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2011.1 January - February

The January/February issue of Dental World has been mailed. The online version is available now!


President's Message

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard

I am very honored to serve as President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the premier dental honor organization in the world. I serve more than 8200 Fellows in 10 regions and 105 sections around the world.

The strength of an organization is in the number of its members, and more importantly, its active members. We must search out new candidates for Fellowship. We must build enthusiasm in the young men and women who will join us, work with us, and who believe in the ideals and values we believe in. They will be the trustees and officers of tomorrow. They will allow the Pierre Fauchard Academy to thrive and to continue to serve the dental profession.

The success of our endeavors depends on the number of members we have. Attrition in our membership is always a concern, because sadly, nothing lasts forever in this world. Some Fellows lose touch with us, and some pass away. If we do not have a stream of new members, the importance of the Academy will be diminished.

If we thrive as an organization, we will continue to be considered an important part of the profession and will be able to continue to do many great things. However, if our numbers decline, our importance also declines, as does the profession's trust in us, and participation by others in our myriad of projects will dwindle.

Help us maintain our membership. Help us maintain the power in our numbers so we may continue to act in the best interests of dentistry, dental health, and humankind.

International President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


From the Desk of the President-Elect

Dr. Joseph C. Harris

The Pierre Fauchard Academy held its Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, at the Hilton Bonnet Creek Hotel in conjunction with the American Dental Association. These annual meetings provide an opportunity for the various factions that comprise the Academy to converge, meet in formal settings, and tend to issues.

For more information on the Pierre Fauchard Academy's activities and actions at the Orlando 2010 meeting, please see page 8 in this issue.

2011 is turning to be quite a year for the Academy. June 2nd is the date for the unveiling ceremony of the PFA's Wall of Fame at the University of Maryland College of Dentistry. Region 2 Trustee Lynne Halik spearheaded the effort to find The Wall of Fame of new and deserving home.

The Wall of Fame consisted of 17 plaques that were located in the Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland. The late Dr. Joe Cappuccio campaigned to have the Wall of Fame in the University of Maryland Dental School. After discussions with the dean it was decided to place the plaques on the wall in the hallway between the Alumni Affairs office and the Dean's Office, which happens to be a very traveled area of the school. Also, the unanimous decision was made to dedicated the Wall to PFA Fellow Dr. Cappuccio. All Fellows are invited to attend.

The 75th anniversary of the Pierre Fauchard Academy will be celebrated in Paris, France. On June 16th the Academy's president, Dr. Hubert Ouvard, will graciously host this event which will consist of continuing education courses, a history of the Academy and its namesake, a tour on the Reine River, dinner in the Parisian senate and more. Mark your calender and participate in what will surely be one of the most glorious days in the Academy's history.

President-Elect of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Vice President

Ernesto Acuña, DDS

Last October in Orlando, Florida, I had the privilege of being appointed the Vice President of the PFA by the Board of Trustees. I am grateful to the Board for trusting me to guide the future of the Academy.

In my youth at the dental office of my father and grandfather, a picture in the foyer to the waiting room caught my attention; through my grandfather, I learned that his name was Pierre Fauchard.

In 1972, several years after graduating from the Dentistry School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, I had the honor of being selected to join the Mexican section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. There I discovered, in depth, the reason why this man is known as the "Father of Modern Dentistry."

It is a privilege to belong to this honorable international organization, not only because of the distinction rendered to those who are chosen, but also because of the leadership roles assumed by Members in the profession's different fields and the opportunity to raise the level of our profession by giving and serving others, for example, in the Mentorship program.

Let us practice Fauchard's philosophy: "Let us apply the concept of teaching which is exactly the opposite concept to selfishness," "Let us spread the knowledge we had acquired on the art of the dental profession," and "Let us contribute to the education of those who are willing to devote themselves to this noble profession."

Vice-President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Immediate Past President

Steven K. Hedlund, DDS

As PFA Immediate Past President, I would like to reflect on this past year. First and foremost, I thank all the Officers, Trustees, Section Chairs, and Fellows who made my job as President such a wonderful experience. Wherever my wife, Chris, and I traveled we were warmly welcomed and treated like royalty. It also was a pleasure to work with the President of the Foundation, Dr. James Long, and the Foundation Board. The Foundation has made great strides and is in the process of seeking additional donations beyond our membership by soliciting corporate donors.

Improvement in Dental Abstracts, our official Journal, and our Dental World magazine insert is ongoing. Starting with the January/February 2011 issue, Dental World is being printed fully in color, and I look forward to seeing it in my mailbox. Dental Abstracts Editor Dr. Douglas Berkey and Publisher Jane Ryley have been very helpful in this process. Both of them were present in Orlando and gave our Board a nice presentation. Dr. Berkey was inducted as a new member of PFA during our meeting.

As many of you may know, the Pierre Fauchard Academy has honored the great leaders of dentistry with a Wall of Fame. Those honored receive a beautiful plaque with a history of their accomplishments. This Wall of Fame was recently housed at the National Dental Museum in Baltimore. The Academy needed to find a new home for this display, and I am pleased to announce that the PFA Wall of Fame will now be housed at the Maryland School of Dentistry. The dedication and opening of the Wall of Fame will be June 2, 2011. If you are in the area, please feel free to stop and visit the Academy's display at the Dental School.

Speaking of displays and museums, the Academy has two wonderful displays of old dental equipment and dental office chairs in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pierre Fauchard Museum of Dental History is at the University of Nevada Dental School. The other display is at Southern Nevada College at the School of Dental Assisting and Hygiene. If you attend the ADA meeting next year, you could visit these two fine museums. Check out your Web site at to see some photo galleries of the displays at these two museums.

I am looking forward to PFA's 75th Anniversary celebration in Paris, which will be a great event. I challenge all of you to ask some of our younger dentists to join the Academy so they can be part of our 100th year celebration in 2036.

I look forward to a great year for the Academy under the leadership of our new President, Dr. Hubert Ouvrard. Again, thank you for making my year as President so special.

Immediate Past President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Academy Executive Director

Judith D. Kozal

To the Officers, Trustees, Section Chairs, and the PFA Fellowship, I hope you all had a happy, healthy, and hopeful holiday season.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy had a good year in 2010 thanks to the guidance of our Immediate Past President Steve Hedlund, President Hubert Ouvrard, President-Elect Joseph Harris, our new Vice President Ernesto Acuña, and of course the able Trustees who have worked together so well to ensure the continuing success of PFA. Thanks to them we will celebrate not only our 75th anniversary next year but many, many more anniversaries to come.

We can never express enough gratitude to the Section Chairs for all their hard work, because they are directly responsible for the never-ending task of recruiting new Fellows. It is through their efforts that the Academy continues to grow, prosper, and have elevated prestige on an International level.

Thanks also must be given to our Editor and Webmaster Mark Stanley for bringing us into the future with new ways to make us "modern" and able to communicate with each other easily and quickly. We hope that the new program for paying dues online by credit card will make this task much easier and less timeconsuming for the Fellows who wish take advantage of this option. To our Fellows who prefer to send a check, be assured that this payment method continues to be available as well. It is sometimes hard to change, but we always manage to adapt and rise to any occasion!

I am so thankful to be a small part of this team; my only wish is that we will continue to carry on the work started by others so long ago and ensure, to the best of our ability, that those who follow us will be able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

I wish each and every one of you many blessings and the happiest new year. As we approach this new year and the start of our celebrations for our 75th year, I hope you will take some time to reflect on your own blessings and be thankful for each one.

I look forward to being with you all this year. Be well and happy!

Executive Director of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Editor

Mark D. Stanley

Thank you for the opportunity last year to bring together the areas of Publications, Web Site, and Information Technology. Major changes have made in the Dental World print format, of which this full-color issue is the evidence. Special thanks to Past President Steve Hedlund, Elsevier Publisher Jane Ryley, and the wonderful staff at Elsevier who worked on the new design and help make Dental World the best possible publication. This year's experience has added to my great respect for the hard work done in the past by Contributing Editor/Historian James Brophy III. The Dental World/Dental Abstracts issues remain a vital forum to communicate news and important research updates to all the PFA Fellows; in addition, past issues now can be accessed online going back to 1998. The Dental Abstracts subscription is a wonderful benefit to those who have been selected for Fellowship in the Academy. Last year we all were glad to meet Dental Abstracts Editor Dr. Douglas B. Berkey in Orlando and welcomed him into the Academy as a new Fellow!

Please send me any comments you might have about the publication, and get the word out to your Section Chairs to send in short articles about Section activities and good photographs to the Dental World office. Special attention should be given to announcing new Fellows and Scholarship recipients, along with any Foundation Grants that have been received for service programs. Submitting these materials helps us get the word out in print and online about the extensive activities of the Academy and Foundation. Please encourage your Section Chair to make use of your Section's special "News Page" on the Web site, which is a customized feature that allows them to log in, post PFA event notices, and edit materials themselves.

The PFA Web site continues to post gains in visitor traffic, with a total of more than 1 million pages displayed last year to individuals and search entities. We have seen an expansion of online Member Services, which now include secure credit card transactions for U.S. Annual Dues, Leadership Directory listings, and the ability of Sections Chairs to edit and update the Web Site Directory's e-mail addresses and phone numbers for Fellows in their Section. Thanks to all of you who have had the patience to log in with your e-mail address and pay your 2011 dues. If you want to give it a try, a link is now available on the home page with instructions about how to pay your dues online at html

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy now manages its donor database securely from the Web site and can take credit card donations online. Donors can immediately confirm their name on the Contributions listing Web page to ensure that their online donation went through correctly; see for yourself at http://www.fauchard. org/foundation/donate.html. This past year the Foundation also successfully used the Web site to provide the opportunity for Grant Applications to be downloaded and submitted in an electronic form.

Dental World Editor

PFA President's Report on Japan and Argentina Meetings

Welcome reception for President Hubert Ouvrard in Tokyo on November 5, 2010. L-R: Mrs. Horiuchi, Dr. Ozawa, Dr. Horiuchi, Dr. Sakuda, Dr. Ohura, Dr. Ouvrard, Dr. Yamagami, Dr. Matsumoto, and Dr. Sato.

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to submit this report of my travels to Japan and Argentina representing the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

I traveled to Tokyo on Friday, November 5, 2010, at the invitation of Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura, Asia Region Trustee, and Dr. Keishi Matsumoto, Japan Section Chairman, for the 41st Annual Meeting of the Japan Section. I was received most graciously, and the Japanese Fellows stated their great appreciation for my attendance. I enjoyed two days of hospitality in Tokyo.

On Friday night I was treated to a welcome party at a very fine restaurant with a splendid view of Tokyo City. The view of the city lights and the Japanese cuisine were outstanding, as was the company: Dr. Ohura, Dr. Matsumoto, Past PFA President Dr. Minoru Horiuchi, and his lovely wife.

On Saturday morning, Dr. Ohura and his wife brought me to a government tower with a splendid panoramic view of the city under crystal-clear skies.

After spending a morning touring, I was privileged to address the Japanese Section General Meeting. Seventy Fellows, including the Board Members, attended. Seven new Fellows were inducted into membership. The Chairman also awarded mentors and students from the Mentorship Program. Two prestigious scientific lectures followed.

After a productive afternoon, a traditional photo was taken, followed by a banquet reception with splendid Asian food, and entertainment that included traditional Japanese dancing.

The Japanese Section is thriving! The Section membership continues to grow yearly. Drs. Ohura and Matsumoto provide outstanding leadership and maintain a healthy and prosperous Section.

I returned Paris Sunday via Air France Airbus A 380. The A 380 provides great comfort for 540 passengers, even those in economy class. After a two-day rest, I was off to Buenos Aires to visit the Argentina Section at the invitation of Dr. Robert Rossi, Chairman, and was joined by my great friend, PFA Vice President Ernesto Acuña.

I arrived in Buenos Aires on Thursday, November 11, where I was greeted by Dr. Rossi, who was gracious enough to provide transportation to my hotel. Dr. Acuña was waiting for me at the hotel, where we were able to talk and prepare for the upcoming meeting.

On Friday morning we were escorted by Dr. Rossi for the 60 km to La Plata and the headquarters of the Insituto de Obra Medico Asistencial (IOMA), an association of insurance coverage for public workers. I was received by Dr. Antonio La Scaleia, President of IOMA, who explained the different campaigns for prevention, oral cancer, and pediatric dental health. These activities, in conjunction with the Federacion Odontologica de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, lead by Dr. Rossi, were recognized by PFA several months ago, and the local press was there to report on the meeting. Lunch with Dr. Rossi and members of the Odontological Federation followed the meeting.

An Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday, during which diplomas were given to mentors and students in the Mentorship Program. Presentations also were made of the campaigns undertaken by the Federation with PFA support to promote oral hygiene in rural schools, prevent oral cancer, and provide dental care for the handicapped. These programs receive no government support, and all financial assistance is provided by the Federation, or in simple terms, by dentists. The obviously heartfelt presentations were given by the people in charge of each program.

It should be noted that PFA Argentina was at a very low membership level 18 months ago, and with the actions of Dr. Rossi and the help of Dr. Acuña, a strong and vibrant Section has emerged. Seventy members participated in the meeting.

The Argentina PFA Section was most pleased that the President could speak Spanish and converse with them in their native tongue. At the end of the ceremony, I was interviewed by a national television station and by the journal of the Federation for a report on my visit.

The importance of contact with these two Sections can only lead to their greater development. The interest of the Central Office in their Sections was greatly appreciated.

International President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

75th Anniversary of the Pierre Fauchard Academy in Paris, France

Seventy-five years! The Pierre Fauchard Academy is a grand dame older than I am. It is truly an honor for me to host the 75th anniversary celebration of the Academy.

First, the location for the events: All the activities for the celebration will occur in the same district of Paris where Pierre Fauchard lived, practiced, and died, 250 years ago.

Second, the date: Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 16, 2011, which is truly D-Day for PFA.

Third, the schedule: The morning will begin with four lectures from renowned practitioners who will speak on endodontics, implants, esthetics, and aspects of Pierre Fauchard's life.

While practitioners are attending the lectures, spouses and guests will have an opportunity to visit the Palais du Luxembourg, seat of the Senat, the upper chamber of the French Parliament. This splendid building was built during the 17th century by Marie de Medicis, wife of King Henri IV of France. The second part of the day will include a ceremony during which VIPs will be introduced and new Fellows will be inducted, and the ceremony will end with a cocktail reception.

During the afternoon, visitors will enjoy a classic Parisian tour as they cruise the River Seine by boat, where the beautiful monuments of the city may be seen. The Eiffel Tower, City Hall, and the Louvre are but a few of the sites that will be seen on the cruise. June is the best time of the year to take this cruise.

A fabulous dinner party will take place in the evening in the restaurant of the Senat, in the Salon Napolean.

I hope many of you will be able to participate in this anniversary celebration. I have enjoyed planning this event and know that you will enjoy participating in it even more.

International President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


Annual Meeting - Section Chair Caucus

Foundation presentation to Section Chair Caucus

On Friday, October 8, 2010, the Pierre Fauchard Academy held the annual Section Chair Caucus in the Hilton Bonnet Creek Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The Caucus is an interactive event in which Section Chairs and members of the Executive Branch exchange ideas and strategies regarding the Academy.

This year's participants were Robin Reich of Georgia, Bill Rohel of Nevada, Barry Feder of Washington State, Diampo Lim of the Philippines, Keishi Matsumoto of Japan, Aldo Boccia of Canada, Terry Brewick of Colorado, Edward Hirsch of Michigan, Ronald de la Cruz of Costa Rica, Reuben Pelot of Tennessee, and Karl Lange of Kentucky.

Academy Vice President Joseph Harris opened the Caucus with a presentation. He provided a brief history of the Academy followed by an explanation of the Academy's structure. He ended his portion of the program with a discussion on the triumvirate of the Academy--Membership, Philanthropy, and Mentorship--along with a report on the Orlando Annual Meeting Section and the Academy's 75th Anniversary Celebration in Paris, France.

The Foundation's structure and function was next presented to the Chairs. Executive Director Laura Doyle and President Jim Long also gave updates on the Foundation's latest activities and charitable projects.

The Academy Webmaster, Mark Stanley, provided an overview of the online functions available to the Section Chairs. The Academy's Web site has been designed to increase the ease of communications between the Central Office and the local constituents and also may be used as an organizational tool for Section Chairs and their regions.

Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell spoke on the purpose, goals, and objectives of the Academy. She also reminded all attendees that leadership qualities and abilities must be nurtured within the Fellowship.

Dr. Ronald de la Cruz of San Jose, Costa Rica, gave a PowerPoint presentation on Costa Rica's involvement with the Academy. He showed the many meritorious results that have occurred in Costa Rica thanks to funds left to the Academy in the will of Costa Rican and PFA Fellow Dr. Brenes Espinach.

Keishi Matsumoto, Section Chair of Japan, reported about the PFA Scholarship Award Ceremony during the 120th Anniversary Celebration of the Tokyo Dental College. Eight hundred people were in attendance, including Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Mikasa (see report later in this issue).

Michigan Section Chair Ed Hirsch unveiled the lapel pin that he designed for Life Fellows of his state. Along with the pin, Michigan Life Fellows will receive a certificate. Section Chair Hirsch also stated that he would be presenting his section's first Mentorship Award at their November 2010 meeting.

The floor was then opened for general discussion. The Section Chairs asked about the possibility of having a single dues statement that would include national and local dues. They also believed that some confusion existed regarding Life Fellowship status.

The Caucus concluded with assurances that all issues will be investigated.


Annual Meeting - Academy Business Meeting

Dr. Cheri Newman

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 AM. An invocation given by Trustee Schafhauser. A quorum was established. The new trustees, Cheri Newman of Region 4 and Tom Breneman of Region 6, were welcomed to the Board.

Steve Hedlund reviewed his year as the Academy President. It was announced that Dr. James Brophy has agreed to be Contributing Editor to Dental Abstracts and the Academy historian. Vice President Joseph Harris was nominated and elected the Academy's President-Elect. Region 7 Trustee Ernesto Acuña of México was nominated and declared the new Vice President of the Academy. President Hedlund stated that thanks to Mark Stanley, the Web site is progressing in a positive direction.

President Hedlund went to Las Vegas and received a plaque that was presented in honor of Richard Kozal by the college. The President took advantage of his visit to announce the scholarship that will be given to a dental assistant student in Dr. Kozal's name. The Foundation announced that it will be matching the Academy's scholarship of $1500.

In February, the President, along with Trustees Dahan, Castagna, and Acuña, went to Chicago to meet with the leadership of the FDI to investigate if a mutually beneficial relation might be formed. Further discussions are planned.

A financial review was provided by the Academy's accountant, Daniel Jonkers. He stated that the Academy has a surplus that should be expected to continue for the remainder of the year. The 2011 budget will be presented when it becomes available.


Trustee Dan Castagna, new 2011 Vice President Ernesto Acuña, and PFA Accountant Dan Jonkers

The formation of a new Section, Latvia, was announced. A major rewrite of the By-Laws and Constitution was done. Policy Manual and Strategic Plan revisions have been initiated.

Region 2 Trustee Lynne Halik reported on the Wall of Fame. The Wall of Fame consists of 17 plaques that were located in the Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland. The late Dr. Joe Cappuccio campaigned to have the Wall of Fame in the University of Maryland Dental School. After discussions with the Dean, it was decided to place the plaques on the wall in the hallway between the Alumni Affairs office and the Dean's Office, which is a very traveled area of the school. It was decided that the Wall would be dedicated to Dr. Cappuccio, and a dedication ceremony will be held on June 2, 2011, at the University of Maryland. All Fellows are invited to attend. (Later during the Orlando meeting Vice-President Harris and Trustees Halik, Stockwell, and Newman attended the University of Maryland Deans Alumni Reception in Orlando, which was dedicated to Dr. Cappuccio.)

2010 Vice President Joe Harris gave a Section Chair report and stated that he presented a brief outline of the structure and history of the Academy. He then spoke extensively on membership, philanthropy, and mentorship. His report was followed by a presentation by Foundation Executive Director Laura Doyle and Foundation President Jim Long. Webmaster Mark Stanley followed with a presentation on Web operations for the Academy. The floor was then opened for discussion, at which time the Section Chairs voiced concerns regarding billing and Life Fellow status.

Mark Stanley, the Academy's Webmaster, announced that the Central Office database is duplicated on the Web site and is updated every month. The e-mail addresses of the Academy Fellows will become the focal point and provide secure entry to the Web site. The e-mail addresses can be updated by the Section Chairs or by each Fellow. The Web site was moved to a different server last year, allowing a larger availability of tools and more security, especially now for Annual Dues credit card transactions.

The Academy's relationship with Elsevier has greatly improved. Mark Stanley, who is also the Dental World editor, announced that a full-color Dental World insert would debut in January-February 2011. Dental World is usually uploaded to www.fauchard. org a month after the hard copy has been mailed so the International Members to have a color version available to download.

Trustees Castagna and Sinclair gave their report on the Strategic Plan. The current plan that they revamped is approximately 5 years old and is more than likely built from previous existing plans. Increasing the Section Allowance to $500 from $300 was proposed. A uniform fill-in-the-blank application form should be placed on the Academy's Web site to make the process less cumbersome for the Section Chairs.

The Business Meeting continued again on Sunday. Elsevier Senior Publisher Jane Ryley and Dental Abstracts Editor-in-Chief Dr. Douglas Berkey addressed the Board. They both gave an overview of how Dental Abstracts is handled and the process of how it comes to print. They also spoke about the future of Dental Abstracts and the possibility of it being exclusively online. Ms. Ryley said that she and Mark Stanley have discussed the possibility of producing extra copies of a special SeptemberOctober issue, which celebrates the Academy's 75th Anniversary. It was suggested that a means of providing Dental Abstracts to graduate students and residents be investigated. They reconfirmed that Dental World will be published in color as of January 2011.

The Policy Manual was discussed and reviewed. It was determined that a Policy Procedure Manual for Section Chairs should be reviewed, revised, and updated next year in concert with the Foundation.

Academy Editor and Web Site Manager Mark Stanley reviewed the year and informed the Board of upcoming projects, which includes the implementation of new technologies. Officers Harris and Eller requested that efforts be made to organize and track Life Fellows in the database. President Hedlund and Trustee Halik stated

that this effort should be driven by the Central Office but initiated by the Section Chairs.

Annual Meeting - Pierre Fauchard Academy 2010 Awards Ceremony and Luncheon


Dr. Jeanne C. Sinkford 74th Pierre Fauchard Academy Gold Medal

Jeanne C. Sinkford, DDS, PhD, is Associate Executive Director of the American Dental Education Association and Director of the Association's Center for Equity and Diversity. She is also Professor and Dean Emeritus, Howard University College of Dentistry. Dr. Sinkford's distinguished career in dental education includes serving as Dean of Howard University College of Dentistry from 1975 to 1991.

Dr. Sinkford is a nationally and internationally renowned dental educator, administrator, researcher, and clinician. She finished first in the dental class of 1958 at Howard University before pursuing graduate study at Northwestern University, where she received her MS (1962) and PhD (1963). She completed a Pedodontic Residency at Children's Hospital National Medical Center in 1975. Dr. Sinkford became the first woman dean of a U.S. dental school in 1975. She served in that capacity for 16 years.

Dr. Sinkford has served on so many committees and advisory councils of national significance they could not all be listed here. Among them are the National Advisory Dental Research Council; Directors' Advisory Council, National Institutes of Health; Council on Dental Research, American Dental Association; Governing Board of the American Society for Geriatric Dentistry; Special Medical Advisory Group (SMAG), Veterans Administration; and the National Academy of Sciences. She has also served on various Advisory Boards of University Schools of Dental Medicine and Dentistry. She has been a member of the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, since 1975.

Dr. Sinkford has published more than 90 articles in refereed journals and has written an instructional manual for crown and bridge prosthodontics. She is co-author of Women's Health in the Dental School Curriculum: Report of a Survey and Recommendations.

Dr. Jeanne C. Sinkford receiving PFA Gold Award from PFA President Steven Hedlund in 2010.

Dr. Sinkford holds honorary degrees from Meharry Medical College, Georgetown University, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and Detroit-Mercy University. She has received Alumni Achievement Awards from Northwestern and Howard Universities and numerous other citations for exceptional professional achievement. Dr. Sinkford was selected as an Outstanding Leader in Dentistry by the International College of Dentists. She is the first woman to be so honored. In 2007 Dr. Sinkford received the Trailblazer Award from the National Dental Association, and her most recent recognition was the distinguished 2009 Herbert W. Nickens Award for her outstanding contribution to promoting justice in medical education and health care.

Dr. Sinkford is married to Dr. Stanley M. Sinkford, a pediatric cardiologist, and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. They have three children, Dianne Sylvia, Janet Lynn, and Stanley M., Jr. Dr. Sinkford is a truly amazing woman who has combined her intellect and humility to lead a dynamic life. She is committed to her profession, her community and society, her beliefs and ambitions, and her family and friends. As an African American woman who entered dental school when only 1.2% of the dental students in the United States were women and who graduated in 1958 when women made up only 2% of dentists nationwide, she has dedicated many years of her life to the "cause that social, cultural and educational inequities in society can be overcome by forceful leadership and constant support of equal opportunity and civil liberty." At the time of her graduation, only five of her 50 classmates were women, because not only were women discouraged from dentistry, but some faculty had prejudices against female students. She was not only accepted by the male students because she was an excellent student and a leader as well, she was elected class President. Dr. Sinkford has been and continues to be an inspiration in the profession of dentistry and in her life.


Mr. Kim Sung Youn receiving award for MCT from 2010 PFA President Steven Hedlund.

Mr. "Kim" is founder and owner of MCT (Mr. Curette Tech), which manufactures implants and dental instruments. After completing his studies in Australia, he returned to Korea, where he started to import and sell dental products. Thinking that someday there might be a limit to the dental imports he could sell, he decided to study the actual manufacturing of dental instruments to provide new high-quality products to consumers.

Since he established his company in 1999, Mr. Youn has worked diligently and has cooperated with many famous dentists to develop dental implant instruments and products that at present are recognized as unique, innovative technologies in the United States, Japan, England, Brazil, China, India, Morocco, and France.

As a competitive source of special implant instruments, MCT can be proud not only of the excellent quality of its products but also of the high praise and confidence it has received from dentists all over the world.

Elmer S. Best Memorial Award

Dr. José Carlos Elgoyhen Elmer S. Best Memorial Award

Dr. Elgoyhen graduated with a DDS degree in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1955, after which he completed his post-graduation studies in 19601961, obtaining the corresponding diploma approved by the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Republic. He then dedicated himself exclusively to Orthodontics, and since 1967 he also has been Dipl. Specialist for the Evaluation Court of the Argentine Orthodontic Society.

In his long professional life, Dr. Elgoyhen has traveled and worked in the United States and Brazil with important and well-known specialists from Finland, Japan, The Netherlands, the United States, and many other countries. He has published his work, collaborated on books, taught innumerable courses, and been a lecturer at congresses, scientific meetings, seminars, and conferences in too many countries to recount; however, his participation as the principal speaker at the VI Worldwide Congress of Orthodontics in Paris in September 2005 should be especially noted. In his 40 years of teaching orthodontics, he also has held the position of Director and Head Professor of the Buenos Aires Dental Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires.

Dr. Elgoyhen was President of the Argentine Dental Association in 19821983. He is a Fellow of International College of Dentists, the American College of Dentists, the Latin-American Association of Orthodontists, the American Association of Orthodontists, the Orthodontic Worldwide Federation, and the International Association of Dental Research; in addition, he is Associate Member of the European Orthodontic Society and a member of many other organizations and societies.

Dr. Elgoyhen lives in Argentina with his wife. He has a daughter, Dr. Maria Fernanda Elgoyhen, who became a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy in 2008.


Dr. C.F. Larry Barrett

Dr. Barrett, who was born in 1920 in Iowa, graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School in 1944 as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. He served in the Navy from 1942-1946, including his service during WWII. He married his wife Lois in 1945 and they spent the war years in San Diego, where Dr. Barrett performed oral surgery while still serving in the Navy. When his service was completed, Dr. and Mrs. Barrett returned to Iowa, where Dr. Barrett set up his private practice. They had five children, none of whom was interested in the profession of dentistry.

Dr. Barrett has many professional and personal achievements, including years of teaching at the University of Iowa School of Dentistry, service on civic boards and committees, and membership in professional associations. He is a Life Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, having served as Section Chairman, Trustee, Vice President, PresidentElect, and President. He also served on the Academy's Executive Board and the PFA Foundation's Executive Board, for which he was Publicity Chairman, representing the Academy and Foundation in India, Korea, and Spain. His many awards and honors include the Pierre Fauchard Academy Distinguished Dentist of the Year Award, Knights of Columbus Knight of the Year Award, and Iowa Dental Association Presidential Award, Distinguished Service Award, and Guest of the Year Award. He also was named Knight of St. Gregory by Pope John Paul. Dr. Barrett is a Fellow of the International College of Dentists and the American College of Dentists.

Dr. Barrett now lives in Bettendorf, Iowa, with his beautiful wife, Lois, and continues to be active in professional and civic affairs. He is an avid golfer and is passionate about football, especially Iowa football! He supports a football scholarship at the University of Iowa, holds season tickets, and plans his schedule around Iowa home games. As he has always supported his chosen life's work, he now continues to support his favorite sport.


Dr. James M. Brophy, III

There are many things to be said about Dr. James M. Brophy, III--too many to print in this small space. However, in summing up his story, we should start with his association with the Pierre Fauchard Academy and his long-time relationship with the late Secretary-General of PFA, Dr. Richard A. Kozal. To say they were as close as brothers is an understatement, but the truth is they were like brothers, with disagreements, support for each other, and a special affection only brothers can have. Dr. Kozol and "Broph" met at Loyola Dental School in Illinois when Dr. Brophy was Assistant Editor of the Illinois Dental Journal (he later was appointed Editor of the Loyola Bur) and Dr. Kozal was President of the Loyola Dental School Alumni Association. As the story goes, they were both attending an ISDS meeting in Springfield, Illinois, when unexpectedly Dr. Kozol unceremoniously told Dr. Brophy to "get up there and start taking pictures," which he did, and there started the partnership that lasted for almost 30 years!

In the early 1980s the Academy's membership was held in two shoeboxes, and although the "Members" as they were called then did receive the Dental Abstracts journal, the PFA newsletter left a lot to be desired. Because Dr. Brophy was an experienced editor, Dr. Kozal thought it would be a much-needed boost to the Academy's image to have a newsletter worthy of carrying the name of The Pierre Fauchard Academy. Thus Dr. Brophy became Editor for the Dental World newsletter, which is now enjoyed by PFA Fellows all over the world.

Dr. Brophy served as our Editor from the early 1980s until 2009, when he became our Historian and Contributing Editor. His special historical articles about the Academy and the people

who had a role in establishing PFA as a prestigious, truly international organization will have everyone looking forward to the next issue with eager anticipation.

In his professional and personal life, Dr. Brophy has been a father to five wonderful children who have done well in their own lives, a granddad, a dentist and teacher, and a second-generation Elk for 35 years, serving as President

for an unprecedented four terms and Director of the Illinois Elks Association, earning the Award of "Elk of the Year." Only 18 Elks have earned this award, and many of them are no longer living.

Dr. Brophy has served the Academy under 23 presidents and continues to serve today. He recently retired from active dental practice and, it is hoped, will now have time to pursue one of his favorite activities, which is exploring ancient ruins.


Annual Meeting Photos

Foundation News


James Long, DDS

Dear Fellows:

By the time you read this, Santa Claus will have returned to the North Pole, and we hope he was good to each one of you--no switches and ashes. This is the first year that the Grant requests were submitted electronically. This method was a tremendous improvement over our old paper submission process and saved reams of paper and hours of time on the part of our Executive Director, Laura Fleming Doyle, who was able to e-mail these requests to the evaluators. Also this year, three evaluators met with Laura one day early to give everyone an overview of the requests. This process resulted in a more fair evaluation based on impact and need. Credit for this renovated change goes to Dr. Gary Lowder, Grant Committee Chair; Mr. Mark Stanley, Editor/Web Manager; and Laura Fleming Doyle, our Executive Director. The grant requests were at an all-time high this year, with 75 scholarship checks being sent to junior dental students around the world. The requests for grant monies far exceeded our ability to fund projects. Fellows, the word about the Foundation and the Academy is out! This response is very gratifying because it is evidence that our mission is successful in reaching people who are in dire need of dental care, most of whom we will never meet and whose language we can't speak. The relief of pain and discomfort is a UNIVERSAL language.

Grants discussion at Foundation Board meeting in Orlando in October.

During 2011, we intend to kick off a corporate giving campaign. We appreciate every penny that you Fellows contribute, but we now realize the importance of having outside funds as well. Some of you may be contacted to make this project successful.

Your Foundation met in Orlando on October 9, 2010. Upon my return from Orlando, I received a call from Laura Fleming Doyle, who informed the Board that she will no longer be able to work with the Foundation after December 31, 2010. Laura has been a tremendous asset to us during the time we worked with her. She has resigned to take another offer in her field, and we are happy for her as she continues to advance in her profession. Laura, we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor.

Jennifer M. Teale of Herndon, Virginia, has accepted our offer to come on board as our new Executive Director. Ms. Teale was highly recommended by Laura Doyle. They live close to each other in the same town, which will help in the transition of this office. Ms. Teale officially became our Executive Director on January 1. Jennifer, we welcome you to our Board of Trustees family and look forward to working with you in the years to come. This coming year should be a fantastic one in the life of the Foundation. New endeavors are always exciting. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


Laura Fleming Doyle


It has been quite a year for the Foundation. We raised more than $60,000 and funded more than $289,000 in scholarships and grants. The Foundation is grateful to the more than 400 individuals who gave so generously in an effort to enable the Foundation to continue with our mission of funding student scholarships and charitable dental projects in the United States and around the world.

I am also sad to report that after only 16 months with the Foundation, I have accepted the Executive Director position with the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation. It was a difficult decision to make because I strongly support what your organization does; however, after much consideration, I decided that I needed to make this move at this time in my career. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with your outstanding group and feel that I was able to make at least a small difference in helping the organization to move forward. I wish you all the best and hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

2010 Executive Director, Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


In 2010, the Foundation distributed $123,000 to 58 U.S. and 31 international third-year dental students. These awards were presented to students selected by their school's respective deans for having demonstrated the following:

• great potential for developing into an outstanding leader in the profession because of his/her participation in the University, dental school, or community;

• above-average academic achievement;

• qualities of integrity, imagination, initiative and communicative skills; and

• a need for financial support.

A full list of the 2010 student scholarship recipients may be found at PFA-student-recipients2010.html


We again thank all the Donors who contributed to the Foundation this past year. Your donations make the Scholarships and Grants program possible each year! To see the most current list of donors for 2010, please go to http://www.fauchard. org/foundation/contributions.php


A total of $166,758 was awarded in grant funding to 31 applicants. On the right is a list of the 2010 Grant Projects funded by the Foundation.


Smiles of India 
Iowa Mission of Mercy 2010 
Dental Care for the Low-Income, Uninsured of Racine County, Wisconsin 
45th St Homeless Teen Dental Clinic 
Georgia Mission of Mercy Project 
Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation Mission of Mercy Project 
DADS (Dental Access Days) 
Give Kids a Smile--Nevada 
Huntridge Clinic--Homeless Denture Project 
Providing Dental Care to the Homeless 
The Volunteer Ministry Center Dental Clinic (The VMC Dental Clinic)
To Preserve the Dental Health of the Ethnic Rapa Nui of the Easter Islands
Salt Lake City DDS Community Dental Project 
Emergency and Restorative Care for Low/No-income Patients 
M.E.N.D. (Meet Each Need with Dignity)
Oral Surgery for the Working Poor in North San Diego County 
Give Kids A Smile Dental Program 
Dental Services for Remote Communities in Nepal 
Providing Dental Care & Oral Health Education to the Families in Dominican Republic 
Removable Smiles (Prostheses) 
Community Service Dental Care Bolivia 
Smiles of Tecate 
Afghan Relief Organization Dental Clinic
Guatemala Charitable Dental/Medical Mission Trip 2011 
G3 Foundations Dominican Republic Project January 2011 
Oral Health Care for Needy Children and Adults 
Haitian Health Foundation Dental Clinic 
HEALS Bright Smiles 2010 
Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project 
Extensive Dental Services to Underserved New Mexicans 


In the presence of Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Mikasa, the ceremony commemorating the 120th Anniversary of the foundation of Tokyo Dental College was held at the Imperial Hotel on May 22, 2010. Approximately 800 people attended the ceremony.

On this occasion, the Pierre Fauchard Academy Scholarship Award ceremony also was held. Mr. Munetada Ishikawa, a fifth-year dental student of the College, received the scholarship and certificate from Dr. Keishi Matsumoto, President of PFA Japan Section.

The PFA Student Scholarship was awarded to Miss Sahori Miyata, a fifthyear student, by the Kagoshima University Faculty of Dentistry on June 7, 2010. In attendance were the faculty members pictured in the photo.

The PFA Student Scholarship also was awarded to Mr. Tsuyoshi Kawamata, a fifth-year student, by the Faculty of Dentistry, Niigata University, on August 2, 2010. We were honored by the attendance of the faculty members pictured in the photo.



The Scholarship Award of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy was presented to Mr. Michael Christian, a third-year University of Connecticut dental student, for his scholarship and leadership. Mr. Christian's father, who is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, and his mother were present to see this coveted award tendered to their son by Dr. Santiago, Dr. MacNeil, and Dr. Goldblatt.


Carmen Tsang received the Foundation Junior Dental Student Grant for 2010. Additional grants given in 2010 by the PFA Foundation helped fund the "Give Kids a Smile" program and the Huntridge Homeless Clinic.


In August 2010, at the Welcome Back Assembly of the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, it was announced that senior Ericka Lentini was the PFA Foundation Scholarship recipient.

Editorial: When Is It Time to Stop Searching and Start Acting?

Editors note: Extensive news updates from many PFA Sections will appear in the next issue of the Dental World. We are including here an editorial from a Fellow in Canada to give a perspective on how one country is addressing an issue that is common to Dentistry worldwide.

In 1998, the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) was informed by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) that dentistry was one of four sectors they had targeted for the reduction of mercury releases into the environment. Although that information came with an invitation to participate in the development of actions aimed at dentistry, it was less than welcomed by the CDA. The reports quoted by CCME to support its decision used worst-case assumptions to fill in numerous gaps in available data, and as a result, the amount of mercury released by dentists was severely over-estimated. From CDA's perspective, the foundation of the CCME's decision was flawed, and as a result it needed to be reversed.

To accomplish this goal, CDA saw that it had no choice but to get involved in the CCME process. Our participation allowed us to get Environment Canada to modify the life-cycle study of dental amalgam it was doing in an attempt to identify opportunities to control mercury releases from dental offices. We were able to educate other participants about what dental amalgam is, how it is used, and why it continues to be needed for the maintenance of oral health. Most importantly, we got Environment Canada to accept that the use of dental amalgam as a restorative material and the management of dental amalgam waste are two completely separate issues and that only the latter comes under their mandate. In the end, none of those successes had any impact on the outcome because despite our best efforts, too many questions remained without answers, and CCME wanted actions to cut releases, not calls for further research.

Being forced to act without having an opportunity to gather the information needed to make sound decisions is a situation that is not easy to accept for a science-based profession such as dentistry. Yet as soon as we accepted that we had no choice but to go along, we were able to establish cooperative relationships that resulted in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by CDA and Environment Canada in March 2002. With the support of many key players in dentistry, by 2007 that Memorandum of Understanding had led to the implementation of Best Management Practices for mercury from dental amalgam waste by 70% of dental offices in Canada. Although the 98% reduction target set by CCME was not met, the result was close enough that the CDA was able to continue working cooperatively with Environment Canada. Earlier this year CDA and Environment Canada agreed on a new set of measures to push dentistry closer to the target while still giving dentists some flexibility regarding how that target would be achieved.

Because we never collected the data required to ascertain that the work we did is having a positive impact on the environment, we likely will never know if our actions effectively reduced the release of mercury into the environment. We do know that by staying true to the preventive approach that dentistry uses when it deals with dental decay and periodontal disease, we were able to lessen the regulatory burden faced by Canadian dentists and offer an alternative to environmentally motivated restrictions on the use of amalgam.

Fellow of PFA Region 6 Canada



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