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2007.5 September - October


President's Message

From the desk of William J. Winspear

A Fortunate Fellow

In preparing this, my final Message, I have been bombarded with so many happy memories of places I have visited and of the Fellows I have met from all parts of the world; of the unforgettable experiences that will remain with me forever. It is only when you are about to hand over the mantle of office that you truly appreciate how fortunate you have been in representing the Academy as its International President.

Whilst I could readily recount innumerable highlights which I have found to be both awe inspiring and engaging during my term, it is the galaxy of friendships that I will take from this privileged episode in my life. Constantly I have felt profound pride in learning of the selfless dedication of Fellows in their service to their own communities and to those in need; of their strong leadership in the profession and their deep concern for its future. I leave holding no doubt that the vast endeavors and achievements of our fellowship will continue to ensure that the Academy is revered as a leading international honour organization.

The Southern California Section gets it so right when it portrays the Academy as ''Dentistry's Handclasp Around the World'' in its local banner line.

Back in 2004 when I was approached with the proposition of moving into the Vice President's position, there were obvious concerns, bothmy own and others that had to be addressed. I would ultimately become the first President from outside North America in 70 years, and with this scenario, there may arise a number of difficulties, especially in the day-to-day relationship with the Administration of the Academy. Would the tyranny of distance be too great for me to carry out my duties from Australia? I guess some privately questioned whether my Aussie accent would be understood!

Well, I amhappy (and relieved) to report that there have been no ''glitches,'' due mainly to the constant support and guidance I have received from the Academy's Officers and Trustees. They have always been there when I needed their counsel and I thank them for their friendship and practical reinforcement.

The functioning of the Academy is unquestionably a team effort; however, there are several who singularly beg acknowledgment, and to them I dips me lid.

First I recognize Dr. Richard and Judith Kozal whose extensive knowledge, expertise, and good humour were integral to my surviving the demands of the appointment. They were resolute in ensuring my Presidency was as memorable as possible; they were my ''rock'' on which I constantly relied. Also I wish to extol the abilities and devotion of our Editor, Dr. James Brophy, who quietly and fastidiously meets his publication deadlines in order to promote optimal interest in the Academy. I will always be grateful for his steadfast assistance in our recent New Orleans initiative.

Finally I pay tribute to my executive partners: to Immediate Past President Dr. Howard Mark for his valued advice and boundless energy, to Vice President Dr. Charles Eller for his innovative thinking and sense of fun, and to President-Elect Dr. James Englander for simply being the very best deputy a person could ever want. Jimmy Englander will lead the Academy with great distinction and I offer him my hearty congratulations.

To all the Fellows and friends of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, I wish you good fortune and much happiness in years ahead.

William J. Winspear
PFA International President

Annual ADA Session

The Premier PFA Event of the Year

The ultimate Pierre Fauchard Academy experience happened this past September 29-31 in San Francisco during the 148th Annual ADA Session. We were at the San Francisco Marriott, as usual.

The festivities started on Friday, 29 September with the Section Chair Caucus at 8 A.M. in the Sierra Room C, followed by the Academy Annual Board Meeting at 10 A.M. in the Sierra Room B. At noon there was working lunch (PFA-sponsored) with the PFA Board, the Section Chairs, and any PFA member who wished to attend the meetings. At 1:30 P.M. there was an Executive Session (closed) in Sierra Room B. Afterward, at about 2:30 P.M., the Academy Board Meeting reconvened until 5 P.M.

Saturday, 30 September was the highlight day of the PFA events. The Foundation Board Meeting commenced at 7:30 A.M. and ran until 11:30 A.M. in the Sierra Room C. The Board then took a break for the year's top function, the Annual PFA International Awards Banquet (cost) in the Nob Hill Room. This was an opportunity to renew friendships, make new contacts, honor some of the world's leading dental professionals, and welcome the newly elected PFA International Officers for 2007- 2008.

After the luncheon, the Foundation Board Meeting reconvened after the luncheon at 2:30 P.M. until 5 P.M.

The President's Reception (PFA-sponsored) honoring our outstanding International President William Winspear of Australia was held in the Nob Hill Room from 6:30 P.M. until 8 P.M. sharp.

Sunday, 31 September began at 8 A.M. with the Foundation Board Meeting, that ran until noon. Then there was a 1-hour working lunch (PFA-sponsored) between the Foundation and Academy Officers, with the Academy Board then starting their meeting at 1 P.M. until 5 P.M.

At 6:30 P.M., the annual Officers Dinner Party (cost) was held in the Nob Hill Room A to wrap up the Annual PFA Session for 2007. Follow up on the most recent event happenings can be seen at the PFA Web site.

Fellows interested in being brought up-to-date on the activities of the world's premier dental honor fraternity attended this weekend and enjoyed its festivities and informative meetings. And enjoyed a beautiful autumn weekend in San Francisco.

Annual International Awards

The PFA Highlight Event of the Year

71st Annual International Awards Banquet

The International Awards Banquet, the PFA Event of the Year, was held at noon on Saturday, September 30th. On this momentous occasion, professionals traveled from all over the globe to attend, honoring some of our profession's greatest contributors. Following those ceremonies, we installed the new officers for the 2007-2008 year and thanked those who guided us in 2006-2007.

We recalled the great events of 2007, starting with the New Orleans Venture that had our Officers inspecting the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, followed by President Winspear's unveiling of the Oklahoma Dental Association's huge statue of Pierre Fauchard at the OKDA Headquarters, to celebrate their 100th Anniversary. Then our President attended the Southern California Section's annual Meeting, and the Hall of Fame presentations in Paris, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Adelaide, and India directed by past PFA President Kevin Roach. This has been a star-studded year of activity for the Academy, and our Officers are duly proud of what we have achieved.

International Award

This Award was presented to Dr. Richard E. Bradley. Dr. Bradley was born and raised in Nebraska. After serving in the U.S. Navy during WWII, he returned to Nebraska to earn his undergraduate degree from Creighton University and his dental degree from the University of Nebraska School of Dentistry in 1952. He then practiced general dentistry in Omaha until 1956, when he enrolled in the University of Iowa School of Dentistry to earn his periodontics masters' degree. He returned to the University of Nebraska, where he initiated their first postdoctoral periodontic program in 1961 and remained the chairman until 1968, when he became Dean of the Nebraska School of Dentistry. In 1980 Dr. Bradley became President and Dean of the Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas until 1990.

He served on the NIH National Advisory Committees in Washington, D.C. He was elected to the Nebraska Dental Association's Hall of Fame in 1978. Dr. Bradley served as Chairman of the American Association of the Academy of Periodontology Foundation, Treasurer, Vice President, and President of the American College of Dentists, and President of its Foundation.

His numerous awards include Fellowship in ACD, the American Academy of Periodontology with a Special Citation from them, induction into the Baylor College of Dentistry Hall of Fame, Special Citation from PFA, and a Presidential Citation from the American Dental Education Association. Dr. Bradley continues to teach graduate periodontics at the University Of Nebraska.

Elmer S. Best Memorial Award

This Award was presented to Dr. Patrick Henry. Dr. Henry graduated from the University of Western Australia with First Class Honors in dental science in 1960. He then earned his postgraduate degree from the University of Indiana School of Dentistry in 1963 in Crown & Bridge Prosthodontics. In 1966 he was a Research Fellow at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Henry opened a prosthodontic practice in Perth,Western Australia in 1968. But by 1972, he became a Visiting Professor in the Department of Crown & Bridge at the University of Michigan. In 1982 he established the Perth Osseointegration Training Center developing the Branemark Implant System. In 1984 Dr. Henry established a Southeast Asian and Australian Regional Training Center for oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and plastic surgeon teams to provide interdisciplinary training for applied biotechnology as applied to rehabilitation for congenital, traumatic, and postsurgical defects of the face and jaws. The Center was based at the University of Western Australia in conjunction with the Perth Dental Hospital, the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, and the Royal Perth Hospital. Dr. Henry was Director for the Graduated Program in Prosthodontics for the University of Western Australia from 1980 to 1992. Among his many honors, he is an Honorary Member of the Argentine Society of Maxillofacial Surgery in 1994; a recipient of Distinguished Lecturer Awards from the Greater New York Academy of Dentistry in 1998 and from the American College of Prosthodontics in 1999; and has received Honor Awards from the Korean Republic in 2004 and the Thailand Prosthodontic Society in 2005. In 2006 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Dental Science from the University of Western Australia. Dr. Henry has lectured all over the world. He has written or co-authored more than 100 publications.

Dr. Joseph Cappuccio, Trustee-emeritus Pierre Marois, past PFA President Nickolas Saccone

Distinguished Service Award

This Award was presented to Dr. Joseph P. Cappuccio who earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Rhode Island and his dental degree from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery at the University of Maryland in 1946, where he had been Army Battalion Commander for their ASTP Unit. He earned a Fellowship in Oral Surgery there from 1947 to 1948. He was OKU President, President of the Catholic Youth Organization for the Archdiocese of Baltimore (1943-1948), and chaired the Youth Delegation of Americans for the London Youth Conference in 1948, sponsored by the National Welfare Association of England.

Dr. Cappuccio was appointed to the Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery faculty at the Baltimore College of Dentistry in 1950, where he taught full-time for 37 years. In 1978 he studied acupuncture in the Department of Anesthesia at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. In 1987 Dr. Cappuccio was appointed Special Assistant to the Dean for Alumni Affairs in which he served until 1997. He served as President of the Baltimore School of Dentistry Alumni Association (1961-1962) and as Executive Director of the Alumni Association for 20 years.

Among his many recognitions, Dr. Cappuccio received the 1977 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Rhode Island BCDS Alumni Section; their Hall of Fame of Dentistry Award in 1978; the 1975 Distinguished Service Award for the Maryland State Dental Association; 1979 Kentucky Colonel; an Oklahoma Honorary Indian Chief; a 1979 Arkansas Traveler; Honorary Membership in the Virgin Island Dental Society and in the Puerto Rico Dental Association; 1980 Honorary Membership in the American Dental Society of Europe; HonoraryMembership in the Hinman Dental Society of Atlanta; was awarded the Hinman Medallion; and Honorary Membership in the Rhode Island Dental Society.

He was President of the Baltimore Dental Society, the Maryland State Dental Association, the Middle Atlantic Society of Oral Surgeons, the Maryland State Dental Society of Anesthesiologists, ICD's Regent for Maryland, ACD Maryland Chair and Regent (1980-1984), Board member for the American Fund for Dental Health, Trustee for the ADA 4th District (1971-1977), and ADA President (1979). He also served as PFA Maryland Chair, founder of the PFA International Hall of Fame, and was the recipient of the 1980 Maryland Italo American Award, the 1982 Award Medallion from the University of Bologna, the ACD Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. He was a member of the ADA ADPAC (1974-78) and is an Associate Member of the AMA.

Dental Trade & Industry Award

This Award was presented to Tim Sullivan, President of Sullivan-Schein Dental, the U.S. Dental Division of Henry Schein, Inc. which includes 2,200 members of Team Schein. Tim Sullivan served as Vice President of Sullivan-Schein Dental for 7 years when Sullivan Dental Products became part of Henry Schein in 1997. Mr. Sullivan is a CPA who was Chief Financial Officer and President for Sullivan Dental Products. He served on the Board of the Dental Trade Alliance and on the ADA Foundation. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin--Madison.

Sullivan-Schein Dental is the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners in North America and Europe. Henry Schein has been recognized for its excellent customer service and highly competitive prices. It employs 12,000 people operating in 19 countries.

Presidential Award

The outgoing PFA President selects the Award. This year Dr. William Winspear has selected two excellent individuals to receive this award. Brigadier General A. Gordon Rowell was Honorary Dental Surgeon (1963-1974) to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In 1988 the University of Sydney, Australia presented him with an Honorary Degree of Dental Science in recognition for being the most distinguished member of the profession in the history of dentistry in Australia. He is past President of ICD, a past President of the Australian Dental Association, and an Honorary Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International. He is the Founder and first President of the Australian College of Dental Surgeons for the Royal Australia Army Dental Corps until 1981. In 1978 he was made Officer of the Order of Australia. PFA gave him their highest award, the Elmer Best Award, in 1985. General Rowell was an International Trustee of the PFA Board.

During WWII, Dr. Rowell saw service in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands.

He is Master of ICD, ACD Fellow of the ADI, PFA Life Fellow, and Fellow of the Australian College of Dental Surgeons. He has authored many worldwide articles and has been much respected globally for his contributions to the dental profession.

Dr. Cliff F. Loader, posthumously, was selected by President Winspear. Cliff was born in 1916 in London, England, but moved to San Francisco the next year with his family. In 1934 he received his D.M.D. degree from the North Pacific College of Portland, Oregon (now the Oregon Health Sciences University). He established his dental practice in Delano, California in 1940. During WWII he joined the U.S. Army and served in the South Pacific. He earned two Bronze Battle Stars and a Presidential Unit Citation. He was disabled and retired as a Major. He returned to Delano.

Dr. Loader was an individual with high intellect who possessed a multitude of talents and abilities.He was Mayor of Delano for 14 years, President of the League of California Cities, Founder of the Valley National Bank of Delano, Director Emeritus of the American National Bank, Charter President of the Delano Kiwanis Club, and Honorary Member of the Delano Rotary Club. He was President of the Kern County Dental Society, the California State Board of Dental Examiners, the American Association of Dental Examiners, the Academy of Dentistry International and the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

His honors have beennumerous, a few of which were the DelanoMan of the Year, Dentist Citizen of the Year by the American Association of Dental Examiners, Cavaliere with Medal and Rosette by Italian President Leone, the silver Medal by Paris' Mayor Jacques Chirac, the Hillenbrand Award from ADI, and Honorary Membership by the Hawaii Dental Association. The Japan Section of ADI established the Clifford F. Loader Award for Professionalism and Ethical Culture. The ADI named him International Dentist of the Year in 1988. In 1987 he received the PFA Award, and the PFA Gold Medal Award for excellence in 1990 in Boston.

He lived in Bakersfield, California with his wife Rae and his two sons, Chip and Jeff, until his passing in 1996. He was a Fellow in PFA, ICD, ACD, and ADI.

Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award, Nevada PFA Section

Dr. R. Michael Sanders has been selected as the Nevada Section's recipient of their OutstandingDentist of the Year Award. He graduated fromtheNewJersey University of Medicine and Dentistry in 1978 and earned a Master's Degree in education from Rutgers University in 1990. He has taught at the New Jersey Dental School and at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. His interest has been service in the dental public health field, first in New Jersey serving on the Consortiumon Physician and Dentist Training in Health Care to Persons with Developmental Disabilities of theNewJersey State Department of Health. The Governor of New Jersey appointed him to the Oral Health Policy 2000 Committee of the New Jersey State Department of Health. He was the key developer of the dental clinic for severely disabled patients at the Matheny School and Hospital in New Jersey.

Moving to Nevada in 2002, Dr. Sanders served as dental consultant to the Nevada State Oral Health Program. He is cofounder of the Community Coalition for Oral Health in 2002 and has been their Chair for 3 years.

He is a PFA Fellow, an ACD Fellow, and an ICD Fellow. He is currently the ICD Deputy Regent for Southern Nevada. He serves as the Vice Chair of the Access to Care Committee for the Southern Nevada Dental Society and is a member of the Council on Access, Prevention and Inter-professional Services of the Nevada Dental Association.

Installation of Officers

Following the Awards Presentations, there will be the in-house awards for service to outgoing officers. Then comes the Grande Finale of Installing the new Officers for 2007-2008. Dr. William Winspear, the current President, will automatically become the Immediate Past President. President-elect James Englander was elected to the Presidency.

President James A. Englander

Dr. Englander of Milwaukee received his B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin and earned his D.D.S. degree from Marquette University in 1956. He was a General Practitioner in Milwaukee until his retirement in 2000. His many professional recognitions are Fellowships in ICD, ACD, ADI, AGD, and PFA. As a PFA Fellow, Dr. Englander was Wisconsin Section Chair 1977-1979. He also received the Canadian-American Medical Dental Association Certifi- cate of Appreciation of 1971-1972. He was the 1989 recipient of the Marquette University Distinguished Alumnus in Dentistry, the 1969 Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity Award for Professional and Community Contributions, the Medical Society of Milwaukee's 1975 Certificate of Appreciation, the 1972 Commendation from the Women in Community Service Job Corps, and the 1972 Service Award from the American Cancer Society.

Jim had served as a Captain in the United States Army Dental Corps from graduation until 1958. He is an ADA member, Past President of the Wisconsin Dental Association (1983-1984), and Past President of the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association (1969-1970). He served as a teacher in Marquette's Department of Fixed Prosthodontics (1963-1967); member of the Dean Search Committee (1991-1992); member of the Centennial Fund Committee (1994-200); and Chairman of the Advisory Council to the Dean of the Dental School (1990-2004). He was President of the Canadian-American Medical Dental Association (1976-1978) and Director (1968-2000); Chairman for Wisconsin for the American Fund for Dental Health; and President of the Marquette University Dental Alumni Association (1967-1980). He is a member if the American Academy of History of Dentistry, the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, FDI, and the Wisconsin Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Abuse.

Family Album

Dr. Englander is busy serving for the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee County Historical Society of Wisconsin, the St. Colette School Endowment Fund, the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association, the University of Wisconsin National W Club (Jim has earned three letters in track and field). He was previously active with the Wisconsin Impact Plan for Job Training, Family Services of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Psychiatric Service, United Way, City of Hope, the International Institute of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Interagency Council on Smoking and Health (Chairman 1975-1978), the St. Francis Activity and Achievement Center, the Wisconsin Society for Brain Injured Children, the Association for Retarded Citizens of Wisconsin, The Academy of Orthodontics for the General Practitioner, the American Society for Prevention Dentistry, the Midwest Society of Periodontology, the Cardinal-Interdental Dental Study Club, the Chicago Dental Society, and the Wisconsin Dental Forum.

Dr. Englander has authored many articles and has given many presentations about our profession. Jim and his wife Carole are world travelers.

Dr. Charles Eller and his wife, Gloria

President-elect Charles Eller

Dr. Chuck Eller has been a long-time activist in our profession and in PFA. He served as the Southern California Section Chair for a long time before being elected PFA International Trustee. Last year his outstanding service was recognized when he was elected PFA International Vice President. This year he was selected to become PFA's International President-elect.

Dr. Eller had served in the U.S. Navy after graduation and coincidentally lived in Illinois, two doors away from this Editor's Office.

Dr. Steve Hedlund and his wife Chris

Vice President Steve Hedlund

Dr. Hedlund of Iowa City, Iowa has served PFA as Iowa Section Chairman before being selected to assume an International Trustee position for Region 10 on the PFA Board of Trustees. He then was elected at the Oklahoma Management Team's meeting to become PFA's next Vice President.

Steve has really gone beyond his usual Fellowship activities as Trustee for PFA. One year our Guatemala/Belize Chair, Dr. Bertram Moldauer, sent his daughter, Dr. Mitzi Moldauer, to the University of Iowa Graduate Program. Past PFA President C.F. Larry Barrett used his influence to help obtain this position for her (although she graduated top of her class in Guatemala), but Steve was there to introduce her to the cold Iowa winters. Steve and Chris looked out for Mitzi while she was there and took her to dinner several times to make her stay a bit warmer. Both of these PFA Fellows did all this without ever meeting Dr. Bertram Moldauer. That is true PFA Fellowship. Dr. Hedlund brings this philosophy to his service as PFA Vice President.

International Board Trustee

Trustee Dr. Michael W. Schafhauser of St. Paul, Minnesota has been selected to take over the position on the Board of Trustees to replace the elevated Dr. Steve Hedlund. Dr. Schafhauser has been serving as Minnesota Section Chairman and was recommended by past PFA President Michael Perpich.

Katrina Still

The second anniversary of the disaster called ''Katrina Meets New Orleans'' has just passed. A recent tour of New Orleans will demonstrate how the French Quarter and all the tourist attractions have returned to be as many remember them. But those areas were the high ground and therefore less susceptible to gross damage. They were basically run by people and companies with deep pockets. Even the dental school and medical centers are beginning to come online again. But the NinthWard is still the same disaster it was 2 years ago, although many homes have since been bulldozed. St. Bernard's Parish is not much better, and those were the areas that suffered most. The city's poorest, neediest, and most in need of dental care lived there.

As of this month, only 40% of the original population has returned, however the sales tax revenues have risen to pre- Katrina levels.

The PFA trip to New Orleans led by President Winspear did elicit help from our profession through PFA, which was the first dental organization to actually contact the New Orleans Public Health Department. Dr. Stephens, M.D., and our Secretary General Richard Kozal arranged instruments from Hu-Friedy at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Our Vice President, Chuck Eller, was in contact with the New Orleans Public Health dentist, Dr. Blanche. Dr. Eller personally arranged for three chair units to be sent immediately and followed up with inquiries and paperwork for them to file for a Foundation Grant. A retired PFA Fellow, an oral surgeon, donated his materials and equipment.

Executive Assistant to the Director of Health in New Orleans, Sonya Armstrong, sent Dr. Eller a list of needed equipment and instruments. He has presented this to PFA for their help. Dr. Eller also discussed this at the Management Team Meeting in Oklahoma City, and the Team felt that this is a truly worthwhile endeavor in which to be involved.

But the solution to resurrecting New Orleans from the devastation is extremely complex. The city feels that $50 billion will be needed to replace the failed infrastructure, levees, and water pumping equipment. Although much water did flow over the top of the levees, many of the old levees gave way at their earthen base, requiring a whole new construction strategy. It is being debated whether homes destroyed in the disaster area should be rebuilt. So the disaster continues. Any way we can help out, please advise or contact us for aid. PFA has direct contact with the grassroots effort to supply the dental needs of the city. Talk to Richard Kozal about coordinating any efforts.

History of the Foundation

by Dr. Robert B. Shira

In 1985 the Board of Trustees for the PFA authorized the establishment of a Foundation that would support the programs of the Academy and develop funds to support a Grant/Scholarship Program that would benefit the dental profession.

These funds were to come from donations of PFA Fellows, bequests, and planned giving, memorials, and honor contributions, as well as grants from other professional and private sources. Dr. Clifford Loader (past PFA President), with legal assistance, developed the Constitution on May 23, 1986. This established the Foundation as a separate corporation governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of past PFA Presidents who were willing and able to serve. This subsequently was revised to make the Academy President and the President-elect voting members and to provide for a Board of 14 Trustees. An Executive Director was authorized and a Committee structure consisting of an Executive Committee, Budget & Finance, a Grants Committee, and a Constitution & Bylaws Committee was formed.

A detailed protocol for the submission of the Grant Project requests and a method to ensure a detailed and complete evaluation of each request with the development of a recommendation for approval, deferment, or rejection that in turn would require final action by the full Board of Directors were developed. Goals and guidelines for the grant application were developed, which would cover the types of grants the Foundation would and would not fund. An informational brochure covering this information was developed for distribution to individuals and groups seeking funds for their projects.

A publication in various dental publications describing these programs was obtained and, in time, applications for support began to arrive.

During WWII, General Shira was stationed at Gorgas Hospital in Canal Zone. While there, he assisted the dentists in adjoining areas in Central America and the Caribbean to form a dental association known as the Federation Odonotologia Central America and Panama (FOCAP). Through this group Dr. Shira became acquainted with Dr. Fernando Brenes-Espinach of Costa Rica. This became a long-lasting friendship.

Dr. Clifford Loader in his many travels through Latin America representing the Academy also established a friendship with Dr. Brenes-Espinach. The two would stay at each other's homes when they traveled. Dr. Brenes-Espinach was very impressed with the Pierre Fauchard Academy and its members, so he left nearly his entire estate to the Academy Foundation to do good work in dentistry. A large inheritance of about $5 million was received after settling claims with other inheritors. Currently the inheritance has grown to more than $6 million, which is invested and earns about $425,000 annually. Prior to the receipt of this legacy, PFA Fellows had contributed sufficient funds to initiate a small dental student scholarship program. Five $1,000 scholarships were established for U.S. dental schools. Of the 54 schools contacted, only 25 participated in submitting a name for one of these five awards. A Foundation Committee selected the winners for the five scholarships. This program ran from 1987 to 1992, when it was discontinued to allow the Foundation to develop a Capital Fund of $100,000.

The Foundation Participates In Three Programs

The Dental Student Scholarship Program, which grants $1,200 (now $1,500) in scholarships to all dental schools in the United States and Canada, with 28 scholarships going to other international dental schools having PFA Sections of more than 10 members on a rotating basis. This program was instituted in 1996.

The second program is the Grant/Project Program. The first award authorized by the Foundation was to Connecticut PFA Section, which provided mouthguards for the participants in the 1995 Special Olympics. Dr. Robert E. Friedman developed and operated this event.

As word of the Foundation's Grants Programs spread, requests began to pour in. This quickly exceeded the funds available. Priorities were established for the available funds. They were

Awards to support PFA programs; Awards to support PFA Section programs.
Awards to support service projects that provide dental care to the public.
Awards to support educational programs, continuing education courses, and faculty development.
Awards to support clinical research.
Awards to support miscellaneous programs that have merit but do not fall into any of the above categories.

In 1998, the Grants Committee approved the Humanitarian Award, a special award of $5000. The first Award in this Category was presented in 1999 to the M.E.N.D. Program (Meet Every Need with Dignity), which is an ongoing project in California's San Fernando Valley.

The third basic program developed by the Foundation is support of projects in Costa Rica. Since the majority of the funds came from this country, it was felt that substantial programs in Costa Rica should be funded.

The Costa Rica PFA Section and the Rotary Club in San Jose submitted a request for $100,000 to build a dental clinic providing dental services for poor children to be named in honor of Dr. Brenes-Espinach. The foundation agreed, even obtaining three operatories of dental equipment that were sent down there. Foundation President Dr. Robert Shira and Academy Secretary/ Treasurer Richard Kozal attended the dedication ceremony with Costa Rica's first lady in December 1993. However, there was a great deal of delay in getting the clinic started, and the San Jose Rotary Club pulled out its support. The PFA Foundation followed. The operatory equipment was donated to Fundacion Piedad, which operated several health clinics in Costa Rica. The equipment is currently being used in the clinics they operate.

Next the Foundation contacted the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry to assist in developing a modern multimedia and computer teaching center. The foundation made a commitment of $104,500. The commitment was met, the monies contributed, and the Brenes-Espinach Multimedia Center was dedicated. Additional money has been granted to supply the needed computer equipment for the Center.

Another provision of the Espinach will was to establish and administer certain awards to outstanding leaders in dentistry. Past PFA President Shigeo Ryan Kishi of California was the first Executive Director, followed by past PFA President Fred Halik of New York upon Dr. Kishi's passing.

Because over one third of the Foundation Funds are from private money, the Foundation does not qualify as a Public Foundation. It is a Private Foundation and must pay taxes every year. The Foundation had been meeting twice a year at the same time and site as the Academy. But then they only met once during the Annual Academy Meeting, went back to holding another meeting in Chicago the last 2 years, and then skipped this year again.

The Foundation has kept its expenses to the bare minimum to permit more funds for allocation to grants, but there are necessary expenses, such as for an Executive Director, legal counsel, insurance, and office expenses.

In 2006 Foundation Vice President Larry Barrett initiated a fund raising program to raise money from the PFA Fellows. The first phase of the program was very successful. A second phase is being planned for next year. Besides the individual contributions that go to enlarge the principal, this organizational funding helps to lower our taxes.

The Foundation has always stressed more PFA Section involvement. They even set up a ''fast track'' for the PFA Sections to be able to submit their own grant applications quickly with minimal paperwork. Sections also are asked to disseminate Foundation information. Publicity is important to inform the dental profession of our work, get more PFA recognition, encourage more grant requests, and initiate some from our Sections.

Individual Sections are encouraged to help fund scholarships at their own schools and create local contact between the dental schools and the PFA Fellows.

The Foundation wants to do everything within our power to reach our full potential, and the involvement of the Sections will assist us in reaching those goals. The Foundation realizes that it cannot solve all the world's dental problems, but it will keep trying, one step at a time.

The Foundation Presidents began with the past PFA Presidents C. Robert Breckenridge (1986), General Robert B. Shira (1984) three terms, Carl G. Lundgren (1993-94), and currently M. David Campbell (2000-2001).

Foundation Fund Raising

The Foundation Fund Raising Chairman, Foundation Vice President, and past PFA President (1996-1997) is commencing another phase of the program designed to extend donations from Fellows and from corporations. You can be a part of acting on the Foundation's behalf by soliciting company tax-free donations. Den Mat has already done so - as usual.

Another way members can help is by including the PFA Foundation in their wills. Help keep your legacy alive by extending your commitment to our profession to help those in need who are left behind. Besides the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts will continue the work you have done in your practice, your name will be listed in the Foundations records and in Dental World. All the Foundation Officers have made contributions of at least $1,000.

Alternatively, a Fellow can underwrite a scholarship for $1,000, as your editor has for the last 3 years at the University of Iowa in memory of his grandfather and mentor. Or honor some important individual in your life with a scholarship to the school, with your name in the title if you wish.

Foundation Grants Committee

by Gary Lowder

This year's Grants Committee evaluators considered 42 Grants, with requests totaling $384,850.00. Our Treasurer, Bill Kort, reports that the Foundation has available approximately $221,000 for funding of the Grant requests. Obviously, the Board has its work cut out for it in determining which are impact grants, which are renewal grants, and which are new applications worthy of our funds. There are grant requests from some 31 states or countries--one as far away as Nepal. Our duty will be to focus on those organizations that are most dependent on our funds for their success.

My Committee and I wish to express our thanks to Executive Director Fred Halik for his organization of the grant requests and providing them to the evaluators. Also, thanks to the members of the Committee who carefully evaluated the applications and provided comments regarding the worthiness of the requests and their adherence to our guidelines: Drs. Kevin Roach, Mike Perpich, Carl Lundgren, Nick Saccone, Larry Barrett, and Jim Long, all of whom provided excellent, insightful evaluations.

We also appreciate the guidance and encouragement of our President David Campbell, who noted that, "There are some fantastic grant applications this year."

The final decisions will be made by the entire Board in San Francisco.

Foundation News


Section Chair Toshio Morioka hosted their PFA Scholarship Presentation Ceremony at Tokushima University School of Dentistry. Presentation was made to 5th-year dental student Mayuko Takashima. Attending the Ceremony were Dean Toshihiko Nagata, Professor Takafumi Noma who is the Director of Student Affairs, Chair Toshio Morioka, Japan Secretary General Katsuji Yamaguchi.

Another Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was held at Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo to honor 5th year dental student Ryo Fujimaki. Those in attendance were Dean Masaharu Makimura, Director of Student Affairs Professor Misao Kawara, and Section Chair-elect Hirokazu Hashimoto.

Section News

Professor Robin O'Sullivan, Fellow Ameera Radhi, and University President Professor Kevin O'Malley

BAHRAIN, Kingdom of

Dr. Robin O'Sullivan, past Section Chair of Ireland, reports inducting Dr. Ameera Radhi of Bahrain into PFA Fellowship last July at a Reception in the President's Office at RCSI--Medical University of Bahrain. Dr. Radhi is the first dentist in the kingdom of Bahrain to receive this honour. She graduated in Ireland before taking her specialty training in Prosthodontics in London. This new PFA Section in the Kingdom of Bahrain held their Charter Night Dinner on Saturday, 28 July 2007 hosted by Robin O'Sullivan.

Trustee Mamoru Sakuda and Chair Diampo Lim pose with newly initiated Fellows


Japan Section Chair Toshio Morioka held two scholarship presentations. One was at Tokushima University School of Dentistry and the other was at Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo to honor recipients Mayuko Takashima and Ryo Fujimaki.


Chair Diampo Lim reports their Section carving out a deep name for itself in his country. He started with 13 members in 1978 and now has six Life Members, 86 Active Fellows, 17 Inactive members, and one Honorary Member, including some of the country's top dental leaders, particularly from theManila Metro District. They held a Meeting last December with Fellow Paul D. Achacoso as speaker on Dental Implants. Their annual Meeting was held last April to finalize drafting of their Section's Constitution and Bylaws. The March Meeting conducted their Third Outreach Program and interacted with some 400 elementary school children at Saisang School in Bugac, Bataan, the hometown of our Elmer Best recipient Dr. Primo E. Gonzales, a PFA life member. Dental treatment was provided for some elderly patients, along with distribution of oral health cleaning items, pediatric medicines, vitamins, school knapsacks, pencils, paper, cookies, face towels, and bath soaps.

The 27th Annual Meeting and Convocation was held at the G Hotel with 18 new Fellows inducted into membership. Their new Induction Ceremony included receiving ribbons, pins, and certificates But they were also robed with a sash in the PFA colors. It was a solemn rite.

New Section Officers were inducted into office by Region 9 Trustee Professor-emeritus Mamoru Sakuda. Outstanding Philippine Chair, Dean Diampo Lim, turned over his office to Fellow Hermogenes P. Villareal. Chairman of their Board of Dentistry, Dr. Ma. Teresa de Jesus-Amador, a PFA Fellow, was in attendance, as well. PFA International President William Winspear will formally install the new Philippine Chairman in San Francisco during the Luncheon Banquet.

The Annual Meeting guest speaker was Dr. Jorge M. Garcia, a famous cardiac surgeon who was the Founder of the Asian Hospital and Medical Center. The PFA Section awarded posthumously their Outstanding Dentist award to the late former Section Chair (up to 2000) Dr. Ruben C. Navia for his dedication and leadership. His widow, Mrs. Lourdes Navia, accepted the honor with their children.

The new Philippine Officers for 2007-2008 are: Chairman Hermogenes P. Villareal, Vice Chair Paul D. Achacoso, Secretary Ma. Cristina Aurea G. Garcia, Assistant Secretary Vivian Gabaldon, Treasurer Norma A. Tui, Auditor Olegario G. Clemente, Jr., P.R.O. Manuel Centeno, Board of Directors Antonio Baldemor and Robert M. Tajonera, with Advisors Rufino M. Achacoso, Primo E. Gonzales, and Sofronio P. San Juan. Dean Diampo Lim is Immediate Past Chairman.

Fellow Primo E. Gonzales was honored with the Outstanding Dentist of 2007 award from the Professional Regulation Commission last June at the Westin Plaza Hotel in Manila.


Chair James A. Cerney of Fairbanks held a meeting last year with a speaker from Washington, D.C., who stated that the top three recognized professional organizations are ADA, AGD, and PFA.

Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni
CALIFORNIA, Northern Section

Dean Art Dugoni was honored by the Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Education Fund with their 2007 Shils Award last June for his outstanding leadership and exemplary service to the dental community, dental education, and public oral health. The Shils Entrepreneurial Education Fund was established in 2002 by prominent leaders from the dental industry, academic communities, and nonprofit organizations who funded this in an effort to keep alive the legacy of Dr. Edward B. Shils. Dr. Shils was a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton College and Executive Director of the Manufacturers of America, a legend in his time.

Dr. Arthur Dugoni, a dental legend himself, and ADA Foundation President, has been honored for his lifetime of achievement unmatched by anyone else. He is an example of a PFA Fellow.


In an article entitled "Remarkable Women in Dentistry," our own Fellow Kathryn Kell, DDS, MCHA, "has influenced the profession of dentistry through her numerous posts on college, state, national, and international organizations." She has been a general practitioner since earning her dental degree in 1979. Dr. Kell has served as President of the American Association of Woman Dentists, President of the Iowa Dental Association, and currently is the 10th District Trustee for the ADA. Kathy has been active in FDI as well and served as our PFA Mentorship Chairman for a time. Dr. Kell has influenced policy, education, and prevention efforts through her roles as Chair of the FDI Congress and Education Committee, Chair of the ADA's Future of Dentistry Report and Global Oral Health Panel, and as a consultant to the ADA for its Council on Annual Sessions and International Programs.

Her service has earned her several awards, including the Dentist of the Year Award from the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the Iowa Dental Association's Outstanding Service Award. Dr. Kell practices in Davenport, Iowa.

Lindsay Compton, recipient of the 2006 PFA James Brophy, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Award, was cited in the article "Remarkable Women in Dentistry." While still a student at the University of Iowa School of Dentistry, she has been awarded the PFA Scholarship, the James and Virginia Hoffer Scholarship, and the Dr. Richard Nelson Scholarship. She has received the Greenawalt Periodontics Award, the Iowa Dental Association's Honor Clinician Award, the AADR Bloc Travel Grant Award, and the Dean's Leadership Award for the last 3 years. Her research won her first place in the basic science category at the 2007 AADR Caulk Dentsply Research Competition. She has received funding from the NIDCR for 3 years for summer research grants. Lindsay was the University of Iowa's representative at the 43rd annual Dental Student Conference on Research in Maryland. She is an active member of the National Student Research Group, a Past President and Representative of the University of Iowa Student Research Group, Vice President of the Class of 2008, and Past President of the University of Iowa's Chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists.

The University of Iowa's 90th Dental Alumni Reunion, CEU courses, and the football game will be held on October 26-27, 2007. Friday at 8 A.M. will be registration, with UIDAA President Dan Kegler, Dean David Johnsen, and Director of Alumni Relations Penni Ryan speaking. Seminars on Research and Clinical Perspectives on Implant Dentistry by Dr. Clark Stanford; Dental Bonding: Current Status, Future Directions by Dr. Steven Armstrong; and The Digital Age Has Arrived: Image-Based Treatment Planning by Dr. Clark Stanford will be presented in the morning. The afternoon is reserved for the PFA Section Meeting and class reunion activities. The evening will commence with a no-host social hour at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Coralville, followed by the Alumni Dinner in the Kinnick Ballroom with the Awards Presentations.

The Saturday morning Pregame Professional Program will start at 8 A.M., with Dr. Peter Lund giving a presentation on Achieving Optimum Retention and Stability in Dentures for Severely Resorbed Ridges and Dr. Sherry Timmons' discussion on Infectious Diseases of the Oral Cavity: Diagnosis and Management. Game watch will commence one-half hour before game time at the Holiday Inn.

Alumni Awards will be presented to Dr. Gary B. Blodgett as the 2007 Alumnus of the Year, Dr. Wallace W. Johnson as the 2007 Educator of the Year, and to Dr. James H. Sommers for the 2007 Service Recognition Award.

The football game will be against Michigan State, whom Iowa did not play in 2006. Your Editor attended the Hawkeyes' Opening Game this year against NIU in Chicago's Soldier Field. Iowa's fans filled 80% of the stadium and won the game handily.

New Hampshire

Chair David Stahl reports holding their Annual Meeting to induct new Fellows. Addressing the meeting was their Dean.

North Carolina

Section Chair Neil D. Lutins of Greensboro held their annual Induction Dinner Ceremony last July to welcome in new Fellows Drs. Rex Card of Raleigh, Lindy Bolton of Reidsville, and William Litaker of Hickory.

Our North Carolina PFA Section participated in the United StatesDepartment ofDefense EuropeanCommand Project in Chisinau, Moldova. Moldova is basically an orphan country and one of the poorest in Eastern Europe. Its history is convoluted. Being situated along major travel routes between Asia and Europe, the land has been conquered many times. Moldova is nestled between Romania on the west along the Prut River and the Ukraine in the east bordered by the Dniester River. In the more recent history this had been known as the Principality of Moldova. Its prime products are agriculturalwith nomajor ore deposits. Being land-locked but close to the Black Sea, with a poor economy, it has been a stepchild to larger area interests. At various times it has been controlled by Romania; annexed to Russia in1912, becoming Moldova SSR under the Soviet Union until 1940; then acceded to Nazi Germany through partition to Romania until the Soviets retook the area and attempted to denationalize it for neighboring countries of the Soviets. In 1991 Moldova established its independence but has been unable to remove the Soviet Army completely. Their government has had trouble finding an identity with one third of the population speaking and adhering to Moldovian, one third Romanian, and one third Russian. The 4.3 million people are mostly Eastern Orthodox Christian. Currently they are slipping west and are trying to join the European Union.

The advances by the United States are very low key so as not to disturb the balance, as Russia is trying again to denationalize the culture, while Romania is trying to strengthen its influence.

So this joint project has helped the poor country and introduced the U.S. into the mix. Through the Department of Defense, the U.S. has instituted programs to bring in civilian personnel to participate in humanitarian and civic assistance executed by the Bilateral Affairs Office in Moldova since 2006.

Two professors from the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Vickie Overman and Charlotte Peterson, immunized 2,710 children against chickenpox and provided fluoride treatments to some 4,686 children in 25 boarding schools and orphanages in 11 cities.

Four medical and dental soldiers from the North Carolina National Guard assisted in the project. In 2005 their first project was vaccinating 1,400 children against hepatitis and providing 5,000 fluoride treatments. Private contributions from North Carolina helped to defray the costs to allow more time to carry out these services. Some of those private funds were from the North Carolina PFA Section supporting this program.

Dental exams were also conducted to establish a dental health baseline for the country to help establish long-term programs to begin treatment for their very serious dental situation.


The ADA News published a photo of the dedication of the Pierre Fauchard statue with ADA President Kathleen Roth, ODA Centennial President Pam Low, and our own President William Winspear taken at the unveiling of the statue. Great publicity, Bill!

The Oklahoma Dental Association is celebrating 100 years of representing the dental interests in their State. The first dental office was opened in 1885 in Savanna, Choctaw Nation, by Dr. J.E. Wright. The Oklahoma Territorial Dental Association was organized in 1891 and the Indian Territory Dental Association was formed in 1903. With Statehood, one organization, called the Oklahoma Dental Association, was founded at a joint meeting of the two groups on June 19, 1907.

To commemorate the Centennial, the ODA commissioned Fellow Gary Gardner, a past ODA President and a sculptor, as well as a dentist, to form a life-size statue of Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761), the Father of Modern Dentistry. Pierre Fauchard, after whom our Academy is named, is also the first plaque in our Hall of Fame in Paris. To help defray the cost of making the statue, 1,000 smaller replicas were made to offer to the public for purchase at $1,400 contribution each. No more will be offered for sale, made, or authorized after they are gone. These statues will therefore be a limited edition. Our own President James Englander has one of the commemorative Fauchard statues.

The Oklahoma Dental Association has 1,500 member dentists and is headquartered in their new building in Oklahoma City.

Shirley Brophy, Carole Englander, Editor Jim Brophy, and President Jim Englander in a chance meeting at Milwaukee's German Fest, Ja! Ja!

Dr. Eva C. Dahl, DDS, MA, MS, was mentioned in an article entitled "Remarkable Women in Dentistry." Dr. Dahl began her dental career at the University of Iowa, graduating as valedictorian of her class. She pursued further training in oral pathology, endodontics, and instructional design and technology. She opened her practice in Wisconsin while being active in organized dentistry and serving as President of the Wisconsin Dental Association. She has held many leadership positions in the ADA and for the University of Iowa Alumni Association. Hardly a year passes that Dr. Dahl has not received some honor for service to the profession, including the Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award, the American Association of Women Dentists outstanding Service Award, the University of Iowa's Dental Alumni Association's Alumnus of the Year Award, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy's Award.

Dr. Dahl practices in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.


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