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President's Message

Dr. James A. Englander

It is exciting for me to view the growth of the PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY as a truly international honors and service arm of the dental profession.

As I have noted before, the growth of the Latin America Sections has become a phenomenon. Region 7 Trustee Ernesto Acuna and Section Chairs Antonieta Swanson of Ecuador and Gilberto Hernostroza of Peru have led the way, getting out the message of Fellowship in the Academy. Last January, in conjunction with the 26th Sao Paulo International Dental Congress, Trustee Acuna organized the first PFA Latin American academic and scientific meeting. Represented at this historic event were PFA Section Chairs and Fellows from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and the United States.

In cooperation with the government of India, the India Dental Association, the Dental Council of India and with past President William Winspear participating, the Academy helped inaugurate a national workshop for the accreditation of continuing dental education. The India Section of PFA continues to be a very active component, keeping their Fellows well-informed through the efforts of Chief Editor Dr. V. P. Jalili and Scientific Editor Dr. S. S. Sidhu, publishing an outstanding dental journal for more than 21 years.

The Philippines Section continues to move forward, installing Dr. Hermogenes Villareal as Chairman, at their Midyear Meeting and Christmas Fellowship in December. Immediate past Chairman Dr. Diampo Lim, Dean of the dental school, has worked tirelessly, along with Trustee Mamoru Sakuda, to make the Philippines Section a leader in professional growth and high ethical standards, promoting and developing better oral health through education. Their Community Outreach Program cares for more than 260 day care students in and around Manila.

Most recently, through the enthusiastic efforts of Trustee Barry Dolman and Ontario Section Chair Aldo Boccia, a memorable gala installation and awards program was held in Toronto. Over 45 new Canadian Fellows were inducted and the Canada Section continues to flourish. CDA past Presidents and Fellows, Drs. Bernard Dolansky and James Brookfield were honored with the Distinguished Service Award for significant contributions they have made to the dental profession. In addition, Acting Executive Director of the Canadian Dental Association, Joel Neal was made an Honorary Fellow.

Trustee Hubert Ouvrard, representing Region 1, has been very busy organizing European induction ceremonies and awards presentations scheduled for the France Section and the Switzerland Section in late June and early July. Outstanding European leaders in the field of dentistry will be recognized and new Fellows will be inducted at this time.

With so much positive activity happening globally, we can all feel the energy being generated throughout the Academy. PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY meets the criteria of being a truly international organization.

James A. Englander, D.D.S.

PFA Management Team Meeting

The PFA Management Team Meeting

8-10 May 2008
Desert Springs, California

The first day of the meetings was spent with the officers in small groups discussing the perceived problems of the Academy. In attendance were Immediate Past President William Winspear, President James Englander, President-elect Charles Eller, Vice President Steve Hedlund, Secretary General Richard Kozal, Assistant Secretary Judith Kozal, Editor James Brophy, and Auditor Dan Jonker.

With the schedule and agenda set, President James Englander called the Saturday morning Meeting to order promptly at 8 A.M. with Editor Brophy giving the Invocation. Secretary General Richard Kozal declared the quorum with a perfect attendance present. The Minutes of the Annual Meeting in San Francisco were approved without correction.

President Englander gave the President's Report of his travels and future plans stressing recruitment and retention.

Secretary General Kozal reported on the Web site updates as described by Webmaster Mark Stanley, and future calendar events. The Membership Directory can be found at, and it is updated daily. Life Members have the cost of receiving Dental World by mail now at $25 per annum due to the rising costs of postage, though the members are encouraged to read DW online at the Web site. The Web site improvements were outstanding and will be reported in depth by Mark Stanley himself at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio.

The Central Office also reported preparing 12 Dentist of the Year plaques for 2008 so far. Three Outgoing Chair plaques have been prepared this year. Letters to the dental school deans have been sent for the Foundation scholarship awards AND for the Academy Senior Certificates. Last year $19,010 were rebated to requesting Sections before the cutoff date.

As Treasurer, the 2007 Elsevier bill for Dental Abstracts for $140,119 has been paid in full, and all invoices have been paid in a timely fashion. Two hundred sixty-eight new Fellow nominations have come in and are being processed. One hundred ninety-two membership certificates have been sent out for Induction Ceremonies. Fortyeight Canadian new Fellow certificates were sent out.

Auditor Dan Jonker went over the financial report and budget. The Management Team still holds their quarterly conference calls in managing the Academy finances.

A brief Foundation Report by Executive Director Fred Halik was given. He noted that the Foundation is not a committee of the Academy but is an organization entirely different with different goals, functions, administration, and structure. The relationship with the Academy was reviewed as reported by our attorney Howe. Foundation President Dave Campbell submitted a report about the grants process.

Chair Charles Eller of the Constitution & ByLaws Committee brought up some minor changes in the order of ascension and Trustee tenure. These were discussed and passed.

Dr. Kozal discussed the findings of the Membership Committee to increase the Fellowship. The yellow nomination cards have been very helpful to suggesting new members.

Editor Brophy discussed the printing process and long lead times that inhibit the ability to produce a more timely publication.

Chairman Steve Hedlund of the Awards Committee presented University of Pennsylvania Dean Marjorie Jeffcoat as nominee for the PFA Gold Medal.

Dr. Carlo Paolo Marinello of Switzerland was presented for nomination for the Elmer Best Award. He is Professor and Chair for the Fixed Prosthodontics Department at the Dental School University of Basel, President for the Swiss Society of Dental Educators, President of the Scientific Committee of the Basel Dental Society, Scientific President of the Academy of Dental Oral Rehabilitation, and President of the Specialist Commission of the Swiss Society for Reconstructive Dentistry.

The Dental Trade & Industry Award was chosen to be presented to Mr. Saul Brietman of Argentina. He is President of Bernabo Laboratories, a family company.

Dr. Jurgen Weitkamp of Germany has been nominated for Honorary Fellowship.

The Hall of Fame Report by past PFA President Kevin Roach was discussed and accepted. Discussion centered on getting Dr. Roach to again chair the Hall of Fame Committee.

The other Officers presented their reports to the Management Committee. International Trustee Karyn Stockwell of Region 3 submitted an in-depth report of her activities. International Trustee Dan Castagna of Region 5 reported on his attendance at the 2007 FDI Congress where 190 member associations attended from 135 countries representing 1 million dentists internationally. The membership falls into five categories: Regular Members (147), Associate Members (8), Affiliate Members (22 including PFA), Supporting Members (16), and Individual Members. The Congress was attended by 14,293 people, which was 33% greater than 2006. Dr. Roberto Vianna of Brazil was elected President-elect and Dr. Tin Chun Wong of Hong Kong was selected as Treasurer.

Trustee Barry Dolman of Region 6 reported on the Canadian Gala Installation & Awards Dinner in Toronto last April, and reported on their goals for the future.

Trustee Ernesto Acuna of Region 7 reported on his successful Academic Meeting at the 26th Annual International Congress of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and the First International Induction Ceremony at the Holiday Inn Anahembi Hotel in Sao Paulo.

Trustee Mamoru Sakuda of Region 9 described the activities in his area of the world.

These reports were received by the Committee. Section Chair Reports from Poland, Philippines, and Korea were also filed.

The Section Chair Caucus was discussed as to its importance to the Academy. Many of their suggestions from last year were taken under advisement with many of them being adopted or still being worked on.

Section Chair appointments of Dr. Artur Cerri of Brazil, Dr. Walter Lieber of Uruguay, Dr. Jorge Crignola of Chile, Dr. Joost van de Pol of the Netherlands, Dr. Ronald Riley of Missouri, Dr. Chris Turkel of Rhode Island, and Dr. Gene Shoemaker of Wisconsin were approved by the Board.

Unfinished Business went over the meeting schedules and agenda for the San Antonio Meeting. The 2009 ADA Meeting will be held in Hawaii, October 1-4, 2009.

A motion by VP Steve Hedlund, seconded by President-elect Charles Eller, was to raise the International Dues by $10 passed. A motion had already been passed last year to raise the domestic dues.

No immediate action was taken concerning the National Museum of Dentistry Hall of Fame other than not to fund any increase in cost, and nothing has been done about updating the site due to the lack of space and site visibility. A letter from the museum to past President Howard Mark asked for the Academy to determine where to send the plaques. They would remove them, pack them, and send them back to us. So far no action has been taken. Dr. Mark will follow up on the matter.

The Board did agree to resume our FDI membership, but not particularly to fund a representative at this point or participate to the extent that we did in the past. Steve Hedlund made a motion seconded by William Winspear to fund the $400 dues. The 2009 FDI Congress will be in Singapore on September 2-5, 2009.

New business encompassed a motion by William Winspear, seconded by Steve Hedlund, to purchase a Pierre Fauchard statue from the Oklahoma Dental Association to be placed in a prominent position of honor in the PFA Central Office. The statue is a small replica of the original model, designed by a PFA Fellow, and unveiled last year with the help of our PFA President William Winspear. PFA President James Englander already has his own statue of the limited edition. The ADA also has one on display at the ADA Headquarters in Chicago.

PFA Board Meeting Schedule

17-19 October 2008
Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Friday, 17 October 2008

All Section Chairs are invited to attend the PFA Academy Board Meetings and the President's Reception, as well as the Awards Luncheon (cost) and the PFA Dinner Party (cost).

All reports for the Meeting Packets are to be received in the Central Office by 27 September, 2008, in order that they may be included in the OFFICIAL Meeting Packet.

Spontaneous oral reports during the meetings will not be permitted. Those wishing to make an oral report need to inform the Central Office before 1 September, 2008, in order to be placed on the agenda. No exceptions!

Dean Raffaele Suriano Honored

University of Illinois established the Raffaele Suriano Award and further honored Dr. Suriano by presenting him with the first Award at the Dental Alumni Reunion and Reception Dinner

Dr. Raffaele Suriano graduated from Loyola University's Chicago College of Dental Surgery in 1944. He was a native of Kenosha, Wis., and a graduate of Loyola University College of Arts and Sciences in 1941. He proceeded to become active with the Department of the Army in attaining the position the Director of Continuing Education for the Office of the Surgeon General. His teaching career included positions at the U.S. Medical Services School at Brooke Medical Center in Texas and at the U.S. Institute of Dental Research at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. He reached the rank of U.S. Army Colonel and served as Deputy Hospital Commander in the Munich Service Area of Germany, Chief Directorate in the Office of the Surgeon General, Personnel and Training in Washington, D.C., and Deputy Chief of Staff for the Health Services Command at Brooke Medical Center.

Dr. Suriano received the Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the U.S. Army Commendation Medal. After an outstanding military career, Dr. Suriano was selected to become Dean of the Loyola School of Dentistry in 1973, a position he served for many years with distinction until his retirement in 1984. At Loyola, Dr. Suriano expanded the dental programs and improved its instruction. He formed the General Practice Residency Program, established a Hospital Dental Program, created a hospital dental clinic, computerized the dental clinics, recruited more women students and faculty, increased the faculty size with full-time and part-time positions, founded a faculty research fund, actively recruited foreign dentists for continuing education in the United States, extended the Loyola name in adding students from States with no dental school, and upgrading many teaching positions to better prepare the Loyola graduates for modern dental practice. Loyola Dental School successfully completed two accreditation reviews while receiving many honors for its excellence. His fiscal management leadership kept the student tuition below the median for private schools. He initiated a school-wide campaign to raise money for a Student Loan Fund.

He was honored by Loyola with their Man of the Year Award. He also was recognized with PFA Fellowship.

This year, the University of Illinois Alumni Association established the Raffaele Suriano Award and further honored Dr. Suriano by presenting him with the first Award at their huge Dental Alumni Reunion and Reception Dinner last May at the UIC Forum in Chicago. University of Illinois Dean and Fellow Bruce Graham, Loyola Alumni and PFA Editor Jim Brophy, Fellows Robert Brunetti (CEO of ProCare Dental Group), and Charles DiFranco (University of Illinois Dental Alumni Association Secretary/Treasurer) were on hand to congratulate their former Dean. Our PFA Secretary General, Richard Kozal, a Loyola Alumni and personal friend of Dean Suriano, sent a representative to acknowledge Dr. Suriano's honor.

A Book Review

The Principles of Soft Tissue Surgery

PFA Fellow Lee Silverstein has just published an outstanding procedure guide on the step-by-step process of soft tissue surgery. The well-illustrated text demonstrates how to incorporate a sound surgical approach in a variety of clinical situations. The author notes that the realm of surgical dentistry is continuing to evolve rapidly, but the fundamentals of most procedures remain the same. So, this presentation is not going to be out-of-date anytime soon. In his text, Dr. Silverstein presents a most complete in-depth sequence of surgical procedures and the appropriate armamentarium necessary to perform such surgical procedures. The book presents sound surgical procedures in a step-by-step, page-by-page, well-diagrammed format that makes such procedures idiot-proof. It is a most complete text to jump off performing the standard procedures, with room for individual detail changes as necessary. This manual is an excellent preparation to review before performing such surgery, a chairside guide, and an outline for postoperative additions. Individual techniques are effectively demonstrated so that the clinician can interface the appropriate procedure with a specific clinical scenario. This text is an indispensable resource for any dentist who does oral surgery even sometimes. Perhaps it is more so necessary for a sometime surgeon as a reminder of the procedures. A person could not find a more complete work in this field.

Dr. Silverstein is an Associate Clinical Professor of Periodontics at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Ga. He lectures both nationally and internationally on the topics of periodontal plastic surgery, dental implantology, hard tissue and soft tissue regenerative surgical techniques, and oral medicine. He has contributed extensively to the literature, authored over 100 scientific articles, as well as his highly acclaimed textbook Principles of Dental Suturing: A Complete Guide to Surgical Closure. He is a Fellow in PFA, ICD, ACD, and in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Silverstein maintains a periodontal practice in Marietta, Georgia.

Co-author Dr. Peter Shatz is also a PFA Fellow and also a periodontist practicing in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. David Kurtzman also is a co-author. Dominic Doyle has beautifully rendered the illustrations, perfect except for the absence of blood, so no one needs those 2x2's to clear the view.

The book Principles of Soft Tissue Surgery: A Complete Step-by-step Procedural Guide is published by Aegis Communications, 2007, 168 pages, color, $109; Aegis Communications, 104 Pheasant Run, Suite 105, Newtown, PA 18940; 215-504-1275.Visit the Aegis Communications website.

A Foundation Sponsored Program

Volunteer Care Network Dental Programs of Iowa

For the last two years the United Way of the Quad Cities Area has received Foundation grants for purchasing needed supplies, educational materials, a scanner to save the past years' records, and to pay for transportation costs. Without transportation, half the children served would not be able to make it to the dentist. So this becomes a key factor in operating the program, such as Give the Kids A Smile. Because of the vital PFA support, PFA appears on all the United Way oral health billboards as well as being mentioned in all their public service television oral health announcements.

Give the Kids A Smile Day (GKASD) started in 2003 with the Success By 6 program. Fifty-two dentists were recruited who screened 303 children. Only 77% of the children who were signed up kept their appointments. Transportation was not provided the first year, which resulted in the high "no show" rate.

Of the children screened, 46% of them needed additional restorative work.

In 2004, the next year of the program, 517 children were served. Seventy-seven dentists were recruited to participate. Forty-six percent of the children needed to return for follow-up work. Ninety percent of the original screening appointments were kept because transportation was provided for the schools in Davenport.

In 2005, the number of children participating dropped due to the fact that their consent forms were being screened better. Some children were not accepted because they already had a dental provider. That year, 89 dentists were recruited to serve 474 children. Fifty-nine percent of the children needed to return for follow-up work. Ninety-three percent of the original appointments were kept leaving only a 7% "no show" rate.

By 2006, the number of participating children dropped again because many now had access to their own dentist and many parents had problems filling out the consent forms, thus 397 children were enrolled. Ninety-five dentists were recruited. Sixty percent of the enrolled children needed to return for restorative work. An astounding 94% of the children attended their appointments.

By 2007, the numbers of children dropped again. The State of Illinois (across the River) passed a law requiring that all children entering kindergarten, second, and sixth grades must have a dental exam prior to starting school. While they did get the screening at their own dentists, they failed to follow up for follow-up treatment. The consent form wording for the GKASD Program seemed to eliminate children who had seen a screening dentist for school. The consent form has been changed.

Ninety-five dentists were signed up to serve 305 children. Sixty percent needed restorative work, and 94% kept their appointments.

By 2008, the numbers were up. A short dental survey was instituted in the larger school districts so screening of the children was easier by the school nurses. Eighty-three dentists were recruited. That number has declined due to retirement, moving away, or because they no longer treat kids. Three hundred thirty-nine children were served with 48% needing further work and with 95% keeping their appointments.

Over the time of this program, 2,335 children were served over the last six years. Fifty-three percent of those children screened needed further treatment. Of those 8% were classified as Class 3, i.e. 8 or more restorations needed. The same 8% was the same for all five years.

Another advantage was the unison of involving all the area Head Start Programs, early learning centers, and some health departments. In kind donations are approaching $1 million during the last six years.

The Volunteer Care Network Program (VCN) commenced in 2004 as a result of a larger grant from Volunteers in Health Care. With the amount of support that United Way has had from the community they wanted to extend the screening/treatment to adults. Currently the VCN has sent 293 adults to local dentists. Some 68 dentists have been recruited over the last four years. Each dentist agrees to take at least three patients over a six-month period. In kind donations in the amount of $300,000 have been received for this program since 2004.

The grants from the Foundation have assisted in elevating and refining these programs to make a clear difference in dental treatment for the underserved even when they are located in our own Midwest.

Dental Employment Statistics

AGD Releases Dental Employment Statistics

The Academy of General Dentistry announced that the U.S. dental profession employs more than 786,000 workers. In its article "The Economic Contribution of the Dental Profession in 2006," it broke down the numbers of dentally employed workers by Congressional District and by State. The paper also discussed the annual payroll of these employees. Visit AGD to see the map of these statistics. These statistics, compiled for the third year by AGD, have been delivered to every Congressman to demonstrate the employment and economic impact the profession of dentistry has on each District. The wages paid to these 786,000 employees totals over $33 BILLION. Also a list of the AGD fact sheets and its legislative goals was delivered to each Congressman.

Foundation President's Message


From the desk of Dr. M Davis Campbell

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the over 350 Fellows who have donated to our fund-raising program. We are not aware of any other dental organization providing comparable support to charitable projects throughout the world, and these Fellows should be justifiably proud of the vital role they have played.

To date, the PFA Foundation has awarded over $4.1 million in the form of 1,500 scholarships (almost $1.6 million) to deserving dental students and more than 300 grants (over $2.5 million) to help support projects serving the poor and needy.

In spite of this impressive record, we were not able to fund many deserving applicants due to a lack of funds.

We still need your help - please consider making a donation to one of the following programs:

The Scholarship Program
providing support to deserving dental students at home and abroad. You may co-sponsor a scholarship with a donation of $1,000 or more, and your name will be included in the presentation of the award.
The Grants Program
Dupporting charitable dental services to the needy throughout the world.
The Memorial Tribute Program
Which provides an opportunity for you to honor a friend, mentor, or loved one.
The Legacy Program
Wherein you may include the Foundation in your estate planning.

All who contribute $1,000 or more will be recognized as Robert Shira Fellows.

Please send your contribution, made out to the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, to Dr. William Kort, 6 Brighton Lane, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about these projects, please contact the Foundation's Executive Director Fred Halik at 585/387-951, or email him at

Foundation News

Foundation Grants for 2007

By Foundation Executive Director Fred Halik

The following list details grants approved by the Foundation Board for 2007:

Glendale Healthy Kids
USC Mobile Dental Clinic

Himalayan Dental Relief Project
Nepal Dental Care for Children

The National Board of French Dental Surgeons
Emergency Dental Bus "Dentists on Wheels"

PFA Nevada Section
Northern Nevada Dental Health Program

National Alliance on Mental Illness Jefferson County
Filling the Gap Dental Program

Conway Interfaith Clinic
Adult Dentistry

Asociacion de Padres de Ninos Montaimente Inhabitarious
El Gaviota Dental Clinic

Hebron Community Health Center/Dental Clinic
Dental Supplies & Small Equipment for Outreach to Indigent

Christian Mission of Pignon
Pignon Dental Fund

Mercy Ships
Sierre Leone Smiles

Volunteer Ministry Center
Indigent Dental Clinic

The Sulzbacher Center
Dental Prosthetics for Homeless Persons

Connecticut State Dental Foundation, INC.
Mission of Mercy Connecticut

Interfaith Community Health Center
Donated Adult Dentistry Services (DADSS) Program

Amigos de los Californios
Furnishing a New Dental Clinic in San Ignacio, BCS, Mexico

PFA Rhode Island Section
Rhode Island Donated Dental Services Program (DDS)

Thousand Smiles Foundation
Thousand Smiles Craniofacial and Dental Care Mission

Afghan Relief Organization
Afghan Relief Organization (ARO) Tech Center Dental Clinic

Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation, Inc.
MDS Foundation Mobile Access to Care Dental Van

U.C.S.D. Dept. of Family and Preventative Medicine
University of California-San Diego Student-Run Free Dental Clinic

Oklahoma Dental Foundation
Dental Care Program

The Salvation Army
The Oxnard Corps - Dental Clinic

St. Vincent de Paul Village, Inc.
Restorative Dentistry for the Homeless

National Dental Foundation
NDF Dental Volunteer Day

PFA Oregon Section
Turnu Rosu Romania - 007

Washington Women in Need
WWIN Services to Low Income Women

Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
Removable Smiles (Prosthesis) for Donated Dental Services

Nebraska Dental Association Foundation
Nebraska Mission of Mercy

Flying Samaritans, Orange County Chapter
Returning Smiles to Baja

Coastside Medical Dental Clinics da Sonrisas
Sonrisas Bright Smiles Outreach Program

The Children's Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles
Dental Home for Disadvantaged Children in Greater L. A.

West Virginia Health Right, Inc.
Dental Access for the Uninsured Poor

PFA Nevada Section
"Give Kids A Smile" Dental Screening & Treatment Day

Minneapolis District Dental Society
Dental Care for the Homeless

Alliance to Washington State Dental Association, Childhaven
Precious Smiles to Last a Lifetime

United Way Success By 6
Give Kids A Smile Day & the Volunteer Care Network

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
Access to Dental Care for HIV Positive Individuals

Dr. Robert Shira Fellows

PFA Section of Canada
PFA Section of Japan
DenMat of California
Dr. C. F. Larry Barrett, past PFA President
Dr. James Brophy III, PFA Editor
Dr. Richard Call
Dr. Malcolm David Campbell, past PFA President
Dr. Charles Eller, PFA President-elect
Dr. James Englander, PFA President
Dr. Fred Halik, past PFA President
Dr. George Higue, past PFA President
Dr. William Kort, past PFA President
Dr. James Long, past PFA President
Dr. Carl Lundgren, past PFA President
Dr. Toshio Morioka
Dr. Rory Mortman
Dr. David Orr
Dr. Robin O'Sullivan
Dr. Kevin Roach, past PFA President
Dr. Nicholas D. Saccone, past PFA President
Dr. Minoru Sakuda, PFA International Trustee
Dr. Karyn Stockwell, PFA International Trustee


Dr. Gary Lowder, past PFA President
Dr. Michael Perpich, past PFA President

L-R, Past President Howard Mark, Dean Lamont MacNeil, recipient Kyle Sorenson, Chair Robin Santiago, and Associate Dean Michael Goupil




The PFA Scholarship Award was presented to UCONN's School of Dental Medicine student Kyle Sorenson last April in Dean MacNeil's Office by Chair Robin Santiago and past PFA President Howard Mark along with Dean Lamont Mac- Neil and Associate Dean Michael Goupil.


Our PFA Foundation Scholarship was noted by the University of Illinois in their Fall/Winter edition of their UIC College of Dentistry alumni magazine VISION as being presented to Andrew Boyer (page 70).

L-R, Dr. Laurie Moeller, recipient Anna Kate Milburn, and Dean Eric Hovland

The Louisiana State Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry presented the PFA Scholarship Award to dental student Anna Kate Milburn last May by Dean Eric Hovland.


The University of Mississippi School of Dentistry Scholarship Award was presented to student Priscilla Jolly last April.

North Carolina

UNC School of Dentistry Senior Jacob Dabell was the 2008 recipient of the Foundation Scholarship Award presented last April.

South Carolina

Chair Scott Cayouette presented the Foundation Scholarship to senior student Caroline Hartley last February.

L-R, Dr. Philip Nauert, recipient Patrick Waters, and Dean Catherine Flaitz

The 2008 Scholarship recipient from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Patrick Waters received the Foundation Award from Dean Catherine Flaitz and Dr. Philip Nauert last April.

Contribute to the Foundation

Pierre Fauchard Academy
P.O. Box 3718
Mesquite, NV 89024-3718

Section News


International Trustee Barry Dolman welcomed all to the Canadian Section Annual Awards and Installation Ceremonies. He acknowledged the support of GlaxoSmithKline Sensodyne Brand for their continued participation for their Canadian event, and to the Dentistry Canadian Fund for increasing the donation pool. Dr. Dolman expressed regrets over the passing of Fellow Jardine Neilson, former CDA Executive Director, and former PFA President Michael Cripton. The PFA-DCF Endowment Fund will be renamed in honour of Dr. Michael Cripton.

CDA President Deborah Stymiest delivered the Invocation. Dr. Dolman introduced PFA President James Englander for brief remarks.

The 2008 Distinguished Service Awards were presented to past Canadian Dental Association Presidents Drs. James Brookfield and Bernard Dolansky. Ontario Section Chair Aldo Boccia presented Honourary Membership to Mr. Joel Neal for his long-standing service to dentistry. Dr. Ralph Crawford, past President and CDA Editor, presented the PFA Foundation Scholarships and Certificates.

The Student Clinical Programme is supported and encouraged by Dentsply International's Vice President and PFA Gold Medal recipient Dr. Linda Neilssen for its dedication to fostering research and academic excellence in dentistry. PFA Canada has chosen to partner with Dentsply by its recognition of each student finalist participant chosen to represent their dental faculty. PFA Foundation Scholarships were presented this year to Rose Chen and Patsy Yip of McGill University, Melanie McLeod of Dalhousie, Wailan Chan of Western Ontario, Jeremie Berdugo of Universite de Montreal, John Juwan Park of U.B.B., Ashley Dykun of Manitoba, Andrew Wong of Alberta, and Audrey McNamara of University of Toronto. Additional scholarships were awarded at each dental facility honouring Robyn White of Dalhousie, Rania El-Hawary of McGill. Raluca-Maria of the Universite de Montreal, Victor Duy Vit of Laval, Eugene Chung of Alberta, Amyn Allidina of the University of British Columbia, Gurinder Kler of Manitoba, Sean Ostro of Toronto, David MacPherson of Western Ontario, and Ryan Kilistoff of Saskatchewan.

President James Englander then installed some 45 new Fellows into the Academy.

Dr. Dolman is attempting to entice The Dental Chronicles to expand online with the Canadian Web site.


PFA Section Secretary/Treasurer Professor T. Samraj has been elevated to President of the ICD Sections of India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal last April. Dr. Samraj has been a long-serving officer in our PFA holding the office with distinction. Dr. Samraj was admitted into ICD Fellowship in 1976 and has served as ICD Deputy Zonal Regent (1985-1988), as Zonal Regent (2002-2005), and Vice President (2006-2007).

The Section attended the 22nd Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony of India this December in Manipal.

The India PFA Section started the PFA Oration for the first time which was the opening Oration in the Indian Dental Association Students Conference held in Amritsar last November.


Chris Lynch of Ireland presented a Certificate of Merit to Dr. Peter Cowan last April and Honorary Fellowship to Professor Vincent McLoughlin.


Their Section held their Board of Trustees Meetings last February and in April.

The 39th Annual Meeting of the Japan section will be held in Niigata on October 11-12, 2008. Six new Fellows are scheduled to be inducted at that time.


Their annual Meeting was held last May. Japan Secretary General Akiyoshi Yamagami attended.

Chair Professor Kim Jong-Won describes a new revival of their activity this year.


Trustee Ernesto Acuna reported inducting ten new members and one honorary member last November at their annual Induction Ceremony at the Centro Asturiano in Mexico City. A cultural conference was presented by Carlos Flores Marini on the "Maya Pyramid of Chichen Itza." PFA President James Englander was in attendance along with the Dean of the dental school at the National University of Mexico (UNAM). The Foundation Scholarship Award was presented at this event. Two Distinguished Guests were from the ICD Executive Committee, which was holding their Council Meeting in Mexico City.


The Section held their Annual Meeting last September in Lodz during the XIII Congress of Dental teams and the XVII Central European Dental Exhibition. Professor Stefan Wloch was elected Chairperson of the meeting. Certificates for 2007 new Fellows were presented to Professor Leszek Kryst and Professor Zdzislaw Bereznowski, and to supporting members Dariusz Kalinowski and Mariusz Sadowski from the AMADAR Company.

The Foundation Scholarship Award was presented to Anna Ostrowska, a student at the Medical University in Warsaw. The presentation was made by Chair Professor Eugeniusz and Dean of the Stomatology Faculty of the Warsaw Medical University Professor Renata Gorska.

Professor Marek Zietek, President of the Polish Stomatological Association delivered a paper entitled "Assignments, role and activity of the Polish Stomatological Association presently and in the future."

The Section has recommended that Mrs. Anna Deja- Berdula be awarded an Honorary Fellowship.

The 2007-2011 Section Officers were elected as Chairman Professor Eugeniusz Spiechowicz, Vice Chairman Professor Elzbieta Mierzwinska-Nastalska, Secretary Zbigniew Klimek, Treasurer Zdzislaw Malenczyk, with members Professor Jadwiga Banach, Professor Zbigniew Janczuk, and Professor Marek Zietek.

New Fellows were received into Fellowship and were Drs. Malgorzata Radwan-Oczko of the Medical University in Wroclaw, and Dr. Andrzej Baszkowski, a private practitioner and member of the District Medical Council in Poznan and the Supreme Medical Council.

We regret the passing of Vice President of the Supreme Medical Council, Dr. Andrzej Fortuna.

United Kingdom

Fellow Brian Lux was recipient of the first Fellowship of the Dental Practitioners Association at their annual President's Dinner last May held at the Millennium Glouster Hotel in South Kensington. DPA President Brian Levy awarded this honour on behalf of the Dental Practitioner's Council in gratitude for distinguished, loyal, conscientious, and diligent service to the Association. Brian Lux was one of the earliest members of the DPA and a long-standing member of the General Dental Council and has twice served as DPA President. The Fellowship was created in 2007 and Dr. Lux is its first recipient.

Dr. Lux earned his education at Guy's Hospital in 1956 and did his National Service with the RAF. One of his other endeavors was as London Hospital's Light Welterweight Champion. He still follows British boxing. He also has completed 16 marathon races and still runs regularly for charity at the age 75.

He also is a prize-winning children's author. And has written a regular column, "Lux's Letter," in the DPA magazine for some 15 years, and now appears in Dental Practice magazine.

United States

California, Northern Section

Fellow A. Jeffrey Wood, Professor and Chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of the Pacific's Art Dugoni School of Dentistry was named 2008-2009 President of the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Wood has also been honored with the ADA's Golden Apple Award. He is the immediate past President of the Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry. He is an ACD, ICD, and PFA Fellow.


Past President Howard Mark reports that his Section completed their first Mercy Mission project with thirty volunteer dentists. The Foundation awarded $7,500 for them to see 1,250 patients during the project.


Trustee Karyn Stockwell reported holding her 6th annual Leadership Conference and Convocation last February. President James Englander attended to help induct 15 new Fellows. Drs. Chris Adkins, George Childress, Chris Childs, Russ Clemmons, Leah Cook, Brent Depta, Mark Dusek, Philip Hanes, Sherry Jordan, Richard Kinsey, Grant Loo, Kate Robinson, Tom Daryl, Rebecca Weinman, and Jason Young.

Dr. Roy Rockman received the Section's Excellence in Education Award. The Foundation Scholarship Award was presented to the Medical College of Georgia's Emilie Bailey.

Conference Chair Dr. Jane Puskas organized the dental personnel to volunteer for "Give the Kids A Smile" program in four mobile dental vans donated by Dr. Mark Shurett. 140 children were served with preventative and restorative care.

Opening on Friday evening, a casual dinner was held at the lakeside home of Dr. Robin Reich. Saturday a CE program was held on implants given by Dr. Doug Clepper, followed by a gala formal dinner. The weekend conference finished up on Sunday morning with a business breakfast meeting.

An excellent weekend was accomplished by Section Chair Jay Harrington and Event Chair Jane Puskas.

The annual Hinman joint Breakfast Meeting with ACD and ICD was canceled due to the tornado hitting the Omni Hotel and Georgia World Congress Center. Visiting International Trustee Joseph Harris was literally "blown away." Fortunately he was out to dinner that Friday when the tornado hit. His 15th floor was entirely destroyed. The NCAA March Madness Basketball games were also canceled and moved to the University of Georgia campus.

Georgia Section Fellow Dr. Marie Schweinebraten is a candidate for ADA President in San Antonio.

L-R, International Trustees Ernesto Acuna and Dan Castagna, Secretary General Richard Kozal, President James Englander, Award recipient Dr. Frank Weine, Judy Kozal, International Trustee Joseph Harris, Illinois Chair Chris Baboulos at the Chicago MidWinte

Dr. Dushanka Kleinman, 2005 PFA Gold Medal recipient, '73 graduate of the University of Illinois, was honored by the ADA with their 2007 ADA Distinguished Service Award. This is the highest award that the ADA bestows. Dr. Kleinman has served in the House of Delegates. She has spent 26 years at the National Institute of Dental Health and Cranial Facial Research. She is a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service. She has retired from USPH last year and took up a position as Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs at the University of Maryland. She had been honored by UIC's Distinguished Dental Alumnus Award in 1997 and with the University of Illinois' Alumni Association's Alumni Achievement Award in 2005.


Desmos, 2008 Vol.114, No. 1, the Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity's international magazine, published an article, "Hine Inducted into Pierre Fauchard Academy International Dental Hall of Fame" (pp 10-11) which reported that University of Indiana's Dean Charles Hine had been inducted into the Hall of Fame by Dr. Kevin Roach last Fall in Indianapolis at the University of Indiana School of Dentistry's Alumni Awards Dinner.


Chair C. Frederick Fuller hosted their joint Spring Dinner with ACD and ICD last May at the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines during the annual session of the Iowa Dental Association. Dr. LeRoy Strohman was honored with the PFA Section's Dentist of the Year Award for his service as dentist to his community of Algona, as board member of the Iowa Board of Dental Examiners, Iowa Dental Association President, and a deacon in his church. The Allied Service Award was presented to Karen Baker, an Associate Professor in Oral Pathology and Medicine at University of Iowa College of Dentistry and in the Clinical Pharmacy Division at the College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Michael Rovner, a Des Moines orthodontist, was inducted into Fellowship. Dr. Rovner also serves on the Iowa Board of Dental Examiners.

The Iowa PFA again sponsored the freshman "White Coat Ceremony" last May.

They are also seeking volunteers for Iowa's first IMOM Mission of Mercy scheduled for October 3-4, 2008, in Waterloo at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center. Additional information is at their website.


Their Annual Breakfast Meeting was held in conjunction with the New Orleans Dental Conference/Louisiana Dental Association Annual Session last April. This was their first meeting since the September 2003 Hurricane Ivan interrupted their NODA Meeting, followed by the Katrina Disaster, wiped out the 2005 NODA Meeting. No meeting was held in 2006 due to the remaining city damage. Section Chair Guy Ribando was undergoing successful cancer treatments in 2007 and a PFA Breakfast was held in 2008. His daughters Drs. Maria Bermaster and Valerie Hemphill made all necessary arrangements for a successful event. Past Chair Frank Martello hosted the meal program. 2004 Fellows Stan Crowley, Robert Burns, and David DeGenova were introduced. The 2005 Fellows Kishore Shetty, Gary Caskey, and Laurie Moeller were recognized. The 2006 Fellows James Heurtin, Donald Henagan, and William Darr were introduced. No Fellows were initiated in 2007 or 2008. Dr. Ross DeNicola was presented the 2004 Distinguished Dentist Award. International Trustee Karyn Stockwell was present to assist.


The Massachusetts Dental Society Executive Director Dr. Robert E. Boose scribed a letter to Chair Norman Becker in thanks for being honored with their PFA Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art and Science of Dentistry.


Past President Jim Long invited Trustee Karyn Stockwell to attend their Section Awards Dinner to be held in conjunction with their Mississippi State Annual Meeting last June in Sandestin, Florida.


Secretary/Treasurer Gary Westerman reports holding their Annual Luncheon Meeting last April at the Hilton Hotel in Omaha in conjunction with the 140th Annual Session of the Nebraska Dental Association. Chair Francis Cavlovic called the meeting to order to induct three new Fellows into membership. They were Drs. Roger Curry of Omaha, Jessica Meeske of Hastings, and Riel Whitney of Columbus. The guest speaker was NDA's Dr. Marty Ferrero. The scholarship recipients were introduced as Keith Johnson from UNMC College of Dentistry, Quinn Erwin and Matthew Kelsey from Creighton University School of Dentistry. The necrology report included Life Member Dr. Robert Pendergast from Arnold and Oklahoma Section Chair William Goodman.

North Carolina

Their Section held their annual Awards Dinner last May in conjunction with their Annual NC State Meeting at the Embassy Suites Hotel at the Kingston Plantation Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

South Carolina

Trustee Karyn Stockwell attended the SC Section annual Awards Luncheon in Charleston last February. Section Chair Scott Cayouette hosted the event to honor Dr. W. Lynn Campbell with their Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award. New Fellows Drs. Greg Caputo, H.B. Dickey, Robert Ellis, Thomas Kays, Harry Koutroulakis, and Strother Murdoch were inducted into membership.

The Section completed their $10,000 two-year pledge for the Gordon B. Stine Simulation Lab Station at the College of Dental Medicine. MUSC Associate Dean and PFA Fellow, Tarig Jarved received their check and a plaque for the Lab in honor of past PFA President-elect Dr. Gordon Stine.

2006-2007 Section Chair Robert Berger received an Outgoing Chair plaque for his service to the SC PFA. The 2007-2008 Chair Scott Cayouette installed his successor Dr. Staci Gaffos. Other officers were Chair-elect Monica Cayouette, Vice Chair John Reese, and Secretary/Treasurer Craig Draffin.


This Section hosted their annual Breakfast Meeting last May at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis in conjunction with the Tennessee Dental Association's Annual Session.


Chair Ron Stifter hosted their annual Luncheon Meeting to induct eleven new Fellows into membership. Dr. L. Stanley Brysh, Director of Dental Services for the Max Pohle Dental Clinic of Madison, was inducted into Fellowship.

Wisconsin Dental Association President Eva Dahl received the Section's 2008 Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Dahl is an Iowa graduate who contributes at Marquette's School of Dentistry. She is completing an outstanding term as WDA President.


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