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5. September - October

A Sense of Community and Gratitude 

My Presidential year has allowed me the privilege of visiting numerous international and domestic sections. With each visit I return with the ever-increasing knowledge that a deep sense of community exists among the fellows of our Academy. Although we may be geographically separated by thousands of miles, our professional camaraderie is as close-knit as any small community.

The Academy is comprised of the most capable individuals within our beloved profession. Each individual, regardless of their status in the profession, did not rise to their level of professional expertise by themselves. Instead, one realizes that each individual accomplished their achievements because of the encouragement and trust of their beloved mentors.

Many years ago, one of my dearest mentors, Dr. Clifford F. Loader, eloquently wrote the words that seem to best describe the spirit of fellowship in the Academy and the deep sense of community that it fosters. I would like to paraphrase those words of wisdom written by Dr. Loader.

Dr. Clifford F. Loader wrote:

"What is one's life like in a small town? Well, it is like a big family where people care about each other. A nice feeling of trust prevails in the very fabric of your life."

The axis of the earth sticks through every community in the world. Small cities are but a microcosm of a larger city. All the elements of social behavior are there. You can be what you were created capable of being.

Yesterday is but today's memories and tomorrow is but today's dreams. It has been said that the future belongs to those that prepare for it, and we must. If we are to maximize our worth in society, it is those persons that we meet along the way that make the opportunities available to us and/or open the door for us that we could not do alone. We have all had this kind of help. It could be our spouse, our parents, our teachers, or our family or friends. They are the people in your life that have shaped your thinking or helped you take better aim at your goals or gave you the opportunities to serve mankind more fully.

"Dentistry gave us a point of identity and of becoming ourselves and a humanness for which we can all be grateful. To all of our mentors, those now living and those that belong to history, we owe our heartfelt gratitude."--Dr. Clifford F. Loader.

My wife and I would sincerely like to thank each officer, trustee, and fellow of the Academy for making this past year one of the most memorable and enjoyable in our entire lives.

In closing, I would like to scribe the words from the poem, "The Bridge Builder," that seem to best describe the appreciation we all must feel for those individuals who have helped all of us throughout our entire lives.

An old man, going a lone highway,
Came at evening, cold and gray,
To a chasm vast and deep and wide,
Through which was flowing a sullen tide.
The old man crossed in the twilight dim;
The sullen stream had no fears for him;
But he stopped when safe on the other side
And built a bridge to span the tide.

"Old man," said a fellow pilgrim near,
"You are wasting your strength with building here;
Your journey will end with the ending day,
You never again must pass this way;
You have crossed the chasm deep and wide--
Why build you this bridge at evening-tide?"
The builder lifted his old gray head.
"Good friend, in the path that I have come," he said,
"There followeth after me today
A youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm that has been naught to me
To that fair-haired youth might a pitfall be.
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;
Good friend, I am building the bridge for him."

--Will Allen Droomgoole

Dr. William Frank to receive President's Award

Dr. William Frank

Awards Luncheon, 24 October 1998, San Francisco Marriott

The Academy of General De ntistry called Dr. William Frank "Dentistry's envoy to the world" in presenting their 1984 Humanitarian Award to him. This general dentist from Los Angeles has served his profession and community in many ways. In OKU, he has served as President of the Supreme Chapter. He is a Master and Fellow in AGD, President of ADI, Vice Regent in ICD, and a PFA Fellow. He has received the Torch of Learning Award from Hebrew University. He is an associate clinical professor in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Southern California, his alma mater. At USC, he has twice served as President of the Jones Gold Foil Study Club, and he is a past President of the USC Dental Alumni Club. He is past President of the Los Angeles Alpha Omega Alumni Chapter, which honored him with their Community Service Award.

Dr. Frank has provided volunteer dental care and instruction to colleagues in Mexico. He and his wife have been involved in the "Hands Across the Sea" program to benefit the children of Honduras. Together, they have been Founders of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the HU Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, and the Tel Aviv School of Dentistry.

He is a life member of the ADA, the California PTA, and the Boy Scouts of America. As a Rotarian for nearly a half century, Dr. Frank has served as local President, District Governor, and Phil Harris Fellow, and he has received their Service Above Self Award, Meritorious Service Award, and Distinguished Service Award. He served as the International and National Coordinator for the Polio-Plus Campaign, which raised over $250 million to purchase polio vaccine for children in underdeveloped countries.

He also has been active in the City of Hope, the March of Dimes, the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce (which he served as President), the East Los Angeles Occupational Center, and the Advisory Council for Global Interdependence Education at California State University.

Our Academy will be honoring him with its President's Award at the Awards Luncheon to be held on Saturday, 24 October 1998, in the San Francisco Marriott Salons 15 and 16. Nevada State Senator Ray Rawson will be the featured speaker and receive PFA's International Service Citation. At this Luncheon, the Kerr Corp. will be presented with our Dental Trade & Industry Award.

PFA's prestigious Gold Medal Award will be bestowed on Dr. James B. Edwards, President of the Medical University of South Carolina.

The incoming international officers for the 1998–99 will be sworn into office after the award presentations.

An envelope for Luncheon reservations was included in the last issue of Dental World. You may also make reservations by contacting Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal.

1998 Calendar

24–28 October 
ADA Annual Meeting, 
San Francisco

8–12 October 
FDI Annual Congress, 
Barcelona, Spain

Friday, 23 October
7:30–11: 30 a.m.
Academy Board Meeting
5th floor, Sierra J Room

23–25 October 
PFA Annual Meeting, 
San Francisco Marriott Hotel:
Saturday, 24 October

7:30–11:30 a.m.
Foundation Board Meeting
5th floor, Sierra J Room

11:30 a.m.–2 p.m.
Awards Luncheon
lower-level Ballroom, Salons 14/15

2:30–5 p.m.
Foundation Board Meeting
5th floor, Sierra I Room

6:30–8 p.m.
President's Reception
5th floor, Sierra J Room

Sunday, 25 October
7:30–10 a.m.
Foundation Board Meeting
5th floor, Sierra I Room

10:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Academy Board Meeting
5th floor, Sierra I Room

6:30–10:30 p.m.
PFA Dinner
Ballroom level, Nob Hill A/B rooms

Section News


International Trustee Bernardo Levit celebrated his country's Friendship Day by sending a holiday card to all his global Fellows through Dental World. What wonderful holiday wishes to extend to us all.


International Trustee Kevin Roach is Associate Editor for the Colgate Oral Care Report, a global publication.

Foundation News


University of Sydney dental student Carmel Trudgeon was awarded the Foundation scholarship.


PFA Section Secretary-General Jong-Nyool Yee reported that student Jin-Myung Song of the Chon-Nam National University College of Dentistry has been selected to receive our Foundation's scholarship award.




Student Even Diane Shieh received our Foundation Scholarship Award at the Fifth Annual Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Senior Awards Banquet last May. She also received the ACD New England Section's Award at the 1998 Yankee Dental Congress. Ms. Shieh was President of her class and a member of OKU. Our Foundation Award was noted in their Senior Awards Luncheon program (held at Boston's Tremont House Hotel) and in the Tufts Commencement Exercises program.

Foundation scholarship student Even Diane Shieh (center) is presented with her award certificate.

L-R: Award recipient Stephen Noxon is congratulated by Dean Peter Robinson

Dean Peter Robinson presented senior dental student Stephen Noxon with our Foundation Scholarship Award during the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine's Student Awards Dinner last May.

He was selected by the dental school's Award Committee based on his leadership and accomplishments.

Section Chairman Howard Mark is also Chairman of the Connecticut State Dental Association's Oral Health 2000 Committee, which initiated a tobacco-cessation project last year with a Foundation grant. Besides continuing that project, the Committee plans to begin a baby-bottle tooth decay information program with a coalition of interested groups.

Section News


International Trustee Bernardo Levit celebrated his country's Friendship Day by sending a holiday card to all his global Fellows through Dental World. What wonderful holiday wishes to extend to us all.


International Trustee Kevin Roach is Associate Editor for the Colgate Oral Care Report, a global publication.

California, Southern

Chairman Charles Eller noted in his Section's newsletter,PerSpecTive, that PFA membership in southern California makes their Section the largest in the world. Their annual Meeting was held last April at the West Coast Anaheim Hotel. Past State Chairman Steven Ferriot has accepted the position of Consultant to their Board.

Their mentorship program at the University of Southern California is being implemented by Dr. Ron Clarke.


PFA Fellow Kay F. Thompson passed from our rolls this May, from cancer. Dr. Thompson pioneered hypnosis in dentistry and led the way for women in dentistry. She was the first woman to serve as President of the Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania in 1981, and then as President of the Pennsylvania Dental Association in 1989. She was the second woman to serve as ADA Trustee. Dr. Thompson conducted her own personal mentorship program by taking women students into her own home, finding placement for them after graduation, and patients for them afterwards.

Dr. Thompson helped organize the American Association of Women Dentists. She taught at her alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh Dental School, and at West Virginia University School of Medicine.

The Pennsylvania Dental Association honored Dr. Thompson with its highest award at its annual meeting just a few weeks before her death. Dr. Thompson was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.

The new Idaho Fellows, flanked on the left by Utah Chairman Gary Lowder and on the right by Trustee Scott Welch

International Trustee Scott Welch inducted 11 new Fellows to form the Idaho Section. Dr. Frederick Hansing was elected State Chairman and Dr. Dwight Romriel Vice Chairman. Utah State Chairman Gary Lowder, who was instrumental in helping to establish this Section, also attended.


Dr. Alan Hathaway received their Dentist of the Year Award for his volunteer work in Brazil throughout the last 15 years.

L-R: National Special Smiles Chairman Steve Pearlman, Kentucky PFA Chairman Karl Lange, Kentucky Dental Health Coalition President Lois Brown, and unidentified man

Chairman Karl W. Lange presented PFA to the Kentucky Dental Association at their annual meeting last April at their luncheon in conjunction with the other colleges.

PFA received great exposure with their participation in the summer Special Olympics. At the first annual Special Smiles event, National Chairman Steve Pearlman was impressed with Chairman Karl Lange's Section participation. [dwsept007]

PFA supplied dental training videotapes for 130 volunteers, who screened 611 of the 850 participants. The Kentucky Section screened participants, provided oral hygiene education, and fabricated mouthguards. Chairman Lange, who also serves on the Kentucky Dental Health Coalition Board, wishes to continue to support the Kentucky Special Olympics/Special Smiles program as an annual project for his PFA Section.

South Dakota

Co-chairmen Jim Cunningham and Paul Reinke held their annual meeting during the Session of the South Dakota Dental Association last May. SDDA President Patrick Coyne was honored with their Section's Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award. As the keynote speaker, International Trustee M. David Campbell discussed the PFA throughout the world today.

Seventeen new Fellows were inducted: Drs. Steven Buechler, John Carrels, Janell Christiansen, Craig Cooksley, Amber Determan, Richard Ellenbecker, Daniel Goede, Robin Grossenburg, J. Vincent Jones, Marc McClellan, Dennis Mills, Paul Miskimins, Mark Nielsen, David Peterson, Mary Roth, Keith Vanhuizen, and Ryan Van Laecken.

A prayer was given in memory of past PFA President Don Dendinger (1985). Dr. Dendinger had most recently served as South Dakota PFA Chairman and as Vice Chairman of the PFA Foundation.


Chairman Howard Mark hosted their annual Luncheon last May and honored Dr. A. Howard McLaughlin. Dr. McLaughlin has served as President of the Greater Waterburg Dental Society, President of the Connecticut State Dental Association, and twice as Speaker of the CSDA House of Delegates, as well as a Delegate to the ADA House of Delegates. He served as CSDA Editor for a decade, President of the American Association of Dental Examiners, and Chairman of the NE Regional Board. His civic accomplishments are also outstanding: Dr. McLaughlin has served on local school boards, the Boy Scouts of America, Town of Woodbury Moderator, and the Republican Town Committee. His accomplishments are reflected in the many honors he has received--the Dental Society of Greater Waterburg's 25th Annual Award, the CSDA's Horace Hayden Award and Fones Memorial Award, the Hartford Dental Society's McManus Award,and the Yankee Dental Congress Etherington Award.

University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine Dean Peter Robinson was the presenter and gave the Address pledging his support for the PFA Mentoring Program. PFA International Trustee Robert Friedman gave the Charge of Membership to new Fellows Betheney Brenner, Tris Carta, Joseph D'Ambrosio, Michael Egan, Robert Goldman, Thomas Gorman, James Heise, Philip Levin, Michael Levinson, Nupur Narain, Andrew Ponichtera, Monroe Rackow, and Walter Russo.

Chairman Howard Mark has been elected an Associate Member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Alumni and Friends of the School of Dental Medicine. He will help the group continue their Mentorship Program this fall with freshman and sophomore students.

L-R: Trustee David Campbell, KDA President Wayne Thompson, and Chairman Estel Landreth

Chairman Estel Landreth and International Trustee David Campbell honored Kansas State Dental Association President R. Wayne Thompson and KDA President-elect Phil Zirnuska.

Rhode Island

Chairman Christine Benoit reports that Fellow Martin Nager of East Greenwich was honored as the Outstanding Volunteer in Health Care Services by Rhode Island's Travelers Aid Society. The Society runs a clinic in Providence for homeless and needy persons.

Past PFA President A. James Kershaw (1972) was awarded a citation for his dedication to Rhode Island oral health care since 1932 by Blue Cross Dental.

In Michigan, International Trustee David Campbell welcomed new Fellow Patricia Boyle and other inductees at their ceremony last April

Dr. Philip E. Blackerby of Spring Lake passed from our Fellowship suddenly last February. His widow, Clara Mae Blackerby, noted that during his life of dedicated service to dentistry, he made friends all over the world. His Fellows in the PFA will miss his guiding light.

The Michigan Section inducted their new Fellows at a ceremony in April. International Trustee M. David Campbell attended the induction ceremony.

Trustee Scott Welch (center) with the Wyoming PFA Section at their annual Breakfast

International Trustee Scott Welch assisted at their annual Breakfast Meeting in Jackson last June to honor Dr. Frank T. Manning with their Section's Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award.

6. November - December

International President's Report

Dear Fellows of the Pierre Fauchard Academy: It is an honor to serve as your President for the coming year. It is with a great deal of humility that I accept the President’s gavel from Dr. Kishi. I realize that with your help and dedication, there are no limits as to what the Academy can achieve. One person cannot do it, but working together, all of our dreams and aspirations can become a reality.
As we begin a new year, we do so with a new Central Office located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Richard Kozal and his wife, Judy, have been working very hard to make this transaction as smooth as possible. The Academy offices should be located in our new building sometime next summer.

One unique aspect of our Academy is our “internationality.” Our Fellows come from all parts of the globe—we speak different languages, live in different countries, and dress differently. But we are bound together by a common bond—that is, our profession of dentistry and our desire to help other human beings who may be in distress or pain.

Your Academy, with the help of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, will start a pilot project in South Carolina whose purpose is to develop an awareness
awareness campaign to combat the health hazard of smokeless tobacco. Your Trustees, Section Chairs, and eventually every Fellow will be taught how to teach and conduct smokeless tobacco seminars effectively. These seminars will be short, thorough, and a very effective means to show other people—young and old—the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco. This is a very ambitious project that can be carried into every country and every school on this earth—if we all work together as a team. This allows the PFA to take a leadership role on the national level to combat this growing addiction.

As we begin this new year, I look forward to working with and seeing many of you. In the future issues of Dental World, I will share my thoughts with you on other PFA projects. And I would like you to share your thoughts with me.

Remember, let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.

James E. Long
International President

International Mentorship Program

To volunteer in a Pierre Fauchard Academy Mentorship Service Project, please call Dr. Christine Benoit at (401) 364-6300, fax (401) 364-9190, or write to 4995 South County Trail, P.O. Box 850, Charleston, RI 02813 (USA) for further inofrmation on how to promote membership.

L-R, International Trustee Pierre Marois, State Senator Ray Rawson, and Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal

San Francisco Awards Luncheon

Our annual Awards Luncheon was held on Saturday, 24 October 1998, at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel during the ADA Annual Session. PFA’s prestigious Gold Medal was bestowed on Dr. James B. Edwards. President of the Medical University of South Carolina. Nevada State Senator Dr. Ray Rawson was the featured speaker and received PFA’s International Service Citation. Dr. William Frank received the President’s Award from outgoing PFA International President Shig Ryan Kishi. The Kerr Corporation was the recipient of the PFA Dental Trade and Industry Award.

The new international officers for 1998–1999 were installed: James E. Long of Mississippi as President; Fred Halik of New York as President-elect; M. David Campbell of Michigan as Vice President, Richard Kozal as Secretary-Treasurer, and James Englander of Wisconsin as Trustee for Region 4.

PFA’s International Tour

The European Tour offered an exciting opportunity to meet with many Fellows. We made many new friends through our mutual profession and shared values in the PFA. But, just as important, we reinforced in each other the high standards for our art and science. Across language and lands, culture and customs, we are united in our careers by having the ability to repair teeth. We easily became friends and discovered other shared interests.

None of this would have been possible without our hosts in Europe, Dr. Pierre and Seba Marois. These two are true citizens of the world, blending and mixing differences into one beautiful experience for us all.

Elmer Best Award presented to Professor Robert Weill; International Hall of Fame

Paris, Wednesday, 17 June 1998—
The French Council of Professional Dentists, Le Conseil National de l’Ordre des Chirurgiens-dentistes, is on quiet Rue Emile Menier. In stark contrast to the hustle-bustle of Paris the day before, we came to the stately office of the French dental headquarters. A small brass plaque next to the door announced the fact, and underneath that sign another of the same size read, “Pierre Fauchard Academy Hall of Fame.” International Trustee Pierre Marois led our entourage into the warm hospitality of the staff. We were then ushered into the hall where the ceremony took place. Our Wall of Fame occupies a small alcove off to the side. Guests filled the room and the ceremony began in two languages. Dr. Paul DeMoge, President of the French National Dental Academy, and past French National Council President Eugene Saint-Eve were in attendance, along with many other dignitaries.

International Trustee and host Pierre Marois officiated as Master of Ceremonies gently blending the two cultures into one. Dr. André Robert, President of Le Conseil National de l’Ordre des Chirurgiens-dentistes, gave a rousing address concerning the history of French-American friendship, from the roots of our country’s founding and continuing through the infamous 6 June 1944.

“We have not forgotten the G.I. sacrifices on the Beaches of Normandy,” highlighted Dr. Robert. “We have not forgotten the Marshall Plan that re-established the economy of our country. We have not forgotten the special relationship between our two countries. We share many things in common. Pierre Fauchard gives us a chance to come together united in the clarity of his work.”

Past International President Ray Klein, Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee, then addressed the ceremony. “We express our gratitude for this opportunity to be back in Paris, back to the home of Pierre Fauchard. We created Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein at the Wall of Fame in Paris the PFA Hall of Fame in 1992 to recognize the world’s greatest dentists. Pierre Fauchard was the first to be so honored. In deep appreciation to the French Council of Dentists, we established our permanent venue here at their headquarters in 1994 with this Wall of Fame. We returned to add more plaques in 1996 and are here again to add more, including Parisian Dr. Edouard Charles Godon, founder of FDI and founder of École Dentaire de Paris.”

Dr. Klein proceeded to give the history of Drs. Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris, co-founders of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the first dental school in the New World, the very building of which today houses the National Museum of Dentistry. The Museum is the American venue for our PFA Wall of Fame, which was dedicated last fall. He honored the placement of their plaques on the Wall. Dr. Klein then presented the history of Dr. Edouard Charles Godon (1854–1923) to install his plaque on the Wall of Fame.

Later in the ceremony, PFA International President Shig Ryan Kishi presented the 1998 Elmer Best Award to the most gracious Professor Robert Weill of Paris. Dr. Weill thanked his wife of 50 years for her support in the achievements that made this Award possible. He thanked his many friends who were in attendance, particularly those that had come from Belgium. And he thanked the Academy for their recognition of his life’s work.

President Kishi then presented Honorary Fellowship to Dr. André Robert for his unselfish activities on behalf of dentistry and his 40 years of dental practice.

President Robert honored the Academy and its international President by conferring the Gold Médaille d’Or du Conseil National to Dr. Shig Ryan Kishi. Both Professor Weill, our Elmer Best Award recipient, and Dr. Le Breton are past recipients of the French society medal as well. Dr. Kishi commented, “This is a great honor. Your Gold Medal has a long and prestigious history throughout the world. I am deeply honored to join that select group of those so honored. This is a physical symbol of French-American friendship. It will always be a treasured moment in our lives. We will cherish this day and your friendship far beyond our days on earth.”

PFA President Shig Ryan Kishi honored Dr. Georges Le Breton of Martinique, now of Paris, with Honorary Academy Fellowship. Dr. Le Breton expressed his gratitude, “You are very generous with me for this honor and affection. Martinique, West Indies, is close to the United States by geography, but we are even closer by our common knowledge of dentistry.”

International President Shig Ryan Kishi installed Dr. Hubert Ouvrard as President of the PFA Section in France and Dr. Charles Gastaud as Section Secretary.

A cocktail reception in the upstairs receiving room followed after the ceremony. To get there we passed under the bust of Pierre Fauchard, keeping a watchful eye on us.

Elmer Best Ceremony festivities culminated with a cocktail reception and dinner at the famed Fouguet’s Restaurant just off the Avenue des Champs Elysées and Franklin Roosevelt Boulevard. This was the center for the French underground during World War II.

The exquisite dinner was held in a cool outdoor veranda. Rather than formal, the participants elected friendly. And it was that. The excitement of Paris wafted in on the evening breezes, creating an atmosphere of good fellowship.

A wonderful evening gracefully grew into night as we bid our friends ”au revoir” in hopes of seeing them all again soon.

Awards and continuing education delivered at Belgium/Luxembourg Meeting

Brussels, Thursday, 18 June 1998—
The Belgium/Luxembourg PFA Section’s hosted a welcoming reception in the evening at the Conrad Hilton.

At the Reception, Belgium/Luxembourg Section Chairman Jose Dahan welcomed us to Belgium. Georgia Section Chairman Vladimer Margvelashvili of Tbilisi and his wife joined us, along with Kansas Section Chairman Estel Landreth and his wife Arlene, and Dr. Charles and Margit Squire of Wichita. In true international style, more than eight PFA sections were represented.

In our corner of the reception, we were fascinated by Dr. Margvelashvili’s description of the hardships he must endure to provide dental services to his patients in Tbilisi, Georgia, with electricity being provided only a few hours a day—how much we take for granted.

After the reception, Dr. Jose Dahan arranged for cars to take us all to a local restaurant for a no-host dinner together. Another gentle evening of camaraderie and establishing international contacts was enjoyed by those who came from so many different places to be here this day.

Friday, 19 June 1998—
In the early morning, our group dispersed in many directions to achieve our assignments. International President Shig Ryan Kishi, Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, past President Ray Klein, and Editor Jim Brophy headed for NATO headquarters. (See sidebar, page 4.) The spouses visited the Waterloo Battlefield outside of the city. International Trustee Pierre Marois and the doctors headed over to the Foundation Universitaire for the continuing education course from Professor Daniel Van Steenberghe of Catholic University of Leuven.

International Trustee for Europe Pierre Marois opened the Continuing Education Meeting of the Belgium/Luxembourg Section at the Foundation Universitaire by thanking Chairman Jose Dahan and his staff for planning the event.

Chairman Dahan described the day’s program, which started with a lecture by Professor Daniel Van Steenberghe on “Preoperative Planning for Oral Implants” for 50-some participants.

Dr. Van Steenberghe teaches in the Periodontology Department at Catholic University. He discussed the osseous integration of implants and the planning for their success by using radiology, tomography, and CAT scans to assemble as much information as possible about bone quality and bone volume. “Implants are a tool, not a science,” noted Professor Van Steenberghe.

Following his lecture, we joined the spouses returning from Waterloo for a luncheon. International President Shig Ryan Kishi thanked the Section for their invitation to be part of such an excellent program. Then he presented Professor Daniel Van Steenberghe with a PFA Appreciation plaque for providing us all with the opportunity to share his knowledge.

Frederic Bonnard addresses the Section Meeting, with European Trustee Pierre Marois, Section Chairman Jose Dahan, and International Pres. Shig Ryan Kishi at the head table

Due to the overflow crowd for lunch, the Editor sat in the back room enjoying the company of the Belgium Fellows, particularly Dr. Frederic Bonnard, who kept us laughing in two languages. Later, that evening, I was privileged to sit with him at dinner where he helped me translate my overtures to a newly installed Fellow, Dr. Christine Kerf

Following lunch, the spouses were off to tour Brussels while the Belgium/Luxembourg Section held a meeting to discuss their proposed WEPE Project (The West-East Professional Exchange Project—see sidebar, page 5) and committee workshops on Mentorship, Protégé, and Budget.

The evening’s formal ceremony was held at the centuries-old La Maison du Cygne Restaurant on the Grand Plaza Square in the heart of old Brussels. A cocktail reception gave us the opportunity to meet many of the new doctors to be inducted that night and get acquainted with our Belgium Fellows.

We adjourned to dinner in the banquet hall. The balcony overlooked the pleasant evening descending on the Grand Plaza. The ceremonies proceeded between entrées with Dr. Henri Aronis, past President of the Société de Médecine Dentaire, giving the keynote address on the state of dentistry in Belgium. International PFA President Shig Ryan Kishi then inducted three dentists into Academy Honorary Fellowship: Dr. Henri Aronis, Flemish Dental Society President Guido Vanbelle, and Belgium Dental Society (Société de Médecine Dentaire) President Marc Nacar.

Following the Awards Ceremony, four new Fellows were inducted into the Belgium/Luxembourg PFA Section. Those present and receiving their certificates from International President Shig Ryan Kishi and Section Chairman Jose Dahan, as well as their PFA pins from Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, were Drs. Christine Kerf, Susan Devos-Vandijck of Luxembourg, Guy Cotton, and Didier Cauchie.

Coffee and a tour of the multilevel restaurant’s collection of Flemish paintings completed the busy day at about midnight.

International Continuing Education Course

London, Monday, 22 June 1998—Immediate past Chairman Raj K. Raja Rayan of the United Kingdom, current U.K. Chairman Rash Patel, and committee members Drs. Louise Lunness-Barnes, John Reuter, Brian Parkins, and Declan Thompson organized an excellent all-day continuing education course at the Royal Society of Medicine office. After the continental breakfast reception, Dr. Rash Patel opened the conference and International Trustee Pierre Marois greeted the attendees.

Dr. Bruce Coye, a private-practice prosthodontist from California, gave the first conference on integrating intraosseous implants. Next, Master American dental laboratory technician Victor Rodriguez discussed optimizing complete denture function and esthetics. Dr. Harold C. Slavkin, Director of the U.S. National Institute on Dental Research, gave two afternoon conferences on clinical dentistry into the 21st century. British Air Marshal Ian McIntyre noted that Dr. Slavkin’s presentation was one of the most motivating and educational lectures he had listened to.

The evening ceremonies were held on the Pall Mall just off Trafalgar Square at the International Institute of Directors. International President Shig Ryan Kishi was honored by the U.K. Section. Formal toasts were given to the Queen and to the U.S. President before an audience of more than 100 guests. Our thanks went to the committee that planned the event, and appreciation awards were presented to the lecturers Dr. Bruce Coye, Victor Rodriguez, and Dr. Harold Slavkin.

Also honored that evening was Dr. John R. Wild, Chief Dental Officer in the Department of Health for England; he received Honorary Fellowship. International President Shig Ryan Kishi recognized Dr. Brian J. Parkins, past President of the American Dental Society of London and past PFA Section Chairman, with the PFA Certificate of Merit. Sir Ian Derek Gainsford also was honored with the PFA Certificate of Merit for his dedicated service to dentistry for many years.

The evening’s festivities were highlighted by the induction of 30 new Fellows Girish Kumar Bhuva, Jaykishor Bhuva, Naresh Bhuva, Irene Brooks, Suresh Chande, William Cheetham, Simon Cunnington, Promodh Datta, Roy Dookun, Trevor Ferguson, Peter Gordon, Audoen Healy, Vernon Holt, Faris Hussain, Richard Ibbetson, Clive Invest, Dinesh Jani, Robert Lambert, Bhasker Mehta, Saifudin Najefi, Carl Nehammer, Sivakumar Nithianda, Mahesh Patel, Stephen Perry, Sudir Radia, Josef Rich, Alka Saksena, Ashok Sethi, Suresh Sharma, and Michael Wilson.

L-R: President Shig Ryan Kishi, Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, and past President Ray Klein in front of the NATO symbol at the Brussels headquarters


International President Shig Ryan Kishi, Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, past President Ray Klein, and Editor Jim Brophy spent early Friday morning with communications liaisons officers at NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Headquarters in Brussels. Belgium/Luxembourg Chairman Jose Dahan had made special arrangements for our reception. The initial briefing brought us up-to-date on NATO’s efforts to expand its mutual security treaty role to encompass several peace initiatives. Their peacetime programs involve many non-NATO countries, including 17 ex–Warsaw Pact nations and several former Soviet republics. Even Russia has an office in the NATO complex. The member countries should ratify the entry of Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic this year.

The discussion quickly focused on NATO’s scientific mission and its Internet site. As NATO is digitized into the Web, its 90,000 servers link all relevant documents released since NATO’s 1949 founding. Its Web site receives 4 million hits every 75 days. It is set up to retrieve (1) organizational information, (2) thematic documents, and (3) educational material. One of those sites is the science section, which offers grants to organizations of NATO countries to help the former Eastern Bloc countries. Such PFA projects as collecting dental texts for Poland’s science libraries would fall within this grant program. With our Sections in the former Iron Curtain countries, PFA becomes a primary server to help strengthen peace ties with our dental colleagues in the east. NATO took the time to inform us as to how to utilize this arrangement to enhance professional contacts in sharing our non-military sciences with those needing it.

The International PFA Officers were very pleased with the opportunity to reach across the former Iron Curtain to help our dental colleagues. We will be exploring this grant opportunity to help NATO turn swords into plowshares, tanks into dental drills.

Foundation News

Professor Harold Messer presents PFA scholarship award to University of Melbourne student Philip Tan


Philip Tan, a dental student at the University of Melbourne, received the PFA scholarship award

Section News


It is with sadness that we note the passing of Dr. Alan D. Watson of Kilora, New South Wales, several years ago. He was a Fellow in PFA and ICD.


Fellow Richard Sandilands of Alberta was installed as President of the Canadian Dental Association this September. He has served as President of the Edmonton and District Dental Society, the Alberta Dental Association, and the Western Canada Dental Society. He also served as interim Director of the Alberta Dental Association and as clinical associate professor at the University of Alberta. He is a Fellow in the PFA, ICD, ACD, and ADI, as well as a member of Rotary International.

Fellow Burton Conrod of Nova Scotia became Vice President of the CDA this September. Dr. Conrod is past President of the Cape Breton Island Dental Society, and the Nova Scotia Dental Association. He has served as CDA Governor since 1991 and as a member of their Executive Council since 1995. He is a Fellow in the PFA and ICD.

Fellow Les Allen of Winnipeg received the CDA’s Distinguished Service Award at the CDA Awards Luncheon last September. Dr. Allen was President of the Manitoba Dental Association and CDA President in 1991. He is a Fellow in the PFA, ICD, and ACD.

Fellow Robert Baker of Winnipeg received the CDA’s Award of Merit at the CDA Awards Luncheon last September. Dr. Baker, an orthodontist, is a professor at the University of Manitoba. He is past President of the Manitoba Dental Association and the National Dental Examining Board of Canada. He is a Fellow in the PFA, ICD, and ACD.

Fellow Gary MacDonald of St. John’s received the CDA’s Award of Merit at their annual Awards Luncheon last September. Dr. MacDonald represented CDA on the National Healthcare Advisory Committee to Correctional Services Canada for 12 years and has the distinction of being the first non-physician to chair that committee. He is Executive Director of the Newfoundland Dental Association since 1987 as well as past President of their Association.

Fellow Noel H. Andrews was installed as the 109th President of the Nova Scotia Dental Association. Also, during the graduation ceremonies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Dr. Andrews was honored with their Distinguished Alumnus Award.


Their annual meeting was held this October with ICD at the Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club in Dublin.

Their section project presented dental technology materials to the dental schools at the Jordan University of Science and Technology at Irbid and the University of Jordan at Amman.


In October, International President Shig Ryan Kishi attended their annual Meeting in Kobe for the 15th presentation of the Mitch Nakayama Memorial Award. Section Chairman Masumi Masuda honored Dr. Anthony Tjan, Professor emeritus at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Elmer Best recipient Chang-Duk Kee receiving award from past PFA President William Kort


Dr. Chang-Duk Kee, recipient of the 1995 PFA International Distinguished Service Citation, was presented with the 1997 Elmer Best award in Seoul.


Past PFA Section Chairman Raj K. Raja Rayan has established their own Web site, which can be cross-linked with the International PFA Web site.



Northwestern University School of Dentistry Dean emeritus Norman H. Olsen passed away this September. Dr. Olsen was the recipient of the 1995 PFA Gold Medal and the Illinois PFA Distinguished Service Award. His sage advice and guidance will be sorely missed in professional dentistry.

Past PFA President William Kort (1989–90) suffered a mild stroke this September and is currently recovering. Dr. Kort has served as President of the Chicago Dental Society and is ICD Regent for the 8th District. He was the Chairman of our last PFA Leadership Conference in Chicago.


Chairman Ben Swanson, Jr., held two meetings inducting 40 new Fellows. Drs. Harry W.F. Dressel, Jr., and Sidney Burnett conducted the ceremonies. Dr. Frederick Magaziner received their 1998 Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Magaziner has produced and hosted “Open Wide—A Look at Dentistry” on WBFF since 1974.

Several Maryland Fellows were appointed to chair Section committees: Dr. Dressel, Nominating and Screening Committee; Dr. Magaziner, Awards Committee; Dr. Sheldon Silverman, Grants Committee; Dr. Alan Perkin, Events Planning Committee; and Dr. Margaret Wilson, Mentorship Committee.

PFA Chairman Lester Levin presenting their Distinguished Service Award to Dr. A.J. Chialastri

PFA Perrytown Chairman Lester L. Levin presented the PFA State Award to Dr. A. J. Chialastri of Philadelphia for a lifetime of service to dentistry at the local, state, and national levels. This award was made at the Pennsylvania House of Delegates Meeting during the annual Session of the Pennsylvania Dental Association Meeting in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Bruce Gouin on top of Mt. Whitney with “Dentists Climb for a Cause”
Rhode Island

Chairman Christine Benoit thanks Drs. John DaSilva and Richard Walsh for serving as mentors for new dentists.
The Fellows of Rhode Island regret the passing of Fellow Edward Radlo of Pawtucket this September.
Fellow Bruce Gouin participated with “Dentists Climb for a Cause” program to raise $30,000 for Operation Smile. He scaled Mount Whitney in California.

Fellow Raymond George, Jr. is the new President of the Rhode Island Dental Association. Fellow Edwin Mehlman will serve as the ADA District I Trustee in 1999.

South Dakota

Dr. Paul Reinke will be passing the Chairmanship to Dr. Robin Hattervig this year.

Chairman David Minahan welcoming new Fellows at their annual dinner

Past Russian Chairman Tatiana Spivakova-Sargent submitted the pictures for the annual PFA ceremony inducting new Fellows in Seattle this summer. Chairman David Minahan presided at the dinner held in the Washington Athletic Club.

L-R: Trustee David Campbell, Award recipient Paul Copoulos, Section Chairman James Englander, new Chairman Glenn Maihofer

Chairman James Englander hosted their annual meeting this September in Milwaukee to honor Dr. Paul Copoulos and to induct 12 new members into Fellowship. Dr. Copoulos is past President of the Wisconsin Dental Association and has taught at Marquette University School of Dentistry for 45 years. Marquette honored him as their Distinguished Alumnus in Dentistry. The Wisconsin Dental Association recognized him with their Outstanding Service Award, and the Wisconsin PFA gave him their Distinguished Service Award at their annual luncheon.

International Trustee M. David Campbell attended to assist in inducting into Fellowship Drs. Jeffrey Casperson, Steven Hein, Richard Hilsabeck, Michael Karczewski, Ell L. Lee, Scott Lewis, Gregory Ludden, Frank Maritato, Robert McGrath, Thomas Raimann, Constantine Stamatelakys, and Richard Tonelli.

Dr. James Englander receiving plaque from Glenn Maihofer for chairing the Wisconsin Section for the last decade

Dr. Englander acknowledged the attendance of eight past Presidents of the Wisconsin Dental Association and numerous officers and trustees. In his address, International Trustee David Campbell emphasized the importance of the Mentorship Program, which fosters the development of students as professionals. The meeting was held in cooperation with the WDA and the University of Marquette School of Dentistry and is a part of the Wisconsin PFA Mentorship Program, now in its fourth year.

WEPE Project

The Belgium/Luxembourg Section discussed their West-East Professional Exchange Project for inclusion in their Mentorship Program. On Friday afternoon, Chairman Jose Dahan called his Fellows together to discuss this project, with input from International President Shig Ryan Kishi, European Trustee Pierre Marois, Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, Georgia Section Chairman Vladimer Margvelashvili, and Kansas Chairman Estel Landreth.

Because of the implied concern about training younger local dentists who might end up competing with their mentors, this program suggests inter-country exchanges of experience and professional skills with dentists of different countries. An added benefit is to allow better recognition of one’s own international reputation through the eyes of a foreign protégé as well as a feeling for the equipment and products used by the mentor.

Three exchange stages are planned: (1) Western Europe with the United States; (2) western Europe with eastern Europe, sponsored by a third party; and (3) Western Asia with Japan, with or without a sponsor. If successful, a north-south exchange component is possible.

Younger dentists/dental students would stay a month and observe three or four mentors in their practices. They would experience all aspects of the daily routine of operating a private practice and would develop communications skills necessary to deal with patients and staff.

The program is to be managed by a secretary general from western Europe and funded by different international organizations. The administrator would publicize the existence of WEPE, select and place applicants, enroll mentors, and coordinate the exchange. Each PFA Section would form a local committee to screen applicants and mentors and to select three from each category.

Not only would this program provide mentorship, but it would do so on an international basis in keeping with the PFA mission.

Japanese Section meets in Osaka

By Shig Ryan Kishi

I want to take this opportunity to send you my brief report regarding my visit to the Japanese Section of the Academy on 17 October 1998.
I left for Osaka, Japan on 15 October and arrived at the new and extremely large Osaka/Kansai International Airport (KIX) at 4 p.m. on 16 October. There is a 16-hour time difference between Los Angeles and Osaka. Of course, by crossing the international date line a day is lost in the process of taking the 12-hour flight to Osaka.

Dr. Anthony Tjan, recipient of the Mitch Nakayama Memorial Award, and I were met by Mr. Mitsuhiro Tatani, Executive General Manager of Hakusui Trading, and Dr. Eiichi Katagiri, Secretary General of the Japan Section.

We departed for the Shinkobe Oriental Hotel by jet-foil across Kobe Bay and arrived safely at the hotel. The rain was very heavy due to the approaching typhoon.

At 6 p.m. we were taken to the new Okura Hotel for dinner, which was hosted by Mrs. Nakayama.

The meeting was held at the Shinkobe Oriental Hotel. An estimated 150 to 160 fellows were in attendance at this meeting. The members came from all areas of Japan, including the northern island of Hokkaido and the southernmost island of Kyushu. The Korean Section was also present at this meeting; I was pleasantly surprised that they attended the Japanese Section’s meeting even though a typhoon was descending on the Osaka area.

During the evening of 17 October, a reception was held by the Japanese Section and it was heartwarming in to see that the individuals from the two countries, Korea and Japan, were beginning to establish a closer relationship.

Two international interpreters also attended the meeting and their assistance was invaluable to bridge the language barrier. I have had the assistance of numerous interpreters during my previous visits to lecture in Japan, but this time, I was truly amazed by the ability of these interpreters to simultaneously translate from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English.

Dr. Katsumi Masuda is now the Immediate Past President of this section and Dr. Sadao Wakumoto, Professor Emeritus from Showa University and the prestigious Tokyo Medical and Dental University, is the new President of this Section for the years 1998–2000. Dr. Wakumoto is highly respected throughout Japan and he has informed me that his goal is to increase the number of new fellows in this section. I know that his standing in this country will enable him to accomplish this goal.

Professor Wakumoto is also a close friend of Professor Miyazaki of Showa University.

Dr. Anthony Tjan was a truly deserving recipient of the 15th Mitch Nakayama Memorial Award. He was educated in Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the United States. He has received three degrees during the course of his professional career and has published more than 200 research articles. I was extremely pleased to be present when Dr. Tjan, my classmate from USC, received the award.

This section will hold its 1999 meeting in Sapporo, Japan. The city of Sapporo is located on Hokkaido. I would encourage the new officers of the Academy to attend this meeting in 1999.

I departed from the Osaka/Kansai International Airport on 18 October at 6 p.m. and arrived home at 7:30 p.m. the same day.


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