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2010.2 March - April


President's Message

Dr. Steven Hedlund

My father graduated from the University of Iowa's Journalism school which, at that time, was one of the best programs in the country. Unfortunately, I did not inherit his writing skills, which I could use right now. It is somewhat frightening to know that what you are writing may be read by hundreds of people. I am going to give it my best effort and hope for a journalism miracle.

I would first like to say that it is a great honor and privilege to serve as your President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Though this is something that I never expected to do I am glad that that I have the opportunity to serve as your President.

I would like to thank Dr. Chuck and Mrs. Gloria Eller for the fine year they had as your President and First Lady. Chuck was the face of the PFA to our Latin, European and Asian Fellows. No one could have been a better ambassador.

I must also comment about the fine work the PFA Foundation is doing. The Foundation has a new Executive Director, Laura Doyle. With her addition and the leadership of Jim Long and the Board, I see great things happening.

The PFA Board of Trustees had its annual meeting in conjunction with the ADA Convention in Hawaii. The Board worked diligently during their time in Hawaii, culminating in the President's banquet on the last evening of the meeting. Trustee Karyn Stockwell led the discussion at the Section Chair Caucus where many ideas and problems were shared.

Two weeks after the Hawaii meeting I traveled to Kyoto, Japan, to attend the 40th anniversary meeting of the Japanese Section. I was the first President to attend a Japanese meeting, and my wife and I were treated with unbelievable hospitality. It was great to meet so many PFA members and see my old friend Dr. Sakuda. Our hosts were Dr. Keishi Matsumoto and his wife Kiako. The Matsumotos were wonderful hosts and took great care of us.

From Japan we flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to attend the Argentina Section meeting where I presented the Academy's Elmer Best Award to Dr. Jose Carlos Elgoyhen. Twenty-seven new members were inducted into the Academy in front of a standing room only audience. My thanks go out to Norberto Montheil and Ernesto Acuña for organizing this wonderful meeting. I would like to congratulate Dr. Rossi as the new Section chair for Argentina. We thank Norberto and Ruthie for their hospitality and wish them well.

Look for changes in Dental World. The Academy wants to upgrade the look and design of our publication. Because of this transition Dental World was not included in the Jan/Feb issue. We also will reduce the number of Dental Worlds from six to four issues. There will be more to come on this subject at a later time.

I have been told that Busy Hands are Happy Hands. I am amazed at the amount of time this job requires but to have a great organization it takes a lot of work and your Officers and Trustees are willing to have Busy Hands.

Steven K. Hedlund, DDS
President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Executive Director PFA


Happy New Year! Hoping everyone is having a good new year so far. Your Central Office offers the following tidbits of news to assure you all is well and that the Central Office is in full operation.

The unexpected passing of our Secretary General, Richard Kozal, created some challenges that we were able to overcome with the support, patience, and dedication of the Officers, Trustees and our ever hard-working Section Chairs. We not only overcame the challenges but have gone forward with confidence to reorganize the Office, making it more efficient without losing any of the personal service everyone has come to expect over the years.

With the able help of a new assistant, Louise, and our long-time "Jack of all Trades," Michael, we continue to fulfill all requests and duties while learning new skills under the guidance of our Web Manager and new Editor, Mark Stanley. Dr. Jim Brophy, who has been the Academy's Editor for many years, has been asked to take on the important role of Contributing Editor & Historian for the Academy, a task he is well suited for, as there is no one who could fill this role as he can.

In the coming months, we will continue to provide everything our Section Chairs and Region Trustees need to help them in their never-ending tasks of recruiting new Fellows, planning, and holding local meetings, functions, and inductions. Upon request, the Central Office will provide the materials needed for recruitment, Section allowance assistance, as well as the certificates, lapel pins, and PFA keys to make the new Fellows "Official!" With those things in mind, it is very important for each and every Section Chair to adhere to the new procedures and protocols that have been in place since 2009 for submitting the names and all other necessary information for processing each new Fellow. A sincere effort is required to ensure that the Central Office can quickly process the information provided by each Chair on a "Printed" list and deposit one check for the new Fellow fees collected for the journal subscriptions. Each Section Chair will receive all the new memos, procedures, and protocols, as well as updated lists and reports so the most current information is available to refer to anytime there is a doubt as how to proceed.

As always, we are available to answer your questions or concerns anytime. Please do not hesitate to contact us. The best phone number to reach us at is: (702) 345-2950 (we're on Pacific Coast time). Please forward your e-mail addresses to so that you can obtain access to the Academy's Web site and enjoy its many new and awesome features. You will find meeting notices and new information being posted all the time, as well as the latest issue of our newsletter, Dental World. You can even e-mail the Central Office right from the Web site!

Looking forward to being with all of you this year... Orlando!

Respectfully submitted,
Judith D. Kozal
Executive Director of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


PFA Past President Dr. Eller Visits Poland


PFA President Dr. Charles Eller giving the 2009 Elmer S. Best Award to Dr. Zbigniew Janczuk in Poznan, Poland

Dr. Eller Visited Poland to Bestow Elmer Best Award on Sept. 23, 2009

The prestigious Elmer S. Best Award commemorates the Founder of the PFA. It is awarded annually to an individual living outside the United States who has made a significant contribution to the art and science of dentistry. The 2009 Awardee was Professor Dr. Zbigniew Janczuk.

Dr. Janczuk founded PFA Poland in 1989. He has made an incredible impact on dentistry over a 23-year period. (Please see the Elmer S. Best Award recipient profile later in this issue.)

The presentation ceremony was held in Poznan, a 3-hour train ride through the fertile, flat Polish countryside. Rich in history with its churches, palaces, museums, and monuments, it is also the location of Polands' largest trade fair complex. The PFA Award ceremony was held in this venue. As an aside, it was on an island in this city, aptly name Cathedral Island, where once stood the castle where Prince Miesko I accepted Christianity on behalf of the Polish nation in the year 966. If you are a travel buff, do not miss Poland!

Dr. Eugeniusz Spiechowicz was the emcee for the emotional evening award festivities. The event was well attended and followed by the glitz, glamour, wining, dining, dancing--a typical Polish celebration. And they do it right!

Our hosts were kind, gracious and helpful. We had personal guides from arrival to departure.

Dr. Zbigniew Klimek, secretary of PFA Poland, and his son, also a dentist, were extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Everyone spoke excellent English. Thank Goodness! Just try speaking Polish!

Dr. Elzbieta Mierzwinska-Nastalska was our lovely, gracious hostess. She is a maxillofacial surgeon and presented an excellent report on cases which she has completed. Dr. Karolina Gerreth was our guide in Poznan. She took us on a memorable tour of the city and showed us the School of Dentistry. It is shaped like an upper molar with three four-story angled sections attached to a huge central lobby. Dental education is paid for by the Polish government and most of the graduates work for the government. Many of them wish to move on to private practice and they are extremely well-prepared to do so. The young offspring of our hosts, all dentists, deserve our heartfelt thanks for taking time to chauffeur and guide us.

Poland has only been "free" for 20 years. When you hear their stories of survival in WWII, the occupation by the Germans and the Russians, you have utmost admiration for the heroic people of Poland.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy of Poland is alive and well and is a credit to our Academy and our great profession.

Dr. Charles G. Eller


The PFA International Board of Trustees met Oct. 2-Oct. 4, 2009, at the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu, HI, in conjunction with the ADA Annual Meeting. The weather was outstanding and the hospitality and location a reward after long days of meetings.

The meeting started off with the Section Chair Caucus which was hosted by Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell of Georgia. Twenty-four people were in attendance. Chairpersons Jay Harrington of Georgia, John Reese of South Carolina, Cindy Bolton of North Carolina, Richard Petty of Utah, Frank Braun of Germany, Barry Feder of Washington, Roger Turkel of Rhode Island, Kushi Matsumoto of Japan, Greg McGann of New Jersey, Hermogenes Villareal of the Philippines, Diampo Lim of the Philippines, Norberto Montheil of Argentina and Lynne Halik of New York shared ideas and information about their respective sections and collectively dialoged about ways and means of bettering the Academy at local levels.

The PFA Web manager, Mark Stanley, debuted the new Academy Web site ( to the Chairpersons and informed them that a special page is now available exclusively for each Section Chair to post relative information for their respective regions. All that is required for a Chair to post and edit new updates to the Web site is current registration of their e-mail address with the Central Office. Section chairs can login to the Web site and create their own password.

The Board of Trustees began their sessions on October 2. The first order of business was a moment of silence for long-time Secretary General Dr. Richard Kozal. In Dr. Kozal's memory, a scholarship will be established in his name for dental assistant students at UNLV School of Dentistry and the dental museum at Las Vegas Community Dental Hygiene School will be named after him.

Foundation President, Dr. Jim Long, introduced the new Foundation Executive Director, Mrs. Laura Fleming Doyle of Herndon, VA, to the Board. Dr. Long informed all that in 2008 the Foundation received 40 grant requests, of which 35 were approved resulting in over $385,000 of funds awarded. Due to the recent global economic slowdown, grant rewards are expected to be more conservative for the coming year.


The budget was reviewed and discussed. A balanced budget was passed. The dues remain unchanged at $125. Many cost-saving measures were proposed for implementation in 2010.

The Constitution and By-Laws were reviewed. Non-functioning committees were eliminated. The President and Board of Trustee's power to create Ad Hoc committees when deemed necessary was reconfirmed.

Life membership was previously awarded to Fellows of 10 years who no longer claim dentistry as a means of earning a living; or, Fellows of 10 years and 65 years of age or older. The condition of Life Membership is now only constituted to the previous.

The new Academy Executive Director Judith Kozal's job description was reviewed and discussed. In May 2009, Mrs. Kozal was given a 3-year contract.

Procedurally, Academy meetings will be conducted according to Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure as opposed to the previously application of Robert's Rules.


The following various awards were presented at the Awards Luncheon: PFA Gold Medal Award was given to 
Dr. Eugene Sekiguchi; the Certificate of Merit was given to 
Dr. (General) Robert E. Brady; the Elmer S. Best Award for 2009 was given to Dr. Zbigniew Janczuk (Poland); and the Elmer S. Best Award for 2010 was given to Dr. Jose Carlos Elgoyhen.

The Dental Trade and Industry Award was given to Mr. Gilles Pierson, The President's Award was given to 
Dr. Malcolm David Campbell and Dr. Nicholas Saccone.

Dr. Steve Hedlund (US), Dr. Hubert Ouvrard (France) and Dr. Joseph Harris (US) were installed as President, President-Elect and Vice President respectively. Dr. Karyn Stockwell of Georgia (Region 3 Trustee) and Dr. Daniel Castagna of California (Region 5 Trustee) were reappointed & installed for second terms.

Dr. Richard Walsh of Rhode Island completed his second term of outstanding service as Region 2 Trustee. Due to term limits Dr. Walsh has been replaced by Dr. Lynne Halik of New York.


Saturday evening gave everyone a chance to relax and socialize after sunset.

The Meeting concluded with a wonderful dinner Sunday evening where everyone had a chance to relax, mingle, and enjoy each other's company, plus take a few photographs of their special memories!


Dr. Karyn L. Stockwell

A well-attended Annual Section Caucus was held on October 2 at the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii in conjunction with the ADA annual meeting.

The following Section Chairs were in attendance: Argentina: Dr. Norberto Montheil, Georgia: Dr. Jay Harrington, Germany: Dr. Frank Braun, Japan: Dr. Kushi Matsumoto, New Jersey: Dr. Greg McGann, New York: Dr. Lynne Halik, North Carolina: Dr. Cindy Bolton, Philippines: Dr. Diampo Lim and Dr. Hermogenes Villareal, Rhode Island: Dr. Roger Turkel, South Carolina: Dr. John Reese, Utah: Dr. Richard Petty and Washington: Dr. Barry Feder.

The Board of Trustees and the Management Team was present at the beginning of the Caucus to welcome the attendees. After an entertaining "Hula" dance video, and a short power point review of the Academy's mission, goals and objectives, President Eller and President-Elect Hedlund provided opening remarks and a review of the year's activities to the attendees.

Our PFA Web manager Mark Stanley debuted the new look for the Academy's Web site during the Caucus and taught the Section Chairs how to post current information for their Section on their designated Web page. The Chairs were charged with the task to communicate to their Section's Fellows how they can now go online to get any information they need for local activities (of course this means the each Section Chair must keep his/her Web page updated) as well as activities of the entire Academy.

The Chairs were also able to meet the Foundation's new Executive Director, Ms. Laura Fleming Doyle. After reviewing how to apply for Section Grants (forms are available on the Web site), and what types of programs are eligible for grants, she was able to answer questions as well as ask for input on how the Foundation could improve the process. The Chairs were also charged with being leaders by example with their donations to the Foundation, ($100 was suggested as an amount for a Section Chair to contribute and $500 for a Trustee, with a goal of all in leadership positions to strive to become Shira Fellows at the $1000 level). The Chairs gave Ms. Doyle many good ideas and positive input.

All the Chairs shared ideas and information about their respective sections and collectively dialoged about ways and means of bettering the Academy at the grassroots level as well as how the Academy could help them to serve their Section better. The Chairs also shared the types of service programs their Sections were involved in from additional scholarships to local charity clinics in which Fellows volunteer. It was pointed out that one of the nicer things about the Section Caucus is to see the concept of service within the profession on an international level. For new Section Chairs this exchange is invaluable for helping them see the bigger picture and get ideas they can take back and implement in their Section. Chairs who have previously attended can also be exposed to fresh ideas as well as mentor a new Chair and have the opportunity to make connections and share camaraderie on an International level.

Dr. Frank Braun

The idea that a Section Chair should being required to attend a Caucus at least once during their 3-year tenure was brought up for discussion. As the ADA meeting moves around the country, in any given year there should be a location that it is more convenient for Section Chairs to attend. If Section Chairs from other countries can make the effort to attend the Caucus during the ADA, then certainly we expect no less from our Section Chairs in the States. The general feeling was that since there is a stipend to offset the costs, that attendance at least once during their tenure be mandatory for Section Chairs. For Sections where the term of office is only one year, they can follow South Carolina's lead and send their Chair-elect to the Caucus. Dr. Frank Braun of Germany brought up the idea of an International induction of New Fellows to be concurrent with the FDI meeting. This idea generated much discussion and excitement with the general feeling that the Board of Trustees should explore this possibility as a way of making all the Fellows feel part of a truly International Academy. The idea is that Fellows could choose to be inducted into Fellowship either on the local or international level. Any input on this idea from Section Chairs not in attendance would be appreciated.

The Chairs also would like to be able to pay dues online and were pleased to hear that a secure, password protected area of the website has been designed for that purpose. All that is required to log-in and pay dues is a current e-mail address registered at the Central Office, and the secure web server can e-mail you a temporary password (or send you another new temporary one if you forget it). You can then choose a password (of at least 8 letters or numbers) that you prefer.

The Chairs were also eager to hear when the dues rebate program would be reinstated.

The Section Chairs look forward to a productive 2010 and are very committed to Academy.

Karyn L. Stockwell, DMD 
Chair, 2009 Section Caucus


Dr. Eugene Sekiguchi


Eugene Sekiguchi, DDS MSEE BSEE

He was born in San Diego, CA, the first-born of an immigrant father and American-born mother. Eugene and his sisters were interred in Heart Mountain, WY, while his father was sent to a labor camp during WWII. After the war, they returned to Los Angeles, where he graduated from Roosevelt High School. Taking advantage of a four-year scholarship he won, Eugene graduated from the University of California in Berkley, where he earned a BSEE and worked as a licensed electrical engineer for the next 10 years. Never giving up his plans of becoming a doctor, deferential to the influence of his father-in-law, Dr. Henry K. Kawamoto, and with the support of his wife, Claire, an elementary school teacher, he entered dental school.Dr. Eugene Sekiguchi is a 1974 graduate of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in Los Angeles and has been in general practice for over 35 years. He has served as the President of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, San Gabriel Valley Dental Society, USC Dental Alumni Association and Part Time Faculty Assembly and as the Executive Director of the California Dental Association. Currently, he is the Associate Dean for International, Professional and Legislative Affairs, Director for the Advance Standing Program for International Dentists, Group Practice Director, and Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry in addition to his private practice.

Upon graduation and licensure in 1974, he began practice in Monterey Park with Dr. Kawamoto and volunteered as a part-time faculty at USC School of Dentistry in removable prosthetics department. Dr. Sekiguchi has always been an active member of organized dentistry and has served on numerous committees at the local and state levels, cumulating with the Presidencies of the SGVDS, CDA and ADA. He continues to serve the profession in roles with the American and International Colleges, and the community on various non-profit boards.

Dr. Sekiguchi's Professional memberships include PFA, ACD, ICD, ADI FDI, ADA, CDA, CDS, JADS, HDS and the NDA as well as many other Professional and Honorary organizations. He has also held elected and appointed offices in many of these organizations.

He is currently the Associate Dean for International, Professional and Legislative Affairs at USC School of Dentistry.

He resides with his wife Claire, and practices in Southern California.

Elmer S. Best Memorial Award

Professor Zbigniew Jańczuk was granted the 2009 Elmer S. Best Memorial Award, a prize established in 1962 to commemorate the founder of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Professor Zbigniew Janczuk

Professor Zbigniew Janczuk was born on July 31, 1924, in Polaniec, Poland. He graduated with honors from the Medical Academy in Lodz in 1952, where he studied dentistry as a third year student, he began working in the Department of Conservative Dentistry first as an assistant's helper, and then after graduation as an assistant. In 1956 he became Senior Assistant and in 1961, a lecturer. Professor Janczuk received his PhD in Dentistry in 1959 at the Medical Academy in Lodz. The doctoral dissertation which he defended was entitled "Reactioning keratinization of oral epithelium". On April 30, 1964, he attained habilitation at the Medical Academy in Lodz in the field of Conservative Dentistry. He became an Associate professor in 1971 and in 1977, a full Professor.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Professor Janczuk was a Member of The Pathophysiology, Commission within the Poznan section of the Polish Academy of Sciences and until now is a member of the Szczecin Scientific Society. For his numerous activities for the Medical Academy and other institutions, the Professor was presented with many National Awards, prizes and scientific and didactic distinctions. He has written and published many scientific papers, monographs, books, summaries and reports written after congresses in German, English, French, Russian and Hungarian. He has worked on the World Health Organization and Federation Dentaire International Commissions.

He has been a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy since 1985 and founded the Polish Section of the Academy in 1989.

This is the first time the Elmer S. Best Memorial Award was granted to the representative of Central and Eastern Europe.

Dental Trade & Industry Award

Mr. Gilles Pierson, Acteon Group

Gilles Pierson

Gilles Pierson, 55 years old, graduated from Bordeaux School of Management in 1979 and studied Mathematics and Fundamental Physics at the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) from 1977 to 1979.

His career in the dental industry began in 1979 when he joined Satelec as Area Manager at which time the company was developing the first ever piezoelectric dental scaler. In 1981, he became General Manager of Satelec. The company profits during this time were approximately 2M€.

By 1984, the company spread out worldwide by opening subsidiaries in Düsseldorf and Barcelona, and was the first ever dental companv to open a subsidiary in Beijing. By 1986, when Satelec merged with Pierre Rolland Laboratories, profits had reached 17M€.

In 1991, Gilles Pierson became President of Satelec-Pierre Rolland Group, which changed its name to Acteon Group in 2003.

From 1990 to 2007, the Group continued its growth, while increasing its turnover from 20M€ to 110M€. Gilles Pierson led two LBO (Leverage Buy Out) operations, in 1991 and in 2005. Many subsidiaries have been set up: in the Philippines (1992), Korea (1993), India and Jordan (1994), UK (1999), Thailand (2004), Costa Rica (2005), Australia and Russia (2006). The Group acquired commercial and industrial companies: in Bilbao (manufacture of autoclaves) in 1998; the distributor Amadent in Philadelphia, in 1998; Riskontrol in 2000 (France); Sopro (France), specialist in dental and medical cameras, in 2001; SEDR (France), LED curing light, in 2003; Geyser (France), insufflators and irrigators for laparoscopic surgery, in 2004; COMEG (Germany), surgical endoscopes, in 2006; DE GÖTZEN (Italy), manufacturing of intraoral X-Ray generators, in 2007.

Under Gilles Pierson's management, the Group has launched many innovative dental products such as Expasyl (a unique paste for gingival retraction) and disposable tips for air/water syringes. it has specialized in the application of ultrasonics to periodontology, endodontics, bone surgery and implantology (Piezotome in 2005), has invented an intraoral camera with shade matching function, Hémostasyl (thixotropic hemostatic) in 2006, an intraoral camera for caries detection by fluorescence in 2008.

In 2008, Acteon Group achieved a turnover of II0M€ with 750 employees, half of whom live outside France: Germany (92), Spain (41), Thailand (40), North America (38), India (35), Italy (33), the Philippines (31), Hungary (25), China (22), the UK (12), the Middle East (8), Korea (7), Australia / New Zealand (4), Russia (3) and Latin America (2).


Certificate of Merit Award

Robert E. Brady, D.M.D. Brigadier General, U.S. Army Retired

Dr. Robert E. Brady

Born in New Haven, CT, and reared in North Haven, he attended that city's Notre Dame High School. Following graduation from Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA, he entered Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, graduating in 1965.

In August 1965, Dr. Brady was commissioned as a Captain in the U.S. Army with a tour of duty at Fort Rucker, AL. Both he and his wife enjoyed their experience at Fort Rucker and decided to stay in the Army. He applied for and received a Regular Army Commission and then went on to complete a 30 year military career.

Service has seen him in Vietnam with the 3rd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division; Fort Sam Houston, TX; Fort Lewis, WA; West Germany; Walter Reed Army Medical Center, VA; Fort Bragg, NC; and the Pentagon. He has commanded dental units in Germany, Fort Bragg, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and in his last assignment was the Commanding General, 30th Medical Brigade, Germany.

Following his residency in Removable Prosthodontics, he was certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics. He has attended the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, the industrial College of the Armed Forces, the Center for Creative Leadership, and the JFK School of Government, Harvard University.

Dr. Brady has attended more than 50 graduate courses, published a dozen articles, directed the Removable Prosthodontics Residency Training Program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, presented papers and clinics extensively and holds memberships in eight professional organizations. Additionally, he has been the Consultant to the Surgeon General, U.S. Army, for Removable Prosthodontics. His military service is exemplified by his receiving thirteen military awards headed by the U.S. Army Distinguished Service Medal, two Legions of Merit, two Bronze Star Medals, the Combat Medic Badge and retirement at the rank of Brigadier General.

He is married to the former Janet Fappiano and they have three daughters and one son and currently 11 grandchildren.

At the present time, Dr. Brady is the Secretary General of the International College of Dentists and the Registrar of the USA Section.


From the Editor's Desktop

Mark D. Stanley

I am honored to have been asked to step into a new role at the Academy as Editor for Dental World. It has been a pleasure to have participated in the Academy and the Foundation during the last decade, and I have come to value the interactions I've had with so many great people. I pledge to do my best to be available to your suggestions and ideas as to how Dental World can be changed, yet continue to do what it's best at--communicating to all of the membership the ongoing activities of Fellows worldwide. Thank you for the trust that you have placed in my hands as Editor. I invite all of you to join in forging the Academy's future as the traditional role of publications changes and adapts to an electronically connected world. Today the whole world can potentially hear the voice of the Academy, and learn about its endeavors to uphold the very best values of the dental profession.

I can already report that the discipline, focus, and organizational skills that are required for the editor at Dental World far surpassed my initial expectations. For the last couple months I've begun to deeply appreciate all the hard work that Dr. Brophy put into Dental World during his tenure. We are pleased to be able to have his continuing support as Contributing Editor and Academy Historian. A special thanks to Dr. Joseph Harris, Dr. Daniel M Castagna, Dr. Karyn Stockwell, and Dr. Michael Schafhauser for their writing and editorial assistance.

Dental World will be undergoing changes over the next year as we collaborate with the publisher of the Dental Abstracts and update the "look and feel" of the Dental World. I look forward to exchanging e-mails, helping you login to the Web site, and calling many of you to make sure your Section sends in news items about your local activities for Dental World. It will be an exciting year!

Mark D. Stanley, MFA
Dental World Editor of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


Foundation News


Dr. James Long

Beautiful Honolulu in Hawaii was the location for our most recent Foundation Board meeting. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and the Board meeting was a very fruitful one. We were in session Saturday and Sunday morning. The evaluation of grant requests, dollar wise and priority wise, was a very challenging and time consuming process. This past year has been a rough one for our portfolio--therefore limiting the dollar amount that we have available to dispense. The 2009 Grants Committee received 43 grant applications requesting a total of $395,850. Thirty-two grants were approved for support totaling $158,850. The Foundation scholarship program gave out $117,000 to 76 students in the US and around the world. I feel the Board showed excellent stewardship with the funds available.

Our Executive Director, Laura F. Doyle, is in the process of setting up a data base which will enable us to track the use of credit cards as a method of payment through the Web site and over the phone. Donated funds will go directly to the Foundation office as opposed to going to the Academy and then to the Foundation. We are very excited about this. Due to the great efforts of the Academy President, Dr. Steve Hedlund and also the work of Mrs. Judith Kozal and Mrs. Laura Doyle, the Foundation enjoys a very harmonious relationship with the Academy which enables both groups to better fulfill our mission to help others.

Our fundraising efforts have been very successful this year, but we still have a long way to go. The year 2010 will be an exciting one for the Board as we do things a little differently than has been done in the past. We are looking forward to having Laura on board for her first full year. I realize that by the time you read this epistle Santa Claus will be back home at the North Pole and the New Year's baby will be out of diapers. On behalf of your Trustees, I hope your Holiday Season was a very happy one.

Remember, it is not what we "Say" but what we "Do" that counts.

Dr. Jim Long
President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy


PFA Foundation's new Executive Director Laura Fleming Doyle

In 2009, I joined the Foundation as the new Executive Director. I am so proud to be a part of an organization whose mission is to safeguard, increase and administer funds for the improvement of the oral health of the citizens of the worldwide Sections of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The Foundation has as their purpose to advance the field of dental health through such activities as scholarships, the provision of needed services to the public, continuing education, faculty development, and the support of other charitable projects in dentistry.

What impressed me most about the organization was when I attended my first Board of Trustees meeting. It quickly became evident that this is a group that cares passionately about the mission of their organization. It is not just another charity to them, it is an important cause that does make a difference in people's lives and their Foundation plays a key role in providing that care.

The Foundation Funded 33 Projects for the year 2010

Smiles Forever Foundation. Smiles International Foundation. Walla Walla Mobile Dental Program. Himalayan Dental Relief Project. Thousand Smiles Foundation. Street Angels Society. These are only 6 of the dental health care projects receiving support in 2010 as a result of Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy grants. The Foundation gave out $150,000 to thirty three worthy projects enabling less fortunate people from around the world to have an opportunity to receive much needed oral health care in 2010. In addition, the Foundation gave out 76 student scholarships to 57 third-year US dental students and 19 international dental students.

The Foundation Continues to Provide Scholarships in 2010

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy is proud of the fact that since the inception of the grants and scholarships programs the Foundation has granted scholarships to 1,208 dental students totaling $1,800,000. In addition, the Foundation has provided more than $2,900,000 to programs around the world serving the dental needs of those less fortunate. This represents a total of $4,700,000 funded by the Foundation.

The Foundation Needs Your Continuing Generous Support

In the past several years, the Foundation had the luxury of growing not only through your generous support but also realized growth through investment income. As we are all too aware, the dramatic loss of investment income has had an impact on the Foundation's ability to fully fund the many grant requests.

Your colleagues have contributed $50,000 in 2009 towards supporting the 2010 grants and scholarships program. (For a listing of 2009 donors, go to The Board of Trustees of the Foundation would appreciate your help in raising additional funds in 2010. Newly established donor categories are as 

Contributor up to $99 Shira Fellow $1000

Supporter $100 - $499 Benefactor $1001 - $4,999

Sponsor $500 - $999 Patron $5000 or more

Please consider making your 2010 tax deductible donation to the Foundation so that we can continue to support dental students and help those less fortunate around the world with dental care.

Go to and click on DONATE NOW to make your donation ONLINE by credit card, or you can download the Foundation donation form, fill it out, and send in with your donation by check. And, of course, you can call the Foundation at 703-597-8847 to make your international donation by credit card.

Thank you for helping us to help others! It is through your generous support that we can continue to support these important grant programs and scholarships.

Laura Fleming Doyle, CAE
Executive Director, Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy



PFA President Elect Dr. Ouvrard attends Paris Meeting

The French section of the PFA met on Monday October 19th, 2009 in Garançière Dental School of Paris 7 University. The meeting was attended by the Academy's President Elect, Dr. Hubert Ouvrard.

Dr. Robert Garcia, Dean of the Dental School was inducted as the new French Section Chairman by Dr. Ouvrard. Dr. Garcia and Dr. Ouvrard awarded the Dental Scholarship Award to three students: Pierre-Marie Voisin from Paris, Camille Tavera from Paris, and Miss Klingler from Strasbourg Dental School.

Following the scholarship presentation three new PFA Fellows were inducted by Dr. Garcia: Dr. Olivier Nedelec from Paris, Dr. Jean-Christophe Loir from Villejuif, and Dr. Xavier Riaud from Saint Herblain.

Dr. Robert Garcia hosted a fine cocktail party after the ceremony to all in attendance. A pleasant time was had by all, and most importantly, the future of our Academy in France was the main topic of discussion.


The Pierre Fauchard Academy's Italian Section Fellows met in Bologna


The Italian Pierre Fauchard Academy's Fellows met in Bologna on November 19, during the XXVIII International Congress of A.I.O.P. (Accademia Italiana di Odontoiatria Protesica).

We had the pleasure to award grants and scholarships. An Italian PFA Grant for "Worthy Early Graduate Dentist" was given to Dott. Paolo Castellarin, his school's leader, who is a young dentist with special qualities like integrity, imagination, initiative, and good communication skills. This grant will help him support his new practice with a donation of a brand new volume by Michael Cohen entitled "Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning: principles, design,and implementation". Also given was a free Continuing Education Attendance in a Department or in a private dental practice.

Another Italian PFA Grant for "Worthy Dental Student" went to Ms. Annamaria Toschetti, her school's leader, with special qualities like Dott. Castellarin. To support this student's efforts, we donated an important and fundamental book, a really didactic large volume much in demand from Italian students: "Protesi Totale e Overdenture su Impianti. Procedure step by step" (offered from Quintessenza Italia).

We made a selection among five candidates of a worthy and disadvantaged Dental Student with the requested qualities to receive the prestigious acknowledgement of The International P.F.A. Foundation Dental Student Scholarship Program. After the official ceremony, and the giving Fellowship certificates, pins, and keys, we had the pleasure to accept four new Fellows.

Andrea Pantarotto, PFA Section Chair - Italy


Three students received the PFA Foundation Scholarships during a ceremony held in July, 2009 by the PFA Japan Section.


PFA Foundation award for a Student of Excellence of Queenslandpresented in 2009 to Julijana Vuchkova

The PFA Australasian Section remains active and supportive of all dental schools throughout the Commonwealth, New Zealand and Fiji. Undergraduate Awards of Merit are issued each year to students acknowledged by their respective Heads of Schools and the Gordon Rowell Prize for Undergraduate Excellence and the PFA Foundation Scholarships continue attract nominations by outstanding students. The profile and acknowledgement of the Academy continues to rise. The calibre of our current Inductees and the increase in Western Australian PFA Fellows in particular, ensures the position of the Academy within the dental profession in Australasia.

Our next induction will take place in conjunction with next Australian Dental Congress, to be held in Brisbane, Queensland in March 2010. The Academy looks forward to 2010 and its continued position as a pre-eminent dental honor society committed to the profession and its students in this region.



Pierre Fauchard Foundation 2009 Scholarship Recipients

The Pierre Fauchard Scholarship is given annually by the PFA Foundation to each dental school. The Foundation requests that the scholarship be given to an outstanding student who demonstrates promise for leadership within the profession and has financial need.

Angela Cergnul was chosen as the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Scholarship recipient at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry for 2009. Angela is currently a DS4 student at UDMSD. Angela is from Midland and is a graduate of Central Michigan University. She was a Camp Independence volunteer in both 2008 and 2009.

Ashly Mclean is currently a fourth year student who is the 2009 recipient of the PFA Scholarship at the University of Michigan. Ashly is from Madison, WI, and received her BS from the University of Wisconsin, majoring in psychology and biology. Before entering dental school, she earned an MPH at the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. In addition to fulfilling her academic responsibilities she has served as a representative on the Curriculum Committee for two years and been a strong contributor to various service missions at the UM School of Dentistry.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy Student Award is given annually to a graduating student at each dental school.

Dr. Brian Anderson was the recipient of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Award for 2009. Brian, a 2009 graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, is originally from Ishpeming. He earned his BS degree from Northern Michigan University. He volunteered for Camp Independence at Bay Cliff Health Camp in both 2007 and 2008. He is now practicing in the Upper Peninsula.

Allen Robinson was an accomplished student who received the 2009 PFA Award to recognize his service, leadership, professionalism and participation in research at the local and national level. His activities as a leader in the School as President of the Student National Dental Association, as an American Student Dental Association class representative, and as a scholar of the Gateway Future Faculty Organization gave him the opportunity to be a mentor for others and make a positive impact on the learning environment.

He also participated in international outreach efforts to Jamaica. Allen was accepted to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program at Harbor UCLA Medical Center and is currently in the first year of specialty training in Los Angeles, CA.


On August 19th at the Welcome Back Assembly at MCG School of Dentistry, Awards Chair, Dr. Jimmy Cassidy presented the $1000 GA PFA Research Scholarship to Ryan Bloomquist, a sophomore involved in research in bone biology, bone regeneration techniques and tooth development, and the National PFA Scholarship to senior, Brandon Esco both of these students will be invited guests at the February conference.


Section News



Mexico Section Meeting in Puerto Vallarta

The Mexico Section, Pacific Chapter Meeting was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on September 3-6 2009, and the Induction Ceremony held on Friday September 4th.


The PFA Philippine Section enjoyed the opportunity to attend the 2009 PFA-International Annual Meeting in Hawaii. Family and friends had a chance to interact with international Fellows at the many social events, receive recognition for their contributions, and attend the Section Caucus


The 30th Annual PFA Section Meeting was held on June 27-28, 2009, Jeju Grand Hotel in Jeju Island. Dr. Charles G. Eller, President of PFA attended. Eight Fellows from the Japan section also attended. The plenary lecture about the implant was performed from Germany and Japan by four researchers. The Korean Section Membership is 26 Fellows.


The Japan section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met on the afternoon October 31, 2009 in the Hotel Granvia Kyoto. It was the 40th Annual Meeting of the PFA Japan section. There were 80 people in attendance. Seven new Fellows were inducted.

PFA International President, Dr. Steve Hedlund, his wife, Chris; President of Korean section, Dr. Kim Jong Won; the past President of Korean section, Dr. Kim Hong-Ki; 13 Korean section members and their families attended. The meeting was facilitated by the Secretary General Dr. Akiyoshi Yamagami. President-elect, Dr. Keishi Matsumoto gave an opening address. He also read a letter from the President, Dr. Hirokazu Hashimoto.

Next, Dr. Hedlund congratulated the Japan section for 40 years of service.

The President of the ICD Japan, Dr. Tsuyoshi Saito, and Dr. Kim Jong Won also congratulated the Japan section. Seven new Fellows, Dr. Shigemasa Kubo, Dr. Katsuhiko Takata, Dr. Tomoyoshi Nomura, Dr. Toyomi Shimada, Dr. Toshiyuki Takahara, Dr. Hitoshi Hinenoya, and Kazuaki Mukunashi were inducted into the Academy.

Dr. Reiichi Yamaga, Dr. Yoshio Kaneda, Dr. Ichiro Takagi, Dr. Sadao Wakumoto, Dr. Mamoru Sakuda, Dr. Toshio Morioka, Dr. Yojiro Kawamura, Dr. Sen Nakahara, Dr. Minoru Horiuchi, Dr. Masanori Kawaguchi, and Dr. Kim Hong-Ki received distinguished service commendations.

Honorary membership was conferred upon Dr. Masanori Kawaguchi and Dr. Kim Jong Won.

A changing of the President ceremony was held for 
Dr. Keishi Matsumoto. Vice-President Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura gave the closing address.

There was a scientific lecture and culture lecture. Prof. Yasuhiko Tabata from the Dept. of Biomaterials, Field of Tissue Engineering, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University spoke on "Biomaterial technology for tissue engineering applications". Professor Emeritus Nobumoto Ando, Hagoromo University of International Studies, gave a presentation on "Kyogen plays (traditional comic dramas) of the Ohkura School, Hagidaimyo.

The Banquet was held in the evening. The next meeting will take place at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, on November 6, 2010.





Dr. Rockwell Davis reports that the Maine section had a very well attended annual meeting on June 20 at the Samoset Resort in Rockport. Four new Fellows were inducted into the Academy. The 2010 meeting will again be held in conjunction with the Maine Dental Association meeting in June 2010. PFA Fellow Dr. Joseph Kenneally of Biddeford will receive the prestigious Etherington Award at the 2010 Yankee Dental Congress in Boston in January.


Section Chair Dr. Jayne Boyd of Bedford, NH has started to rejuvenate the Section with plenty of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. The first annual meeting in several years is planned for October 22, 2009 in Manchester and four new Fellows will join the Academy. Dr. Boyd is working on service project ideas to stimulate involvement among the Fellows.


The annual "Breakfast at Yankee" meeting in January, held in conjunction with the Yankee Dental Congress, was very well attended. Section Chair Dr. Norm Becker inducted five new Fellows and Dr. Richard Lo Guercio of Randolph, MA received the Outstanding Dentist Award for his leadership and vision as the Chair of the MDS Foundation. ADA President-Elect Dr. Ron Tankersley and ADA 1st District trustee Dr. Robert Faiella, both PFA Fellows, presented the award.

Dr. Becker states that at least four new Fellows will join the Academy at the January 2010 meeting and that the recipient of the Outstanding Dentist Award has been selected. It's a secret!


The annual luncheon, held at the Mohegan Sun Resort in May, was a great success reports Section Chair Dr. Robin Santiago. Dr. Ron Linden received the Outstanding Dentist Award and gave a brief presentation about a dental clinic that he founded in Derby, CT that could serve as model for treatment in underserved areas. Nine new Fellows were welcomed into the Academy including Dr. Mina Mina of the University of Connecticut Dental School who provided attendees with an interesting lecture about the dental implications of stem cell research. Over 75 guests attended the luncheon that was held in conjunction with the ICD.

The Section continues to be very well represented in the Connecticut Mission of Mercy initiative and Dr. Santiago is very proud of their hard work, dedication and generous spirit as they treat the state's dentally underserved population. This service project has received funding via a PFA Foundation grant and the next event is scheduled on March 12 and 13, 2010 in Middletown, CT.


The Section met in May 2009 for the annual dinner meeting at the Westin Hotel in Providence. Dr. John Puleo of Cranston received the Outstanding Dentist Award as he was recognized for his volunteer efforts serving the needy in the Providence area. Dr. Daniel Kane of Providence, Dr. Frederick Hartman of Woonsocket, Dr. Kay Jenkins of Tiverton and Dr. David Ward of Woonsocket were inducted into the Academy by Section Chair Dr. Roger Turkel and PFA past-President Dr. Howard Mark. Presently there are 92 Active and Life members. PFA Fellow Dr. Francis Connor is the new Rhode Island Dental Association President.


The Pennsylvania Dental Association meeting in Hershey was the venue for the annual Section luncheon in April 2009. The Outstanding Dentist Award was presented to Dr. Stanley B. Toplan and Section Chair Dr. Elaine Stefanowicz inducted three new members: Dr. John L. Meci of Coplay, Dr. Douglas R. Reich of Philadelphia and Dr. Burton Rosen of Wynnewood.


The Section welcomed seventeen new Fellows at the 2009 Annual Meeting held on May 30 at the Gideon-Putnam Hotel in Saratoga, NY. Dr. Lynne Halik presented Dr. Steven Gold with the New York Section Outstanding Dentist Award. Dr. Lynne Halik is now the new Region 2 Trustee for PFA.


Dr. Kendrick Van Meter chairs a relatively small Section of 12 members. The 2009 annual dinner meeting was in November 2009 and two new Fellows were inducted. Existing Fellows will be asked to invite a colleague who may wish to learn more about the Academy.


The Section met on March 10, 2009, and Dr. Charles Fine and Dr. Don-N Brotman inducted six new members: Drs. Ahmad, Chu, Keller, Padousis, Siegal and Tilkin. Forty guests attended the dinner. Dr. Harry Goodman and Dr. Steve Sharfstein spoke about the current state of health care in Maryland. The 2010 meeting is scheduled for the evening of March 9 at the Center Club in Baltimore.

New Jersey Section Chair Dr. Gregory McGann


This Section is up and running again after a period of relative inactivity thanks to the efforts of new Section Chair Dr. Greg McGann. He reports that there are 50 Fellows, mostly located in the northern half of the state, and that he is concentrating on recruitment efforts in the southern region. A new bank account has been established and plans are underway for an annual meeting. Dr. McGann attended the PFA Section Caucus meeting in Hawaii for ideas to move this Section forward.

Florida's Fellowship Class of 2009: L-R: Section Chair, Dr. Gary Herbeck, New Fellows: Dr. Brian Young, Dr. Lance Grenevicki, Dr. Danni Sayman, Dr. April Flutie, Dr. Robert Churney, Dr. John Anderson, and Dr. William Storoe.




The Florida Section held their joint breakfast meeting with the ICD in June 2009 in conjunction with the FNDC meeting at Gaylord Palms in Orlando. Section Chair, Dr. Gary Herbeck inducted 12 New Fellows: Drs. Anthony Alonso, John Anderson, Robert Churney, April Flutie, Lance Grenevicki, Karina Leal, Frederick Muenchinger, Steven Rosenberg, Danni Sayman, William Storoe, and Brian Young. Dr. Wade Winker was the recipient of their Distinguished Dentist Award. The breakfast was well attended with approximately 65 Fellows in attendance. Florida's next induction of Fellows is scheduled for June 19, 2010 again in conjunction with the FNDC.


Section Chair Dr. Laurie Moeller presents the PFA Scholarship to LSU Senior, Christopher Feldman with the help of Fellow Dr. Frank Martello (L) and New Fellow, LSU Dean, Dr. Henry Gremillion

Chair Laurie Moeller hosted the Louisiana Section PFA Annual Breakfast on Saturday, April 4th at the Hotel New Orleans. Guest speaker, Mr. Buddy Stall, a popular local historian and author, gave a very humorous presentation about the unique history and culture of New Orleans. Two new Fellows were inducted: Dr. Henry Gremillion and Dr. Garry Salvaggio. Section Chair, Dr. Laurie Moeller, presented the PFA Student Scholarship to LSU Senior Christopher Feldman.


Co-chairs Dr. Barbara Mauldin and Dr. Bill Buchannan hosted a combined ACD and PFA dinner meeting at the Tops'l Ocean Club in SanDestin, FL in conjunction with the Mississippi Dental Association annual meeting. There were 65 attendees. One new Fellow was inducted; Dr. Wesley Ferguson. Dr. Peter Boswell was installed as the new Section Chair. We thank Drs. Mauldin and Buchannan for the many years they have served the Academy as Section Chairs, and especially for spearheading the DVD Mentoring "Cookbook" project. You may remember that two years ago Drs. William Buchanan and Karen Crews received a PFA Foundation Grant for the creation of a PFA student-mentoring program DVD in which they partnered with the UMC School of Dentistry. The DVD was presented by Dr. Crews at the Section Caucus last year and every Section Chair now has a copy of this well done "How to" guide for starting a mentoring program in their Section. What a lasting contribution for the Academy!

North Carolina's Fellowship Class of 2009 from L-R: back row: Drs Pruitt, Leonard, May, Horwitz, Parker and Bailey. Front row: Drs. Slott, Plage, Lancaster, Cheek, Cashion. Not pictured: Dr. Hollowell and Dr. Stovall


First year Co-chairs Dr. Cynthia Bolton and Dr. Scott Vine hosted the 2009 Convocation of New Fellows on Friday May 15, 2009 at the Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC. The convocation ceremony was held during the Annual Session Meeting of the North Carolina Dental Society.

Thirteen New Fellows were inducted into the North Carolina Section of the PFA.

Following the convocation ceremony, the New Fellows and their families were invited to join the UNC School of Dentistry Student/Mentor reception. Each year, during the Annual Session of the North Carolina Dental Society, The Committee on the New Dentist of the NCDS, the UNC School of Dentistry Dental Alumni Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the NC Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy sponsor this reception for the current students and their Mentors. This event was highlighted by an opportunity for students to ask all their burning questions of their mentors and win exciting door prizes by doing so. This year the NC Section was a collaborating sponsor of a University of North Carolina Dental Student Trip to the country of Moldova. The students carried dental supplies to the country's dental school and treated children in an area orphanage. The NC PFA Section has been collaborative sponsors of this International Mission Project for several years. New Fellow, Dr. Burton Horwitz, accompanied the group to Moldova this year. Mr. Ryan Wood, a member of the 2009 Class of the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry was awarded the Pierre Fauchard Academy Senior Student Award. Besides achieving an outstanding academic record, Mr. Wood is active in many volunteer service activities.

L-R: Section Chair, Dr. Staci Gaffos, New Fellows: Dr. George Bumgardner, Dr. Ned Jennings, Dr. Nick Pournaras and Dr. Thomas Trinker, Trustee Stockwell


The South Carolina Section Annual Awards Luncheon was held in February, 2009 in Charleston during MUSC homecoming. Section Chair Dr. Staci Gaffos ran a well- organized, well attended event. After comments from Trustee Stockwell, MUSC Dean and Fellow, Dr. Tarig Javed, presented the PFA scholarship recipient; senior dental student Michael Snider to the group.

After the businesses meeting eight New Fellows were inducted into the 2009 Fellowship Class, they are: Dr. George Bumgardner, Dr. George Camp, Dr. Ned Jennings, Dr. James Lemon, Dr. Peter Murphy, Dr. Nick Pournaras, Dr. Thomas Trinkner, and Dr. R. Glenn Willis.

The SC Section elects a new Section Chair each year; Dr. Gaffos presented the PFA Section Chair Plaque to Dr. Scott Cayouette for serving in 2007-2008 and new Officers were elected. Dr. Staci Gaffos installed Dr. Monica Cayouette as the 2009-2010 Section Chair, Dr. John Reese as the Chair-Elect, Dr. David Dedman as Vice- Chairman and Dr. Craig Draffin to continue to serve as Secretary/Treasurer.

Tennessee's Fellowship Class of 2009 (L-R) Section Chair, Reuben Pelot, New Fellows: Dr.Matthew Brock, Dr. Elenora Woods, Dr. Rebecca Barton and Dr. MichaelJohnson, Trustee Stockwell


The Tennessee Section's joint annual Breakfast Meeting with the ACD and ICD was on May 16th 2009 at the Knoxville Convention Center which is held in conjunction with the Tennessee Dental Association's Annual Session. After greetings from ADA President, Dr. John Finley and ICD Regent, Dr. Jim Allen, PFA Section Chair Dr. Reuben Pelot and Trustee Stockwell inducted Dr. Rebecca Barton, Dr. Elenora Woods Dr. Matthew Brock and Dr. Michael Johnson as new Fellows. Dr. Pelot presented one other nominee, Dr. Clark Childress.

Dr. Pelot also presented the Section's Distinguished Dentist Award to Dr. Frank Anderson.


The Virginia Section hosted their annual luncheon in conjunction with the Virginia State Meeting on June 19, 2009 at the Williamsburg Lodge in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Dr. Donald Trawick, Dr. David Palmieri and Dr. J. Gregory Wall were inducted as New Fellows. Medical College of Virginia Dental School senior Audrey Gamulo received the PFA Scholarship, Ryan Swigert received the Virginia Section Scholarship and Lyndsey McCaskey was their PFA Research Award winner. Ms. McCaskey presented a powerpoint summary report of her research on a "Facial- Type Guide" as a predictor of future success during the luncheon. There were around 50 Fellows in attendance.

This year the Virginia Section donated $3000 to the VCU Dental School Dean's Fund with the Section's suggestion that the funds go towards fostering increased "ethics" awareness among both dental students and practitioners. The school hosts an annual "Mirmelstein" ethics lecture, where the Dean brings in outside speakers for this event. Time is allocated for discussion and suggestions about how to incorporate ethics into everyday practice. The lecture was held at VCU on August 20, 2009. Virginia Fellows can be proud that their Section dues of $40 per year are utilized to not only help sponsor this lecture series but the two scholarship awards they present to students at VCU.

Virginia is on a two year cycle for Section Chairs so Chair Gary Taylor's final duty was to install Dr. Ed Mullins as the new Section Chair. Dr. Mullins previously served on the VA Board of Dentistry and has been practicing general dentistry in Richmond, VA for over 25years. Virginia's next induction will be June, 2010.


The Georgia Section continues to have talented leaders who have unwavering dedication and endless energy as demonstrated at their 7th Annual Leadership Conference and Convocation.

Fourteen new Fellows were recognized for their outstanding leadership and commitment to dentistry and their communities and were inducted at their awards dinner on Feb 7, 2009. Georgia's Class of 2009 includes: Dr. Joseph Arnold, Dr. Daren Becker, Dr. Jack Bickford, Dr. Donald Brown, Dr. Christopher Hasty, Dr. Thomas Jagor. Dr. S. Michael Loden, Dr. George Mason, Dr. Timothy Shaughnessy, Dr. Barry C. Stacey, Dr. Walter Stewart, Dr. Rhoda Sword, Dr. Richard Thomas Jr., and Dr. Erik Wells.

Georgia Dental Association Executive Director, Ms. Martha Phillips was inducted as an Honorary Fellow. Ms. Phillips now holds well deserved honorary Fellowships in all three honorary societies.

Dr. Jack Morris, a Prosthodontist in the Oral Rehabilitation Department of the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry received the Section's Excellence in Education Award and the PFA Foundation Scholarship recipient, MCG Senior, Sabina Gupta (photo along with Section CH Harrington on R) was recognized at the awards dinner. Congratulations to both of these outstanding professionals.

International PFA President, Dr. Chuck Eller and his lovely wife Gloria along with Trustee Stockwell were on hand to participate in the weekend activities as well as address the Fellows Saturday evening and assist with the induction. GDA President and Fellow, Dr. Mark Ritz delivered greetings from the Georgia Dental Association and a slide show showcasing the New Fellows credentials along with photos from the previous Fellowship classes and mission of the Academy played throughout the evening.

Conference Chair, Dr. Ken Hutchinson put together an outstanding Conference kicked off again with Fellows, new inductees and MCG senior dental students volunteering for "Give Kids a Smile" in 4 mobile dental vans with auxiliary staff once again donated for use by Fellow Dr. Mark Shurett. The vans were stationed at elementary schools in Greene, Putnam and Rockdale counties in Georgia, 144 kids were treated. The children received exams, X-rays, oral hygiene instructions, sealants, fillings, extractions, pulpotomies, and stainless steel crowns, as needed. On Friday evening Fellows enjoyed a casual dinner at the lakeside home of Dr. Richard Singer, and on Saturday morning attendees enjoyed an informative half day CE program presented by Fellow, Dr. Tom McDonald. Many Fellows and family members participated in the Annual "Shotgun Shoot" (5 stand sporting clays) before GKAS Chair, 
Dr. Shirley Fisher and MCG Senior PFA Scholarship recipient Sabina Gupta treat patients in one of Dr. Shurett's mobile vans as PFA President Dr. Chuck Eller looks on. Conference Chair, Dr. Ken Hutchinson thanks Fellow, 
Dr. Dick Singer for hosting the Friday Welcome Dinner at his lakeside home.

The Georgia Section 2009 Leadership Conference & Convocation was an outstanding event. Fourteen quality new Fellows were inducted into our Section. Honorary Fellowship was bestowed to Georgia Dental Association Executive Director, Martha Phillips. This makes Martha an Honorary Fellow in ACD, ICD and PFA. Our "Give Kids a Smile" project was remarkable. One hundred forty-four children were treated receiving dental services that exceeded 
$71,000. Ten dentists, three dental students and 20 staff members provided these services. Kudos to Dr. Shirley Fisher, chairperson and Dr. Mark Shurett for use of his mobile units, staff and equipment.

Saturday Dr. Tom McDonald, renowned clinician and noted speaker, presented an excellent four hour course on "Contemporary Topics in Restorative Dentistry." Saturday night, Dr. Donna Thomas Moses, along with Ms. Pam Patterson, orchestrated a magnificent evening that blended perfectly with the elegant charm of the Ritz- Carlton Lodge.

We were again honored by having our PFA President, Dr. Charles (Chuck) Eller and his wife Gloria and our own Dr. Karyn Stockwell, Region 3 Trustee, with us for the weekend.

Congratulations and many thanks to Dr. Ken Hutchinson for his leadership as the 2009 General Chair. Thanks also goes to all committee chairs and their volunteers who made this a most successful and memorable conference.

Dr. Stuart Loos followed his vision and raised money that established a PFA Student Research Scholarship at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. It was a huge success The recipient of the first time award of $1,000 is Ryan Bloomquist. Ryan is invited to attend our 2010 Leadership Conference & Convocation. His research involves bone biology and tooth development. The 2009 recipient of the PFA Scholarship Award is Brandon Esco. Brandon will be invited to our 2010 Leadership Conference & Convocation as will be the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Faculty Award.

Georgia Section has new projects in development: First is the ambitions multifaceted project, Missions of Mercy (MOM) and second is the establishment of a mentorship program with MCG.

The new 2010 Chair, Doug Torbush built great momentum for our 8th Conference, February 5-7, 2010!




The Illinois section met during the Chicago Mid-Winter. An executive council meeting was held with six people in attendance. After the executive meeting the section held a meeting in conjunction with the ACD and ICD. Seventy-five people were in attendance, forty of which were PFA Fellows. One new Fellow was inducted. In May, a special memorial service was held for Dr. Richard Kozal.


The Wisconsin section met on May 1, 2009. There were 110 Fellows in attendance. 9 new Fellows were inducted. The outgoing President of the Wisconsin Dental Association was recognized with an award from the Wisconsin section. In September of 2009, Wisconsin will host its mentoring program at the Marquette School of Dentistry. The next section meeting will be May 14, 2010.


The Indiana section held its annual meeting on May 7, 2009. There were 35 Fellows in attendance. Eight new Fellows were inducted. Indiana University senior dental student, T.J. Collins was presented with the Student of the Year Award. The next meeting will be held in May 2010 in conjunction with the Indiana Dental Association Annual meeting.




The Illinois section met during the Chicago Mid-Winter. An executive council meeting was held with six people in attendance. After the executive meeting the section held a meeting in conjunction with the ACD and ICD. Seventy-five people were in attendance, forty of which were PFA Fellows. One new Fellow was inducted. In May, a special memorial service was held for Dr. Richard Kozal.


The Wisconsin section met on May 1, 2009. There were 110 Fellows in attendance. 9 new Fellows were inducted. The outgoing President of the Wisconsin Dental Association was recognized with an award from the Wisconsin section. In September of 2009, Wisconsin will host its mentoring program at the Marquette School of Dentistry. The next section meeting will be May 14, 2010.


The Indiana section held its annual meeting on May 7, 2009. There were 35 Fellows in attendance. Eight new Fellows were inducted. Indiana University senior dental student, T.J. Collins was presented with the Student of the Year Award. The next meeting will be held in May 2010 in conjunction with the Indiana Dental Association Annual meeting.

Dr. Edward H. Hirsch, Michigan Section Chair


The Michigan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met for their Semi-Annual meeting in conjunction with the Michigan Dental Association Annual Meeting. The meeting was held on April 24,2009 In Lansing Michigan. The meeting was carried out during a luncheon format at the Radisson Hotel, Lansing, MI. In attendance were 37 Fellows and Guests plus an additional 18 Past Presidents of the Michigan Dental Association and some MDA Staff members. This meeting was to Honor Mrs Geraldine Cherney, CAE, Past Executive Director of the MDA. She was awarded an Honorary Membership in the Academy. Also 12 new Fellows were inducted during the meeting with the usual format being followed. Special Guests in Attendance were Malcolm D. Campbell, Acting Executive Director of the PFA Foundation, Joseph C. Harris, Trustee. During the meeting, the Annual Michigan Section of PFA's proposed program was outlined.

Dr. Sherif E. Badr is the 2009 Instructor of the Year Award recipient in Michigan

The Michigan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy also met for their fall meeting on Saturday 21 November 2009. We met at the Marriott Hotel in Detroit in conjunction with the Detroit District Dental Society's 68th Dental Review. We had a total of 38 individuals in attendance to include the following VIP personnel. Dr. David Campbell, Past International President of the Academy and Past President of the Academy Foundation. Dr. Joe C. Harris, International Vice President. Dr. Ray Gist, President-Elect of the American Dental Association. Dr. Fares Elias, President-Elect of the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Jane Grover, Candidate for the 64th District State Representative office. Dr. Marilyn Woolfolk, Assistant Dean of the UM Dental School and her husband, Gerald. Dr. Sherif Badr, Instructor of the year Awardee from the UDM School of Dentistry and his wife, Pam. Dr. Danielle Ruskin, President of the Detroit District Dental Society and her husband, Dr. Aaron Ruskin, President-Elect of the Livingston County Dental Society.

The UM Dental School Foundation Scholarship Awardee, Ms. Ashley McLean was introduced and she thanked all present for the scholarship monies. Three dental students from UM Dental School were introduced by Dr. Campbell. We had an induction ceremony for Dr. Danielle Ruskin who joined the Michigan Section of PFA and will take on the new responsibility of Section Treasurer. Dr. Woolfolk was presented with a plaque for her service to the Academy of over 16 years as Secretary and UM Liaison.

Dr. Badr was presented with a plaque honoring his over 27 years of teaching at UDM as our Instructor of the Year Awardee. Dr. Jane Grover announced her candidacy for the 64th State Representative, a past ADA 2nd Vice President.


The Kentucky section met on April 4, 2009, in conjunction with the Kentucky Dental Association annual meeting. The meeting was held with the ACD and ICD. 15 of the attendees were PFA Fellows. Three new Fellows were inducted, all of which are faculty at the University of Kentucky dental school. The student awards were presented. In June, PFA Fellows donated dental services to participants of the Special Olympics. Fellows also donated dental services to the Free Mission Dental Clinic. The next meeting is scheduled for April 2010.





The Oregon Section, guided by Dr. Weston Heringer, held their annual New Fellow Induction & Award dinner celebration in Portland in November 2009. Seven new PFA Fellows and a Section grant recipient were honored.


Northern California Section had our New Fellow Induction & Award Luncheon in September 2009 with 55 attendees. Thirteen new Fellows were inducted. PFA President Eller gave a "PFA State of the Union" address with a Foundation update & pledged the new Fellows. Six Faculty and six Student Award recipients from UCSF & UOP were invited & acknowledged. The Section received a Foundation grant in 2009 for the Sonrisas Clinic of Half Moon Bay.


The Washington Section, led by Chair Dr. Barry Feder, held a New Fellow Induction & Award dinner in July 2009 with 10 new Fellows inducted with a crowd of 107! Three Washington School of Dentistry students were invited & received recognition for their leadership & scholarship activity. Dr. Feder reported 2 grants in 2009 used from our PFA Foundation for Smile Power and Smiles Forever of Washington State.


The Southern California Section held New Fellow Induction & Award Luncheon in May 2009. PFA Fellowship were given to 10 new inductees.Three Faculty & three Students from the Southern California Dental Schools were invited & honored with various awards. Also in 2008, eight different PFA Foundation grants were received in the section totaling $52,000. PFA President Charles Eller was the Honor Award Recipient in 2009!





Minnesota has awarded scholarships to senior dental students based on scientific research papers submitted to journals. Texas had some new members as a result of the ADA meeting in San Antonio. They are working on getting interest in a special project for their state and will apply for grant money after it is fully formulated. Dr. Dan McCauley has agreed to help with PFA due to the present section chair's new position as chair of the Texas meeting in 2011.


Nebraska reports an active membership with a meeting in conjunction with the Nebraska state meeting. The PFA Gold Award was awarded to Nebraska's Dr. Richard E. Bradley in 2007. Many of the state Officers are PFA Fellows.


Oklahoma continues to function well. Eighty-five Fellows were in attendance with many honored guests attending. The PFA scholarship winner was present. A presentation on dental ethics rounded out the annual meeting. PFA will be active in a volunteer program in Tulsa to provide free dental care in February of 2010. PFA Oklahoma also annually sponsors the Oklahoma University College of Dentistry Alumni Weekend.


Missouri had its annual meeting in conjunction with the Midwest Dental Conference in Kansas City. They enjoyed inducting five new members and met in conjunction with ACD and ICD.


The Iowa Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy hosted a banquet on May 3, 2009 held in conjunction with the Iowa Dental's Annual Session. Dr. Fran Keith was honored as the PFA Iowa Dentist of the year. Dr. Manuel Gomez, from the University of Iowa, was the recipient of the PFA McLeran/Montgomery Award

New Fellows welcomed are Dr. Scott R. Hansen of Charles City, Dr. Matthew R. Hansen of Mason City, Dr. Paul R. Smith of Davenport, Dr. Cynthia L.J. Phillips of Ottumwa and Dr. Clayton T. Parks of Cedar Rapids as new PFA Fellows to our organization.

The Iowa Section contributed $300.00 to help sponsor the University of Iowa's White Coat Ceremony held on May 7, 2009.

The annual fall luncheon was held at the University of Iowa Athletic Club on September 18, 2009 in conjunction with Alumni Weekend. Sara Dixon-Gale who is the Program Manager for the Iowa/Nebraska Primary Health Association spoke on Iowa's 2nd Mission of Mercy. Our section encouraged PFA members and their staffs to participate in the Iowa Mission of Mercy (IMOM). This is an event that provides free dental care to those in need. It was held on September 25 and 26 at the Newton Iowa Speedway.



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