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Richard A. Kozal

1935-2009 Secretary General Pierre Fauchard Academy

A serious Richard

A man's worth is often judged by what he builds in his life. Dr. Kozal's life was abruptly shortened by disease. As we lived, worked, and laughed with him during his adventure, Richard Kozal put in a very full life and, I have no doubt, would have continued to do so. Richard rarely let a moment escape him without planning his next project.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery put it in this manner: "He who has gone, as we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, more present than the living man."

We have barely begun to realize the impact on our world without Richard. Is there anyone out there who has the capabilities, the experiences, the contacts, the vision, the drive, and the personality to step into the breach left by our fallen comrade who spent nearly three decades in service to the Pierre Fauchard Academy? This is not meant to be his obituary, but a memoriam for us all, for our friend. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow noted that, "the heart has its own memory, like the mind. And in it are the precious keepsakes, into which is wrought the giver's loving thought."

Those who knew him well, his wife Judy, his family, and his friends internationally, loved him in a very special way that only his close friendship could inspire. We grieve for our loss of this dear person. But our heartfelt feelings for what he did for us all will live on in our hearts and minds as we struggle to pick up the pieces he left behind for us to gather. The lessons we learned from his leadership will help us to keep all the integral parts in place and allow the Academy to continue its upward climb to further prestige as a foremost dental honor service organization.

Helen Keller once said: "What we have enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

Ask the PFA Presidents who worked with Richard over the decades. Many experienced how Richard took a box of index cards that contained the members' names and addresses and built an organization that moved into the computer age with a Web site of its own, computerized rosters, and activities that rival any competitor. And that is just part of the legacy he has left us. Cry not that our friend has fallen, but rejoice that we were an important part of his success, and still are. As Thomas Campbell says, "to live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die." Thus, Richard is not dead. He is all of those he touched, he lives in us.

"Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing more save the limit of our sight."--Rossiter W. Raymond.

Richard is just over the horizon calling to us to stay the course. Let not our tears blind us from the path he so steadfastly hewn for us. But as world dental leaders, continue to answer the call that Richard also believed in with us and work to continue his vision for us, the world, and for our profession. Richard would have insisted that we do that, for no man spends his life frivolously building anything to want to see his life's work dissolve because of his absence. He gave of himself that the Academy might continue. Richard believed in that. We believe in that as well.

"If I am to wear this mourning cloak, let it be made of the fabric of love, woven by the fine thread of memory" bespeaks Molly Fumia in Safe Passage (Conari Press).

Memory is our guidepost. Richard's character and management style made an indelible mark on the PFA. He laid a foundation and helped build a strong academy of global leaders that has moved into the 21st century. Whoever comes forth to lead us out of this darkness will bring new resolve, new ideas, and new direction. We must give him space to develop his own style of leadership for PFA. That someone who feels the PFA spirit so well developed for us by Richard will lead us through the new challenges. Otherwise we will lose all that Richard has done for us and our profession.

"Remembering is an act of resurrection, each repetition a vital layer of mourning, in memory of those we are sure to meet again" by Nancy Cobb in her work In Lieu of Flowers.

Richard was a professional, honed in education at the Chicago College of Dental Surgery, Loyola University School of Dentistry. He taught there as a professor until the school closed in 1993, and then taught again in 1997 at the Community College of Southern Nevada. In his love of his profession, and with PFA help, Richard founded two dental museums, at the Community College of Southern Nevada and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His desire to preserve the heritage of his profession drove him to fashion these museums into something special for the entire profession. He linked the Dental History Web site to our own. He sponsored dental history literature.

Richard was a patriot. Upon his dental school graduation in 1959, Capt. Kozal joined the U.S. Army Dental Corps where he served two years active duty, and then continued on in the Army Reserves until he retired as Colonel in 1999. He had earned the Legion of Merit Award for his service as the 330th Brigade Dental Surgeon, Chief of Professional Services, Commander of the 149th Dental Unit at Fort Sheridan, and Deputy Commander of the 89th Medical Brigade. During his tour of duty Richard served in Central America and in Europe, and commanded a Dental Headquarters Unit during Desert Storm, earning Award Certificates of Accomplishment from the U.S. Army War College and the National Defense University. He was honored with the U.S. Army Order of Military Merit and the Army Medical Department Professional Achievement designation by the Surgeon General. His other recognitions include the Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Medal with Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters. Richard maintained a private dental practice in Summit, IL, following his Army service. He retired from there in about 1997 and moved to Las Vegas.

Richard's life of dedication was no less deep than his devotion to the profession of dentistry. He taught students knowledge, morals, and ethics. He practiced such with himself as one would a religion. He was unforgiving when an associate, friend, or student violated those precepts. He ran his military life, his personal life, and professional life in a very strict mode of such ethics. Fresh from active duty Richard joined the "dental political group" called the Progressives. Seems that before Richard was born, the Chicago Dental Society (CDS) fought 'tooth and thong" with downstate

Illinois dentists over control for the dental societies. The years when the open convention was held in Chicago, the CDS leadership prevailed; when it was held downstate, more times the downstate dentists garnered more votes. Then there were the intra-Chicago squabbles, which often wound up in court for adjudication. The courts in their wisdom set down a decision that the leadership positions in Chicago would rotate every year between the three established dental schools--University of Illinois, Loyola University, and Northwestern. The "dental political parties" created by this decree became known as the Progressives, mostly recruited from the comrades from the University of Illinois; the Independents were from Loyola University; and the Members were from Northwestern. The responsibilities of the selected officer candidates from the three parties were to provide the work force for organizing the CDS MidWinter Meeting, a huge dental conference that ran about five days during the third week in February every year. This arrangement (never written down) worked so well that the Illinois dentists started a similar rotation between the CDS and the Illinois State Dental Society (ISDS). That ended the infighting and promoted successful dental meetings and conventions from the component ranks on up. Richard was a member of the Progressives, the largest "political party," and with his demonstrated leadership, his ties to teaching at Loyola, and his activity in the Loyola Dental Alumni Association, he moved up in the ranks to one day become President of the Chicago Dental Association. Having the ADA Headquarters in Chicago did not hurt involvement with the national dental organization, and Richard found himself selected as ADA Vice President for a year.

Besides his Illinois contacts, his alumni contacts, his activity on the international scene from the ADA and FDI, Richard had become a Fellow in the International College of Dentists (ICD) eventually rising to District 8 (Illinois) Regent; a Fellow in the American College of Dentists (ACD) stepping aside when nominated for ACD Regent; a Fellow in the Academy of Dentistry Internationale (ADI), where at the urging of PFA's Cliff Loader, Richard briefly took on the position as ADI Executive Director; and then becoming a Fellow in the Pierre Fauchard Academy with his many PFA friends, like past CDS President William Kort, (1989-90 PFA President, and later ICD Regent) and PFA past President and Editor-Emeritus Cliff Loader. Richard was elected to the position of PFA Executive Secretary and then combined that office with the PFA Treasurer's to become the PFA Secretary/Treasurer, a position he remained at for many years until 2003-04 when the position was renamed the PFA Secretary General. The position kept much of the same duties but lost a vote on the Board of Trustees.

Richard also went on to become President of the Loyola Dental Alumni Association, active in Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honor fraternity, and became a Knights Templar. Richard reached out to achieve the position of Trustee for ADA District 8. But it was not his turn and many viewed his attempt to secure the position out of sequence as an attempt to destroy the "Coalition Rotation" that now included the Illinois ADA Trustee. Richard failed in his attempt to use his ADA Vice President experience for further use for Illinois. Bitter enemies were formed against Richard and his allies, so much so that no Illinois dentist was ever selected for ADA Vice President again, and no Illinois Trustee ever was able to be elected ADA President. He even gave honor to a couple of his dire foes years later in presenting them PFA Service Achievement Awards, and attended the presentation ceremonies to thank them for their service. Richard was that type of forgiving person.

After Loyola Dental School closed in 1993, Richard was working on arrangements between PFA and UNLV to move our headquarters there after the new dental school was opened. Richard took a teaching position at the Community College of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) in 1997, established our headquarters in that school while awaiting UNLV's dental school opening, and became close friends with UNLV's sponsor, State Senator Raymond Rawson. While at the Community College of Southern Nevada, he helped them secure a Foundation grant for their Hygiene Program, got Foundation funding to establish a dental museum there with the thoughts of moving it to UNLV later, but eventually established a second dental museum at UNLV, procured archive equipment with funding from PFA Fellow Bob Ibsen of Den-Mat, and helped raise donations for PFA fellows to establish the museum site.

PFA turned over the dental museums to the respective schools to be maintained by them. The arrangement to headquarter at UNLV went awry, so Richard and now Assistant PFA Secretary Judy Kozal relocated the PFA Headquarters to Mesquite in 2006 to get more space and a reasonable rent. By his first marriage Richard and his then wife, Laverne, had three sons: Paul of California, and David and Rick of Illinois. Richard acquired a stepson, Michael, of Mesquite, in his second marriage to Judy. Those of us who knew Richard for decades knew of his passion for dental history that evolved itself into establishing the dental museums and sponsoring dental history books. Richard had a feeling for dentists Doc Holliday and Painless Parker. And Richard loved military history, visiting such battlefields wherever he traveled ... and cowboys. One year Richard, as Doc Holliday, and Judy put on a skit in cowboy outfits at the "no-host" dinner party Sunday evening that followed the PFA Annual Board Meeting during the ADA Annual Sessions-- a dinner party that Richard had founded to complete our Annual Meeting workload with a social gathering of PFA Fellows and their wives.

"Photographs are precious memories...the visual evidence of place and time and relationships...ritual talisman for the treasure chest of the heart" wrote Robert Fulghum in his book In From Beginning to End.

From more than 1,000 or so pictures of Richard during the 40 years I accompanied him in his life's journey, we were able to select a mere few to bring recollection to us all of those memories we share with our dear departed friend. Space limits our using them all. Forgive us if we missed your favorite memory.

Richard was buried in the Mesquite City Cemetery on March 19th with PFA President Chuck and Gloria Eller present along with PFA President-elect Steve and Chris Hedlund, PFA Section Chair for Nevada Bill Rohel, and pallbearers Dan Jonker (PFA accountant), Senator Ray Rawson, son Paul Kozal, and stepson Michael Janis. We know many more of us wanted to be there, but the distance, time, and commitments prevented many from doing so. Thus we have set aside this issue to revisit our friend to bespeak our grief and final good-bye as we ride off with him into the setting sun.


President's Message

Dr. Charles Eller

Your President never thought that he would be the one to bring you the sad news of the passing of our Secretary General, Dr. Richard A. Kozal. As you've read this issue of Dental World, you have found out what a fantastic individual Richard was, and I certainly do not need to add to what our Editor Brophy has presented.

However, let me tell you that the commemorative services were simple, yet profound. They were held in a small chapel in Mesquite, Nevada, a small town 90 miles north of Las Vegas, the home of Richard and Judy Kozal and the PFA Central office. Over 50 friends gathered in the chapel. Judy asked for anyone who wished to speak to do so. PFA Past President Carl Lundgren, our certified public accountant, Dan Jonkers, and I were privileged to pay tribute to Richard. Two Russian Orthodox priests presided over the services.

A cortege proceeded to the nearby place of final rest An Army Team in full dress uniforms fired a three gun salute, Taps were sounded and the flag which draped the casket was presented to Judy. A very fitting and emotional ceremony!

So for whom doth the bells toll? Yes, they sound for Richard but they also sound for us because we have lost a dear friend and colleague, a man of honor, integrity, and purpose, a tribute to his Creator, his family, and to our profession. Now a new chapter begins for the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Your Management Team is confident that we will be diligent about the challenges facing us. Doing the right thing means taking the path, often the more difficult path, that will result in the long-term good.

Usually this is beyond our limited tenure. It is sometimes hard to know all of the aspects of how and why a decision was made unless each of us is placed in the position of having to analyse the issues, the long-term impact, the possible solutions, and the compromises needed. Not everything the M-Team does will please everyone, but we promise to do our very best. The "buzz" words now seem to be, "Yes, we can!" I prefer "Yes, we will!" because the former depends on our state of mind. The latter, "Yes, we will!" means action, not just words.

Now for our Section Chairs: For an outstanding example of Service and Leadership, let me give you a brief overview of the recent Georgia Section Leadership Conference and Convocation. It was a three day Fun, Fellowship and "Give Kids a Smile" Project. It was held at the magnificent Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro, Georgia. Dr. Mark Shurett donated the use of four of his mobile dental vans and staff so that PFA Fellows could provide basic dental treatment to children in need. Each van has four operating units and an X-ray, The volunteers examined and treated 142 children and completed $60,000 of dentistry on Friday.

Saturday morning Dr. Tom McDonald presented an excellent four hour course on "Updates of Restorative Dentistry" for CE credit.

Fifteen new Fellows were inducted at the Awards Gala.

The PFA M-Team congratulates Dr. Karen Stockwell, Region Three Trustee, Dr. Jay Harrington, Georgia Section Chair, and Dr. Donna Moses, presiding. We also commend Dr. Shirley Fisher, Ken Hutchinson, Mark Shurett, Richard Singer, and Stu Loos for presenting such an outstanding Conference.

I commend each of them for the initiative they exhibited and I hope that this will inspire each Section Chair to emulate them in some way according to their Section Chair needs. Dr. Harrington will fill in the details in his forthcoming Georgia Section Report.

On to Europe: Last year, your PFA M-Team and Latin Trustee Ernesto Acuna organized 12 Latin American countries for the First Latin American PFA Congress in San Paulo, Brazil.

The European PFA, not to be outdone, got together for their First European PFA Conference in Cologne, Germany. The organizers were Dr. Jose Dahan (Belgium), Region 1 Trustee, Dr. Frank Braun, Germany and PFA Vice-President Hubert Ouvrard, France.

Nations represented included Belgium, France, Germany, the Republic of Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, and the African nations of Congo and Senegal.

The Conference was entitled "The First European PFA Conference on Oral Health Promotion," and the Keynote Speaker was Prof. Dr.Charles Pilipili who spoke about "Oral Health Care in Young Children with Disability and/or Malnutrition." The lecture was very well- received.

Three new Fellows were inducted at the evening dinner party.

The Europeans are off to a good start and are planning a bigger and better Conference in two years.

As an aside, the International Dental Show in Cologne is the largest Dental Trade Show in the world with over 100,000 attendees and 1,820 exhibitors. The Brazil meeting is the second largest with "only" 81,743 attendees last January. On that high note, until the next issue of Dental World;

Warm regards to each of my PFA Fellows World Wide,
Charles Eller, DDS, BS President


ADA: No Lead Released From Dental Crowns

Comprehensive testing and analyses by the ADA found that NO detectable amount of lead was released from the porcelain- metal dental crowns evaluated under extreme laboratory testing conditions. The ADA's Paffenbarger Research Center in Maryland conducted the tests in response to the concerns over safety of foreign-made dental work. One hundred two porcelain- to-metal crowns were tested from different manufacturers. Feldspathic porcelain has a trace amount of lead naturally in it. Forty-four porcelain powders were tested, which resulted in hardly any lead to 113 ppm, with an average of 46 ppm in the 102 tested crowns.

Also tested was the release of lead in finished crowns with results that no lead was detected at all even under more extreme conditions than in the mouth, even with acidic conditions under high temperatures.

In response to a television report last February, the ADA developed their own research method to measure lead concentration. They have shared their results with the CDC and the FDA.


Meth Mouth

ADA President John Findley congratulated the Washington legislators for introducing a federal bill aimed at understanding and treating a condition where teeth can become blackened, stained, rotted, and crumbling from methamphetamine use. This is colloquially called "Meth Mouth." Senate Finance Committee Chairman Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) introduced this bill in February which quickly was co-sponsored by Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND), Tim Johnson (D-SD), Charles Schumer (D-NY), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), and John Testor (D-MT). This bill will provide local funding for school-based initiatives to educate primary and elementary school students about the oral aspects of meth use. It will enhance federal research and promote continuing education activities to learn more about substance abuses. The drug can cause dry mouth which in turn causes an increase in dental decay due to a lack of washing saliva. Drug users also have a tendency to grind and clench their teeth. Few studies have been published about its prevalence, causes, and cost to the public.

Dental Emergency Responder Act

The ADA commends Congressmen Bart Stupak (D-MI) and Candice Miller (R-MI) for introducing the "Dental Emergency Responder Act" (H.R. 903). By taking advantage of dentists' extensive education, training, and professionalism, this would improve America's capacity to respond to natural disasters or terrorist attacks. However, it provides for no funding, but incorporates dentistry by name into federal and state disaster response by deploying dentists during natural or man-made disasters by mobilizing health professionals at a moment's notice to triage and treat victims.

A similar program was implemented during the 1980s where such facilities as dental schools, senior citizen centers, local dental clinics, and even schools could be immediately converted to handle disaster victims. Your editor was the Loyola Dental School Representative to a weekend seminar in Chicago on just such a subject of a nuclear attack in an urban environment. Medical supplies would be stored in such facilities for possible use by trained personnel in the event of such an attack. At that time the government prognosis on casualties following a nuclear attack was that all hospitals, and the ancillary sites, would be overrun with casualties so numerous that it would be impossible to treat even a small percentage of them successfully. The idea was abandoned after that weekend.

This bill expects to utilize all qualified health care personnel with no funding or thought to transporting such personnel to the disaster site(s). This is merely a "feel good" bill that has no study behind it to address the realities or even delineate what type of disasters may be handled in what fashion by what health care personnel. While a good idea, this law needs more focus and thought behind it to work in the real world. When the Katrina disaster occurred in New Orleans, two-thirds of the police force left the city to its own problems, and most of the health care personnel had already left for high ground. Few ever returned.


Osteoporosis Medication & Oral Health

The public has been alarmed, or at the very least confused, by recent reports about osteoporosis medications and their affect on oral health. The ADA worked with the National Osteoporosis Foundation to create a brochure to help sort out the facts from fiction.

The brochure explains that patients who have been taking bisphosphonates, a common class of drugs used to treat osteoporosis or low-bone density, have developed a rare biphosphate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw. This is a very serious, but rare, condition that can cause severe damage to the jaw. Patients who have an area of exposed bone in the jaw that persists for more than 8 weeks, who have NO history of radiation therapy to the head and neck region, and who are taking, or have taken, a bisphosphonate medication need to consult their physician immediately. The incidence of developing osteonecrosis of the jaw for those taking bisphosphonates is unknown, but researchers agree that the chance appears to be very small. Ninety-four percent of patients diagnosed with jaw osteonecrosis are cancer patients repeatedly taking high doses of bisphosphonates intravenously. The other 6% took oral bisphosphonates.

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 50% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. Bisphosphonates are commonly prescribed to prevent broken bones. The benefits of osteoporosis medications greatly outweigh the risks of developing osteonecrosis of the jaw. Those medications commonly prescribed are alendronate (Fosamax), ibandronate (Boniva), risedonate (Actone), and zoledronic acid (Reclast).

Foundation News

Dr. James Long

Dear Fellows, This is my first opportunity to talk with you about your Foundation and its mission. It is truly an honor to serve as your President of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. This year has been a challenging one. The Foundation is in the process of hiring a new Executive Director. Our Search Committee, consisting of Dr. Kevin Roach as Chair, Dr. Howie Mark, Dr. Jim Englander, and Dr. Mike Perpich, has worked very hard to conduct a nationwide search as advertised on the Foundation Web site. Hopefully, in the next few weeks this search will come to fruition.

On March 12, 2009, the Academy lost its long-time Secretary General, Dr. Richard Kozal. The Academy and the Foundation have indeed lost a true friend--especially those of us who have come through the Chairs of the Academy with Richard's steadying hand always there to get us over the rough spots. Our sympathy goes out to his wife Judy who has always been at his side and has worked so hard for our success.

The Foundation also lost another close friend and member of the Board of Trustees with the death of Dr. Ray Klein of Jacksonville, FL. Ray was a past President of the Academy and of the American College of Dentists. During his practice years, Ray served his profession well in many capacities.

Scholarship Awards and checks are being processed for outstanding junior dental students. We hope to see many of these young professionals in the Academy in the coming years. Your Foundation strives to be good stewards of the monies entrusted to us. It is truly a blessing to be able to help and to give to those less fortunate than we are. Be proud of your Academy and of your Foundation!

Foundation Fundraising Campaign


Dear Fellows,

In the last three years, about 375 members have contributed $17,000 to the Foundation Fundraising Campaign. If all of the Fellows could donate about $100, even during these tough times, we could end the campaign this year. The fundraising was necessary to build up our principal to weather the poor stock market returns on the Foundation investments. We, Trustees, did not want to jeopardize the good works of the Foundation due to the nation's economy. And we can be proud of your Foundation's accomplishments. More than 1,100 dental school scholarships have been awarded throughout the world, amounting to $1.65 million. Our Grants Program has presented some 300 grants totaling more than $3 million to aid the needy and indigent.

The federal government is now demanding that 5% of the Fund's principal be distributed, which is greater than the current investments are yielding.

Please send your donations to the PFA Foundation, Dr. Mike Perpich, 4940 Viking Dr, Suite 127, Edina, MN 55435.


Dr. Anil Kohli presents "Best Outgoing Student" Award to Ms. Veena Narayan Swami

The PFA International Dental Student Scholarship Award was presented to Ms. N. Sai Jyothsna of Meenakshiammal Dental College, Chennai, by Chief Guest Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil Kohli, President of the Dental Council of India.



LSU Director of Student Affairs Darlene Brunet wrote that they will be presenting the Scholarship check to dental student Christopher Feldman.


Section News

Section News


Trustee Hubert Ouvrard reports the passing of Dr. Michel Guillain last February. He was a Professor in Pediatric Dentistry at the Reims University.

L-R, new 2009 PFA India Fellows (standing), (seated) T. Samraj, Dean Shoba Tandon of the Manipal College of Dental Sciences., Pro-Chancellor of Manipal University H.S. Ballal, Chief Guest Padma Bhushan, President Anil Kohli of the Dental Council of India, India PFA Chair Ashima Valiathan, Lt. General Paramjit Singh, Director General G. K. Prabhu of Dental Services and Registrar of Manipal University, and Chief Editor of the India PFA Journal V. P. Jalili



Dr. J. Jaffer Rahuman of Jaffer Dental & Orthodontic Maxillofacial Care Hospital of Nagercoil-Tamilnadu, India, was published in the Tamil newspaper. Dr. Rahuman was trained by Asia's leading maxillofacial orthodontic team under Professor Balaji of India, Professor Rajasekhar of India, Professor Pooya Musafri of Iran, Dr. Umesh of Kenya, Dr. Tasin Ali of Uganda, Dr. A. Irshad of Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Chapman of the United States. Dr. Rahuman was a special envoy to the United Arab Emirates. He submitted his successfully treated orthodontic case presentation to Medical Director Mohamed Tayem of Jordan. Professor Balaji of India met with him after his arrival.

Dr. Jaffer has worked in East Africa and Saudi Arabia where he had attained several honors such as PFA Fellow, Fellow in the International Dental Association, member of the Saudi Dental Society, and in the Uganda Dental Association. He also serves in UNICEF, UNDP, and as a dental consultant with IOM.

Professor T. Samraj, Secretary/Treasurer of India submitted photos of their 22nd annual PFA Awards Ceremony last March 2008, sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive Company. The India Section contains 3 International Honorary Fellows, 26 existing Fellows and 20 new Fellows.

The Best Outgoing Student Award for the PFA Section was presented to Ms. Veena Narayan Swami of J.K.K. Nataraja Dental College, Komarapalayam, which was presented by Chief Guest Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil Kohli, President of the Dental Council of India.

The PFA International Student Undergraduate Certifi- cate of merit was presented to Mr. V. Sundharamani of Regas Dental College, Chennai, by Chief Guest Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil Kohli, President of the Dental Council of India.The PFA International Senior Student Award was presented to Ms. Prerna Bhandari of Mulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Dehli, by Chief Guest Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil Kohli, President of the India Dental Council.

Dr. Mahesh Verma, Director/Principal of Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences in New Dehli was awarded the PFA International Certificate of Merit by Chief Guest Padma Bushan Dr. Anil Kohli, President of the India Dental Council.

Lt. General Paramjit Singh, Director General of Dental Services, and President-elect of the Indian Dental Association was awarded Honorary PFA Fellowship by Chief Guest Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil Kohli, President of the Dental Council of India.


Dr. M.A. Soofi (right) presents the Implant Certificates to course graduates with Dr. Mahmood Qureshi (center)

Chairman Professor Dr. M. A. Soofi, Patron of the Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry, distributed last February the postgraduate course certificates in this branch of dentistry to this year's graduating class. The course was taught by Dr. Mahmood Qureshi, the President of the Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry, and a PFA Fellow. The Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry was founded 15 years ago to propagate and enhance the knowledge, techniques, and skill of the integrated implants in clinical dentistry. This 15th course ended last December. The implant course was conducted at Lahore for three days each month and included lectures and clinical demonstrations along with surgical procedures. Dr. Mahmood Qureshi operates a private clinic for implant and reconstructive dentistry at Multan. He is a functional implant surgeon and this year has trained fifty dental surgeons to be scholars in the field of implantology. Course participants need to be dental graduates with an interest in implants.

The course instructor is assisted by Fellow Muhammad Arshad Qureshi with the help of Fellow Shuja ud Din Qureshi. Dr. M.A. Soofi awarded the graduation certificate presentations at their February ceremony. Professor Soofi congratulated them all for their dedication and sacrifices to achieve this new status as implant surgeons.


President Englander with Presidential Citation awardee Bernita Bush

The December 2008 issue of the Schweiz Monatsscher Zahnmed (Volume 118) printed a full-page article on President James Englander's presentation of the PFA President's Award to Bernita Bush, a Swiss dental educator teaching at Berne's Dental Hygiene School. The accompanying photograph included President Englander, Bernita Bush, and European Trustee Jose Dahan during the 72nd annual Awards Presentations at San Antonio last September.



Dr Arthur Dugoni received the Achievement Award from the International Association of Student Clinicians--American Dental Association (SCADA). This Award recognizes the dedication to the dental profession and efforts to promote the aims and objectives of the organization. Dr. Dugoni accepted this honor at the ADA meeting in San Antonio this year.

As an exemplary educator, practitioner, and leader, Dr. Dugoni became Dean of UOP's dental school in 1978. He is one of the most respected figures in the dental profession. He currently is President of the ADA Foundation, has served as ADA President, President of the American Association of Dental Schools, the American Board of Orthodontics, and the California Dental Association. Dr. Dugoni served as a member of the Council of the FDI World Dental Federation for nine years and served as Treasurer and in the FDI Executive Committee for six years.

Dr. Ralph Mitchener


Fellow Ralph Mitchener, 87, of Lyons, a teaching associate of Richard Kozal at Loyola in the same department, died last January. He was also Assistant Editor for the Loyola BUR, under our current Editor Brophy. Ralph was a gentle man loved by everyone. He served in World War II in the Army repairing tanks and then entered the Chicago College of Dental Surgery after the war, graduating in 1948. He was preceded in death by his wife, Marie Biondo, of 33 years in 1981. They had five children. Ralph maintained a prosthetic dental practice in Berwyn until he retired in the '90s.


Chairman Norman Becker officiated in presenting their Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Richard LoGuercio, a general dentist in Randolph, and Chair of the MDS Foundation, last January at the Yankee Dental Congress PFA Breakfast in Boston. The MDS Connection, the official publication of the Massachusetts Dental Society, printed a picture along with an article about the ceremony in their March/April 2009 edition. Assisting in making the presentation besides our PFA Chair Norman Becker was ADA President-elect Ronald Tankersley and ADA Trustee Robert Faiella.

Officers & Trustees


William Winspear President Australia
Charles Eller Vice President California
James M. Brophy Editor Illinois
James A. Englander President-elect Wisconsin
Richard A. Kozal Secretary General Nevada
Howard Mark Immediate Past President Connecticut
REGION 1—Europe Jose Dahan Belgium
REGION 2—N.E. USA Richard Walsh Rhode Island
REGION 3—S.E. USA Karyn Stockwell Georgia
REGION 4—Midwest USA Joseph C. Harris Michigan
REGION 5—Western USA Dan Castagna California
REGION 6—Canada    
REGION 7—Latin America Ernesto Acuna Mexico
REGION 8—Australasia Mark Sinclair Australia
REGION 9—Asia Kiyoshi Ohura Japan
REGION 10—Central USA Michael Schafthauser Minnesota
Pierre Marois France


James Long President Mississippi
Kevin L. Roach Treasurer Canada
Michael Perpich Vice President Minnesota
George Higue Treasurer-emeritus California
Carl Lundgren California
Howard Mark Connecticut
Gary Lowder Utah
William Kort 
William Winspear Australia
M. David Campbell Michigan
C. F. Larry Barrett Iowa
James Englander Wisconsin
Charles Eller California
Richard Kozal Nevada
Steve Hedlund Iowa
James Brophy Illinois


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