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2007 January - February


President's Message

William Winspear

The Giving of Inspiration

Perhaps the greatest privilege that the President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy enjoys whilst in office is the opportunity of meeting colleagues from all parts of the world and of discovering the diverse environments in which they practise dentistry. They all have their own fascinating stories, with many chronicling extraordinary courage, sacrifice, and selfless commitment.

Life stories of their senior members are always cherished within families. They continue traditions, they are held high to inspire those who follow, and above all, they accurately depict the lifestyles, the political and economic climates, and the challenges of the time. Collectively, they record the history of communities and countries and are vital in their future developments.

Our international dental family also possesses a wealth of wonderfully uplifting stories; of high profile specialists working in the affluence of major international cities to dentists who trek alone from village to village, carrying their outdated equipment; of dental leaders who have lobbied and persuaded governments into action, to retirees who fondly reflect on their careers and offer both encouragement and circumspection.

Many of them have been caringly preserved in literature and archival files; others are displayed in museums and libraries. However, a countless number have been lost or remain untold, and we, both individually and as a profession, are poorer for this plight.

In 1992, the Academy established its International Hall of Fame of Dentistry to honour "the elite and the greats of the dental profession from throughout the world" and preserve for posterity their distinguished contributions. It serves not only to educate and uphold the profession's history but also to motivate dentists of future generations, to push their own personal boundaries. I urge you to visit the Academy's Web site to discover more about this highly respected project.

We rejoice in anecdotes of our innovators and champions of public causes, of our survivors and benefactors. But what about those who have been forgotten?

During this year of my Presidency, I have embarked on a mission to discover as many of these "forgotten" dentists as possible, so that their efforts and accomplishments can be brought to light and rightfully celebrated. Accordingly, I would appreciate receiving details of any person who is considered to be one of our "unsung heroes." Information may be sent to me at or delivered to the Academy's Office.

Personally, I am continually inspired by the dedication of volunteer dentists who have established facilities, which increase the accessibility of oral health care to regions that are underserved; for the needy and underprivileged; and for those who have been displaced through conflict and disaster. These men and women not only provide "hands on" treatment, but they are also confronted each day with arranging the financing of their operations--with the incessant door-knocking and letter-writing to acquire funds. The Foundation of the Academy often is able to assist many of these initiatives with grants that ensure their viability and growth.

Pierre Fauchard was an inspiration to his peers in the 18th century. He has continued to be an inspiration to the international dental profession for more than 300 years. His inspiration has stood the test of time and has well served us all.

William Winspear
PFA International President

Iowa Homecoming

Often our news items pertain exclusively to what the Fellows in PFA are doing to make the world a more dental-friendly place to live in, one project at a time. Or they pertain to what outstanding contributions in the field of dentistry that individuals are making, and to those honored by Fellowship or PFA recognition. Few times do we insert PFA and our members into the entire picture of our profession, and life in general.

Last November, in the haze of running from the epitome of what our Pierre Fauchard Academy does on the international scene (held during the ADA meeting in Las Vegas), to our President's meeting with the officers of the Louisiana PFA Section, the officials of the Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, and our professional standing there, the editorial staff met the next weekend with PFA leaders in Iowa City, Iowa.

Under the opportunity of the University of Iowa School of Dentistry Homecoming, we attended and experienced a collage of PFA, dentistry, education, college athletics, Iowa history, and the effect the Iowa Dental School has on Iowa dentistry and, hence, our country. The entire picture is one of a blend of dental leaders who produce an outstanding report on our Academy--and the profession as a whole.

We arrived there late Thursday night in time to take in the outstanding Louisville-Rutgers football game on TV. That exciting victory for Rutgers certainly set the stage for events to come.

The following morning we drove to the beautiful campus to meet with Iowa Associate Dean of Students, Yvonne M. Chalkley, to discuss the opportunities that PFA has been fulfilling in their educational system with scholarships and professional recognition.

The Dean also sang the praises of such outstanding dental leaders as our past PFA President C. F. Larry Barrett, our Regional Trustee Steve Hedlund, our Section Chair C. Frederick Fuller, as well as former Iowa Dean John C. Montgomery, and FDI Officer Kathy Kells, to name a few of their dental leaders. These individuals are and have been outstanding in their own personal pursuits. But they are also PFA Fellows.

The University of Iowa School of Dentistry educates more than 80% of the State's dentists. So it is no mystery that when they have a Homecoming, the profession of dentistry in Iowa has its own important gathering of dentists in practice, government, education, and research. The University of Iowa School of Dentistry is recognized as one of the top dental schools in the country, and by extension, the world. It attracts many foreign students (such as Dr. Mitzi Moldauer, daughter of Guatemala/Belize Section Chair Bertram Moldauer, and sister of Dr. Ivan Moldauer, an endodontic professor at NOVA), as well as highly capable students from the United States/Canada. The richness of our profession can be seen in this microcosm of campus culture coming together on this weekend to celebrate their graduation--initiation into this elite group of professionals, many of whom have become leaders in dentistry on some varying levels.

After our early morning conference with Dean Chalkley, we attended their Homecoming's seminar courses offered to the alumni. This series of courses presented reports on the status of dentistry in the State of Iowa, the current research being done there, and a compilation of new technology/materials being done elsewhere. The package was a complete education building off their past presentations.

At noon, we then were invited to the University Club for the PFA Section Luncheon Meeting.

The PFA Luncheon Meeting included a speaker who had been directing the rebuilding of the original University of Iowa/Iowa Capitol building, after some recent damage. The building, over 100 years old, has since been retired from use as a teaching facility and is being made over into a museum. At its beginning, it had been the meeting place for the Iowa State government. The University of Iowa, and that building in particular, has always had a tight relationship with the history of Iowa--its government and its top educational system, including dentistry.

That evening, we joined in the cocktail reception where we met (entirely by chance) the recipient of the James Brophy Senior Memorial Scholarship Award at Iowa, Ms. Lindsay Compton.

As guests of past President Larry Barrett and his wife Lois, and former Dean John Montgomery, and his delightful wife Shirley, we enjoyed the Alumni Dinner and Award Festivities, where many of our Fellows were recognized for their dental achievements for the University.

And several were in the leadership of raising tremendous amounts of money for the dental school, challenging the other dental school graduation classes to match their efforts. While this is not unusual at such dental school functions, the enthusiasm and number of young dentists active in making this commitment was amazing. This was a "family" event of graduates who had actually enjoyed and appreciated their education at the University of Iowa. The warmth and candor was exceptional. We were accepted into their family with no qualms.

We were up early in the rain on Saturday to attend the remaining continuing education courses (and to get a close parking spot for the afternoon football game). When we had gone into the dental school, the campus was pretty empty. When we came out, it was entirely different. Like in the play "Brigadoon," the area had been transformed into an old English tournament festival. The dental school had their own alumni tent with all types of warming food and drink. Other tailgaters filled the enormous parking areas with large balloons, flags, and wafting smells of this Autumn ritual for a home football game. What was a chilly, raining morning blossomed into a warm sunny afternoon.

This was to have been an easy win for a much-touted Hawkeye team against a usually poor Northwestern squad. But it was not to be. Someone forgot to tell the Wildcats and Coach Fitzgerald. As we walked over to Kennick Stadium (one of the nation's largest), the some 71,000 fans were filing in to fill the seats. They left less enthusiastically. Dr. Barrett apologized for the "poor result of the game," but to us Northwestern is just down the street from where we live. While we had no favorite in the game, wearing the University of Iowa Alumni name badge and sporting my Iowa scarf had me root for the home team. The game had been a good one from a playing perspective, but the Hawkeyes did not seem to be up for it.

We pleasantly walked back to our car and headed home from this whirlwind tour of an exciting Iowa City. In the few days there, we were able to observe and participate on different levels of Iowa events that formed a wonderful mixture of what Iowa, their dental school, and their people are all about--a giving group of citizens and professionals who would help out anyone in need. That universal attitude pervades what makes their programs and their people so successful. No one particularly wants to run the world--just move it forward for everyone.

As many of you know Larry Barrett, he is not unique. He is an excellent example of an Iowan and a professional. We need many more like him.

Community Outreach Program of the Philippines

L-R, Fellows Rosemary Young Chan, Chair of the Outreach Program; Section Vice Chair Hermogenes Villareal; Rose C. Nisce; Section Chair Diampo Lim; and Best Awardee Primo Gonzales

Section Chairman Diampo J. Lim, Dean of the Philippine School of Dentistry, met last March with his Section's Fellows to carefully plan their PFA Philippine Section Community Program for the year. They were extending their outreach program into a new area of the country and wanted their venture to look polished and professional. They were planning an Oral Health Dental Education Project for more than 600 first-grade pupils in three elementary schools in the Paete, Laguna Province, about 65 miles (120 km) south of Manila. Therein resides the home of world-class Filipino woodcarvers. Antonio A. Baldemor and 26 other dedicated Fellows attended this session with all the Section Officers and those in charge of the demonstrations for three elementary schools.

Using large plastic models, correct tooth brushing skills were demonstrated and packets containing toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouth rinse, germicide bath soap, a small face towel, a plastic cup, and multi-vitamin tablets were distributed to the students. PFA also provided assorted pediatric emergency medicines to the three schools.

The villages were very appreciative of this service and the Mayors along with all the town officials were on hand to welcome the PFA entourage.

First graders preparing for the tooth brushing drill in Paete.

The next planned activity of this sort has been scheduled at Bagac, Bataan, the home Province of Best Award recipient Primo Gonzales, an Advisor on the project.

Since 2004, their PFA Section has adopted two Philippine areas to be included in their Community Outreach Program: the Loob Bunga Elementary School in Botolan, Zambales, (Dental World, Sept/Oct 2005 issue, p. 13; and Jan/Feb 2006 issue, pp.10-11) and the Paete School in Laguna. The school in Bagac, Bataan, will be the third added this year.

Elmer S. Best Memorial Award

Past President Michael Perpich was the PFA ambassador to France to present PFA's most prestigious award to Dr. Pierre Machtou, a Paris endodontist, during a ceremony in the Thesis Room of Paris 7 University.

At the reception held to honor the Best recipient, in attendance and assisting Dr. Perpich were International Trustee- emeritus Pierre Marois, European Trustee Hubert Ouvrard, and French Chair Marie-Laure Boy-Lefevre. Adding to the grandeur of the event, four new dental professionals were inducted into Fellowship--Drs. Monique Triller, Pierre LaForgue, Michel Guillain, and Roland Nejar. Dr. Thibault Monnier was not able to be present and will be inducted at the next ceremony.

Dr. Robert Garcia presented the Medal of the Association de l'Ecole Odontologique to past PFA President Michael Perpich. Dr. Perpich had been presented the Gold Medal from the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Chirurgiens Dentistes in absentia during their 2005 ceremony in Paris to then President-elect Howard Mark.

Spring PFA Management Team Meeting

The Meeting of the PFA Management Team will be held in conjunction with the Oklahoma Dental Association annual Meeting in Oklahoma City on Thursday, 26 April 2007, at the Renaissance Hotel. Events will include the dedication of a bust of Pierre Fauchard by the Oklahoma Dental Association at their headquarters, the PFA Section annual Breakfast Meeting on Friday, 27 April, at 7:30 a.m., followed by an afternoon tour of the University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry. Section Chair William Goodman will conduct a tour of the Cowboy Hall of Fame followed by the Saturday evening annual OK Dental Association's Dinner Dance. The PFA Interim Meeting will commence on Sunday, 29 April, at 10 a.m.

Endorsed Sedation Guidelines

Recently in Chicago, a pediatric dentist routinely performing dentistry on his child patients suffered the death of a young girl in a sedated state. The situation made national news and is being investigated by all governmental and professional organizations to determine if there were any means that this could have been prevented. In the meantime, our profession has stepped to the forefront in recommending and publishing sedation guidelines. While many of these guidelines seem to be "common sense" and have been published before, the immediate need was to quantify them to everyone in an established form, particularly to the skeptical general public aroused by this particular case. Now, all of dentistry comes under the microscope again to be re-examined. Providing answers to the public before they have asked the questions and to oversight governing bodies demonstrates that our profession continues to act in the best interests of our patients.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), founded in 1947 and headquartered in Chicago, consists of some 6800 members who are primary care providers for comprehensive specialty treatments for infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special health care needs. As advocates of children's oral health care, the AAPD works closely with legislators, professional associations, and health care professionals to develop policies and guidelines, to implement research opportunities in pediatric oral health, and to educate pedodontists, pediatric dentists, all health care providers, and the public regarding pediatric oral health

A separate organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), has some 60,000 members in primary care roles as pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists, and pediatric surgical specialists who are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of infants, children, and young adults

In a landmark event, these two groups released joint recommendations for all medical and dental practitioners regarding the management and monitoring of pediatric patients during and after sedation procedures. This reinforces a standardized approach to pediatric sedation procedures across the health professions. The guidelines follow definitions of sedation categories and expected physiological responses currently used by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and by the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

AAPD President Dr. Phil Hunke stated that the AAPD partnership with AAP has provided extensive, updated sedation guidelines in a monumental step toward ensuring that all children who undergo a medical or dental procedure will receive the safest, most effective treatment in practicing in a manner consistent to benefit all patients and the entire pediatric medical community.

The recent trend in outpatient procedures that involve sedation is becoming more common outside of the safety net of the hospital environment. While proper sedation procedures have long been established, a review that included codification and publication of the procedures was felt to be required to assure the profession's compliance on a routine basis.

Almost all professionals are familiar with the horror stories of lost patients even in following all these procedures. But any sedative involves some risk, as does the procedure itself. Sedation should not ever be considered routine for simple procedures that could be handled differently without incurring additional risk to the safety of the patient.

Many forms of sedation are becoming more commonplace in the professions as newer medicaments are being developed. But no matter how many times a sedative form is used prior to a procedure, the specter of death looms in the shadows for even the finest practitioner. And the psychological effect on the staff and doctor in losing a patient is irreparable.


1 No administration of sedating medications without the safety net of a medical supervision by a licensed practitioner in medicine, surgery, or dentistry.

2 Careful pre-sedation evaluation for underlying medical or surgical conditions that would place the child at increased risk from the sedating medications.

3 Appropriate fasting for elective procedures and a balance between the depth of sedation and risk for those who are unable to fast because of the urgent nature of the procedure.

4 A clear understanding of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects of the medications used for sedation as well as an appreciation for drug interactions.

5 Appropriate training and skills in airway management to allow rescue of the patient, should there be an adverse response.

6 Age-appropriate and size-appropriate equipment for airway management and venous access, appropriate medications and reversal agents.

7 Sufficient numbers of staff to carry out the procedure and to monitor the patient during and after the procedure. 8 Appropriate physiologic monitoring during and after the procedure. 9 A properly equipped and staffed recovery area, recovery to pre-sedation level of consciousness before discharge from medical supervision, and appropriate discharge instructions.

Michigan's Bay Cliff Health Camp Revisited

In 2002, the PFA Foundation awarded a $3500 grant to the Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, Michigan, on the recommendation of Michigan Chair Virginia Merchant (Dental World, Jan/Feb 2003, p. 14).

Under the leadership of Dr. Cheri Newman and her tribe of volunteers, several dental personnel ventured into the wilds of rural Michigan to provide dental care to the physically disabled. A couple of those volunteers at that time were past PFA President David Campbell and his wife Janet. They wrote an article about the experience which was shared with the Fellowship in the July/August 2003 issue of Dental World, pp. 2-3.

And though we are in 2007, the Dr. Cheri Newman Dental Tribe of UDM volunteers did venture out to Big Bay, Upper Peninsula, again last summer to continue their tradition of providing dental care to the physically challenged adults.

The Camp was originally established during the Depression years as an outpost to help starving children. It later became a center for treating children with polio and other physical disabilities. Currently, the Camp treats children with any physical disability. Over its 72 years of service, thousands of children have been helped in their lives. In those seven decades, the children have become adults, but serving their needs is still a priority. Bay Cliff Camp has established Camp Independence for "campers" 18 years and older to continue their childhood experience into adulthood. This is where PFA has become directly involved.

That Camp experience is adapted per person per disability to be inclusive, from kayaking, painting, bowling, swimming, photography, to physical therapy, massage therapy, and dentistry. The dentistry is particularly essential since many of these patients do not have access to dental treatment during the rest of the year. It is not that the families or nursing care homes do not care about their patient's dental needs, but the time and energy involved in getting the patients dressed and fed for the day is exhausting. Planning preparation for a dental appointment, transportation concerns of getting to a dental facility, and then making a series of dental appointments to take care of these needs is difficult to work into a regular regime and cost. When just taking a glass of water with a straw is a chore, brushing one's teeth daily is not a high priority item for living. This situation is an everyday reality for many Bay Cliff patients. This is where PFA volunteers make a real difference.

This year's team consisted of UDM students Tiffany Stafiej, (Foundation Scholarship recipient), Elizabeth Ralstrom, and Sam Blanchard, along with Brad Mattson, RDH Pat Theisen, RDH Stephanie Newman and Dr. Cheri Newman. They performed some 60 hygiene appointments, more than 40 multiple surface restorations, and a few extractions. While it seems strange that these patients are genuinely appreciative of the dental treatments, one understands better when they say, "Thank you. It no longer hurts when I chew."

At Camp Independence, there are no disabilities, only differently-abled campers. Camp Bay Cliff is a magical place where lives are affected every summer. Volunteers think that they are there to help others. Halfway through the camp they realize that the campers only needed a filling or two, but the volunteer needed the help in realizing another side of real life. They understand that the profession of dentistry is more than a business, and payment is more worth earning when done with thankful smiles and words.

Unicorn of the Sea

The National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore (at the University of Maryland Medical Center) opened its newest exhibit last December--"The Narwhal: A Whale of a Tooth." The exhibition features a 13-foot, life-size model of a male Narwhal with a five-foot tusk growing through the upper lip and jaw.

The exhibition is based on the research of Dr. Martin Nweeia, the principal investigator of Narwhal Tusk Research, and a research associate in the Marine Mammal Program at the Smithsonian Institute. Visitors will hear stories about this "Unicorn of the Sea" and the legends surrounding the sailor stories that has had scientists wondering about the creature for decades.

The most startling revelation is that a Narwhal (Monodon monocerous) has a tusk whose outer surface is composed of 10 million, tiny tubules that contain neural fibers connected to the single tusk's central nerve. Dr. Nweeia noted that it is indeed strange to discover such a formation of millions of sensory pathways connected to its nervous system that are exposed to the frigid arctic environment. The usual range of this creature is from the Atlantic portion of the Arctic Ocean to the Greenland Sea. This is the only currently known mammal to have such a natural physical arrangement.

The single tusk is the only one in nature that grows straight and can achieve a 9-foot length. The adult body form is between 13 and 15 feet long, weighing in at 2200 to 3500 pounds. This exhibition was supported through a grant from Sunstar Americas. The display will run through August, 2007

From the Desk of Congressman Charlie Norwood...

Charlie Norwood

While 2006 has been an encouraging year for dentists, there are a couple of issues that will affect us.

Currently, TRICARE, the medical health insurance program for members of the Armed Services and their dependents, will currently pay for medically necessary dental work in a hospital setting if the condition has a medical component. For example, dental work in conjunction with a car crash would be covered; but a child with a serious dental condition, or who is mentally or physically challenged and the dentist feels that the treatment should be done with the patient under general anesthesia in a hospital or ambulatory surgical setting, the family gets stuck with the hospital anesthesia cost. This imposes a serious financial burden resulting in military families postponing necessary dental treatments for their children.

I introduced legislation to correct this inequality (H.R. 5050), which was exactly included in the House version of the 2007 Defense Authorization Bill. The Senate included similar but less comprehensive language in their bill. Either bill will most likely pass and become law.

The other matter is stopping the Dental Health Aide Therapists, who perform dentistry and irreversible dental procedures, from spreading the concept out of Alaska. I am working on this with Congressman Donald Young of Alaska, and the ADA. However, the Senators from Alaska, particularly Senator Stevens, have stopped our language from getting into the bill.

As you know, the Indian Health Service (IHS) has allowed Alaskan tribes to send people to New Zealand to acquire some certificate called a "dental therapist degree." These therapists are then permitted to perform procedures that require a high degree of skill without their having the proper training or experience. IHS has ignored suggestions from the ADA and other knowledgeable health professionals to solve this problem. They have not insisted that the State of Alaska include dentistry in their Medicaid Program for the tribes. Instead, they are trying to "dumb down" our profession and to regulate these Native American citizens to having third-world dentistry.

My first solution was to remedy the 25% vacancies in the IHS dental positions by enticing recruits to the program through a currently available loan repayment program free of federal taxation. The National Health Service Corps has been doing this with success for years.

The second suggestion was to provide a pilot program and education campaign on the benefits of bottled fluoridated water to tribal areas under the direction of the IHS. It also aimed to educate the population to the health risks of overuse of soft drinks.

My final thought was to streamline the certification process for dentists who want to serve in IHS without the time-consuming re-credentialing that now exists for dental personnel to practice. Currently, the IHS credentialing is site-specific. The Department of Defense (DoD) credentials dentists through a centralized process to place them in situations where they are needed the most, at any given time. Why re-invent the wheel when the DoD procedures are already in place, working, and are successful?

The fight for Title VII funding continues to provide money to programs that are designed to train dentists who will serve the needs of underserved populations, such as rural areas. The increased funding has received much better support than when we started the fight three years ago, but it is nowhere near the levels we have requested.

The little-known Ryan White CARE Act provides $2 billion in federal funds to local and State governments to provide health care services for people affected by HIV or AIDS who cannot afford them. These funds can be used for dental care as well. Another $15 million is specifically provided for dental treatment due to the disease or the medicaments used for treating the condition. While this is not funded to the level we believe necessary, we had to pull it off the table from being totally eliminated this year. This year, we have them convinced to establish core services guidelines, which the States will have to fund 75% of the cost, and oral health care is to be a core service.

Your support of my efforts has been wonderful in the past, and I appreciate all you have done to help me in this joint effort. Call me when you get to Washington, DC, to see if I am available to have a cup of coffee with you and discuss your local dental concerns.

Charlie Norwood, DDS
U.S. Representative

Foundation News

Fred J. Halik

From the Desk of The Executive Director...Dr. Fred J. Halik

In the afterglow of the Las Vegas Meeting, it appears that the Foundation Board had a successful gathering. The business on hand worked out well. Some famous folks of the Foundation received appropriate huzzahs. They include the great Carl Lundgren, one of our past heroes, past President of the Foundation--and everything else--who received the Academy's Distinguished Service Certificate. Our newest Trustee, Howard Mark, assumed full trusteeship after bodily being removed from the PFA Presidency. And congratulations are due to Jim Englander, who becomes the "provisional" Trustee as President-elect of the Academy.

The Minutes from the Las Vegas Meeting have been printed off and mailed to the Board for their approval. All the Grant contracts have been sent out to the accepted applicants, as well as letters to those rejected. The accepted Grants are:


1000 Smiles Foundation from Dr. James Vernetti of California
The Haitian Health Foundation from Dr. Jeremy Lowney of Connecticut
Dental Project Peru from Dr. Jacqueline Nimmo of the United Kingdom
The National Board of French Dental Surgeons from Dr. Pierre-Yves Mahe of France
Hope for Healthier Humanity from Dr. Stanley Kosan of New York
Rotary Australia Community Services from Dr. Sandra Meihubers of Australia
The Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped from Dr. Murray Sykes of Maryland
Meet Each Need with Dignity (MEND) from Dr. Richard Marias of California
The Metropolitan Denver Dental Foundation from Teri Gilpin of Colorado
The Massachusetts Dental Society from Chair Norman Becker of Massachusetts
The Good Shepherd Ministries of Oklahoma from Dr. Francis Lipsinic of Oklahoma
The West Virginia Health Right from Dr. Julie Hamilton of West Virginia
The University of California-San Diego from Dr. Ellen Beck of California
The Kentucky PFA from Chair Karl Lange of Kentucky
The PFA Section of Kentuckyfrom Chair Karl Lange
The Street Angels Society from Dr. Evelyn McNee of Canada
The AIDS Resource of Wisconsin from Doug Nelson of Wisconsin
The International Smile Power Foundation from Dr. Sherwin Shinn of Washington State
The Children's Dental Health Association of San Diego from RDH Druann Andrecht of California
The United Way of the Quad Cities Area from LISW Scott Caldwell of Iowa
The Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre from Sister Susan Fletcher of Canada
The Flying Samaritans from Dr. Ted Tanabe of California
The St. Vincent de Paul Village from Dr. Michael Ward of California
The University of Mississippi School of Dentistry from Dr. Karen Crews of Mississippi
The Volunteer Ministry Center from Dr. Reuben Pelot of Tennessee
The Latin World Ministries from Dr. Jerome Smith of Louisiana
The Free Peoples Clinic from Dr. Edward Schaaf of Illinois
Smiles Forever from Sandy Kemper of Washington State
PFA Web site from Academy President Howard Mark
PFA publicationsfrom Academy President Howard Mark

The Foundation was sorry not to be able to fund all the grants received, but funds were down this year, hence the Fund Raising Program by Foundation Vice President Larry Barrett, so even the exceptional grant opportunities had to be pared down.

As of this date there will be no Chicago Interim of Bettendorf Meeting.

To remind everyone, M. David Campbell of Plymouth,Michigan, is our Foundation President; Larry Barrett of Bettendorf, Iowa, is our Vice President; Bill Kort of Oakbrook,Illinois, is our Treasurer; and your Executive Director is Fred Halik of Fairport, New York--the only non-Midwesterner in the officer ranks. Gary Lowder of Ogden, Utah, is Chairman of the Grants Committee. The Trustees and other advisors are listed at the end of this publication.

Please remember to send in your contribution to your PFA Foundation. Every day that passes lessens the impact YOU can make on global dentistry. As soon as your benefice is received, it starts earning much-needed revenue to support our grants program and the projects it funds internationally.

L-R, PFA Trustee Barry Dolman with recipient Susan Conrod and PFA President Howard Mark

Susan Conrod, a junior dental student at Dalhousie University, was presented Canada's Student Clinician Award by Canadian International Trustee Barry Dolman and then PFA President Howard Mark. Susan Conrod is the daughter of past CDA President Burton Conrod, who is the President-elect of FDI. She was also the student clinician winner of the Dentsply competition at the CDA St. John's Newfoundland annual CDA Convention to represent Canada at the finals during the ADA Session.

France Chair Marie-Laure Boy-Lafevre had presented the PFA Foundation Scholarships to student Philippe Boitelle of the Faculte de Chirurgie Dentaire de Lille, and to Matthieu Dohrmann of the Faculte de Chirurgie Dentaire de Strasbourg.

United States

The Foundation Scholarship was presented to the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry's Tiffany Stafiej who had been participating in the PFA Mentoring Program. Tiffany was also a volunteer at the Bay Cliff Health Camp in 2004, 2005, and 2006. She was raised in Livonia and earned her undergraduate degree at Michigan State University.

Foundation Scholarship recipient Amanda Bucklin at the University of Michigan is from Coldwater, Michigan, and earned her BS degree from Western Michigan University. She has been her Class Secretary and coordinated a school-wide fundraiser to benefit the American Red Cross' Hurricane Katrina effort in 2005.

David Wei-Hua Ho of UDM also participated in the PFA Mentoring Program and was a volunteer at Bay Cliff Health Camp in 2005. He was the 2006 recipient of the PFA Senior Dental Award. Originally from Toronto, he graduated near the top of his class at UDM, is a member of OKU, and is entering the General Practice Residency program in Toledo. Brody James Hart received his BA degree from the University of Utah and his DDS degree from the University of Michigan. He is now practicing dentistry in Salt Lake City with his father. He was the recipient of the 2006 PFA Senior Dental Certificate. Dr. Hart participated in the Student Research Program for three years, receiving the NIDCR Student Research Fellowship in 2003 and an AADR Student Research Fellowship in 2004. He earned second place in the Basic Science category during UM School of Dentistry's 2005 Research Day Poster Competition.


Associate Dean William T. Buchanan of the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry has presented the Foundation Scholarship to honor student Bradley Dale Harrelson, past President of the American Student Dental Association.

L-R, PFA Section Secretary Gary Westerman, recipient Katherine Shadegg, and Dean Steven Friedrichsen

The Foundation Scholarship for Creighton University School of Dentistry was presented to Katherine V. Shadegg by Creighton Dean Steven W. Fredrichsen and PFA Section Secretary/Treasurer Gary H. Westerman, Chair of Community and Preventive Dentistry at Creighton.

Washington State

The Dental Alumni News for the University of Washington Dental Alumni Association reported in their Summer/Fall,2006 issue, Vol. 32, #2 that the PFA Foundation Scholarship Award had been presented to Michael Bowman, who is the Class of 2007 President, and was also honored in receiving the Dan Middaugh Dental Student Professional Service Award,the Dr. Tony Michael Ponti Memorial Scholarship Award, and the Dental Alumni Association Scholarship.

The PFA Senior Student Award from the Academy was presented to Zachton Lowe, who also received the Quintessence Award for Clinical Achievement in Restorative Dentistry,First Place in the Washington Academy of General Dentistry and William Howard Student Competition Award, OKU Membership recognition, and the Alpha Omega Scholarship Award.

2007 Calendar

March Australian Dental Association Congress/PFA Induction Ceremony, Sydney
April Oklahoma PFA Meeting
PFA Management Team Meeting
Oklahoma State Dental Association Pierre Fauchard bust unveiled
26-30 April Oklahoma State Dental Association Meeting, Oklahoma City
27 April Oklahoma PFA Section Breakfast Meeting, 7:30 a.m.
29 April PFA Management Team Meeting, 10 a.m.
5 May Michigan PFA Section Meeting, Detroit, 7 a.m.
12 May Hall of Fame Ceremony, Union League Club, Philadelphia
May Southern California Section Meeting and Luncheon, Anaheim
22-24 May Canadian Dental Association Meeting/PFA Canada Meeting, Jasper, Alberta
August 100th Anniversary of the Chile Odontological Society, Santiago, Chile
27-30 September 148th ADA Meeting, San Francisco
PFA Academy & Foundation Annual Board Meetings, San Francisco
24-27 October 95th FDI Congress, Dubai, UAE

Section News


PFA Section Fellow Reginald Hession has been elected to the position of ADI Vice President (Finance and Administration) at their Board of Regents Meeting during the recent gathering in Las Vegas.


Fellow Burton Conrod, past President of the Canadian Dental Association, has been selected as President-elect of the FDI for this year.


Dr. Philippe Gateau addressed their December Scientific Meeting on "l'etape incontournable en prothese fixee: l'empreinte" ["The most important step in prosthodontics--taking the impression"] held at the Club of Entretiens de Garanciere.

Dr. Anne du Sorbier is the Section Secretary. International PFA President William Winspear of Australia will attend Paris next June to hold a Wall of Fame Ceremony to place two more plaques at the Conseil National de l'Ordre. An Induction Ceremony for new Fellows is also planned at that time.

Our International Trustee Hubert Ouvrard is also the Editor for de l'Academie Nationale de Chirurgie Dentaire, and Editor of their four-color dental journal "Actualites Odonto Stomatologiques/ l'encyclopedie du praticien."

Their PFA Section also publishes a newsletter "La Lettre de la Pierre Fauchard Academy." What an opportunity to read about our Section's activities in the very language that Pierre Fauchard spoke himself!


Chair of Japan Toshio Morioka hosted their 37th Section Annual Meeting in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture last November with 67 Fellows from Japan in attendance and five Fellows from Korea. Our Korean Fellows included Chair of Korea Kim Jong-Won and past Chair Kim Hong-Ki.

The honored guest speakers were Dr. Mitsuo Ohkubo, President of the Japan Dental Association, who spoke on "Strategy on Health Care in Japan"; Dr. Tasuo Kawamura of Osake, Director of the Institute of Holistic Dentistry, who spoke on "Comprehensive Oral Health Care"; and Mr. Yoshihide Sugiyama, a Town Headman, who spoke on "Four Seasons of Country Life in the Mountain Area."

The PFA Award of Honor plaque, along with congratulatory letters from International President William Winspear of Australia and from International immediate past President Howard Mark of Connecticut, were conferred on Dr. Mitsuo Ohkubo, President of the Japan Dental Association, by Dr. Toshio Morioka, Japan Section Chair and by PFA International Trustee Dr. Mamoru Sakuda. Dr. Mitsuo Ohkubo was so recognized for this prestigious honor due to his meritorious service to the Japan Dental Association and his many years of dedication to the dental profession and its members in many ways.

Section Fellow Yasuo Suga was the event's Organizing Committee Chairman.

The four new members inducted into Fellowship were Drs. Hisao Imai, Yasuo Kawamura, Toshiichi Kannari and Yoshio Tomoyama.


Chair Diampo J. Lim reported holding their midyear Meeting at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Manila to design the PFA Outreach Program on Oral and Health Care Community Awareness, as well as plan for the Annual Meeting and Induction Ceremony held last May at the Hyatt Regency Hotel during the 98th annual Convention & Scientific Meeting of the Philippine Dental Association.

Seven new Fellows were inducted at their annual Meeting. Dr. Alfonso T. Lagaya, an expert on acupuncture for dental pain management presented his paper with a demonstration as part of their PFA Continuing Professional Education program.

The Section also published their first annual newsletter The Quill.

United States
California, northern Section

Fellow Marc Geissberger was selected by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) as a Fellow in their Leadership Institute, a distinctive year-long program of intensive leadership development, organizational theory, higher education management, team and network building coupled with other aspects of personal and professional growth. The ADEA selects promising dental faculty from across the country for this elite training program. Dr.Geissberger is Chairman of the Restorative Dentistry Department at UOP's Art Dugoni School of Dentistry. He is Treasurer of the Dugoni School of Dentistry Alumni Association, President of OKU Supreme Chapter, and a PFA Fellow (Dental World, Sept/Oct issue, p. 11).

This is the seventh year of the ADEA program, which has accepted 17 faculty for the 2006-2007 class. They will meet four times during the year in Maine, California, Washington, DC, and at the ADEA Annual Session.


Past PFA President Heber Simmons reported that past PFA Vice President Jay McCaslin has passed away from cancer. Dr. McCaslin was a dynamic PFA Trustee from Region III who gave up his PFA rise to our Presidency to become President of the American College of Dentists.


PFA Fellow Cal Akal passed away last November. He was a 1950 graduate of Northwestern University Dental School before entering the Army and serving in Nuremberg, Germany. He then practiced for 38 years in Bensonville, Illinois. Besides being a Fellow in PFA and ICD, he also served in the Lions and the American Legion. Dr. Akal had designed, equipped, and implemented the first nursing home dental clinic in the Chicagoland area. He introduced the "Cad Cam" to use in the Chicago MidWinter Meeting. He was an insurance consultant to Delta Dental.

This February 7, the University of Illinois School of Dentistry hosted their 20th annual Clinic and Research Day. PFA Fellow USC Dean Harold Slavkin gave the keynote speech on "Emerging Opportunities for Dental Research and Education." Over 80 oral and poster presentations by the students and faculty were on exhibit or presented.


International Trustee Joseph Harris (Region IV) reported holding their annual Michigan Dental Association Meeting last January at the Marplex Hotel in Lansing. The PFA Section held their meeting at this time and presented their Instructor of the Year Award to the University of Detroit-Mercy's Dr. Walter Lim. Dr. Lim is a clinical assistant professor in Restorative Dentistry at UDM. Born and raised in the Philippines, he received his DDM degree from the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry in 1995. He then earned his Certificate in Prosthodontics (2001) and his Master of Science in Dentistry (2002) from the University of Indiana School of Dentistry. He completed his dental program and was mentored into a teaching position at UDM in 2004.

The Section also hosted their annual Breakfast Meeting during the Detroit District Dental Review last year in Dearborn at the Hyatt Hotel; 52 Fellows attended. Six new members were inducted into Fellowship and our PFA International President-elect, James A. Englander, was honored with their "PFA Man of the Century" Award. The Section sponsored the lecture given by Dr. Jack Turbyfill at the Detroit Dental Review entitled "The Wonderful World of Prosthodontics."

The Michigan Section has published their second 4-color Section newsletter under Chair Joseph Harris, who also serves as PFA Region IV Trustee. Their Spring Breakfast Meeting will be held during the Michigan Dental Association's Annual Session in Detroit on Saturday, 5 May, at 7 a.m. The Section will also be sponsoring the Oral pathology lecture by Dr. John Svirsky during the MDA Session.


Past PFA President Michael Perpich was honored last year by the Minnesota Dental Society with their Dentist of the Year Award.


The Community Coalition for Oral Health (CCOH) of Nevada announced their 2006 Award recipients at the Art of the Smile Gala at the Las Vegas Art Museum last October. UNLV Professor Raymond D. Rawson received the Oral Health Advocate of the Year Award, which recognizes significant achievement in advancing oral health policy or legislation in Nevada during the year.

Fifteen new members were inducted into Fellowship at the annual PFA Awards Banquet held in Las Vegas. Also honored with the Nevada Section's Dentist of the Year Award was Dr. George McAlpine, a Loyola University School of Dentistry graduate as are Nevada Chair William Rohel, PFA Secretary General Richard Kozal, and Editor James Brophy.


Past President Nicholas Saccone has had to undergo leg and then knee surgery. He is doing well in recovery at Mercy Hospital of Scranton as of this date. Dr. Judith McFadden, General Chairman of the Philadelphia ADA Session, received the PFA 2006 Dentist of the Year Award presented by PFA Chair Frank A. DiNioa at the Pennsylvania Delegates and Alternates Luncheon last April during the 138th Annual Session of the Pennsylvania Dental Association. This was reported in their Pennsylvania Dental Journal, vol. 73, #4, July/August issue, p. 35.


Fellow Eva Dahl of Onalaska was elected President of the 2900-member Wisconsin Dental Association. Dr. Dahl, a fourth generation dentist, maintains an endodontic practice after earning her dental degree at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1976 and her Certificate in Endodontics there in 1982. She has served on the Wisconsin Dental Examining Board and currently serves on the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure. She has received awards from the WDA and the University of Iowa Alumni Association as well as The American Association of Women Dentists' Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award in 1997 for her lifetime service.

Dr. Monica Hebl of Milwaukee was selected as the WDA's President-elect. She earned her dental degree from Marquette University, was the only private-practice dentist to serve on the Governor's Task Force to Improve Access to Oral Health Care in 2004-05. Dr. Hebl has served as President of the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association, Trustee for WDA's Region 3, and has been a seven-time ADA Delegate. She has been honored with two WDA Pyramid of Pride Awards.

Dr. H. Michael Kaske of Twin Lakes is to serve as WDA Vice President. He, too, is a graduate of Marquette Dental School, past President of the Burlington Dental Society, and WDA Trustee for Region 4. Dr. Kaske is a Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

Dr. Michael Donohoo, a general dentist in Milwaukee, was re-elected WDA Speaker of the House of Delegates. Also a graduate of Marquette Dental School, he has served as 1994-95 GMDA President, 2002-03 WDA President, seven times ADA Delegate.

Dr. Dennis Engel, a general practitioner from Mequon, was elected to a third term as WDA Editor with time off (2002-03) to be WDA President. He is past President of the AADE (2004). He is currently the ICD Wisconsin Editor.

Dr. Constantine Stamatelakys, a periodontist in Greenfield, is immediate past WDA President and a graduate of Marquette University School of Dentistry.

The December 2006 issue of the Wisconsin Dental Journal (p. 6) lauded the outstanding contributions the Mentoring Program has been making in the Wisconsin dental profession. Fellow Gene Shoemaker was particularly cited for soliciting corporate sponsorships for student participation in the program. Braden Dental Center, Dr. Neil Peterson, Dr. Ahmad Eslami, Dr. Bob Karczewski, Dr. Richard Tonelli, Dr. Gene Shoemaker, Dr. Ron Stifter and Dr. Bryan Gapson were thanked for being this year's program sponsors. Fellow John Moser, Chairan of the Mentor Advisory Group was mentioned for continuing to make the program so viable to the students. This is the 12th year of the programs success that currently has 80% of all the Marquette University School of Dentistry students involved.

On the Lookout

by President William Winspear

The many and varied accomplishments of the Fellowship of our Academy has always been impressive.

From traditional clinical settings and research laboratories to theatres of combat and remote environs, Fellows have demonstrated their tireless commitments in addressing the world's incessant oral health needs. Others have brought honour to dentistry through their contributions within their local and national communities as civic leaders, sporting champions, and administrators, as volunteer workers, patrons, and practitioners of the performing, literary, and visual arts, adventurers, and philanthropists. They all serve in their own unique fashions--and the Pierre Fauchard Academy is proud to acknowledge them as Fellows.

Sections of the Academy are constantly on the lookout for colleagues who have brought kudos to the Profession, who have distinguished themselves either in the practice of dentistry or in pursuits that have enhanced its reputation. The Academy wishes to recognise their achievements by inviting them to share in the inspiration of Pierre Fauchard.

Information regarding the nomination process for Fellowship in the Academy may be obtained from your Section Chair or the Secretary General Richard Kozal at"

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James M. Brophy Editor Illinois
James A. Englander President-elect Wisconsin
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REGION 2—N.E. USA Richard Walsh Rhode Island
REGION 3—S.E. USA Karyn Stockwell Georgia
REGION 4—Midwest USA Joseph C. Harris Michigan
REGION 5—Western USA Dan Castagna California
REGION 6—Canada Barry Dolman Quebec
REGION 7—Latin America Ernesto Acuna Mexico
REGION 8—Australasia Jonathan Rogers Australia
REGION 9—Asia Mamoru Sakuda Japan
REGION 10—Central USA Steve Hedlund Iowa


Pierre Marois France



M. David Campbell President Michigan
William Kort Treasurer Illinois
C. F. Larry Barrett Vice President Iowa
George Higue Treasurer-emeritus California
Fred Halik Executive Director New York


Carl Lundgren California
Scott Welch Wyoming
Gary Lowder Utah
Nicholas Saccone Pennsylvania
Minoru Horiuchi Massachusetts
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James Long Mississippi
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William Winspear Australia
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James Englander Wisconsin
James Brophy Illinois


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