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Presidential Message

During my term as Trustee, representing Region IV, I have been privileged to work under the Presidencies of my earliest mentors, M. David Campbell and Scott Welch, our Academy's ''down-to-earth'' uniter Gary Lowder, sound financial planners Kevin Roach and Mike Perpich, long range planner and ByLaw guru Howard Mark, and international fellowship cultivator William Winspear. Obviously I have very big shoes to fill. During my term as your President, I hope to expand on their contributions with additional focus on Mentorship Programs and Fellowship recruitment and retention.

As we all know through our involvement in dentistry, the success of any organization depends on fresh ideas and enthusiasm generated by its young members. We are aware there are many fine individuals in our great profession who have given back to their community or have the potential to do so and should be recognized. Building on President Winspear's initiatives, I will work to encourage our Fellows, particularly our Section Chairs, to seek out these noteworthy people and submit them for Fellowship.

As former President Bill Kort put it, ''Membership recruitment is vital to keep up with attrition and some moderate growth, but we must not get too preoccupied with numbers at the expense of quality. We can give a colleague no greater compliment than to invite him or her to become a Fellow of the PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY.''

Following through on President Winspear's international initiative, I plan during my tenure to expand the concept of Mentorship to our Fellows globally. I feel that where there are dental education institutions and dental practitioners, the potential for mentorship exists. As with Fellowship recruitment, mentorship can be a form of passing the baton.

Please be assured that your Management Team and I, along with our Board of Trustees, will continue to work to make the PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY all it can be.

James A. Englander

Wisconsin Track Star Still Running

President James Englander and First Lady Carole have just returned from attending the Mexico Section last October and are now preparing to visit the Ecuador and Peru sections this December. Thankfully, Jim and Carole are seasoned travelers and well accustomed to all the efforts in traveling long distances to make the "Academy all it can be."

Australian Hall of Fame

It may have been the first day of winter Down Under, but for the large group of people who attended the ceremony to induct Dr. P. Raymond Begg into the Pierre Fauchard International Hall of Fame, there was a warm feeling of pride in the exceptional achievements of their famous Adelaide orthodontist. The Induction formally recognized Dr. Begg's life and profound contributions to dentistry over a professional career spanning nearly 60 years of innovation that revolutionized the practice of orthodontics worldwide. Although his birth was in a tent on the Coolgardie gold fields in 1898, Percy Raymond Begg studied dentistry in Melbourne and gained his orthodontic training at the renowned Edward H. Angle College of Orthodontics in Pasadena, California, in 1924-25. He then returned to Adelaide, where he taught orthodontics until his retirement from the University of Adelaide Dental School in 1964. However, he did not retire from private orthodontic practice until 1980, and had been in huge demand on the international scene to teach his philosophy and treatment technique. The revolutionary nature of Dr. Begg's approach to orthodontic practice had an enormous transforming effect that continues to impact contemporary orthodontic systems today. With the indefatigable support of local colleagues, such as Milton Simms and Geoffrey Brown, the Begg Appliance and unique treatment approach placed Adelaide firmly on the world stage.

The Hall of Fame Induction is highly significant in that Dr. Begg is the first Australian of only 17 historically famous dentists to be so honored by the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Dr. Begg had also been internationally recognized with the Wall of Fame Induction in Paris, France, at the worldwide site of the international venue for the Hall of Fame.

Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761) is recognized as the Father of Modern Dentistry who raised the art and practice of dental procedures to a dignified profession within the medical and health sciences. It is within his museum in the national headquarters of the Conseil National de l' Ordre des Chirurgien Dentistes that the International Hall of Fame was established.

Plaques commemorating the induction were presented by the International PFA President, Dr. William Winspear, to Dr. Begg's daughter Mrs. Diana Coates and Lt. General John Coates, as well as to Professor Johann de Vries, Dean of the School of Dentistry, and to ProfessorWayne Sampson, inaugural P.R. Begg Chair of Orthodontics. Other guests included the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Adelaide Michael Harbison and the Lady Mayoress Kate Harbison; MalcolmBegg, Sr. and Malcolm Begg, Jr.; Chief Executive Officer of the South Australian Dental Service Dr. Martin Dooland; Mrs. Helen Sims; and Oceania representative for theWorld Federation of Orthodontists Dr. IanWatson. The Pierre Fauchard Academy was represented by International Trustee Jonathan Rogers, Australasia Section President Mark Sinclair, and South Australian Trustee Rick Sawers.

A memorable evening with many highlights was had by all, including a superb presentation by Dr. John Jenner, who spoke with the knowledge and affection of having worked with Dr. Begg in the latter years of his practicing life. Although Dr. Begg died in January 1983, his influence on dentistry has been so profound that he has continued to receive honors of great significance, such as inclusion as the only dentist among the 200 most influential Australians during the Australian Bi-centennial celebrations in 1988 and the Powerhouse Museum's listing in 2001 of the 100 Australian landmark innovations for the 20th Century.

Australian Dental Leader Passes Away

On September 24, Brigadier A. Gordon Rowell, past PFA International Trustee, and Elmer Best Award recipient, passed away after a protracted illness. International President William Winspear of Australia had just honored Dr. Rowell with the PFA President's Award at the annual PFA International Awards Banquet held during the Annual Meeting of the American Dental Association.

India Hall of Fame Inauguration

The Dr. R. Ahmed Hall of Fame Inauguration

by Dr. T. Samraj in India

PFA President William Winspear was met with a throng of well-wishers upon his arrival at New Delhi's office of the Dental Council of India (DCI).

That morning President William Winspear inaugurated a National Workshop on Accreditation of Continuing Dental Education that was organized jointly by the Dental Council of India, the Indian Dental Association, the Government of India, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

President Winspear unveiled the portrait of Dr. R. Ahmed inside the Dr. R. Ahmed Hall of the Dental Council of India in New Delhi on September 11th. President Winspear also presented the PFA Student Scholarship Award to recipient Rajiv Kumar Kain, a II BDS student from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences in New Delhi.

India Chief Editor Dr. V. P. Jalili and Scientific Editor Dr. S. S. Sidhu distributed their latest issue of the India Section Journal of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The function was attended by 200 Delegates from PFA and from the Dental Council of India. High Tea was served to all Delegates.

In the evening, a Grand Gala Dinner was organized wherein 300 Delegates from PFA, IDA, and DCI participated to enjoy the PFA International President's first visit to the PFA India Section. Chairman Dr. Anil Kohli, Members of the Senate, and PFA Fellows expressed their gratitude for permitting this honor and opportunity. Chair Dr. Anil Kohli is also President of the Dental Council of India. Also attending were President M. C. Mohan of the India Dental Association, Vivek Rae, the Principal Secretary of Health for India, Secretary P. N. Awashti of the Indian Dental Council and the Ministry of Health for India.

President Winspear gave great commendations to the India Section and expressed his gratitude for being so honored to install India's great Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed into the PFA International Hall of Fame. "I am overwhelmed by my trip to New Delhi. I have been treated like a god. The Academy is very revered over here, and the ceremonies here placed PFA at the forefront of dentistry in India. Everyone has been exceedingly friendly and very complimentary," reported President Winspear.

The 2008 Officers are Dr. Ashima Valiathan, Director of Post Graduate Studies at College of Dental Surgery in Manipal, who will serve as the new Section Chair. Dr. T. Samraj will continue as the Section's Secretary/Treasurer.

Brazilian PFA Gala

Trustee Ernesto and Laura Acuna with Ruth and Norbert Montheil, Argentina Chair

International Trustee for Region 7, Latin America's Ernesto Acuna, has undertaken an extremely ambitious event called South of the Border to revitalize the PFA image in Latin America. Dr. Acuna wishes to host one International PFA Induction Ceremony to be held at the 26th International Dental Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on January 25- 29, 2008. Previous attendance figures for this Congress were 46,505 professionals. Dr. Raphael Baldacci, International Director of the International Dental Congress, met with Dr. Acuna and PFA Secretary General Richard Kozal last February at the Chicago MidWinter Meeting to discuss possible arrangements. Dr. Acuna met again with Dr. Baldacci last June in Mexico City to conclude their agenda of activities. The arrangements are (1) gratis registration for all PFA attendants; (2) gratis hotel rooms for all PFA Region 7 Section Chairs, the PFA International President, Secretary General, and International Trustee Ernesto Acuna, and (3) gratis Meeting Rooms for the PFA Sessions.

The preliminary program for the Latin American Academic Meeting will be arrival on January 24, 2008; Congress Registration and Opening Ceremony on Friday, January 25; the PFA Scientific Program on Saturday, January 26; Congress attendance on Sunday, January 27; the Latin American Chairman Section Workshop on Monday, January 28, along with the Latin American Induction Ceremony and Gala Dinner; and the Congress meeting and closing ceremony on Tuesday, January 29.

Gold Medals and Annual Awards

The PFA Banquet was sold out, with people attending from all over the world in anticipation of the ceremonies. Foundation President and past PFA President M. David Campbell gave the Invocation, followed by our President William Winspear nervously making the introduction of the dignitaries, which seemed to be about everyone in attendance.


Vice President Charles Eller was the spokesman for the Awards Committee and he called forward the honorees with their citations as printed in the Luncheon Program.

Dr. Richard E. Bradley was honored by our outgoing President William Winspear with the 71st PFA Gold Medal, the highest award given to a professional from the United States. This prestigious PFA award went to a very deserving individual whose entire life exhibits the very qualities that PFA embodies and teaches. A Navy veteran and a dental graduate from the University of Nebraska, he teaches both there and at Creighton University, eventually becoming Dean at the University of Nebraska's College of Dentistry. He was also President and Dean of Baylor University's College of Dentistry, remaining there until his retirement in 1990. Among his many honors and levels of service, he has served as ACD President.

Dr. Patrick J. Henry of Australia was honored with the Elmer S. Best Memorial Award, the highest award given to a professional from outside the United States. Dr. Henry is an honor dental graduate from the University ofWestern Australia, did his graduate work at the University of Indiana, and was a research Fellow at the University of Chicago with visiting Professor status at the University of Michigan. He founded the Perth Osseointegration Training Centre, then branched out with similar clinics in the Southeast Asia Training Centre and the Australasia Regional Training Centre, teaching other professionals the art of implantology, as well as congenital defects. He has earned many awards internationally for his efforts.

Founder and first Chairman of the PFA Hall of Fame, Dr. Joseph P. Cappuccio, past ADA President, was honored with the PFA Distinguished Service Award. Many fond memories of working with the dynamic Dr. Cappuccio were present from the PFA Officers that had worked with him in PFA. Dr. Cappuccio's stellar career would require a tome to describe having done it all in his life. Even in our banquet program it took 3 pages just to hit a few highlights. His impact on dentistry has been as effective as his impact on PFA over the years.

The Dental Trade and Industry Award was presented to Tim Sullivan of the prestigious Sullivan-Schein Dental firm. Mr. Sullivan is President of Sullivan-Schein Dental, the U.S. dental division of Henry Schein, Inc. He is a CPA and active in numerous professional associations. He has earned his degrees at the University of Wisconsin. Sullivan-Schein is a Fortune 500 company and is the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners in the North American and European markets in some 200 countries marketing some 170,000 products. Their headquarters in Melville, New York employs 12,000 people operating in 19 countries.

The Presidential Awards, selected by the PFA President and reported in advance went to past PFA President (1978) and former Editor Clifford Loader, posthumously, were accepted by his sons, Cliff Jr. and Jeff. Dr. Loader was, in essence, the driving force behind PFA becoming a recognized international honor organization. Dr. Loader served as ADI President, as well as PFA President in 1978 and as Editor for the PFA publication. He was the 1990 PFA Gold Medal recipient. A U.S. Army veteran during WWII serving in the Pacific as a Major, he earned two Bronze Stars for his service and a Presidential Unit Citation. He was Mayor of Delano, California for 14 years, President of the League of California Cities, Founder of the Valley National Bank of Delano, Director-emeritus of the American National Bank, Charter President of the Delano Kiwanis Club, and Honorary Member of the Delano Rotary Club. A man of such dynamic capacity, Dr. Loder has earned a houseful of awards and honors during his illustrious career from leaders and organizations from around the world. In particular, his friendship with Dr. Brenes-Espinach of Costa Rica was a major reason that Dr. Espinach left his fortune to the PFA Foundation, which has allowed the tremendous service to international dentistry today. Unfortunately God called Dr. Loader home in 1996 to reorganize heaven, and we miss his leadership today. His sons received the award at the banquet with heartfelt thanks.

The second award went to PresidentWinspear's dear Australian mentor, and the first Australian PFA International Trustee, A. Gordon Rowell, who unbeknownst to the crowd, had died in Australia the day before. Brigadier General Rowell was the Director of the Dental Services for the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps until he retired in 1981. He was an Elmer Best Award recipient in 1985. The University of Sydney had honored him with an Honourary Degree of Dental Science as the most distinguished member of the dental profession in Australian history. He was past ICD President, past President of the Australian Dental Association, an ADI Honourary Fellow, Founder and first President of the Australian College of Dental Surgeons, ACD Honourary Fellow, and Honourary Life Fellow of PFA.

Then in a surprise move that has so hallmarked President Winspear's tenure, he awarded a third Presidential Award to our long-serving Secretary General, Richard A. Kozal. Dr. Kozalwas appointed to the position of Secretary/Treasurer in the 1980s.He reorganized the position that has helped PFA through the formative years into aworld-recognized top honor dental organization. Dr.Kozal had served as ADAVice President, President of the ChicagoDental Society, ICDRegent of District 8, ACDFellow, and ADI Fellow.Hewas offered a similar positionwithADI, but chose PFA instead. His quiet, oftenunheralded service is too often takenfor granted. But Richard and his wife Judith are the wheels that make PFA move forward into the 21st Century.

Retiring PFA Trustees were recognized for their service on the Academy Board. Plaques went to Dr. Jonathan P.H. Rogers, International Trustee for Australasia, and to Dr. Steve Hedlund, International Trustee for Region 10, the U.S. Midwest.

Foundation Vice President Larry Barrett then presented the Foundation's Shira Awards to donors contributing over $1000 to the Foundation's fundraising effort. Receiving Shira Certificates were President James A. Englander, Editor James Brophy, International Trustee Mamoru Sakuda, Robin O'Sullivan, Rory E. Mortina, the Japan Section, the Canadian Section, and Den Mat Corporation.

The large Philippine Delegation then took the floor and presented the PFA Officers with their Section's ''Sashes of Many Colors'' that they use in their New Fellows Induction. Dean Diampo Lim and his contingent were in glee as they decorated the surprised officers.

The Nevada Section's Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. R. Michael Sanders, a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry-New Jersey, with his Master's Degree in Education from Rutgers University.He currently is a Professor at UNLV School of Dental Medicine. He had served on the New Jersey Consortium on Physician and Dentist Training in Health Care to Persons with Developmental Disabilities for the New Jersey Health Department. He serves on many Nevada committees to improve dental health in his state. He is a Fellow in PFA, ICD (Regent), and ACD.

New Fellows installed for the Northern California Section were Drs. Stephen John, Sean Mong, Ariane Terlet, James McNerney, and Lindsey Robinson. Our Secretary General, President, and International Trustee Dan Castagna handled the ceremony.

Following that event our new 2007-2008 PFA Officers were installed with James A. Englander of Wisconsin becoming President; CharlesG. Eller of Southern California becoming President-elect; Steve Hedlund of Iowa becoming Vice President. William Winspear automatically becomes the immediate past President with defined Constitutional duties.

Newly installed President James A. Englander addressed the luncheon attendants, saying, ''We have had another great PFA Annual Meeting! Bill Winspear will be a tough act to follow, but with your help and support, I know the Academy will continue to grow and flourish in the coming year. Fellowship recruitment and retention, as well as mentoring our younger colleagues, will be at the top of my agenda. As we discussed at our recent meetings, the success of any organization depends on fresh ideas and enthusiasm, generated by its younger members. Let us continue to encourage our dental students and young practitioners globally to become active in their profession and their communities in order to meet the criteria for Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy.''

Outgoing PresidentWilliam Winspear was at a rare loss for words, as the emotion of his year of service and their memories cameto himas he expressed his gratitudefor having the unique opportunity to serve as PFA's first truly International President.

Section News

The staff and management of Dental World most sincerely apologizes to all who were offended by a misuse of an adjective in the Bahrain news item in the September issue of Dental World.

Trustee Barry Dolman presents Canada's donation to Foundation President David Campbell

Canada's International Trustee Barry Dolman reports their five Sections are doing well, with British Columbia's Chair Bruce Ward having 53 Fellows; Western Canada's Chair Tom Breneman having 90 Fellows; Ontario's Chair Aldo Boccia having 205 members; Quebec's Chair Sam Sgro having 59 Fellows; and the Atlantic Canada Section's Chair Alfredo Dean having 63 members.

Their special Awards and Installation Breakfast was held in Jasper, Alberta to honor Dr. Gordon Thompson for his distinguished service to our profession. Canadian Dental Association President Dr. Darryl Smith gave the Invocation. PFA President-elect James Englander gave greetings. Some 97 people attended to witness 28 new Fellows being inducted into membership: Drs. Yves Ayotte, Mel Schwartz, Harry Rosen, Michael J. Taillon, William T. Underwood, Darryl R. Smith, Danielle Jobb, Maureen D. Lefebvre, Christopher J. Cottick, Walter Nider, Cliff Swanlund, Robert Thompson, Larry Hodinsky, Monique Fitch, Stephen Fitch, Robert Greenbaum, Earl Haltrecht, Ken Hershenfield, Peter Lamantia, Lionel Lenkinski, Shayne Lipton, Sharon Perlmutter, Timothy Milligan, Blake Nicolucci, Sandra Nicolucci, Bill Redman, Lesley Williams, and Bernie Legatto.

Students receiving PFA Foundation Scholarships were honored. They were Michael Sorek of McGill University, Matt Gilchrist of Dalhousie University, Emma Jakmakjian of the University of Montreal, Darya Debiri of the University of British Columbia, Jasminka Korcok of Western Ontario, Landon Pincombe, Carmen Rebuka of the University of Saskatoon, Dorothee Packwood, Genevieve Gaumond, Audrey-Anne Roy of the University of Laval, Sean Robertson of the University of Toronto, and Xietaoi Xie of the University of Manitoba.

Laura Acuna with Chair Pabla Barrientos

Section Chair Pabla Barrientos, who attended the PFA Meetings in San Francisco, reported holding their Initiation Ceremony last May to induct new Fellows Drs. Rodrigo Gil and Guillermo Durruty into membership, with the assistance of International Trustee Ernesto Acuna. The Section Committee of Drs. Dario Cabrera, Ana Maria Latorre, and German Liorens made the arrangements. Dr. Alejandro Cekalovic was honored with their Distinguished Dentist Award of the Year.

Professor Djukanovic inducts Dean Katalin Nagy into Fellowship

Professor Dragoslav Djukanovic, Serbia Section Chair, initiated Dr. Katalin Nagy last July into PFA Fellowship. The presentation of the Membership Certificate was held at the University of Szeged. Dr. Nagy is Dean of the University of Szeged Faculty of Dentistry in Szeged, Hungary. Dean Nagy is the first Hungarian Fellow.


Their annual Section Dinner Meeting was held last September in Lodz. Professor Stefan Wloch was elected the Chairperson of the meeting, whose agenda included presenting the PFA Senior Student Award to Anna Ostrowska of Warsaw by Section Chair Professor Eugeniusz Spiechowicz and Dean of Stomatology Faculty of Medical University of Warsaw Professor Renata Gorska. New Fellowship Certificates were presented to Professors Leszek Kryst and Zdzislaw Bereznowski. Supporting Members Dariusz Kalinowski and Mariusz Sadowski from the AMADAR Company were recognized as well. Prospective new members Drs. Malgorzata Radwan-Oczko and Andrzej Baszkowski were unanimously accepted for Fellowship.

New Section Officers were elected: Professor Eugeniusz Spiechowicz was re-elected for Chairperson; Professor Elzbieta Mierzwinska-Nastalska was selected for Vice Chairperson; Zbigniew Klimek was elected Secretary; Zdzislaw Malenczyk was selected for Treasurer; and Members were Professor Jadwiga Banach and Professor Zbigniew Janczuk.

Professor Marek Zietek, President of the Polish Stomatological Association, delivered a paper entitled, ''Assignments, Role and Activity of the Polish Stomatological Association, presently and in the future.''

L-R, European Trustee Hubert Ouvrard, UK Chair Rash Patel, President Winspear, and Editor Brophy

Last July President Winspear attended the Section Dinner Meeting at Guy Hospital in London. He was quite pleased to meet so many of the UK Fellows. Fellow Brian Lux filed a report of the affair with a lengthy story in the August issue of British Dental Practice, particularly covering the controversial address so well given by former Section Chair Dr. Raj Ryan Rajan.

Northern California Chair Dan Castagna, President Winspear, and faculty award recipients
California, Northern Section

Trustee Dan Castagna also serves as the Section's Chair. Their Secretary/Treasurer is Stafford Duhn, and serving on their Fellowship and Award Selection Committee are Fellows Charles Bertolami, John Featherstone, Patrick Ferrilo, and Eddie Hayshida.

This year's Faculty Recognition Awards went to Dr. James LaBarre of UOP and Dr. Susan Lee of UCSF. Their Faculty Development Grants were awarded to Dr. Gurminder Sidhu of UOP and Dr. Sam Huang of UCSF. Their Faculty Student Scholarship Award were presented to UOP's Dr. Kevin Deutsch and UCSF's Dr. Jung Park. The Senior Student Award for UOP went to Dr. Alexis Tessler, and for UCSF to Dr. Tiffany Chin. The Foundation Scholarships went to Dr. Tyler Nelson of UOP and to Brian Carr of UCSF.

Colorado Dental Association President Jeanne M. Salcetti

Colorado PFA Fellow Jeanne M. Salcetti has been selected as the first woman President in the 121-year-old Colorado Dental Association. Dr. Salcetti is a periodontist in private practice in Colorado Springs. She earned her dental degree from the University of Maryland in 1991, and served there for 6 years as a faculty member before attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, earning her Certifi- cate in Periodontics and a Master's in dentistry. She is a Fellow in PFA, ICD, and ACD.


Their 5th Annual Leadership Conference and Convocation was held last February at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro. PFA President William Winspear kicked off the event by visiting the Fellows participating in the ''Give Kids a Smile'' Day Program. New Fellow Mark Shurett once again donated the use of four dental vans, supplies, and staff support for eight dentists and five senior dental students from the Medical College of Georgia to use at two elementary schools near our conference. A total of 157 children had exams, cleanings, x-rays, and many fillings, sealants, and extractions.

Dr. Winspear joined International Trustee Karyn Stockwell and Section Chairs Harrington of Georgia, Gary Herbeck of Florida, and Gaffos of South Carolina for a Regional Section Caucus Meeting Friday afternoon.

Friday evening ended with a welcoming dinner and wine tasting at the home of Fellow John Dooley.

Saturday started with a half-day dynamic nutrition update course given by Dr. Warren Karp, followed by an afternoon of golfing, relaxing, rejuvenating at the spa, or participating in their annual Shotgun Shoot at a local gun club.

At a cocktail reception, 18 new Fellows were inducted into membership: Drs. Bradley O. Adams, John S. Blalock, R. David Bradberry, Richard C. Callan, C. Celeste Coggin, Wade Diab, Bruce Edlestein, Henry Goble, Christopher Harman, Rhea Haugseth, James D. Jordan, Michael L. Meyers, Robert J. O'Donnell, Grady W. Parrish, James A. Roos, Mark Shurett, Deena H. Smith, and Richard A. Sugarman. This was followed by their black-tie dinner with some 100 attendees. Their Section's Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Medical College of Georgia junior faculty member Dr. Richard Callan. Their Distinguished Dentist Award was presented to Dr. Connie Drisko, Dean of the Medical College of Georgia.

Their Business Meeting Breakfast Sunday morning installed new Section Chair John F. ''Jay'' Harrington, Jr. Two PFA District Chairs were also installed with Dr. Shirley Fisher of Warner Robins, who takes over the seat vacated by Dr. Harrington in the Central District, and Dr. Robin Reich of Smyrna, who replaces Dr. Kent Percy, finishing his second 3-year term as Northwestern District Chair. Dr. Kent Percy begins his term as Vice President of the Georgia Dental Association.

International Trustee Karyn wishes to thank her Section District Chairs Drs. Kent Percy, GDA Vice President, Jay Harrington the new Section Chair, Lou Ann Best, John Vollenwieder, Larry Miller, Jim Reynierson, and Joe Dufresne.

The 6th Annual Conference will be held on February 1 - 3, 2008, at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation at Lake Oconee.

Last July, the Georgia PFA Section hosted a joint Breakfast with ACD and ICD at the GDA Annual Meeting in Sandestin, Florida. Fellow John Ferguson gave the keynote address. Chair Harrington presented a Service Plaque to Trustee Karyn Stockwell. Fellow Donna Moses was installed as GDA President, and Fellow Mark Ritz was installed as GDA President-elect.

Sadly, the passing of Fellow John F. Freihaut last July is reported. He was active in organized dentistry, most recently serving on the Board of Directors of the ADA's Political Action Committee. He was GDA President from 2001 to 2002.


Iowa PFA Chair C. Frederick Fuller notes that their annual Section Luncheon will be held on Friday, October 26th at the University of Iowa Athletic Club at 12:45 P.M. The cost is $15. Past PFA President Larry Barrett has arranged for the new Hawkeyes Assistant Basketball Coach Walker to be their guest speaker.

The Spring Dinner with ICD and ACD, held during the annual Iowa State Dental Meeting, honored Dr. Kathy Kell of Davenport, a PFA Fellow, with the PFA Iowa Dentist of the Year Award. Dr. Marcela Hernandez of the University of Iowa was presented the PFA McLaren/Montgomery Award. Dr. Kecia Leary was inducted into membership. Derek Borgwardt, a junior dental student, was recognized as recipient of the Foundation Scholarship Award.

Their Section has begun participation in the freshman dental students' inaugural ''White Coat Ceremony,'' at which the freshmen receive their lab coats, followed by a reception for the students, their spouses, and families.

Dean-emeritus Arthus A. Dugoni

UOP Dean-emeritus Arthur A. Dugoni, a PFA Fellow, was awarded the first LSU Honorary Degree of Dental Surgery last May during the 133rd Commencement Ceremony for LSU's Health Sciences Center. Dr. Dugoni delivered the Commencement address to some 5,700 guests and graduates of medicine, dentistry, nursing, dental hygiene, public health, physical therapy and graduate studies. LSU Dean Eric Hovland remarked that Dean Dugoni is one of the most respected figures in the dental profession. Although Dr. Dugoni has concluded his active deanship, he continues as Professor of Orthodontics and Senior Executive for Development.

New York

The NYS Dental Association honored UOP Deanemeritus Arthur A. Dugoni, a PFA Fellow, with their prestigious Jarvie-Burkhart Award, the organization's highest tribute. Dr. Dugoni accepted the honor on October 12th at Manhattan's St. Regis Hotel during the New York State Dental Foundation Awards Luncheon.

Dr. Dugoni has been a dental visionary. He is honorary chair of Dental Education: Our Legacy--Our Future--an ADA and ADA Foundation effort to raise awareness of the challenges facing dental education in theUnited States, and to promote a culture of philanthropy within dentistry to address these issues.

The Jarvie-Burkhart Award was established in 1905 and named after former New York State Dental Association pioneer leaders, Drs. William Jarvie and Harvey Burkhart. The NYSDA represents more than 13,000 New York dentists.


Past PFA President Nicholas Saccone was recipient of the prestigious Frank J. O'Hara Alumni Award from the University of Scranton last June at Brennan Hall. Dr. Saccone had received his undergraduate degree from the University of Scranton before earning his dental degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Saccone had also served as Vice Chairman on the University of Scranton's Board of Trustees, on the University Council, on the University Board of Regents, as President of the Purple Club, and on the Scranton National Alumni Society Board. Dr. Saccone received the university honors of a 1991 honorary degree, the Purple Heart Outstanding Service Award, and the Alumni Achievement Award. A Presidential Scholarship is also named in his honor.

Dr. Saccone also has earned special recognition awards from the Pennsylvania Dental Association (1991), the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Scranton Area Foundation.

Frank O'Hara was one of the first graduates of the University of Scranton (1925) and became the school Registrar for 32 years and Director for Alumni Relations until his death in 1977. This award, Scranton's highest, is named in his honor and presented to distinguished alumni who have exhibited sustained achievement in their field of service.

Rhode Island

Trustee Richard Walsh reports holding their Annual Meeting and Induction Ceremony last May in Warwick. Dr. Jean Arthur of Barrington was initiated into Fellowship by past PFA President Howard Mark. Dr. Mark praised her dedication to the dental treatment of indigent Rhode Island residents.

Dr. Marty Nager of East Greenwich was awarded the PFA Section's Distinguished Service Certificate for his devotion to the dental profession, his energy and enthusiasm in leadership positions in the Rhode Island Dental Association, and for his dedication in providing treatment at the Crossroads Rhode Island Dental Clinic. Over 40 PFA fellows were in attendance.

PFA Fellow Roger Turkel of North Kingstown was installed as the Rhode Island Dental Association President, succeeding PFA Fellow Craig Van Dongen.

Fellow Nick Barone of North Providence received the James Kershaw Award from RIDA for his meritorious service to the Association.

The PFA Rhode Island Section continues to be active in service projects, most notably an anti-smokeless tobacco campaign.


Chair Roger Marcias held their PFA Breakfast last May in San Antonio to induct new Fellows Drs. Matt Roberts, David White, and Janis Rollow.

Past President of the Texas Dental Association, Tommy Harrison, gave testimony on Dr. H.M. ''Mit'' Sorrels, who was the recipient of the Section's Distinguished Dentist of the Year Award. Mit was not able to be present due to ill health and travel issues, so the Award was presented "in absentia," but will be done formally at their Houston Meeting.


Our condolences to the family of Past President Gary Lowder whose father passed away last October after a lingering illness of congestive heart disease and pulmonary fibrosis. He had served in the Pacific Theater of Operations in the Navy during WWII.

Washington State

Chair Barry Feder held their Induction Ceremony at their Annual Section Meeting to initiate seven new Fellows: Drs. John Hendrickson of Clarkston, Robin Hendrickson of Clarkston, Todd Irwin of Port Angeles, Sherwin Shinn of Issaquah, John Liu of Issaquah, Rob Merrill of EastWenatchee, and Laura Williams of East Wenatchee. The Executive Director of theWashington State Dental Association, Steve Hardymon of Redmond, was inducted as an Honorary Member.

PFA President-elect Charles Eller and International Trustee Dan Castagna assisted. Over 100 Fellows and guests attended last July.

Dr. Stephen received the PFA Fourth Year Student Award. The PFA Student Scholarship Award was presented to dental student Garrett Yamaguichi. Chair Barry Feder also announced the first Washington State Foundation Grants awarded to International Smile Power Foundation, founded by Dr. Sherwin Shinn as a nonprofit organization providing oral health care and disease prevention to the underserved people of the world, and to Smiles Forever of Washington State, another nonprofit group providing dental and dental hygiene services to indigenous populations in South America.

Many other dignitaries in attendance were Senior Vice President for ODS Companies, and Chair of NORDIC and past ADA President Bill TenPas, PFA President-elect Charles Eller, International Trustee Dan Castagna, 11th District ADPAC Director Doug Walsh, ADPAC President Jeff Parrish, Oregon Dental Association President Sean Benson, current 11th District Trustees Mike Biermann, Vic Berry, and Mary Krempasky Smith, former ADA Trustee Perry Tuneberg, former ADA 2nd V.P. Terry Grubb, Washington State Dental Association President Rhonda Savage, Alliance of the ADA President Sharen Grubb, Academy of General Dentistry Secretary Linda Edgar, and CODA Commissioner Bryan Edgar.


Fellow L. Thomas Johnson, adjunct Professor at Marquette University's School of Dentistry, was involved in establishing a scientific basis that no two sets of human bites are alike.While this has been assumed, there has been no scientific study to prove this assumption. So Professors Johnson and Thomas Radmer have created a database to prove it.

Bite mark identification first surfaced in the courts in 1870 but did not gain legal credibility until 1954, and then it was a matter of identifying the bite with the accused. This study attempts to rule out other existing possibilities. Their work was reported by the August 6th issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A Foundation Message

From the desk of President M. David Campbell

A little Mexican girl had a wide open cleft lip and palate with the ensuing emotional trauma that goes with it. She needed surgery. Her family traveled several days by bus to get to a clinic that could help her. That clinic was operated by a team of U.S. dentists called ''A Thousand Smiles Foundation.'' Her treatment was successful, as were many others. These children's lives were changed dramatically because of our profession. These services were provided free of charge by volunteers who donate their services to those needy children. The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy funded a grant to help keep this clinic in operation.

We also fund a grant for a clinic in Georgia that does incredible service for the uninsured and homeless, using 60 dentists and 12 hygienists with no fee for service at any time. In West Virginia, there is a dental clinic for the poor, low-income, and uninsured population where all the dentists are volunteers. It is comforting to know our profession is providing dental care at no cost to patients and has done so for many years. These are just a few of the grants which the Foundation has helped with financial support. I know you are pleased and proud of the positive financial impact on the dentally indigent of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Our Foundation financially supports these service projects along with others. In fact we funded $225,600 worth of grants this year, along with the $113,500 that went to fund dental scholarships throughout the world. Our total giving in 2007 was $339,160.

If you would like further information about the activities and opportunities of the Academy and the Foundation please visit our web site at We hope 2008 will bring us an ever grater opportunity to help!

Foundation Fundraising

Our Foundation Fund-Raising Drive Goes On

Vice President C.F. Larry Barrett

For your generosity during our last solicitation for funds, we give our heartfelt thanks. In preamble we outlined the Foundation's financial situation, which has begun to restrict the income that the Foundation may use for scholarships and international grants. Owing to current economics, a $1500 dental school scholarship does not go very far any more, nor does a grant's funds stretch to cover all the services to which we all would like to contribute. The only solution is to increase the invested principal to generate more interest to grant away the income. The alternative is simply to approve fewer grants and make less of an impact on the world's dental needs.

As global leaders of the world's dental profession, we have a certain responsibility to attend to the dire dental needs suffered on our planet. If not our Fellows, then who should do this? Not only do we make these international grants to aid existing groups in the field of dentistry, but we encourage our Sections around the world to initiate local programs as well.

The Foundation has provided several opportunities to contribute money that serve individual needs. (1) A straight tax-deductible offering; (2) Naming a scholarship after yourself or another at your favorite alma mater; (3) Achieving a Robert Shira Fellowship Award for every $1000 contributed; (4) A Legacy Program to continue your charity through a will-directed program; (5) Corporate donations, like Den-Mat has done; and (6) Contributions made in funds, stocks, bonds, or real property. For questions regarding the various means of advancing the Foundation's ability to work on the world's dental needs, contact Foundation Treasurer William Kort at 6 Brighton Lane, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60523, or e-mail

The following Fellows have been honored by achieving Robert Shira Fellowship status:

Three additional scholarships have been awarded at the University of Iowa School of Dentistry in the name of James M. Brophy, Sr. For a $1000 contribution you can establish your scholarship at your school and let the Foundation do the work arranging it. Your scholarship is reported annually in the dental school's honor day program.

The generous contributors from last year's solicitation are:

Donald J. Arima • Dr. James C. Barker, Jr. • C.F. Larry Barrett • Troy D. Bartels • Dr. William Lee Beasley • Norman Becker • Dr. A. Milton Bell • Robert J. Benkg, D.D.S. • Vincent D. Benedett, D.D.S. • M. Chritine Benost, D.M.D. • Mark C. Berdahl • N. Kent Berg, D.D.S. • Dr. William A. Billingham • James P. Birong • Dr. Jerry B. Birch • James M. Brophy III • Mr. Alan W. Budenz • Kathleen Burr Dud • Adolph Bushell, D.D.S. • Richard L. Call, D.M.D., M.S. • A.J. Camaraa • John S. Carroccia • Barbara M. Cavicchio, D.D.S. • Dr. W.W. Crites, Jr. • Dr. James E. Cuglewski • Dr. James K. Chen • Dr. Theresa Cheng • Dr. Kenneth W. Cooper • Donald P. Darbro • Mark Desrosiers, D.M.D. • Johann de Vries • Frank A. Dinoia, D.D.S. • Dr. Robert C. Director • Connie Drisko • Clifton O. Dummett • Dr. Huong Lan Duong • David W. Eggleston, D.D.S. • Gregory R. Eissmann, D.D.S. • James A. Englander, D.D.S. • Barry A. Feder, D.D.S. • Dr. Geraldine M. Ferris • Michael Fey, D.D.S., M.S.D. • Dr. Frank L. Frani • Lynn K. Fujimoto • Dr. and Mrs. David J. Fulton • Mark A. George, D.D.S. • Dr. Robert B. Gerber • Sam Ghareeb • Dr. Robert T Golia • Michael M. Gooding, D.M.D. • Dr. Peter G. Gordon • Barry G. Graham - in memory of Marvin M. Graham, D.D.S. • Dr. Barry Lee Green • Larry B. Grillo, D.D.S. • James Gusta • Eugene A. Haasch • Michael B. Hagearty • Dr. Joseph F. Hagenbruch • Kenneth M. Haggerty, D.D.S. • Lynne Halik, D.D.S. • John J. Houck, D.D.S. • Dan W. Haney, D.D.S. • Dr. S.N. Harris • Dr. Patrick G. Heavey • Steven K. Hedlund • Dr. Steven K. Hedlund • Dr. Wayne W. Herman • George Higue • Neil Hiltunen • Dr. Robert C. Hinkle • Robert M. Hinkle, D.D.S. • Dr. James F. Hoag • Dr. Jack Hudson • Scott Jackes • Scott and Marsha Jakcs • Gary Jacobora • James T. Jarosz • Krista M. Jones • Dr. Lynn A. Jones • Dr. Robert A. Kalina • Eric A. Katkow, D.D.S. • Craig D. Kauffman, D.D.S. • George or Lkikg Kawahara • Robert S. Kingston, D.D.S. • Michael Kirsch • Dr. John Kois • Stephen K. Kurumada • Idalia Lastra, D.M.D. • Ell L. Lee • Gabriela Lee, D.D.S. • Dr. Melvyn M. Leifort • Mary Licking • Jim Long - in memory of Dr. Martin Naimark • Dr. Neil D.Lutins • John Gursten Maier, Jr., D.D.S. • Howard I Mark, D.M.D. • Lawrence E. Mast • Thomas G. McCune • Dr. Stanley W. Mcghere • Seymour Melnick • Frank J. Metzmeirer, D.M.D. • Dr. Benita A. Miller • Larry Miller • Kokichi Miyatake • Dr. John J. Mooney • Thomas H. Morton, Jr. • Pere Harsteri Nadal • Dale A. Nester, D.D.S. • Chan K. Nguten • Lonnie A. Norris • Neil C. Nunokawa, D.D.S. • Daniel L. Orr II, D.D.S., Ph.D., J.D., M.D. - in honor of • Leta M. Orr • Dr. William H. O'Shurak • Barbara R. Pampalone, D.D.S. • Dr. Maitreya Padukone • Jack Robert Parrish, D.D.S. • Robert W. Patten, D.D.S. • Robert D. Pellarin, D.D.S. • Dr. Tim Pieper • Charles Plesofky • Bradley D. Price • Henry J. Proctor, D.D.S. • Douglas R. Rakich • Gorgon H. Rauch • David A. Redding, D.M.D. • Lindsey Robinson, D.D.S. • Julio H. Rodriguez, D.D.S. • Dr. C. Reed Rowan • Melvin L. Rowan • Richard L. Rubin, D.D.S, M.S. • Everett Rushing • Dr. Nicholas D. Saccone • Dr. Clarke Sammartino • Robin Mark Santiago, D.M.D. • Frances G. Sereo, D.M.D., M.S., M.B. • Dr. Noble H. Sevier II • Dr. Alan J. Shapiro • Dr. and Mrs. Barry Setzer • Robert Sharp, D.D.S., M.S.D. • Dr. Charles M. Simons • Dr. Gerald A. Smith • Dr. Robert L Smith, Jr. • Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Snyder • Hugh C. Sobottka, D.D.S., M.S. • David G. Stahl, D.M.D. • Karyn L. Stockwell, D.M.D. • Murray D. Sykes, D.D.S. • David L. Tagge, D.D.S., M.S.D. • Ted and Jamie Tanabe • Terry T. Tanaka, D.D.S. • W. Fred Thal, D.D.S. • Dr. V. Roger Tibbetts • Dr. Charles Trudgeon • Dr. Raoul C. Vanden Bosche • Dr. Whitam K. Van Meter, Jr. • James P. Vernette, D.D.S. • James F. Walton III, D.D.S. • Richard I. Weaver • C. Rieger Wood III, D.D.S.Barry A. Turner, D.M.D. • Richard R. Weiss, D.D.S. • Dr. Michael J Whitehouse • Dr. David S. Williams • Dr. Joseph F. Williams • Dr. Wade G. Winker • Marvin R. Winter • Dr. Lorne Wiseman • Dr. Howard R. Woosley • Perry B. Young, D.D.S. • Dr. Bruce E. Yuille • George Zehak

Shira Fellows

C. F. Larry Barrett • James M. Brophy III • Richard A. Call • M. David Campbell • James A. Englander • Fred Halik • Georga Higue • William B. Kort • Richard Kozal • James E. Long • Gary Lowder (pledged) • Carl Lundgren • Rory E. Motina • Daniel L. Orr • Robin O'Sullivan • Michael J. Perpich (pledged) • Nicholas D. Saccone • Kevin Roach • Mamoru Sakuda • Karyn Stockwell • Canadian Section • Japan Section • Den Mat Corporation

And your Foundation thanks you all.

Foundation News


Chair NormBecker reports that the Foundation Scholarship Award was presented to Harvard University School of Medicine student Daniel Cassarella by Harvard's Dr. R. Bruce Donoff.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy Senior Student Award was presented at the 14th Annual Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Senior Awards Dinner last May to student Juliana Haiao-Yin Hsu by the Dean Lonnie Norris.

At the same Awards Dinner, Michael Hull received the Foundation Scholarship.

Dr. Becker also noted that Tufts magazine reported that dental graduate Jose A. Torres was the recipient of the 2006 PFA Foundation Scholarship. Dr. Torres was sophomore and junior year Class President. He also earned the Thomas Hunt Endowed Scholarship Award and the Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Future Scholarship. He hopes to open a practice in San Joaquin Valley.

Our Foundation Scholarship Award to junior Jose A. Torres was written up in the Tufts University Commencement magazine last May, as was the PFA Senior Student Award to Juliana Haiao-Yin Hsu

Columbia University student Gilda Duarte being presented the scholarship award by Dean Ira Lamster, and Assoc. Dean Martin Davis
New York

Columbia University Dean Ira B. Lamster and Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs presented the Foundation Scholarship check to their student, Ms. Gilda Duarte ('08).

As A Gracious Day Closes

President Winspear representing PFA Down Under with ADA President Kathleen Ross

The Brilliant Sun Sets in the West...

As the 2006 PFA Annual Meeting closed, our newly elected President from Australia, William Winspear, was on the move. We hardly had unpacked from Las Vegas when we were packing for New Orleans. So the adventures began that would take our President to nearly every part of the globe. Every event was a special happening and every touch of our President turned to PFA gold. As most of these have already been reported, we catch our breath from these whirlwind spectaculars to report on who this special man is.

Dr. William Winspear is not your typical dentist, as the PFA leadership has discovered. His career has been as impressive as it has been diverse. His administrative talents, his highly developed powers of communication, and his strong commitment to forge new horizons for the dental profession have made him a truly unique individual internationally.

Bill was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, but spent most of his life in Sydney. He attended the North Sydney Boys High School, earning sporting blues recognition for his abilities in swimming and water polo. He then enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Sydney, graduating with his degree of Bachelor of Dental Science in 1972. He entered into private practice but taught at his alma mater for 16 years in the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, and lectured in the Department of Preventative Dentistry. He also gave continuing education courses to dental technicians and to clinical assistants through the State Department of Technical and Further Education.

During this time Bill earned a Master of Dental Surgery in 1978. He returned to full-time study at the University of New SouthWales to earn hisMaster of Health Planning. By 1980 he was admitted to fellowship by examination into the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

By 1982 Dr. Winspear was offered the position of DEPUTY Superintendent of the United Dental Hospital of Sydney, the largest public dental facility in Australia. He also was appointed as the Chief Dental Officer of the State's Department of Health and a Senior Ministerial Advisor, full time in 1987.

He established the State Orthodontic Service and managed legislative changes in the areas of water fluoridation, peer assessment of dental care, and the administration of general anesthesia and intravenous sedation in dental practice. Upon completion of his termas the Chief Dental Officer, Bill traveled to Great Britain where he gained experience in private hospitals and aged care administration and planning.

He returned to Australia in 1992 to accept appointments with the New South Wales Branch of the Australian Dental Association, the Faculty of Dentistry for the University of Sydney, and with the National Health Insurance Commission. He later undertook managerial positions with Medibank Private, Australia's largest private health benefits organization. By 2000 he became a private consultant in health services to State and Federal government departments, corporations, and professional organizations.

Dr. Winspear has maintained a close relationship with the Australian Dental Association and has served on many committees. He was the inaugural Chairman of the New SouthWales Recent Graduates Committee in 1975;Director of the New SouthWalesDentists Sickness and Insurance Company; and Trustee of the Dentists Superannuation Fund. He received the Association's Service medallion in 2004.

In dental affairs, Bill has been Director of the Sydney University Faculty of Dentistry Foundation, President of the New South Wales Branch of the Australian Prosthodontic Society, and member of the Dental Public Health Sub-committee of the National Health and Medical Research Committee. Currently he is Director of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons Foundation. He is a Fellow in PFA, ICD, ADI, and of Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity since 1983.

Dr. Winspear has been a radio and television representative promoting several community-based oral health care programs. He has even taught actors how to portray dentists on TV.

In community activities, Bill has served the Salvation Army (as State Chairman for Dentistry for the Red Shield Appeal); the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Australia's largest center for training of the performing arts for 23 years; and Director of Seaborn, Broughton and Walford Foundation, a charitable organization to benefit the Australian theater.

Serving as the first international PFA President from outside the United States is just one example of Dr. Winspear's dedication to the profession of dentistry. His leadership this year has been fast and furious, trekking all over the globe.

He has earned PFA many new friends with his easy smile and gentle charm. His tact and firmness have returned many old friends to the fold.

On behalf of the membership, Bill, thanks for the memories.


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