Dental Society's Mission of Mercy (MOM) Projects. Each year, the North Carolina Dental Society plans 10 to 12 MOM Projects throughout our state. Dr. Scott Vines, our North Carolina Section Co-Chair, was instrumental in planning the MOM Project in Rockingham County, North Carolina. This twoday project served 484 adults and was widely supported with clinical and community volunteers.


New Fellows (L-R) Drs. Steve Perichetti, Jim Smith, and Carl Vorhies.

The PFA Oregon Section inducted new Fellows during a dinner celebration in Portland on November 6, 2010, with 30 attendees. The evening was guided by Oregon Section Chair Dr. Weston Heringer, Jr. PFA Fellowship was granted to Drs. Steve Perichetti, Jim Smith, and Carl Vorhies. Dr. Daniel Castagna, the Academy's Trustee Region 5, pledged their Fellowship. He also provided the PFA history and updates on Academy and Foundation activities.


PFA Fellow Dr. Barbara Mancini Cavicchio, a general dentist in North Providence, Rhode Island, was installed as President of the Rhode Island Dental Association on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, at its 133rd Annual Session of the House of Delegates. Dr. Cavicchio is a 1974 graduate of North Providence High School and received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Biology in 1978 from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She was awarded her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1982 from Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University in Philadelphia. Her general dental practice is located in the house in which she was raised in North Providence. Dr. Cavicchio is a member of the American Dental Association, Rhode Island Dental Association, and Providence District Dental Society. She is a member of the Academy of General Dentists, the International College of Dentists, and PFA.


The 2011 Annual Meeting of the Virginia Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy was held on Friday, June 17, 2011, in Williamsburg VA, at the Williamsburg Inn. Fifty members and guests were in attendance at the luncheon meeting. Section Chair Ed Mullins presided.

Recent graduate Emil Christofakis, the recipient if the PFA Research Award, presented his research project. He was awarded a $1000 scholarship. Rising senior dental student Emily Keeton received $1000 as the recipient of PFA Virginia Chapter Award. Rising senior Samuel Allen was awarded the PFA Dental Student Scholarship Award by the PFA Foundation and received $1500. The Dean of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Dental School, Dr. David Sattett, introduced each of the three award recipients, and Section Chair Mullins presented the awards.

Six new Fellows were inducted: Drs. Ed Griggs, Noel Root, Charles Harris, Ross Fuller, Paul Wiley, and Michael Miller.

The Virginia Section Distinguished Dentist Award was presented to Dr. Richard Barnes in recognition of his many years of selfless service to the profession of dentistry.

The Virginia Section donated $3000 to VCU Dental School to support ethics programs, as well as $500 to the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) to support the VDA meeting.

Dr. Dan Grabeel was installed as the new Section Chair at the conclusion of the meeting.


Washington Section newly inducted Fellows. (Back row L-R Drs. Bart Johnson, Chris Dorrow, Patrick Taylor, Jeff Pruiett, Chris Herzog, and Bill Hooe. (Front row L-R) Drs. Audrey Tatt, Lou Ann Mercier, Barry Feder, and Jim Valentine.

The Washington Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy held its Annual Meeting on June 16, 2011, in downtown

Seattle. Ninety-five Fellows and guests attended. We celebrated the induction of nine new Fellows into the Academy. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Dr. Barry Feder of Issaquah, the Washington Section Chair. Guests included Chuck Eller,

a past president of the Academy and a Foundation board member. We also had a video greeting from our International President, Hubert Ouvrard, who was presiding at the International meeting in Paris the very same evening. He recognized each new Fellow by name. It was really quite impressive.

The nine new Fellows are a geographically diverse group, representing all areas of Washington State. They bring a wealth of professional and community involvement to the Academy. The nine new Fellows are Drs. Patrick Taylor, Bellevue; Audrey Tatt, Bellevue; Jim Valentine, Spokane; Chris Dorrow, Othello; Bart Johnson, Seattle; Jeff Pruiett, Yakima; Chris Herzog, Spokane; Lou Ann Mercier, Chehalis; and William (Bill) Hooe, Shoreline. Dr. Eller charged our new Fellows with their continuation of service and helped with the Initiation Ceremony.

(L-R): Student Award winner Maureen Craig, Washington Section Chair Barry Feder, Award winners Whitney Bator, and Micha Nicholson.

Our student award winners also were present and were recognized for their achievements at our meeting. They are Maureen Craig, winner of the fourth-year Leadership Award; Whitney Bator, winner of the third-year Scholarship Award; and Micah Nicholson, winner of the second-year Scholarship and Leadership Award. All three of these outstanding young people exemplify the leadership and academic tenets of the Academy. We look forward to their continued involvement in our profession.

Dr. Chuck Eller gave a short informational report about affairs of both the Academy and the Foundation and briefly answered a few questions. We also recognized our two Foundation Grant Award winners. A $4000 grant was awarded to Smiles Forever, a Washington-based organization that trains native Bolivian girls to become recognized dental hygienists. Ms. Rosie Bellert, a board member of the organization and head of the Dental Hygiene Program at Shoreline College, gave a short presentation about the organization and its success in training dental team members.

Our second grant recipient was a $5000 grant to the 45th Street Homeless Teen Clinic. The grant applicants were Pierre Fauchard Scholarship recipients last year and are fourth-year students this year in charge of running the clinic. This program provides needed dental care to homeless teens in the city of Seattle. It is run and staffed by thirdand fourth-year University of Washington Dental School students who are supervised by volunteer faculty from the University of Washington Dental School.

Applicants for next year's Foundation Grant program are the Swedish Hospital Emergency Dental Clinic, Seattle-King County Dental Society, and Medical Teams International Disabled Access Mobile Dental Treatment van.

The past year has been another great one for the Washington Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and we look forward to another active year in 2012. Our Annual Meeting for 2012 will be on June 14 at 6 PM at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle.


The West Virginia Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy held its Annual Awards Ceremony and Reception at the beautiful Erickson Alumni Center in Morgantown, West Virginia on Wednesday, May 11, 2011. It was truly an exciting time for the West Virginia Section, with four new fellows being inducted into the Academy. These new Fellows are Dr. Louise Veselicky, current Interim Dean at the West Virginia University (WVU) School of Dentistry; Dr. Jack Yorty, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs; Dr. Peter Ngan, Chairman of Orthodontics; and Dr. Shelia Price, Associate Dean of Admissions. All four new Fellows were joined by their family members for the induction ceremony and were welcomed by current Fellows and award recipients.

The West Virginia Section also honored two outstanding students at the ceremony. Dustin Reynolds was the recipient of the Senior Dental Student Certificate of Merit and will be starting an Endodontic Residency Program at WVU in July. Dusty Getz was awarded the third-year dental student award and Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy scholarship. He also received the student research award and will be representing WVU at the American Dental Association meeting in Las Vegas. Both students were accompanied by their wives.

The last award was presented to Dr. Greg Lacy, Immediate Past President of the West Virginia Dental Association. Dr. Lacy has been in numerous leadership roles throughout his 35-year dental career. He was accompanied by his wife and son.

The award ceremony was concluded by presenting a plaque to Dr. Bob Hornbrook for his outstanding service to the Pierre Fauchard Academy as Section Chair for the past 11 years. Dr. Hornbrook has served in numerous leadership positions over the years, including Dean of the WVU School of Dentistry.

Submitted by Dr. Bob Wanker, PFA West Virginia Section Chair


The Wisconsin Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy held its Annual Meeting on Friday, May 13, 2011. The meeting was lead by Section Chair Gene Shoemaker. Sixty Fellows were in attendance, and 11 new Fellows were being inducted. The Wisconsin section is very involved in the Mission of Mercy and presents a scholarship on behalf of PFA at the White Coat Ceremony at Marquette University. The Distinctive Service Award was presented to Dr. Kent Vandehaar.

Wisconsin welcomes their new Fellows for 2011: Drs. Lynne Brock-Hattori, Edward J. Chiera, Allison L. Dowd, Zachary A. Graf, Peter D. Hehli, Dean R. Hussong, Mark J. Kortebein, Jeffrey Michael Nehring, Michael R. Shimeta, Patrick J. Tepe, and Chan D. Tan.


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