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2008.6 November - December


President's Message

Dr. Charles Eller

The annual ritual of officer change has come again. I look forward to serving the Pierre Fauchard Academy as your new President.

Having been a PFA Fellow since 1962, it has been amazing to watch the progress of the Academy through the years. To be able to see the progress made by each of the Past Presidents and the Officer Corps is to observe, first-hand, the dedication and talent of each of these individuals. We complement each one of them. The Pierre Fauchard Academy now has more than 7700 Fellows in 48 countries. Recently added are the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Macedonia, and Kenya. We are currently working on adding the United Arab Emirates. Any assistance for our missing Scandinavian countries and Finland would be welcome.

You have read about our Latin Section and their successful Congress in San Paulo, Brazil, this past January. Latin Trustee Ernesto Acuna deserves an accolade for making the arrangements for this meeting. We hope to make this a biennial event. Meanwhile, the Europeans are planning the same type of meeting in Cologne, Germany, in March 2009. It will be held in conjunction with the largest dental meeting in the world. All PFA Fellows are invited to attend. As an aside, we will eventually try to accomplish the same thing with the Australasian Section. You see, we are truly "Dentistry's Handclasp Around the World."

The PFA Foundation, a separate and independent entity, is rapidly approaching the $5 million mark in Scholarship and Grant Awards. I have personally observed in my San Diego/Mexico region how the money is utilized, and believe me, it is money well spent and greatly appreciated. More on that in a future issue! Once again, it shows that the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the Foundation get things done. You can be proud to be a PFA Fellow. The Management Team has listened to our Section Chairs--the group that does the work in the "trenches." We now have online payment options for dues and Annual Meetings. We hope to be able to add Section dues at a later date, but so far, it is a logistical problem because of the different dues structure in each Section. Some charge no dues at all!!! Our Web site,, is consistently being updated and refined. It receives up to 56,000 hits a month (May 2008).

Dental World, the official PFA publication continues to be our lifeline to our Fellows. It is under the direction of our brilliant Editor Dr. James Brophy.

As your President-elect this past year, I have been able to attend both U.S. and International PFA functions. It has been my job to inform the Membership about what the Academy and the Foundation are doing, our aims, our projects, and our ambition for the future of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The high level of volunteerism that involves dedication and commitment is very impressive. That is what we expect of all of our PFA Fellows. Pierre Fauchard was called a fool by the critics of the time, but he "dared to dream," as so eloquently presented by Past President William Winspear.

Are our dreams big enough? We have our work cut out for us!

Charles Eller, DDS, BS 


Past PFA President Ray Klein Passes

Dentistry Shocked by Early Passing of Dental Great Past PFA President Ray Klein

Dr. H. Raymond Klein was a modern day legend of dental leadership to his patients, his understanding family and wife Renee, to his community, and to professional dentistry. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. To relate all the leadership roles and presidencies Dr. Klein held in his brief life with us would appear to be the biography of two men.

Born in Vincennes, Indiana, Ray received his undergraduate and specialty degrees from Indiana University. His long pediatric career started out in Lafayette, Indiana, and then relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, in 1965. He was that city's first board-certified pedodontist. He served his community as President of the Arlington Rotary Club, St. John's Episcopal Church Vestry Membership, Chairmanship of the St. Andrew's Day School Board, President of the Jacksonville Boys' Club, and as a staff member on several area hospitals.

Ray Klein was President of 16 professional organizations including the Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA 1991-1992), the American College of Dentists (ACD 2006-2007), the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the Florida Dental Association, the Florida Dental Health Foundation, the Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry, the Northeast Florida District Dental Association, the American Academy of Dentistry Foundation, the Florida ACD Section, the Indiana University Pediatric Dentistry Alumni Association, the Jacksonville Dental Society, the Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the Academy of Dentistry of Jacksonville, and the American College of Dentists Foundation. This list does not touch on all the lower offices and committeeman-ships served by this great dental figure, such as his leadership of the PFA International Hall of Fame Committee for 10 years.

Naturally such a leader was showered with many honors and awards befitting his outstanding roles in directing so many top professional organizations, such as the 2006 PFA Distinguished Service Award, the Florida Dental Association (FDA) Dentist of the Year, Lifetime Honorary Member of the Florida Sheriff's Boy's Ranch State of Florida Proclamation for Outstanding Community Service, the Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International, the Leon Schwartz Lifetime Service Award, the Distinguished Service Awards from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the FDA Dentist of the Year Award, Northeast District Dental Association, the FDA President's Award, the ACD Geis Fellow Award, Honorary Memberships in the Hinman Dental Society, in the Alabama Dental Association, in the Georgia Dental Association, and in the Mississippi Dental Association, the Jacksonville Dental Society, and the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year from the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Ray also served as ADA Trustee for the 5th District while being honored as a Fellow in the International College of Dentists (ICD), PFA, and the American College of Dentists (ACD). After serving as ACD President, Ray did not retire. He accepted a position as Trustee on the PFA Foundation Board. The ACD Florida Section created the H. Raymond Klein Fund for advancing the concepts of leadership, professionalism, excellence and ethics in dentistry. The Florida Dental Association Foundation has created the H. Raymond Klein Fund for Children's Dental Care.

Ray traveled to some 28 of 50 States as well as many foreign countries. This Editor was with him and Renee as we visited Belgium, Paris, and London, watching Ray struggle with luggage as huge as he was moving through these countries. Ray was a humble, intelligent, and well-read individual, universally liked by everyone. He had a gentle touch in arguing a point that soothed the heat of the moment to arrive at a well-thought out conclusion. Even into Ray's 70s, he was still practicing care to children, dedicating his career to helping underserved communities improve their dental health. Ray is survived by his dear wife Renee and his five children Ronnie, Pat, Mike, Robin, and Raymond, along with 10 beloved grandchildren, and his mother, Esther Marlowe, back in Vincennes.

As we all are so struck by Dr. Ray's untimely departure from our lives, let us remember that his memory, and such charitable funds in his memory, still serve his life and passion. In the memory of our loved friend Ray Klein, please send a donation in his name to the Florida Dental Association at 111 East Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, FL 32308-6914. Let us keep the fervor of our memories alive to help continue Ray's work as he would have wished us to do in his absence. Mark on the check "H. Raymond Klein for Children's Dental Care." YOU know he would have done the same for us.


Past President's Message

Dr. James Englander

Dr. James Englander

Where did the year go? It is difficult for me to realize that my term as your Academy President has come to an end. When I took the oath of office, my thoughts for the Academy dealt primarily with two major goals: mentorship and fellowship recruitment and retention. To some extent, we have succeeded in developing the mentorship concept in several states and throughout Latin America. Mentorship may mean many things to many people. But, when you get right down to it, it is a way to share and prepare for the future. Mentorship means to counsel, to advise, to help, to support, to aid and to be a friend. Young dentists are the key to the future of organized dentistry. Under the leadership of Section Chair Terry Berwick, PFA Colorado, in cooperation with the University of Colorado Denver, School of Dental Medicine, an outstanding program has been created to better prepare young graduates. Past President Jim Long, with financial help from the Foundation, has been working closely with Dr. William Buchanan, Associate Dean, and with Dr. Karen Crews, University of Mississippi Medical Center, School of Dentistry, to develop their PFA Mentoring DVD/CD. Having viewed this material, I can attest that it is a highly effective working tool for developing a mentorship program. During a recent visit to Montevideo, Uruguay, in addition to inducting 24 new Fellows, I met with six young people who recently graduated. They were definitely interested in becoming Fellows, but had not met the five-year time requirement for Fellowship. Section Chair Dr. Walter Lieber will continue to stay in touch with them, offering encouragement and guidance until they are eligible for induction. While visiting PFA Sections in Europe, I had the opportunity to discuss the concept of mentorship and how it can benefit our profession. Most dental professionals see the value of such a program, but need more time to establish the mechanism.

With the retirement of many senior Fellows from the profession of dentistry and their transition from active to life status, membership recruitment and retention continues to be a challenge for the future of the Academy. It should always be a top priority. As we all know, through our involvement in dentistry, the success of any organization depends on fresh ideas and enthusiasm generated by its younger members. We are all aware that there are many fine individuals in our great profession who have given back to their communities or have the potential to do so and should be recognized with Fellowship. During my travels, I have encouraged our members to seek out these noteworthy people and submit their names to their Section Chair or the central office as prospective inductees.

My heartfelt thanks go out to my fellow Officers, Trustees, Section Chairs and Fellows of the Academy who have helped me achieve my goals. I greatly appreciate your support and reinforcement during the past year. I have had the opportunity both domestically and internationally to develop good personal relationships through the Pierre Fauchard Academy. I cannot begin to tell you how vital it is for your President to visit Sections around the world to keep in touch and see our Fellows in action. My special thanks go to Editor James Brophy and Secretary General Richard and Judith Kozal for their continuing support--they are the backbone of the Academy.

James A. Englander, D.D.S
Past President

11- L-R, New Vice President Hubert Ouvrard of France, Carole and immediate past President James Englander of Wisconsin, PFA President Charles Eller and wife Gloria of California, President-elect Steve Hedlund and his wife Chris of Iowa.


Awards Luncheon and Gold Medal

72nd Annual PFA Awards Luncheon And Gold Medal Presentation

Saturday, 18 October 2008
Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Antonio

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." Such are the International PFA selections for their 72nd annual Awards Luncheon.

Dr. Marjorie K. Jeffcoat--PFA Gold Medal

The PFA Gold Medal was presented to Dr. Marjorie K. Jeffcoat, the Morton Amsterdam Dean at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. She is their first female dean in its 128-year history.

Dr. Jeffcoat was first appointed to Penn Dental in 2003. Prior to that she had served as assistant dean of research and as chairman of the department of periodontics at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, School of Dentistry. She was also a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and held the James Rosen Endowed Chair of Oral Biology.

She was elected to the Institute of Medicine in 2005 and is currently a member of the National Institutes of Health NIDCR Advisory Committee for Dental Research on Women's Health, the National Institute for Dental Research National Advisory Committee, the American Academy of Periodontology Clinical Trials Committee, the Academy of Osseointegration Board of Directors, and the American Association for Dental Research and the International Association for Dental Research. Dr. Jeffcoat serves on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Periodontology, the Current Opinion in Dentistry, and the Journal of Periodontal Research and as 2001-2004 Editor of the ADA Journal. In 2008 she received the Pennsylvania Dental Association Recognition Award.

Dr. Carlo P. Marinello--Elmer S. Best Memorial Award

The PFA Elmer S. Best Memorial Award was presented to Dr. Marinello of Switzerland last summer in Zurich by PFA President James Englander as reported in our last issue.

Saul Breitman--Dental Trade & Industry Award

Mr. Breitman is President of the Barnabo y Cia Company of Argentina and is a pre-eminent personality in the pharmaceutical industry for 73 years. He started at Barnabo and Company at the age of 14 and worked his way up from there. He founded his own company, Finadiet S.A. From there, in 1960, he bought 50% of Barnabo y Cia. His vision for the future included establishing a team that worked exclusively with dentists promoting dental therapeutics. He and Barnabo Laboratories have been traditional supporters of organized dentistry and contribute scholarships to advanced students. He is the recipient of the 2008 PFA Dental Trade & Industry Award.

Bernita Bush--Presidential Award

Bernita Bush has achieved most of her credentials in Europe as a dental educator. She earned her associate degree in dental hygiene at the University of Cincinnati, and her bachelor of science degree in dental hygiene with an education major at the University of Minnesota where she became director of education/dental assisting program at the Minnesota Institute of Medical and Dental Assistants School. She then accepted a position in Switzerland as Instructor at the Dental Hygiene School in Berne. Three years later she was appointed to Lead Clinical Instructor and Lecturer, teaching dental materials, morphology, radiology and professional English, translating dental texts into German for the Swiss students. She was honored as 2003 Dental Hygienist of the Year by the Swiss Dental Hygienist Association. She is also an accomplished and recognized jazz singer.

Dr. Mamoru Sakuda--President's Award

Retiring International Trustee Dr. Mamoru Sakuda has had a very distinguished career in our profession since his graduation from Osaka University Faculty of Dentistry in 1957. He became a PFA Fellow in 1975, and soon became Section Chair for Japan. He became International Trustee for Region 9 in 2001 where he has earned the respect of all his Fellows internationally for his diligence, for strengthening the vitality of the Japan Section, increasing their membership, and serving as example for the principles of PFA in Asia.

He was born in Shizuoka City, Japan, and has been married to Hiroko for 45 years with two lovely daughters, Maho and Chika. He and his family live in Osaka, Japan.

He graduated from Osaka University Faculty of Dentistry in 1957 and then earned his PhD at Osaka University in 1968. He has been professor at Osaka University since 1996. He is a Visiting Professor at Okayama University School of Dentistry (1998-current) and also held the position at Tokushima University School of Dentistry (1996-1997).

He is a Life Member of the International Association for Dental Research (2001-current), Life Member of the American Cleft Palate Association (2001-current), Honorary Member of the Thai Orthodontic Society (1966-current), Honorary Member of the Japan Orthodontic Society (1997-current), Honorary Member of the Japanese Cleft Palate Association (1998-current), Honorary Member of the Japanese Association for Dental Research (2001-current). He is a member of the Committee on the National Board of Examiners, as well as serving in the Ministry of Health and Welfare (1977-1979, 1982-1988), and in the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (1989-1991). He served as IADR President in 1998-1999 and President of the JADR in 1993-1994.

Dr. Sakuda has authored some 200 papers and written several chapters for textbooks.

Dr. Raphael Balducci Filho--Honorary Fellowship

12- Honorary Fellow Dr. Raphael Balducci with President Englander

Dr. Balducci is originally from Cacapava, Sao Paolo, Brazil. He graduated from the Sao Paolo University Faculty of Dentistry in 1950. That year he was President of the Academic Center XXV. In 1951, he was appointed Assistant of the First Chair of the Dental Clinic of Surgery where he served until 1966. In 1985, he was elected as 1st Vice President of the Sao Paolo Dental Association APCD from 1985 to 1989. He was elected President in 1990 and held the position until 2002--six terms. He founded the Sao Paolo Dental Congress (CIOSP), which now has 50,000 participants.

In 1966, he was elected Federal Deputy. In 1968 he became Secretary of the Work, Industry, and Trade Committee for the government of Sao Paolo. He is a member of the Commissions of Health, Education, and Culture and Interior in the Chamber of Deputies, author of the Bill of Compulsory Nature of Fluoridation of the Public Provisioning Water. Starting in 1975 through 1978 he was secretary of the government's Interior of Sao Paolo. In 1986, during three different terms he was Secretary of House and Urban Development of the Municipal District of Sao Paolo.

In 1979, Dr. Balducci was a member of the Brazilian Delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations. He received the Medal of Order of the Aeronautical Merit, and the Medal of Honour given by the Federal Council of Dentistry in 2005.

Daniel R. Jonker--Honorary Fellowship

Mrs. Jonker, President Englander, and Honorary Fellow Dan Jonker

Dan Jonker commenced his accounting career as a CPA for a Chicago firm in the mid-1960s while attending DePaul University. In 1968, he graduated with honors with a B.S. in Commerce. He then started his own firm in the south suburbs of Chicago. His vision of coupling new computer technology with accounting practices put his company years ahead of other tax accountants still using the manual systems. He moved to larger offices and expanded his practice to a full service firm in strategic matters with its clients.

In 1982, Dan developed a budget and financial program for PFA that grows with the Academy. His knowledge of the Academy's objectives and programs has significantly kept PFA's financial matters on the cutting edge of technology in the accounting field.

Retiring Trustee Awards

President James Englander presented the Trustee Awards to retiring PFA International Trustees Dr. Barry Dolman of Canada and Dr. Mamoru Sakuda of Japan. Retiring Section Chair plaques were also presented. Dr. Kozal and Officers then inducted several new members into Fellowship.


The Saga of Three Chairs

by Dr. Chuck Eller

We three dental chairs were the pride and joy of our new master Dr. Don Compaan of Seattle. He began his career in dentistry by furnishing his office in south Seattle with these new dental chairs in 1954. He used them until he retired in 2003. We were three Ritter G dental chairs, the most modern and finest of the then available dental equipment. He could not have done his best professional work without us. We were bright and shiny in a dashing coral color, which was quite the rage at the time. A one-touch button sliding panel revealed an air syringe, a water syringe, and a vacuum line. In retrospect, this was the final development in stand-up dentistry before sit-down dentistry ushered in new developments in equipment.

Time, however, took its toll, and Dr. Don passed away leaving an unmatched legacy in our profession, a real credit to his Creator, his family, and his community. Wife Vicky and his three sons were not aware of time's toll on the progress of dental equipment development, so they thought that the chairs still had a useful life to be served in dentistry. They were donated to PFA, where Dr. Don had been a Fellow. So they were polished like new and shipped to Secretary General Richard Kozal.

As fate would have it, the three chairs were separated for their second life go-round.

The first chair was originally slated to go to a dental clinic in Reno at the Nevada Community College to be used in their dental hygiene program. But circumstances arose and the first chair became the centerpiece at the UNLV Dental School Museum as a shining example of 20th century dentistry.

Chairs #2 and #3 were sent to the San Diego area for storage while plans were being drawn for their future. Fate entered, sailing on the grand old aircraft carrier USS Midway to be billeted on the waterfront of San Diego Harbor. It was to take on the new role as museum and the ship needed an example of 1950's dental equipment for its dental dispensary. Chair #2 became a sailor, so to speak, thanks to Dental Captain V. Roger Tibbetts, USN retired.

Chair #2 was loaded to the flight deck with a forklift and then lowered to the dispensary. It was honored to become part of U.S. Naval history. You can come and visit Chair #2 on the USS Midway in San Diego Harbor in service as an educational tool representing what was once state-of-the art dental equipment. In San Diego, come visit our Chair #2!

Chair #3's future was not so glamorous, but it was far more useful to its committed profession. There were many more productive years ahead of Chair #3, the legacy of Dr. Don.

Chair #3 became a part of current affairs in being "smuggled" aboard a huge semi-truck through the San Diego/Tijuana border crossing--the world's largest auto border in the world with over 45,000 cars passing through every day. How Chair #3 made it through the border, no one knows and no one asks. Perhaps, everyone was busy checking traffic going in the other direction.

My next transportation south was fish truck headed for San Ignacio, 700 miles down the Pacific side of Baja California in Mexico. A fish truck (which is the only regular transportation between San Ignacio and Tijuana, Mexico)!

The Mexican government built a clinic in this small fishing village, but local citizens were responsible for furnishing it and getting assistance. So a new chapter in the life of Chair #3 began and promises to be a productive one, still serving patients in the profession hundreds of miles and two countries away from its first life as a shiny new chair for a new dentist's new practice. Chair #3 was starting out in another new dental practice. Dr. Don Compaan would be proud.

Three months later, Drs. Bob Bobbitt and Roger Kingston of San Diego installed the dental equipment in the new clinic and a new history was being written as other humanitarian groups, such as the Flying Samaritans, Doctors without Borders, etc., come to visit, they are welcome to use the facility.

All of this was possible because the Pierre Fauchard Academy and Foundation graciously approved a grant request from "Amigos de Los Californianos" and due to Drs. Bobbitt and Kingston making a dream blossom into reality and serving the underserved people of Mexico.

Our New President

Charles G. Eller

From the land of the setting sun, before one falls off into the Pacific Ocean, comes our newly installed International President Charles Eller.

Dr. Eller was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, and earned his undergraduate degree from Beloit College (Wisconsin) and his dental degree from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Milwaukee. He then served as an officer for the U.S. Navy at the Great Lakes Naval base in Illinois and later in San Diego, California.

From there he established his dental practice in La Mesa (San Diego), California, where he practiced for 48 years. His dear wife, Gloria, was his chair side assistant for 46 years.

Dr. Eller went through the chairs to become President of the San Diego County Dental Society where he presided over and accepting their 1000th member. During that time he became a Fellow in PFA, ACD, and ICD. As a Fellow in PFA he accepted the position of Southern California Section Chair. From this office, Dr. Eller was recognized for his outstanding leadership and was asked to become Region 5 Trustee. Thereafter his talents earned the respect of his peers to be asked to get into the PFA International Chairs as Vice President in 2006.

For his 18 years of service in organizing the Scientific Sessions in Anaheim, and in San Francisco, with PFA Fellow Hans Sjoren (now deceased), he was nicknamed the "Godfather."

Dr. Eller and his wife Gloria organized many gnathologic study groups into the International Academy of Gnathology, which now has chapters on five continents devoted to teaching occlusion. The Japanese IAG Section has 7,300 members! Their 30-year involvement resulted in the American Section IAG Congress hosted attendance from some 29 countries. Dr. Eller became the publisher of the Journal of the International Academy of Gnathology.

So recognized for his work, President Reagan mentioned Dr. Eller's activities in one of his books. Other honors earned have been the B.B. McCollum Award, the Peter K. Thomas Award, and the Color Pe Anchieta Apostolo do Brasil Medal from the Brazilian government at their capitol building in Sao Paulo. The Ellers were honored at a reception in the Reichstag in Berlin, by a Chinese Deputy Minister in Beijing, by Taiwan President Dr. Lee, and with President Haggarty of Ireland--over some 50 countries.

The Eller's current project has been to send equipment and supplies to needy areas of Mexico, especially to the Baja California School System--some 2,500 items so far!

But Chuck and Gloria have also engaged in life with two fine daughters and a grandson. They enjoy their avocado and citrus trees, growing their orchids and roses. They are opera fans for some 40 years and sponsor Mozart at their local opera theater. Skiing and exercising are also endeavors to fill their free time.


Foundation President's Message

The TIME is NOW!

M. David Campbell

The economy is not the best and some of us are seeing a slow-down in the numbers of new patients, and a reduction in our gross production. However, the time is NOW that many more people require our help in providing needed dental care. The time is NOW that even a few donated dollars are more important than ever. The time is NOW to thank those who have donated to the Foundation in this past year.

Oh, I hear many of you telling me that the reduction in patient load, and in revenue, is affecting your bottom line, as well. I hear my older friends worrying about their retirement funds and their 401Ks. Dave, they say, times are tough for me, too!

But, my friends, you will be able to eat your dinner tonight, while a homeless man at the Men's Free Dental Clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee, helped by our grant may not get his new dentures to eat before going for a job application. And while we worry about whether we flossed correctly that night before retiring, a little kid is crying in a poor Paris suburb because his teeth hurt from dental decay due to not getting treated that day because the Dental Social Bus did not have the funds to make that stop for him. While we sit at home with our own oral health in excellent condition, and that of our families, there are adults and children in our own neighborhoods who are in pain that will not go away, that cannot eat nutritiously, who have too awful an appearance to get a life-sustaining job, just for the want of a few dollars. Yes, life is tough.

Tomorrow your 401Ks and money markets will recover, there will be new patients flooding your free time and empty chairs, but the time is NOW to extend your help through a few dollars in the right places to the crying child, the homeless man who cannot eat, the unemployed mother begging for a job. You give us the change in your pockets, and we will see that it gets to the right place to help the dental needy. We will handle our end if you can help out getting another grant fulfilled in these desperate times. The time is NOW to help out like we have never needed to do before!

Because we have received more grant proposals than ever before, this is an indication of two things. One, the Foundation is being recognized throughout the dental community as an important source of help. And two, there is an increased need for dental treatment in the United States as well as in other countries.

The time is NOW to say how much I have enjoyed my term as President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation. The time is NOW to see and be a part of what PFA dentists have done in this world to help out fellow human beings, and it has been a truly impressive undertaking. The time is NOW to be proud that so many of you have trusted our Foundation to use your money wisely to help others. And I am!

I thank all of you again for this wonderful opportunity to serve. Let us look ahead to a future where we can continue to serve the dental community that has provided us with so many benefits in life.

Dr. Malcolm David Campbell

Foundation News


Dr. Larisa Spirtovic of Lincolnwood, Illinois, was conferred the PFA Foundation Scholarship Award for outstanding leadership and academic accomplishments in dentistry. UIC Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity Dr. Darryl Pendleton did the presentation at the UIC Honors Night.


Section News


New Fellows Induction with International Trustee Ernesto Acuna (center) and International Trustee Joseph Harris (right)

Trustee Ernesto Acuna organized the Pacific Chapter of the Mexican PFA Section during the Latin American Dental Seminar (SOLA) and the 24th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Gnathology held September 4 through 7 at the Sheraton Bugamvillias Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Dr. Raul Quezada was the event organizer and assisted in arranging the new Pacific Chapter's formation with Dr. Acuna. The first of the three-day meeting was a lecture by Dr. Anibal Alonso of Argentina entitled "Oral Rehabilitation in Primary Dentition" and "Establishing Vertical Dimension in a Worn Dentition."

The next day, Dr. Acuna gave an historical and informational presentation about the Pierre Fauchard Academy to the seminar participants. That evening the PFA Induction Ceremony was held by Dr. Ernesto Acuna, International Trustee Joe Harris, and Dr. Raul Quezada to initiate 12 new members into Fellowship before an audience of over 100 dinner guests.


Dr. Harald Loe, 82, passed away at his home last August. He was internationally renowned for his dental research in periodontal disease. In addition to his professional abilities, he was known for being a mentor toward his younger colleagues. Dr. Loe was a past Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. He was born in Steinkjer, Norway, and received his dental degree in 1952 from Oslo University. He then became a Professor at the Royal Dental College in Denmark, and at Hebrew University in Israel. He was also a 1957 Fulbright Scholar in Oral Pathology.

In 1974, Dr. Loe was appointed Dean and full Professor in the Department of Periodontology at the University of Connecticut until 1983 when he became the fifth Director of the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDCR). While at NIDCR he established the Dentist Scientist Award Program and increased their spectrum of dental research to include molecular biology investigations of oral infections caused by system diseases. He transformed the National Caries Program to include periodontal and other diseases in a new Epidemiology and Oral Disease Prevention Program. He also increased the NIDCR budget from $80 million to $170 million. He helped establish some 30 centers for oral health research around the United States, and became the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Dental Research and Training.

Dr. Loe initiated a new series called "Scientific Frontiers in Clinical Dentistry" for continuing education credit.

In 1989, Dr. Loe was honored with the Surgeon General's Exemplary Service Award in recognition for his leadership in public service in the United States. In 1994 he received the ADA Gold Medal Award. In 2003 Dr. Loe was presented the PFA Gold Medal for his outstanding service in our profession.


17- Dean Dr. Seymour H. Yale


Dean Seymour H. Yale of the University of Illinois School of Dentistry passed away at the age of 87 last August. He was responsible for building the current facility on Paulina Street in Chicago's Circle Campus area. In addition, he established a rare collection of historic coins and maps at the University of Illinois. Born in 1920 to Henry and Dorothy Yalowitz, Seymour spent his entire life in Chicago. He married Muriel Cohen in 1943 while attending dental school at the University of Illinois in Chicago where he graduated in 1945. He opened a private practice that year and served as Senior Dental Director of Dental Care Plus Management Corp of Chicago. He joined the faculty of the UIC College of Dentistry in 1948 until 1957 when he was named Dept. Chairman of Radiology. He then became Assistant Dean in 1963, Acting Dean in 1964, and Dean in 1965 until 1987, when he became Professor-Emeritus until his death. He designed the UIC College of Dentistry, which opened in 1972. Dr. Yale's vision for the future of the dental school were ahead of his time because 20 years later, the school he designed 30 years earlier was able to be transformed in its physical foundation to accommodate the newer concepts and technology of modern times.

Dr. Yale and his wife had an intense interest in the history of the Middle East, collected coins, maps, and books of the Ottoman Empire and related Muslim states, which they donated to the University of Illinois to the Kottemann Gallery of Dental History. His interest in things Jewish led him to take courses in Jewish literature starting in 1995. Earlier he had helped found the Egyptian Dental Congress in 1984.

Dr. Yale served as Director of Training at the Dental Technicians School at the U.S. Naval Academy Training Center in Bainbridge, Maryland, from 1954 to 1956; on the Radiation Protection Advisory Board for the State of Illinois in the 1970's; and as a faculty member in the UIC College of Medicine and School of Public Health, and at Northeastern Illinois University's Center for Exercise Science and Cardiovascular Research.

Dr. Yale's funeral was held in the chapel at Shalom Memorial Park on September 2nd in Arlington Heights, Illinois.Dr. Yale was a Fellow in PFA, ACD, and AGD. He also was awarded the centennial Research Award from the Chicago Dental Society in 1959, the Distinguished Alumnus Award from UIC in 1973, the Odontographic Society of Chicago Award of Merit in 1982, the Harry Sicher Memorial Lecture Award from the American College of Stomatologic Surgeons in 1983, the Loyalty Award from UIC in 1988, and the PFA Man of the Year Award, Illinois Section, in 1988.

The PFA Senior Student Award was presented to graduating UIC senior Peter Hammes by UIC Associate Dean for Student and Diversity Affairs Dr. Darryl Pendleton.


Section Chair Fred Fuller reports hosting their annual PFA Luncheon last September during the University of Iowa's Alumni Weekend. The Luncheon was held at the Athletic Club on Friday, September 26. Dean David Johnsen gave a presentation regarding the plans for a building addition to the current dental school.

The University had suffered "considerable damage in the recent floods, and necessary repairs and changes were needed to be made before the school opened.

Following Alumni Weekend, PFA Fellows were asked to volunteer for the IMOM Program held on October 3-4, 2008, at the Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo, Iowa.

The Iowa Section helped sponsor the freshman White Coat Ceremony last May.

At the annual PFA Dinner Meeting, Dr. LeRoy Strohman was honored as the Iowa PFA Dentist of the Year. Dr. Karen Baker, Associate Professor in Oral Pathology and Medicine Dept and in the clinical Pharmacy Division was presented the Allied Service Award. Dr. Michael Rovner, an orthodontist from Des Moines, was inducted as Iowa's newest Fellow by PFA International Vice President Steve Hedlund and Section Chair C. Frederick Fuller.

Condolences to the family upon the passing of Dr. Michael Leary.

Chairman C. Fred Fuller hosted their annual Homecoming Meeting on September 26 at the University of Iowa Athletic Club with featured speaker Dean David Johnsen of the University of Iowa School of Dentistry discussing the multi-million dollar dental school building transformation and how all of us can keep their outstanding dental school record top most in the country. In the past, the dental school facility had been constructed with expansion in mind for new technology and a changing landscape of dentistry. So Dean Johnsen now needed to add $30 million to the facial aspects and another $15 million to the internal technological upgrades. Also in attendance were PFA International Vice President Steve Hedlund, former Dean John Montgomery, and Iowa State Dental Association President.


Dean-Emeritus Erling Johansen of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, a PFA Fellow, passed away last February after a long illness at the age of 84 in his native Norway. He was the longest serving Dean of this prestigious institution, where Dr. Robert Shira also served as Dean just before Dr. Johansen. Memorial Services were held last September in Merritt Auditorium on the Boston Campus of the dental school.

Erling Johansen was teaching high school in 1945 in his native Overhalla, Norway, when Tufts University Dental School invited 22 Norwegian students to become dentists. The Nazis had closed all the schools in Norway, and Tufts was part of a U.S. program to help get the beleaguered Scandinavian country running again.

Dr. Johansen graduated with his dental degree in 1949.

After serving for a year as lieutenant in the Norwegian Armed Forces Dental Corps in the Allied Occupation Army in Germany, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue doctoral studies at the Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. After completing his degree in pathology in 1955, Dr. Johansen was appointed to Chair of the Rochester Dept. of Dentistry and Dental Research. In 1966 Rochester named him the Margaret and Cy Welcher Professor of Dental Research.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine was looking for a researching dentist to replace the retiring Dr. Robert Shira in 1979, and Dr. Johansen was selected. His first task was to establish the dental school in a four-year curriculum from its then three-year curriculum. This was not an easy task since the six-year-old dental school was built for a three-year program.

In 1994, Dr. Johansen received the Tufts University Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award as well as reached Distinguished Professor status. That year prominent alumnus Dr. Edward Becker donated the Erling Johansen Endowed Professorship in Dental Research.

He retired in 1995, 50 years to the date from when he arrived at Tufts, and had served 16.5 years as Dean at the 140-year-old institute. He was named Dean-Emeritus.

Dr. Johansen was a member of the ADA, of PFA and of ACD, IADR, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Massachusetts Dental Society. He loved fishing in the New York Finger Lakes, in Alaska, and in Europe. He enjoyed skiing.

He became chief fundraiser for the Scandinavian Charitable Society of Greater Boston and instrumental in founding the Scandinavian Living Center in West Newton, Massachusetts. He was a member of the Norumbega Lodge of the Sons of Norway, and in 2004 he was awarded the Sons of Norway District Lief Erikson Day Citation in recognition of his lifetime achievement.

Dr. Johansen is survived by his wife Inger and three sons Erling, of Alaska, Erik, of Australia, and Steven, of Norway.



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