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July-August 2018

Pierre Fauchard Museum

The Pierre Fauchard Museum of Dental History is located in Nevada and was established in the year 2000. The museum houses several displays, which can be previewed at the feature links listed on the museum page.

About the Museum

The Pierre Fauchard Museum of Dental History was established in 2000. The museum houses several displays, which can be previewed at the feature links listed on the right side of this page. Contributions to the museum are welcomed and donations to the collection are most appreciated. The museum is located on the Charleston Campus of the College of Southern Nevada.

6375 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Main Displays

HAASE Dental Lithographs Collection

Media Video Clip

List of Contributers

Dr. Joseph Morganelli
Dr. Raymond Rawson
Dr. David Kozal
Dr. Richard Kozal
Dr. Jon Staley
Dr. Nicholas Saccone
Dr. Paul Dolin
Dr. George Higue
Dr. James Ridlen
Dr. Chester Bochenek
Dr. Carl Lundgren
Dr. Jerry Rabeck
Dr. Raffaele Suriano
Dr. Frank Amaturo
Dr. James Brophy Ill
Dr. James Long
Dr. Betram Moldauer
Dr. Ivan Moldauer
Dr. B.G. Smith
Dr. Baxter Sapp
Dr. William Scheer
Dr. Michael Grossman
Dr. Richard Glenner
Dr. Samuel Wexer
Dr. Jack Gottschalk
Dr. John Hyson, Jr.
Dr. Malcolm David Campbell
Dr. R.L. Morrison
Dr. Robert Ibsen, Dent-Mat Corp
Mary Ann Haag, RDH
Barbara Nelson, RDH
Linda Simpson, RDH
Karen Mulcahy, RDH
Dr. Daniel L. Orr II


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Pierre Fauchard Academy
41 East 400 North # 546
Logan, UT 84321-4020
U. S. A.

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Fax: +1 435-213-9136