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2008.1 January - February

Dr. James A. Englander

Mentoring - The Wisconsin Experience

During my tenure as President, I hope to expand the concept of mentorship to our Fellows globally. I feel that where there are dental education institutions and dental practitioners, the potential for mentorship exists.

As Lani Becker, Wisconsin Dental Association Director of Member Services, puts it, "a mentor program means many things to many people, but when it comes right down to it, it is a way to share and prepare for the future." When a mentor relationship can be established, it is a two-way street between the mentor and the protégé. The mentor shares his or her experiences with someone new to the dental community and helps them prepare their future in dentistry after dental school. Mentors will not always have an answer, but they do provide a student with another resource. As we recall, working at the dental school clinic is quite different than practicing in our offices where we must deal with more than just dental procedures, such as staffing, calculating overhead, determining fees, scheduling, as well as developing filing systems, ordering of supplies, and other things that we must take care of or delegate on a regular basis.

The Wisconsin program is designed to provide dental students with an opportunity to learn more about their chosen profession from experienced dentists while they are in school. At the same time, it provides the volunteer dentist the chance to share his or her experiences with a future member of the dental profession. Each mentor is paired with one or more freshman and junior students. The dentist makes a two-year commitment to the program, and interacts with the students on both the social and professional level, the goal being to help mold students into professionals. The students are our future and essentially are what our profession will become.

We, in Wisconsin, are very fortunate to have a fine dental school with a faculty willing to help sponsor the undertaking. In addition, WDA's Young Dentists Committee members are hard working and very open to new ideas. Becoming a mentor is a serious undertaking and not a responsibility to be taken lightly. As stated by one mentorship program spokesman, "A good mentor must actively interact with his or her uncommitted volunteer is more detrimental to the program than no volunteer." It is essential to select mentors who are ethical, honest, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and respected by the community and by the profession. They must be congenial and have a positive attitude toward dentistry and a willingness to spend time with the protégé. Mentors should not attempt to be legal advisors and should not feel responsible for helping the student establish a practice.

Mentorship means to counsel, to advise, to help, to support, to aid, and to be a friend. The mentor should introduce the student to the profession, to the community, to the dental organization, to suppliers, and to financial organizations. A mentor needs to inform his protégé about local customs in ethics and advertising and about third-party coverage and to assist whenever possible.

Young dentists are the key to the future of organized dentistry. As stated by past ADA President Eugene Truono, "As I see it, mentors are an integral part of the professional continuum. They represent the passing of the baton, and acting as a cheerleader now and then. But above all, it means being a friend."

I ask any Section Chair or Trustee who would like some background information on the Wisconsin Mentorship Program to contact me and I will be pleased to share it with you.

James A. Englander, D.D.S.

PFA Homecoming

The University of Iowa PFA Homecoming

26-27 October 2007, Iowa City, Iowa

Every autumn, about the first of November, the University of Iowa School of Dentistry schedules its grand dental alumni homecoming on a weekend of Friday and Saturday. These days are absolutely filled with various activities to attract all interests in attending.

Friday morning opens early with a continuing education program that runs for both days. These programs not only update the dentist on what is current in their profession as far as education, technology, and instrumentation, but it also defines the role that the University of Iowa dental school has in all that.

Friday afternoon is filled with alumni activities to renew acquaintenances and with luncheon gatherings of such organizations as the Pierre Fauchard Academy. University of Iowa School of Dentistry

The evening hosts an alumni reception followed by a grand banquet in which the Dean discusses the status of the dental school; the alumni organization relates their part in helping the dental school; and the various graduation years that are honored at the banquet present their endeavors on behalf of the school to the many hundreds attending.

Saturday morning hosts more continuing education courses followed by a scrumptious meal and beverages in a tent outside the dental school entrance among the many Iowa Hawkeye tail-gaters with their tents erected throughout the campus. Their flags are fluttering as the smoke from their stoves waif delicious smells through the schoolyard. All are awaiting the afternoon kickoff of their college football team, the Iowa Hawkeyes, at Kinnick Stadium, a short walk across campus through the many cars, trailers, tents, and cooking stoves. The campus, for a few hours becomes the enchanted land of an olde English Faire.

Entering the stadium and visiting its shops one can feel the excitement of the weekend starting to wind to its climax with the football game. This year was particularly exciting as the game went into double overtime with the Hawkeyes beating the Michigan State Spartans on the final play.

While this scenario may mirror many such other alumni homecoming events across the land, it is always popular because it always is exciting. Thus our PFA Iowa Section uses this event to call its Fellows into a gathering of friends to renew their friendship and swap stories, hold a brief business session, feast on a delicious luncheon, enjoy a topical speaker, and plan their programs. This year our able past PFA President Larry Barrett enlisted the speaking services of Iowa's newly appointed Assistant Basketball Coach Jordan LaVall, recently recruited from Butler University. The new Iowa Basketball Coach Todd Lickliter and his new staff are preparing for their first season at Iowa, so this topic was of great interest to those attending the luncheon.

However, this happening is also a perfect example of how simply most PFA Sections can organize such an event for their own Sections. The University will be holding Homecoming anyway. To interest their alumni to attend, a myriad of activities are held to encourage such attendance, even hotel discounts. The University staff or dental alumni organization undoubtedly would help a Section organize such. The luncheon could be held at a local restaurant, perhaps even on campus. The PFA meeting is an opportunity for Fellows to get together, have a meal, and be informed of what PFA is doing locally and internationally. The PFA Section Awards can be distributed. The PFA Foundation Scholarship winners can be introduced, officers elected, and a speaker of interest can be featured.

In the case of the Iowa Section, non-alumnus Editor Brophy presented his Foundation Iowa Memorial Scholarship check to Foundation Vice President Larry Barrett. As an aside, not being an alumnus is not a drawback. I was completely embraced by our Fellows as though I was part of their grande weekend.

Hall of Fame Presentation

The Indiana University School of Dentistry
Hall of Fame Presentation

Dr. Maynard Kiplinger Hine, DDS, MS
19-20 October 2007--Indianapolis, Indiana

Driving through torrential rains and hop-scotching tornadoes in our effort to get to Indianapolis from Chicago was weather that Dr. Maynard K. Hine, Dean of Indiana University's School of Dentistry, was not unfamiliar with. Dr. Hine was born in Waterloo, Indiana, in 1907, but returned to Tuscola, Illinois, with his mother three weeks later to where his father had his dental practice. Maynard earned his dental degree in 1930 and masters degree in 1932 at the University of Illinois School of Dentistry in Chicago. He then joined his father (Indiana Dental College '04) in dental practice for three years. Dr. Hine accepted a Carnegie Fellowship and a Rockefeller Scholarship to the University of Rochester in New York before returning to teach oral pathology at the University of Illinois (1936-1944) for the next eight years.

Dr. Henry Swenson, a fellow University of Illinois teacher with Dr. Hine, and later at the Indiana University, told us in interview that Dr. Hine was a great innovator. "He made you think." He did not seem extraordinary at the time, but when viewing his live as a whole, he did great things. He supported Dr. Ralph Philips of dental materials fame, recruited Dr. Joseph Muhler, creator of the first successful stannous fluoride formula for Crest, Dr. Bill Gilmore, Ralph E. MacDonald of pediatric fame, oral pathologist Dr. William G. Shafer, prosthodontist John F. Johnston, and periodontist Timothy J. O'Leary. He established the Dental Hygiene Program in 1950 at Indiana University and the Department of Endodontics in 1953. He laid the foundation for renovating dental teaching in creating the Indiana Model of Dental Education, which is a dynamic blend of contemporary and traditional learning.

Dr. Hine joined the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1944 as Chairman of the Oral Histopathology Dept. and the Periodontics Dept. He was appointed Dean in 1945, serving for 23 years.

Currently the IU School of Dentistry has 107 full-time and 113 part-time Faculty members including Dr. Maynard Hine's two grandsons, Dr. Charles Hine, a clinical assistant professor of endodontics, and Dr. William Hine, Jr, a part-time teacher.

IU dental school Dean Lawrence Goldblatt hosted past PFA President Kevin Roach, Editor Jim Brophy, and DW Photographer Shirley Brophy into his offices at the School of Dentistry to meet and interview Dean Hine's grandsons William and Charles Hine, Dr. Arden Christen ( author of "An Oral History of Maynard K. Kline, DDS, MS"), and Dr. Henry Swenson, a former classmate of Dr. Hine.

Dr. Kevin Roach from Pembroke, Canada, PFA hall of Fame Chairman, had flown in to officiate at the formal installation of Dean Maynard Hine into the International Hall of Fame at the Indiana University School of Dentistry's 2007 Fall Dental Conference Alumni Dinner (their 65th Annual). This event added to the highlights of the Dental Alumni Homecoming. A poster in the main dental school hallway called attention to PFA's honoring Dean Hine.

The PFA presentation was highlighted on page three of the Past Presidents Dinner Program of the Alumni Dinner that Friday evening. The program noted that former Dean Maynard Hine (1907-1996) was to become the 20th inductee into the PFA International Hall of Fame. He had been nominated by our former Indiana Section Chair Ray Maddox, an active IU alumnus who was attending the Dinner with us all. The program went on to note that Dr. Hine had served as the first Chancellor of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (1969-1973) and as President of the American Dental Association (1965-1966), and FDI President (1975-1977) among his many other activities and offices serving as President for some eleven dental-related organizations. He founded the Diplomat of American Board of Endodontics, co-authored five books and contributed to numerous journals. He was also a Fellow in ICD and ACD.

Dr. Hine and his wife Harriet had three children, four grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

Arden G. Christen, DDS, MSD, MA of the Oral Health Research Institute for the Dept. of Preventive Dentistry, authored "An Interview/ An Oral History of Maynard K. Hine, DDS, MS", 1986, Dental Deans Series--Volume 1, with the foreword by Dean H. William Gilmore, DDS. Dr. Christen relates Dr. Hine's long and fruitful life career in dentistry. Among his achievements not mentioned before were President of the International Association for Dental Research (1952), the American Association of Dental Schools (1953), the Indiana State Dental Association (1957-1958), and the American Academy of Periodontology. Dr. Hine served many US government agencies like Consultant to the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, member of the Board of Regents to the National Library of Medicine (1959-1663), member of the National Advisory Dental Research Council of the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare (1948-1950, 1964-1968).

Dr. Hine received awards too numerous to mention, but he did mention receiving the PFA Gold Medal (1968) in his interview.

Dr. Hine was extremely interested in decay prevention. So he was always active in the construction of the Oral Health Research Institute, and the science behind the use of stannous fluoride in toothpaste and developed the first approved anticariogenic toothpaste Crest.

Dr. Hine was also interested in dental history and made efforts to preserve and teach dental history.

During his time at the University of Illinois, Dr. Hine was offered deanships at the University of Tennessee and at the University of Kentucky, but when a teaching position came open at Indiana University, he accepted the position. And then soon rose to being Dean.

In Dr. Hine's own words, when he took over the dental school, "The budget was low and the salaries were poor. Almost no research was being done." The equipment was poor and old and mostly from the old dental school. The library was inadequate, a chiropractic school shared the dental building, and the freshmen started their dental studies in Bloomington, an hour away, before relocating in Indianapolis for their sophomore year. And then there were the constant battles with the university for more funds to develop the school of dentistry. He united the Bloomington and Indianapolis schools, developed a DDS postgraduate program, and renovated the dental school facilities. Dr. Hine got involved in organized dentistry and encouraged all his faculty to do the same.

Dr. Hine graduated from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry the same year as Harold Hillenbrand did from the Chicago College of Dental Surgery (Loyola University) and they became friends throughout their years of involvement in the ADA. Dr. Hine was close friends with Jerry Timmons as ADA Assistant Secretary as Dr. Timmons had been up for consideration for the Indiana Deanship as well, having served as Acting Dean there. Dr. Timmons went on to become Dean of Temple University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Hine worked intimately with Dr. Hillenbrand, particularly through his years becoming ADA President. Then he withdrew his candidacy for FDI President to allow Dr. Hillenbrand to serve, but then served as FDI President later.

Dr. Hine encouraged his faculty member, Joe Muhler, to develop a better fluoride for toothpaste and he came up with stannous fluoride, got support from Procter & Gamble, and produced Crest toothpaste. I.U. Foundation sold the patents to P&G. Crest won the ADA Seal of Approval. This stimulated competition from other toothpaste manufacturers and established the ADA Seal as an important goal in their advertising. The Crest royalties went to help establish and fund the Indiana Oral Health Research Institute Building, which in turn helped launch Indiana's Research Program and the teaching of Preventative Dentistry. Dr. Hine supported all this as "prevention is a bridge between theory and the practice of dentistry."

After his retirement from the deanship, Dr. Hine was selected to serve as the Chancellor for the Indiana University. He faced the task of uniting all the various units of the Indiana University and of Purdue University in Indianapolis to form I.U.P.U.I. (Indiana University-Purdue University Institute).

Then there was the task of fighting off the challenges from local interests from forming a separate Indianapolis University.

Dr. Hine served as Editor for the Journal of Periodontology for twenty years (1950-1970). He also was Interim Editor for Journal of Dental Research (1975-1976). He also wrote a monthly column in the Indiana Dental Association Journal called "Hinesight."

Dr. Hine was an avid supporter of dental history. "If we do not continue to call attention to the incidents in the past, and to the people who have developed dentistry, the youngsters that are coming out of school will not have any real appreciation for their profession."

That statement pretty well sums up this article, the PFA Hall of Fame and even the mission of PFA. For example, Dr. Hine was the leading authority on the condition of Abraham Lincoln's teeth and had published a few papers on the subject.

This 65th Indiana University Dental Alumni Dinner was the venue for the formal Induction of Dean Maynard K. Hine into the PFA International Hall of Fame. Attending this event in PFA's honor were current Hall of Fame Chairman Dr. Kevin Roach, a past PFA President; immediate past Hall of Fame Chairman Dr. Raymond Klein, a past PFA President; past Indiana Section Chair Dr. Raymond Maddox, who nominated Dean Hine for this honor; PFA Editor Dr. Jim Brophy, and Dental World photographer Shirley Brophy. IU Dean Lawrence Goldblatt had hosted Drs. Roach and Brophy in his office to interview Dean Hine's two dentist grandsons and two of Dr. Hine's closest friends on the dental staff, so our entourage was quite familiar with the Dean's activities, family, and friends. Dr. Kevin Roach was seated at the Hine Family table, while the rest of our group sat at Dr. Maddox's table.

Dr. Roach led off the program with an excellent introduction in defining the life work of Dean Maynard K. Hine (as cited above) and then presented Dean Goldblatt with the Hall of Fame plaque for Indiana University School of Dentistry's Awards Wall. Then Dr. Roach presented another plaque to the Hine Family. The attending alumni were very impressed. The presentation had been well advertised and lived up to its billing as the keynote feature in their alumni dinner presentation.

PFA Annual Meeting

28-30 September 2007
San Francisco, California

Due to the PFA Annual Board Meeting occurring so late in the month, just before the publishing deadline, the report of the proceedings of the annual Board Meeting report were not completed before Dental World went to press.

Section Chair Caucus

28 September 2007

The annual Meeting, which comprises about three days in various sessions, has been initiated by hosting the Section Chair Caucus at the start of the extended meeting schedule. This is a forum for all international Section Chairpersons to meet and discuss their problems, exchange ideas and possible solutions, define future plans, suggest improvements, and meet with the PFA International leadership.

In the past this had been sparsely attended and was usually chaired by the PFA International President. But in recent times the Academy Board has discovered this group to be extremely insightful with many positive results arising out of this session. Instead of the Board meeting in one room and the Caucus in another, the Board as a whole has met with the Caucus at the same time to immediately address issues that can best be immediately exchanged on site at that time. This has allowed the PFA leadership to be informed as to particular needs of the Sections, as well as the difficulties faced by each Section, or as a group. This session allows the leadership to gather ideas to improve local and international relations and problems. Often one Section has faced the same situation and worked out a solution that other Sections could adapt to their problems.

Many times this "brain storming" has resulted in several ideas being put into action on the international level to ease the workload on each other. Since the discussion covers a wide range of topics, sharing mutual experiences from around the globe has helped fine-tune many PFA programs. Some work well; others do not. But they are tried out.

Such was again the case at this Meeting, which hosted the largest Section Chair attendance ever. Trustees Karyn Stockwell of Georgia and Dan Castagna of California chaired the event to give every Section Chair the opportunity to present their programs and solutions. Then the Section Chair Caucus leaders would synthesize the presentations for submission to the PFA Board to address.

Board Meeting Commencement, 28 September 2007

President's Report

Following the Section Chair Caucus, the International Board is called into Session by President William Winspear who gives his President's Report to the Trustees and Officers. This report contains a brief summary of his yearly activities from starting out in New Orleans, then to the Georgia Section Meeting, the Australian Section Meeting in Sydney inducting some 51 new Fellows, the Interim Meeting in Oklahoma City to help the Oklahoma Dental Association dedicate their life-size statue of Pierre Fauchard, then to attend the annual Awards Luncheon of the Southern California Section, off to attend the Australian Hall of Fame Induction of Dr. Percy R. Begg in Adelaide, then to Paris to attend the France Section Meeting and the formal Hall of Fame installation of new candidates on the Wall of Fame at the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Chirurgiens-Dentistes, over the Channel to be a part of the United Kingdom's Section Dinner and Address at Guy's Campus of Kings College London, and finally to India to help install Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed into the Hall of Fame in New Delhi.

Secretary General's Report

Secretary General Richard Kozal then presents his six-month report of Academy Central Office activities since the Interim Management Meeting in Oklahoma City.

Upgrading the computer activities and technology to stay on the cutting edge of developments.
Updating the web site.
Updating the addresses for subscriptions.
All dues for 2007 have been mailed out and most Sections have paid them.
The 2008 dues notices are printed to be mailed out in November. Initiation fee will remain at $120; US dues will be $120 per annum with a request for a $20 Foundation donation. International dues will remain at $100.
26 Outstanding Dentist plaques have been prepared and sent out for presentation. Eleven retiring Section Chair plaques have also been sent out.
Fellowship Certificates, neck ribbons, Fellowship Keys, and PFA lapel pins continue to be mailed out on an "as needed basis."
Letters were sent to some 64 dental school Deans to honor their graduating senior student awards.
Life Member letters were sent out. We have 1,454 Life Members who are asked for a donation for the Foundation and $15 for subscription to Dental World.
Section Chairs are holding regular meetings to stimulate PFA interest.
The Budget & Finance Committee continues to hold quarterly conference calls to review the current financial information of the Academy.
The annual Corporate Report has been filed in the State of Illinois. Also filed was the Foreign Corporation Report operating in Nevada, and reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal.
An independent accounting firm has completed the Annual Review and determined that the Academy's books are all in order.
Delinquent final dues letters have been mailed out.
The PFA Dental History continues to grow with many antique items being donated. The museum exhibits at UNLV School of Dental Medicine are completed.
The Dues Rebate Program has returned $13,402 back to some 13 Sections with completely paid Fellows.
This report summarizes the Central Office activities to date, but actual activities continue daily and are reported monthly.

Treasurer's Report

Secretary General Richard Kozal also operates as the Academy Treasurer and reports:

All invoices are current as of 9/15/07.
Dental World invoices are paid to date.
314 new Fellows (full dues) have been added to the rolls with an additional 64 (partial dues--no Dental Abstracts/Dental World) resulting in a total of 378 for the year.
Foundation voluntary contributions were $39,852 for the year.
Our accountant Dan Jonker has continued to modify and refine our financial data to be easier to understand.
The independent review has been completed last March and sent out to all the officers.
The Academy's financial statements and bank reports are contained in the Meeting packet.

Awards Luncheon Report

This year attendance at the Awards Luncheon was up 10% over the prior year, and 20% over 2005. It was the 10th largest attendance in the last 25 years. Much thanks is due to Richard and Judith Kozal who accept the massive headache of fitting everything into the short time and dealing with all the reservations. The event was packed with awards and honors and ceremonies, but it stayed on time.

Foundation Report

Foundation President M. David Campbell reports an outstanding year of success for the Foundation in being able to carry out its mission of supporting dental student's education through the scholarship program and to fund projects that serve the dental needs of the underserved population worldwide.

Treasurer Bill Kort has been working harmoniously with our CPA Ernest Ridel.

Executive Director Fred Halik has completed notifying the grant applicants of their status.

Foundation Executive Director Report

Past PFA President and current Foundation Executive Director Fred Halik notes that "The worth of any foundation is not necessarily evaluated by the gross size of its treasury, safely guarded in a bank vault, but rather by the results of how its proceed are employed." And that is exactly what your Foundation is doing in awarding scholarships and providing grant money for worthwhile projects.

Dr. Larry Barrett, the Foundation Vice President, has launched a successful Fund-Raising Program to increase the corpus of the invested Foundation funds.

"No foundation succeeds long term without continual infusion of new money."

Foundation Grant Committee Report

Chairman of the Grants Committee Gary Lowder considered 42 grants totaling $384,850. Treasurer Bill Kort noted though that we only have $221,000 available. Basically we need to focus on those organizations that are most dependent on Foundation funds for their success.

Constitution & Bylaws

Chairman Howard Mark reports that the Constitution has been updated.


Webmaster Mark Stanley notes the increased traffic and more visitors to our web site. He has established Trustee web pages as well as new pages for the Foundation. On the Editor's web page one can view all the future deadline dates. Web pages are even available for active Section Chairs. Planned new improvements are member e-mail addresses as well as membership name searches.

Since February 2006 page requests have gone up from 27,000 to 46,000 in July 2007. This brings the total of element requests to nearly 4.3 million since 2001 with Dental World responsible for the most at 13% of those requests or about 600,000. This means to you that Dental World is still the best place to advertise your event/program. Past DW issues may be retrieved and printed out, the recent ones in color.

The Dental Museum exhibits features three new exhibits: Dr. Leonard Chapman's dental office at UNLV; Dr. Henry Zeller's dental office at UNLV; and the Dr. "painless" Parker's dental office at the PFA Central Office.

The PFA Bylaws are updated and online for downloading.

Use of the computer internet is growing with 70% penetration in North America; 54% in Australia; and 39% in Europe

(17% in Latin America; 11% in Asia; 10% in the Middle East; 4% in Africa). [source: Min/Watts Marketing Group]


As of 9/15/07:

United States = 4,389; International = 1,735; Life Fellows = 1,454 totaling 7,578
Total new Fellows for the year: 440
Dues unpaid to date: 585
Reductions due to resignation, cancellation, and/or died: 70
Sections with the largest new membership in 2007: (U.S.) Georgia--17; southern California--14; Massachusetts--13; New York--12
(International) Australia--50; Canada--29; India--23; Chile--10
Sections with the largest members: (U.S.) California--477; Ohio--270; New York--225; Georgia--218; Florida--198; Wisconsin-- 181; Virginia--175; Michigan--165; Connecticut--152; South Carolina--142; Arizona--141; Maryland--134; Pennsylvania--128
(International) Canada--386; Australia--312; Japan--131; Spain--112

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consisting of Immediate past President Howard Mark, President William Winspear, and President- elect James Englander nominated the following candidates for election to office at the annual Meeting:

For PFA President

James A. Englander of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For PFA President-elect

Charles G. Eller of La Mesa, California

For Vice-President

Steve Hedlund of Iowa City, Iowa Immediate past President automatically goes to Dr. William Winspear of Sydney, Australia

Trustee nominations

For Region Ten

Dr. William Goodman of Fairland, Oklahoma (died) Dr. Michael Schafhauser of Minnesota

For Region Eight

Dr. Mark Sinclair of Australia

Editor's Report

The deadlines dictated by the publishing concern are listed online for quick reference as to submitting material for Dental World.

Shirley Brophy, former photographer for the Illinois Dental Journal, and for the Loyola University School of Dentistry Alumni Bur, and other lay publications was recognized as the official photographer for Dental World. While she had been doing the photography it was necessary to officially designate her as such so she might be admitted into closed sessions for the purposes of taking our dental pictures. She also has established a photographic printing system to accommodate e-photos which Dental World is now using due to her expertise in this field.

Editor James Brophy described the various trips that they covered for President Winspear and how important it was to have another set of eyes, ears, and legs to cover all the event activities.

Awards Committee

Vice President Charles Eller discussed the nomination of some twelve candidates put up for the PFA Gold Medal for this year. The selection was Dr. Richard E. Bradley of Nebraska.

There were three nominations for the Elmer S. Best Memorial Award with Dr. Patrick Henry of Australia selected as the nominee.

Dr. Joseph P. Cappuccio of Maryland was unanimously selected for the Distinguished Service Award for this year.

The Dental Trade and Industry Award of Recognition went to the Henry Schein Company of the USA, which is currently called the Sullivan-Schein Company after the merger of two very well-known and respected dental supply companies.

The PFA Certificate of Merit (an international award) was named to be awarded to Dr. Saul Breitman of Argentina.

Hall of Fame Committee

Since Dr. Kevin Roach took over the Chairmanship of the Hall of Fame Committee, he has been a whirl of activity to clear the backlog of names elected for Installation on the Wall of Fame.
Dr. Thomas W. Evans was installed at the Union League Club in Philadelphia last May.
Dr. Percy R. Begg was installed at the University of Adelaide School of Dentistry in Adelaide, Australia, last June.
Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed was inducted last September in New Delhi, India, in dedicating their new dental society headquarters.
Dean Maynard K. Hine was formally inducted into the Hall of Fame at Indiana University School of Dentistry at their 65th annual Alumni Dinner (see story above) last October.

Dr. Terrance Ward has been on the list since Dr. Joe Cappuccio was Chairman, but succeeding Chairs Raymond Klein and
Kevin Roach have not favorably approved the nomination for further processing. Requests from the dental societies of his country have resulted in no further information to indicate his exceptional contributions to the profession to warrant such honor.
Dr. Edward Angle has been approved and is awaiting a venue and date to proceed with his formal installation.

Committee Appointments for 2007-2008

Management Committee

PFA Executive Officers

Fellowship Committee

Chair Ernesto Acuna with Drs. Steve Hedlund, Hubert Ouvrard, Mark Sinclair, Mamoru Sakuda, Karyn Stockwell, Richard Walsh, and ex-officio Richard Kozal

Budget & Finance Committee

Chair Charles Eller with Drs. James Englander, Steven Hedlund, William Winspear and ex-officio Richard Kozal

Nominating Committee

Chair William Winspear, with Drs. James Englander, Charles Eller, and Steven Hedlund

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Chair Charles Eller with Drs. Steven Hedlund, Joseph Harris, and Richard Kozal as ex-officio

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair Charles Eller with Drs. Ernesto Acuna, Daniel Castagna, Barry Dolman, Joseph Harris, Steven Hedlund, consultant Howard Mark, and ex-officio Richard Kozal

Publications/Web Site Committee

Chair Steven Hedlund, Editor James Brophy, Webmaster Mark Stanley with Drs. Barry Dolman, Karyn Stockwell, consultant Michael Perpich, ex-officio Richard Kozal

Awards Committee

Chair Steven Hedlund with Drs. Ernesto Acuna, Daniel Castagna, Hubert Ouvrard, Mamoru Sakuda, Richard Walsh, consultant Frank Braun, consultant Pierre Marois, consultant Nicholas Saccone, ex-officio Richard Kozal

Hall of Fame Committee

Chair Kevin Roach with Ernesto Acuna, Joseph Harris, Michael Perpich, Mark Sinclair, consultant Minoru Horiuchi, consultant Pierre Marois, and consultant Nicholas Saccone


Editor James Brophy, Secretary General Richard Kozal

Museum Committee

Chair Richard Kozal, with Drs. James Brophy, Charles Eller, James Englander and consultant Nicolas Saccone

Section Chair Reports

Australasian Section President Mark Sinclair gave their report for 2007.

Dean Daimpo I. Lim retiring Chair of the Philippine Section gave an extensive report on their activities for the year, most of which have appeared in past issues of Dental World. He also introduced Dr. Hermogenes Villareal as his replacement.

Officers Reports

A summary of activities for the year by each of the Executive Officers James Englander and Charles Eller are presented.

Trustee Reports

Trustee Hubert Ouvrard of Region 1 reported on the various activities of the European Sections. Finances seem to be a major impediment to recruitment here as well as in other parts of the world. Only the well-to-do can afford to join. The reports are filled with wonderful promises for next year, though.

Trustee Richard Walsh of Region 2 attended the Breakfast at Yankee Dental Congress last January and the Connecticut Annual Meeting in May. He is meeting with ADA leaders to help resurrect the New Jersey Section. The Maine Chair Rockwell Davis is doing a nice job. Dr. Roger Turkel will assume the Chairmanship for the Rhode Island Section this coming May.

Trustee Robyn Stockwell of Region 3 filed the most complete in-depth Trustee's Report of the meeting.

Trustee Joseph Harris of Region 4 reported regional progress since last year. Michigan and Wisconsin Sections turned in complete and comprehensive reports. Illinois finally responded. Dr. Matthews of Indiana and Dr. Karl Lange of Kentucky are involved in organized dentistry. Dr. Schneider of Ohio held their annual meeting last September.

Trustee Daniel Castagna of Region 5 gave his first report as attending Section Meetings in Southern California, Oregon, Washington State, and Illinois. Membership loss through "aging" has been a main problem. The older members are dying off, though Region 5 did have a slight increase in growth.

Trustee Barry Dolman of Region 6 presented a very in-depth report on Canadian activities, most of which have been published throughout the year.

Trustee Ernesto Acuna of Region 7 participated in the Chile Induction ceremony in Santiago last May hosted by Chair Dr. Pabla Barrientos at the Hotel Intercontinental bringing in ten new Fellows and recognizing Dr. Alejandro Cekalovic, President of the National Association of Dentists of Chile. The Mexico Section Induction Ceremony last November inducted ten new members into Fellowship. The ceremony was held at the Centro Asturiano in Mexico City.

Retiring Australasian Trustee Jonathan Rogers of Region 8 reported hosting their PFA Breakfast Meeting during the Australian Dental Association Biennial Congress last March with 44 new Fellows being inducted by Australasian President Mark Sinclair and International President William Winspear. Then there was the Adelaide celebration for the Hall of Fame induction of Dr. Percy R. Begg last June attended by Dean Professor Johann DeVries (a PFA Fellow) and Dr. Ian Watson, the Oceania Representative for the World Federation of Orthodontists. They have decided to divide their three Foundation Scholarship Awards to cover all six of their dental schools with smaller funded scholarships like Canada does.

Trustee Mamoru Sakuda for Region 9 (Asia) attended the Philippine 27th Annual Convocation and Luncheon last April, where Dr. Hermogenes Villareal will succeed Dean Lim as Section Chair. Several Japanese representatives attended the Korean Section annual Meeting last June in Seoul. The Japan Section Meeting in Sapporo, Hokkaido, last October was well attended where Dr. Toshio Morioka stepped down as the Chair for the Japan Section (by order of their ByLaws); and Dr. Hirokazu Hashimoto succeeded to the position of Section Chair. Dr. Mamoru Sakuda will remain as the Trustee for Region 9. Steve Hedlund will be retiring as Trustee for Region 10 and installed as PFA International Vice President. He has attended the Nebraska PFA Luncheon, the Iowa PFA Banquet last May, and the Oklahoma PFA Breakfast. Due to the untimely passing of our dear friend Bill Goodman, Dr. Matt Cohlmia will ascend to the Oklahoma Section Chair.

Unfinished & New Business

The Board agreed not to upgrade and relocate the Hall of Fame venue at the National Dental Museum in Baltimore, while the Board is not happy with the current location of the Hall of Fame plaque display. As Immediate past President Howard Mark put it in his letter to the museum, "The cost is entirely too much for the Academy to undertake, and, given the mission of the PFA Foundation relative to scholarships and service to the underserved across the world, The Academy would not be a source of any amount approaching your request."

The Management Committee in session in Oklahoma City agreed to become a partner in the ADA Foundation concept, "Dental Education, Our Legacy--Our Future." It was noted that the Pierre Fauchard Academy is a separate entity from the PFA Foundation and does not raise funds for itself other than membership dues.

Trustee Daniel Castagna was selected as the PFA Representative to attend the FDI Congress in Dubai, UAE. The Asian Pacific Dental Organization will be meeting in Hong Kong in May, 2009. PFA ought to be prepared to host a reception there for our Section Chairs to meet. Discussion ensued about defining the world borders as they apply to our Region divisions and perhaps renaming them to better reflect the areas they represent. This subject was placed on the agenda for further study. The relationship between the Academy and the Foundation was discussed and referred to the Executive Committee for resolution.

Closing Comments by President James Englander

Dr. Englander discussed his intentions to build on President Winspear's Fellowship recruitment. He would like to see more internationality. But a main thrust of his year would be more mentorship.

Foundation Board Meeting

Saturday, 29 September 2007

President David Campbell called the Board to order with Jim Long giving the Invocation. The Minutes from the Las Vegas Foundation Board Meeting on 16-17 October 2006 had been distributed and were accepted by the Board. Reports of the Executive Officers were given and accepted.

The annual budget was discussed and approved as presented by the Budget & Finance Committee (Treasurer William Kort).

The Board then went over the progress of their assets with Frank Buchholz of the Bank of America, who reviewed all their investments and suggested future trends and pitfalls. This was included in the Treasurer's Report.

After the Awards Luncheon, Board then discussed other business as receiving the report from the Academy President, the Constitution and Bylaws Committee report, the Public Relations Committee, the Disaster Fund Committee, and the Special Order of Business concerning the legal relationship between the Academy and the Foundation.

Dr. Larry Barrett's Fund-Raising Program and its initial success was discussed. Dr. Barrett will initiate another round of appeals from different perspectives. He also was collecting donations for the Shira Fellowship Awards.

They then agreed to accept corporate donations from other than PFA members.

The issue of succession to and off the Foundation Board was discussed and resolved. Dr. Min Horiuchi was the oldest serving Trustee and would go off the Board. Drs. Scott Welch has been ill and Nicolas Saccone has an injury, making it impossible to travel. Oncoming Trustee William Winspear wished to serve only for one year and then go off the Board. Past PFA President Ray Klein has been considering serving if asked since he is finished with serving as ACD President.

Michael Perpich presented a Web site report.

The Board voted to suspend the Interim Meeting as they had no urgent business to transact.

Grants Chair Gary Lowder then presented the Grant Applications for review. There were some 46 from some 28 States or countries covering some 22 pages of review. It was a long afternoon.

Foundation Fund-Raising Imperative

Foundation Vice President C.F. Larry Barrett, Chairman of the Fund-Raising Committee, expressed his concerns over the need for the Foundation to generate revenue to stay ahead of the inflationary loss of the existing funds, compensate for the lower earned revenue from the corpus, and to avoid IRS tax penalties. "I believe that many of our Fellows think that we are undertaking a one-shot request for funds to bridge an imaginary time period. We are not doing that particularly. We are trying to develop a basis of ongoing revenue/income for the future as well. In introducing the various means to do this, it appears we are taking a shotgun approach to gathering funds. That is not our purpose. We have asked for some immediate assistance to catch up on the needed money gathering, and for your generosity in that we thank you all who have helped. But the remainder of the Fund-Raising Program is to build a foundation for future income to support the Foundation over time.

Foundation News


The Foundation Student Scholarships for Canadian dental student recipients were reported with photo in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association in the July/August 2007 issue. Brief descriptions of the students' clinical research or basic science abstracts were printed in the JCDA as well.

United States

Senior University of Alabama School of Dentistry student Carmen Marie Ashford was recipient of the Foundation Scholarship Award.

California, Southern Section

St. Leo's Clinic, an Esperanza Project, is near the Del Mar racetrack in a needy Latin area. Thanks to the initial Foundation grant, it has become self-sustaining. With additional help from the local Rotary Club, the Clinic is in a new building and has six dental units. The Clinic is open on Wednesday evenings and all day Saturday, entirely staffed by volunteers. A major focus for this Clinic is the Welcome Home Ministry. Women who have been released from prison have the needed Oral Surgery and prosthetics done by Drs. Kingston and Bobbitt. They are then able to go back into society with a pleasant smile and no dental worries.

An Esperanza Tijuana project is examining over 300 orphans from ten orphanages there, over 200 of the children were in desperate need of dental care. The health clinic is in an area of extreme poverty. The dental office consisted of an 8' x 10' room, in which there were two dental units. Supplies were minimal. A phone call to Dr. Robert Ibsen of Den Mat Corporation resulted in receiving twenty boxes of restorative materials. Charles and Gloria Eller along with Roger Kingston delivered them personally to the clinic. Chuck donated eight jars of fluoride treatment paste.

Dental students in Mexico have their school tuition paid for by the government, but in return they are to give one year of service in dentistry to the public clinic. At the Tijuana Clinic one such recent graduate from Sinaloa Dental School was ecstatic when she saw the dental supplies that Drs. Eller and Kingston brought down to her. Another lady dentist will be joining her shortly.

The San Diego Children's Dental Health Center is located in a small neat cottage in a nice residential area of downtown San Diego. It is well staffed with permanent employees with sufficient dentists who volunteer their time. The waiting rooms are filled with bright-eyed children who have no fear of the dentist. They go to the Butterfly Room, the Fish Room, or the Zoo Room depending on their individual dental needs. The staff was deeply appreciative for the Foundation grant.

Joan Kroc, the recently deceased wife of Ray Kroc of Mac- Donald's fame, built a block-long complex for the indigent in downtown San Diego. This is a residence building with a dining area and a medical clinic. A visit to the distressed area by Dr. Chuck Eller showed that it was only about ten blocks from the extreme opulence of San Diego. A line of about 100 people stood waiting for food. Next to the line was a medical-dental clinic with a very compact four-chair dental clinic. A full-time dentist is employed there. And the clinic seems well-run. The staff knew who the PFA was and were very thankful for all the funding help that the Foundation provided. Thanks to that, the clinic now provides minor prosthetic treatment and even some orthodontics.

Three UCSD Student-run Free Dental Clinics are well known in the area. The brainchild of Dr. Irv Silverstein has become a model for others to follow. It is managed by predental students who then advance to dental student status to become dentists.


Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry senior Sharcola Vaughn was recipient of the Foundation Scholarship Award.


LSU senior dental student Nicolas J. Rauber received the Foundation Scholarship for 2007.


Associate Dean for the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, and PFA Section co-Chair William Buchanan presented the PFA Scholarship Award to Bradley Dale Harrelson, the past President of the American Student Dental Association. Claire Dornbusch received the PFA Senior Student Award.


Michelle Fieldern was recognized as the Foundation Scholarship recipient for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry during the school's Recognition and Awards Program. The PFA Senior Student Award went to Patrick Briscoe at the Graduation Ceremonies.

PFA Secretary/Treasurer Gary Westerman, recipient Quinn Erwin, and Dean Steven Friedrichsen

Quinn Erwin was selected as the Foundation Scholarship recipient for Creighton University Medical Center School of Dentistry. PFA Secretary/Treasurer Gary Westerman and dental school Dean Steven Friedrichsen did the honors in presenting the award.

North Carolina

University of North Carolina School of Dentistry senior Jennifer Bell received the 2007 Foundation Scholarship.

Puerto Rico

Maria Cruz-Pagan, a senior dental student at the University of Puerto Rico received the Foundation Scholarship Award.

South Carolina

The Medical University of South Carolina Foundation Scholarship recipient was senior Melissa F. Minger.


Lacey K. Winford received the 2007 Foundation Scholarship Award.


Jesse McGuire was the recipient of the 2006 Foundation Scholarship Award. Maggie Chicka was the 2007 recipient.

Section News


The officers for Region 8 are: Section President Mark Sinclair of New South Wales, Secretary/Treasurer Patrick Meaney of New South Wales, Trustees Richard Sawers of South Australia, Gerry Clausen of Victoria, and Dexter Bambery of New Zealand.


Chairman Frank Braun reports that German dentistry has been suffering for the last couple of years due to major problems in their national insurance system which has dramatically reduced the general income of dentists in the last ten years. With Elmer Best Award recipient Mr. Horst-Wolfgang Hasse's help we hope to attract some members from our list of 42.


Chairman Thana Paschos has inducted four new members this year and has nominations for seven next year.


Chair Andrea Pantarotto during the International Meeting of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry in Bologna hosted a dinner last November to attract membership. Some twenty doctors met together to discuss their PFA goals and programs. A celebrated northeastern Italian Chef cooked a wonderful dinner for the "rebirthing" of the Italian PFA Section. This enchanting evening in downtown Bologna resulted in some 30 new member nominations.


Chair Toshio Morioka hosted their 38th Annual Meeting of the Japan Section in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, last October 20th with Fellows from Japan and from Korea. Chairman of local arrangements for the Meeting was Dr. Kaiji Koase. Guest speakers were Professor Tohru Kaku of the Health Science University of Hokkaido College of Dentistry, Division of Chemical Oral Pathology, speaking on Regenerative tissue researches in dentistry; Dr. Mitsumasa Kawata speaking on "Fascinating Studies on Butterflies for more than 50 years."

Four new members were inducted: Drs. Tohru Kaku, Kimiyo Wada, Yuichi Higuchi, and Chisaki Kawakami.

Toshio Morioka's term as Section Chair expired last December. Dr. Hirokazu Hashimoto was installed as their new Section Chair.


Chair Annette Dony held their Autumn Meeting (2006) in Oosterbeek near Arnhem. Several speakers on freedom of treatment, competition, and the advantages and disadvantages of chain practices opened up a lively debate.

In Spring 2007 the Section met in Utrecht featuring the Deans of some of Netherland's most famous universities to discuss the new dental studies curriculum including a term extension to cover all the matter.

Four new members were installed: Professor Dr. Karl van der Wal, Dr. F. Barend Recht, Dr. C. Wevers, and Dr. A. Rietmeyer.

The Philippine Delegation at the Awards Banquet

Chair Hermogenes Villereal hosted their business and quarterly Meeting at the G Hotel in Manila to give a synopsis of their contingent's activities in San Francisco. Attending were retiring Chair Dean Diampo and Alice Lim, incoming Chair Hermogenes and Lette Villareal, Primo Gonzales, Aster Campanero. Henry G. and Yvonne Uy, and Rey Agcanas. Guests were Dr. Eli and Cynthia Blanes (Philippine Dental Association President), Dr. Theresa Amador (Chair for the Board of Dentistry), Dr. Fe Watiwat (American Filipino dentist), benefactor Dr. Elmer and Lery Bangaloy, Dr. Sherwin Villareal, Donald Lim, Dr and Mrs. Antonio Contawi. Dr. Villareal was installed as the new Chairman and invested with the Official Medallion of a Section Chair by President Winspear himself. It was at that time that Drs. Villareal, Prino, and Sakuda assisted in pinning the Philippine sashes on Drs. Kozal, Winspear, Campbell, and Halik.


Chairman Prof. Eugene Spiechowicz reports that the membership was engaged in organizing training sessions for dentists. New Fellow, the President of Opole Section of Polish Stomatological Association organized eight such sessions. Their National Meeting was held in September 2006 to induct four new Fellows into membership and to receive two scientific papers, one from Professor Maria Borysewicz- Lewicka, Director of the Pedodontic Faculty in Poznan on "Own Experiences in Stomatological Care of Children and Youth in a Large Urban Center" and by Dr. Zbigniew Klimek, President of the Association of Polish Dentists, on "Reflections on Continuing Education."


Chair Matjaz Rode reports holding a dental symposium last May for some 70 participants entitled "From Practice to Practice." The two-day symposium in Pristina-Kosovo was on dental implants and the introduction of the role of PFA.


Chairman Prof. Dr. Forner-Navarro hosted their annual Meeting in Granada (Andalucia) last April under the leadership of Professor Pulgar of the University of Granada that hosted presentations by Dr. Lorente on the role of the dentist in cases of gender violence; by Dr. Llobell on problemsolving in implant dentistry; and by Professor Olague on disease in contemporary literature. This also included a tour of the Odontology Museum at the University of Granada and a walk through the historic section of Albaicin.

The next annual Meeting will be held in Palma de Mallorca (Islas Baleares) next 18-19 April 2008.

New Fellow introductions were for: Drs. Miguel Angel Gonzalez-Moles; Aurora Valensuela-Garach; Benjamin Martin- Biedma; Luis Giner-Tarrida; and Salvador Mora-Gragero.

The Foundation Scholarship Award was presented to Hector Tafalla-Pastor of the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.


Chairman Roland Soellner inducted five new Fellows into membership: Drs. A. Adler of Basle, M. Locher of Zurich, D. Tinner of Basle, B.Waeckerle of Zurich, and Jacob Zafran of Zurich.

California, Northern Section

The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists presented UOP's Dugoni School of Dentistry Dean-emeritus Arthur Dugoni with its 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award during the organization's annual Meeting last October. Their Board of Directors presents this award based on exceptional personal effort to advance the art and science of orthodontic specialty. Dr. Dugoni is only the second person to receive this honor. Dr. Dugoni is currently President of the ADA Foundation.


Chair Terry Berwick reports holding their New Fellow function last October with a brunch at the Columbine Country Club in Littleton. New member were inducted then as well as honoring past Section Chair Bonnie Ferrell for her service to PFA.

Their "White Coat Ceremony" is held jointly with PFA, ICD, and ACD. Chair Terry Berwick has promised us an article on how this ceremony is organized. This was started in 2006 at the University of Colorado's School of Dentistry and is held on the Wednesday prior to the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention in January. The Convention is sponsored by the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society. This year the White Coat Ceremony will be on 16 January 2008.


Chair Robin Mark Santiago held their annual Awards and Induction Ceremony Luncheon last May at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino during the annual meeting of the Connecticut State Dental Association. Outgoing Chair William MacDonnell was presented a Recognition Award for his five years of service. A Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Jeanne Strathern, retiring District 1 ADA Trustee, and past CSDA President and current Chair of the Connecticut State Dental Commission. Their second Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Sedrick Rawlions for his community leadership.

Ten new members were inducted into Fellowship by Trustee Richard Walsh and immediate past President Howard Mark. Dr. Robert Schreibman, a PFA Fellow and past CSDA President gave a presentation on the Mission of Mercy Project, which provides dental services in extreme rural areas of the State in which PFA will be partnering in April.

The Section is also attempting to acquire a Pierre Fauchard statue sculpted by Fellow Dr. Gary Gardner to donate to the Connecticut State Dental Association for display in their headquarters.


Chair Stenwood Kanna reports inducting Dr. Darrell Tenya as a new Fellow. They held a joint meeting with ICD and ACD during the Hawaii Dental Association Convention.

Dr. Klein with Indiana Dean Larry Goldblatt at the dinner. Wife Rene Klein in the foreground

Past PFA President Ray Klein attended the 65th annual Alumni Awards Dinner presentation to honor Dean Hine's Inauguration into the PFA Hall of Fame. Dr. Klein is an alumnus of Indiana University. He had served as the prior Chairman for the PFA Hall of Fame Committee. He served last year as the President of ACD.

Also at the Alumni Dinner, Fellow Steven J. Holm of Valparaiso, Indiana, was honored with their Certificate of Appreciation. He serves as an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary Clinical Instructor at IU Northwest. Dr. Holm had been named Outstanding Instructor in 1978, 1980, an 1985; Outstanding Adjunct Faculty in 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002, and 2003; and Outstanding Extramural Site Instructor in 1990 and 2003. He has also served as President of the Northwest Indiana Dental Society, Speaker of the IDA House of Delegates, and ADA Delegate. He had earned his dental degree from Loyola University and is a Fellow in PFA (Membership Chairman), ICD, and ACD.

Chair David Matthews reports holding the annual breakfast meeting last May at the Marriott Hotel during the Indiana Dental Association annual Spring Meeting.


Chairman Karl Lange held their Section Meeting last May 12th at the Louisville Hyatt Hotel during the Kentucky Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting. The luncheon was jointly held with ICD and ACD. Seven new Fellows were inducted: Drs. Rob Henry, Marlene Richardson, Barry Curry, Mike Christian, Cindy Derer, J.D. Hill, and O. Andy Elliott. Dr. Elliot was an ADA Second VP Candidate.

Senior dental students Will Allen of the University of Kentucky and Seth Ernestberger of the University of Louisville were honored with the Foundation Scholarship Awards.


Chair Guy Ribando reports slowly arising out of the Katrina morass in having new Fellows inducted into membership this coming April in conjunction with the New Orleans Dental Conference and the Louisiana Dental Association.


Trustee Joe Harris reports his Section holding their annual Spring Meeting for breakfast at the Cobo Hall Convention Center in Detroit during the Michigan Dental Association Annual Session. Incoming MDA President, Fellow Steve Dater discussed the upcoming issues in organized dentistry. Foundation President M. David Campbell discussed the Foundation. Drs. Howard Hamerink and Phillip Richards were awarded the University of Michigan Instructors of the Year 2006-2007 Awards. Dr. Virginia Merchant, past Section Chair, was honored with the University of Detroit-Mercy Instructor of the Year Award.

Dr. Cheri Newman was presented with the PFA Michigan Section Public Service Award. She, Dr. Merchant, and three U of D Mercy aides spoke about the Baycliff Health Camp Project.

Drs. Robert E. L. Perkins and Joseph B. Harris were awarded the Section's Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Newly inducted into membership were: Drs. Diane Hines, Walter Lim, David DiLoretto, and William Demray.

Dr. Todd Christy then assumed the position of Michigan PFA Chairman.

At their Fall Breakfast meeting, Chair Todd Christy introduced his new officers: Treasurer Ed Sakisian, Secretary Marilyn Woolfolk, and Clinics & Education Chair Greg Movsesian. Also attending were MDA President Steve Dater, MDA President- elect Joanne Dawley, MDA Trustee Robert Coleman, Detroit District Dental Society President Steve Harris, past PFA President and Foundation President M. David Campbell, and past Michigan PFA Chair Virginia Merchant. University of Michigan students Ruchir Patel, Adam Mileski, and Rohit Reddy along with University of Detroit Mercy students Brian Anderson and Sam Blanchard were in attendance.


Chair Barbara Mauldin reports inducting Dr. Dean Williams into Fellowship at a dinner meeting held in conjunction with the ICD and ACD during the Mississippi State Annual Meeting in Sandestin, Florida.

Their next induction will be held on June 8, 2008, during their annual state meeting.


Chair Francis Cavlovic hosted their annual Meeting last April at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in Lincoln during the Nebraska Dental Association's 139th Annual Session. PFA Trustee Steve Hedlund and ADA Trustee for the 10th District Kathryn Kell (a PFA Fellow) attended. The PFA Scholarship Award and the Academy Senior Student Award were presented to UNMC College of Dentistry dental students Kelli Jobmand and Katherine Meyer. Four candidates were inducted into Fellowship by Trustee Steve Hedlund. They were Drs. Ralph Corpus, Robert Glandt, Edward Vigna, and James Walker.

North Carolina

Chair Neil Lutins inducted three new Fellows into membership this year: Drs. Cynthia Bolton, Rex Card, and William Litaker. Their Section presented their Humanitarian Awards to Charlotte Peterson and Vickie Overman.

Puerto Rico

Chair Augusto Garcia-Aguirre reports inducting three new Fellows: Drs. Augusto Garcia-Aguirre, Ramon Fernando Gonzalez (Dean of the University of Puerto Rico School of Dentistry), and Yilda Rivera at a luncheon held in conjunction with the New York State Dental Association Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, last June officiated by New York Section Chair Lynne Halik and Vice Chair Edward Feinberg along with NYSA President Fellow Steve Gounardes.


Chair Rueben Pelot III presented their Distinguished Dentist of the year Award to Dr. Gibbs Prevost of the 2nd District. Three addition Fellows were inducted at their respective component society meetings. Dr. Susan Orwich-Barnes was inducted at the 2nd District Meeting; Dr. James Law was inducted in the Nashville District Meeting; and Dr. Carleton Horbett was inducted in the Memphis District Meeting.

Their PFA/ICD/ACD Meeting will be held during the Tennessee Dental Association Annual Session in Memphis next May.


Chair Gary Taylor inducted two new members: Drs. Randy Adams and Barry Griffin during their luncheon meeting held with ICD during the Virginia State Dental Meeting in Norfolk last June. Their next meeting will be held on June 20, 2008.

Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry senior Russell Guymon was presented a $1000 PFA Research Award from the Virginia Section. Senior Ken Handy was presented with the Virginia $1000 Scholarship. The 2007 Foundation Scholarship went to Michael P. Webb who also attended the luncheon. The Section also awarded $2000 to the dental school's Dean's Fund. Virginia has a $40 annual dues assessment to fund meeting expenses and awards.

Rhode Island

They held their annual Meeting and Induction Ceremony last May in Warwick. Dr. Jean Arthur of Barrington was welcomed as a new Fellow. Dr. Marty Nager of East Greenwich was honored with the PFA Section's Distinguished Service Certificate for his devotion to the profession, especially for his dedication in providing dental treatment at the Crossroads Rhode Island Dental Clinic.

Fellow Roger Turkel of North Kingstown was installed as President of the Rhode Island Dental Association succeeding outgoing President, Fellow Craig Van Dongen.

Fellow Nick Barone of North Providence was the recipient of the Dr. James Kershaw Award from the RIDA.

Washington State

Chair Barry Feder has been busy hosting their annual dinner meeting last July to induct eight new Fellows: Drs. John Hendrickson, John Liu, Robin Henderson, Sherwin Shinn, Laura Williams, Rob Merrill, Todd Irwin, and Honorary Fellow Steve Hardymon. Two scholarships were awarded to Garrett Yamaguchi and Stephen Hansen. Their next Section Meeting will be 10 July 2008.


Chair Ronald Stifter reports that their PFA Section with Marquette's School of Dentistry sponsored the annual Mentorship Dinner at Marquette's Memorial Union last September 2006. 163 dentists and 256 students attended to participate.

2006 student Andrew Weir received the Most Likely to Succeed plaque. The 2007 recipient was William Holmberg along with $250 from the Wisconsin Section. Students receive these awards at the dental school's Hooding Ceremony held the evening before graduation. During the WDA's Annual Meeting in Green Bay, PFA held their annual session this year at Brett Favre's Steakhouse last May. Immediate past WDA President Constantine Stametlakys was recipient of the Section's Distinguished Dentist award. Current President Eva Dahl and Marquette's dental school Dean William Lobb attended as well as PFA President-elect James Englander.

Dr. Glen Maihofer was honored with a plaque for his ten years of service as PFA Section Chairman.

Seven new members were inducted that evening.

WDA's 136th President is PFA Fellow Monca Hebl of Brookfield. Dr. Hebl is a Marquette graduate with a general practice in Milwaukee. She has served on the Governor's Task Force to Improve Access to Oral Health Care. She has served as President of the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association, WDA Trustee for Greater Milwaukee Region 3, and a member of the WDA delegation to the ADA since 1999.

Dr. John Moser, a PFA Fellow, is the new WDA Treasurer. He is a 1982 graduate from Marquette who has a general practice in Milwaukee's Third Ward. He is an assistant professor in Marquette's Department of General Dentistry since 1994. He also served as President for the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association in 2001-2002, and as WDA Trustee for Greater Milwaukee Region 3. He has received two ADA Golden Apple Awards and two WDA Pyramids of Pride.


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