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President's Message

Dr. Charles Eller

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to have you spend some of your time reading a President's Message.

I am often asked how I became involved with the Pierre Fauchard Academy. To be truthful, it was because I did a favor for a very dear friend. Dr. Shig Kishi, a past President of the Academy and past Executive Director of the PFA, called me one evening 12 years ago, and asked me if I could help him. As a friend, I said, "Of course. That is what friends are for." ("I neglected to ask him what he needed!")

He said, "Good. You are now the new PFA Section Chair for Southern California."

My reply was, "Shig, I have been a PFA Fellow since 1962, and frankly, I don't know exactly what the PFA does these days."

He said, "You'll learn!"

As we all know, there are groups like these where you belong; you pay dues; but you really do not pay much attention to what is going on.

Our Southern California Section was in excellent shape due to Section Chair Dr. Steve Ferriot. He wished to relinquish the job for personal reasons.

Why this Section is so strong is because of the multitude of activities undertaken by the Southern California Fellows. Since its inception, the Section has received nearly half a million dollars in PFA Foundation scholarships and grants. It has been my pleasure to visit many of the projects to make certain that the Foundation funding is well spent and greatly appreciated. And, believe me, it is!

For example, several dentists, including PFA Fellows, examined more than 300 children in 10 orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico; more than 200 of them were found to be dentally deprived. I was able to visit the "clinic" where the dental work was to be done. "Clinic" is a misnomer! It was a room measuring 8 feet × 10 feet with two donated dental units--not state-ofthe-art, but functional. Fortunately, the two young lady dentists from Sonora were completing their "service to the country" obligation after graduating. Both were less than five feet tall and very slim. "Crowding" is an understatement.

Challenge: Insufficient restorative material was available to fill the need.

Solution: I called my friend, Dr. Robert Ibsen, Dent-Mat Corporation President, and told him of the need. Three days later, Dent-Mat sent me a large box filled with restorative materials that were needed. I delivered the supplies personally to the Mexican clinic.

We are fortunate to have Fellows like Bob Ibsen to help us out--no questions asked! This was action above and beyond our PFA Foundation grants. And this is only one such example of the quality of character, a trademark of our PFA Fellows.

My style is not to be erudite of philosophical. I want you to hear my gut feelings for what the PFA Fellows in the trenches are accomplishing.

More next time!

Charles G. Eller, DDS, BS 


72nd Annual PFA Awards Presentations

This annual highlight of the PFA year was held on 18 October 2008 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, during the ADA session.


Dean Jeffcoat receiving award from Vice President Steve Hedlund and President James Englander


This premier award is presented to an outstanding individual in the profession of dentistry in the United States. This year the Awards Committee selected Dr. Marjorie K. Jeffcoat, the first woman Dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.


This premier award is presented to an outstanding individual in the profession of dentistry in the world outside of the United States. This year the Awards Committee selected Dr. Carlos P. Marinello of Zurich, Switzerland. The Award was presented by President James Englander last summer in Switzerland.


This special award was presented to Saul Breitman of the Barnabo y Cia Company of Argentina. Accepting this distinction on his behalf was his niece.


This award is personally selected by the current PFA President. Dr. James Englander selected Bernita Bush who had achieved her notoriety in dental education in Switzerland at the Dental Hygiene School.


This unusual second award was selected by President James Englander in recognition of the outstanding service to PFA and to international Fellowship by Japan's outstanding professional Trustee Mamoru Sakuda. He became a PFA Fellow in 1975 and soon rose to the position of Section Chair for Japan. In 2001, Dr. Sakuda attained the position of Region 9 Trustee where he continued to earn the respect of professionals from all over the world, as he had in his career in Japan. Due to family obligations he declined to be considered for PFA International President. Dr. Sakuda has achieved a high respect among his peers serving as an example for the principles of PFA in Asia.

This award is selected by the Awards Committee to recognize a dental professional internationally who has achieved outstanding status in the profession. This year's selection was Dr. Raphael Balducci Filho of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has served as First Vice President for the Sao Paulo Dental Association APCD 1985-1989, and then was elected President from 1990 through 2000. He is founder of the Sao Paulo Dental Congress CIOSP, which has attained an attendance of 50,000. He has served in many governmental positions. He received the Medal of Order of the Aeronautical Merit and the Medal of Honour from the Federal Council of Dentistry in 2005. He was the patron of the First PFA Latin American Meeting.


Daniel R. Jonker, the PFA's certified public accountant for decades, was recognized for his outstanding service to the Academy in keeping our financial books in order. Dan started his own accounting firm in 1968 after graduating with a BS from DePaul University. Dan has kept up with all the newest technology. His Budget and Financial Program, developed in 1982, grows with the Academy and keeps PFA on the cutting edge of technology in the accounting field.

Retiring European Trustee Hubert Ouvrard now elected as PFA International Vice President


President James Englander honored retiring Trustees Dr. Barry Dolman of Canada and Dr. Mamoru Sakuda of Japan and Trustee Dr. Hubert Ouvrard of France.

President James Englander then presented retiring Section Chair plaques like to Rhode Island's Chair Trustee Richard Walsh.


Secretary General Richard Kozal and President James Englander inducted new Fellows into membership for the Academy.


Past President and Foundation President M. David Campbell accepted the honor to induct the new PFA International Officers for 2008-2009. President Dr. Charles G. Eller of California was selected to become President. Dr. James Englander becomes Immediate past President. Dr. Steve Hedlund of Iowa becomes President-elect. And Hubert Ouvrard of France was elected Vice President. Also installed were Dr. Jose Dahan of Belgium as Trustee for Europe (Region 1) and Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura of Japan as Trustee for Asia (Region 9).


Academy Annual Board Meeting

Grand Hyatt Hotel, 17-18 october 2008

San Antonio, Texas

President James Englander opened the Annual Meeting of the PFA on Friday, 17 October, at 10 a.m. following the Section Chair Caucus at 8 a.m. The Invocation was given by Editor James Brophy calling to mind the recent passing of our dental leader H. Raymond Klein.


Opening remarks were given by President Englander who recalled his major goals for the year as 1) mentorship and 2) recruitment and retention. Dr. Englander noted that PFA succeeded in developing the mentorship concept in several states and throughout Latin America. Mentorship means many things, but basically it is a way to share and prepare for the future of our profession. Mentorship means to counsel, to advise, to help, to support, to aid, and to be a friend to our young dentists who are the key to the future of organized dentistry.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center, School of Dentistry, Associate Dean Dr. William Buchanan and Dr. Karen Crews, with financial help from Dr. James Long and the Foundation, developed a mentoring DVD/CD as tool for developing the Mentorship Program.

In visiting Europe, Dr. Englander discussed the concept of mentoring, but we need more time to develop the mechanism.

With the retirement of many senior Fellows from our profession, and their transition from active status to life membership, recruitment and retention continues to be a challenge for the Academy. We depend on fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

There are many fine individuals who have the potential to give back to our profession who need to be recognized with Fellowship. I have encouraged our members to seek out these worthy individuals and submit their names for Fellowship.

There have been some problems between the Academy and the Foundation, but nothing that we cannot resolve together for the benefit of our joint mission.


Secretary General Richard Kozal established that a quorum was present to conduct the business of the Academy and gave his report. Computer activities continue updating and refining the database to stay on the cutting edge in computer technology, which is updated weekly. Dental World is also available online now.

Dues statements were mailed out, and most dues have been paid for 2008. The ones for 2009 have been printed for mailing in November. Dues for 2009 will be $125 for U.S. Fellows with a request for a $20 donation for the Educational Programs of the Academy. The one-time Initiation fee will stay at $150. International dues will be $110.

The Central Office prepared 24 Outstanding Dentist of the Year plaques and seven outgoing Section Chair plaques. Requests for Fellowship Certificates for Induction Ceremonies are prepared along with new neck ribbons and Fellowship keys. Many are now presented with an Induction Ceremony to stress the importance of the honor. Seventy-two out of 74 schools in the United States and Canada requested the Student Award Certificates along with five in India, one in Ireland, and four in Australia. These letters for the student awards were sent at the same time as the ones for the Foundation Scholarship Award.

The Management and Finance Committee holds quarterly meetings to review the financial information of the Academy. The annual Corporate Report has been filed with the State of Illinois, along with the "Foreign Corporation" Report with the State of Nevada. The annual review by an independent accounting firm was completed last July and filed. All the books were in proper order.

The 2008 delinquent dues notices have been mailed.

The PFA Dental History Museum continues to grow with donated antique dental items. The National Museum of Dentistry negotiations for retaining our Wall of Fame did not go successfully, and the Hall of Fame plaques have been returned to the Central Office. Past ADA President and PFA Hall of Fame Founder Joseph Cappuccio has arranged for wall space in the new building at the University of Maryland. This will become the premier U.S. site for our Wall of Fame as the ADA venue is merely a coded television with the Hall of Fame series on call-up. The top Hall of Fame site, as arranged by retired European Trustee Pierre Marois, is located in the headquarters of the French Le Conseil de Ordre des Chirurgiens Dentistes in Paris.

Online dues payments and credit card payments for social functions are proceeding nicely and efficiently under our new Vista Program. This is available for all Fellows except in Canada.

All invoices have been paid as of 31 September 2008, including the one to Elsevier, our publisher.

To date 441 new Fellows have been processed. Some 32 partial rate new Fellows have also been processed but do not receive Dental Abstracts/Dental World.

Voluntary donations collected for the Foundation apart from the direct fundraising by the Foundation have totaled $39,000 for 2008 as of 10 September 2008. Bank statements were contained in the Meeting packet for review by the Board of Trustees.

The Accountant's Report substantiated the Academy's solid foundation back in the black this year, but cautioned the Board to be wary of the upcoming year--Elsevier has raised the subscription price for Dental Abstracts six dollars per year per Fellow; the ADA/PFA Meeting in Hawaii will be expensive; postage has gone up; printing costs have risen; credit card processing costs the Academy; the Web site improvements are more costly; interest on PFA assets is down to 2.47%; the lock box dues collection is an added cost; and the Foundation grant to the Academy has been suspended. To offset some of these costs, officer travel has cut back; the Section rebate program has been temporarily suspended; and more careful budgeting has been implemented. With the dour outlook on the economics of the coming year, every item needs to be scrutinized.


Howard Mark, chair, suggested wording changes to Chapter VII--Officers and Trustees Tenure; Chapter XV--Standing Committees, Hall of Fame Committee composition, duties, and term. The changes presented by Dr. Eller passed unanimously by the Board.


Mark Stanley, our Webmaster, reported that next year all U.S. Fellows and Fellows in 11 other countries will be able to use credit cards to pay their 2009 annual dues. This will be through an Internet payment gateway called "," which will be a secure process. Annual Meeting Online registration and payment will be available. The Membership Directory Database redesign will be upgraded to work in sync with the Central Office database.

Home page revisions have been made to provide links to the News Pages Index, a list of recent Dental World PDF files, new links to the revised Leadership Page, a link to recent Dental History articles, and the page listing all the Museum exhibits. The colored map of the world has been enlarged to link to the membership directory for the continent selected. The Officer and Trustee News pages can be found at with a special page that collects links to recent additions for easy and quick review at E-mail addresses are collected on a single page at The goal is for all Sections to have access to their online page by the end of 2009.

Web statistics over the last 8 years has demonstrated steady growth. The best month was May 2008, with some 56,000 pages viewed. The largest area viewed was Publications. Google ranks the PFA Web site 5 of 10 in popularity, which is good for the size of the organization. Google brings five times the traffic to the PFA Web site than the next search engine, Yahoo. The largest rate of Internet usage comes from North America, followed by Australia, and then Europe.


Total PFA membership as of 8 September 2008 is 7,758, with 4,111 members from the United States, 2,263 International members, and 1,384 Life and Honorary members. This reflects a total loss of about 100 members from a year before. While enrollments were steady, unpaid members totaled 1,958 offset the gains. Dr. Englander's assessment that recruitment and retention were two big problems that still need to be addressed.


Chairman William Winspear recommended the following officers for the year 2008-2009:

Dr. Steve K. Hedlund of Iowa for President-elect 
Dr. Hubert Ouvrard of Paris for Vice President 
Dr. Joseph C. Harris of Michigan was recommended for another three-year term as Trustee for Region 4 
Dr. Ernesto Acuna of Mexico was recommended for another three-year term as Trustee for Region 7 
Dr. Jose Dahan of Belgium was recommended for a three-year term as Trustee for Region 1 
Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura of Japan was recommended for a three-year term as Trustee for Region 9


Six issues of Dental World were created and published.

Your Editor Jim Brophy has been working with Larry Barrett on the Foundation Fundraising effort.


Chair Kevin Roach reported a feverish year in 2007, followed by a quiet one in 2008. Four plaques for the nominees have been placed on the Wall of Fame in Paris. Dr. Roach completed a historical biographical sketch for Dr. Edward Angle. From the Committee, suggestions were made that 1) nominees only be considered after having been deceased for ten years; 2) that the Committee seek out nominees from the founders of dentistry as they seem to have a much greater support in their homelands; 3) that the ADA be impressed upon to host the location of our International Hall of Fame given the dental leadership in the United States.


Executive Director Fred Halik discussed the grants that the Foundation had funded and how those projects had helped out individuals in their personal lives. The investment that the Foundation is making in the future of dentistry is outstanding in giving out their scholarships.


Chair Gary Lowder noted that 35 grants had been received, totaling $327,112.58 for this year. One hundred twenty-one thousand, five hundred dollars had been budgeted for 53 U.S. and 28 international scholarships at $1500 each. Gary wanted to thank the reviewers who made deciding which grants to fund so much easier, and to Fred Halik for the extensive preparation in achieving a smooth review. Thanks to Larry Barrett, Jim Long, Carl Lundgren, Mike Perpich, Kevin Roach, and Nick Saccone for their efforts and time.

This year, 40% of the grants were submitted by PFA Fellows or were accompanied by letters of PFA Fellows involvement. This represents a significant membership interest.


These reports are filed under Section News.


These annual Awards were reported in the 72nd annual Awards Ceremony section.


Dr. Edward Hirsch for Michigan 
Dr. Jayne Boyd for New Hampshire 
Dr. Cynthia Bolton and Dr. Scott Vines of North Carolina 
Dr. Laurie Moeller, Louisiana co-Chair 
Dr. Roger Turkel of Rhode Island 
Dr. Ron Stifter of Wisconsin 
Dr. Staci Gaffos of South Carolina 


A dues increase was proposed to raise the international dues $10 from its current $100. U.S. dues had been increased last year. This was needed to balance the 2009 budget.


2008-2009 PFA Committee Appointments

Management Team: President Charles G. Eller, Chair, with Immediate Past President James Englander, President-elect Steve Hedlund, Vice President Hubert Ouvrard, and ex-officio Secretary General Richard Kozal

Constitution and Bylaws: Steve Hedlund, Chair, with Charles Eller, James Englander, Mike Schafthauser, and ex-officio Richard Kozal

Budget and Finance: Steve Hedlund, Chair, with Charles Eller, James Englander, Hubert Ouvrard, Dan Jonker, CPA, and ex-officio Richard Kozal

Nominating Committee: James Englander, Chair, with Charles Eller and Steve Hedlund

Fellowship Committee: Hubert Ouvrard, Chair, with Canadian Trustee Ernesto Acuna, Jose Dahan, Joe Harris, Kiyoshi Ohura, Mark Sinclair, Karyn Stockwell, and Richard Walsh

Awards Committee: Hubert Ouvrard, Chair, with Canadian Trustee Ernesto Acuna, Dan Castagna, Jose Dahan, Steve Hedlund, Kiyoshi Ohura, ex-officio Richard Kozal, and Consultants Frank Braun and Pierre Marois

Hall of Fame Committee: Joe Harris, Chair, with Ernesto Acuna, Jose Dahan, Kiyoshi Ohura, Mark Sinclair, and Karyn Stockwell

Publicity and Web Site Committee: Karyn Stockwell, Chair, with Joe Harris, Mike Schafthauser, Mark Sinclair, Richard Walsh, and Consultants Mike Perpich, Editor James Brophy, Webmaster Mark Stanley, and ex-officio Richard Kozal

Publications Committee: Editor James Brophy and ex-officio Richard Kozal

Strategic Planning: Steve Hedlund, Chair, with Ernesto Acuna, Dan Castagna, Joe Harris, Mike Schafthauser, Mark Sinclair, and Karyn Stockwell

Mentorship: Richard Walsh, Chair, with Canadian Trustee Dan Castagna and James Englander

Museum Committee: James Englander, Chair, with James Brophy, Richard Walsh, and ex-officio Richard Kozal


Foundation News

The newly elected PFA Foundation Officers (for a three-year term) are Dr. James E. Long of Mississippi as President; Dr. Kevin Roach of Canada as Vice President; Dr. Michael Perpich of Minnesota as Treasurer; and Dr. David Campbell of Michigan as Immediate past President and Foundation inquiries. Dr. George Higue of California is Treasurer emeritus. Dr. Gary Lowder of Utah remains as Grants Committee Chair, and Dr. Michael Perpich is Communications Chair. Dr. Nicolas Sacone of Pennsylvania has stepped down as Trustee and is now Consultant to the Budget and Finance Committee. Trustee H. Ray Klein of Florida is no longer a Trustee due to his recent passing.

Foundation Board Trustees now are C.F. "Larry" Barrett of Iowa, M. David Campbell of Michigan, William Kort of Illinois, Gary Lowder of Utah, James Englander of Wisconsin, Carl Lundgren of California, Howard Mark of Connecticut, and William Winspear of Australia.

Ex-officio officers of the Foundation Board are the President and President-elect of the Academy, Dr. Charles Eller of California, and Dr. Steve Hedlund of Iowa and the Academy Secretary General and Editor, Dr. Richard Kozal of Nevada and Dr James Brophy of Illinois.

Dr. Fred Halik resigned as Executive Director of the Foundation. A Search Committee for the position of Foundation Executive Director is being formed. In the meantime, Immediate past Foundation President M. David Campbell is handling the position. Direct inquiries to Dr. M. David Campbell, 47950 Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, MI 48170.



The PFA Foundation is seeking an individual with administrative and executive skills to continue its purposes and elevate them to an even higher level than currently exists in both outreach and fundraising. While, presently, the position is approximately 25 hours per week, there may be the potential for this to be increased. There is an unique opportunity to shape the growth of this organization that can have a definite impact upon its international outreach and impact on global oral health, as well as increasing its presence at the academic level in dentistry. Hours are flexible and can be conducted from a stable home-office location. The Executive Director reports to an elected Board of Trustees, to the Executive Committee of the Foundation Board, and to its President, and functions within the limits of the Bylaws of the Foundation and policies of the Board of Trustees.

Duties and responsibilities:

Establish the organizational structure for the Executive Office as deemed appropriate and approved by the Board of Trustees
Establish administrative policies and procedures for all office functions
Act as Secretary for all meetings of the Foundation and the Executive Committee, except when as Executive Session of the Board has been called
Organize in conjunction with the Secretary General of the PFA, the Annual Meeting of the Foundation, as well as such other events consistent with the objectives of the Foundation
In addition, plan and conduct any additional meeting(s) of the Foundation approved by the Board of Trustees
Maintain effective internal and external public relations, including coordinating updates of Foundation activities on the Web site of the Academy, and working with the Editor of the Academy as regards the publication Dental World
The President of the Foundation should approve all of these activities
Manage all finances of the Foundation together with the Foundation Treasurer and with the Budget and Finance Committee, including the preparation of an annual budget and a long-range forecast of Foundation needs
Foundation capabilities should be potentially possible
Ensure the legal integrity of the Foundation
Assist the functions and reporting of the committees of the Foundation
Coordinate the Grants Program of the Foundation in accordance with established protocols for both the grant applications review and the awarding of scholarships
Provide timely and periodic reports of all activities, including quarterly and annual financial reports, along with recommendations
Negotiate contractual agreements with vendors and third parties, as deemed necessary with the approval of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees
Attend all meetings of the Board and of the Executive committees and other committees when necessary
Ensure the professionalism and integrity of all activities

This position is open immediately and will stay open until a suitable candidate is selected. The Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. The Foundation offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience

Apply to, with a cover letter describing how you visualize yourself in this important role, including three references:

Dr. Malcolm David Campbell, Interim Executive Director, The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy 47950 Ann Arbor Trail Plymouth, MI, 48170-3334



Dean Charles Shuler reports presenting the PFA Academy Award last May at the Graduation Luncheon for the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Dentistry, in Vancouver, to student Michael Leclair.

Dean Charles Shuler then presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to student Amyn Allidina at the same Luncheon.



Chair William Rohel remarked presenting the Foundation Scholarship to Junior Dayne Jensen of the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, School of Dental Medicine. The Nevada Section added another $500 to the scholarship to make it $2000. The Outstanding Senior Dental Student Award was presented to Keith Packer, who has published an article on Oral Piercing and Lymphadenopathy. The Nevada Section funded this award for $500, and a plaque as well as the PFA Certificate was presented at his graduation ceremony. He will be going into an orthodontic residency.

Chair William Rohel earned a $1000 Foundation grant for the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program for low-income children, giving them access to dental care. The second application was for a $1500 grant for the Nevada Give Kids a Smile Program.


Chair Scott Cayouette announced presenting the Foundation Scholarship to MUSC senior Caroline Hartley.


2009 Calendar

6-8 February Georgia PFA Leadership Conferenceand Convocation Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Greensboro
26 February-1 March 144th Annual MidWinter Meeting McCormick Place, Chicago
24-28 March World Trade Fair for Dental Technologyand Dentistry Cologne, Germany
22-23 April Illinois Capital Conference Hilton Hotel, Springfield, Illinois
5-11 May 31st Asia Pacific Dental Congress Hong Kong
7-10 May Management Team Meeting Hotel de Coronado, Coronado Island (San Diego), California
11-13 September Illinois State Dental Society Annual Session Marriott Resort, Oak Brook, Illinois
12 September FDI/ADA 1st World Oral Health Day
24-27 September FDI Congress Singapore
1-4 October 150th Annual Session ADA Meeting Honolulu, Hawaii
28 November-3 December 2009 Greater New York Dental Meeting Javits Convention Center, New York City

Section News


Past PFA President William Winspear was inducted into ACD Fellowship during the ADA Annual Session in San Antonio last October.


This Section meets each year for an hour-and-a-half lecture followed by discussion and then a dinner. This year the discus sion was about how PFA Europe could implement better oral health in developing countries and specifically preventative and clinical dentistry. What financial support could be obtained from the European Union, country governments, and dental organizations? Looking to Africa, how can benevolent individuals be enticed to donate a week or two of their vacation to provide some skillful dental care in such selected countries?

Dr. Yves Parage and his wife presented their experiences in humanitarian activities over 12 years. He noted that it is more than just being there and supplying the ability to perform, but to know the formalities of each country just to get started. Getting there, to the inner most part of the continent with the necessary equipment was a logistic nightmare as well. Dr. Colpaert gave the summer presentation at the Maison du Cygne restaurant on the square in old Brussels. The results of the presentation and discussion were to establish a program that focused on training programs for local dental paramedics in Africa in oral health and in prevention. This program could coincide with Dr. Eller's humanitarian oral care in Africa as well as a European Mentorship Program. They had already contacted the general manager of the World Trade Fair for Dental Technology and Dentistry (IDS) in Cologne from 24-28 March 2009, to get them to agree to helping initiate one or both of the suggested projects.


Latin America Trustee Ernesto Acuna sponsored the 24th Latin American Academy of Gnathology meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. The PFA Pacific Section held its first meeting in conjunction with the Conference. Attending were Trustees Ernesto Acuna and Joseph Harris. Dr. Raul Quezada organized the event. Three days of lectures were given by Dr. Anibal Alonso of Argentina on "Oral Rehabilitation in Primary Dentition" and "Establishing Vertical Dimension in a Worn Dentition."

Dr. Acuna then inducted new Fellows into the Academy with the assistance of Trustee Joe Harris.


Chair Professor Eugeniusz Spiechowicz held their Annual Meeting last September in Poznan where they inducted two new Fellows.

At the Opening of the XVIII Central European Dental Exhibition last September in Poznan, more than 800 attendees witnessed the PFA Ceremony recognizing Mrs. Anna Deja-Berdula as an Honorary Member. She is the President and co-owner of the Exactus Company.


Outstanding Section Chair Dr. Walter Lieber Belli passed away last November 13th. Dr. Lieber was the Founder of the Uruguay PFA Section as well as the ICD and ADI Sections. His son Dr. Jorge Lieber is Dean of the Universidad Catolica del Uruguay. Dr. Walter Lieber was an outstanding teacher in life that set an example for all in South America.

Dr. Lieber attended the Latin American Academic Meeting of the Region 2 Fellows last January in Sao Paolo where he had two new Fellows inducted into membership. After returning to Montevideo, Section Chair Walter Lieber revitalized his Section by re-inducting 15 inactive Fellows. In July, he held an Induction Ceremony in which he initiated 30 new Fellows, bringing his small country's total to 47 members. President James Englander and Trustee Ernesto Acuna attended.

Dr. Lieber had been Dean of Catholic University of Uruguay and was an enthusiastic supporter of organized dentistry. As Trustee Acuna stated, "Uruguay has lost a great dental professional and we all have lost a wonderful friend."



Acting USC Dean Sigmund Abelson

Dr. Sigmund Abelson, an alumnus from the University of the Pacific, Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry, has been appointed Acting Dean for the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and will hold the position until USC completes a national search for a new Dean. Dr. Abelson had been serving as USC Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. Dr. Abelson was a 1966 graduate of the Dugoni School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, and member of the Pacific Dental Education Foundation Board. In 2002, the Dugoni School Alumni Association presented their Medallion of Distinction to Dr. Abelson.

Dr. Abelson has also served as the California Dental Association Speaker of the House. He is a PFA Fellow as well as in ICD and ACD.


Chair Gary Herbeck reports inducting new Fellows into the Academy at their last PFA Meeting. They were Drs. Steve Chapman, Raj Rawal, J. Michael Heider, Bertram Hughes, Stephen Hopwood, Jolene Paramore, Peter Lemieux, Tina Thomas, Larry Shapiro, Raymond Kenzik, Jeffrey Ottley, Robert Miller, Alan Bresalier, and Bruce Waterman.

New Florida Fellows

Chair Herbeck presents Award to Dr. Terry Buckenheimer


Chair John Harrington reports inducting 15 new members into Fellowship this year at their 6th Annual Leadership Conference and Convocation last February at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge in Greensboro. PFA past President James Englander and Trustee Karyn Stockwell were in attendance. Their 7th Leadership Conference will be held on February 6th through the 8th.


Dr. Thomas Emmering, past ICD-USA Section President, received the Outstanding Community Service Award at the United Cerebral Palsy National Awards for Excellence Ceremony at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, AR, last April. Dr. Emmering is well known in the Chicago area for his charitable activities and donating hundreds of hours of dental services at UCP Centers. He serves on the Board of the United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago.


Trustee Joe Harris of Michigan reported that the Section held their Meeting last November. This was the first meeting for their new Chairman Dr. Edward Hirsch.


Fellow G. Kirk Gleason of Clifton Park was selected to receive the New York State Dental Association's Distinguished Service Award last November in Albany. He has served as NYSDA Secretary/Treasurer, a former member of the NYSDA Executive Committee, and of the NYSDA Council on Publications. He is currently the Treasurer of the New York State Dental Foundation.

Fellow Alfonso J. Perna of Binghamton was elected President of the New York State Dental Association. A general dentist, Dr. Perna is currently the Executive Director of the Sixth District Dental Society. He is former ACD Chair for the Western New York Section. He is also an ICD Fellow.


Chair Scott Cayouette presented incoming Chair for South Carolina Dr. Staci Gaffos. Their Dentist of the Year Award was presented to Dr. W. Lynn Campbell.

Drs. Cayouette and Stockwell inducted new Fellows into the Academy: Drs. Strother Murdoch and B. Thomas Kays.

Officers & Trustees


Charles Eller President California
Hubert Ouvrard Vice President France
James M. Brophy Editor Illinois
Steve Hedlund President-elect Iowa
Richard A. Kozal Secretary General Nevada
James A. Englander Immediate Past President Wisconsin
REGION 1—Europe Jose Dahan Belgium
REGION 2—N.E. USA Richard Walsh Rhode Island
REGION 3—S.E. USA Karyn Stockwell Georgia
REGION 4—Midwest USA Joseph C. Harris Michigan
REGION 5—Western USA Dan Castagna California
REGION 6—Canada    
REGION 7—Latin America Ernesto Acuna Mexico
REGION 8—Australasia Mark Sinclair Australia
REGION 9—Asia Kiyoshi Ohura Japan
REGION 10—Central USA Michael Schafthauser Minnesota
Pierre Marois France


James Long President Mississippi
Kevin L. Roach Treasurer Canada
Michael Perpich Vice President Minnesota
George Higue Treasurer-emeritus California


Carl Lundgren California
Howard Mark Connecticut
Gary Lowder Utah
William Kort 
William Winspear Australia
M. David Campbell Michigan
C. F. Larry Barrett Iowa
James Englander Wisconsin

Charles Eller California
Richard Kozal Nevada
Steve Hedlund Iowa
James Brophy Illinois


Submission of photos and articles about Section activities are accepted for possible publication in the Dental World. Please contact the Editor for more information.

Photos submitted must be large and high enough resolution for printing, usually the minimum size is 4" x 6" and 600dpi resolution at 22 picas wide (after cropping) if sent electronically, and compressed JPEG photo images (.JPG ) are best for sending electronically. Sending actual photo prints on photographic paper via regular postal mail is also accepted.

Dental World Editor

Dental World Submission Due Dates:


Please send change of address information or subscription inquiries to the Central Office of the Pierre Fauchard Academy at:

Pierre Fauchard Academy
103 North Adams Street
Rockville MD, 20850
U. S. A.

Phone: +1 240-658-8070