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1. January - February

President’s Message 

By the time these words reach your doorstep, Christmas of 1998 will be history. I hope that all of you had a happy holiday season and that 1999 will be a very good year for you and for our Academy.

Let us think about money for a few minutes. I am not referring to your dues, nor holiday bills, but rather money to help a dental student get an education. On your dues statement you will see a line item for a $10.00 voluntary contribution to the Foundation of the Academy. The monies are collected by the Academy and forwarded to the Foundation under the capable leadership of Dr. Robert B. Shira.

These funds collected by the Academy are used exclusively for scholarships to dental students chosen by their Deans.

In 1997, the voluntary donations to the Foundation by our Fellows amounted to $24,365.00 for the year. Contributions during 1998 fell short of this.
One of my New Year’s resolutions is to double my contribution to the Foundation. I challenge each one of you to do the same. This money in the amount of $20.00 is something you and I will never miss. But this will mean a great deal to a dental student.

So, won’t you join me and write that extra check for $10.00 to the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. To our Life Members, I challenge you to make a one-time contribution of $100.00 to the Foundation.

Dentistry is the greatest profession in the world and it has been very good to you and to me. We have all been richly blessed. To be able to leave behind a legacy—no matter how small—that will benefit future colleagues and make the way a little smoother for them is truly good stewardship of our funds!

Dr. James E. Long
International President

St. Patrick’s Day in the Desert

1999 Continuing Education Course
Las Vegas Desert Inn Resort

Mark your calendars now, and plan to attend the PFA’s Second International Continuing Education Course to be held 17–20 March 1999, at Las Vegas’ newly renovated Desert Inn Resort, 3145 Las Vegas Blvd. South. All PFA Fellows and spouses are invited.

The four days will include social, business, and continuing education activities for Fellows and spouses. 

Wednesday, 17 March, will feature a welcoming cocktail party in the Presidential Suite, followed by a no-host dinner party at the Desert Inn.

Thursday, 18 March, the Academy Board will hold business meetings followed by a no-host dinner party.

Friday, 19 March, the Board will meet in the morning. The Section Chairperson 

Caucus will meet at 1 p.m. The Section Chairperson Caucus will take place at 1:30 p.m. The day will conclude with a Reception for continuing education participants at 6 p.m.

The highlight of Saturday, 20 March, is the all-day continuing education course given by Dr. Robert Ibsen of Den-Mat Corporation.

The course starts at 8:30 a.m. and concludes by 4 p.m. to allow participants to view the technical exhibits.

Spouse programs will include tennis, golf, sightseeing, and shopping in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Desert Inn Resort in Las Vegas has more than 800 rooms, the Crystal Showroom, the Starlight Lounge, many shops and restaurants in their Fashion Show Mall, four tournament-class tennis courts (lighted for night play), the only PGA Championship golf course on the Strip, a putting green, a lagoon-style swimming pool, a world-class spa, and of course several gaming casinos—a truly full-service resort. For further information about the resort, log onto, call (702) 733-4444 or 1-800-634-6906 for reservations, or send a fax to (702) 733-4676. 

And you thought the PFA meant all business. Much is done around the swimming pool. All Fellows and their significant others are invited to join us in celebrating our new Central Office city with all its amenities. If you plan to attend, please let the Central Office know. For up-to-date information on Meeting times and costs, visit the PFA web site,

PFA Board Meeting

San Francisco, 23–25 October 1998—

The Belgium/Luxembourg PFA Section’s hosted a welcoming reception in the evening at the Conrad Hilton. 

President Shig R. Kishi called the Academy Board Meeting to order early Friday morning. President-elect James Long gave the Invocation.

Dr. Kishi then presented his President’s Report on activity since the Chicago Meeting, entailing his travels to Michigan, southern California, Paris, Belgium, England, and Japan. He thanked Trustee Pierre Marois and his wife Seba for making excellent European arrangements and being gracious hosts. He thanked past U.K. Chairman Raj Rayan and current Chairman Rash Patel for the fine Continuing Education Course they organized in London last June.

Dr. Kishi praised the PFA Web site for its activity and innovation, bringing us into the next century on a par with the foremost dental organizations. He noted that there have been 16,000 visits to the site since its inception. We now list up-to-date information and events on the site so anyone can look it up, and we are hyperlinked to sites for nearly every major dental group. The idea of putting our Membership Directory on-line (with a member’s password) is being investigated; security concerns are being addressed. The cost savings from not printing and mailing a Directory will be tremendous, and an on-line directory can be updated daily by the Central Office so it remains current.

Dr. Kishi then mentioned the success of the Highlighter newsletter this summer and the disposition of our Wall of Fame at the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore and at the French Dental Society Headquarters in Paris.

He reported submitting a Foundation request for funds to continue publishing and mailing the Highlighter,to develop our Web site further, and to sponsor another international continuing education course.

President Kishi discussed the Foundation’s activities in Costa Rica in fulfilling the Espinach will requests.

He then thanked past President Larry Barrett for representing us at the ACD Ethics Summit in St. Louis last April, and for representing PFA at the FDI Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in the fall.

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal went over the advantages of locating the Central Office in Las Vegas within the Community College of Southern Nevada. One is the ability to host continuing education courses in a city that is a major airport hub. He described his arrangements with the Desert Inn for a course this March. 

Dr. Kozal then reported that our computer system was successfully changed from an R-Base Program to Microsoft Access to better address membership needs.

He noted that 29 Dentist of the Year Awards were prepared this year and 72 Student Award certificates were sent to the requesting Section Chairmen. In 1998, 320 new Fellows were inducted in the United States and 126 in other nations; another 65 dentists await 1999 induction. 

As Treasurer, all bills were paid as of 10 October 1998. Mosby Inc., our Dental World printer and the publisher of Dental Abstracts, informed PFA that there would be no cost increase for 1999. Voluntary contributions for the Foundation amounted to $13,165 from the U.S. and $785 from abroad. The independent review by the accountants is conducted every year and submitted to the Executive Committee. The Budget & Finance Committee meets quarterly to review the finances and the budget.

Budget & Finance Chairman James Long reported on the 1998–1999 budget (which was submitted to the Board members a month before the meeting) for review and Board acceptance at the end of the business sessions. The budget was approved Sunday afternoon.

General Robert Shira, Foundation President, discussed the Costa Rica progress on the Brenes-Espinach will stipulations. The Loader-Espinach award of $15,000 will be presented every two years to sponsor continuing education courses in Costa Rica at no charge to attending Fellows.

Dr. Shira reported that $200,000 was awarded in grants covering 20 projects, mostly those that provide needed dental services to the public. 1998’s approved grants were described in the Highlighter last summer. More than $100,000 was awarded for 82 dental scholarships. He noted that a simplified form was designed for Sections to request up to $5,000 for their projects, which would be given priority for approval. 

On a more somber note, President Shira discussed the need to begin a fund-raising campaign for contributions to the Foundation. According to not-for-profit tax laws regulating public foundations, our Foundation needs $142,000 a year in new contributions in order to avoid paying taxes on interest income. Academy Fellows donated $13,500 in 1998; this is far short of what is needed to protect the income from taxation so it can be spent on dental projects.
Foundation Treasurer George Higue reported on the financial status of the Foundation, including PFA Fellows’ contributions, the Brenes-Espinach funds, and the Mitch Nakayama account. He detailed every expense, investment, and donation in a 61-page bound report distributed to the Board. 

Constitution & Bylaws Chairman Scott Welch presented his committee’s request to add another Trustee Region to the U.S., due to the expansion of membership in this area. The recommendation to add “Region 10—Central U.S.” was passed by the Board for immediate implementation. This new Region will include the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. In addition to this change, the quorum for the Executive Board Meetings was raised to seven.

Dr. Kishi gave the Executive Committee Report, which recapped much of the information already given.

Membership Committee Chairman Malcolm David Campbell gave his committee’s report. He noted that as of 1 September, our membership had grown 20% from last year, for a total of 7,241 Fellows. His committee recommended removing inactive Section 
tinued on next page)

Chairmen since their committee findings indicated that growth occurred where the Chairperson and Section were active.

Publications Chairman James Brophy, Dental World and Highlighter Editor, discussed the improved Highlighter published in 1998. He thanked Amy Reynaldo for assisting in improving its quality. Dr. Larry Barrett, Foundation Publicity Chairman, reported that the Foundation had approved funding two Highlighter issues in 1999 due to the positive membership response. Editor Brophy also reported on distribution of the Pierre Fauchard book to individuals in China, Canada, Uruguay, and the U.S. The Pierre Fauchard book was presented to the National Dental Museum through Maryland Section Chairman Ben Swanson. 

Awards Chairman Gordan Stine gave his committee’s recommendations for PFA’s international awards as presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon (see article on page 2).

Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein reported on the excellent dedication ceremony in Paris last June, during which the officers placed the plaques of Drs. Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris along with France’s Dr. Eduoard Charles Godon on the Wall of Fame at the French Dental Society Headquarters. These dental greats join Drs. Pierre Fauchard, Horace Wells, Harvey Burkhart, G.V. Black, Harold Hillenbrand, and Thomas Hinman. Three other approved dentists await proper installation ceremonies in Ireland, Canada, and Florida. Dr. L.D. Pankey has been scheduled to be added at the Florida Dental Congress in June of this year. The Board approved of the Committee’s recommendation to approve only one name per year now that we have instituted the Hall of Fame. 

Mentorship Chairman Christine Benoit noted that in a random survey of eight international Sections and 27 U.S. Sections, 31% had mentorship programs for students and 23% for new practitioners. Dr. Benoit feels that more can still be done through our Sections to aid this project. “The success of mentorship is measured one at a time, un à la fois.”

President-elect James Long gave the Section Chairman’s Caucus report.

Individual reports from the Section Chairpersons were given orally and in writing and are published in the Section News on pages 5–6.

The Officers and Trustees then gave their reports to the Board.

The Board then approved the submitted Section Chairmen appointments.

President-elect James Long submitted his list of Committee appointments for the coming year.

The PFA Board Meeting was adjourned Sunday afternoon to attend the PFA International Dinner that evening.

International PFA Dinner

Closing out the busy days of Academy and Foundation business, a PFA social dinner was held Sunday, 25 October, at the San Francisco Marriott. The Brazilian Section representatives, Drs. Clovis Marzola and Renato Osvaldo Figueiredo Geromel, presented President James Long with their country’s Appreciation sculpture. University of South Carolina President James Edwards, Gold Medal recipient attended, with Trustee Gordan Stine.

Foundation News

Foundation Board Meeting of past PFA Presidents. At head table, from left, Executive Secretary Shig Kishi, President Robert Shira, and Treasurer George Higue

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy meeting schedule was dominated by a review of the 37 grant applications received, out of about 90 applications requested. The Foundation Board, led by General Robert Shira, met before and after the Awards Luncheon on Saturday, and again on Sunday morning.

The Foundation reviewed and approved some 20 service projects for the coming year, totalling more than $300,000. Foremost was renewing the appropriation for $100,000 allotted for dental student scholarships in 17 countries with 81 scholarships.

Included in their grants was the final phase of installing the Brenes-Espinach Multimedia Teaching System at the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry, in memory of the Foundation’s chief benefactor; and the Loader-Espinach Award to provide a Continuing Education Program in Costa Rica. 

Chief among the Board’s actions was the initiation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Humanitarian Grant. This special $15,000 grant, commencing in 1999, would be annual, international in scope, and determined at the discretion of the Foundation Board. The grant would be awarded to an organization providing services to the public; any given group could receive the special grant only once. The award would cover a broad spectrum of humanitarian projects, such as clinics for the poor, cleft palate surgeries, tobacco cessation, and mouthguard construction, to name a few. 

Over the last three years, since receiving the Brenes-Espinach bequest, the Foundation has maintained the principal intact and donated close to $1 million to various dental service programs. Your contribution to the Foundation, made through your dues statement, goes a long way to increasing your dental service globally. You are actually reaching out to the farthest corners of the world to help others through your PFA network of Fellowship. If you know of a group that needs our help, notify your Section Chairman or the Central Office. You may be the conduit for extending PFA into your community—and that is just part of what being a PFA Fellow is all about.

Section News

L-R Trustee Bernardo Levit with Dr. Walter Bielli of Uruguay


Trustee Bernardo Levit reported their new officers: President Adolfo Testa de Madrid, with Dr. Mario Coderch becoming past President; Vice President Mabel Belleville; Secretary Elsa Ethel Varela; and Treasurer Jose Luis Reibel. The Consulting Board of past Presidents includes Drs. Domingo Cubillo, Julia Harfin, and Eugenio Henry.
Vice President Mabel Belleville presented a plate on behalf of the PFA to the Centennial of the Journal of the Argentine Dental Association (RAOA) last July.

Secretary Elsa E. Varela presented a PFA plaque to the Argentine Association for Children at their XX Congress last September.

Dr. Hermida will chair a project to provide mouthguards for the Argentine Federation of Boxing for their special world event.

The Colonists: Trustee William Winspear of Australia; Mrs. Rash Patel, wife of the United Kingdom Chairman; Trustee Kevin Roach of Canada; and Editor Brophy of the United States at Awards Luncheon


Trustee William Winspear reported that their Section jointly funded orthodontist Dr. W. Eugene Roberts from the University of Indiana to lecture in the scientific program of the Australian Dental Congress. 

Section Officers were announced as President Jonathan Rogers of South Australia, succeeding Sybille Lechner of New South Wales; William Winspear as Secretary/Treasurer; and Gerard Clausen of Melbourne and Mark Sinclair of New South Wales as Trustees.

L-R: Past PFA President George Higue presenting Fauchard book to Trustee Kevin Roach for the Canadian Dental Museum


International Trustee Kevin Roach, on behalf of the Dentistry Canada Museum/Musée Dentaire Canadien, accepted the presentation of the hard-bound edition of The Life and Times of Pierre Fauchard, authored in French by Dr. André Bésombes, translated into English and published by past PFA President George Higue.
United States


California, Northern

Section Chairman Debra Finney inducted 12 new Fellows into the Academy at the PFA International Awards Luncheon last October. They also presented their Section’s Distinguished Service award to Dr. Robert Christoffersen. Chairman Finney announced that their Dental Faculty Training grants would be awarded to Dr. Robert Ho of UCSF and Dr. Alan Budenz of UOP. Their Faculty Recognition Awards went to Dr. John Ino of UCSF and Dr. Eddie Hayashida of UOP. Their Student Scholarship Awards were made to Dr. Kathleen Hwang at UCSF and Dr. Greg Sarka at UOP.

Fellow Lewis Turchi, past President of the California Dental Association and ADA Trustee, was a candidate for ADA President-elect. Among his many honors and accomplishments, he highlighted being a Fellow in the Pierre Fauchard Academy.   


Dr. Richard Smith of Atlanta was a candidate for ADA second Vice President. He has served as the Georgia Dental Association’s President, Editor, Delegate and caucus officer. He also listed his Fellowship in the PFA for the ADA News Daily.


Chairman Fred Hansing has scheduled their Breakfast Meeting for Sun Valley this 7 June at 7 a.m.


ADA Trustee Frank Maggio, the recipient of the 1998 Illinois PFA Section Distinguished Service Award, was a candidate for ADA President-elect in San Francisco. Dr. Maggio is past President of the Illinois State Dental Society and a Fellow in the PFA. 

Chairman James Sheldon will be hosting their annual PFA Meeting at the Swissôtel during the CDS Midwinter Meeting in February.

Chair Christine Benoit with Washington, D.C. Chair Ashur Chavoor
Rhode Island

Chairman M. Christine Benoit announced that their Section’s Awards Reception and Induction
Ceremony will be held Tuesday, 18 May, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick.

Chair Christine Benoit with Washington, D.C.
Chair Ashur Chavoor


Chairman Ray Maddox held their third Mentorship Dinner last fall with past ADA President William TenPas as featured speaker. Section Membership Chairman David Matthews has 10 new Fellows awaiting induction this year.  


Chairman James Saddoris, past ADA President, inducted nine new Fellows last Spring at their annual Breakfast and Convocation Ceremony. Honorary Fellowship was bestowed on Dr. Thomas Murdock, past Editor of the ODA Journal. Dr. Keith Keeter, speaker of the ODA House of Delegates, was honored with their Distinguished Service Award by last year’s recipient, Dr. Richard Haught. Dr. H. “Mit” Sorrels of Houston gave the program. Past ADA Presidents Frank Bowyer of Tennessee and Joseph Cappuccio of Maryland were in attendance, along with ADA Trustees Ross DeNicola of Louisiana and Frank Maggio of Illinois.   


Past PFA President Larry Barrett was re-appointed to the Iowa State Board of Health for a three-year term by the Governor of Iowa. Dr. Barrett was elected as Vice President of the Board.


Chairman Richard Tempero will host their annual meeting this Spring to inducted 25 new members. They will also be initiating a Mentorship Program in the dental schools at Creighton University and the University of Nebraska.  

New York

Dr. Richard Mascola, the 1998 recipient of the New York PFA Section’s Distiguished Service Award, was elected ADA President-elect at the ADA Meeting last fall. He has served as ADA Trustee and in many dental offices. He listed Fellowship in the PFA in his ADA News Daily interview.  


Chairman Al Uveges will be hosting their annual meeting this May on a riverboat. Their fall breakfast meeting had nearly 150 attendees.


Dr. Gordan B. Stine
South Carolina

International Trustee Gordan B. Stine of Charleston was named 1998 Dentist of the Year by the South Carolina Academy of General Dentistry last September at their annual meeting in Hilton Head. In presenting the group’s highest award, past AGD President Bill Walker remarked that Dr. Stine has been a long-time civic and dental leader in South Carolina. Dr. Stine is a past South Carolina Dental Association President and was awarded South Carolina’s Order of the Pa lmetto three times, by three different Governors.


Fellow Victor Barry of Seattle was a candidate for President-elect of the ADA. He has served as President of the Washington State Dental Association and as ADA Trustee. Of his many honor organizations, Dr. Barry listed the Pierre Fauchard Academy for the ADA News Daily interview.

2. March - April

President’s Message

Today was a very sad day for me, several other PFA Fellows, and several hundred patients. A PFA Fellow was buried this afternoon in a cemetery in a small town in the state of Mississippi. I do not want to use any proper or full names to reveal his identity, so we will just call him “Jeep.”

This Fellow practiced for about 37 years in a small town with approximately 5,000 residents. His practice was solo—what he could do well, he did, and he used specialists when needed. He realized that he was not a “super doc,” but good patient care was his goal. This applied to those who could pay and to those who could not.

This Fellow was never an elected officer of the ADA or of his constituent society, but in his daily walk of life, he personified one of the ideals of a PFA Fellow: I am referring to service to your fellow man.

We in dentistry have been richly blessed with tremendous talents. To be a member of the health care team and to be able to relieve pain and suffering is indeed a blessing. This ability crosses all language barriers. People of all nationalities endure suffering and illness and they all appreciate relief from pain, no matter what language they speak.

Jeep was very active in his local church, school, and in civic affairs. This involvement alone is enough for most of us, but not for this Fellow.

Service projects are many and varied among the different sections of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Mentorship and Special Olympics are two that come to mind.

Jeep had his own way of serving his fellow man. He was a volunteer missionary dentist and made 18 trips over a period of 15 years to the rural areas of Honduras, Grenada, and Jamaica. On one of these trips, the open-bed truck the group was traveling in overturned on a mountain road. One of the group was killed. Jeep, his wife, and several others were severely injured. Physical suffering did not deter him; he was back the following year on another medical-dental mission trip to Honduras.

Those of us who are active in the Academy and actively engaged in the practice of dentistry are in a unique position to serve others, whether it is as part of an organized section program or an individual effort, as exemplified by an “everyday Fellow” of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Jeep was a credit to our profession. The Academy is richer for his having passed our way. I know there are many like Jeep among our membership rolls. But I knew this one personally and needed to share his works with you, for he was a giant among humanity and truly left the wood pile higher than he found it. This type of dedication is what PFA means to all of us.

Dr. James E. Long
International President

Installation of Officers

Speech by past PFA President Heber Simmons, Jr.

I want to congratulate the new Officers for 1998–1999. Please allow me the privilege of sharing 10 thoughts with you as you embark on your exciting journey for the coming year.

As leaders of our Academy, as leaders in any organization, you must be responsive to the needs of the members in a responsible manner. They are the lifeblood of our organization and the reason for its success.

Develop the ability to disagree without being disagreeable. Debate the issues, but join one another in executing your final decisions. Together you make the difference. Separately, you are just individuals working hard for various goals.

Make no judgments where you have no compassion. To lead you need to feel your actions as well as think them out.

Be concerned and be compassionate, but never be afraid

Remember that we work best when we work together. We achieve more as an Academy of Fellows than as one officer carrying the load alone.

Recall what General Norman Schwarzkopf said: “Leadership is having the character to do what is right because it is right.” Sometimes that must be your only guide.

President John F. Kennedy said, “We can have faith in the future only when we have faith in ourselves.” Lay a solid foundation to build on the future and you should not fear the end result.

The opportunity has never been greater, our responsibility has never been so clear, and our commitment has never been so urgently needed. We have the resources, the talent, and the Academy and Foundation to perform great good for our patients, for our members, and for our profession. As you stand on the brink of your year of leadership in the Academy, know that the journey ahead seems filled with hard effort. But the rewards will be immense for your success.

Realize that you are not chosen for the privilege of the office, but for the responsibility of serving. Service is not new to any of you. You are selected as leaders because you have demonstrated that service so ably. And it is the wish of the Academy that you continue to do so this year. The Academy will provide you with the opportunity and resources to fulfill your promise.

Leave the woodpile higher than you found it.

By the power vested in me at this time I hereby install each of you in your respective office. And I wish you Godspeed and best wishes for the coming year.

Foundation News


Dean Michael McGinness of the University of Western Australia School of Oral Health Sciences in Perth presented the Foundation Scholarship to student Christina Louise Morris at their Annual Prize-giving Ceremony.

Costa Rica

Chairman Mario Rodriguez Cordero has proceeded with plans for the first biannual presentation of the Loader-Espinach Award.

L-R: Trustee Pierre Marois, student Mathias Clavier, and Chairman Hubert Ouvrard


Chairman Hubert Ouvrard and International Trustee Pierre Marois presented the Foundation Scholarship to dental student Mathias Clavier at their meeting last December.

L-R: Scholarship recipient Wu Chun Lam receiving award from Chairman Jeffrey Tsang

Hong Kong

Chairman Jeffrey Y. S. Tsang presented the Foundation Scholarship to the Prince Philip Dental Hospital, University of Hong Kong, student Wu Chun Lam at the Presentation Ceremony of Prizes and Awards held last November at the Furama Hotel.

Dr. Tsang is also Chairman of the Dental Council of Hong Kong.


Dr. Penich presented the Foundation Scholarship to University of Yucatan student Miguel Ek Huchim.

L-R: Student Weng-Cheu Yue receiving Foundation Award from Dean Chong-Lin Chew


Dean Chong-Lin Chew of the National University of Singapore presented the Foundation Scholarship to student Weng-Cheu Yue at the First Faculty Awards Day held last August.

Weng-Cheu Yue will be participating in an overseas student exchange program. Weng-Cheu Yue serves as President of the Students Dental Society. He forwarded a very warm letter of appreciation to the Foundation.

United States


Chairman Charles Eller presented the Foundation Award to UCLA School of Dentistry student Garrett Nelson at their Financial Aid Awards Luncheon. The Children’s Dental Health Association of San Diego, recipient of a 1998 Foundation grant, is celebrating its 46th anniversary and serves more than 7,000 underserved children each year. The PFA Foundation is listed in their 1997 Annual Report as one of 10 “Exceptional Contributors.”


Dr. William Stiefel, Jr., of Gainsville, on behalf of Xi Psi Phi Fraternity’s Chapter at the closed Emory University School of Dentistry, presented a check for $1,550 to the Foundation’s Annual Dental Student Scholarship Program. For several years, Dr. Stiefel’s donation has been included in the U.S. scholarships awarded by the Foundation to outstanding dental students across the country.

L-R: Recipient Michelle Bergstrom and Chairman Steve Hedlund

Chairman Steve Hedlund of Iowa City presented the Foundation Award to University of Iowa dental student Michelle Bergstrom.


Chairman Ben Swanson and Dean Richard R. Ranney presented the Foundation Scholarship to University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery student Rashad M. Jefferson last December in front of the PFA Wall of Fame in the National Museum of Dentistry.


Chairman Ben Swanson and Dean Richard R. Ranney presented the Foundation Scholarship to University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery student Rashad M. Jefferson last December in front of the PFA Wall of Fame in the National Museum of Dentistry.

L-R: David Hughes receiving Scholarship Award from Chairman Ray Meade

Chairman Raymond L. Meade of Colonial Heights presented the PFA Scholarship to student David Hughes at their Virginia Section Meeting last September.

Student Wanda Flinn received a plaque and award for winning the Medical College of Virginia’s student table clinic.

Dean Ronald Hunt of the Medical College of Virginia attended the Section Meeting to introduce both students.

Senior Dave Molen receiving the Foundation Award

The Foundation Scholarship Award was presented to University of Washington senior Dave Molen. Dave has been active in student government and was elected to be Region 10 Trustee for the American Student Dental Association. After graduation, he will be entering an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency program.

The Marquette University School of Dentistry publication reported that the PFA Scholarship recipient, student Wendy Pietz, also received a scholarship from the Lord’s Dental Studio for her accomplishments in laboratory technology and clinical skills.

Section News


President Adolfo Testa de Madrid presented a plaque to the Circulo Odontologico Argentino at their XXIV Congress last October. Dr. Testa de Madrid was also the PFA Section delegate to the Museum of the School of Dentistry, National University of Buenos Aires.


Trustee Kevin Roach presented a donation check for $1,550 (Canadian) to Dr. Robert Shira for the Foundation. He also announced that their annual Fellowship Breakfast Meeting will be held on 7 August during the Canadian Dental Association Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Section Chairman for the Maritime Provinces is Gary MacDonald of Mt. Pear, Newfoundland. The Ontario Section Chairman is Aldo Boccia of Toronto. The Section Chairman for Quebec is Guy Maranda, and the Western Provinces Section Chair is past International Trustee Sheldon Claman of Winnipeg.

Fellow Arlene Daygs of Toronto was installed as President of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Daygs teaches at the University of Toronto and is past President of the Association of Women Dentists of Ontario. She has served as Governor of the Ontario Dental Association and is a Fellow in PFA and ICD.


Chairman Mario Rodriguez Cordero and his Board of Directors will be administering the Loader-Espinach Award, as desired by our Costa Rican benefactor Dr. Brenes-Espinach.


International Trustee Pierre Marois and the French Section hosted a program last December at the Cochin Hospital in Paris on “The Responsibilities of the Dentist to His Patients.” The program was moderated by Marc Bert, and honor was paid to Professor Michel Benoist. Jean-Pierre Ragot, Christian Sicot, Alain Bourlat, and Patrick Missika spoke at the program. Our Section Chairman for France, Hubert Ouvrard, is also President of the Association d’Enseignement d’Odontologogie et de Stomatologie, which sponsored the event. More than 100 professionals attended.


Past Section Chairman Raj K. Raja Rayan was honored last New Year’s Eve with an invitation to Buckingham Palace to receive the Order of the British Empire Medal from Queen Elizabeth. Dr. Rayan is leading a contingent of 250 to attend a joint conference in Malaysia this April, and will then be giving a lecture in Atlanta in June.




Dr. Arthur Hansen of Fairbanks will be succeeding retiring Chairman James Arney.

L-R: Former University of Iowa Dental School Dean John Montgomery with IDA President Steve Hedlund

Chairman Steve Hedlund has also been serving President of the Iowa Dental Association.

Past PFA President Larry Barrett chairs the Access to Dental Care Committee for the Iowa State Board of Health.


Retiring Chairman Patrick Prendergast inducted six new Fellows in 1998. His Section is co-sponsoring a Mentorship Program with ICD and ACD serving 12 senior dental students. Their Section co-sponsored a political forum for the candidates for Governor of Colorado. Dr. Mylan Uremovich is the new State Chairman.

Dr. F. Ralph Dauterive

Dr. Ralph Dauterive, past President of the Louisiana Dental Association and of the New Orleans Dental Association, was recipient of Louisiana’s PFA Distinguished Dentist Award.

Dr. Dauterive was recipient of the first LSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association’s Alumnus of the Year Award, and he has established the F. Ralph and Lily Dauterive Professorship in the Department of Operative Dentistry. He has twice chaired the United Way campaign in St. Bernard Parish, is past chair of the St. Bernard Parish Red Cross, and is a 40-year charter member of the St. Bernard Kiwanis Club.

Dr. Frank Martello

Section Chairman Frank Martello, clinical assistant professor at LSU, was honored by United Cerebral Palsy of Greater New Orleans with its Humanitarian of the Year Award. He was also inducted into ICD this year.

The Section inducted new Fellows Leroy Boundreaux, Jamie Manders, Charles McCabe, James Roethele and Kathyrn Strum at their annual Breakfast Meeting.

Colonel Richard A. Kozal, retired

Dr. Bill Rohel of Reno will succeed retiring Chairman Bill Wager.

PFA international Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, past Chicago Dental Society President, past ADA 2nd Vice President, and immediate past ICD Illinois Regent, was honored by the Commanding General of the 330th Medical Brigade with the Legion of Merit. Col. Kozal has served as the 330th Brigade Dental Surgeon, Chief of Professional Services, and Deputy Commander. During his two decades of service he performed duties in Central America and Europe, and commanded a Dental Headquarters Unit during Desert Storm, earning Award Certificates of Accomplishment from the U.S. Army War College and the National Defense University. Col. Kozal has been recognized with the U.S. Army Order of Military Medical Merit and the Army Medical Department Professional Achievement designation by the Surgeon General. Other recognitions include the Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Medal with Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters. Dr. Kozal retired from service in September and moved to Nevada to set up our PFA International Central Office in the newly established Community College of Southern Nevada educational complex.

New York

Chairman John Billen announced the induction of 13 new Fellows at their annual Luncheon. PFA welcomes Drs. Richard Andolina, Richard Dunn, Scott Farrell, John Kalmar, Thomas Lanka, Cynthia Slack, Domenick Zero, Peter Collins, Ted Edwards, David Hoexler, Roxanne Lowenguth, Risa Samuels, and Larry Wolfgang.

Rhode Island

Fellow Robert E. Bartro of Woonsocket, past President of the Rhode Island Dental Association, was appointed to the ADA Council on Communications.

Fellow James Brennan of Cumberland was elected as President of the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists. Fellow Raymond George, Sr., of East Providence was selected a Trustee from the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists to the American Association of Orthodontists.


Chairman Gary Lowder hosted their annual meeting on 4 February and inducted six new Fellows.


Chairman Raymond Meade initiated 13 new fellows into the Academy last fall during their annual meeting, held in conjunction with the Virginia Dental Association. Wanda Finn, a dental student at the Medical College of Virginia, winner of their Dental School Table Clinics, gave a program on “Occlusal Plane Changes and Stabilization of Class II Treatment.” Senior dental student David Hughes, the class president, received the Foundation’s PFA Scholarship Award. The Section also contributed to the mobile dental clinic of the Medical College of Virginia.


Past Russia Section Chairman Dr. Tatiana Spivakova-Sargent is finishing her dental hygiene program this year at Washington State’s Shoreline Community College. She and her husband Stan hope then to sail their 35-foot catamaran, named “Sputnik,” all over the Pacific Ocean.

3. May - June

President’s Message


A Pierre Fauchard Academy program that has been the backbone of service projects designed to help dental students and recent graduates is that of “mentorship.”

The word “mentor,” as defined in the American College Dictionary, means “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.”

Some Section Mentorship Programs involve senior dental students only, while others are structured to mentor recent graduates who have recently established practices to begin their professional lives. These two programs are probably the most common that you will find.

However, mentorship programs may be structured in a variety of ways. For a Section that has a dental school within its borders, the possibilities are endless! Not only the senior dental students may be involved, but also all four classes of students, even the freshmen. Can you imagine the effect upon a student when he or she receives a letter from a local practitioner offering just to be a “friend”? The contact between the mentor and the mentee does not have to be much and certainly not overwhelming to the student.
An occasional phone call, a handwritten note, or—even better—maybe a quick meal is all that is required. The object here is just to let these young dental students know that PFA and its members care about them and their dental education. In a very few years, these same students will be our colleagues.

For those Sections without a dental school, the thrust of their mentorship programs should be to recent graduates who are or have just established their dental practices. These mentor programs may be set up along district lines within the constituent societies. “Being a friend” would also apply here! Taking the young dentist out to eat and offering advice when called upon is all that is needed.

Many times during life we will serve as mentors, often without realizing that others are watching or listening. As we go about our daily walk through life, we need to be ever cognizant of this. Treat others with dignity and compassion, for ours is the greatest profession on earth. Our legacy is great! In being good stewards, we must set a good example for those who will follow.

Dr. James E. Long
International President

Central Office

Pierre Fauchard Academy,
Dr. Richard A. Kozal, Secretary/Treasurer
P.O. Box 80330 
Las Vegas, NV 89180-0330
Telephone: 702/651-5013
Toll Free : (800) 232-0099
Fax: (702) 651-5537

Meeting in the Desert

Following the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Las Vegas, the PFA Officers and Fellows came together for the President’s Reception. Then we all went out to dinner at the Desert Inn’s Ho Wan Restaurant.

Thursday morning and 7:30 am came early. International President James Long called the semi-annual board meeting to order. Trustee Scott Welch gave the Invocation.

The International Board Meeting

President Long gave his report concerning our Second International Continuing Education Course scheduled for that Saturday, the progress of our Smokeless Tobacco Campaign, the Year 2000 budget, the Foundation grants for the Academy’s programs, our International Mentorship Program, membership development, and his concerns for more local publicity. As Dr. Long stated, “We do not need to keep PFA a secret!”

Central Office Report

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal gave his report. He noted that the 1999 dues statements have been sent out. In 1998, 33 Dentist of the Year Awards were processed for the requesting Section Chairpersons. Seven requests for the Student Awards were received in response to the 65 letters sent to the dental school deans.

In the United States and Canada, 4,500 notices about the Second International Continuing Education Course were mailed.

In the last 2 years, 17,000 visitors have enjoyed our PFA Web site. Within the last few months, the United Kingdom Section has established its own Web site and linked it to our international one.

All our PFA computers are Y2K compliant. (If you are unsure about your personal computer, set the year back to 1976 instead of 2000, as the dates correspond to all the same days of the week that year.)

The Pierre Fauchard Academy has received the State of Nevada Certificate of Corporate Qualification to operate in Nevada.

Dr. Kozal scheduled a Friday afternoon tour at the Community College of Southern Nevada to observe the development of our international headquarters, which should be ready for occupation by June of this year.

The International PFA pamphlet is updated and current.

The 1998 Foundation contributions received from PFA Fellows amounted to $14,175. To date, the 1999 donations total $10,169.

To date in 1999, 145 new Fellows have been inducted and 78 applications are being processed.

The independent auditing firm has completed their year-end review of the PFA accounts and reported that everything is in good order.

Awards Committee

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal reported that he had contacted the past Gold Medal recipients for their nomination for the 1999 Fauchard Gold Medal. Their nomination was Dr. James Vernetti.

Dr. Francisco Raul Miranda, founder and past President of the Mexican Dental Association, was nominated to receive the Elmer Best Award on 27 October in Mexico City during the FDI Congress. Mexico Chairman Ernesto Acuña has secured the French Embassy for the event.

Dr. Jack Gottshalk of the National Museum of Dentistry was nominated for the PFA International Distinguished Dentist of the Year Award.

No nominations were made for the Dental Industry and Trade Award for 1999. The Executive Board will consider forthcoming recommendations before the Hawaii Meeting.

Mentorship Chairpersons Mike Perpich and Christine Benoit Trustee

Mentorship Committee

Mentorship is not a new concept, but it has picked up more positive visibility in society.

For Sections without a service project, a mentorship program is perfect. It can be designed to fit the Section’s resources mentoring dental students, recent graduates, or new dentists in the area. Often it consists of no more than some camaraderie, going to lunch or a sporting event. Any Section interested in starting a Mentorship Program please contact Dr. Christine Benoit, 4995 South County Trail, P.O. Box 850, Charlestown, Rhode Island, 02813.


The PFA Foundation Report submitted by Foundation President General Robert Shira reviewed activities in 1998 and since the San Francisco Meeting last October. The Foundation Board reviewed 37 requests for grants, approved eight of them, and deferred three. An award of $2,000 was granted to the Friends of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Dr. William Steifel, Jr., representing Emory University Dental School’s Xi Phi Psi Fraternity, increased the scholarship amount granted to 54 U.S. dental students in 1998 with his contribution. In addition, 27 non-U.S. dental scholarships were awarded.

The Foundation contributed funds to the University of Costa Rica’s School of Dentistry for their Multimedia Training Center. The Loader-Espinach Seminar to be held in Costa Rica was funded; Dr. Poul Holm Petersen, Chairman of the Gerodontology Department at Norway’s University of Bergen, will be the presenting clinician.

Serious heart problems have beset past PFA Presidents (and current Foundation Board Officers) Carl Lundgren, William Kort, and Leo Bongers. All are reported to be doing well. (Bill Kort even attended the Las Vegas Meeting.)

Dr. Shira discussed Foundation fundraising to generate revenue from sources other than from investments. If the Foundation can acquire at least a third of its annual revenue from contributions, it can change its tax status from a private foundation to a public foundation. The sum now paid in taxes could instead be used for Foundation grants.

To date, 43 requests for grant applications have been processed. Those applications received will be presented at the Hawaii Meeting in October 1999.

Latin America Trustee Bernardo Levit presents Dr. Robert Shira with a cowhide Appreciation Certificate from his native Argentina

Dental schools have been notified about the Foundation Scholarship Awards for 1999. June 1 is the U.S. deadline for submission of student names, and July 1 is the deadline for non-U.S. dental schools.

Dr. Larry Barrett, Chairman of the Foundation’s Publicity Committee, arranged for a large article about the Foundation to appear in the February 6, 1999, issue of the ADA News. The recent issue of the PFA Highlighter also reported on the Foundation’s grant activities for 1998.

The Foundation meets only once a year, during the annual International PFA Board Meeting held in conjunction with the annual ADA Session. This seems to be adequate to manage Foundation affairs and saves money compared with holding two meetings a year.

Foundation Treasurer George Higue submitted a 74-page bound report outlining all the Foundation’s income, investments, and expenses in 1998 and included the 1999 budget. This most thorough booklet detailed every check issued, including the date and payee. Dr. Higue discussed the three Foundation funds—the Espinach Fund, the Mitch Nakayama Fund (Japanese), and the Academy Fellows’ donations.

Foundation Executive Director Shig Ryan Kishi added further information to Dr. Shira’s report.

The Costa Rica School of Dentistry project is in its third of 5 years of Foundation commitment for $104,500 for its Multimedia Training Center.

Dr. Mario Rodriguez Cordero, our Section Chairman for Costa Rica, and his committee of six PFA Fellows are administering the Loader-Espinach Award.

Twelve grants totalling $99,500 were awarded in 1998, in addition to the 81 dental student scholarships, the Costa Rica dental school project, and the Loader-Espinach Award.

The dental student scholarships have been funded for 1999 at $1,200 each. Dr. William Steifel’s contribution on behalf of Emory University’s Xi Phi Psi Fraternity Chapter of $1,550 raises the U.S. scholarship amounts. The U.S. scholarship awards totalled $83,700 in 1998. In January of this year, Dr. Steifel presented the Foundation with another check.

Non-U.S. scholarship awards were presented to students in Argentina, Australia (3), Brazil (2), Canada (3 awards to 10 students), Costa Rica, Chile, England, France, Hong Kong, India (2), Ireland, Japan (2 out of 3 were accepted), Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Spain, and Uruguay.

In 1997, Academy Fellows contributed $24,365; in 1998, they donated $14,735. Dr. Kishi noted, “Although the Foundation has a large endowment, continuous voluntary contributions will be needed in order to increase the amount of funds that can be made available to give financial assistance to worthy grant applicants.”

It was also recognized that while the current investments made by Treasurer George Higue have resulted in more than $300,000 of income, that may not always be the case.

Dr. Larry Barrett’s Foundation Committee released information concerning the Foundation’s annual Humanitarian Grant, with a maximum award of $15,000, to call attention to the service aspect of the grants program and to encourage grant applications. The first recipient will be selected by the Foundation Board at the Hawaii Meeting.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consisting of the three immediate past Presidents—Drs. Shig Kishi, Larry Barrett, and Nicholas Saccone—nominated the following for 1999–2000 Officers: President-elect Fred Halik of New York will become President; current President James Long of Mississippi will automatically become the immediate past President; Vice President M. David Campbell of Michigan is nominated for President-elect; Trustee Scott Welch is nominated for Vice President; Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal is renominated for his same position; and Dr. Gary Lowder of Utah is nominated for Region 5 Trustee.

Publications Committee

Chairman James Brophy, Dental World Editor, discussed the recent mailing of Highlighter III and the response he was getting. But the suggestion that another issue be published before the Hawaii Meeting was in question since the Foundation would not be meeting before then and Academy information is regularly printed in Dental World. Unless there was a clear-cut need for another issue this year and material was forthcoming from the Board, it would be a waste of funds

Budget & Finance Committee

Chairman Fred Halik presented the completed Financial Report for 1998 and the interim report for the 1999 budget to date. Both reports were reviewed by the Board and approved.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Chairman M. David Campbell reported that both documents have incorporated all the voted changes and have been printed for distribution upon request. His Committee presented the possibility of putting out the documents in a loose-leaf fashion so that they could be added to each year, eliminating the cost of printing entirely new versions every year.


Chairman Scott Welch, with computer documentation from the Central Office, reported that the current membership stands at 6,367, including 4,295 Fellows in the United States, 1,046 international Fellows, and 1,026 Life or Honorary Members. When six countries’ membership figures are entered, it should raise the actual total to close to 7,000 members. The split California Section takes the lead in the United States, with more than 500 Fellows; the Ohio Section comes in second with more than 300 members. A more accurate report will be submitted at the October Meeting. It was decided that Section Chairpersons will contact delinquent members to learn why they have dropped their membership.

Hall of Fame

Chairman Ray Klein has made arrangements to induct Dr. L.D. Pankey of Florida in September at the Pankey Institute.

Leadership Conference 2000

The Board approved holding next year’s scheduled Leadership Conference in Chicago during the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting in February. That means that the interim Academy Meeting will also be held there. Trustee Robert Friedman was selected as Leadership Conference Chairman. The event will be held at Chicago’s Swissôtel, where it has been so successfully hosted in the past.

PFA Web Site

Webmaster Mark Stanley discussed the success of our 2-year-old Web site. He noted that access to the Web has been doubling every year, with 72 million people having access in the United States. He suggested expanding our Web site to include Dental World, the Highlighter, and our other international pamphlets. Debate ensued about putting the PFA Directory on our Web site, but maintaining members’ privacy would be problematic.

Stanley pointed out that our membership application could also be put on site. All these documents could then be printed out by Section Chairmen and members, rather than requiring them to write the Central Office and wait for a response.

International Committee

Mexico’s Section Chairman Ernesto Acuña was appointed by President Long and approved by the Board to head the International Committee. Dr. Acuña has long been active in international dentistry as well as organized dentistry in Mexico. Dr. Acuña is the FDI Chairman for their Local Organizing Committee for the FDI Congress in Mexico City from 28 October to 1 November 1999.

Dr. Mark Barry (left) with symposium participants; Trustee Gordan Stine on right

Somokeless Tobacco Project

Chairman Gordan Stine reported that Dr. J. Mark Barry, assistant professor of oral medicine at the College of Dental Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, held a symposium last February entitled, “Smokeless Tobacco: the Silent Addiction.” The symposium was cosponsored by PFA and the Medical University of South Carolina. Videotapes of the symposium will be distributed to Sections so they can present their own local programs. The program, sponsored by a PFA Foundation grant, was held at the Embassy Suites in Columbia, South Carolina.

Vice President M. David Campbell

Section Chairperson’s Caucus

Vice President M. David Campbell presided over the caucus early Friday morning and presented the Section Chairpersons’ many suggestions to the Board for discussion. Many suggestions were procedural and were assigned to the respective committees for consideration. One suggestion was to hold Trustee Regional Conferences with the Section Chairmen to enhance communications. This idea was referred to the Executive Committee for planning.

Officers’ Reports

President James Long appointed a Continuing Education Evaluation Committee to secure a final report from the United Kingdom about the first international continuing education course, held in London in June 1998, that was so successful. The committee was also charged with evaluating the second CE course offering in Las Vegas and suggesting future courses and sites.

President Long also suggested implementing a “Past President’s Breakfast” at the Hawaii Meeting early Friday morning, at no cost to the Academy.

President-elect Fred Halik suggested an addition to the policy manual, that all travel expenses by Officers, Trustees, and Chairpersons need to be approved by the Executive Committee at least 1 week before. This is to insure that the Academy stays within its budget.

Vice President M. David Campbell noted that the quarterly phone conferences to review the finances and budget are invaluable for staying on track. “We are ultraconservative regarding the Academy’s expenditures.”

Trustee Pierre Marois and his wife Seba at the Thursday night dinner social

Trustees’ Reports

Region 1.—Pierre Marois of France, International Trustee for Region 1, has asked the European Chairmen to organize a membership drive to increase their membership by 10%. He has received positive responses from the region. His Section reports appear in Dental World Section News, as do all the other Trustees’ Section reports.

Region 2.—Robert Friedman of Connecticut, International Trustee for Region 2, has been visiting his area’s chairpersons. He has filled vacancies in Delaware and Maine, and a new chair for Vermont is pending.

Region 3.—Gordan Stine of South Carolina, International Trustee for Region 3, has been working with the Smokeless Tobacco Project with the Medical University of South Carolina.

Region 4.—James Englander of Wisconsin, International Trustee for Region 4, reported on all his area Sections and the active work they are doing.

Brad, Cindy, Wendy, Gregg, Kathleen, and Scott Welch at the first PFA Chinese dinner

Region 5.—Scott Welch of Wyoming, International Trustee for Region 5, reported on the activity of his Sections.

Region 7.—Bernardo Levit of Argentina, International Trustee for Region 7, reports supplying mouthguards for 130 competitors in Argentina’s Amateur Boxing Championship. He presented student achievement certificates at the Buenos Aires University Dental School, Maimónides School of Dentistry, El Salvador School of Dentistry, Cuyo School of Dentistry, Cordoba School of Dentistry, Rosario School of Dentistry, and the Corrientes School of Dentistry. Their group voted to honor Foundation President General Robert Shira of Maryland with their Outstanding Fellow of the Century Award.

Region 9.—William Winspear of Australia, International Trustee for Region 9, reported on the Australasia Section’s progress in membership.

Region 10.—Michael Perpich of Minnesota, International Trustee for the newly created Region 10, reported on his Sections’ activities and his plans for improving them. He has also been finishing many activities he initiated for PFA in Minnesota while he was their Section Chairman.

President Long addressing the Fellowship Dinner guests

Thursday Night Fellowship Dinner

A tradition begun some years ago was to hold a Members Fellowship Dinner to provide an opportunity for Members and their spouses to get together socially. The Las Vegas Dinner was scheduled after the first Board Session. The response was excellent.

Friday Events

Friday morning, the round of meetings started with the Section Chairman’s Caucus convening at 7:30 am chaired by Vice President M. David Malcolm. Then the PFA Board Meeting followed, with Dr. Jim Long presiding. After a tour of the Community College of Southern Nevada, we reconvened at the Desert Inn on the Strip for a cocktail reception welcoming those attending the second International PFA Continuing Education Course.

Tour of CCSN and PFA Central Office

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal arranged a van for all interested parties to take a tour of the Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas and to see the development of our new headquarters. The short trip to the college site was like entering a different world. Leaving the neon and tinsel of the Strip, which Las Vegas is so well known for, we entered an area of the city that could have been yours. Manicured lawns, middle-class homes, uncrowded streets, and a McDonald’s on the corner adorned the entry to CCSN. Then we came into another world, with colorful college buildings rising out of the desert in oranges, purples, reds, yellows, and blues.

Dr. Kozal took us on tour of the campus, particularly the dental section, and introduced us to one of the school’s deans who briefly addressed our group. Dr. Kozal showed us the area for our office (under construction) and our current temporary office. There were no slot machines to be seen anywhere.

As you can see by the pictures, we are well nestled into a college dental environment. And the college officials expressed their appreciation that our international dental honor organization is a part of that environment. Dr. Kozal noted that it has been difficult to run operations from a small office right now.

Much of what he and wife Judy need to do to keep the Central Office efficient daily happens at the college, at an area set aside in the Kozal home, and a rented storage locker that holds our records. In addition to that workload and running the day-to-day operations of a 7,000-member international organization, Dr. Kozal has worked to get us certified by the State to operate in Nevada, convert the computer system from R-base to Access, and bring everything to Y2K compliance.

Our college location stresses the PFA mission projects, such as student scholarships, dental service grants, foremost modern education, continuing education programs, and the mentorship program. The library will house our documents and publications, available to everyone through the library system. Dr. Kozal, along with the college, is planning a dental museum there. This is just the beginning of a joint effort that strengthens both the Academy and the Community College of Southern Nevada. As the area population is growing phenomenally, the State Legislature is debating the establishment of a Nevada School of Dentistry on this campus. And the PFA is there.

Nevada State PFA Induction Ceremony

After a time for social mingling at the Reception, our President James Long, Secretary/ Treasurer Richard Kozal, and Nevada State Chairman William Rohel inducted eight new Fellows into the Academy.

Second International Continuing Education Course

Dr. Robert Ibsen, CEO of Den-Mat Corp., opened the Saturday morning session of our CE course. Dr. Ibsen was followed by Dr. Lo of China, who spoke on the product research studies.

Dr. Phillip Devore talked about practice management. During the afternoon session, Dr. Harvey Putter led participants through a hands-on materials workshop using various Den-Mat products on plastic study models.

Den-Mat Corp. had set up many technical exhibits to demonstrate their wide variety of products available to meet the cosmetic needs of the public.

Hawaii Annual Meeting

The Academy and Foundation will host their annual meetings during the ADA Session in Honolulu, Hawaii, Friday, 8 October through Sunday, 10 October 1999. PFA meetings will be held at the Sheraton Waikiki. All Fellows are invited to attend.

The Academy Board Meeting will be called to order by President James Long at 7:30 a.m. in the Hilo Room on Friday, 8 October. The Foundation Board Meeting will convene under President Robert Shira on Saturday, 9 October, at 7:30 a.m. in the Oahu Room.

The annual Awards Luncheon will be on Saturday, 9 October, in the Honolulu/Kahuku Rooms at 11:30 a.m.; the new Officers for the 1999–2000 year will be installed during the luncheon. At 2:30 p.m., the Academy’s Section Chairmen’s Caucus will convene in the Waialua Room, and the Foundation’s Board will continue their meeting in the Oahu Room. The President’s Reception will take place that evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Niihau Room.

The Foundation will meet again Sunday morning at 8 a.m. in the Hilo Room. The Academy Board will complete their agenda Sunday afternoon starting at 1 p.m. in the Hilo Room. The no-host Fellowship Dinner will be held that evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Kahuku Room, by reservation only; call the Central Office to reserve your place at this concluding dinner social.

Foundation News

Student scholarship recipient Maria Ranazzo receiving check from Trustee Levit


Bernardo Levit, International Trustee for Latin America, presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to Universidad Maimónides dental student Maria Fernanda Ranazzo.

Student Jorge Ek Huchim receives scholarship check from Dean Rolando Peniche Marcin


Chairman Ernesto Acuña attended a special ceremony arranged by the University of Yucatan’s Dean Rolando Peniche M. to present the Foundation Scholarship Award to student Jorge Ek Huchim. The event was publicized in the local newspapers, with copies sent to the Foundation.

Dr. A. Dale presents the Foundation certificate to student Bhavna Anand 20T00 with Manish Lamichane 19T99, President of the University of Toronto Dental Students Society


International Trustee for Canada Kevin Roach writes that the Foundation Scholarship Awards each year are presented to the Junior Student Governor in each of the 10 Canadian Faculties of Dentistry. Dr. A. Dale, on behalf of Dr. Roach, presented this year’s award to Bhavna Anand 20T00, along with the new Canadianized PFA Foundation Certificate.

L-R: Chairman Roy Cooper, student Virginia Moreira, unidentified man, Secretary Roberto Dominguez, and past Chairman Walter Lieber


Chairman Roy Cooper distributed their Foundation Scholarship Award to the three top students of the Dental School of the University of Montevideo—Virginia Moreira, Virginia Rossi, and Maria Gonzalez—at their dinner meeting last December. International Trustee Bernardo Levit attended, along with the President of the Uruguay Dental Association.

United States

California, Southern Section

Chairman Charles Eller thanked the Foundation at their annual dinner meeting this April for the Foundation grants to the 1000 Smiles Craniofacial Surgical and Dental Mission, the Meet Each Need with Dignity (MEND) program providing dental care for needy patients, and The Children’s Dental Center of Inglewood.

The Foundation thanks Fellow Donald Swatman of Modesto for his prompt response to the Highlighter’s appeal for Foundation donations.

L-R: Dean Eric Hovland, student Chris Robinson, and Chairman Frank Martello

Louisiana State University senior dental student Chris Robinson of Monroe received the Foundation Scholarship Award from PFA Chairman Frank Martello and Dean Eric Hovland.

L-R: Scholarship student Kevin Schack, Chairman Norman Becker, and Distinguished Service recipient Arthur Eddy

Chairman Norman Becker presented the Foundation Scholarship award to Kevin Schack of the Tufts University dental school.


Past Chairman Mike Perpich noted that the Journal of the Minnesota and North Dakota Dental Associations, Northwest Dentistry, published articles about the PFA Foundation grants in both the November-December (page 4) and January-February issue (page 41). This Journal has a circulation of 7,200 in the two-state area. The Center for Victims of Torture, which received a Foundation grant, printed an article about the Foundation in the Winter 1999 issue of their publication, The Storycloth (page 3). This newsletter has a circulation of 9,000.

024 Chairman Al Uveges presents scholarship check to CWRU student Monica Mattson

Chairman Al Uveges presented their Foundation Scholarship Awards to dental students Monica Mattson of Case Western Reserve University and William Baldwin of Ohio State University.


A Foundation Scholarship Award winner, senior Peggy Cheman of Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, sent a thank-you letter to express her appreciation for the much-needed financial help.

Senior Ghassan Atalla receives Scholarship Award from Dean Michael Alfanor
New York

At a special holiday reception held at the NYU College of Dentistry last December, Dean Michael Alfano presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to senior dental student Ghassan Atalla, President of the NYU College of Dentistry Student Council. Mr. Atalla is the youngest of 16 children and earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Irvine. After graduation, he plans a career in orthodontics. The NYU Press Office sent a news release about the Scholarship Award to all media outlets.


Foundation scholarship recipient Christine Ibinson, a senior at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, sent us a letter of appreciation for our contribution to her dental career. She plans to enter general practice in the Pittsburgh suburbs.

L-R: Chairman James Overberger, Award recipient Thomas Butler, and Dean Robert Hornbrook
West Virginia

Chairman James Overberger and Dean Robert Hornbrook of the West Virginia University School of Dentistry presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to dental student Thomas E. Butler.

L-R: Dean William Lobb presenting scholarship award to student Kate Bruns with Chairman Glenn Maihofer

Chairman Glenn Maihofer presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to Marquette University senior dental student Kate Bruns, with Dean William Lobb present

Section News


Trustee Bernado Levit reported that their Section participated in the Amateur Boxing National Competition by making mouthguards for the 130 athletes.

Their annual dinner meeting was well attended, with 82 guests.

Belgium / Luxembourg

Chairman Professor Jose Dahan has been busy planning their WEPE Project with Republic of Georgia Chairman Vladimer Margvelashvili and Dr. Laura Andreeva of Bulgaria. Their proposed mentorship project takes our helping young dentists to an international exchange level.

Their Section also hosted two reviews last year: “Kinesiology and Chiropractice Related to Dentistry” and “If Dental Web Sites Could Replace Local Dealers.” The reviews supplemented their continuing education presentation last June on the use of tomography in implantology. This year they have scheduled two new reviews: “Informatic Tools in Dentistry” and “Surgical Endodontics.”


Chairman Kevin Roach announced that their 1999 Fellowship induction Breakfast will be held 7 August at the C.P. Hotel Halifax in Nova Scotia, during the Canadian Dental Association’s Convention.

Czech Republic

Chairman Josef Vacek and his eight Fellows meet during their October Prague Dental Days. Dr. Vacek has been elected President of the Congress to be held in Prague by the Association of Prosthetic Dentistry, hosting the European Prosthetic Association in September 2001. Dr. Vacek invites all PFA Fellows to attend.


Chairman Hubert Ouvrard, editor of Actualités Odonto-Stomatologiques Revue, published an article on our Elmer Best Ceremony in Paris and the Hall of Fame services at the French Dental Headquarters.

The French Section has initiated its own newsletter.

Last December, AOS Revue and PFA held a scientific session at the Cochin Hospital in Paris. The Foundation Student Scholarship Award was presented to senior Mathias Clavier by Chairman Ouvrard.

PFA hosted another scientific session, given by Dr. Jean-François Tecucianu, Chairman of the Service of Odontology, at the American Hospital in Paris.

A golf outing is planned for 17 June.


Chairman Thomas Paschos has increased their membership to 20 Fellows, with contacts at the University of Athens and the University of Thessaloniki


Dr. Bertram Moldauer has accepted the position of Section Chairman.

Lt. Col. Bill Dunn wearing PFA tie, with admirers in Vellore

U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel William Dunn addressed 80 PFA India Section (Madras) attendees last February at the Sheraton Chola while he was there as a dental volunteer for Health Volunteers Overseas at the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore. Chairman T. Samraj greeted Dr. Dunn.


Chairman Robin O’Sullivan held a joint meeting last October with ICD in Dublin. Student Certificates of Merit were presented to students Philip McCauhey of Belfast Dental School and Tom O’Connor of Cork Dental School. Their Foundation Scholarship Award was presented to Belfast Dental School student Cathy Robinson. Dr. Gerry McKenna of Dublin is their Awards Officer.

The Ireland Section also funded dental teaching materials for the Amman Dental School and Irbid Dental School in Jordan, where they are exploring the possibility of establishing a PFA Section.

PFA participated in a dental student exchange between the Cork Dental School and the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. This was funded by ICD.

Israel Chairman Mario Ulmansky

Chairman Mario Ulmansky addressed the Las Vegas Meeting. He reported that they had established a PFA Section with 15 members at the Jerusalem Dental School.


The prestigious Nakayama Award was presented to Dr. Anthony Tjan.


Chairman Ernesto Acuña will be extending their mentorship program to the dental schools at the University of Yucatan and the University of the Bajio.

They held their annual meeting this 14 April to finalize plans for the Elmer Best Ceremonies on 27 October, to be held at the French Embassy during the FDI Congress in Mexico City.


Chairman Gil Alcoforado noted that their 28 members meet jointly with ICD. He explained the Foundation grants program and notified their five dental schools about the scholarships. Dr. Alcoforado will be retiring this year and has started the process of selecting a new Chairman. His son, Dr. Gil Alcoforado, Jr., Professor at the University of Lisbon, has been recommended.


Chairman Professor Javier Garro Barrio hosted their annual meeting in Barcelona during the FDI Congress. Past Elmer Best Award winner Dr. Gonzalez-Giralda and Section Secretary Professor Leopoldo Forner were present to welcome 14 new Fellows into the Academy

L-R: Secretary Roberto Dominguez, Chairman Roy Cooper, and Editor Graciela Casacuberta

Chairman Roy Cooper held their annual dinner meeting last December in Montevideo.


Chairman H. Dalla Bona has established a Fauchard Education Room in Ipsach, near Biel. Dental lectures will be hosted there.

United Kingdom

Chairman R.S. Patel reports that their 99 members will be inducting another 20 new Fellows into the Academy this year.

The are currently planning a joint meeting in the U.K. with the Netherlands Section under Chairman Robert Barnasconi.

United States


Chairman Clyde Yarbrough is planning a presentation of the Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award at their State Meeting.

Foundation Treasurer George Higue with Dr. and Mrs. Charles Eller at the Las Vegas Meeting
California, Southern Section

Chairman Charles Eller hosted their 29th annual Awards Luncheon on 11 April during the California Dental Association Spring Scientific Session in Anaheim. Dr. Al Solnit, USC Associate Professor, was presented with their Distinguished Service Award by Dr. Rex Ingraham. They have also initiated a new award, “Teacher of the Year,” selected by the seniors at each of their three dental schools (USC, Loma Linda, and UCLA) to receive a plaque and $500 award at their luncheon. Past PFA International President Shig Ryan Kishi inducted new Fellows into the Academy.

Our sympathies are extended to immediate past President Shig Ryan Kishi and his wife Emily for the loss last March of her father, Roy Kiushi, after a long illness.

Dr. Eller noted that the dental equipment donated to PFA by the late Georgia Chairman Michael Kennedy will be used in clinics in San Diego and across the border in Mexico.

California, Northern Section

Chairwoman Debra Finney held their annual meeting during the California Dental Association’s Fall Scientific Session in San Francisco. This year, at their luncheon meeting on 18 September, they will present $1,000 scholarships to dental students from the University of the Pacific and the University of California San Francisco. They will also present $1,000 faculty awards to one teacher from each of these schools, to fund training in teaching methodology. Section Secretary/Treasurer Dan Castagna will move up to Section Chairman, and Dr. Dennis Shinbori will be installed as Secretary/ Treasurer.

Plans for the coming year include instituting a new award honoring a non-dentist for contributions to the dental profession and participating in the CDA Student Leader Internship Program.

UOP Dean Art Dugoni, a PFA Fellow, was elected by FDI to their List of Honour at the World Dental Parliament Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. This award is only bestowed on 30 living members throughout the world who have made distinguished contributions to international dentistry and the Federation.


Dr. Alan Stewart, ICD 4th District Regent, has accepted the PFA Section Chair position.


Chairman Lee Hawkins hosted a joint breakfast with ACD and ICD during the Hinman Meeting this March. Dr. Hawkins is reorganizing his State’s seven Districts and has planned an induction ceremony this July during the Georgia Dental Association Meeting.

He also reports the passing of Fellows Daniel Cassidy and R. Rephard Bennett.

L-R: Chairman Norman Becker, Award recipient Arthur Eddy, and Trustee Robert Friedman

Chairman Norm Becker, Editor of the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society, presented their Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Arthur F. Eddy at their annual Breakfast during the Yankee Dental Congress. International Trustee Robert Friedman and Rhode Island Section Chairperson Christine Benoit also attended.


Chairman Virginia Merchant inducted eight new Fellows at their Induction Breakfast held in conjunction with the Michigan Dental Association’s annual meeting. Murray Malinoski is the new Fellowship Chairman. Their Breakfast Meeting was held last fall during the Detroit District Dental Review. Mentorship at the University of Detroit Mercy continues to occupy their time, with a program being initiated at the University of Michigan.


Chairman Michael Schafhauser held their annual meeting this April to honor two Essay Contest winners and a Foundation Scholarship recipient.


Chairman Barbara Mauldin will host their meeting with ACD on 14 June in East Destin, Florida, during the Mississippi Dental Association’s annual meeting.

Chairman Al Uveges presents their Distinguished Service Award to John Kramer with past recipient Ken Clemens

Chairman Al Uveges held their annual breakfast meeting during the annual session of the Ohio Dental Association in Columbus. Some 120 attended, and 20 new Fellows were inducted by Chairman Uveges, assisted by Regional Chairman Ronald Clowson and E. Karl Schneider. Dr. John Kramer received the Ohio PFA Distinguished Service Award. CWRU Dean Gerald Goldberg, a PFA Fellow, gave the address.

Dr. Uveges held their semi-annual meeting this May during the Cleveland Northcoast Spring Meeting. A dinner cruise was enjoyed by those attending.

New York

Chairman John Billen will hold their annual Awards Presentation Luncheon on 12 June at Sarasota Springs, during the semi-annual Meeting of the Dental Society of the State of New York. Dr. Elliot Feinberg, past President of DSSNY, will be the presented their Distinguished Dentist of the Year Award.

Dr. Billen has reorganized the PFA New York District Chairs and has begun to implement a mentorship program.


Chairman James Saddoris, past ADA President, will host their annual meeting during the Oklahoma Dental Association’s session.


Past PFA President Nicholas D. Saccone (1995–96) retired from private practice in South Scranton this January after 51 years. His career also carried him to the Presidency of the Pennsylvania Dental Association and the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry. He served on many PDA Committees, ADA Committees, and as ICD Regent. He was honored with the French Gold Medal by the Dental Association of France (1995), as well as the PDA’s highest honor, the 1991 Distinguished Dentist Award.

Rhode Island

Chairwoman Christine Benoit thanked the Foundation for its grant to the R.I. Donated Dental Services. The grant received coverage in the Rhode Island Dental Association Newsletter.

Last November, Dr. Benoit addressed some 25 women dentists in Providence about our Mentorship Program. Dr. Richard Walsh has been in charge of this program for Rhode Island for the last 5 years. He uses the State Headquarters to gather the mentors and new dentists to organize the project.

Dr. Benoit represented her Section at the J. Murray Gavel Massachusetts PFA Section Breakfast held during the Yankee Dental Congress.

The Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award Committee—composed of past PFA President James Kershaw, past R.I. Chairman Aaron Shatkin, Chairman Christine Benoit, and Fellows Edwin Mehlman, John DaSilva, Clark Sammartino, Jan Feldman, and Robert Champagne—has selected past RIDA President Raymond George of East Providence to receive their prestigious award this year. Their 90 Fellows inducted nine new Fellows, making it the largest Section for a small state.

Their annual awards reception and induction ceremony will be held Tuesday evening, May 25th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick to induct eight new members.

South Carolina

PFA’s Smokeless Tobacco clinician Dr. J. Mark Barry will be presenting a lecture, “Practical Applications of Oral Medicine for General Practitioners,” at the 15th Annual Spoleto Festival in Charleston at the Medical University of South Carolina.

South Dakota

Chairman Robin Hattervig hosted their annual meeting this May. International Trustee Michael Perpich spoke at the meeting.

West Virginia

Chairman James Overberger held their annual meeting this April in Morgantown with a reception in the Health Service Center.


Chairman Larry Jones will host their annual meeting during the Texas Dental Association session.

Chairman Gary Lowder, Pres. James Long

Chairman Gary Lowder hosted their annual breakfast meeting last February with 40 Fellows in attendance.


Chairman Glenn Maihofer will host their annual meeting on 2 May at Marquette University, during the Wisconsin Dental Association’s annual session. They will induct new members and present their Distinguished Service Award to WDA Trustee Dr. Fred Tidstrom of Ashland.


At their annual breakfast meeting in Jackson Hole, held jointly with the ACD and ICD, Chairman Scott Houfek inducted two new members. PFA International Trustee Scott Welch and PFA Fellow/ADA Trustee Charles Siroky attended. Dr. Frank Manning was awarded their Distinguished Service plaque. Wyoming’s 40 Fellows represent about 20% of the state’s dentists.

International Mentorship Program

To volunteer in a Pierre Fauchard Academy Mentorship Service Project, please call Dr. Christine Benoit at (401) 364-6300, fax (401) 364-9190, or write to 4995 South County Trail, P.O. Box 850, Charleston, RI 02813 (USA) for further inofrmation on how to promote membership.

4. July - August

President’s Message

Unionizing Dentistry—To Do or Not To Do!

A few days ago, an article appeared in a local newspaper about the foundation of a union group of dentists and physicians somewhere in the United States. This, I think, was an effort on their part to try to level the playing field between our profession and managed care. We as a profession are definitely at a disadvantage when it comes to discussing fees and negotiating contracts with insurance companies.

The following comment and opinion are solely those of your scribe. This is something that concerns many of us in organized dentistry.

Will we (the profession) be better off if we unionize? Should we or should we not? I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of unions and their legal functions is zero to nil. When I hear the word “union,” I think of the coal miners’ and the auto workers’ unions which sometime make the front page in an uncomplimentary manner. On the other hand, I am sure that these unions do a lot of good for their members.

However, when you mention unionizing within our profession, this causes some degree of trepidation for me. Our profession of dentistry is one that I dearly love and one that I will fight fiercely to preserve. Our profession has been one of the most respected professions in America for years.

Outside forces and inside forces are very active in an effort to fragment our profession. I would not want dentistry to be fragmented like our sister profession of medicine. Sometimes I think that we are our own worst enemy.
The big plus that I hear on the side of unionizing would be the ability of the profession to openly discuss fees in the legislative arena without being in violation of the Federal Trade Commission. This alone would afford the profession the opportunity to bargain with insurance carriers on our behalf. Managed care or “managed fees” is ever growing and we—the dental providers—are at the complete mercy of the insurance companies in setting reimbursement schedules.

If joining or forming a union would enable dentists to become an equal partner or have input into the fee setting process, then unionizing might be an asset to us. I do not know how some of the more intricate legal ramifications would affect this.

If this were to become a reality, it would be through the process of legislation in our ADA House of Delegates. Having watched the House deliberate and function, I doubt this would happen overnight.

As stated before, I love our profession and the code of ethics to which we all adhere. This should not be jeopardized! This is professionalism and must be maintained. We must control our destiny. The jury is still out!

Forming a dental union could be a two-edged sword: It could be good for dentistry, but remember that a two-edged sword cuts both ways.

Dr. James E. Long


Hawaii Meeting

8–10 October 1999

The 141st Annual Session of the American Dental Association will be held in our 50th state. And as many affiliated groups do, we follow and hold our annual Meeting then to enhance maximum attendance. This year, the Academy and Foundation Board Meetings will be held at the Sheraton Waikiki, 8–10 October 1999. All Section Chairmen are especially invited to attend the Academy Board Meetings, the President’s Reception, and the no-host Fellowship Dinner.

All Academy reports for the Hawaii Meeting packet are to be received in the Central Office no later than 11 September in order to be included. Reports not filed by that date are the responsibility of the author to distribute to the meeting participants.

Schedule—Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

Friday, 8 October

PFA Board Meeting
7:30–11:30 am, Hilo Room

Saturday, 9 October

Foundation Board Meeting
7:30–11:30 am, Oahu Room

Awards Luncheon
11:30 am–2:00 pm, Honolulu Room

Installation of Officers/Foundation Board Meeting
2:30–5:00 pm, Oahu Room

Section Chairman’s Caucus
2:30–3:30 pm, Waialua Room

President’s Reception
6:30–8:00 pm, Niihau Room

Sunday, 10 October

Foundation Board Meeting
8:00 am–noon, Hilo Room

Academy Board Meeting
1:00–5:00 pm, Hilo Room

Fellowship Dinner (no host)
6:30–10:30 pm, Kahuku Room

Gottschalk to receive International Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Jack W. Gottschalk

At our annual Awards Luncheon on 9 October this year in Honolulu, Dr. Jack W. Gottschalk of Cincinnati will be presented with the PFA International Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Gottschalk served in the U.S. Army at Ft. Bragg following his graduation from Ohio State University for both his undergraduate and dental degrees. In 1957, he returned to Cincinnati to open a private practice; he became involved in organized dentistry and served as President of the Cincinnati Dental Society in 1969. For 29 years starting in 1965, he served as a Delegate to the Ohio Dental Association and chaired nine of the 12 committees he served on. In 1980, he was elected ODA President. He has served as an ADA Delegate for 19 years and has participated on many committees.

Dr. Gottschalk’s love for his profession has seen him serve in other capacities such as Dental Consultant for Procter & Gamble, consultant for numerous insurance companies, Trustee Advisor for the American Fund for Dental Health, Chairman of the Delta Dental Plan of Ohio Insurance Company, President of the Board of the Dr. Harris Dental Museum Foundation in Ohio, and Chairman of the Callahan Memorial Award Commission to mention a few.

But his community service is not limited to dentistry. Dr. Gottschalk has been active with the American Heart Association, the Cincinnati Mental Health Association, Health Careers Association, the Children’s Dental Care Foundation of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and an Advisor for children with speech impediments for the Cincinnati Public Schools.

Dr. Gottschalk holds Fellowship honors in PFA, ICD, and ACD, and he is a member of the American Academy of Dental History. He has been recognized for his service with ODA’s Meritorious Service Award and Distinguished Service award; with the Cincinnati Dental Society’s Meritorious Service Award; with Ohio State University’s Distinguished Dental Alumni Award; with the Hayden Harris Award from the American Association of Dental History; with the Ohio PFA Section’s Distinguished Service Award; and with the Volunteer of the Year Award from the University of Maryland.

One of Dr. Gottschalk’s crowning achievements was his involvement in founding the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland. His enthusiasm and leadership have made the museum an international showpiece for our profession. As Chairman of the Board and National Campaign Chairman, he traveled from coast to coast—meeting with corporations, dental organizations, and individuals—to get the Museum from idea to paper to reality. To honor him for this unselfish dedication, the Museum has named an annual lecture for him.

Through all this, he and his wife Nancy had the time to raise four children and now have seven grandchildren.

For his outstanding service to our profession and to his national community, the Academy honors Dr. Jack Gottschalk with their International Distinguished Service Award.

Dental Trade & Industry Award to 3M

The PFA International Executive Board has selected 3M Company of Minnesota to receive their 1999 Dental Trade & Industry Award in Honolulu during our Awards Luncheon on 9 October.

Mexico City Meeting

26 October–2 November 1999

At the dawn of civilization, a native tribe left their homeland Aztlan (in the southwest of what later became the United States) and, over decades, migrated southeast through the Valley of Mexico. These traveling people called themselves Mexica. They were the last to leave their arid homeland, so it was no wonder that when they reached Lake Texcoco, the area was already inhabited. The only place available to them was Chapultepec on the western shores. The descendents of the mighty Toltecs bested them in a war and drove the Mexica to a wilderness called Tizapan. However, their war god had told them their real homeland would be where they saw an eagle holding a serpent perched on a mighty cactus. The Mexica spotted this sign on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. So they settled there and built the mighty city of Tenochtitlan. By the time the Mexica began their empire building, several layers of ancient civilizations had come and gone. Teotihuacán, with its huge pyramids to the sun and to the moon, having a population of some 200,000 people at one time, had a gridded city divided into quarter barrios, but was in ruin when the Mexica arrived. As the immigrants from mythical Aztlan grew in power, they became known as the Aztecs. They formed a Triple Alliance with the peoples of Texcoco and Tlacopan to conquer the other powerful cities around Lake Texcoco, forming the mightiest military empire in North America—from the Atlantic (Gulf of Mexico) to the Pacific, from the northern Yaki wastelands south into the Maya tropics. This mighty Aztec Empire, armed with only obsidian blades, faced the
mighty Spanish Empire armed with cannon, metal weapons, and European diseases. The rest is history. And we are invited to be a part of that history this Fall.

Over Lake Texcoco, built on the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, spread over the ancient ruins of Teotihuacán, is one of the world’s largest cities—Mexico City. The Féderation Dentaire International will host their 87th World Dental Congress here. And you are invited to attend this blending of ancient American history with the epitome of modern organized dentistry in the world. Your PFA will be there. Come along with us.

The FDI is composed of 115 national and 29 international dental associations. The Pierre Fauchard Academy, as an international dental honor service organization, is an affiliate member. We will participate in the General Assembly on Tuesday and Thursday, and be hosting our Elmer Best Ceremony at the French Embassy to honor Dr. Francisco Raul Miranda B. of Mexico with our Academy’s most prestigious international award on Wednesday, 27 October, at 7:00 pm. All are welcome.

Amid ancient American history, the Aztec Empire capitol, surrounded by Toltec, Olmec, and Maya lands of legend, Spanish and Mexican flavors, in the oldest continuously inhabited city in the New World, the FDI hosting the world’s most modern dental congress in a beautiful recreational setting, and you can be there with us. When will you get another opportunity like this again? Are you doing something more important this Fall?

The 1999 Elmer Best Ceremony

The Elmer S. Best Memorial Award is named for the founder of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The Award was established by the Academy in 1962. This award is given to members of the dental profession outside the United States who have made distinguished contributions of international significance to dentistry. This is the most prestigious award given by PFA. This year the Board has selected Dr. Francisco Raul Miranda B. of Mexico to receive the Elmer Best Award on 27 October during the FDI Congress.

Dr. Miranda was born in 1911 and earned his dental degree from the Dental School of the National University of Mexico (1934). He is a retired oral surgeon after 50 years of active practice and 30 years as a Professor of maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Miranda is past President (1971–73) of the Mexico Section of ICD, Fellow and Master in ACD, Honorary Member in PFA, Honorary Member of the El Salvador Dental Association, and Honorary Member of the Texas Dental Association.
Dr. Miranda helped found many professional organizations: in 1942, the Mexican Dental Association (he further served the group as President in 1965–67); the Mexican Association of Oral Surgery (which also elected him President); in 1970, the Mexico City Dental Society; and in 1958, the National Academy of Stomatology (with another stint as President).

Mexico Chairman Dr. Ernesto Acuña has confirmed holding the Best Ceremony in the French House of the Embassy of France through their Cultural, Scientific and Technical Councillor, Alain Fohr. The event will take place on Wednesday, 27 October 1999, at 7:00 pm, with the French Ambassador to Mexico as host. A cocktail buffet is planned after the ceremony. All PFA members are invited to attend to honor Dr. Francisco Miranda.

Leadership Conference 2000

The Fourth Leadership Conference will be held in Chicago at the Swissôtel on 26 February 2000, during the annual Chicago Midwinter Meeting. This will also be the site for the PFA Interim Meeting. The Academy Board will meet on Friday, 25 February. The Leadership Conference will take place that Saturday, and the Academy Board will conclude their meeting on Sunday, 27 February.

International Trustee Robert Friedman is the Chairman of the Leadership Conference. All members are invited to attend at no charge, but must make reservations with the Central Office to insure that participant materials are available and a seat reserved. Section Chairmen are expected to attend, since the basic purpose of this Conference is to hone their skills. The Conference is designed to fully inform the members about the Academy resources available to assist their advancement in leadership.

Smokeless Tobacco

Dr. Mark Barry giving presentation during the symposium on smokeless tobacco at Columbia’s Embassy Suites

This Project was initiated by theInternational Board of PFA Officers at the Academy Board Meeting in Chicago in 1998. Trustee Gordan Stine was appointed Project Chairman. His South Carolina Section presented a continuing education program in Columbia, South Carolina, entitled, “Smokeless Tobacco: The Silent Addiction,” on 19 February 1999. The speaker was Dr. J. Mark Barry, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine at the College of Dental Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina. The PFA Foundation provided funds through its grants program to sponsor this program. Dr. Barry spoke to an audience of dentists and dental hygienists from private practice and dental education.

This educational program provided information on all aspects of smokeless tobacco. Specific topics included epidemiological studies, marketing and industry strategies, anti–smokeless tobacco efforts, nicotine addiction, baseball’s influence, oral and systemic complications, prevention, intervention, and cessation. Participants received education, training, print literature, publications, and videotapes to enable them to go out and present short programs to schools, Little League baseball teams, civic organizations, or any other appropriate group. The dental health care providers in attendance were also taught how to incorporate smokeless tobacco education and cessation into their practices.

Smokeless tobacco products range from finely ground snuff to loose-leaf chewing tobacco. Many smokeless tobacco samples were available to help the audience become familiar with the products. Additionally, smokeless tobacco substitutes were available for learning purposes. Dr. Barry and the participants discussed a variety of patient cases and experiences.

Dr. Sam Hazel, a practicing dentist from Walterboro, contributed greatly to the discussion of smokeless tobacco and the peer pressure that our youth face each day to use these products. Dr. Charlie Millwood of Irmo was very pleased with the program. As a leader in the South Carolina Dental Association, Dr. Millwood indicated that education and dissemination of information on smokeless tobacco is crucial to help the youth of South Carolina to become free from smokeless tobacco use. Support from professional and service organizations like the Pierre Fauchard Academy are helping make these efforts a reality.


Chairwoman Christine Benoit addressing the Las Vegas Meeting

Co-Chairpersons Michael Perpich and M.Christine Benoit presented their report at the Las Vegas Interim Meeting. In their subsequent follow-up report, Dr. Benoit noted that New York Section Chairman John Billen is planning to start a Mentorship Program at the dental schools in New York. The committee recommended that he appoint a Section Mentorship Chairman. Dr. Billen has been sent a Program packet.

Mexico Chairman Ernesto Acuña will be expanding his country’s program to the dental schools at the University of Baijo and the University of the Yucatan.

Michigan Section Chairwoman Virginia Merchant stresses their mentorship activities with dental students and recent graduates out of the University of Detroit Mercy. Efforts are underway to extend this program into the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Christine Benoit discussed the Mentorship program last April at the Rhode Island Dental Association office with new dentists Lisa Daft, New Dentist Chairman Michelle Smith, and Brad Turchette

Belgium/Luxembourg Section Chairman Professor Jose Dahan is promoting their West-East Professional Exchange Program. The goal is to have young dentists in a mentor-protégé program that is continental and international in scope. Dr. Dahan has been meeting with Republic of Georgia Section Chairman Vladimer Margvelasvili and Bulgaria’s Dr. Laura Andreeva to initiate this project.

Rhode Island Section Chairwoman Christine Benoit spoke about this PFA program with a group of young women dentists in Providence last November. Section Mentorship Chairman Richard Walsh discussed the program with another group of new dentists last April at the state dental headquarters.

Many other mentorship programs in progress are sponsored by the ADA, state dental societies, other countries, and even by dental schools themselves. PFA has been laboring in this field for many years, as well developing its own pamphlet to promote it. Mentorship is one of the most difficult programs to initiate. You cannot simply throw money at it and get it to work. The enthusiasm of a handful of sponsors will not make it work. It takes many one-on-one relationships, dentist-to-student, to achieve success. That is why mentorship programs, when initiated, work so well.

Foundation News

From the Desk of the Executive Director

Executive Director Shig Ryan Kishi reports that the following students have sent thank-you letters to the Foundation for the dental school scholarship awards: Tisha Lanete Ross, Meharry Medical College; Brenda Schweitzer (1997), University of Illinois; David Olsen, University of North Carolina; William Baldwin, Ohio State University; Maura Conniff, New Jersey Dental School; Monica Mattson, Case Western Reserve University; Debora Ebroon, Northwestern University; Michael Condon, Creighton University; Leigh Carter Kuyrkendall, University of Mississippi; Darcy DeBoer, University of Minnesota; Shane Fisher, Indiana University; Iwany Amalliah Badruddin, University College London Medical School; Weng Cheu-Yue, National University of Singapore; Maria Rannazzo, Maimonides University (Argentina); and Wilson Yong Than Fong, University of Malaya (Malaysia).

Also, the following dental school deans have responded with thank-you letters to the Foundation: Dean Lonnie Norris of Tufts University; Associate Dean Frank Ayers of Creighton; Dean Art Dugoni of the University of the Pacific; Dean Richard Ranney of the University of Maryland; Dean No-Hee Park of UCLA; Dean Paul

Robertson from the University of Washington; SEPC Chairman J.H. Brown of Meharry Medical College; Dean Bruce Graham of the University of Detroit School of Dentistry; Dean Chong-Lin Chew from the National University of Singapore; Dental Public Health Professor Aubrey Sheiham of University College London Medical School; Decano Fernando Saenz Forero of the Universidad de Costa Rica; Dean F. Smales of the University of Hong Kong; Dean Peter Innes of the University of Otago (New Zealand); Dean Rolando Peniche Marcin of the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (Mexico); Dean Elias Feldman of Maimonides University (Argentina); Professor Tatsuya Ishikawa of Tokyo Dental College; Dean Michael McGinnis from the University of Western Australia; and Dean Keith Lester of the University of Sydney (Australia).

Sixty-nine grant applications have been mailed to requesting prospectives to date.

In 1998, U.S. donations to the Foundation totalled $13,950. International donations were $785. To date in 1999, U.S. donations are $14,199. International dues statements have just been mailed. Life Members’ donations this year stand at $2,160.

Souzi Mahanna receives scholarship certificate from Professor Louis Touyz


Dr. Louis Touyz, Director of Periodontics at McGill University, sent a thank-you letter for the “honor afforded me to present this year’s PFA Student Award” to student Souzi Mahanna at the Leahy Lecture Theatre in the Montreal General Hospital last March.

Scholarship recipient Virginia Rossi receiving Foundation check from University of Montevideo Councillor Mario Scarrone


Chairman Roy Cooper presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to senior student Virginia Rossi of the Dental School of the University of Montevideo at their Awards Ceremony.

United States

California, Southern Section

In the Spring 1999 issue of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society’s publication, the group printed an article expressing their appreciation to the Foundation for its grant to the MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) Dental Clinic; the grant would cover their costs for an entire year. MEND in Pacoima provides dental needs to poor, uninsured families and is staffed by volunteer dentists. This clinic is one of the major community service projects of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society.

The dental equipment donated to the Foundation by the late Michael Kennedy, Georgia State Chairman, has been sent to Dr. Roger Kingston of San Diego for a dental clinic in Tijuana, Mexico; to St. Leo Clinic in Solana Beach; and to Father Joe Carroll’s Clinic.


Section Chairman Robert Hart presented the Foundation scholarship to University of Florida College of Dentistry senior May Chen last April.

Dr. Cynthia Skigen of the I.M. Sulzbacker Center for the Homeless in Jacksonville reported on the progress of the Foundation grant to treat homeless and indigent patients who are unable to afford dental care.

Rhode Islands

Chairman Christine Benoit reported the publication of the international Foundation grant awards on page 15 of the Spring 1999 issue of the Rhode Island Dental Journal.

South Carolina

Dean DeChamplain of the Medical University of South Carolina announced that the 1999 Foundation scholarship recipient is Clarissa Schmidt; the award will be presented in November.

United States


Fellow Samuel Dorn of Plantation was elected Secretary of the American Association of Endodontists during their 56th annual session last April in Atlanta. Dr. Dorn is Professor and Director of Postgraduate Endodontics at Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale. In 1987, he was the East Coast District Dental Society’s Dentist of the Year. He is also a Fellow in ICD and ACD.


Lt. General George Fisher of the First U.S. Army presented Colonel Richard Kozal of the 88th Regional Support Command with The Legion of Merit, on behalf of the President of the United States, for his 22 years of service as staff dental surgeon, chief of professional services, and deputy commander. Dr. Kozal is now retired and works full time as Secretary/Treasurer of the PFA at our Central Office in Nevada.


Dr. Joseph A. Donato of Freeland has accepted the position of State Chairman from retiring Chair Lester Levin.

Rhode Island

Several PFA Fellows are serving professional organizations as President: John Coletti of Warwick for the Rhode Island Academy of General Dentistry; Brian Hogan of Newport for the Rhode Island Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons; and Edwin Mehlman of Providence for the Rhode Island Association of Endodontists.

The Section’s Annual Awards Reception was held last May to induct nine new Fellows into the Academy. Dr. Raymond George, Sr., received their Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award.

Fellow George Carrallas passed away on 22 April. He was a big supporter of PFA and had nominated many new Fellows for membership. He will be missed

Trustee Gordan Stine presents a PFA Award to former MUSC Dental Dean Arthur Haistew
South Carolina

At their May commencement exercises, the College of Charleston presented PFA Trustee Gordan Stine with an Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters. Dr. Stine was also acclaimed by the Alumni Association of the College of Charleston, which bestowed its highest recognition on him—the 1999 Alumni Award of Honor—during his 55th Class Reunion.


Past PFA President Marty Naimark from Michigan has left the heartland of America to don a ten-gallon cowboy hat and retire in San Antonio.


International Trustee James Englander and Section Chairman Glenn Maihofer hosted their annual Meeting last May to induct four new Fellows. Dr. Fred Tidstrom was this year’s recipient of their Distinguished Service Award.

5. September - October

President’s Message

What Will the Future Bring?

What will the next century hold for our profession and the Pierre Fauchard Academy—where will we go in the next millenium? What will the practice of dentistry be like 50 years from now? What will the Academy be doing?

These are all good questions, of course, but none of us knows the answers. Most of us recognize how far technology has come in the practice of dentistry since we graduated from dental school in the late 1940s and ’50s. Again, we have a vague idea of what dentistry was like during the first half of this century. If our life and profession progress with as much advancement during the next century as they have in this century, the end result is almost inconceivable for us to comprehend. How can things get any better for esthetic dentistry than porcelain veneers and the bonding technique in general? But I am sure it will. This holds true for all phases of dentistry.

The insurance industry or third-party payment is a major force outside of our profession that has a tremendous effect upon our practice—our fees and the reimbursement of our fees. However, dental insurance has made dentistry more affordable for millions of people. Organized medicine has sanctioned the foundation of a union to level the playing field with HMOs and PPOs and so on. Will dentistry follow? Probably so, although the merits of this remain to be seen. One alarming effect here is the erosion of the patient-doctor relationship; this is sacred and should remain so. But as we all know, money talks and patients opt for a cheaper treatment plan regardless of the treating doctor.

Patients will not change too much; they will still hurt, still have their fears. However, some diseases may have a drastic effect on how we treat patients. The advent of AIDS has left an indelible mark on the way we practice.

Ethics is an area of great concern. The longer you live, the more you are aware of the fact that in this world, right is not always right, and wrong is not always wrong. The gray area seems to get wider: actions are taken under the guise of advertising that lessen our professionalism. Having lived through both worlds, I would say that “advertising” has had a deleterious effect on the profession.
This is the etiology of some of our ethical dilemmas. Can ethics be taught or is this something that is ingrained in you from birth? On the end of each tooth is a human being—one of God’s creatures. It is our ethical responsibility as professionals to be fair and kind, and to render the best treatment that our talents allow. Sometimes I think that if we all were kind and fair with our patients, we would not need peer review and ethics committees!

During the next century, I see the Academy continuing to grow. Our diversity and internationality will increase. Regardless of the language we speak, we all have a common goal: to relieve pain and to improve our patients’ oral health. Each Fellow should always be aware of his or her responsibility to the Academy. Remember: you will get out of the Academy only what you put into it.

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy should experience tremendous growth. This will enable the Foundation to be an effective force in awarding grants for worthwhile projects. If our Fellows respond to the Foundation and if our investments are prudent ones, there is no limit to future growth. It is mind-boggling to think about the funds that will be available in just 50 years for research, humanitarian grants, and other projects. We will continue to be the leader among foundations within our profession.

Someone once said that the past is history, the present is the moment, and the future is imagination. For the Fellows of the Academy, the moment should be precious. Today is something that will be gone tomorrow and lost forever.

Do what you do, do it well, and be true to yourself and your patients. If we (the profession) do this, dentistry will continue well into the 21st century as the most respected profession.

Good luck! See you in Hawaii at the President’s Luncheon.

Dr. James E. Long

Vernetti to receive PFA Gold Medal

James P. Vernetti

Fellow James P. Vernetti has been nominated and selected by the Academy’s Board to receive the 1999 Pierre Fauchard Academy’s highest U.S. Award, the Gold Medal. The event will take place at the Awards Luncheon in Honolulu during the ADA Annual Session; the Luncheon will begin at 11:30 a.m. in the Sheraton Waikiki on 9 October 1999.

Dr. James Vernetti of Coronado, California, is a lecturer, teacher, author, and community leader who represents the best example of a professional man. He graduated from the University of Southern California and practiced in Coronado for nearly 40 years starting in 1937; he took time off from his practice to serve in the Army and retired at the rank of Lt. Colonel. During his four decades in practice, he was an associate professor at Loma Linda University. After retirement from practice, he became a full professor at the University of Texas Dental School.

Dr. Vernetti’s list of honors is extensive. The PFA California, Southern Section presented him with their 1983 Outstanding Member Award. He is a Life Member and was our 1994 essayist for the George Hollenbach Memorial Lecture. He was 1975 President of ACD and received their 1993 Geis Award. A Fellow in ICD, he is the subject of one of their Dental Leaders Video series. He was President and Secretary of ADI in the early 1980s and received their Hillenbrand Award in 1989. He was the Founder and Charter President of AGD’s San Diego Chapter, which honored him by naming its annual Dentist of the Year Award after him.

He served as President of the Academy of Gold Foil Operators in 1958 and received their Distinguished Member Award in 1988. He is a Charter Member of the Academy of Operative Dentistry and received their 1988 Award of Excellence.

Dr. Vernetti was President of the San Diego County Dental Society (1950–51) and received their 1975 Outstanding Member Award. He was honored with the 1995 ADA International Humanitarian Recognition.

He also served as President of Thousand Smiles Foundation and is currently their Executive Secretary. They presented him with their Outstanding President’s Award in 1997.

In his community, Jim Vernetti has been active with the Boy Scouts of America, receiving their Silver Beaver Award in 1960. He is past President of the Coronado Rotary Club (1959–60) and Charter President of the Oak Hills Rotary Club (1977–78) with 46 years of perfect attendance. He received the 1977 Rotarian of the Year Award.

Active in his hometown, Coronado established Jim Vernetti Day in 1975. The Chamber of Commerce presented him with its 1986 Distinguished Citizen Award, and he was Grand Marshal for the 1992 Fourth of July Parade in Coronado. The National Recreation Council presented him with its 1958 National Recreation Award. San Diego’s Channel 10 gave him its 1997 Community Leadership Award. And in 1998 he received the Blue Cross Ageless Hero Award. These are only the highlights of an outstanding career of service and dedication spanning more than half a century.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy is proud to be included in Dr. Vernetti’s extensive list of accomplishments, which reflects but the tip of the iceberg for such a professional humanitarian.

First Annual Loader-Espinach International Lecture

Dr. Poul Holm Pedersen giving Loader-Espinach Lecture04 Dr. Francisco R. Miranda B.

Costa Rica PFA Chairman Mario Rodriguez Cordero hosted the first annual Loader-Espinach International Lecture in January in San José’s Corobici Hotel; over 120 attended. Dr. Poul Holm Pedersen gave an all-morning seminar, “New Perspectives in the Treatment of the Elderly: Geriatric Dentistry.”

Dr. Pedersen (center) receiving lecture award from PFA’s dental facultyi

During the luncheon that followed, Dr. Pedersen received the First Annual Loader-Espinach Award from Chairman Mario Rodriguez Cordero, who also gave an address on how this event came into being.

The weekly newspaper, Semanario Universidad, did an article covering the lecture and PFA’s part in its sponsorship.

PFA Award Winners Announced

Dr. Francisco R. Miranda B

Dr. Francisco Miranda B. to receive Elmer Best Award

Dr. Francisco Raul Miranda Baena of Mexico has been selected to receive PFA’s highest award, the Elmer Best Memorial Award, on Wednesday, 27 October, at the French Embassy during the FDI Congress in Mexico City.

Dr. Miranda retired from practice in 1993, but has authored the Historia de la Asociacion Mexicana de Cirugía Bucal y Maxillo-Facial, a book about the organization he founded and was past President of. He also has served as past President of the Mexico Section for ICD and is a Life Member of PFA.

Dr. Miranda’s talent covers a broad range. He has taught in high school and in medical school and he has published 28 articles.

He has received some 33 awards for his service, including the 1999 medal and diploma “Dr. Margarita Chorne y Salazar” from the hands of Mexico’s President Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon last 7 April for his moral qualities, professional abilities, and service to humanity in elevating the dental profession in Mexico.

Dr. David Whiston to receive PFA President’s Award

Past ADA President David A. Whiston will accept the PFA President’s Award at our Annual Awards Luncheon in Hawaii on Saturday, 9 October, at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel during the annual ADA Session.

Dr. Whiston is a graduate of the West Virginia University School of Dentistry and completed graduate studies at the University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania. He is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon practicing in Arlington, Virginia. He is past Chief of Dentistry at Northern Virginia Doctors Hospital and at Fairfax Hospital.

Dr. Whiston has served as President of the Northern Virginia Dental Society, the Virginia Dental Association, and the Virginia, Greater Washington, and Middle Atlantic Societies of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. He is a member of the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped and of the National Museum of Dentistry.

For the ADA, Dr. Whiston has served as the Association’s spokesman for legislative and regulatory issues before the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate Committees. He has been liaison to the American Hospital Association, to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and currently to the American Medical Association.

Dr. Whiston is past President of the West Virginia Alumni Association, National Capital Chapter. He received the West Virginia University School of Dentistry Distinguished Alumnus Award and is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Alumni of West Virginia University.

3M Vice President Frederick Palensky
PFA Dental Trade & Industry Award to 3M

Dr. Frederick Palensky, Division Vice President for 3M Dental Products, will accept the PFA Dental Trade & Industry Award at the annual Awards Luncheon on 9 October at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel’s Honolulu Room. Dr. Palensky received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Briar Cliff College in Sioux City, Iowa, and his Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from Purdue University.

The 3M Dental Products Division is one of some 40 businesses that make up 3M, a multinational organization operating in 60 countries. The Dental Products Division is part of the Pharmaceuticals, Dental, and Personal Care Markets Group within 3M’s Life Sciences Sector. The Dental Products Division was initiated in 1964. Over the years, 3M has been a leader in dental abrasives, adhesives, and ceramics, with over 700 products used by dentists throughout the world. The division headquarters and R&D facilities are located in St. Paul, Minnesota; its manufacturing plant is in Irvine, California.

Some of 3M’s dental products include Sof-Lex, Concise, Silar, Silux, P-10, ScotchBond dental adhesive, P-50, Vitrebond, Z100 Restorative, and Imprint.

In 1991, 3M was the founding industrial partner with the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in establishing the Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics in their Department of Oral Science.

3M has also made contributions to support the ADA practice management program. They have also taken a leadership role in Oral Health America.

In 1994, 3M provided funding to establish the I. Leon Dugon 3M Preventive Dentistry Unit at the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in China.

The PFA International Board is proud to honor 3M’s worldwide commitment to the dental profession with our International Dental Trade & Industry Award.

From the Office of Congressman Charles Norwood

Dr. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.), a PFA Fellow from Georgia, provided us with an update on dental interest bills in the U.S. Congress.

Dr. Norwood writes that there have been seven major health care bills introduced in Congress this year. Five of them are patient protection bills and two are about the availability of insurance. Dr. Norwood has sponsored one of each.

The Republican leadership in the House will not be bullied by President Clinton, notes Congressman Norwood; thus, Republicans are seeking bipartisan support for their health care legislation. These bills come from the Commerce Committee; Committee Chairman Tom Bliley (R-Va.) has asked Dr. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Dr. Norwood to write both a managed care reform bill and an availability bill. These bills were submitted to the Committee and did get bipartisan approval. However, they must pass some tests, such as staying free from massive political changes, and address the standard of patient care and liability. If these bills are altered, thereby failing in their intended goals and ceasing to be meaningful, “I will walk away and introduce the bills we came up with myself. Although it will be more difficult to get them passed,” Dr. Norwood says, “better no bill than a bad bill.”

The two bills proposed go hand in hand, politically, because they appeal to two different groups in Congress. One group strongly supports patient protections; the other group wants to increase the availability of health care insurance. Only together can they pass a bill into law.

However, “the insurance companies are gearing up. They are again enlisting business groups as their stooges to

charge Capitol Hill and pressure members of Congress into not supporting patient protections.” Dr. Norwood writes, “We can win this battle if we beat back the insurance companies.”

The proposed availability bill has medical savings accounts, healthmarts, tax credits for individuals, and associated health plans. Most current plans have no or limited dental coverage. Healthmarts will offer a wide range of plans from which the patient can choose. Tax credits will allow individuals to secure coverage under state-regulated plans. Associated health plans will allow small businesses to pool together under ERISA or select from at least two state-controlled plans.

With a good managed care reform bill, proper standards will regulate ERISA.

The Education and Workforce Committee of OSHA is holding hearings on banning certain powdered latex gloves because of allergic reactions to the powder. The ban is unnecessary since there are already powder-free latex gloves on the market.

“The insurance companies are coming after me personally. In their first broadside to Congress, they took pains to drag my name through the mud. Comes with the territory.” Dr. Norwood continues, “However, I am also concerned about what the insurance companies are doing in my next campaign. My 1996 opponent, a trial lawyer, was narrowly defeated by me. This time, he has the support of the insurance companies, labor unions, and his fellow trial lawyers who contributed a quarter of a million dollars to his previous campaign against me. My 10th District is a tough one being evenly divided. I will need your prayers, your vocal support to your Congressmen for me, and a little of your personal $upport.

“Let me hear from you at P.O. Box 499, Evans, GA 30809. I truly value your input.”

Hall of Fame to Honor L.D. Pankey

Hall of Fame Chairman H. Raymond Klein, past PFA President, has scheduled our Hall of Fame presentation for Sunday, 24 October, at the Sonesta Hotel on Key Biscayne, Florida. The L.D. Pankey Alumni Association is meeting then to celebrate the opening of their new facility in Key Biscayne. President Herb Blumenthal and Vice President Yvonne Hanley feel sharing this prestigious award with the 200 or so attendees as well as with the Pankey family would bring more honor to this recognition of Dr. Lindsey D. Pankey’s work. 

The Central Office reports...

All Hawaii Board Meeting reports are due into the Central Office by 11 September. The Constitution & Bylaws Committee’s housekeeping changes have been completed by Chairman M. David Campbell and have been disseminated to the Board for approval at the Hawaii Board Meeting. 
Our Web site has received 17,500 visits since its inception and is continually updated with new material.

The approved document will then be prepared for placement on our Web site. Any Fellow on the globe can then access an up-to-date copy of the Constitution and Bylaws immediately at any time of day or night.

The Business & Finance Committee has completed its audit of the first quarter. All Academy bills have been paid to date and are current. Foundation donations to July of this year from the United States total $20,084, with $2,425 coming from Life Members.

The Central Office has processed 39 new Life Members; two special award certificates for Northern California and for Idaho have been prepared; 22 Dentist of the Year plaques have been mailed; 31 Fellowship invitations have been sent to German nominees, with eight replies so far; 393 Fellowship Certificates were mailed; five outgoing Section Chairmen’s plaques have been completed; 68 student awards have been sent; and Dental World has been sent to 94 libraries and 90 Life Members.

International final dues statements and 400 U.S. final notices have been mailed.

The Mentorship pamphlet is being revised and reprinted for distribution.

Foundation News

From the Desk of the Executive Director Dr. Shig Ryan Kishi

The Foundation has received 36 grant applications, of which 20 have been reviewed and mailed to the Grants Evaluation Team. Sixteen applications were returned because they failed to meet the Foundation criteria. If all 20 were accepted, the amount would be $165,550. Grant applications have been mailed to 78 prospective applicants.

All 54 U.S. dental schools have selected recipients for dental student scholarships. Internationally, all Sections but one have submitted student names.

The Costa Rica Section presented their Loader-Espinach Award this year.

L-R: Student Stephan Piche receives scholarship award from Dr. Keith Hamilton


International Trustee Kevin Roach reported that Secretary/Treasurer George Peacock of the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and Dr. Keith Hamilton presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to student Stephan Piche at the Saskatoon Dental Society Meeting last June.

Secretary Roberto Dominguez presenting Award to Virginia Moreira


On behalf of Chairman Roy Cooper, PFA Section Secretary Dr. Roberto Dominguez presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to University of Montevideo Dental School student Virginia Moreira at their annual Awards Ceremony.

United States

California, Southern Section

The San Diego Children’s Dental Health Center acknowledged our Foundation’s grant in their recent report for 1998 that noted that their donated services dentists see 600 to 700 visits from indigent children a month.

At their annual Meeting last April in Anaheim, Chairman Charles Eller presented the Foundation Scholarship Awards to dental students John Nelsen of Loma Linda, Garrett Nelson of UCLA, and David Yammand of USC.


Tufts University School of Dental Medicine student Hidemi Oka received the Foundation Scholarship Award at their sixth annual Senior Awards Luncheon in May,

Calendar of Events

8–14 October 1999—Honolulu
ADA annual Session

8–10 October 1999—Honolulu
Hawaiian Academy & Foundation Meetings

9 October 1999—Honolulu
Awards Luncheon
Installation of Officers

24 October 1999—Key Biscayne, Florida
Hall of Fame Presentation

26 October–2 November 1999—Mexico City
FDI World Dental Congress

26 October 1999—Mexico City
World Congress A

28 October 1999—Mexico City
World Congress B

27 October 1999—Mexico City
Elmer Best Ceremony

25–27 February 2000—Chicago
Academy Board Meetings

26 February 2000—Chicago
4th Leadership Conference

14–18 October 2000—Chicago
ADA annual Session

29 November–2 December 2000—Paris
FDI World Dental Congress

13–17 October 2001—Kansas City
ADA annual Session

Hawaii Meeting Schedule

All Section Chairmen are especially invited to attend the Academy Board Meetings,
the President’s Reception, and the no-host Fellowship Dinner.

Schedule—Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

Friday, 8 October

PFA Board Meeting
7:30–11:30 am, Hilo Room

Saturday, 9 October

Foundation Board Meeting
7:30–11:30 am, Oahu Room

Awards Luncheon
11:30 am–2:00 pm, Honolulu Room

Installation of Officers/Foundation Board Meeting
2:30–5:00 pm, Oahu Room
Saturday, 9 October cont'd

Section Chairman’s Caucus
2:30–3:30 pm, Waialua Room

President’s Reception
6:30–8:00 pm, Niihau Room

Sunday, 10 October

Foundation Board Meeting
8:00 am–noon, Hilo Room

Academy Board Meeting
1:00–5:00 pm, Hilo Room

Fellowship Dinner (no host)
6:30–10:30 pm, Kahuku Room

Creo en Pierre Fauchard, Padre de la Odontologia Moderna

by Adolberto Torres, Merida, Venezuela

Creo en el Odontologo, imprescindible servidor, concebido por largos años de sacrificio y estudio. Nacio en la Universidad, Padecio bajo el poder de profesores inicuos, fue calificado injustmente, se sintio muerto y sepultado, pero resucito con esfuerzo, subio al paraninfo a obtener el Titulo, y esta sentado a la derecha del sillon dental donde ha de ayudar a dentados y endentulos.

Creo en la derecho a la salud,
en la facultad de odontologia,
en la consulta odontologia,
en las restauraciones dentales,
y en la vida eterna de la Universidad Publica.

Section News

Happy Friendship Day from Argentina

International Trustee Bernardo Levit has sent his annual Friendship Day greeting from Buenos Aires to all Fellows. Chairman Bertrand Mauldauer and PFA Editor Brophy held a dinner meeting in San Ignacio, Belize, on the Guatemala border, to discuss various Academy and Foundation programs for Central America. Dr. Mauldauer is a second-generation dentist; his father was one of the first dentists in British Honduras (now Belize). Dr. Mauldauer is donating some of his old dental equipment to a dental museum in Nevada; our Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal is arranging the donation.

L-R: Editor Brophy, Chairman Bertrand Mauldauer, and Dr. Yvonne Mauldauer

Chairman Bertrand Mauldauer and PFA Editor Brophy held a dinner meeting in San Ignacio, Belize, on the Guatemala border, to discuss various Academy and Foundation programs for Central America. Dr. Mauldauer is a second-generation dentist; his father was one of the first dentists in British Honduras (now Belize). Dr. Mauldauer is donating some of his old dental equipment to a dental museum in Nevada; our Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal is arranging the donation.

Dr. Yvonne Mauldauer, Chairman Mauldauer’s son, also attended the meeting and practices with his father in both Belize and in Guatemala. The Drs. Mauldauer receive their issue of Dental World via the Academy Web site long before the mail catches up.
The gracious doctors supplied Editor Brophy with extracted teeth from their practice for use in his archeological dental research project comparing
modern teeth to 1,000-year-old teeth that have been excavated, and for burial to test the soil’s effects on teeth.

Dr. Brophy is staff archeologist for the College of Lake County in Illinois at their Maya ruin site in south central Belize.

Dr. Anthony H. L. Tjan, professor emeritus of restorative dentistry at Loma Linda University, received the 1998 Michinosuke Nakayama Memorial award from Section President Dr. Katsumi Masuda at their annual meeting last October in Kobe. Then PFA President Shig R. Kishi presented a gold medal to Dr. Tjan. The Nakayama Award

is presented by the Japan Section to recognize individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to dental materials research and development, and is their highest award.

This achievement was reported in Loma Linda’s spring issue of SCOPE.

Foundation Treasurer George Higue and Chairman Charles Eller
California, Southern Section

Chairman Charles Eller hosted their annual Meeting during the CDA Scientific Session last April at the West Coast Anaheim Hotel; there were 177 attendees. Past PFA Presidents Shig Kishi, Carl Lundgren, and George Higue were all present.

Dr. Al Solnit of USC received their Honor Award from Fellow Rex Ingraham (the 1978 Award recipient).

Dr. Solnit is a USC graduate and served the school for 26 years as Operative Instructor, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Dental Anatomy, and Professor in Restorative Dentistry.

The Section’s “Teacher of the Year” Awards were presented to Dr. David Anderson of Loma Linda, Dr. Robert Duell of UCLA, and Dr. Lynette Kagihara of USC. Thirty-one new Fellows were inducted: Donna Arase of Arcadia, Jim Back of Bonita, Vasiliki Bazos of Redondo Beach, James Chen of Santa Ana, Jerry Clements of Torrance, Michael Copp of Coronado, Robert Curreri of Laguna Hills, Ron Dinning of Santa Barbara, Alan Felsenfeld of Marina del Rey, Mark George of Orange, Viviane Haber of Glendora, Roland Hansen of Mammoth Lakes, Louis Herbers of Upland, Bruce Johnson of Poway, Thomas Lee of Porter Ranch, Philip Maldonado of Covina, James Mebust of Coronado, Ellen Miyashiro of La Jolla, Alex Namikas of Ventura, Bao Nguyen of San Diego, Dan Patrick of San Diego, Frank Pavel of San Diego, Joseph Renzi of Santa Ana, Jay Solnit of Beverly Hills, Norman Sperber of San Diego, Dan Tan of Loma Linda, James Thompson of San Diego, Fred Tsutsui of Torrance, Nerendra Vyas of Fontana, Shane White of Los Angeles, and James Withers of Manhattan Beach.

Fellow Ron Chuka of Santa Ana chairs their successful Mentorship Program. His mission statement is “To introduce and to motivate any willing student—by example—towards professionalism and excellence in private practice environments.”

Fellow Roy T. Yanase was honored by the Japanese-American Dental Society for his leadership and dedication to their organization.

Fellow Andrew Severson is the ACD Chairman for Southern California.

PFA Southern California Editor William Mihram of Santa Ana publishes a quarterly color newsletter for their PFA Section called PerSpecTive. It is an excellent communications tool for keeping members informed locally as well as internationally.

L-R: Lois and Larry Barrett, recipient Michelle Bergstrom, and Dean John and Shirley Montgomery

Past PFA President Larry Barrett and his wife Lois have established the Iowa PFA Educational Fund Award, named after former University of Iowa School of Dentistry Dean John Montgomery and Dr. James McLeran.

The fund grants a scholarship award to a student or faculty member to aid them in furthering their education. This year’s presentation was to senior Michelle Bergstrom of Bloomington, Minnesota, who is planning to specialize in endodontics.

L-R: President Long, recipient Michael Perry, and Dean J. Perry McGinnis, Jr.

International President James Long presented our PFA Student Award to University of Mississippi Medical Center dental student Michael M. Perry during their Dental School Honors Day. Michael Perry also received the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Award, the American Academy of Periodontology Award, the Quintessence Publishing Company Research Achievement Award, and the Trustmark National Bank Award.

L-R: Drs. Barbara Mauldin, Walter Starr, Robin Compassi, and William Buchanan

Co-Chairmen Drs. Walter Starr and Robin Compassi received PFA Recognition plaques from Drs. Barbara Mauldin and William Buchanan for their service in leading their Section.

Secretary/Treasurer Kozal inducting new Fellow Christine Ancajas

Dr. Christine Ancajas, a 1993 Northwestern graduate, was inducted into Fellowship by Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal in May. Dr. Ancajas joins the faculty at the Community College of Southern Nevada, which is where our Central Office is located.

New York

Fellow Daniel D. Epstein was honored by the New York Academy of Dentistry with their Meritorious Service Award last May at their dinner in Bayside. Dr. Epstein is also a Fellow in ACD and ICD. He serves as Trustee of the New York AGD.

Dr. Charles Youmans (right) inducting new Fellows
South Carolina

The South Carolina Section inducted new Fellows earlier this year.

Chair Christine Benoit, Trustee Robert Friedman presenting award to Dr. Raymond George
Rhode Island

Chairperson Christine Benoit hosted their Annual Awards Reception and Induction Ceremony last May in Warwick with more than 40 Fellows in attendance. Dr. Raymond George, Sr., an orthodontist from East Providence, received their prestigious Outstanding Service Award from International Trustee Robert Friedman.

Chair Christine Benoit (center) with newly inducted Fellows

Past PFA President James Kershaw and International Trustee Friedman inducted nine new Fellows.

Fellow Richard Walsh reported on the progress of their Mentorship Program. Fellow Clark Sammartino thanked all the Fellows for their donated services and funds that they have contributed to support Donated Dental Services.

6. November - December

From the President’s Notebook

One of my most favorite hobby passions for nearly all my life has been working with amateur radio, an activity known euphemistically as “ham radio.” My amateur radio call sign is K2EU. The fascination, other than with the technical aspects of electronics, is to be able to chat with like-minded folks in all corners of the world. There is even an international medical and dental amateur radio organization called MARCO, the Medical Amateur Radio Council, of which I am proud to be a founding member. Hams exchange small talk as well as in-depth discussions about lives, loves, and activities. The MARCO group even has a “grand rounds of the air” for doctors from across the globe to discuss cases of interest to all. All these years for me, radio has been a most relaxing, revealing, thought-provoking, and fun activity.

What brings it to mind now, serving as President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, is the closeness that one feels for the Fellows of the Academy, many of whom speak in tongues so different, and whose way of life is sharply contrasted to one’s own. Just as in the radio game, being a fellow dentist,—each individually pledged as one to the
ideals of the Academy—is the singular connecting thread that is not tenuous, but strong. When we meet fellow dentists from another culture, we know we are bonded to them. First through education. It was the same as ours. They, too, passed the initiation, and so we understand each other.

All of us who practice must deal with our patients who have problems, dental, physical, and stressful. We work with them; we help them; we solve problems of pain, stress, and anxiety for them, and with them. Because of that, we Fellows are as one. I have found it a great adventure to meet with our Fellows when they come to meet with us on our turf, and even more delightful to meet with them on theirs. As the President of the year, I greet all of our Fellows and do hope I can meet many of you personally.

As the holidays approach, my family and I want to extend to you and yours a joyous, happy holiday time.

Dr. Frederick J. Halik

Leadership 2000 Conference

Saturday, 26 February, 2000

Chairman Robert Friedman noted that this first year of the millennium is our PFA kick-off for a new exciting program of enhancement for the Academy to distinguish itself as the pre-eminent international dental honor society in the world.

The objective of the Leadership Conference is to provide Section Chairs with as much information about the Academy as possible, to provide them with the tools to enable the Section officers to run their operations effectively, to have them interact with their peers and Academy officers, and to generate within each of them enthusiasm for the Academy and their tasks as leaders in the Academy. This Conference is essentially a management seminar.

Registration is through the Central Office. Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal will be sending materials out to all the Section Chairs, who may also call the office to make conference reservations. The Leadership Conference will be held at the Swissôtel in Chicago, where the last three leadership conferences have been held. The Saturday event will start out with a continental breakfast at 7:30 a.m. during which Section Chairs can meet with the Academy Officers and other Chairs. PFA International President Fred Halik will welcome everyone formally at 8:30 a.m., followed by International Trustee Bob Friedman’s discussion on Leadership and Leaders. PFA Historian Ben Swanson will present the history of PFA, with President Halik talking on the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the Academy. Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal will present the PFA organizational structure and the role of the Central Office. Foundation Executive Secretary Shig Kishi will give an address on “Our Funding Father—The Foundation.”

After lunch, President-elect M. David Campbell, along with Editor James Brophy, will discuss publicity, promotion, and public relations. At 2:00 p.m., a series of International Committee reports will be offered by Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein, International Trustee Pierre Marois, Mentorship co-Chairs M.Christine Benoit (Rhode Island Chair) and International Trustee Mike Perpich, International Trustee Gordan Stine on our smokeless tobacco project, International Trustee James Englander on honors and awards, and Southern California Section Chair Charles Eller and International Trustee Kevin Roach on membership recruitment.
Dr. Robert Friedman will speak on Section organization and management. He will cover hosting a Section organizational meeting and communications, and Delaware Chair Alan Stewart will talk about leadership organization and duties. Ohio Chair Al Uveges and Rhode Island Chair Christine Benoit will discuss Section service projects and Foundation support. International Trustee Gary Lowder and PFA past President Larry Barrett will talk on successful mentorship programs.

Section Chairs will then meet with their respective Trustees in private sessions to discuss local problems and solutions. The Section Chairs will then be asked to create a list of Section goals and outline a plan to achieve them. The Conference will conclude with a general gathering of all the Chairs and Academy officers to discuss common problems and answers.

Our Academy has been expanding very quickly. Membership is up, more programs have been initiated, and programs already in progress have been growing in effectiveness and importance. The main reason this is happening is that all areas of PFA leadership have taken active roles in promoting programs to meet the needs of our profession.

This is in answer to the question many have asked: How can I become involved in trying to correct the problems we are currently facing in dentistry? The Pierre Fauchard Academy is addressing those problems through positive programs carried out by the top 3% of the world’s dentists, who are already proven leaders in their areas. This Leadership Conference shares with all our PFA Fellows the means and tools to be in the vanguard of shaping global dentistry. But beyond its impact within PFA, this Conference arms its participants to be able to take up leadership roles in their communities as well.

Attending this Leadership Conference not only helps the Academy, it trains the participants in methods that they can use for helping any organization in their community.

See you in Chicago next year!

Annual Meeting in Hawaii—8–10 October 1999

A couple hours after Friday’s sunrise, PFA International President James Long rapped the Academy Board to order. But outside the ocean-view picture windows, bathers were already filling the beach and surfers were riding the waves into shore. International Trustee Scott Welch gave the Invocation to start the meeting process that was to last for 3 days.

President’s Report

In his final report for his term, President Long emphasized the year’s highlights. This included the successful move of our Central Office to the Community College of Southern Nevada complex in Las Vegas; our Second International CE Course last March; the rise in membership; our scheduled Hall of Fame ceremony honoring Dr. L.D. Pankey at his new institute in Key Biscayne, Florida, this month; the planning for the Leadership 2000 Conference in Chicago next year; our growing Mentorship Program; our presence at the National Museum of Dentistry; and our expanding Foundation projects.

President Jim Long gives report; Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal and President-elect Fred Halik listen

Dr. Long described the excellent reception he received when attending the Canadian Dental Association Meeting in Nova Scotia and the PFA activities with Canadian Trustee Kevin Roach and past PFA President Michael Cripton. He will also represent PFA at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Key Biscayne and at the FDI Congress in Mexico City, where he will officiate at our Elmer Best Award presentation.

Dr. Long was particularly appreciative of the membership’s response to his Dental World appeal for more contributions to our Foundation. They have nearly doubled since last year at this time.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal reported that most of our equipment and furniture have been installed at our new headquarters within the Community College of Southern Nevada. The Central Office is currently busy with making the computer adjustments and updating.

Our Web site is being updated regularly. Currently installed is a new page for ordering PFA-inscribed items such as pens, caps, and apparel that can be ordered directly from the supplier. Forms are available at the site.

Most of the 1999 dues have been collected. And there will be no dues increase for next year. Those who have not paid their current dues are urged to do so immediately so that this year’s books may be closed out on time. All outstanding bills are current.

Dr. Kozal also reported that 28 Dentist of the Year plaques have been sent out for presentation, along with 6 retiring Section Chair Awards, 88 Student Honor Certificates, and 158 Life Member letters. A total of 499 new Fellows have been processed—360 in the United States and 139 international—with 55 more awaiting processing.

This year’s Foundation contributions have increased, with $580 international, $2,425 from Life Members, and $17,549 from U.S. Fellows.

Budget & Finance

Chairman Fred Halik, PFA President-elect, along with President Jim Long, immediate past President Shig Kishi, and Vice President David Campbell, held quarterly teleconferences to review the financial report and the budget. The committee recommended funding our Leadership 2000 Conference, increasing the Section Chair stipend for attending, and bringing our initiation fee into line with the expenses of processing a membership. The committee also prepared the 1999–2000 Budget, which was presented on the first day of the annual meeting and accepted by the Board on the last day of the meeting.

Foundation President Bob Shira giving report
Foundation Report

Foundation President Robert Shira reported that the Grants Program was running smoothly. More than $100,000 of scholarship money was distributed to 54 U.S. dental schools and 37 international dental schools. The dental equipment donated by our late Georgia Section Chair Michael Kennedy, which was originally to have gone to a Lions Club–sponsored dental clinic in Costa Rica, was sent to dental clinics in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico when the Lions clinic failed to materialize.

The Loader-Espinach Lecture was held last February in San Juan, Costa Rica. Section Chair Mario Rodriguez Cordero hosted the event, with Dr. Poul Holm Pedersen keynoting the affair. Our ongoing contribution to establish an Espinach Audiovisual Computer Clinic at the dental school in Costa Rica is nearing fulfillment.

Foundation Treasurer George Higue distributed an in-depth report on the Foundation’s funds—check-by-check expenditures and investment incomes for all three funds handled by the Foundation. These include the Espinach legacy, the U.S. account, and the Mitch Nakayama funds. Unfortunately, the Foundation contributions from the membership were so low in 1998 that the IRS changed the status of our Foundation from public to private to collect more taxes.

Executive Director Shig Kishi noted that past PFA Presidents Lee Bongers and Martin Naimark have retired from the Foundation Board.

Annual Meeting in Hawaii—continued

L-R: President Jim Long and Vice President David Campbell making Bylaws changes with Board
Constitution & Bylaws

The bulk of the meeting over the next 3 days centered on Chairman David Campbell’s Committee reorganization of our Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Manual changes. While none were policy changes, the committee addressed housekeeping matters, gender-neutral language, and language updating line by line.

This enormous task demanded individual reading and votes section by section for each change. The only obvious change that affects us will be the use of the word “Chair” to signify the previous use of “Chairman” and/or “Chairperson.” This word will appear in all our publications to indicate the head of a committee regardless of gender.

Hall of Fame Chair Ray Klein
Hall of Fame Committee

Chair Ray Klein, past PFA President, presented the Committee’s plans to induct Dr. L.D. Pankey into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, 24 October, in Key Biscayne, Florida, at the opening of the new Pankey Institute.

Dr. Klein also noted that tentative plans to induct Dr. J.B. Willmott of Canada at the Ontario Dental Association meeting, Dr. George Hollenbeck at a California Dental Association meeting, and Dr. Terrence Ward in the United Kingdom within the coming year or so as the proper occasion presents itself.

Dr. Klein also reported that his Committee will be formalizing the nominating procedure for submitting possible Hall of Fame inductees from his Committee to the Board for approval. This included the suggestions that up to two inductees be installed annually, preferably one internationally and one within the United States.

Drs. Klein and Kozal have developed a slide presentation to be used for the public presentation of PFA and our Hall of Fame.

Membership Committee

Chair Scott Welch distributed the report from the Central Office that shows our current membership at 7,395 Fellows globally. This is always in a state of flux as new Fellows are processed in and others are dropped for nonpayment of dues or passing on.

Nominating Committee

Chair immediate past President Shig Ryan Kishi gave the Committee’s report.

• President-elect Fred Halik succeeds to the Presidency following this annual meeting.
• Vice President M. David Campbell was nominated as President-elect.

• Trustee Scott Welch was selected as Vice President.

• Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal was renominated for another term.

• Utah Section Chair Gary Lowder was chosen as International Trustee for Region 5.

The Board approved the Nominating Committee’s report and the election to office followed.

Publicity & Publications

Editor James Brophy reported attending an all-day conference on publicity sponsored by the Order of Elks (BPOE) and an Editor’s Conference sponsored by the American Association of Dental Editors (AADE), of which we are members. This was to prepare presentations for the Leadership 2000 Conference.

Dr. Brophy proposed that we help sponsor the AADE Media Workshop planned for 30 April 2000 in Minneapolis during the Minnesota North Star Dental Meeting. The Board agreed. Arrangements will be made to invite our PFA Section Editors as well.

Dr. Brophy went on to point out two articles in the 4 October 1999 ADA News that highlighted our Academy’s activities. One was on a Foundation grant and the other was the Illinois Section induction of John Zapp as a PFA Fellow.

Editor Brophy noted that there are still copies available of The Life and Times of Pierre Fauchard, by the late French author André Bésombes, translated into English by George Higue; and The Legacy, by our late editor Cliff Loader. Contact Dental World Editor Jim Brophy to purchase copies.

Awards Committee

Chair Scott Welch gave his Committee’s recommendations:

• Dr. Francisco Raul Miranda B. for the Elmer Best Award;

• Dr. James P. Vernetti for the Gold Medal;

• Dr. Jack Gottschalk for the Distinguished Service Award;

• ADA past President David Whiston for the President’s Award;

• Diana Cecilia Ortega Ameiva for Honorary Fellowship;

• Mexico Chair Ernesto Acuña E. for the Certificate of Merit; and

• 3M Company for the Dental Trade & Industry Award.

The Board approved the Committee’s suggestions unanimously.

Leadership 2000 Conference

International Trustee and Conference Chairman Robert Friedman announced plans for the February Conference at the Swissôtel in Chicago. He promised an “action-packed adventure into honing leadership skills” useful for PFA service. All Section Chairs are urged to contact the Central Office to secure their place.

Annual Meeting in Hawaii—continued

Dr. M. Christine Benoit
Mentorship Committee

Co-Chair M. Christine Benoit gave her report on the growing number of Sections that have become active in our Mentorship Program.

Dr. Benoit distributed a copy of the new color Mentorship brochure, soon to be available to all Sections upon request. Dr. Benoit noted that our Mentorship Program is one answer to today’s crisis in dental ethics. This PFA program serves all of international dentistry and our patients globally.

Section Chairmen’s Caucus

Vice President David Campbell hosted a meeting for the many attending Section Chairs after the President’s Luncheon on Saturday. Their suggestions were presented to the Board Sunday afternoon and assigned to the various committees and officers for determination.

International Continuing Education Course

Chair Michael Perpich and his Committee analyzed the Las Vegas program and the attendance for our Second International CE Course last March. While the program provided useful information and was attended by the same number as the first one held last year in London, it was felt that the presentations were perhaps too commercial, giving the impression of PFA product endorsement. The attendance may have been greater if we had held our CE course in conjunction with an ongoing dental meeting.

Section Chairs in attendance
Trustee & Section Chair Reports

Reports from the Trustees and Section Chairs are presented in this issue of Dental World under “Section News.

Committee Appointments

Incoming President Frederick Halik presented his list for Committee appointments for the 1999–2000 year term. They were adopted by the Board.

Use of “FPFA” Designation

Some inquiries had been made concerning the proper use of the initials for PFA members who list them following their titles. The standard guidelines are the same for all dental honor organizations in using “F” for “Fellow” preceding the organization’s initials. In our case, that is “FPFA,” for “Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.”

The order, or “ranking,” of the various honor organizations following your name is determined by the chronological order of your inductions, with the earliest listed first.

preceding the organization’s initials. In our case, that is “FPFA,” for “Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.”

The order, or “ranking,” of the various honor organizations following your name is determined by the chronological order of your inductions, with the earliest listed first.

The confusion seemed to arise from some thinking this stood for the Foundation of the PFA. The Foundation is titled the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation and has no abbreviation. In writing about our different groups, however, we will often refer to the Fellowship group as “the Academy” and the funding arm as “the Foundation.”

The tricolor lapel pin of the PFA, which represents the French flag, should be worn with the red side out and the blue side toward the heart. Some say that the order of position of pins on your lapel should also reflect the rank of initiation as well, but this seems to be more an organizational guideline, not a hard and fast rule.

President’s Reception

Dr. James Long presided over the evening’s cocktail party and greeted PFA Fellows from all over the world. As the business of the day was concluded by the many dental groups meeting during the ADA Session, many members and dignitaries joined us for hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, and discussion before heading to dinner. Many contacts were made and friendships renewed.

Fellowship Dinner

The Sunday afternoon Academy Board Meeting wound into evening as the Board attempted to complete the reorganization of the Constitution and Bylaws. Finally, the scheduled Fellowship Dinner called a halt to their efforts and they joined 70-some Fellows and their wives in a no-host repast to celebrate their social bonds with family. During the formal ceremony of passing the gavel of leadership, Dr. Fred Halik received the charge for President for the coming year.

Foundation Board Meeting
Foundation Meeting

President Robert Shira called the Foundation Board to order and the PFA past Presidents went right to work. The session was attended by past Presidents Robert Shira, George Higue, Carl Lundgren, Shig Kishi, William Kort, Larry Barrett, Min Horiuchi, Michael Cripton, Nicholas Saccone, and Academy President Jim Long and President-elect Fred Halik. The 1999 grant applications were presented and voted on. Much of the information presented at the Academy Board meeting earlier was repeated for the minutes of the Foundation Meeting.

Annual Meeting in Hawaii—continued

President’s Luncheon. At head table, L-R: Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal at podium, President Jim Long, Gold Medal recipient Jim Vernetti, Vice President David Campbell, Distinguished Service Award recipient Jack Gottschalk, and Foundation President Ro
President’s Luncheon

At noon on Saturday, all meetings halted for our annual President’s Luncheon to honor the many dignitaries who attended our function.

One of the results from our Constitution & Bylaws changes was to formalize the name of this event. In many past years (1969– 1994), this occasion was called the Memorial Luncheon. An essayist would present the contributions of some outstanding dental individual. The last presentation was given by Dr. James Vernetti on Dr. George Hollenback. And this day, Dr. Vernetti returned to accept the PFA Gold Medal and Dr. Hollenback was scheduled to be installed in the Hall of Fame. History comes full circle.

From 1994 to 1998, this event was named the Awards Luncheon. With the awards presentations, induction of new Fellows, and installation of officers (along with a gourmet lunch) sandwiched in between ADA meetings, PFA Meetings, and Foundation Meetings, the traditional essay presentation made our event almost an all-afternoon affair. Sadly, the officers decided to drop the memorial and hence the luncheon’s name. This ended a long-standing tradition which, with our fast-paced world and increased business load, could no longer be afforded in time. During the interim, the name Awards Luncheon was used to signify the event, but this year the Board adopted a provision to officially call this the President’s Luncheon, focusing the honor on our retiring PFA President.

On this sweet Hawaiian day, Judy and Richard Kozal puts leis around the necks of our head table guests as the gentle tradewinds lofted off the beach into our Sheraton Waikiki banquet room. Outgoing President Jim Long welcomed the 130-some guests—especially his family, who had made the long trip to this Pacific paradise. Dr. David Malcolm gave the Invocation and Dr. Long made the introductions.

Past ADA President David Whiston
President’s Award

Lunch was followed by a keynote address given by past ADA President, and PFA Fellow, Dr. David A. Whiston of Virginia.

Dr. Whiston discussed dentistry and medicine’s future as independent or unionizing. He itemized the similarities that we share in self-governance, following science in treatment, and our treatment of diseases. Then he noted the differences between the two professions. Dentistry is health care that works. While 80% of our profession deals with primary care given by the general dentist, medicine has gone to specialization more. We are cost-effective and genuinely concerned about the rising costs of delivering care. Prevention is the foundation of dental care.Of concern to the public are the 44.3 million people not covered by health insurance, the rising costs of medicine, and the removal of the sole responsibility for treatment from the general practitioner. To address the problems of government encroachment and
insurance industry control, the American Medical Association is flirting with the idea of unionization. But as one FTC individual put it, “If quality of care is the goal, a union is not the prescription.”

Dr. Whiston noted that if a medical union would never strike, where is the leverage? What can a medical union cede in talks that does not compromise medical care? Unions demand unity, but most professionals are very independent thinkers. We need to concentrate on the marketplace issues, production and distribution, through our existing professional organizations. He further reported that nurse practitioners are now writing 68% of the prescriptions as medical specialists give up this responsibility.

Dr. Whiston urged us to study the demand-side economics. We are a small player in the health care arena. We are a primary care–driven profession and should be wary of losing control over this area. We need to focus on getting underserved areas in to the mainstream. Putting ourselves into labor unions does nothing to elevate our profession or deal with our problems from the position of our primary concern: the health care of our patients. We need to strengthen our profession through our professional organizations to continue the high standard of patient care that we aspire to.

President Jim Long presented the President’s Award to Dr. Whiston for his outstanding service to our profession and to organized dentistry.

L-R: Award recipient Ernest Scheerer, President Long, Hawaii Chair Fumio Tsuji
Fellowship Induction

Hawaiian Section Chair Fumio Tsuji then inducted six new Fellows into the Academy and presented their Section’s Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Ernest Scheerer of Honolulu.

Dental Trade & Industry Award

Dr. Frederick Palensky, 3M Division Vice President, accepted the PFA Dental Trade & Industry Award for the former Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. He thanked the Academy on behalf of 3M and described how pleased the company was with this recognition. The American Dental Trade Association also noted 3M’s unselfish commitment to the dental community and seconded our recognition of 3M’s contributions to the dental profession.

Distinguished Service Award recipient Jack Gottschalk
International Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Jack W. Gottschalk of Cincinnati was recognized for his outstanding efforts in developing and founding the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore. Dr. Gottshalk observed that the PFA and the National Museum of Dentistry share many of the same goals, because “if you have no idea where you have been, you have no idea where to go.” Dr. Gottschalk spent his wedding anniversary receiving honors from our Academy and the ADA.

Annual Meeting in Hawaii—continued

President Long presenting Gold Medal to Jim Vernetti

PFA Gold Medal

With great pleasure, the Academy’s Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to the progress and standing of the dental profession was presented to Dr. James P. Vernetti of California. His name joins such other dental greats as George Eastman, Ray Wells, Elmer Best, George Hollenback, Harold Hillenbrand, Robert Shira, J. Murray Gavel, and Norm Olsen, to name a few.

Dr. Vernetti first thanked his mother and father for immigrating from Italy with their only son and giving him the advice to first get an education and then be his own boss. This led him to dentistry, on the advice of his family physician. After his graduation from the University of Southern California in 1937, he began an illustrious career of dedication and service. His life-long activities represent the return of love to those who helped him along the way. As Dr. Vernetti reminded everyone, “Service above self is the greatest feeling.”

President Fred Halik addressing Luncheon

Installation of Officers for 1999–2000

Immediate past President Shig Kishi installed Frederick Halik of New York as our next President, M. David Campbell of Michigan as President-elect, Scott Welch of Wyoming as Vice President, Richard Kozal of Nevada as Secretary/Treasurer, and Gary Lowder of Utah as International Trustee. Outgoing President Jim Long passed the gavel and President’s emblem to Dr. Halik, symbolizing the changing of the guard that would officially take place after the Fellowship Dinner Sunday evening, following the closure of the annual meetings.

President Fred Halik introduced his family and gave brief remarks. “Pierre Fauchard would be proud of us today.” We have kept the faith of his founding this profession. We accept change and make it work for us. We see charlatans for what they are as he did in his day. And we will continue to maintain the high standards of the Academy founded in his honor.

The President’s Luncheon was adjourned, and the meetings went on. Dr. David Campbell immediately called the Section Chairs into caucus and Foundation President Robert Shira reconvened the Foundation Board.

Calendar of Events

25–27 February—Swissôtel, Chicago
Academy Interim Meeting

26 February—Swissôtel, Chicago
Leadership 2000 Conference

27–29 October—Swissôtel, Chicago
Academy Annual Meeting
Foundation Board Meeting

28 October—Swissôtel, Chicago
President’s Luncheon
28 October–2 November—Hyatt Regency, Chicago
ADA Meeting

29 November–2 December 2000—Paris
FDI World Dental Congress

13–17 October 2001—Kansas City
ADA annual Session

In Memoriam

Emanuel “Bud” Tarrson, our 1997 Gold Medal recipient, passed away on 5 October. Bud was a remarkable man and a good friend to dentistry. His philanthropic generosity was well known. He matched our contribution to the National Museum of Dentistry to the amount of $25,000, which allowed us to locate our U.S. Hall of Fame venue there. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. The Board appropriated a memorial contribution in his name to the Foundation.

Also departing our Academy for their reward were Drs. David “J.P.” Sneed and J. Murray Gavel.

Dr. J. Murray Gavel was a past International PFA President (1976) and received the 1985 Fauchard Gold Medal. He was 99 years old when he left us on 12 August. In 1996, the PFA Foundation granted $5,000 to the J. Murray Gavel Clinical Research Lectureship Fund at the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston. Upon his passing, the PFA Massachusetts Section sent a donation to the J. Murray Gavel Research Center at Tufts University.

Foundation News


McGill University Director of Periodontics Louis Touyz thanked the Foundation for the opportunity to present their scholarship award to student Souzi Mahanna last March at the Montreal General Hospital Lecture Theatre.

Chair Roy Cooper (background) and Fellow Susumu Nisizaki present Scholarship Award to Maria Gonzalez


Chairman Roy Cooper and Fellow Susumu Nisizaki presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to University of Montevideo Dental School student Maria Gonzalez at their annual Awards Ceremony.  


Chair Robin O’Sullivan presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to Dublin Dental School student Darrelle Power, who used the award to fund an elective in San Francisco.  


On behalf of the India PFA, Dr. L.S. Chawla, Vice Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, presented the Foundation scholarship award to senior dental student Zarina Alya of the Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College in Calcutta.

United States


Chair Howard Mark presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine junior Julie Hansen in September during a reception for the incoming dental class.  


Chairman Thomas Hart presented the Foundation scholarship to University of Florida College of Dentistry student May Chen in the Dean’s Office.  


Chair James Saddoris, past ADA President, presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry student Robi Craig in Tulsa during the Oklahoma Dental Association Meeting.  


The Assistant Director for Student Affairs at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Donna Hawkins, thanked the Foundation for the student scholarship that was presented to Hidemi Oka on 22 May during the Sixth Annual Senior Awards Luncheon. PFA was listed in the awards program above ACD’s scholarship presentation.  

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped sent a letter of appreciation to the Foundation for their grant support of the Rhode Island Donated Dental Services Program. In the letter, President Clark Sammartino noted that without PFA help, their program would have folded and more than $1.3 million of donated dental services would not have been delivered to hundreds of needy patients.

Chicago Meeting Schedule

25–27 February 2000—Swissôtel

All Section Chairs are invited to attend the Board Meetings. All agenda reports are to be sent to the Central Office by 10 February 2000 for inclusion in the meeting packets. A block of hotel rooms will be held until 24 January 2000. Reservations must be made before that date to obtain a discounted room rate. Please confirm your attendance with the Central Office at 1-800-232-0099 (fax 1-702-365-8002) to insure that materials are provided for you.
Thursday, 24 February
Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, 25 February—8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Academy Board Meeting, Verbier Room

Saturday, 26 February—8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Leadership 2000 Conference, William Tell Theater

Saturday, 26 February—6:30 p.m.
Fellowship Dinner

Sunday, 27 February—8:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Academy Board Meeting, Verbier Room

Section News


Trustee Bernardo Levit, who attended the Hawaii Meeting, will host his meeting on 4 December in Buenos Aires during the Asociacion Odontologica Argentina Meeting.

Last May, he inducted eight new members into Fellowship


Trustee William Winspear, who attended the Hawaii Meeting, announced induction of new members during the next meeting of the Australian Dental Congress to be held in Brisbane, Queensland, in 2001.

PFA Student Merit Certificates were awarded to students in all the dental schools in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. The 1999 Gordon Rowell Prize for excellence was awarded to Emma Jane Bell of South Australia for her distinguished research into the microdontia of permanent teeth in Down’s syndrome individuals.


Chair Jose Dahan attended the Hawaii Meeting and reported on the progress they were making with their WEPE Mentorship Program.

Chair Jose Dahan


Secretary Renato Osvaldo Geromel attended the Hawaii Meeting to give the report for Brazil to the Board.


Trustee Kevin Roach hosted their Fellowship Induction Breakfast in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the CDA annual meeting. PFA President Jim Long and past President Michael Cripton assisted in inducting 21 new Fellows into the Academy.

Fellow John Diggens, a Vancouver endodontist, became President of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) at the annual Board of Governors Meeting in Ottawa last September. Dr. Diggens is a past President of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia and of the University of British Columbia Alumni Association. He currently chairs the Board of Green College at UBC, and sits on the Board of Green Institutions at Oxford and at Dallas, Texas. Dr. Diggens teaches at UBC in the department of oral medicine and surgical sciences.

Fellow George Sweetnam of Lindsay, Ontario, has been selected to serve as Vice President of the Canadian Dental Association at the Board of Governors Meeting in Ottawa last September. Dr. Sweetnam has served as President of the Ontario Dental Association. Dr. Sweetnam is also active in Swim Canada and his daughter Nancy is a two-time Olympian in swimming and a Commonwealth Gold Medallist.

Fellow George Peacock of Saskatoon was awarded Honorary Membership in the CDA at the annual Awards Luncheon in Ottawa last September. This is the CDA’s highest honor, recognizing an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the profession. Dr. Peacock has been the Registrar for the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatoon for the last quarter of a century and
served as President before that. He is a clinical professor at the University of Saskatoon College of Dentistry.

Fellow Daniel Pelland of Montreal was presented with the CDA’s Distinguished Service Award last September in Ottawa at the annual Awards Luncheon. Dr. Pelland serves as Executive Director for the Québec Dental Surgeons Association and has been their past President.

Fellow Marcia Boyd of Vancouver received the CDA’s Distinguished Service Award at their annual Awards Luncheon last September in Ottawa. Dr. Boyd worked in the East Arctic with Health Canada and then joined the faculty of UBC, where she currently serves as Associate Academic Dean. Dr. Boyd was the first woman President of the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry and is currently the chief written examiner for the National Dental Examining Board of Canada. She has served as Founding President for the International Association of Dental Research educational research group. In 1998, she was recognized by the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia with Honorary Membership.

Fellow Charles Daly of St. John’s received the CDA Award of Merit at their Awards Luncheon last September in Ottawa. Dr. Daly has served as President of the Newfoundland Dental Association and as Registrar of the Newfoundland Dental Board. He has served as Chief of Dentistry for the Janeway Child Health Centre and spent some months in Monserrat as a volunteer dentist for CIDA.


Chair Francisco Omar Campos S. attended the Hawaii Meeting and gave his Section’s report as well as exhibiting their Section’s newsletter, Informativo Pierre Fauchard Academy, Seccion Chile, by Editor David Embry M. The newsletter is inserted into Revista Dental de Chile, the official publication of the Sociedad Odontologica de Chile as well as the Pierre Fauchard Academy Chile Section (following the format of Dental World inside Dental Abstracts). This was an outstanding piece of work by Professor Campos, Editor Embry, and section

Secretary/Treasurer Luis Felipe Jimenez S. The Academy is quite proud of the Chile Section’s publication.

Dr. Campos reported that the Section project is to serve the aged who have no income to pay for needed dentistry. The cost of such service is assumed by the Fellows themselves. Also, they have initiated a Mentorship Program with two Fellows at the University of Chile School of Dentistry.


International Trustee Pierre Marois reports that Chair Hubert Ouvrard is organizing a scientific program at the American Hospital in Paris, at which time the two Foundation scholarship awards will be presented.


Secretary T. Samraj reported on their 12th annual PFA Convocation held last September. The event started out with an orthodontics scientific seminar given by Professors D.K. Sabharwal of Ludhiana, Vinod Verma of New Delhi, and T. Samraj of Vellore. About 90 members attended to see Chairman D.K. Sabharwal induct 30 new Fellows into the Academy. The chief speaker was Vice Chancellor L.S. Chawla of the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Ludhiana. Dr. Chawla also presented the Student Certificates of Merit. PFA Section Editor V.P. Jalili distributed the India Section’s Journal of PFA. Dr. Mohini Puri gave the Response, and dinner followed.


Chair Robin O’Sullivan attended the Hawaii Meeting to report that his 15 members have nominated three dentists for Fellowship. Fellow Gerald McKenna of Dublin, their Awards Officer, presented Student Merit Certificates to Cork dental school students Chris Lynch and Lutfiya Al-Harthy.

Chair O’Sullivan last July visited the dental school at Irbid, Jordan, to present new textbooks donated by their Section. Their Section also funded a study on the stress of undergraduate dental students in seven European dental schools.


The new Section Chairman is Dr. Guido Bracchetti.

Mrs. Nakayama and President Long at President’s Luncheon


Their annual meeting was held last September in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and was arranged by the Hokkaido Branch, one of the seven branches of the Japan PFA. The Section publishes a journal once a year and a newsletter twice annually. They have 184 members, with the average age approaching 70. The aging of the Japan Academy is of some concern to the officers. The Board of Directors are Chairperson Sadao Wakumoto, Vice Chairpersons Benji Fujii and Masanori Kawaguichi, Chairperson-elect Sekio Fukuyo, immediate past Chairperson Katsumi Masuda, and Secretary General Eiichi Katagiri.

The Asian Pacific Dental Congress will be held in Tokyo 25–30 May 2000. The Second PFA Asian Section Meeting is planned for this period.

The 31st annual Meeting and the Michinosuke Nakayama Memorial Award are scheduled for Saturday, 27 May 2000.

Mrs. Michinosuke Nakayama was present at our Hawaii Meeting and President’s Luncheon. She expressed her sorrow for the passing of her friend J. Murray Gavel. She sent a contribution to the J. Murray Gavel Clinical Research Lecture Fund. Dr.

Gavel was a dear friend of the Japan Section and appears in several pictures in the book, The Brief History of the PFA Japanese Section, which is available from the Hakusui Trading Company, Ltd.


The new Section Chairman is Dr. Gil Alcoforado.

United States Alabama

Chair Clyde Yarborough reported inducting six new members at their meeting during the Alabama State Dental meeting.

Dean Art Dugoni presenting Certificate to Greg Vaughn
California, Northern Section

Fellow Art Dugoni, Dean of the University of the Pacific Dental School, presented the student award certificate to Class of ’99 dental graduate Greg Vaughn.

Chair Daniel Castagna attended the Hawaii Meeting and reported that the Section held its annual meeting last September with some 60 in attendance. During their meeting, held at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel in conjunction with the California Dental Association Scientific Sessions, 11 new Fellows were inducted: Drs. Alan Budenz, Howard Chi, Dudley Cheu, Robert Daby, Dennis DeTomasi, Terry Eggleston, Henrik Hansen, William Lundergan, Sloan McDonald, Gerald Pieroni, and Allen Wong. Dr. Herbert Yee received the Section’s Distinguished Service Award. The Section established its own Allied Service Award to recognize non-dentists for their achievements for dentistry. Their first award was presented to the CDA’s Director of Dental Affairs, Judith Babcock.

Fellow Dennis Shinbori is their Section’s current Secretary/ Treasurer.

Dr. Jack Allen

Chair Milan Uremovich hosted their annual meeting last August to honor Dr. Jack Allen with their Section’s Distinguished Service Award.


Chair Lee Hawkins held their meeting last July during the Georgia Dental Association’s annual meeting in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Twenty-one new Fellows were inducted, including the Dean of the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry.


Chair Howard Mark attended the Hawaii Meeting to report that his Section is alive and well. They held their annual Meeting with 80 in attendance at the Foxwoods Convention Center last May and honored Dr. Adolph Bushell of Hartford. Dr. Bushell has been serving the dental profession in many ways, particularly by sending dental supplies to Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Colombia, and Peru, as well as many clinics in Connecticut. Nine new Fellows were also inducted at this meeting, increasing the Section’s rolls to 115 members. Dr. Howard Mark has been asked to become Director of the Mentorship Program at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and is melding the PFA Fellows into this project.

Fellow Gregory Egnaczyk of Shelton is co-chairing the Connecticut State Dental Association’s Oral Health 2000 Committee with Dr. Howard Mark; they will develop a mouthguard program for children.


At the Hawaii Meeting, Chair Alan Stewart reported holding their induction and awards ceremony during the Delaware Dental Society Session in Wilmington. He inducted 10 new Fellows and presented their Distinguished Service Award to Dr. George Zurko.


Chair Thomas Hart attended the Hawaii Meeting and reported participating in the Mentorship Program, jointly sponsored by the University of Florida College of Dentistry, the UF Alumni Association, the Florida Dental Association, ICD, and ACD.

New Fellows Drs. Linda Trotter, Betty Klement, Albert Bauknecht, Phil Levine, Don Erbes, Susan Dietrich, Cynthia Brown, Edmund Parnes, Cesar Sabates, Dalia Garcia, Michael Eggnatz, Idalia Lastra, Paul Grumbach, Paul Miller, Nick Dundee, Bryan Marshall, Rose Rosanelli, Keith Riley, Gerald Kluft, Larry Morgan, and Bill Truax were inducted last June.


Chair Dwight Romriell was installed by Utah Chair Gary Lowder at their second annual PFA Breakfast last June during the Idaho State Dental Convention in Sun Valley. Eight new Fellows were inducted and a Recognition Award was presented to Dr. John Davis for his 50 years of dental service to his community. The Idaho Section is composed of past and the present Idaho Dental Association Presidents and officers as well as past ADA Trustees. Past Chair Frederick Hansing received the retiring Section Chair award for his tenure in establishing the new Idaho Section.


Chair James Shelton hosted their annual breakfast during the Midwinter Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society. The program’s speaker was Dr. John Kenny, lecturing on forensic dentistry. The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Richard Perry.


Chair Steve Hedlund held their annual Meeting last May.


Chair Karl Lange reported participating for the second year in the Kentucky Special Olympics/Special Smiles Summer Games last June. PFA Fellows volunteered to give oral hygiene instructions, perform screenings, and place sealants for 300 to 400 handicapped athletes.


Chair Frank Martello presented their Distinguished Service Award to past Section Chairman Robert Hesse.


The new Chair for Maine is Dr. Roger Kay.


Chair Ben Swanson, PFA Historian, hosted their annual meeting at the Baltimore Country Club.


Fellow Norm Becker advised us of the passing of past PFA President J. Murray Gavel on 12 August of this year. Services were held for him on 16 August and 19 August. His Section donated a memoriam in his honor to the J. Murray Gavel research Center at Tufts University in Boston


Chair Virginia Merchant inducted eight new Fellows this year. The Section holds its meetings during the Michigan Dental Association’s Annual Session and during the Detroit District Dental Review. The Section’s major project is its Mentorship Program with the University of Detroit-Mercy. The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Marc Brown, Executive Director of the Detroit District Dental Society for the past 25 years.


Chair Michael Schafhauser and International Trustee Michael Perpich hosted their annual meeting last April.


Chairs Barbara Mauldin and Bill Buchanan held their meeting with ACD and ICD last June in Destin, Florida, during the annual session of the Mississippi State Dental Association.


A new Section is being organized here. If anyone has suggestions, please contact the Central Office.


Chair Richard Tempero is retiring and turning over the Section to Dr. Paul Tamisiea.


Chair Alfred Uveges hosted 125 participants at their annual Breakfast Meeting in Columbus, and inducted 15 new Fellows. Dr. David Rummel was honored with their Distinguished Service Award. The Ohio PFA Divisional Chairs are E. Karl Schneider for the Northeast, Daniel Strickland for the Northwest, Ronald Clowson for Central, and Joseph Crowley for the Southern.

Rhode Island

Chair M. Christine Benoit attended the Hawaii Meeting to report on her Section. They held their annual Awards and Induction Meeting last May in Warwick. International Trustee Robert Friedman attended to induct nine new Fellows and present the Section’s Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Raymond George, Sr. Also in attendance were past PFA President James Kershaw, past Section Chair Aaron Shatkin, ADA Trustee Ronald Chaput, and ADA Trustee-elect Edwin Mehlman.

Fellow George Carrellas of Newport passed from our membership last May and will be missed.

South Carolina

Chair Charles Youmans and International Trustee Gordan Stine inducted nine new Fellows last August at their meeting at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in Charleston. The Section’s Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Carl Wessinger of Clinton.

South Dakota

International Trustee Michael Perpich attended their annual meeting last May and gave a presentation on PFA. Chair Robin Hattervig attended the Hawaii Meeting and reported to the Board on their activities.


Chairman Thomas D. Pryse, a Knoxville orthodontist, was presented with the Dr. Jack Wells Memorial Dedication to Dentistry Award by the Tennessee Dental Association. The presentation was made at the opening of the TDA’s 132nd annual Session on 14 May in Nashville. Dr. Pryse has been in practice for 49 years. He has served as Chief of Orthodontics for the U.S. Air Force and as President for the Second District Dental Society and for the TDA. He received the TDA Fellowship Award in 1978. Besides his many memberships, he currently serves as District 6 ICD Regent.

The Dr. Jack Wells Award is presented to outstanding Tennessee dentists. The first such award was bestowed on Frank Bowyer, a PFA Fellow and past ADA President, in 1983.


Chair Gary Lowder attended the Hawaii Meeting and reported holding their annual breakfast meeting to induct four new Fellows. The Section’s annual scholarship award was presented to University of Utah freshman dental student Boyd Simkins who then transfers to Creighton University Dental School for his remaining three years.

Fellow Charles Cragun will become the new Section Chair at their annual meeting on 4 March 2000, succeeding Gary Lowder, who was elected to International Trustee at the Hawaii Meeting.


Recently appointed Chair Jeff McKechnie has had to resign due to ill health.


Chair Raymond Meade reported inducting five new Fellows in to the Academy at their annual meeting this September during the Virginia Dental Association’s session. Their program was presented by dental student Cindy Dang, the winner of the Medical College of Virginia Dental School table clinics. The Section contributed funds to the Medical College of Virginia’s mobile dental clinic.

Dr. William Bennett of Williamsburg was installed as the new Section Chair.

Washington, D.C.

Chair Ashur Chavoor is initiating a Mentorship Program in his section at Howard University and initiating a membership drive.

West Virginia

Chair James Overberger hosted their annual meeting last April at the Health Sciences Center. Their Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Richard Smith. Their Student Award went to Thomas Butler.


Chair Glenn Maihofer’s Section has had an excellent Mentorship Program for the last 5 years, in concert with the Marquette School of Dentistry and the Wisconsin Dental Society. PFA Fellow John Moser is the serving on the WDA Mentorship Advisory Group. Their voluntary program is 100% subscribed with freshmen and juniors having a dentist mentor.

Their Distinguished Service Award was presented this May to Dr. Fred Tidstrom, who has been mentoring students in his practice for 50 years.


Chair Scott Houfek held their annual Breakfast Meeting last June with ACD, ADI, and ICD. They presented their Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Charlie Meyer of Cheyenne. Their Section boasts a membership of 40 Fellows.

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