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2010.4 July - August

The July/August issue of Dental World has been mailed. The online version is available now!


President's Message

Steven K. Hedlund, DDS

This is my third President's Message, and as I write to you I find that my year as President is half over. Time is going fast, and I still have a lot to do and so little time in which to do it.

I would like to personally invite those of you who are going to the ADA Convention in Orlando, Florida, on October 7-10, 2010, to attend our PFA events. On Saturday at 11:30 am we have our annual Awards Luncheon. The President's Reception is at 6 pm on Saturday, and the President's Dinner Party is on Sunday evening. Details can be found in this issue of Dental World, and schedule updates will be posted on our PFA Web site.

Speaking of events, in June 2011 the Pierre Fauchard Academy will celebrate its 75th Anniversary in Paris, France. Thus it is only fitting that the next Academy President will be Dr. Hubert Ouvrard from Paris, France. Plans are already being made for this big event, which will include lectures, a ceremony at the Paris 6th District Town Hall, nice hotel accommodations, and much more. If you would like to visit Paris next year, please join us for this great event. See future issues of Dental World for more details.

When I attended the plaque dedication for Dr. Richard Kozal at the College of Southern Nevada, I also was able to attend the Southern Nevada Section meeting. Dr. Bill Rohel was a wonderful host. Twenty-seven Fellows enjoyed a great meal, program, and fellowship. The program included a presentation on the local I-Smile Program, which is partially funded by a PFA Foundation grant that was presented to the group. It is always gratifying to hear how much good the Foundation does. By the time you read this message I will have attended the Washington State Section meeting at the kind invitation of Section Chair Barry Feder. I am looking forward to visiting our friends in the Northwest.

Two of the questions I hear most frequently are, "Why should I belong to PFA?" and, "What do I get for my money?" These questions are valid and deserve an answer. I will try to answer as best I can from my perspective.

First and foremost, it is an honor to be asked to be a member. Your peers have thought enough of you that they want you to belong to their organization, the Pierre Fauchard Academy. But as we all know, beyond this honor there must be other reasons to want to be a member and stay a member. For example, as part of the benefits of your paid membership, you receive six issues of Dental Abstracts, our very fine scientific journal, which otherwise would cost $109 for a year's subscription. (Note: The Academy did not raise dues [$125 in the United States] this year, and there are no plans to do so next year. Academy leaders believe that during these tough times the organization should tighten its belt like everyone else.)

Another reason for belonging to PFA is that there is real value in what the Academy does through its Foundation and the various causes that members volunteer to support. Projects like I-Smile, Mission of Mercy, and dental school scholarships are just a few examples of the good that is done by our organization. As I travel to visit PFA Sections across the United States and the world, I am constantly thanked for the grants given by PFA that allow members to make a difference in so many lives. For instance, in Georgia I was able to go to mobile dental vans and see firsthand our members doing dental work for needy school children. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy "Ask not what the Pierre Fauchard Academy does for you but what you can do for the Academy."

Well, that is enough sermonizing, but before I end this message I want to say that the Academy hopes you enjoy the new changes in the Dental World format. If you have comments please send them to our Editor, Mark Stanley. Mark is doing a great job and continues to improve our Web site and electronic communication. Please visit our Web site at www.fauchard. org; you can log in with your registered e-mail address to access the secure Member Services area that is reserved for PFA Fellows only.

Thanks to all of you, our valued members, for your support and time, which is much appreciated.

Steven K. Hedlund, DDS President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

From the Desk of the Executive Director of the Academy

Judith D. Kozal

It really is true that time flies, especially when your life is filled with purpose, good friends, colleagues, and work you enjoy (at least most of the time!).

Your Central Office is very happy to report that even in these tough and uncertain economic times, our hard-working Section Chairs have managed to recruit 380 new Fellows (and counting) since the start of the new year. This is a major accomplishment, and I am so proud of them! We need to be grateful and show the Section Chairs our appreciation, because recruiting new active Fellows keep the Academy alive and well as they take the place of the Fellows who become eligible for Life status after many years of continuous financial support. Trustees, please give your Section Chairs a pat on the back and some words of appreciation for the dedication and hard work they have done and continue to do.

Inductions and meetings are not the only things keeping us busy these days. We also have processed 15 requests for Distinguished Dentist Awards and have prepared and sent 45 Senior Student Certificate of Merit awards to Dental Schools in the United States and Canada, with 14 more waiting in the wings. Dental schools continue to send letters of thanks for these certificate awards, which honor and recognize deserving senior students for their academic excellence. The long-standing tradition of providing these certificates to U.S., Canadian, and international dental schools continues to be a much-appreciated gesture that goes a long way in promoting the goals of the Academy, and leads to the possibility of Awardees becoming future PFA Fellows.

Judith Kozal

Work on the new print Leadership All-in-One Directory continues to be a priority project, and we will finish it shortly. Some of the International Section Chairs have not yet responded to our request for updated information, but we have decided to proceed with the information we have at present and will make updates as new information arrives.

Many Section Chairs have helped us with the huge task of collecting e-mail addresses for Fellows who have forgotten to provide one on their return dues payment envelope. E-mail addresses are an absolute necessity for successful implementation of our new online program to collect 2011 U.S. national dues. If you would like to pay your 2011 dues online, please submit your e-mail address to the Central Office if you have not already done so. Of course, you will still have the option of paying your dues by sending a check to the Lock-Box.

Planning for our meetings and functions in Orlando, Florida, this October is proceeding. I hope that everyone who is planning to attend has made their reservations. If not, it would be wise to do so soon. Next year will be a very special time for the Academy as we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of PFA. More details will be forthcoming in future issues of Dental World!

Be kind to each other and to yourself....

Judith D. Kozal Executive Director of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Our mission as Fellows in the Pierre Fauchard Academy is to consistently focus on professionalism, integrity, and ethics worldwide by our own conduct as worthy role models, by the advancement of dentistry to the highest level, by supporting and honoring colleagues for their distinguished work, research, contributions, and public service, and by providing excellence in programs, education, and leading by example.

Plaque Dedicated to Dr. Richard Kozal's Memory at Dental Museum


The late Dr. Richard A. Kozal engaging students with the legend of American dentist & gunfighter Doc Holliday

Thursday, May 17, 2010, was a beautiful day...a very special day, as the man I called husband, soul mate, and best friend was honored by friends and colleagues for his dedication to his profession, to the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and to one of his greatest joys in life, teaching.

As I listened with pride to the words being spoken about Richard, I thought back to how it all started, when we left the place where we were born and had lived all of our adult lives to move to the desert and start a new life in Las Vegas, Nevada. Soon after we started this new chapter, an opportunity came knocking on our door. It led us to become close friends with then State Senator Dr. Raymond Rawson. Dr. Rawson was a well known forensic dentist and a teacher at the Community College of Southern Nevada. Richard thought it would be an honor for the Academy to have the Senator as a PFA Fellow, and we "inducted" Dr. Rawson at a local IHOP during breakfast. This meeting led to a wonderful and close relationship with Dr. Rawson and his kind and sweet wife, Linda. We spent many happy times together, even traveling to Paris and Belgium, where Ray was the guest speaker at the PFA meetings held there.

Once Dr. Rawson realized that Richard was not only dedicated to the Academy but had a passion for teaching, he encouraged him to move the PFA Central Office to the College, where a special office was created. Richard also was offered a teaching position, and for the next 9 years he performed his duties as Secretary General of PFA and taught the students in the Dental Hygiene program, a true labor of love to be sure.

Judith Kozal receiving a plaque honoring Dr. Richard Kozal (Colonel)

Later, space for Richard's dream of a Dental History Museum became a reality. The Museum is a living legacy to Richard thanks to the many dentists who donated dental items from different eras for display. Each semester the dental hygiene and dental assisting students take field trips to the museum to learn about how dentistry was conducted way back then and to talk about how far the profession has advanced. As Executive Director I get many letters and e-mails thanking the Academy for this wonderful opportunity to visit the museum.

All stories have either happy endings or sad ones; this story has both. My dear husband and our Secretary General passed away, leaving us very sad but with a legacy and many happy memories. This is what I chose to think about as Dr. Steve Hedlund, our current PFA President, and I placed the beautiful plaque in Richard's memory into the museum for all to see.

With thanks to all, Judith D. Kozal


PFA Nevada Dental Museum Ceremony

Dr. Ray Dawson, Nevada Section Chair Dr. Bill Rohel, Executive Director Judith Kozal, and PFA President Steve Hedlund

As President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and long-time friend of the late Dr. Richard Kozal, it was a privilege to be present when the Board of Trustees and Faculty of the College of Southern Nevada presented a beautiful plaque in his honor. Richard was an instructor at this school, and his fellow teachers told me of their fondness for Richard and their appreciation of his teaching skills.

The ceremony was held at the Dental Museum at the school. This museum was a labor of love for Richard, who conceived it and furnished it from scratch. Also present for the ceremony was Nevada Section Chair Dr. Bill Rohel and several members of the Nevada Section.

Dr. Ray Rawson, a close friend of Richard and Trustee of the College of Southern Nevada, presented the plaque, which will be permanently displayed in the museum. As you can imagine, this presentation was very moving for Judith, Richard's wife and PFA Executive Director. Judith and I were able to speak on behalf of the Academy and thanked the College for their fine tribute to Richard. I also took the opportunity to announce that the Academy will fund a $1500 scholarship in Richard's name to a deserving College of Southern Nevada Dental Assistant student. The faculty at the school was thrilled with the announcement and expressed their deep gratitude.

--Submitted by PFA President Dr. Steven Hedlund

Executive Board Meeting in Chicago


The Executive Board of PFA International met in Chicago, Illinois, on May 9, 2010, at the Swissotel. Academy President Steve Hedlund, President-Elect Hubert Ouvrard, Vice President Joseph Harris, Immediate Past President Chuck Eller, Editor Mark Stanley, Dan Jonkers, and Executive Director Judith Kozal were present.

The Academy's finances were examined and declared to be in the black and in good shape. Austerity measures were discussed. Dues will be not be raised in 2011.

The Elsevier contract was reviewed. Paper of a higher quality than that used in the past will now be used for the print version of Dental World. A digital file of Dental World (in PDF format) will continue to be available to all Fellows for free download on the Academy Web site.

On May 17, 2010, Las Vegas Community College (LVCC) held a ceremony to dedicate a plaque and picture of the dearly departed Academy Secretary General Richard Kozal. The Foundation will award a $1500 scholarship to an LVCC dental hygiene student, and the Academy will award a $1500 scholarship to a LVCC dental assistant student, both in the name of Dr. Kozal.

The Academy Bylaws, prepared by President Hedlund and Esq. Jon Howe, were reviewed in their final form and are ready for presentation in Orlando.

Celebration of the Academy's 75th anniversary is tentatively scheduled for June 2011 in Paris, France.

The agenda covered a broad range of topics, and many tasks were accomplished over a full day of deliberations. For example, both the Policy Manual and Strategic Plan were reviewed, a report on the FDI meeting in Chicago was given, names were submitted and discussed for the Academy's annual awards, the Section Chair Caucus Agenda for the Orlando meeting was discussed, and an update on the Wall of Fame was given.

--Submitted by Dr. Joseph Harris, Vice President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Foundation News


James Long, DDS

Dear Fellows,

As I write this message, there are just four months before the meetings of the Academy and the Foundation in Orlando. This year we have been very pleased with the number of Grant applications that have been received in the office of our Executive Director. Student scholarship checks have been sent to Junior students in 58 U.S. and 30 international dental schools. Thus far we have received several very nice letters of appreciation from these students, and I intend to acknowledge each one. One letter especially stands out: This student said that she intends to use her check to help fund a dental mission trip this summer, and she was very appreciative of the support from the Foundation. This student's response is truly remarkable, because it is exactly in this spirit that Foundation funds are intended to be used.

Foundation donations by our Fellows have increased during the past 2 or 3 years in spite of the poor state of the economy. On behalf of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, I thank each of you who responded to Dr. Larry Barrett's fund-raising letter. Generosity on your part enables the Grant Committee to fund additional deserving projects. Grant recipients last year ranged from inner-city clinics to remote mountain villages across the globe.

We look forward to seeing all of you--the makers and shakers of our profession--and to having a great meeting in October. We'll see you in Mickey Mouse land.

Dr. Jim Long, DDS President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


Laura Fleming Doyle


The Board of Trustees of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy is proud to fulfill the Foundation's mission by providing funds each year to advance the field of dental health through such activities as funding student scholarships and providing support of worthwhile charitable projects in dentistry.

2010 Scholarships Awarded Through Dental Schools

In 2010, 58 U.S. and 30 international third-year dental students each received a $1500 scholarship. The student scholarship recipients were selected on the basis of the following criteria:

demonstrated potential for developing into an outstanding leader in the profession because of his or her participation in the university, dental school, or community;
above-average grades;
demonstrated qualities of integrity, imagination, initiative, and outstanding communicative skills; and
a "need" for financial support.

2010 Grants Are Now Being Reviewed

Forty-six grant applications have been submitted to the Foundation for a total request of $380,000 in funding. Each of these applications is for a very worthy program, and determining which programs can be funded this year will be a difficult task for the Trustees as they gather at their October Board meeting. The money awarded will go to outstanding causes, and the grants will enable hundreds of low-income people around the world to be able to smile with pride, but even more projects will not be able to be funded. We wish we could say "yes" to each applicant, and with your continued support, some day we may be able to do just that!

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy is not the largest of the major dental foundations and does not receive as much funding through grants and contributions as do the larger dental foundations. However, a review of the funding of various allied dental organizations reveals that the PFA Foundation distributes the most money each year in grants and scholarships. In fact, in 2008 we awarded more than three times the amount that was given by other dental foundations! (Note: 2009 figures were not available for all organizations at the time this article was written.)

Your contributions to our Foundation go a long way. The Trustees work to keep the Foundation's expenses at a bare minimum so that more money can go to grants and scholarships programs. So, please, donate today!

You can be proud of your Foundation, and we thank you for your ongoing support. If you would like to make a donation so we can continue our tradition of supporting charitable projects in dentistry, go to donations/donate.php now to make your secure online donation, or call (703) 597-8847.

Laura Fleming Doyle Executive Director, Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


We invite you to join in on some friendly competition to honor your PFA Region in Orlando in the following categories:

Most dollars raised
Most donors

The PFA Region with the most dollars donated by members within their Region will be recognized in Orlando,

along with the PFA Region that has the most members who make a donation. As of July 14, PFA Region 2: Northeast has the most donors (84), while PFA Region 5: Western has donated the most money ($9185, from 69 donors).

  Donors Donations
PFA Region 2: Northeast 84 $8431
PFA Region 3: Southeast 75 $8950
PFA Region 4: Midwest 41 $3480
PFA Region 5: Western 69 $9185
PFA Region 10: Central 35 $3790
Total 304 $33,746

Have some fun with a little friendly competition and help the Foundation raise funds to improve the dental health of those less fortunate around the world.

To make an online donation, go to; you can also mail a check to FPFA, 1510 Judd Ct, Herndon, VA 20170, or call 1-703-597-8847.

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Private Foundation; all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.


Dr. Barry Dolman, PFA Canada National Chair; Ms. Jeanne Sansfacon, Student Clinician Université Laval, accepting a $1000 Scholarship; and Dr. Tom Breneman, PFA International Trustee


Ten students, including Ms. Jeanne Sansfaçon (U. Laval), Mr. Tudor-Ioan Sitharu (U. de Montreal), Mr. Evan Wiens (U. British Columbia), Mr. Ausama Mohamed (U. Alberta), Ms. Alison Schubert (U. Saskatchewan), Mr. Geoff McIntosh (U. Saskatchewan), Ms. Jackie Samborski (U. Manitoba), Ms. Nelly Hashem (U. Western Ontario), and Mr. David Lee (U Toronto), were awarded the PFA Foundation Scholarships in the amount of $1000 through the additional support of Canadian Fellows.



L-R, Dean Thomas Braun, Ms. Melissa Fogel, and Dr. R. Donald Hoffman


Dean Thomas W. Braun at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine presented the PFA Foundation Dental Student Scholarship Award to Ms. Melissa Fogel. The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine extended their thanks to the Foundation for their generosity.


The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston awarded student Ross Hunter a 2010 PFA Dental Student Scholarship.

L-R, PFA Fellow Dr. Philip Nauert; Ross Hunter, third-year dental student scholarship recipient; and Houston Interim Dean John Valenza, DDS


The PFA Foundation Dental Student Scholarship Award was given to Hubert Park at the Seventh Annual Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Graduation Dinner on Friday, May 7, 2010.

L-R, Dean Lonnie Norris; Tufts University student Hubert Park receiving his scholarship check; and Associate Dean Gerard Kugel

Section News


Dr. Barry Dolman, PFA Canada National Chair; Dr. Pierre Boisvert, President, ODQ Fund, accepting the $5000 donation to the Children's Breakfast Program; and Dr. Tom Breneman, PFA International Trustee


More than 100 dentists sweetened their role in philanthropy recently at the Annual Pierre Fauchard Gala held in Montreal at the Neligan Hotel within the historic old city. Quebec's most influential members of the dental profession gathered to honor Dr. Diane Legault, President of the Order of Dentists, and Dr. Paul Germain, co-founder of Dentists Without Borders, for their Distinguished Service, along with Maitre Caroline Daoust, our Honourary 2010 Fellow.

Among the many persons present were Dr. Ronald Smith (President, Canadian Dental Association); CDA Past Presidents Drs. Bernard Dolansky, Louis Dube, George Sweetnam, and Don Friedlander; Dr. Serge Langlois (President, ACDQ); Dr. Larry Levin (President, ODA); Dr. Frank Stechey (President, Royal College Ontario); Dr. John O'Keefe (Editor, JCDA); Dr. Denis Forest (Director, ODQ-JDQ); and Past Quebec Section Chair Guy Maranda.

Dr. Barry Dolman, PFA Canada National Chair, presided over the event with incoming PFA International Trustee Dr. Tom Breneman. Close to $80,000 raised by the PFA Canada was granted to the 10 Faculties of Dentistry to encourage the teaching development of new technologies. Deans from across the country who graciously attended and support PFA were Gilles Lavigne, Paul Allison, Andre Fournier, Thomas Boran, David Mock, and Harinder Sandu.

Dr. Gerald Dushkin replaced Dr. Sam Sgro as Quebec PFA Section Chair; Dr. Sgro will be taking on new responsibilities at the JDQ.

Fourteen new fellows also were inducted into PFA at the event: Dr. Harinder Sandu, Dr. David Mock, Dr. Trevor Chin Quee, Dr. Luc Gauthier, Dr. Maryse Major, Dr. Rejean Labrie, Dr. Sylvie Duranleau, Dr. Carl Tremblay, Dr. Benoit Soucy, Dr. Christian Robin, Dr. Charles-Antoine Hudon, Dr. Stephane Roy, Dr. Mireille Savoie, and Dr. Corey Felix.

Finally, in a pilot project this year, PFA Canada began a what we hope will be a tradition--giving back locally and directly via one aspect of community service within our host city. The Children's Breakfast Program in Quebec, supported by the Fond ODQ, was chosen as our targeted project for 2010, in the spirit "that we cannot nourish the minds of children if they are hungry." PFA Canada was pleased to contribute a compilation of checks totaling $5000 to this very worthwhile endeavour.

PFA Canada will hold its 2011 annual event next year in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with the help of our Atlantic Section Chair Dr. Alfred Dean.



Dr. Jon Davis, Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, was installed as President of the Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) on Wednesday, May 5, during the CSDA House of Delegates Annual Session at the Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino. Dr. Davis, who will serve a 1-year term as the CSDA President, also is involved in several volunteer programs, including the annual CSDA Give Kids a Smile event, CT Mission of Mercy, and Donated Dental Services. Dr. Davis opened his private practice in Fairfield, Connecticut, in 1976, and he still practices there today.


The 2010 Missouri Section Annual Meeting was recently held in conjunction with the Midwest Dental Conference in Kansas City. We met for fellowship and induction of two new Fellows: Dr. Robert Blundell and Dr. John Copeland. The new Fellows and PFA Scholarship recipient Esther Machen were honored at the combined ACD, ICD, PFA Luncheon at the Hyatt.

Present at the induction ceremony were (L-R): Dr. Jim Dryden (past Missouri Section Chair), Dr. Ron Riley (current Missouri Section Chair), Esther Machen, DDS (2010 PFA Scholarship Recipient), Dr. Robert Blundell and Dr. Jon Copeland (Inductees), Dr. Jim Elliott, Dr. Stu Samples, and Dr. Ed Grimes (Oklahoma Section-Guest)



The Michigan Section met in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Michigan Dental Association on April 17, 2010, at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, MI. The meeting commenced at 7 am with 73 persons in attendance. The Invocation was given by Dr. Joe C. Harris, International Vice President. Guests in attendance were Dr. David Campbell, Past President of the Academy; Dr. Joe C. Harris; Dr. Cheri Newman, District 4 Trustee; Ms. Nicole Lauer, who is the daughter of Mrs. Sheri Doig, Honorary Awardee; Dr. Neelum Aggarwal and her two sons, who are the daughter and grandsons of new Inductee Dr. Daman Thanik; and Dr. Bill Burkowski, UDM Dental School Liaison to the Michigan Section. Seventeen dental students and one dental resident also were introduced.

The Treasurer, Dr. Danielle Ruskin, gave her report and received her Certificate of Fellowship. The Section Board members were introduced: Dr. Danielle Ruskin, Dr. Jehan Wakeem, Dr. Pat Boyle, and Dr Mike Maihofer. A special Award was given to Dr. Edward Sarkisian, past Treasurer of the Section, for his 13 years of service. Dr. Hirsch introduced the new Fellows-elect: Drs. Brian Cilla, Rhonda Hennessey, Eric Knudsen, Rob Lovell, Scott Meldrum, Stephen Meraw, Aaron Ruskin, Lisandra Soto, and Daman Thanik.

The Fellowship charge was read by the Secretary, Dr. Wakeem, and certificates were presented to the new Fellows along with their keys and lapel pins. Dr. Hirsch introduced the Awards Nominee, Ms. Sheri Doig, Executive Director of the Detroit District Dental Society, the largest component of the Michigan Dental Association. Ms. Doig was made an Honorary Member of the Academy and was presented with a large framed certificate, a key, and lapel pins. Dr. Hirsch explained that at the November meeting, along with the usual agenda, all the Retired Life members of the Section will be honored. Mentoring was discussed, and the members present were charged with the duty of mentoring students and recent graduates. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m. so that members could attend the caucus meetings.

--Submitted by Dr. Edward Hirsch, Section Chairperson

Dr. Leon E. Stanislav


Southern Nevada

Nevada Section Chair Dr. Bill Rohel hosted 27 fellows for their Section Meeting. PFA President Dr. Steve Hedlund attended this meeting.

A beautiful plaque honoring the late Dr. Richard A. Kozal was presented in a special ceremony at the Dental History Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 17th, 2010 (see page 4).

PFA Fellow Dr. Leon E. Stanislav was installed as the 2010-11 President of the Tennessee Dental Association during the Association's 143rd Annual Session in Chattanooga. Founded in 1867, the Tennessee Dental Association is a statewide voluntary association of dentists with a membership of 2300. Dr. Stanislav received his BS degree from the University of Iowa in 1974 and his DDS from the University of Iowa in 1977. He served in the U.S. Navy Dental Corps from 1977 to 1979 on the NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia, before moving to Clarksville in 1979, where he currently practices. He also serves as a member of the American Dental Association's Council on Access, Prevention, and Interprofessional Relations.TENNESSEE


The Washington Section of the PFA held its Annual Meeting on June 17, 2010, in Seattle. There were 115 Fellows and guests attending. We celebrated the induction of 13 new Fellows into the Academy. Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Dr. Barry Feder of Issaquah, the Washington Section Chair. Joining him were special guests Dr. Steve Hedlund, International President, and his wife, Christine; Dr. Chuck Eller, Immediate Past President; and Dr. Dan Castagna, our Region 5 PFA Trustee.

The 13 new Fellows are a geographically diverse group, representing all areas of Washington State. They bring a wealth of professional and community involvement to the Academy. Last year, we inducted, as far as I can tell, the first mother/ daughter team, Pat and Cynthia Pauley from Bellevue. They were joined this year by Danny and Michael Warner from Vancouver, Washington, who are our first father/son team.

The thirteen new fellows are: Dr. Doug Coe, Walla Walla; Dr. Polene Speed-McIntyre, Seattle; Dr. Lisa Block, Gig Harbor; Dr. Michael Warner, Vancouver; Dr. Danny Warner, Vancouver; Dr. J.D. Troy, Longview; Dr. Amy Winston, Seattle; Dr. Michael Huey, Bremerton; Dr. Jeanine McDonald, Spokane; Dr. Tom Sweeney, Bellevue; Dr. Mark Paxton, Spokane; Dr. Hashim Clothia, Seattle; Dr. Ed Truelove, Seattle.

In addition to the induction of our 13 new Fellows, we also had our University of Washington Dental Student Award winners present. Our Fourth Year PFA Leadership Award winner was Jason Tanguay. Our Third Year PFA Foundation Scholarship Winner ($1,500) Daniel Seetin was unable to be with us for the evening. Our Second Year Washingtion State Section Scholarship winner ($1,500) was Rusty Johnson. Both Jason and Rusty and their guests got a chance to address our meeting and met many of our Fellows and International Officers at the dinner.

Drs. Hedlund, Eller, and Castagna gave short reports on the Academy, Foundation, and International happenings. Dr. Eller charged our new Fellows with their continuation of service, and all helped in the Initiation Ceremony.

Mr. Dick Fredricks was present to accept the Pierre Fauchard Foundation Grant awarded to Medical Teams International. The grant will go toward expanding the Walla Walla Mobile Dental Van Program, which serves the southeastern part of the state. The Mobile Dental Van program is instrumental in delivering care to this part of the state, which is rural in nature and truly is underserved. There are four other Mobile Dental Vans serving Washington State, and many of our Fellows volunteer to provide care for this program. Mr. Fredricks had a short presentation on Medical Teams International and the Dental Vans in particular.

The past year has been a great one for the Washington Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and we look forward to another active year in 2011. Our annual meeting for 2011 will be on 16 June, 2011 at 6 pm at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle.


Submission of photos and articles about Section activities are accepted for possible publication in the Dental World. Please contact the Editor for more information.

Photos submitted must be large and high enough resolution for printing, usually the minimum size is 4" x 6" and 600dpi resolution at 22 picas wide (after cropping) if sent electronically, and compressed JPEG photo images (.JPG ) are best for sending electronically. Sending actual photo prints on photographic paper via regular postal mail is also accepted.

Dental World Editor

Dental World Submission Due Dates:


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