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November-December 2019


1. January - February

L-R: Secretary/Treasurer Kozal, President Halik, and President-elect Campbell in Korean Luncheon receiving line

Korean Luncheon

After the FDI morning session, our entourage left to attend a luncheon with Dr. Lee Kee-Taek, President of the Korean Dental Association, and the Korean Delegation in the Granada Room of the Nikko Hotel. The purpose of the luncheon was to invite us to attend the 24th Asian Pacific

Dental Congress in Seoul in 2002. This gave us another opportunity to develop new contacts and renew old ones. The Pierre Fauchard Academy officers were everywhere.

President Halik and President-elect Campbell at the museum’s entrance

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

Following the brief afternoon session, President Halik led us down the street from our hotel to attend the world’s foremost museum on Central American culture, the Mexican National Museum of Anthropology. Even before you pay (25 pesos) to get in, you must go through a metal detector. Police guards were stationed in every hall.

But the museum was well worth the effort, as the exhibits start at the beginning with Primates and take you from hall to hall through time with Teotihuacan, the Olmecs, theToltecs, the Maya, and their outstanding Hall of the Aztecs, up through the present-day Mexican culture. While the idea to visit the museum was an independent one by the officers, our wives—Woody Halik, Judy Kozal, and Shirley Brophy—had also decided to go that morning.
The ADA Reception

L-R: PFA President-elect Dave Campbell, PFA President Fred Halik, ADA President-elect Robert Anderton, ADA President Richard Mascola, and ADA Executive Director John Zapp

Wednesday evening was a busy night for the PFA. We were hosting our Best Award Ceremony later that night, but President Halik felt we ought to be represented at the ADA Reception earlier in the evening. So President Halik led President-elect Dave Campbell and Editor Brophy over to the Marriott Hotel to attend. We got there right at the beginning and were able to greet the ADA Officers and secure their promise to attend our event that night.

The Elmer Best Award Ceremony

On Wednesday evening, 27 October, our PFA entourage was in place at the French House garden to greet the elite of the Mexican dental profession and visiting Fellows from all over the world. The L-shaped “garden” had the old French Embassy on the inside of the L and fashionable shops on the outside. The speaker’s podium was set up at the turn of the L.

Dr. Ernesto Acuña, the Mexico Section Chair, welcomed us all and introduced the dignitaries. President Fred Halik then addressed the overflow crowd. No representatives from either the French or the American Embassy were present despite their promises.

Dr. Acuña read the citation for the Elmer Best Memorial Award and presented the plaque to Dr. Francisco Raul Miranda while President Halik placed the Elmer Best gold medal on Dr. Miranda and noted his outstanding achievements for Mexican dentistry. He was in private practice from 1911 to 1993 and has served as Historian for the Mexican Dental Association, President of the ICD Mexico Section, Life Member of the El Salvador Dental Association, PFA Fellow, and teacher (1943–1992) in high school and college. His life has traveled many pathways of service for his fellow man, one of which was dentistry.

Dr. Miranda was visibly touched as he accepted the award and gave a few remarks.

Dr. Acuña then introduced Diana Cecilia Ortega Amieva, General Director of Professional Regulations. President Halik then presented our PFA Honorary Fellowship Award plaque. Diana Ortega oversees 12 professions, including

dentistry. Through NAFTA, her office is working with Canada and the United States to standardize dental education in North America and eliminate the differences between our countries in the level of standards of practice.

President Fred Halik then presented our PFA Certificate of Merit to Dr. Ernesto Acuña in recognition of the outstanding job he has done for the Mexico Section of PFA.

Chairman Ernesto Acuña and President Fred Halik then presented our Presidential Citation plaque to Miguel Limon Rojas, the Secretary of Education and Public Licensure. Secretary Rojas is responsible for the granting of dental licenses in Mexico.

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal read the names of the dozen or so new Fellows, Chair Ernesto Acuña presented them with their Certificate of Membership, and President Halik bestowed upon them our ribbon medal of Fellowship.

Mexico Dental School Dean Rolando Peniche Marcin thanked the Academy and Foundation for their dental student scholarship awards this year.

With the ceremonies concluded, the party went on with everyone getting a chance to socialize. The ADA’s President Richard Muscola, President-elect Robert Anderton, past President David Rose, and Director John Zapp thanked our officers for the invitation and the opportunity to get together with the Mexican dignitaries. Many foreign dignitaries attended as well: Dr. Professor Eugeniusz Spiechowicz of Poland, Netherlands Section Treasurer Dr. Henk Schotte, Republic of Georgia Chair Vladimer Margvelashvilli, Canadian Dental Association Director Jardine Neilson, to name a few.

National Auditorium

FDI Opening Ceremony

Thursday evening’s Opening Ceremony was held at the National Auditorium, a huge hall seating 18,500 located on their prestigious Avenue of the Reform. Our entire entourage attended to participate in the magnificent work Dr. Acuña had done in organizing such an event. Dr. Acuña even took a few minutes from the podium to personally welcome us.

Earlier in the day we registered for the FDI meeting and got our badges and tickets. Then we toured the exhibits. For the afternoon, there was General Assembly B and more world dental business.

Our spouses joined us for the Opening Session, which began with music by the Symphony Orchestra and the Choir of the Navy. FDI Executive Director Per Ake Zillen initiated roll call of the nations. Each country placed their flag on the stage until a blaze of color filled it. The guest of honor for this evening was Mexico’s Health Secretary Dr. Juan Ramon de la Fuente.
FDI President Katsuo Tsurumaki greeted everyone in the nearly full hall on behalf of the 87th FDI World Congress and the 25th Congress of the Mexican Dental Association. Our Mexico Chair Ernesto Acuña was singled out for making the joint meeting such a success. Dr. Tsurumaki presented Honors to two other PFA Fellows: past Sweden Section

Chairman Dr. Runo Cronstrom, who served 16 years as President of the Swedish Dental Association, and Dean Art Dugoni of our Northern California Section, who has served as past ADA President and FDI Treasurer.

Dr. Tsurumaki turned the gavel of President over to Dr. Jacques Monnot of France, noting that the 100th anniversary of FDI was bringing the Presidency back to the country that initiated FDI (by the first President Dr. Charles Godon, whom PFA honored last year in Paris with Hall of Fame status) on 15 August 1900.

Dr. Jacques Monnot accepted the responsibility, thanking everyone for the success of FDI in the 20th century.

The Mexican Dental Association President, Dr. Rolando Gonzalez then welcomed all the participants. The evening’s gathering concluded with a performance by the National Folkloric Ballet and a Welcoming Reception.

Our PFA delegation departed Mexico City the next day with President Fred Halik just catching his breath to travel further south to Peru.

PFA President Halik, Trustee Levit, and Chair Flores-Araoz in center of PFA Ceremony

Peru’s 8th International Congress

PFA International President Fred Halik and International Trustee Bernardo Levit joined our Peru Chairman Dr. Javier Flores-Araoz P. in Lima last 17 November to participate in the 8th International Congress of the Peruvian Stomatological Academy in celebrating their 75th Anniversary of the Peruvian Academy of Stomatology.

Chairman Flores-Araoz hosted a PFA Induction Ceremony the evening of 19 November at the Lima Sheraton Hotel. Many dignitaries were in attendance—Brazil’s Dr. Riaz, and Drs. Americo Olivera, David Loza Fernandez, Hugo Aguayo, Mario Bermejo, and Dental School Dean Fernando Donayre. Many new Fellows were inducted that evening. President Halik presented the Foundation scholarship award to dental student Roxanna Saldarriaga with Chairman Flores-Araoz, Trustee Levit, and Dean Donayre.

2. March - April

President’s Message 

Those of us with receding hairlines and/or graying hair will nostalgically remember the truly monumental works of the late President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but instead, ask what you can do for your country.” This great comment can be extrapolated to refer to your family, your alma mater, your church, and any other of your many life connections, including the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Often I talk with dentists who make comments such as, “What does the American Dental Association do for me?” or “What does my county dental society do?” or “What does the Pierre Fauchard Academy do for me?” Answers frequently come back with a rationalization of one kind or another to demonstrate some concrete “dollars and sense, take home and make money” sort of explanation.

But these kinds of explanations are not enough. Nothing worthwhile is ever derived from any organization unless one pays for it in the sense of time and commitment. And that means more than just paying dues—although that, too, represents some manner of commitment. What it does mean is that the most benefit is obtained through an understanding of the goals and the objectives of an organization together with an understanding of its “mission statement.” Once that information is known and accepted, then it is easy. One needs to adopt a goal and work at it, and voila, like magic, you have derived much from that connection.

Take, for example, Pierre Fauchard Academy’s stated Goal #5: “to develop more service-oriented projects.” Suppose you help out on one of your church or synagogue’s pet projects, providing manpower for the soup kitchen, food for indigents.
You decide that a truly critical need is to provide much needed oral hygiene instructions for clients of the service while they are a captive audience. You go to your PFA Section Chair and with his/her support you find out just where to go to free-load some oral hygiene supplies and recruit some Fellows for a one-time education effort. Did you get something out of your membership in the organization? Of course you did, and in the very best way possible.

The famous statement could be paraphrased, “Ask not what PFA can do for you, but what you can do for PFA that is interesting and cooperative, that will enable you to get the most out of it.”

On that same theme, by the time you read this issue of Dental World, the PFA Leadership Conference will be another page in history. You will be reading details of its events in future communications. Suffice it to say for now, the Section Chairpersons attending the Conference will be thoroughly briefed on techniques and information and will be enthusiastic about designing and achieving events and activities for each of their Sections. I can only ask that PFA Fellows everywhere around the world cooperate and participate to the best of their ability with those Chairpersons. Every Section needs to be a local example of the excellence of what the Pierre Fauchard Academy is meant to be.

Frederick J. Halik, D.D.S.


AADE Workshop sponsored by PFA

The American Association of Dental Editors is hosting a 2-day Editorial Workshop 27–29 April 2000 at the St. Paul Hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota, just before the Minnesota Dental Association’s Star of the North Dental Meeting.

Three seasoned editorial writers will serve as faculty for the workshop. Dr. Larry Meskin, Executive Editor of the Journal of the American Dental Association, will direct the presentations along with James Berry, Associate Publisher of the ADA News. The final presenter will be from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism. This will be a hands-on exercise with writing critiques, immediate feedback, and personalized attention to assist you in sharpening your writing and editing skills.

Special arrangements have been made with the AADE through its President-elect Claudia Kanter, Director for Communications for the Minnesota Dental Association, and PFA Editor James Brophy to invite all PFA Section Editors and those interested in becoming editors to attend this limited-attendance workshop.

Editor Brophy attended the AADE Seminar in Hawaii before the PFA Board Meetings where the International College of Dentists presented their Golden Scroll and Golden Pen Awards, and the American College of Dentists gave out their Gies Award. Editor Brophy and AADE President-elect Kanter discussed the workshop concept to be held at the third-largest state dental meeting, Minnesota’s Star of the North. Editor Brophy presented the concept of sponsorship to the Academy Board at the Hawaii Meeting and it was overwhelmingly accepted.

The AADE invites interested PFA members to attend. The Academy Board felt that this was an excellent adjunct to our Leadership Conference Program with emphasis on writing and editing for those Fellows performing Section Editor tasks or contemplating doing so. The skills presented by the foremost experts in their fields at this workshop are universal, with specific applications to the dental profession. This is an important opportunity for PFA Fellows to attend this limited-attendance workshop for themselves and for PFA.
Tuition for the course is $195 for AADE members; PFA Fellows qualify through the Dental World membership in AADE. Otherwise, it is $295 for nonmembers. The tuition covers course materials and meals. Registration may be made through the AADE, 735 North Water Street, Suite 617, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA. For further information or a registration form from the AADE, call (414) 272-2749 or fax (414) 272-2754. Be sure to indicate that you are registering through PFA.

The St. Paul Hotel is the headquarters hotel for the Star of the North Meeting; early room reservations are encouraged. Call the hotel at (800) 292-9292 to secure your room in the AADE block.

The workshop starts at 1 p.m. on Thursday, 27 April, and winds up at noon on Saturday, 29 April.

PFA has been asked to give a small presentation to the attending editors on our Foundation’s Grants Program. PFA literature on our many programs will also be available so the editors can get to know our Academy better. In our sponsorship, we will work interactively with AADE, along with ICD and ACD.

AADE President Andrew Brown’s letter to AADE members opens, “Being a dental editor isn’t easy. Few of us have had the formal training in journalism.” This workshop gives everyone the opportunity to polish their skills and to learn from experts.

Our PFA Leadership Conference covers only a little material about media presentation, and its importance is lost in the vast amount of material that is presented to those participating. This AADE workshop expands on our Leadership Conference in far better detail and by experts in their field. Attending also provides you with the chance to meet some of the very editors whose publications you may be writing PFA material for. If you are serious about dental communications or wish to know more, this PFA-sponsored event is certain to be essential in adding to that knowledge.”

From the Desk of Past President Martin Naimark

Past PFA Presidents have been asked to submit their observations on the Academy’s progress as they have seen their investment in office bear fruit for our future, and to offer a guiding hand in that future. Dr. Naimark (1992–93) has submitted his thoughts.

The more I remember in walking down “memory lane,” the more I see how we have developed into a great humanitarian honor society. And the more I thought about this article, the more memories surfaced.

I inherited the PFA Michigan Section more than 50 years ago, with only five members. Since our mission was to reach out for the best and most qualified dentists in our state, we faced certain challenges:

1. We were the best kept secret in dentistry.

2. We had to establish an identity.

3. We had to create and acquire acceptance.

4. We had to show progress.

5. In our present role, we have arrived.

6. We had to face the new millennium.

I contacted the two dental schools in Michigan, the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and the University of Detroit School of Dentistry. We cross-checked dentists in the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists to consider them as potential PFA members. With my small committee, we made contacts with the above members as a base.

We began by honoring dentists who had made their contributions to dentistry through their honor societies, members of the dental schools’ faculty, their respective deans, and others. We grew, and today the Michigan Section totals 201 members.

As a former Michigander, I take pride in praising current State Chairperson Virginia Merchant and President-elect Dave Campbell for their experiences. Thanks to their their efforts, Michigan has a vibrant chapter staffed with well-qualified Fellows.

In my present-day observations, I flipped through the Yellow Pages of our San Antonio, Texas, phone book. Under “Dentists,” my eyes are attracted to bold-print, full-page ads that read, “We cater to cowards with bad breath and crooked teeth.” An optimistic beginning. Another ad reads, “A great smile stands out from the crowd.” (Prove it!) One practice presents itself as “Fiesta Dental”—a fiesta is a religious celebration or holiday.

Eleven full-page ads and many more half-page ads fill this dental section. (We get the message.)

We are all entitled to make a comfortable living. But many of the promises of the dental service to be rendered are just that—promises. Whereas the real concern is for the patients who cannot afford good dentistry.

We are ever mindful of our leaders who are managing the Brenes-Espinach estate funds. The Foundation of the PFA, which awarded over $317,000 in tuition scholarships and program grants for 1999, brings the 4-year total to over $1.2 million. Those members responsible for this, and who deserve the credit, will be fully recognized and thanked at the appropriate times.

Worthy of special mention are those volunteers who are traveling to remote areas of the world to see that dental care is provided for many who have been completely neglected. With funds becoming more available, this could be an attempt at globalization of dental care. We know that the Rotary Club, various church groups, and other organizations have subsidized such efforts as forerunners of our objectives.

I want to single out Richard and Judy Kozal for their dedication to PFA. Richard has a familial relationship with each succeeding President. Each President gets his undivided attention during his term in office and beyond. Richard’s direction in changing our central office to Las Vegas took courage and much investigating. Las Vegas is a mecca for conventions. It has ideal weather, is centrally located, has grand entertainment and great accommodations. It will serve us well into the future.

The ongoing expansion of our objectives and services bodes well for our recognition as a major honorary dental association. I am proud to have been a part of its birthing.

Foundation News

by Past PFA President C. F. Larry Barrett

At their last meeting, the Foundation Board revised the Grants Program goals and guidelines. It is their wish that these be shared with our membership.


1. The purpose of this nonprofit corporation is to provide funds and to support grants and projects that will benefit the dental profession and the public that it serves. These funds are received through bequests, donations, planned giving, memorial contributions, grants, and other public and private sources. A primary source of such bequests and donations are from the members of the Pierre Fauchard Academy; however, nonmember contributions are greatly appreciated.

2. Organizations, institutions, and individuals who desire funding for programs or projects that are within the goals of the Foundation may make application for support by written request.

3. All grants/project proposals are reviewed by the Grants Committee and they will submit their recommendations to the Foundation Board of Trustees for their approval.

Goals of the Foundation’s Grants/Projects Program

1. To fulfill, to the best of our ability, the provisions of the Brenes-Espinach legacy.

2. To establish and administer the Loader-Espinach Prize.

3. To promote all aspects of oral health.

4. To assist, on an international basis, in the dissemination of knowledge of advances in dental education and dental practice through continuing education programs and related media.

5. To support programs that will improve the public’s access to dental care.

6. To stimulate and support appropriate clinical research projects in dentistry.

7. To support student scholarships and exchanges. These scholarships include areas such as dental faculty development, dental teacher training, dental laboratory, dental students, and dental hygiene.

8. To grant appropriate awards and recognition to distinguished individuals who have made lasting contributions to the advancement of the profession of dentistry.


The following guidelines ordinarily apply to projects eligible for Foundation funding.

1. A suggested dollar amount for grants has been established by the Foundation.

A. Support for PFA Section programs: $5,000

B. Service projects that provide public dental care: $10,000

C. Educational programs, continuing education courses, and faculty development: $5,000

D. Clinical research: $25,000

E. Miscellaneous: $5,000

2. The Foundation may fund multi-year grants.

3. The Foundation will not fund the purchase of major equipment and will not pay indirect costs of university or institutional overhead.

4. The Foundation will generally not fund salaries.

5. The Foundation will not fund grants that include, as part of the project, questionnaires and surveys for demographic studies, surveys of need, and all-inclusive surveys.

Precluded Support Projects

Although the Foundation prefers to remain flexible concerning projects it chooses to support, existing policies generally preclude support for the following projects and programs:

1. Capital improvements

2. Endowments

3. Land and/or building acquisitions

4. Ordinary social services of an ongoing program

5. Programs that are the government’s responsibility and are supported by tax revenues

6. Political candidates, activities, or lobbying efforts

7. Dinners, tables, or tickets for fund-raising events

8. Advertising in charitable publications

9. Promotional materials such as trophies, prizes, or trips

10. Endowment chairs

Foundation Grant Applications deadline: 1 June 2000

Applications available from:

Executive Director Shig Ryan Kishi
1441 Avocado Avenue, Suite 508
Newport Beach, CA 92660 (USA)

Foundation Section News

Stanley Lai Man Lung receiving scholarship check from Chair Jeffrey Tsang

Hong Kong

Last December, Chair Jeffrey Y. S. Tsang presented the Foundation scholarship award to University of Hong Kong BDS V student Stanley Lai Man Lung during the University’s Presentation ceremony of Prizes and Awards, co-hosted with the Prince Philip Dental Hospital.


President J. Vreven of l’École de Médicine Dentaire et de Stomatologie in Brussels extended his thanks to the Foundation for recognizing their student Nguyen with their scholarship award. Mr. Nguyen is currently doing endodontic postgraduate work in Cleveland, Ohio.

L-R: Professor Shin, Dean Lee Sang-Rae, student Ryu Jae-In, Professor Choi Boo-Byung (Section President), and Section Secretary General Park Il-Hae


Section Secretary General Park Il-Hae reports presenting the Foundation Scholarship Award to Kyung-Hee University College of Dentistry student Ryu Jae-In with Dean Lee Sang-Rae and Korean PFA President Choi Boo-Byung.

03 L-R: Student Roxana Saldarriaga, Cayetano Heredia University Dean Fernando Donayre, and PFA President Fred Halik


President Fred Halik presented the Best Student Award to Roxana Saldarriaga last November on his Southern Tour in Lima.

Costa Rica

Dean Fernando Saenz Forero has scheduled the dedication of the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry’s Multimedia Center for this March. The center will be called the Loader–Brenes Espinach Multimedia Unit, Data Processing, and Clinic Video Unit.

L-R: Dean M.L. Jones, Jennifer Edwards, Dr. Siva Nithiananda of the Cardiff & District NHS Trust


The University of Wales College of Medicine presented a scholarship award to Jennifer Edwards, who is in her final year of study for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree.

Paul Sokolowski receives scholarship check from Foundation Treasurer George Higue (at right)

United States

California, Southern Section

The Children’s Dental Health Association of San Diego’s President Patricia Morris thanked us for our past support, noting that they are celebrating their 47th year of public service meeting the needs of the city’s underserved children. Last year, they treated more than 7,000 children in their Children’s Dental Health Center at 1270 24th Street. President Morris extends an invitation to PFA Fellows to visit the clinic when in San Diego.

Chair Charles Eller notes that the Foundation has awarded a $10,000 grant to MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity), along with an additional $5,000 for the first Humanitarian Grant award. Other grant recipients include the Children’s Dental Health Center in San Diego and the Esperanza Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dean Gerald Vale of the USC School of Dentistry received the scholarship award to present to Paul Sokolowski.

L-R: Chair Frank Martello, Roman Farrar, and Dean Eric Hovland

Chair Frank Martello presented Louisiana State University School of Dentistry senior Roman Farrar with the Foundation’s scholarship award. Roman is senior-class President this year and was last year’s Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Chapter President.

Section Chair Steve Hedlund presenting Foundation Scholarship check to University of Iowa student Kimberly De Batterson

Section Chair Steve Hedlund presented the Foundation scholarship check to University of Iowa student Kimberly De Batterson. In nominating Kimberly for this honor, Associate Dean Yvonne Chalkley noted that she has taken on leadership roles in the American Association for Dental Research, the American Association of Women Dentists, and the Iowa Student Dental Association. She is junior-class President, was Vice President of her sophomore class, Secretary of AAWD, and ASDC President. Kimberly was recognized for her leadership with the Dean’s Leadership Award in 1997 and 1998. 

L-R: University of Detroit Mercy Dean Bruce Graham, Chair Virginia Merchant, University of Michigan Dean Marilyn Woolfolk, senior Polly Buckey, PFA President-elect David Campbell, and senior Pamela Pappas

Chair Virginia Merchant hosted their semiannual breakfast meeting along with PFA President-elect David Campbell during the Detroit District Dental Review last November. Senior Pamela Pappas of the University of Detroit Mercy and Polly Buckey of the University of Michigan were presented with the Foundation Scholarship Awards at this time.

L-R: Dean Wayne Barkmeier, senior Michael Cherubini, and Chair Paul Tamisiea

Nebraska Section Chair Paul Tamisiea presented the Foundation scholarship awards to University of Nebraska College of Dentistry senior Ben Walline and to Michael Cherubini, a senior at Creighton University School of Dentistry. Creighton Dean Wayne Barkmeier assisted Chair Tamisiea in the presentation

L-R: Dean Jerold Goldberg, Bradley Jarvis, and Chair Al Uveges

Ohio Section Chair Alfred Uveges presented the Foundation scholarship award to Case Western Reserve student Bradley Jarvis with Dean Jerold Goldberg.

Chair Raymond Meade presenting Recognition Plaque to Ashley Coleman Eppery

Virginia Section Chair Raymond Meade presented the Section’s Recognition Plaque to student Ashley Coleman Eppery in recognition for her leadership and receipt of the scholarship award.

PFA Platinum Card

MBNA, which offers this service to PFA members, has announced a new program that it has established on the Web to help young adults handle their credit card accounts and manage their personal finances. Entitled “Money Matters for Students,” the site is located at

The interactive site discusses the importance of establishing a good credit history and explains how to keep debts manageable.

The PFA Foundation needs your support!

If you’d like to help the Foundation fund grants for good causes and scholarships for good students, please send a check to:

Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy
1441 Avocado Ave., Suite 508
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Academy Section News

Dr. Barry Chapnick


International Trustee Kevin Roach published an article, “Dentistry in the Next Millennium: A Canadian/North American Perspective,” in the recent issue of Colgate’s Oral Care Report. Dr. Roach is Associate Editor of the publication.

Fellow Barry Chapnick of Toronto has been elected President of Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity at its 92nd annual convention in San Francisco. Dr. Chapnick is a Fellow in ICD and has served as President of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics, the Ontario Society of Endodontists, the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, the George Hare Endodontics Study Club, and the Toronto Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega.

Dr. Barry Chapnick


International Trustee Kevin Roach published an article, “Dentistry in the Next Millennium: A Canadian/North American Perspective,” in the recent issue of Colgate’s Oral Care Report. Dr. Roach is Associate Editor of the publication.

Fellow Barry Chapnick of Toronto has been elected President of Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity at its 92nd annual convention in San Francisco. Dr. Chapnick is a Fellow in ICD and has served as President of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics, the Ontario Society of Endodontists, the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, the George Hare Endodontics Study Club, and the Toronto Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega.

President Halik (center) with Trustee Levit and Chair Flores-Araoz with Peruvian PFA Section


PFA President Fred Halik joined International Trustee Bernardo Levit and Peru Section Chair Javier Flores-Araoz last November in Lima to induct 38 new Fellows into the Academy.

United States

California, Southern

Chair Charles Eller will be hosting their 30th annual Awards Luncheon on Sunday, 16 April, at the West Coast Anaheim Hotel to honor Dr. Terry Tanaka. The California Southern section is the largest PFA Section in the world and hosts a number of service activities.

Dr. Robert Hesse

Past Section Chair Robert Hesse of Lafayette received their 1999 Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his leadership and professionalism. Dr. Hesse had served as PFA Section Chair for 8 years. He has served as President and as Secretary for the Acadiana District Dental Association, and was Charter President of the Evangeline Dental Study Club. Dr. Hesse has served as a member and chair of many Louisiana Dental Association committees. Dr. Hesse is a Fellow in the ACD, and has served on the AGD Board of Directors. He was as President of the Lafayette Italian-American Club and the Acadiana Area Loyola University (New Orleans) Alumni Association, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Italian Renaissance Foundation and the University of Southwestern Louisiana. He has been honored with the LDA’s 1993 Distinguished Service Award.

Section Chair Frank Martello sums it all up by saying, “Robert Hesse is known for his endless generosity and compassion for his fellow man. Anyone who has met Dr. Hesse knows he is a big man. Those who know him realize he has got an even bigger heart.”

Dr. Hesse is a Catholic Eucharistic Minister. He chaired the St. Luke Interfaith Service for Members of the Healing Arts in Lafayette.


Past PFA President Minoru Horiuchi has been added to the Board of Trustees for the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston. The prestigious institute is the world’s leading independent research organization devoted to oral and craniofacial biology and related biomedical sciences. It is also home to the oldest continually operating school for dental hygiene. Dr Horiuchi has served nine years on the Board of Governors of the Boston Athletic Association. Massachusetts Governor Cellucci appointed Dr. Horiuchi to the Commonwealth’s Asian-American Commission in 1999.

Secretary/Treasurer Kozal presents Appreciation Plaque to Dean Barbara Nelson

Secretary/ Treasurer Richard Kozal hosted a grand opening of the PFA Central Office in the beautiful confines of the Community College of Southern Nevada. CCSN Dean Barbara Nelson, representing the college, received the PFA Plaque of Appreciation for their help in remodeling the Central Office.

L-R: PFA Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal with new ACD Fellow Ray Rawson and his wife, Linda

Fellow Raymond Rawson, Nevada State Senator, was inducted into the American College of Dentists in Hawaii during their annual Convocation there.


Past PFA President Nicholas Saccone is serving as ICD Regent for District III.

Dr. Stephen Kondis of Munhall received the Pennsylvania Section’s Outstanding Dentist of the Year award at the annual Session of the Pennsylvania Dental Association last year. He has served as President of the PDA and of the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry. He has been recognized with the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Pittsburgh, the AGD Distinguished service Award, and the Albert Pechan Award for Excellence. Dr. Kondis is the new Executive Director of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry Alumni Association.

Rhode Island

Chair M. Christine Benoit notes the passing of Mrs. Vivian Kershaw last December. She was the wife of past PFA President A. James Kershaw (1972). Mrs. Kershaw had been a tireless volunteer in community service over the decades.

Fellow Nicholas Barone of North Providence has been elected President-elect of the RIDA.

Fellows Nicholas Barone, Clark Sammartino, and John DaSilva were inducted into ICD in Hawaii last year.

Fellow John Underhill is serving as President of the Rhode Island Association of Orthodontists.

Fellow Edwin Mehlman of Providence was installed as ADA Trustee.

Fellow Robert Bartro of Woonsocket is serving on the ADA Council of Communications.

South Carolina

PFA Trustee Gordan Stine was honored by the College of Charleston with a Doctor of Human Letters degree presented by President Alex Sanders for a lifetime of outstanding service to the college and to the Charleston community.

Dr. Carl Wessinger received their Section’s Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award. The honor was reported in the South Carolina Dental Association’s Bulletin.

New Chair William Bennett presents past Chair’s Plaque to Raymond Meade

Chair Raymond Meade hosted their annual Meeting in Reston to transfer the Section’s gavel to incoming Chair William Bennett.

Dr. Tatiana Spivakova-Sargent graduating from Shoreline Community College last June

Past Section Chairman of Russia, Dr. Tatiana Spivakova, now married to Stan Sargent, has graduated with high honors from Shoreline Community College in the dental hygiene program and is licensed in the states of Alaska and Washington.

Report from Congressman Charlie Norwood, D.D.S.

In my last report to the PFA, the Republican leadership, through the Commerce Committee, had asked me and Congressman Tom Coburn of Maryland to write a consensus managed care reform bill. We did, and it included everything you and I want to see in managed care reforms and patient protection. But in working on bipartisan support from Congress, the bill was snuffed: “The insurance industry will never accept any reforms.”

But I took the matter in my own hands and negotiated a compromise bill that garnered 65 cosponsors in 3 hours. This shocked the insurance industry and the Republican leadership, which would not support it. So to confuse the issue and to dilute support, there were three bills—the Norwood/Dingell bill, Dr. Coburn’s bill, and the bill yet to be written by the House Republican leadership.

The Senate bill was awful and “the leadership over there has no intention of sending the President any bill he would actually sign.” Only a strong House vote would wake everyone up to the importance of this situation.

The House Republican leadership, instead of authoring their own bill, ended up supporting Dr. Coburn’s bill, which threw
the issue to House debate. All the Democrats and 29 brave Republicans defeated the Coburn bill. The Norwood/Dingell bill then passed 275 to 151 on October 7, with 68 Republicans supporting us.

“I cannot tell you how proud I am of the ADA, the 300-plus other health care and consumer groups, and individual grass-roots members who pulled together to pass this bill.”

Now our bill goes to conference with the Senate to work out the differences. We hope the White House will exert enough influence “to force the Senate to do the right thing.” Everyone will have to compromise. Once again, grass-roots pressure will be needed.

I then addressed the ADA House of Delegates in Hawaii at their session on October 9 to thank them for their nonstop support. The battle is not over, but we have achieved a victory for our profession and for our patients against huge odds over 5 years. The insurance industry is not happy with me. But with your continued support, we can make government work for its citizens.

2000–2001 Schedule of Events

27–29 October—Swissôtel, Chicago
PFA/Foundation Meetings
Saturday, 28 October, noon–2 pm
President’s Luncheon

28 October–2 November—Hyatt Regency, Chicago
ADA Meeting

29 November–2 December—Paris, France
FDI Congress

27 September–1 October 2001—Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
FDI Congress

13–17 October 2001—Kansas City, Kansas
ADA Meeting

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Submit Section news items and photographs (preferably in black-and-white) to Dental World Editor Jim Brophy. His contact information appears in the Officers box on the last page.

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3. May - June

From the President’s Notebook 

I have always been a believer in the two groups of laws that govern the world and all the people in it. The first group of laws are those physical ones of physics, chemistry, and biology that we spent so much time learning in high school and college. From the smallest subatomic particle to the whole of the universe, the laws of nature are supreme and unalterable. The second group of the laws of nature are those that govern human interaction and are just as inviolable. Every religion, every government, and every organization that is people-oriented has its own codified group of these immutable laws. Familiar examples might be the Ten Commandments, the Boy Scout Law, the Hippocratic Oath, and the code of ethics of every dental society.

It’s not surprising, and incredibly simple it is, that each grouping of these human laws of nature makes it abundantly clear that the most significant law is the one that says we need to be mindful of our neighbors, and that the most beautiful way of life is helping each other.

For us, Pierre Fauchard made it quite clear in his famous volumes, Le Chirurgien Dentiste, that an ethical practice of dentistry centered on compassionate (and expert) care of
patients is the only kind that is useful and endures. His philosophy comes down to us in the Academy with our Policy Manual statement that: “... the principle of service is one of the Academy’s major functions.” There is purposely no stated definition for service because it has infinite faces—as is well demonstrated by the vast variety of service projects endorsed and supported by the PFA Foundation.

Fellowship in PFA is conferred on those dentists who have demonstrated that they have “served” and/or have great potential for future service. Likewise, the honor awards of our great Academy are conferred on those dentists and friends of dentistry whose contributions to service are most notable. Our PFA organization is one that is concordant with fundamental laws of the universe. The assignment for each of us is to keep the faith and never lose sight of that ultimate truth of “service.”

Frederick J. Halik, D.D.S.


University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry Report

by Foundation Vice President Carl G. Lundgren

Past PFA President Carl Lundgren explored the Foundation’s interests in San José, Costa Rica, last March to give his first-hand report. Vice Dean Olga Marta Murillo of the dental school greeted our ambassador and gave him a tour of the dental facilities, including the newly completed Multimedia Video Teaching System installed on a Foundation grant through the funding of Dr. Brenes-Espinach of Costa Rica. Dr. Lundgren observed the “Laboratory of Multimedia” being used by the students. There are 6 large ceiling-mounted monitors, a document camera, a slide to video converter, a color TV monitor for the instructor’s use, and a wireless microphone system. In an adjacent room, a small bank of new computers was assembled where three dentists from Nicaragua and from San Salvador were reviewing the latest material on porcelain veneers. Another computer was devoted to Internet and another to the Externet.

In one of the classrooms, an instructor was projecting computer-generated slides using a laptop. The dental clinic contained the latest in dental equipment, chairs, and lights in separate cubicles. But the school has meager funding and is short on additional software for teaching as well as research laboratory equipment.

The Dedication Ceremony for the new facility took place on 27 March; Costa Rican dignitaries and the media attended the formal opening of the facility, in which the Foundation is prominently noted. A metal plaque was installed to commemorate the contributions of Drs. Espinach and Loader through the PFA Foundation.
The Loader-Espinach Award Lecture took place on 23 March. The event featured a panel of speakers—Dr. Adalberto Mosqueda T. from Mexico, Dr. Wilson Delgado of Peru, Dra. Madeline Howard of Costa Rica, and Dr. Antonio Bascones of Spain—presenting a day-long continuing education seminar, Simposio de Patologia Bucal. Dr. Antonio Bascones of Spain will receive the Loader-Espinach Award.

Costa Rica has a population of 3.5 million people with about 1500 dentists. There is no licensure. Graduation is all that is required to practice dentistry. The only requirement for entry into 1 of the 3 dental schools is the money to pay tuition.

Dr. Mario Rodriguez is the Section Chairman for Costa Rica. Dr. Lundgren met with him and 6 Fellows, all prominent faculty members, at the dental school. They were interested in the Foundation and the Academy and how to increase their membership. Dr. Lundgren suggested a goal of 20 members for their Section. Dr. Lundgren’s impression was a very positive one, reflecting his enthusiastic meeting with the Section.

Chicago PFA Board Meeting- part one

President’s Report

The Academy’s Semiannual Meeting was convened at Chicago’s Swissôtel on Thursday, 24 February, and ran until the closing on Sunday, 27 February.

International President Fred Halik called the Board Meeting to order, with immediate past President Jim Long giving the Invocation. The published Minutes of the October 1999 Hawaii Annual Meeting were approved.

President Halik then gave his report. The FDI Congress in Mexico City was well run by our Fellow Ernesto Acuña. Our Elmer Best Ceremony held at the French House was a delightful evening in awards presentations and induction of new Fellows. Dr. Halik then traveled to Peru to participate in the Academia de Estomatologia del Peru Octavo Congreso Internacional. Chairman Javier Flores-Araoz P. and his wife Ursula were magnificent hosts. International Trustee Bernardo Levit also attended to help induct 42 new Fellows. In January, our President visited the Central Office in Las Vegas to get a scope of the level of daily business that our growing Academy is doing. He also attended the ACD-sponsored Ethics Alliance Seminar in Nashville, Tenn.

R-L, President-elect David Campbell, President Fred Halik, and Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal opening the meeting.

President-elect’s Report

President-elect M. David Campbell attended the Hawaii Meeting before traveling to the FDI Meeting in Mexico City to represent us in their Congress. He also attended the Elmer Best Ceremony at the French House in Mexico City to receive the some 200 guests participating. One of the responsibilities of the President-elect is to serve as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee to plan for the coming year while overseeing the expenses of the current year. Although this takes some time, it is very informative.

Immediate Past President’s Report

Past President James Long continued his recent pace, finishing the Hawaii Meeting and then attending the Hall of Fame presentation to the Pankey family in Key Biscayne, Fla. He attended the presentation with Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein, Florida State Chair Robert Hart, Editor James Brophy, and their wives. Dr. Long was also scheduled to represent us at the FDI Congress and at the Elmer Best Ceremony, but because of the extreme health problems of his dear wife Margie, he was prevented from attending with the PFA entourage.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

Secretary Richard Kozal reported on the dues collection for 1999. Two sections have not paid their dues and one has underpaid. They have been contacted to rectify this matter. International dues collection by Visa/MasterCard has proved to be a very effective method for payment across various currencies.

Outstanding Dentist of the Year plaques were sent out to 34 Sections for presentation in 1999; six have been requested so far for this year. Three outgoing Section Chair plaques have been ordered.

Our PFA Web site established by webmaster Mark Stanley has had 18,000 hits as of 15 January. We now have our PFA Directory on-line, as well as a page for ordering PFA paraphernalia directly. In addition, Dental World issues are also found at our site.

The necessary paperwork has been filed with the State of Nevada to establish PFA as a foreign corporation there.

Of the 45 subscribing Life Members, 25 have renewed and 18 have dropped. Of the 141 new Life Members this year, 22 subscribed and 33 declined. Requests for Foundation donations were also mailed to the 1172 Life Members of record.

Delinquent Fellows in 1999 totaled 261. Upon mailing of the final notices, 103 responded, 59 of whom paid their dues; 158 were dropped from the rolls. This was an improvement over the past year.

The PFA Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Manual have been updated and modernized. They will be printed for distribution upon request. The current PFA pamphlet is also being updated for printing.

Treasurer Richard Kozal reported that the Executive Board continues to hold quarterly conference calls to review the Budget and Finance Report. All invoices and bills have been reviewed and paid to date.
Mosby has raised the dues subscription for Dental Abstracts by $2 and other printing costs as they apply. Dr. Kozal’s recommendation was to raise the dues $5 to cover these additional expenses.

The 1999 voluntary donations to the Foundation collected through the Academy amounted to $20,594 from US members, $1085 from international Fellows, and $2455 from Life Members for a total of $24,134 for 1999. As of January 2000, Foundation donations were already at $13,000.

So far for 2000, 103 new Fellows have been processed and another 68 await processing. Growth is essential to offset the member losses through retirement and death.

PFA Web Site

Webmaster Mark Stanley continues to update and manage our Web site. He reported that on an average day, visitors access 74 pages at our site for a monthly total of about 2300 page views. The web server reports these statistics. There are 30 different links or search engines that bring visitors to the site, and the number of visits has risen steadily since September 1998. The most visited area is Dental World. The next area of interest is the MBNA credit card information.

We now have 25 main pages on the site with additional pages added for Dental World (currently comprising 16 pages for 7 issues since September 1998); the catalog sales accounts for 3 pages, and another 100 have been added for the Directory. The Directory lists names only to protect members’ privacy.

International statistics show that half of US homes are on-line. North America and Western Europe remain the dominant force in the market. College students as a group show an 87% access to the Internet. English is the dominant language, but that might start to change as other cultures participate. In the United States, 69% of the population uses a computer at home or at work. In the next 7 years, the OVUM Report notes that, in addition to North America and Western Europe, developed Asia will become a major entry on-line. The largest growth markets will be Eastern Europe and Latin America as they catch up with the developed Internet markets. US accounts cover 90% of the Internet business and this is not expected to change in the next 5 years. Personal computer replacement rates and the arrival of interactive television will continue to secure high North American penetration rates. In the United States, 58% of the users are women. This is up from 44% in 1998.

The World Wide Web has 3.6 million sites, with 2.2 million in public access. The mean size of a Web site is now 129 pages. PFA has about 145 pages. The Web is dominated by a small number of mega-sites, with the top 25,000 containing about half of all public access pages. The year 2000 estimates of WWW languages are as follows: 57.7% of the sites are in English, 8.4% Japanese, 4.3% Chinese, and the rest (29.6%) in Western European languages.

A Web site builds a worldwide community presence by serving both members and visitors. PFA reduces costs by printing such on-line documents as the Directory, PFA forms, etc. Life Members can access Dental World without the need to subscribe. Communication about PFA activities is instantaneous. Many Third World Fellows who are on-line read Dental World the minute it goes to the printer, long before they receive it in the mail. A Web site provides backup information and support for our activities, such as meetings and events. For a prestigious organization, it will be essential in this century.

Chicago PFA Board Meeting- part two

Budget and Finance Report

Chairman M. David Campbell reported reviewing all financial documents with the accountant and found them in order. The Committee offered two resolutions to the Board for consideration.

The first was to raise the dues by $5 for fiscal year 2001 to cover the Mosby subscription increase (passed by the Board) and to contract for a tax review of our accounts by an accounting firm (passed by the Board).

An itemized budget and financial report was submitted to the Board for acceptance and approval.

PFA Foundation Report

Foundation President Robert Shira reported that 20 grants were considered at the Hawaii Board Meeting, of which 18 were approved. Total grant funding was $135,550. Academy program support funding of $45,000 was approved and $15,000 went to the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry for the Loader-Espinach Multimedia Center and for the Loader-Espinach Award Lecture. Scholarships for students at 54 US dental schools and 28 international schools were approved in the amount of $1500 each. The Board established a $25,000 category in the 2000 budget to fund special projects that did not fall within the grant guidelines.

The First Humanitarian Award was given to the MEND Program (Meeting Every Need with Dignity) of Southern California.

The deadline for grant submissions for 2000 is 1 June of this year.

Past PFA President Leo Bongers, a Foundation Board member, stepped down to nurse his wife.

A Foundation Finance Committee was established with Drs. Higue (Chairman), Kishi, Lundgren, Cripton, Halik, Campbell, Saccone, Kort, Horiuchi, and Long. This committee was charged with the mission of reviewing the Foundation’s finances and making recommendations.

The next Foundation Board Meeting will be held in Chicago in October at the Swissôtel during the ADA Session.

Trustee Gary Lowder listening to Foundation President Robert Shira

Foundation Executive Director Shig Kishi reported that the Foundation commitment of $104,500 over 5 years to the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry Multimedia Center has been completed, with the dedicating ceremonies being held this March. Foundation Vice President Carl Lundgren will view the facilities this March. (Dr. Lundgren’s report on his visit is in this issue.)

Since October 1998, there have been 78 grant application requests for 1999; 36 of them were received completed, but 16 were returned as not fitting the Foundation guidelines. Twenty were reviewed by the Grant Evaluation Team. At the Hawaii Board Meeting, 18 of these applications were approved, with a total amount of $135,550.

As of this meeting, 23 grant applications have been mailed out for submission by the 1 June 2000 deadline.

The total amount expended in 1999 for the US scholarships was $81,000. This included the funds donated by Dr. William Steifel of Georgia on behalf of Emory’s Chapter of Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity and contributions from non-Academy persons. Non-US dental school scholarships were presented at 27 schools in 18 Sections. Canada divides its amount among the 10 dental schools there and presents the award to each school’s Junior Student Governor.

The Foundation’s revised guidelines were printed in the last issue of Dental World. Governance of the Foundation is by a volunteer Board of Trustees composed of the past Presidents, the current President, and the President-elect of the Academy. The Foundation is a tax-exempt organization as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. A small paid staff maintains operations, oversees existing programs, and helps secure funding for future grant programs under the administration of Executive Director Shig Ryan Kishi, a past PFA President.

Report of the Executive Committee

Chairman Fred Halik with members Drs. Welch, Campbell, Long, and Kozal held teleconference meetings between the Board Meetings to act on small matters that arose between the meetings. The President reported on the status of the Sections he visited during the interim. Because of the severe economic differences among many countries, one of these recommendations was to adopt a sliding scale dues structure by country after the pattern established by FDI. The parameters are established by a formula based on the membership and the country’s gross national product. The Executive Committee produced a resolution to study this formula and devise a similar dues structure for PFA for consideration by the Board. This resolution was passed.

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal reported on the final construction and furnishing of the Central Office in the Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Other matters were discussed, as reported elsewhere in this summary of the Chicago Meeting.

Membership Activity

This report covers the interim since the Hawaii Meeting and 10 February 2000. The current year dues notices from the United States are being collected and posted with the second notice mailed 15 March. The 1999 international dues are still being collected and posted. Their first notice for 2000 dues went out on 20 February. All Sections have paid their 1999 dues except for Brazil. The membership rolls read as follows: 4058 US Fellows, 1991 international, and 1173 Life and Honorary Members, for a total of 7222 members. As a comparison, ICD has about 10,000 members. The largest memberships come from California, with 491 (divided into two Sections), and Ohio, with 305 Fellows. The largest international Sections include India at 352, Canada at 321, Australia at 207, and Japan at 189.

Chicago PFA Board Meeting - part three

Nominating Committee

Chairman James Long and committee members Larry Barrett and Shig Kishi recommended the following slate of officers for the year 2000–2001 to be voted on at the annual Meeting in October in Chicago:

• Dr. M. David Campbell of Michigan for President

• Dr. Scott Welch of Wyoming for President-elect

• Dr. Gordan Stine of South Carolina for Vice President

• Dr. Robert Hart of Florida for Region III Trustee

Dr. Fred Halik will then become immediate past President.

Publication Committee Report

Editor James Brophy reported on the progress of our sponsorship of the American Association of Dental Editors Conference in St. Paul, Minn, at the end of April.

Also discussed was Mosby’s failure to produce the January/February issue in a timely fashion to promote the Leadership Conference. As of this meeting, Dental World was still not in the hands of the membership. A change of printing firms and other reasons prevented our issue and Dental Abstracts from being out on time.

There were not enough articles to publish a Highlighter issue during this time, and because of the printing delays, it was just as well.

The Editor reported on attending the Hall of Fame ceremony at the Pankey Institute last October and attending the FDI Meeting and Elmer Best Ceremonies in Mexico City.

Awards Committee

Chairman James Englander reported that Dr. Harold Slavkin of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research was recommended for the Fauchard Gold Medal. Dame Margaret Seward of London, Dr. Charles Berenholc of Paris, and Dr. Henry Tanner were nominated for Honorary Fellowship. The President’s Award was announced to be presented to Dr. Alan Morely Posen of the Eastman Dental Center.

Chairman Ray Klein

Hall of Fame Committee

Chairman Ray Klein related the outstanding reception received by our entourage at the Pankey Institute last October. Tears of joy and remembrance flooded the Pankey family and our own Chairman as he made the presentation to Mrs. Pankey. The event was highlighted during their alumni reunion.

Dr. Klein then outlined the induction of the remaining candidates starting with Canada’s Dr. J. B. Willmott this May during the Ottawa Dental Meeting in Toronto. Drs. George Hollenbeck of California and Terrance Ward of the United Kingdom were to follow. Dr. Hollenbeck’s installation is tentatively scheduled for the California Dental Association Spring Meeting in April 2001.

Dr. Klein’s Committee had established guidelines for nominating candidates to the Hall of Fame. To date, three nominations have been received—Drs. Rafiuddin Ahmed of India, Morinosuke Chiwaki of Japan, and Gerald Leatherman of England. The Committee had noted that the Rules of Procedures, adopted in 1994, did not limit nominees based on current existence.

Their Committee Meeting was held Friday, 25 February, at 5:30 pm with 5 of the 6 members present. The Committee adopted standardization and protocol, especially for nominations. The Committee felt that two inductees a year was an adequate level of frequency to keep the names offered at the historical level they currently are. The Committee did not want nominations to become political.

One of their suggestions was to include the Hall of Fame inductees and their biographies on the Web site. Editor Brophy suggested running such as a feature in Dental World every other issue. The Committee also noted that our venue at the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore is on the third floor with the administrative offices, lending poor visibility and low public exposure. Their suggestion was to see about obtaining a place in the ADA headquarters in Chicago.

With the unanimous and enthusiastic endorsement of the Academy Board, the Hall of Fame Committee recommended Dr. Robert Shira for induction into the Hall of Fame at our October Meeting.

Dr. Jack Gottshalk as Pierre

Leadership Conference

Chairman Robert Friedman noted the outstanding list of international Section Chairs who attended the Conference. He thanked the participants for a very well-rounded presentation covering the Academy’s activities and felt that the attendees from around the world also appreciated the frank discussion. After collecting the presentations, it was hoped that highlights of the conference be printed.

Dr. Jack Gottshalk of the National Museum of Dentistry, in powdered wig, presented the Academy with an insight into the life and times of Pierre Fauchard. It was an outstanding and, to be sure, memorable presentation.

Indiana Chair Ray Maddox

Mentorship Report

Chair M. Christine Benoit described the growing success of the PFA Mentorship Program and particularly recognized the work of Section Chair Howard Mark and Trustee Robert Friedman for their efforts at the University of Connecticut, for which the ADA awarded a Golden Apple Honorable Mention (ADA News, 10 January 2000, page 22). Dr. Benoit went on to praise the ongoing program in Wisconsin under Chair Glenn Maihofer and Trustee James Englander with Marquette University.

Dr. Benoit stated, “Awareness and successes are contagious. Let us publicize and recognize your Section’s efforts.” She related the initiation or promotion of mentorship programs in Belgium, Ireland, Chile, Utah, Florida, California, Rhode Island, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Washington, DC.

Dr. Benoit’s Committee has prepared a new mentorship brochure and is designing a mentor appreciation certificate for presentation to the program’s participants.

Chair Ray Maddox of Indiana (past Indiana Dental Association President) presented his program in working with the University of Indiana School of Dentistry with a Pursuit of Excellence Program. He is using three pamphlets produced with help from Jim Pride. The pamphlets are “Ready to practice?”, “Are you considering an associate?”, and “Planning to sell a practice and retire?” The Board was so impressed with the publications that they have urged Dr. Maddox to request a Foundation grant to reproduce them and to get permission to distribute them nationally. Dr. Maddox noted that the options for today’s graduate are not as clear as they were to us. Graduating seniors are often confused as to what is the best avenue for them after dental school.

The Board approved Dr. Maddox’s project for acceptance as an international program under our Mentorship Committee. The Academy will apply for a Foundation grant to cover the costs of reproducing these pamphlets and distributing them on a pilot project basis in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Chair David Campbell finished the presentation of the completed updated Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Manual changes, which mostly integrated the Board’s motions and resolutions over the years into the regulatory framework of our organization. This was a continuation and completion of the revisions partially approved at the Hawaii Meeting. Updated and modernized wording was also included, such as formally changing the term “Chairman” to “Chair” in our publications.

Smokeless Tobacco Project

Chairman Gordan Stine reported that a seminar titled “Smokeless Tobacco: The Silent Addiction” was presented by Dr. J. Mark Barry on Saturday, 1 April, at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel in Atlanta. The seminar was cosponsored by PFA and the College of Dental Medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina. Four CEU credits were given for attendance.

Chicago PFA Board Meeting - part four

Trustee Pierre Marois

International Trustees’ Reports

Region I—Europe: Dr. Pierre Marois of Paris

Contact with the 17 European Sections is ongoing and demonstrates their activity. (Those reports are included in the Foundation News and Section News.) The Eastern European countries are struggling because of the economic situations there. There are two resignations in Spain with Dr. Javier Garro and in Finland with Dr. Leila Telivuo. Dr. Telivuo recommended Dr. Kai Masalin as Section Chair. Dr. Marois proceeded to give a very in-depth and frank report on each of the Sections in Europe.

008 Trustee Robert Friedman
Region II—NE United States: Dr. Robert Friedman of Connecticut

In New York State, Dr. Ed Feinberg succeeds Chair John Billen. Dr. Joseph Donato is the new Chair from Pennsylvania. Connecticut Chair Howard Mark has been named Mentoring Chairman for the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Christine Benoit is doing an outstanding job as Rhode Island Chair. Massachusetts Chair Norm Becker is also running an active Section.

009 Trustee Gordan Stine
Region III—SE United States: Dr. Gordan Stine of South Carolina

The Atlanta Smokeless Tobacco Program was held this April.

Trustee James Englander
Region IV—Midwest United States: Dr. James Englander of Wisconsin

Indiana Chair Ray Maddox reports a most successful Mentorship Program that works with their students over all 4 years of their dental school experience. He has implemented a scholarship program to help fund dental students. They inducted 12 new Fellows last year and have 15 applications for this year.

Wisconsin Chair Glenn Maihofer hosted their annual Mentorship Luncheon to honor their mentors and students, with over 250 attending. Their program is in its seventh year with Marquette University. A continuing education program for the mentors and students was held this February.

Illinois Chair James Shelton hopes to have an event during the ADA in October.

Michigan Chair Virginia Merchant continues to do an outstanding job, especially with their Mentorship Program at the University of Detroit-Mercy.

Ohio Section Chairman Al Uveges works with the students at Case Western Reserve and Ohio University. At their last Breakfast Meeting in Columbus, they inducted 15 new Fellows into the nation’s largest individual Section. Dr. Uveges is to be commended for his outstanding leadership role.

Kentucky Chair Karl Lange continues their activities with dental health screenings, education, and sealants for the Special Olympics participants. Their Section also supports oral health education and access to dental care as priorities.

West Virginia’s Chair James Overberger held their annual meeting this Spring at the Health Sciences Center to present their Foundation scholarship Award and induct new Fellows.

Region V—Western United States: Dr. Gary Lowder of Utah

New Chairs will be named at the October Meeting for Hawaii, Arizona, and Oregon.

Dr. Lowder attended the California Southern Section Meeting hosted by Chair Charles Eller to honor Dr. Terry Tanaka. He also presented PFA Honorary Membership to Utah’s Dr. Henry Tanner during that Section’s annual Meeting this March. Arizona held their annual meeting this April. And Idaho will hold theirs in Sun Valley this June. Dr. Romriell has been doing a great job in Idaho. Chair Art Hansen of Alaska has filed two grant applications for Alaska.

Trustee Kevin Roach
Region VI—Canada: Dr. Kevin Roach of Ottawa

They will be hosting a Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Toronto this May to install Dr. J. B. Willmott during the Ottawa Dental Meeting. Ten Foundation scholarships were presented to the Junior Student Governors at their dental schools. The Foundation grant to the Canadian Museum of Dentistry will outfit a PFA Room and Hall of Fame venue in Canada.

Region VII—Latin America: Dr. Bernardo Levit of Argentina

Argentina is actively recruiting members through the concept of ethics in science. Eight dental school deans were inducted in May 1999, and 17 new Fellows joined in November. Paraguay has gotten active by recognizing outstanding dental students.

Dr. Levit attended the Peru PFA Section Meeting with International President Fred Halik and Chair Javier Flores-Araoz. He has met with Uruguay Chair Roy Cooper and past Chair Walter Bielle.

Chile’s Chair Professor Campos S. is doing an outstanding job. Their Section puts out their own regular newsletter.

The economic situation in South America is very bad and inhibits membership growth.

Region VIII—Australasia: Dr. William Winspear of Sydney

Trustee Winspear announced the recent passing of his Section’s inaugural member in Dr. Robert Harris of New South Wales. Dr. Harris was honored with the Elmer Best Award in 1988. In 1968, he was involved in establishing the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

At their May Meeting in 2001, they will be inducting 53 new Fellows from Australia and New Zealand. Past President David Southan and Donald Behrend have been elected to Life Fellowship.

Region IX—Asia: Dr. Eiichi Katagiri of Japan (in absentia)

The Asian-Pacific Dental Congress will be held in Tokyo at the end of May. Japan Section will host the Second Asia Section Meeting on Saturday 27 May 2000.

The 16th Michinosuke Nakayama Memorial Award Presentation and Commemorative Lecture have been planned. The Nakayama Award will be presented to Dr. Takao Fusayama.

Region X—Central United States: Dr. Michael Perpich of Minnesota

Dr. Robert Gherardi has been selected to serve as Chair for New Mexico. Missouri still needs a Chairperson. Arkansas, Kansas, North Dakota, and Texas need activity or replacement. The other Sections have been active and in contact with their regional trustee.

Section Chairperson’s Caucus

Chair M. David Campbell presented the results of his meeting with Section Chairs from around the world as to their suggestions to improve our organization. These suggestions were referred to their various officers and committees for consideration and implementation.

International Committee

In the absence of Chairman Ernesto Acuna of Mexico, Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal gave the report on the status of problems facing the international sections. The most serious is the poor economic situation in many parts of the world, which inhibits recruiting members. The Academy hopes to alleviate this problem by adapting the FDI dues schedule based on that country’s GNP level.

Section Chair Reports

Attending Chairs presented their reports orally and in writing to the Board directly. A summary of these reports appears in the Foundation News and Section News articles.

Section Chair Appointments

President Halik announced appointment of Section Chairs for New Mexico, Tennessee, Philippines, Vermont, Korea, and Finland. The Board approved the appointments.

President Halik addressing PFA Dinner

The Interim Academy Board Meeting was then adjourned late Sunday afternoon in anticipation of the next Board Meeting in Chicago at the Swissotel this Fall.
g reception received by our entourage at the Pankey Institute last October. Tears of joy and remembrance flooded the Pankey family and our own Chairman as he made the presentation to Mrs. Pankey. The event was highlighted during their alumni reunion.

Calendar 2000

15 August - FDI Jubilee Conference, London
16-17 August - FDI Third World Conference on Oral Health Promotion, London
13-15 October - PFA Academy and Foundation Board Meetings, Chicago
14 October - President’s Luncheon, Swissôtel
14-18 October - 140th ADA annual Meeting, Regency Hyatt, Chicago
29 November-2 December - FDI Centennial Congress, Paris

Calendar 2001

TBA, Spring - PFA Academy Board Meeting
May - Australasia PFA Induction, Brisbane
6-8 September - 25th European Prosthodontic Association Conference, Prague
27 September-1 October - FDI World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13-17 October - 141st ADA annual Meeting, Kansas City, Mo

Central Office Reports

All international reports that are to be included in the Fall Meeting package are to be in the Central Office no later than 11 September 2000 for distribution before the 13 October Meeting.

Dues statements for the current year have been mailed and replies are coming in. If you have not sent your dues in, please do so quickly.

Our annual donation to the National Museum of Dentistry in the amount of $5000 has been made. Our remaining balance on the PFA pledge is $5000. Rosemary Fetter, Director of Development & Administration, has thanked us for “making it possible for NMD to present an ambitious series of exhibitions and programs.”

The PFA Directory is on the PFA Web site at then click on publications. Work is still in progress on the Directory, but members can now view each region and section. The PFA Web site calendar is being updated. Section Chairs are requested to send in their dates in advance for posting on our site. Also visit our web site to purchase PFA paraphernalia on line.
The Leadership Conference was attended by 31 Section Chairs from around the globe.

This was a very successful presentation of material on the Academy and the Foundation by those responsible for its functioning. Chairs were in direct contact with all the officers that make PFA happen. The weather in Chicago again was ideal for attendance and many enjoyed the festivities of the Chicago MidWinter Meeting as well as the city itself.

The ADA Session for 2000 will also be in Chicago in October. Our Convention Hotel is again the Swissôtel where we have received such fine service in our many past meetings there. PFA block reservations will be held until 15 June 2000 and must be made through the ADA Housing Committee. Make your airline reservations now to get the best fares. Our Academy and Foundation Meetings will be held starting Friday, 13 October, with our Awards Luncheon and President’s Reception on Saturday, 14 October, and completing our work by Sunday’s PFA Dinner Party. Plan your schedule accordingly.

Report from Congressman Charlie Norwood, DDS

Dear Colleagues,

Spring is a good time to continue our efforts to change the law to protect our patients from the ravages of greedy insurance companies. The Norwood/Dingell Managed Care Reform Bill is in conference where members of the House are meeting with members of the Senate to work out the differences between my bill and the Senate version. I was not appointed to this conference, which is highly unusual for an author of a bill. But I am making my presence known, along with my friend Dr. Greg Ganske (R-Iowa), in attending every conference meeting anyway. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-Ill) has asked for the bill to be reported out by Easter. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss) wants the final bill to include some form of liability in it.

The conference committee has agreed to include provider nondiscrimination, access to pediatricians, OB-GYNs, and emergency rooms, continuity of care, and access to specialists. The big problems between the House and

the Senate versions are in three areas. One is liability—holding the insurance companies responsible. The second is about who will determine what is medically necessary. My bill has the insurance companies performing this up to an external independent review board of doctors, while the Senate version has the insurance companies deciding this entirely.

The third problem is whom does this bill cover? My bill covers all 161 million Americans with health insurance. The Senate bill covers only 50 million people employed by larger companies.

I need your help to keep the pressure on. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202/224-3121 and ask for your Senators by name. Tell them you support the Norwood/Dingell bill.

PFA Academy/Foundation Fall Board Meeting Schedule

13-15 October 2000—Swissôtel, Chicago

Friday, 13 October, 7:30 am-5 pm
Academy Board Meeting, Alpine Room

Saturday, 14 October, 7:30-11 am
Foundation Board Meeting, Engelberg Room

11:30 am-2 pm
President’s Awards Luncheon, Grand Ballroom

2:30-5 pm
Foundation Board Meeting, Engelberg Room

2:30-3:30 pm
Section Chair Caucus, tba

6:30-8 pm
President’s Reception, tba

Sunday, 15 October, 8 am-noon
Foundation Board Meeting, Alpine Room

1-5 pm
Academy Board Meeting, Alpine Room

6:30-10:30 pm
PFA Dinner Party, tba

(All reports for this meeting are to be received by the Central Office by 11 September to be included in the Meeting packet agenda.)

From the Desk of the Foundation Executive Director

by Dr. Shig Ryan Kishi

Foundation President Robert Shira, Executive Secretary Shig Kishi, and Trustees William Kort, Min Horiuchi, Nicholas D. Saccone, and Larry Barrett attended the Academy Board Meeting in Chicago last February and participated in the PFA Leadership Conference with presentations on the Foundation.

Letters were sent out to the 54 US dental school deans requesting submission of students’ names for the Foundation’s $1500 Scholarship Award with a 1 June 2000 deadline. Copies were also sent to the corresponding Section Chairs. Non-US Section Chairs have received letters requesting that they submit the names and addresses of their selected dental school(s) so that these deans might be informed about the Foundation Scholarship Award.

Grant application requests for the coming year’s consideration are up to 64 with their deadline being 1 June 2000.

The dental school deans of UCLA, UOP, Creighton University, and the University of Maryland at Baltimore have sent letters of appreciation for the Foundation Scholarship Awards. Twelve student recipients have also responded in kind. Dental school deans in Hong Kong, Singapore, Costa Rica, Universite Laval in Quebec, and England have also expressed their appreciation. No students from the non-US countries have responded

From the Desk of the Foundation Treasurer

by Dr. George J. Higue

The funds of the Foundation are divided into three separate accounts. The Dr. Brenes Espinach Estate funds are banked as the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation—Dr. Brenes Espinach Account. The second account is listed under the name Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation and consists of US PFA member donations. The Japanese funds are banked as the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation (MN) account named after Mitch Nakayama.

These three separate accounts each have separate account numbers and separate bank statements and as such are

reported separately. All are in the Bank of America under the same PFA Foundation corporate shield.

Checks exceeding $3000 require two signatures, currently that of President Robert Shira and Treasurer George Higue. Checks of less than $3000 need only the Treasurer’s signature. On the Japanese Account, all disbursements can only be authorized by Mrs. Nakayama but require the Foundation Treasurer’s signature.

Foundation News


President J. Vreven of the Ecole de Medecine Dentaire et de Stomatologie of the Universite Catholique de Louvain has expressed appreciation for the Foundation Scholarship Award to their student Mr. Nguyen who is studying endodontics in Cleveland.


British Columbia

The Canadian Dental Association Convention was held last March in Vancouver where International Trustee Kevin Roach reported the many Foundation grants and scholarships awarded in their country.

Dr. Anne Dale presents Foundation Award to student Grant Yiu with Leslie Laing-Gibbard, President of the Dental Students Society
International Trustee for Canada Kevin Roach had Dr. A. Dale present the Foundation Award to University of Toronto dental school Junior Student Governor Grant Yiu.

The Canadian Dental Museum in Ottawa was awarded a $5000 Foundation grant to establish a Pierre Fauchard Academy Board Room and Hall of Fame

L-R: Associate Dean Denis Robert, Dean Diane Lachapelle, Laval University School of Dental Medicine student Dean Michaud, and Quebec PFA Chair Guy Maranda

Cette annee, Dean Michaud, etudiant de troiseme annee, se voit remettre a titre de representant des etudiants de la Faculte de medecine dentaire une bourse de 650 $ et une plaque commemorative attestant son interet et sa participation active aux activities etudiantes canadiennes.

La presentation fut faite lors d’une ceremonie dans les locaux de la Faculte par le docteur Guy Maranda, representant de l’Academie Pierre Fauchard au Quebec en presence de madame Diane Lachapelle, doyenne et du vice-doyen le docteur Denis Robert.

Section News


Dr. Jonathan Rogers attended the Chicago Meeting with International Trustee William Winspear of Sydney. Dr. Rogers is the new Section Chair. They will hold their new Fellow initiation in May, 2001, to induct 53 new members joining their current 230 Fellows. This will be held during the Australia Dental Association Meeting in Brisbane.

Fellow Robert Harris passed away. Dr. Harris was our 1988 Elmer Best Award recipient presented by A. Gordon Rowell, the 1985 Best recipient.


Chair Jose Dahan reported hosting two programs last year. The one in June was a seminar on “Informatic Tools in Dentistry”; and the December one was on endodontic surgery.

Dr. Dahan has made arrangements with Irish Chairman Robin O’Sullivan to exchange young dentists and students between Cork and Brussels.

L-R: Professor Reynaldo Brito Dias, scholarship recipient Luciano Pereira Madruga, President Lucy Dalva Lopes, Secretary/Treasurer Renato Geromel, past President Professor J. J. Barros, Vice-President Professor Clovis Marzola


Section President Lucy Dalva Lopes reported that her Section represented the Academy at several events and supported continuing education courses such as “TMJ Dysfunction” and “ITI Technic of Implantology” at the Centro de Reabilitacao das Deformidades Faciais in Sao Paulo given by Dr. J. J. Barros and Professor Silvio Nose and staff; “Therapeutic Process in the Cranio Facial Dysfunction” by Dr. J. J. Barros for Dentoflex; a TMJ course presented by Dr. Barros at the Hospital da Aeronautica; and at the Congress of the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Oral in Caxambu. We also supported the I Simposio Maritimo of Implantology organized by Dr. Daldy Endo Marqueis last February.

The Brazilian Section provided 2 scholarships to the best dental students. One scholarship was presented by Dr. Reynaldo Brito Dias to Luciano Pereira Madruga of Uniarara University Dental School.

The other scholarship will be given to honor Professor Cyro Silva who pioneered the dental radiology concept of eletroterapy in Brazil. Also a Dentalflex Miosoft RTE Myco Chain appliance will be presented to two senior dental students or recent graduates. This was awarded during the January Meeting of the Congresso Paulista de Odontologia at the Hotel Maksoud Plaza.

Fellow J. J. Barros past Section President, received many honors this last year as head of Brazilian dentistry and surgery. Also past Section President Alfredo Campos Pimenta received honors during the Congresso Brasileiro de Cirurgia in Caxambu.

Professor Dra. Aida Sabbag Haddad was elected President and Professor Dra. Lucy Dalva Lopes was elected Vice President of the Brazilian Teachers Association for the Handicapped at their meeting during the Cuiba Congress. Dr. Henrique Montilinski was presented the Panain Medal during the Sindicato dos Odontologistas de Sao Paulo Congress. Fellow Orley Dulcetti, Jr., was awarded a citation from the Grupo de Estudos em Acupuntura of APCD.

Also being presented a Panain Medal was Fellow Professor Pierangelo Angeletti.

Fellow Professor Rafael Carlos Loro will preside over the July Congress.


International Trustee Kevin Roach will be hosting A PFA dinner during their annual Ontario Dental Association Spring Convention in Toronto this May at which the International Academy will induct Dr. James Branston Willmott, founding father of Upper Canadian dentistry into the PFA International Hall of Fame. Ontario Chair Aldo Boccia and PFA Honour recipient Anne Dale will organize the venue. PFA President Fred Halik, Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein (past PFA President), and Editor James Brophy will attend to honour this dental great along with some of Dr. Willmott’s relatives.

Dr. Donald L. Rife of Toronto will receive their millennium’s first Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award.

Fellow Aldo Boccia has been elected President of the American Geriatric Society for Dentistry. He is only the second Canadian to serve as President of this U.S. based organization. Dr. Boccio is past President of the West Toronto Dental Society and of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry. He is also Fellow in AGD and ICD.

Fellow Jack Zosky has been appointed to the Editorial Board of Implant Dentistry—The International Journal of Oral Implantology.

Chair Professor Campos S.


Chairman Francisco Omar Campos Sanhueza presented the International PFA Board with copies of his Section’s second newsletter, edited by Fellow David Embry M., which is inserted into the Sociedad Odontologica de Chile’s magazine Revista Dental de Chile, which contains reference to the PFA newsletter on the cover. Professor Campos and Secretary/Treasurer Luis Felipe Jimenez S. have much to be proud of in their excellent publication.

Professor Campos also reported continuing their program of providing dental treatment to needy patients and senior citizens. This year they have undertaken a mentorship program directed by Fernando Romo, that will emphasize ethics and professionalism.

In their Section elections, Dr. Campos was reelected Chairman and Dr. Jaime Koifman was designated past Chairman.


Chairman Professor Zbigniew Jancsuk hosted their 59 Fellows at their annual meeting in Lodz last September. Their seminar was about the cooperation between dentists and dental technicians. A commission was established consisting of both groups to present a paper on the problems, which has been published. Economic problems in Poland have restricted the membership growth because of the costs of membership.


Chair Gil Alcoforado, Jr. is processing 13 new members for induction during their scientific meeting session.


Chair Professor Matjaz Rode’s Section worked on defining their goals and objectives for their Section. They have established contacts with dentists in Bosnia and Kosovo to hold a joint meeting to encourage participation there.


Chair Professor Javier Garro Barrio has announced his retirement and is looking for a successor.


Chairman H. Dalla Bona held the opening last November of their PFA Headquarters in Ipsach, near Biel, where their continuing education courses and celebration of Fellowship will be held.

United States

California, Northern Section

Chair Daniel Castanaga noted that over 60 members and guests attended their annual meeting last September, where nine new Fellows were inducted bringing their total membership to almost 250. Their Distinguished Service Award went to Dr. Henry Yee, with UOP Dean Art Dugoni doing the biographical presentation. The Section initiated the first “Allied Service Award” to honor non-dentists for their contributions to our profession. The first recipient was Judith Babcock, CDA’s Director of Dental Affairs. Fellow Dennis Shinbori was installed as their Secretary/Treasurer.

They have established Section dues at $20 to fund their own programs and this has been received well.

California, Southern Section

Chairman Charles Eller hosted their Section’s meeting during the CDA Spring Scientific Session was attended by some 170 members and guests including President-elect M. David Campbell and International Trustee Gary Lowder.


Chairman Dwight Romriell inducted eight new Fellows at their June Meeting to bring their rolls to 22 members. Trustee Gary Lowder along with Idaho State Dental Assn. President William Godfrey attended to honor Dr. John Davis for his 50 years of dental practice. ADA Trustee, and PFA Fellow, Steven Bruce assisted in the presentation of the awards. Past State Chairman Fred Hansing handed the gavel to new Section Chair Dwight Romriell. Dwight’s brother Greg was elected to serve as Section Vice President. Dr. Greg Romriell is the 1999 recipient of the AGD Fellowship Award and helped to elect Dr. Mike Simpson to the US Congress.

Their annual Meeting was held 17 June 2000 in historic Sun Valley.


Chair Ray Maddox has inducted 12 new Fellows into the Academy during their annual meeting held in conjunction with the Indiana Dental Association. Dr. Steve Duke presented a program on “Evidence-Based Dentistry.” The Section has 15 applications for Fellowship for this year. They have completed their fourth year of a mentorship program that assists the students through all four years. A scholarship project to help defray dental school costs is being implemented.

Dr. Maddox addressed the Board at the Chicago Meeting about his Pursuit of Excellence Program at the University of Indiana School of Dentistry for mentorship. This is further reported above under the Chicago Meeting Mentorship report.


Chair Steve Hedlund reported hosting a PFA Luncheon during the University of Iowa Dental School Alumni weekend last September, which had 30 attending. Past PFA President Larry Barrett noted that their annual program, held during the Iowa State Dental Meeting had 110 participants.


Vickie Cyhel, wife of the late Walter Cyhel who was past PFA President (1977), PFA Secretary (1977-1985), and Distinguished Service Citation recipient, relates all the great years and wonderful people she and her husband had met through the Academy. She regrets the passing of past PFA President (1976) J. Murray Gavel of Massachusetts last year. Dr. Gavel’s daughter, Sylvia Doran, still keeps in touch with Vickie. PFA is not just a dental honor organization. It is a living entity bringing people together across countries and the world. We look forward to meeting Vickie at our PFA Annual Meeting in Kansas City in October, 2001.


Past PFA President J. Murray Gavel (1976) died last August at the age of 99. Dr. Gavel had an outstanding dental career and served as Dean of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (1962-3). He had served as second Vice President of the ADA. He also held Presidency in AGD, ICD (USA Section), the Massachusetts Dental Society, the New England Dental Society, and of Tufts Dental Alumni Association. His activities, honors, and papers would fill a magazine. The Academy was honored to have been able to share his life with him. With his passing, there is an emptiness in the dental profession that will never be able to be filled again.

Chair Norm Becker has alumni mentoring at their three dental schools.


Fellow Art Dugoni, Dean of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, received the 1999 Callahan Memorial Award during the Ohio Dental Association 133rd annual session in Columbus.

Chair M. Christine Benoit
Rhode Island

Chair M. Christine Benoit’s Section promoting three service projects. The first was a smokeless tobacco risk awareness scheduled at the Warwick Mall, a health fair at Chariho School, at the South County Dental Society, and two exhibits at Providence and at Cranston Schools.

Another project is the support of the DDS Program in the “Ocean State.” Fellow Clark Sammartino heads up 188 volunteer dentists performing $1.5 million in free care to the poor. Donated Dental Services and the PFA funding was recognized at the ADA President-elect’s Meeting last January by Fellow Nicholas Barone.

Dr. Richard Walsh, Mentorship Chairman, networks with their Section’s dentists to mentor new graduates establishing practice in Rhode Island. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the mentors at their Awards Reception this May.

Their Section’s annual Awards Reception was held this May at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick. Ten new Fellows were inducted, bringing the “Ocean State” to 82 members.

Dr. Robert Barto was honored as their Distinguished Dentist of the Year. RIDA lobbyist Patrick Quinlan received a Certificate of Appreciation.


International Trustee Gary Lowder attended their annual meeting last March to present Honorary PFA Membership to Dr. Henry Tanner who also received their Section’s Distinguished Service Award.


Chair Glenn Maihofer held their annual Mentorship Dinner Meeting last September at Marquette University with over 250 attending. A continuing education program and dinner was held this February at the Marquette University Alumni Memorial Union. Their annual Luncheon Meeting was held this April to induct new members during the Wisconsin Dental Association’s annual session.

Washington State

Fellow Roy C. Page of Seattle has been honored by the University of Washington School of Dentistry with its Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Page, a periodontist and PhD in experimental pathology, is professor of Periodontics, a professor of Pathology, and Director of the Regional Clinical Dental Research Center at the School of Dentistry. Dr. Page is well known for his articles, books, and lectures and has been editor-in-chief of the Journal of Periodontal Research since 1986. Dr. Page has served as President of the AADR and the IADR. He is a Fellow in ICD and ACD as well.

Chair Ashur Chavoor addressing Board at Chicago Meeting
Washington, DC

Chair Ashur Chavoor is initiating a mentorship program for the nation’s capitol.


Fred Halik
New York

M. David Campbell

Scott Welch
Vice President

Richard A. Kozal

James M. Brophy

James E. Long
Immediate Past President
REGION 1—Europe
Pierre Marois
Robert Friedman
Gordan Stine
South Carolina
REGION 4—Midwest USA
James A. Englander
REGION 5—Western USA
Gary Lowder
REGION 6—Canada
Kevin Roach
REGION 7—Latin America
Bernardo Levit
REGION 8—Australasia
William Winspear
Eiichi Katagiri
REGION 10—Central USA
Michael Perpich

4. July - August

From the President’s Notebook 

I finally discovered what it is all about! Here we are, past the halfway post of my Presidency term, and at last I am catching on to the nuances of what is what. Sure, the by-laws tell all about the stuff of the President appointing committees and organizing and administering the Board of Trustees Meetings. It also goes without saying that working closely, including daily contact with our expert and hard driving Secretary-Treasurer, Dr Richard Kozal, is what makes the Academy run like a well-oiled machine.

But nowhere is there recorded a detailed record of what a President is expected to learn or grow into by doing the job. Maybe it cannot be explained. But let me try.

The education of a President begins as he or she moves around in the various Regions and Sections of the PFA organization. I have been more than impressed by the enthusiasm, the inventiveness, and the creativity of the leadership, and yes, the cooperation and helpfulness of the sideliners and the leaders-to-be of our great organization. I am likewise impressed by the foresight of our forebears who created this Academy that encourages inventiveness, which leaves the administration and the details of local activity to Section leaders. The Academy also emphasizes that the first priority is on service to our fellow practitioners, particularly the younger and newer ones, and it also does care about dental literature. It proclaims that recognizing our profession’s priceless history through our Hall of Fame and learning from the greats of the past are of signal importance. Our Foundation helps us toward our goals.

Back to the top to answer the question, what is it that can be at long last learned about the Presidency? It is that the President is not, nor does he or she need to be, either a
dictator, or even a strong and forceful leader. Rather the President is simply a symbol of what the Academy stands for. The President is a perception of a representation of all the qualities of the Academy and its leadership, conveniently packaged in one person.

The event that focused my thinking on all this was my wife Woodie’s trip with me to the Asia Region Nine, ably administered by Trustee Dr Eiichi Katagiri, and the Japan Section, competently chaired by President Dr Sadao Wakamoto and co-President Dr Masanori Kawaguchi. The charming Mrs Tomiko Nakayama and her Executive Manager of the Hakusui Trading Company, Mr Mitsuhiro Tatani, hosted us. We were most honored and privileged to present to the noted clinician and researcher, Dr Takao Fusayama, the Mitch Nakayama Memorial Gold Medal Award.

As we participated in their meetings, they accepted us cordially and with open arms, a most heartwarming experience. Surely they regarded us properly as the PFA CEO, but more than that, as a one-person embodiment of the thousands of PFA brothers and sisters across the globe with their assortment of different and strange languages and ways. Just as Woodie and I, they have skimpy or no knowledge of the Japanese language. But beneath the trappings of language and customs, we all think alike. We together espouse the principles and goals of our Academy. That is what I have learned, and that is what counts.

Frederick J. Halik, DDS


Publisher’s Comment

Dear Editor Brophy,

I am writing to apologize to you and the membership of the Pierre Fauchard Academy for the recent problems and delays we have experienced in the publication of Dental World.

We have enjoyed our long-term relationship with the academy, going back to the time when you worked with the staff of the Mosby offices in Chicago. Your decision to publish Dental World as part of our Dental Abstracts publication marked the beginning of a collaborative effort that has lasted more than a decade. We believe the combined content of Dental Abstracts and Dental World helps meet your organization’s objective to contribute to and raise the quality level of dental literature.

As you have pointed out to me, the need is greater than ever to provide a vehicle for quality information on the work being done in the field by legitimate researchers and dental facilities. I think our combined efforts have met that need.

Unfortunately, a combination of recent changes has created an extremely difficult situation for both of our organizations.

After Mosby closed its Chicago office in 1998, Dental World and Dental Abstracts were edited by an independent contractor. This arrangement was advantageous because both our organizations benefited from that person’s depth of knowledge and familiarity with the publications. This transition, at that time, went smoothly. We both were satisfied with our relationship.

Late last year, that contracted editor experienced some health-related problems, which we were assured would not interfere with our publication responsibilities. However, unforeseen by everyone, including that editor, these
complications worsened and publication deadlines ran behind schedule. Consequently, Dental Abstracts and Dental World were assigned to another managing editor in-house at Mosby.

By that time, the publications were seriously behind schedule. We experienced additional complications when we moved from a sheet-fed printer to a web press. I know that these changes, coupled with the delayed schedules, have created a series of problems for both you and the Academy. The situation has created confusion for your members as well as additional work for your board, and it reflects poorly on you as editor even though none of the problems were of your making. For this, I cannot apologize enough.

Please assure your board and members that we value our relationship with the Pierre Fauchard Academy and share your goal to make Dental Abstracts and Dental World valuable resources for your members. We have a solid team in place with all necessary safeguards implemented to ensure continuity of service. The September/October issue is on schedule, and we anticipate no delays with future issues.

Change always creates some level of frustration, but it also brings new opportunities. I am confident the new team brings many talents to the publications, and we will find many new opportunities to work collaboratively with your organization.


Nathania Sawyer

Acting Publisher
Mosby, Inc.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Following the North Star


Past PFA president Larry Barrett and Editor Jim Brophy met with PFA Section Chairpersons Virginia Merchant of Michigan and Howard Mark of Connecticut at the American Association of Dental Editors’ workshop sponsored by PFA last April 26-28 in St Paul, Minn, during the Minnesota Dental Association’s Star of the North Dental Meeting. ADA Journal Editor Larry Meskin and ADA News Manager Jim Berry gave the in-depth presentations and did personal reviews with the 30 workshop participants.

PFA Foundation Publicity Chairman Larry Barrett gave a presentation on the Foundation Grants Program and Student Scholarship Awards.

Past Minnesota Section Chairman, Dean Mike Tills, welcomed his PFA Fellows and invited us to his University of Minnesota Dental School reception.

On Sunday morning, Editor Jim Brophy attended the PFA Minnesota Section’s annual business breakfast at the University Club, greeting the many Fellows who took time from their busy schedules to attend.


Jumping on a plane, Editor Brophy made the Wisconsin PFA Section’s annual Luncheon held during their Wisconsin Dental Association Meeting in Milwaukee. Chairman Glenn Maihofer inducted 9 new Fellows into the Academy before a crowd of nearly 200. International Trustee James Englander was presented their Distinguished Service Award. The new Marquette University School of Dentistry Dean William Lobb was introduced.


May 14 found PFA President Fred Halik, past PFA President Ray Klein, and Editor Jim Brophy joining International Trustee for Canada Kevin Roach at the Ottawa Dental Association Meeting where Trustee Roach hosted their annual PFA Luncheon. President Halik and Trustee Roach inducted 13 new Fellows into the Academy. Their Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr Donald Rife.

Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein addressed the Canadian Section on the formation of the PFA International Hall of Fame and proceeded to officially install Dr James B. Willmott as the first Canadian dentist to be honored with Hall of Fame status.


President Fred Halik and his wife Woodie attended the Japan Section Meeting with International Trustee for Japan Eiichi Katagiri and Section Chairmen President Sadao Wakamoto and co-President Dr Masanori Kawaguchi. Mrs Tomiko Nakayama and her Executive Manager Mitsuhiro Tatani of the Hakusui Trading Company hosted our President. President Halik presented the Mitch Nakayama Gold Medal Award to Dr Takao Fusayama.

On June 8, President Fred Halik, Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, past PFA President Ray Klein, and Editor Brophy joined Belgium/ Luxemburg Section Chairman Jose Dahan for their annual dinner meeting. Professor Dahan gave an outstanding continuing education presentation. President Halik and Chairman Dahan inducted 4 new Fellows into the Academy.


The next day, come noon, our officer entourage was at the headquarters of Le Conseil National de l’Ordre des Chirurgiens-dentistes to meet with International Trustee for Europe Pierre Marois, France’s Section Chairman Huburt Ouvrard, Germany’s Section Chairman Frank Braun, and President Andre Robert of the National Council of the Order of Dental Surgeons. During the ensuing ceremonies, President Robert presented their Gold Medal to our President. The Academy then honored Professor Charles Berenholc, President of the Academie Nationale de Chirurgie dentaire, with Honorary Fellowship into the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein gave the history of our International Hall of Fame and proceeded to place our recent inductees–Drs L. D. Pankey of Florida and James Willmott of Canada–formally on the Wall of Fame at the French headquarters.

During the reception that followed, Dr Andre Robert gave the officers a tour of the mobil dental van that the Foundation has helped fund.

Later that evening, the French dignitaries were hosted to a dinner by the PFA Officers at Fouquet’s on the Champs des Ellyses.


On the way home, President Fred Halik, Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal, International Trustee Pierre Marois, and Editor Jim Brophy met with Sir Brian Parkins, past United Kingdom Chairman, for dinner to discuss expansion of that Section’s role in the Academy

As these events occurred over a brief 6 weeks, the complete reports have not been made. In our next issue, we will highlight their importance and particularly those honored in following the North Star from Japan to Paris covering the internationality of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Central Office

All reports for the October Chicago Board Meeting are to be sent to the Central Office no later than Sept. 11 to be included in the meeting packet.
The dates for the interim Meeting are March 29-31 at the Westin Airport Hotel in Atlanta, Ga.

From the Desk of the Foundation Executive Director

by Dr Shig Ryan Kishi

As of late May, 102 grant applications have been sent to requesting applicants. Eighteen more grant applications have been submitted to the Foundation for review. Probably about 50 applications will be discussed at the October Chicago Meeting.

Sixteen US dental schools have submitted the name of their student recipient for this year. Australia and Hong Kong have submitted their student names from the non-US dental schools.
Seventy-five Foundation Certificates have been mailed to the 1999 scholarship recipients.

I want to thank Mrs Betty Lu Marvin for her donation to the Foundation. Donations are essential to increasing our ability to provide scholarships and grants. Your consideration in donating to your Foundation is deeply appreciated by a world of people the Foundation serves.

Calendar 2000

15 August - FDI Jubilee Conference, London
16-17 August - FDI Third World Conference on Oral Health Promotion, London
13-15 October - PFA Academy and Foundation Board Meetings, Chicago
14 October - President’s Luncheon, Swissôtel
14-18 October - 140th ADA annual Meeting, Regency Hyatt, Chicago
29 November-2 December - FDI Centennial Congress, Paris

Calendar 2001

TBA, Spring - PFA Academy Board Meeting
May - Australasia PFA Induction, Brisbane
6-8 September - 25th European Prosthodontic Association Conference, Prague
27 September-1 October - FDI World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13-17 October - 141st ADA annual Meeting, Kansas City, Mo

PFA Academy/Foundation Fall Board Meeting Schedule

13-15 October 2000—Swissôtel, Chicago

Friday, 13 October, 7:30 am-5 pm
Academy Board Meeting, Vevey Room, 3rd Floor

Saturday, 14 October, 7:30-11 am
Foundation Board Meeting, Engelbert Suite, 3rd Floor

11:30 am-2 pm
President’s Awards Luncheon, Grand Ballroom

2:30-5 pm
Foundation Board Meeting, Engelbert Suite, 3rd Floor

2:30-3:30 pm
Section Chair Caucus, Asora Board Room

6:30-8 pm
President’s Reception, Matterhorn Room, 42nd Floor

Sunday, 15 October, 8 am-noon
Foundation Board Meeting, Vevey Room, 3rd Floor
1-5 pm
Academy Board Meeting, Vevey Room, 3rd Floor

6:30-10:30 pm
PFA Dinner Party, (**by reservation**) tba

(All reports for this meeting are to be received by the Central Office by 11 September to be included in the Meeting packet agenda.)

Foundation News


University of Melbourne Head of the School of Dental Science Eric C. Reynolds presented the 1999 Scholarship Award to student Quentin C. Rahaus.

Captain Quentin Rahaus sent a thank-you letter stating that he is now serving in the Australian Regular Army before entering private practice.

Dominican Republic

The University of Laval School of Dental Medicine was awarded a Foundation grant of $10,000 to support their Student Outreach Program providing dental treatment to the disadvantaged in the Dominican Republic.

Costa Rica

The Loader-Brenes Espinach Mutimedia Center, Data Processing and Clinic Video Unit, sponsored by the PFA Foundation was dedicated on 27 March this year. This culminates the Academy’s desire to establish a memorial to our late benefactor Dr Fernando Brenes Espinach of San Jose, Costa Rica. Over $100,000 of the Foundation funds have been donated to erect this most modern facility in memory of past PFA President (1978) Clifford Loader, who chartered the Foundation, and past Elmer Best Award recipient (1984) Dr Brenes Espinach, who funded our programs through his bequest. It was Dr Espinach’s expressed wish that this and the annual lecture award in Costa Rica be named the “Loader-Espinach Awards.


President Hubert Ouvrard presented their Foundation Awards to University of Reims student Marjorie Corroy and to University of Paris V student Estells Kitsis last November..

President Andre Robert of the Le Consil National de l’Ordre des Chirurgien-dentistes proudly gave tours of the mobile dental van that the Foundation helped to fund. This was done at the Hall of Fame presentation in Paris on June 9th.


Section President Peter Crielaers made the Foundation Scholarship presentation to University of Amsterdam dental student Casper Bots last March in Utrecht with Dean Robert Bausch in attendance. Dean Bausch sent a letter of appreciation expressing that “we are very proud that one of our students has been selected for this award.

United Kingdom


Chair Rash Patel reported the presentation of the Foundation Scholarship to senior student Jennifer Edwards of the Coleg Meddygaeth Prifysgol Cymru Ysgol Deintiol at Cardiff (The University of Wales College of Medicine Dental School) by Dean M. L. Jones and Cardiff & District NHS Trust Dr. Siva Nithiananda.

United States

The ADA News, April 3rd issue, page 38, has an article by Karen Fox on the 1999 PFA Foundation grants and scholarships.

US Fellows have donated $17,800.50 to date this year for the Foundation. International Fellows have added another $570. President Robert Shira extends his thanks to all those who have included the Foundation in their generosity. There is still time to make a contribution even if you have already sent in your dues notice. Just mark your check for the Foundation and send it to Dr Kozal at the Central Office.


Trustee James Englander reports that Foundation Scholarship Awards were presented to Northwestern University’s dental student Mohammed Al-Asadi in April,1999; Southern Illinois University’s dental student Thomas Ocheltree last May, 1999; and University of Illinois’ dental student Michael Scherer last May, 1999.


Trustee James Englander reports that the Foundation Scholarships were presented to University of Louisville dental student Maylene Chu last May, 1999, and to University of Kentucky dental student Mario Chorak last April, 1999.


Trustee James Englander reports that Foundation awards were presented to University of Detroit Mercy dental student Clay VenderWall last March, 1999.


Chairman Paul Tamisea presented the Foundation Award to the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry senior Ben Walline.

Student Award recipient Ben Walline


Trustee James Englander noted that the Foundation Scholarships were presented to Case Western Reserve dental student Mathew Draper last May, 1999, and to University of Ohio’s dental student Manisha Raj last June, 1999.


Chair Glenn T. Maihofer presented the Foundation Scholarship Award to Marquette Dental School senior Sarah Santos. Dean William Lobb and student mentor Dr. John Moser also participated in the ceremony.

Rhode Island

Chair Christine Benoit reports that their Section’s Foundation-funded Smokeless Tobacco Awareness program—”Hey Dude, chew isn’t cool”— has been a big hit at the malls and health fairs. Dr John Underhill took the exhibit to the Chariho Middle School and gave classrooms presentations. Dr Adam Kaufman had 1000 students view the exhibit at Westerly High School fairs. The exhibit was lent out to Mr Robert Crosby at East Greenwich’s Cole Junior High School. Mrs Susan Perlini, RDH, from St Joseph’s Hospital has given presentations to 6 Providence grammar schools. A seminar is scheduled for next spring to give this presentation on spit tobacco to the athletic directors of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League prior to their baseball season.

Section News


Trustee for Canada Kevin Roach inducted 21 new Fellows with the assistance of past PFA Presidents Jim Long and Michael Cripton during their Fall Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the Canadian Dental Association’s Convention. PFA Honour plaques were presented to Drs Brian Barrett (PEI), John McMullen (NB), John Christie (NS), and Charles Daly (NFLD). Dr Jim Long addressed the meeting on the current activities of the international Academy and what is in store for the future millennium.

Czech Republic

Chairman Josef Vacek reports that their 10 members are focusing on the planning for the September 2001 European Prosthodontic Association Congress in Prague. Dr Josef Vacek is Chairman of the event.


Chair Leila Telivuo has retired, recommending Dr Kai Masalin of Helsinki to succeed her. Dr Masalin has served as assistant Secretary General of the Finnish Dental Association (1972-1989) and Secretary Treasurer of the Finnish National Committee of FDI (1976-1999). He has been a delegate to the FDI and to the ERO Meetings, member of the FDI Commission on Dental Education and Practice (1988-1993), and he was presented the 1997 FDI Merit Award.


Section President Hubert Ouvrard and Secretary Charles Gastaud report that their June Golf Outing was a huge success. Seven new Fellows were inducted—Drs De BeAuquis, Hazan, Fitoussi, Chiche, Wierzba, Milcent, and Altglas. Last December, they presented an evening program at the Musei Jarviss de Paris on the Life of Pierre Fauchard.


Chair Frank Braun increased his membership to 51 Fellows, a 27% growth.


Chairman T. Samraj announced hosting their all day continuing education seminars during the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Department of Dental and Oral Surgery of the Christian Dental College at Vellore last March. Nearly 300 attended.


Chair Robin O’Sullivan hosted their meeting last December at the Crawford Art Gallery Café in Cork. Their Student Certificates of Merit were presented to Cork Dental School students Chris Lynch and Lutfiya Al-Harthy. Their next meeting will be held in Cashel, the former Kingdom of Munster capitol. Agenda items are to explore the establishment of a Jordanian Section through the Chairman’s contacts there; continue to support the Irish ICD with an exchange program of students with the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery; and to continue participating in the European study of student stress at 7 dental schools.

Dr Paul C. K. Lee of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Section Chairman, conferred with PFA President-elect David Campbell and Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal at the FDI Congress in Mexico City


Chair Guido Bracchetti of Milano reported presenting their Section’s PFA Award at the Italian Academy of Prosthodontics meeting last November. They are working on an affiliation with the dental schools in Milano and Chieti for student awards.


Chair Mario Ulmansky reported at the Chicago Meeting that his country has about 6000 dentists for a population of 6 million. PFA recruitment is one of interest rather than of monetary concerns. He plans to begin in the dental schools. He has ten Fellows in Jerusalem and is actively recruiting now in Tel Aviv. After that he will approach the Bersheba Dental Association and in Haifa.


Secretary Robert Barnasconi celebrated their second quinquennium in London with Dr Laurence Lando addressing the Section on the state of affairs between private practice versus socialized dentistry in the UK. This was held at the Park Crescent Conference Center of the International Student House in London last October.

Treasurer Henk Schotte addressed the Board at the Chicago Meeting noting that his Section is a “think tank for Dutch dentistry” in stimulating thought and debate about dental matters. Their membership includes three dental school deans and the President of their dental society. He also noted that they have a Dental Museum in Ultecht. He reported that Drs DeMar and Mollar have passed away.

Past Section Chair Jan Reiner Dam Backer was decorated by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands with the Orde van Oranje-Nassau medal and was appointed an Officer in the Royal House of Orange Nassau. This took place at the Townhall with a luncheon that followed with some 80 attending. This is one of The Nether-lands’ highest decorations and well deserved by our Fellow Dam Backer.


Section Chair Javier Flores-Araoz presented International Trustee Bernardo Levit with an Appreciation award for his service as PFA Trustee for Latin America. International President Fred Halik attended the event held during the Academia de Estomatologia del Peru Octavo Congresso Internacional in Lima last November.

United States


Fellow Samuel O. Dorn of Plantation was elected Vice President of the American Association of Endodontists during their 57th annual Session last April in Honolulu. Dr Dorn is a Professor and Director of Postgraduate Endodontics at Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale since 1996. He is also a Fellow in ICD and ACD.


Trustee Gordon Stine received a letter from Dr E. Joseph Alderman, Director of the Georgia Office of Oral Health, thanking the Academy for sponsoring the seminar “Smokeless Tobacco: The Silent Addiction.” Dr Alderman, a member of the Georgia Spit Tobacco Education Program, went on to say, “The Pierre Fauchard Academy and the College of Dental Medicine Medical University of South Carolina are to be commended for partaking in this worthwhile endeavor.”


Fellow Bruce Graham has assumed the duties as the new Dean at the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. Dr Graham was a faithful supporter of the Michigan PFA Section.


Chairman Ray Maddox hosted their Section Meeting last May to induct 5 new Fellows into the Academy. Section Membership Chairman David Matthews of Fort Wayne welcomed into Fellowship Drs Steve Holm, Chuck Kerkhove, Doug Reed, Terry Schechner, and Barry Whateley.


Chairperson Virginia Merchant attended the AADE Editor’s workshop in St Paul. She followed up her attendance with an evaluation to AADE about the conference and her thoughts to the Academy as sponsors. “I appreciated PFA’s co-sponsoring this workshop and think the Board/Foundation should consider doing more of this. I think, given that, ‘One of the primary objectives of its (PFA) founding was the extension of control by the dental profession over its own literature,’ PFA should be very involved with the AADE and a primary sponsor of that group and its workshops. It was suggested during the workshop that the Colleges should be more involved and should bear an equal responsibility for sponsorship. I disagree. Neither of the Colleges has dental literature as a primary objective. PFA, on the other hand, does.”


The United States Secretary of Defense acknowledged our Secretary/Treasurer, Colonel Richard A. Kozal, retired, with a Certificate of Recognition for his “service during the Cold War in promoting peace and stability for this nation.” The colonel continues to do the same job for the PFA.

New York

Fellow John Zapp, ADA Executive Director, regretfully informs us of the passing of past New York Section Chair Howard F. Lyboldt on May 22. Dr Lyboldt had served as ADA Vice President (1965-66) and as ICD Regent. Interment was in Rochester, NY, in June. He will be sorely missed by us all.


Our Fellow John Lathrop was elected Treasurer for ICD.

Rhode Island

Chair Christine Benoit held their annual meeting to induct new Fellows. International Trustee Robert Friedman welcomed new Fellows Drs Vito Buonomono, Brian Hogan, Hali Kaufman, Steven Lassor, Patrick Morganti, and Joseph Pezza. Dr Robert E. Bartro was honored with their Distinguished Service Award. RIDA’s attorney and lobbyist Patrick Quinlan was presented a Certificate of Appreciation.

Mentorship Chairman Richard Walsh recruits new dentists to the State to pair them with PFA mentors.

South Carolina

Chairman Bill Cranford reports that his Section will host a combined meeting with the South Carolina Academy of General Dentistry in Charleston on Sept. 15-17th to sponsor continuing education courses. The conference is supported in part by the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research and the Center for Disease Control. For more information, computer to

New York State Section Meets

by Edward Feinberg, DMD

The New York State Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met on June 17 at the Rye Town Hilton Hotel in Rye, NY. The luncheon was held during the annual meeting of the New York State Dental Association. Nearly 60 members and guests attended the event.

Section Chair Edward Feinberg delivered a rousing welcome and NYSDA Secretary Treasurer Kirk Gleason set the tone with the invocation. Several guests were introduced, including ADA Trustees Chris Mangos and Gregory Chadwick, ASDA representative Vera Tang, and NYSDA officers and staff. A moment of silence was held for Fellow Howard Lyboldt, former PFA New York Section Chair, past ICD Regent, and ADA Vice-President.

Regional Trustee Robert Friedman offered greetings on behalf of the Academy. After touching on the Academy’s purpose and objectives, he emphasized that the Academy is not just an honorary organization; it is a service organization as well. He gave a wonderful presentation about the Academy’s Foundation that aroused a great deal of interest among attendees.

NYSDA Governor Lois Weiss explained that the Academy is an honorary organization, and that members of a committee extend invitations for membership to those who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments, leadership, and dedication to the profession. Serving on the Committee are Elliot Moskowitz, Tony DiMango, Peter Collins, Kirk Gleason, Michael Fallon, James Orcutt, Bill Calnon, Larry Wolfgang, Stuart Coleton, Bert Bildner, Frank Murphy, Lois Weiss, and Bob Benton. This year, 10 members out of more than 14,000 possible candidates were selected for membership.

The Academy is proud to welcome the following new Fellows: Drs Lawrence Busino of Albany, Salvatore DeRicco of White Plains, Anthony Forcella of White Plains, Bhagwati Mistry of Tarrytown, Allan Mohr of Massapequa Park, Nicholas Nicosia of Rochester, Ashok Soni of Hawthorne, Jeffrey Stein of White Plains, Robert Tauber of Pleasantville, and Jeffery Watson of Fayetteville.

Section Chair Ed Feinberg presented the Pierre Fauchard Academy Plaque to NYSDA Executive Director Roy Lasky. Mr Lasky has done a great deal to assist the Pierre Fauchard Academy in New York State. His support has made it possible to appropriately honor achievement and promote the advancement of the Academy. Mr Lasky has transformed the state association from a small operation to a thriving, modern association. He has assembled a first-rate staff of experts who are a joy to work with. With this extraordinary team, the NYSDA has assisted countless colleagues and patients. Under his direction, NYSDA has created award-winning, innovative programs. As New York’s Chief lobbyist and Executive Director of EDPAC, Mr Lasky has performed absolute miracles in the state legislature to the benefit of dentists, educators, patients, and health care institutions. Mr Lasky holds a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MA in Political Science from SUNY Albany. He joined NYSDA after having served as the Executive Director of the New York Association for the Learning Disabled and as a Research Analyst for New York State Assemblyman Saul Weprin.

After the luncheon, NYSDA President-Elect Michael Fallon launched a new tradition by offering a champagne toast. The toast honored the new Fellows, guest of honor Roy Lasky, members, and guests.


Fred Halik
New York

M. David Campbell

Scott Welch
Vice President

Richard A. Kozal

James M. Brophy

James E. Long
Immediate Past President
REGION 1—Europe
Pierre Marois
Robert Friedman
Gordan Stine
South Carolina
REGION 4—Midwest USA
James A. Englander
REGION 5—Western USA
Gary Lowder
REGION 6—Canada
Kevin Roach
REGION 7—Latin America
Bernardo Levit
REGION 8—Australasia
William Winspear
Eiichi Katagiri
REGION 10—Central USA
Michael Perpich

5. September - October

General Robert Shira to be honored at President’s

Dinner 15 October 2000, Sunday evening, Swissotel Ballroom6:30 pm. $55/person, reservations: 800/232-0099

Dr Robert Shira to be Honored

Editor Brophy, Foundation President Robert Shira, and Foundation Treasurer George Higue at ADA Hawaii Meeting

Dr Robert B. Shira has had a long and distinguished career in dentistry, education, military service, and organized dentistry. His resume reads like there were five men actually working around the clock for his some 80 years. But his true greatness lies in knowing the gentle man behind the gentleman. So always willing to spend a few minutes mentoring his younger colleagues. His stature as a giant is derived from his ability to bend low to raise us up. For this reason (and a book of achievements and honors), Dr Robert Shira, General Shira, Dean Shira, Professor Shira, ADA (et al) President Shira has been unanimously selected by the Pierre Fauchard Academy to be installed as the first living member of the PFA Hall of Fame.

Robert B. Shira was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, in December of 1910, but he moved to Dewey, Oklahoma, in 1912. While growing up, he worked in a drug store to pay for his education. His first distinguished honor came in 1927 when he was selected Outstanding Student of his graduating class before beginning one year at Bartlesville (Oklahoma) Junior College. He then was accepted to Kansas City’s Western Dental College (now the University of Missouri School of Dentistry), where he graduated with his DDS degree in 1932.

Dr Shira then commenced private practice in Dewey, Oklahoma, in 1932. With the sudden death of his older brother Frank, the young Dr Shira took over his brother’s practice in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, in 1933. But in 1938, he was selected as one of 12 (of 350 applicants) for an Army commission in the Dental Corps. He started as a First Lieutenant at Barksdale Field, Louisiana, that year. By 1940, he was a Captain and served as a General Dental Officer. Late that same year, he was sent to join the staff of the Governor of the Panama Canal who was a Major General in the Army Corps of Engineers. He was the General Dental Officer at the 1000-bed Gorgas Hospital operated by the Canal Zone government. When war came and much of his staff was sent elsewhere, Dr Shira had to assume their duties as well, including oral surgery, since he was the only dental surgeon in the Canal Zone. At that time, the Caribbean was the No. 1 defense area against a Japanese attack after Pearl Harbor. Military defenses were constructed, which resulted in many industrial accidents that required oral surgery. Dr Shira was the man. And the Germans were busy sinking Caribbean shipping, leaving many injured sailors to be hospitalized in the Canal Zone. All the oral surgery was Dr Shira’s.

“There I was, without any formal training in oral surgery, being required to deal with these patients. So, through the experience I gained from the 10 months spent with the Army oral surgeon at Gorgas, plus the books, and much prayer, plus the assistance of a wonderful dental assistant who had worked with several oral surgeons prior to my arrival, I got the job done. I became an oral surgeon by accident.”

In 1947, now a Colonel, he was assigned to Letterman General Hospital on the Presidio in San Francisco as the Chief of Oral Surgery. There he established the Army Residency Training Program in Oral Surgery. The specialty of Oral Surgery was being organized at this time. Dr Shira was among the first to attain Diplomate status in 1949 and was then named to the Advisory Board of Examiners in 1950. The Surgeon General had Dr Shira organize a 5-day annual training program for all Regular and Reserve Dental Corps officers; this was later expanded to allow civilian dentists to attend.

In 1954, Dr Shira was sent to Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington, DC, as Chief of Oral Surgery and Director of all oral surgery training programs.
While there in 1958, Dr Shira had the experience of a lifetime. In his own words, “I was called on to remove a maxillary left second molar for the President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. This was an experience I will never forget—and one that gave me a great deal of professional satisfaction—that I was able to care for this great man and provide the professional care that was needed.” But it was not as easy as all that. Besides the security and commotion surrounding the President, Eisenhower had a history of heart disease.

In 1960, Dr Shira became Chief of the Dental Service, operating 3 separate clinics and training all dental interns.

In 1964, Dr Shira was sent to Germany to serve as Dental Surgeon for the Army headquartered in Heidelberg. He was responsible for all the Dental Corps activities in Europe and Africa. That was 125 dental clinics, 2 general hospitals, and 10 station hospitals with 450 dental officers plus their personnel.

In November of 1966, now a Brigadier General, Dr Shira was reassigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center as Director of Dental Activities. In September of the following year, Dr Shira was promoted to Major General and assigned as Deputy Surgeon General and Chief of the Army Dental Corps, responsible for all the Army dental facilities around the world, including Vietnam, which encompassed some 3000 dental officers on duty.

Past PFA Presidents with Foundation President Shira presenting first Foundation grant check

“As a Major General and Chief of the Army Dental Corps, I was in Vietnam inspecting the various dental activities in that war zone (1972). One afternoon, I was traveling with a group in a helicopter and we visited a one-chair dental clinic located in the Delta of southern Vietnam. It was staffed by a recent graduate of one of our dental schools. This dentist asked me to see a little 7-year-old Vietnamese girl who had been struck by a motor scooter the day before and had suffered extensive fractures of the mandible. I examined the girl, and the need for immediate, definitive care was obvious. I was scheduled to deliver a professional lecture that evening to the dental personnel in the Saigon area. I told the group that was accompanying me that if they desired, they could get in the helicopter and return to Saigon, but I was staying to care for this little girl. I then proceeded to reduce and immobilize the fractures and give the dentist careful instructions on how to carry out the postoperative care. Now, as a health professional, it really meant more to me to be able to care for this little girl than it did to care for the President of the United States. Any capable dentist could have taken care of the President in Washington, DC. But on the Delta in Vietnam, I was the only one available who had the knowledge and skill to treat that little girl. Of course, I received great personal and professional satisfaction from both experiences. However, to me the caring for the girl in Vietnam was the true essence of being a health professional, for I was the only one available who could deliver the care she needed.”

In 1971, Major General Shira received the Distinguished Service Medal, which was added to his Legion of Merit with 2 Oak Leaf clusters, the Army Commendation Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the American Defense Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal. That year, he retired from the Army—but not from serving dentistry.

Dr Shira presiding over the Foundation Meeting

From Major General to Dean of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in one year, Dean Shira agreed to be a candidate for the ADA Presidency. From 1974 until November of 1976, Dr Shira was President Shira of the American Dental Association.

In 1980, Dean Shira was elevated to Senior Vice President and Provost of Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Then in 1985, he requested to return to the school’s Health Campus in Boston to serve as Vice President for the Health Sciences. His final assignment in 22 years at Tufts was to serve as Special Assistant to the President of Tufts University.

In 1993, after the death of his beloved wife Eileen, Dr Shira retired from Tufts University and moved to Maryland to be closer to his 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Along with this distinguished career in the military and in education, Dr Shira served as President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, in 1984, and two terms as the current President of the Pierre Fauchard Foundation. His other Presidencies include the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Editor Shira served for the Journal of Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology and for the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr Shira was Chairman for the ADA Council on Dental Therapeutics, the American Cancer Society’s Workshop on Oral Care of Patients with Oral Cancer, the American Heart Association’s Workshop on Dental Problems on Cardiac Patients, and the FDA’s Dental Products Committee. He is a Fellow in PFA, ACD, ICD, and AGD.

Dr Shira is a consultant to the ADA Councils on Dental Therapeutics, on Dental Materials and Devices, on Dental Education, and on Scientific Sessions. He holds dental licenses in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Along with the 1969 PFA Gold Medal, Dr Robert Shira has received the American Cancer Society’s Sword of Hope Award, the Massachusetts Dental Association’s Etherington Award, the University of Missouri’s Man of the Year Award and the school’s Distinguished Alumni Award, the Dental Society of New York State’s Jarvis-Burkhart Medal, California’s Tri-County Dental Society’s Distinguished Achievement Award, Alpha Omega Fraternity’s Achievement Award, the Ohio Dental Association’s Callahan Award, the ADA’s Gies Award in Oral Surgery and the ADA’s Distinguished Service Award, New York’s First District Dental Society’s Henry Spenadel Award, West Virginia’s Society of Oral Surgery’s Simon Hullihan Memorial Award, Atlanta’s Thomas Hinman Meeting’s Hinman Award, the New England Dental Society’s Achievement Award, the Connecticut Dental Association’s Alfred Fones Award, ACD’s Gies Award, ICD’s Dental Leaders listing, and 24 honorary memberships in various dental organizations.

A man for all seasons, a dentist for the world, in constant service to humanity, the first global dental surgeon—that is the career of Dr Robert B. Shira and his legacy. Come join us at the President’s Dinner to honor this great man as he is recognized permanently with Dental Hall of Fame status
along with Pierre Fauchard. Enjoy the company of this dental legend while the moment is still ours to do so. For he will pass this way but once. There will never be another like Dr Shira, who helped forge our profession into the high quality standard that distinguishes dentistry as a profession—just as Pierre Fauchard did in the 18th century.

Foundation Executive Director Shig Ryan Kishi and President Robert Shira

In his own words, Dr Shira expresses his philosophy as a health professional: “To me, being a dentist and a member of the health delivery team is a very important and challenging commitment. No individual can be truly healthy unless the oral cavity is healthy. Dentistry has the obligation of delivering the quality oral health care, which contributes so much to good overall health. None can provide this care except dentists, and it is essential that each and every dentist do the very best they can in every situation.

“The importance of being a health professional cannot be overemphasized. In 1969, the United States Department of Labor issued a bulletin stating that there were 21,741 occupations and professions available to the graduates of our colleges and universities. There are undoubtedly many more today. When one gives serious thought to these 21,741 occupations and professions, we must ask ourselves how many give to their members the right to do what dentists can do. How many convey the right to operate on living tissue, the right to prescribe drugs for a human being, and the right to relieve the pain and suffering of one’s fellow man. There are not many—medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, optometry, podiatry—five. There may be a few more, but certainly less than 10. For this reason, in my opinion, health professionals are a group apart—they are different than other people, and great responsibilities fall on their shoulders. There is no place for mediocrity in the healing arts. The patients we serve are someone else’s loved ones. We must treat them with skill, kindness, dignity, and compassion. We must do unto others what we would want done to ourselves or our loved ones in similar circumstances. To do this, we must keep abreast of the latest developments in our profession and provide only the finest oral health care to the patients we serve.”

It is seldom that contemporaries can define a turning point in history. Rarer even still to select an individual who had a major role in that historical effort. But Dr Robert Shira, indubitably, is that individual in time who has helped usher in the high standard of professional dentistry. And he is continuing to spread those efforts throughout the world through his recommendations for grants of funds to various global dental organizations designed to elevate the world’s level of health care and education. The Pierre Fauchard Academy is proud to be guided by his leadership as his Presidency of our Foundation enables this man’s unique talents to promote our profession, its goals, and its service worldwide.

AADE Editors’ Workshop

The American Association of Dental Editors, under the able organization of President-elect Claudia Kanter, hosted an Editors’ Workshop in St Paul during Minnesota’s Star of the North Dental Meeting last April. The three day workshop was sponsored by an Academy grant through the Dental World and publicity committees. Editor Brophy had worked out the arrangements with President-elect Kanter at the AADE Meeting in Hawaii held before the PFA Board Meeting at the ADA Session last October.

The AADE Editors’ Work-shop featured ADA Journal Editor Larry Meskin, ADA Publications Editor Jim Berry, and the St Paul Pioneer Press Editor Ron Clark. Attendance was ex-tended to all PFA Fellows, particularly our Section officers. Chairs Howard Mark of Connecticut and Virginia Merchant of Michigan attended along with past PFA President Larry Barrett, who addressed the AADE Workshop on the Foundation’s grants programs as their Publicity Chairman.

Editor Jim Brophy also attended as a participant. The contacts all our officers made there, as well as the in-depth presentations on the fine art of editing publications, were invaluable. Editor Brophy will use the material gathered from these top names in dental publications for his Leadership Conference presentations. Considerations are being made to sponsor another such workshop for our PFA Chairs and their Section Editors.

The Conference covered writing, editing, editorializing, style, issues, personal critiques, and several heated debates over such topics as professional responsibility versus editorial integrity. This was a capsulated formula to refine the job of editor/writer/ reporter, which so many editors become.

Dental World and PFA are organizational members of the American Association of Dental Editors.

Awards Luncheon, Saturday, 14 October 2000

Swissôtel, Chicago

Gold Medal Award

Dr Harold C. Slavkin, Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research of the Public Health Service for the US Department of Health and Human Services, has been selected to receive this year’s highest honor, the PFA Gold Medal. In response, Dr Slavkin said, “Life is a wonderful adventure, filled with many opportunities. I have loved the journey and feel very flattered that my peers have elected to honor me in this fashion. Thank you.”

Dr Slavkin, as of mid August, assumed the duties as Dean of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Dr Slavkin notes, “After five years as a Director of NIDCR, my wife and I are going home.”

Many of those who attended the First PFA International Continuing Education Program in London in 1998 will remember the outstanding presentation given by Dr Slavkin.

Distinguished Service Award

Dr Dale F. Redig of California will be honored with the PFA Distinguished Service Award at our annual Luncheon this October. Dr Redig earned his DDS and MS degrees at the University of Iowa. He was a Fulbright lecturer at the University of Baghdad (Iraq) from 1963 to 1964. He headed the Depart-ment of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Iowa School of Dentistry until 1969 before becoming Dean and Professor of the University of the Pacific’s School of Dentistry (1969-1978). From 1976 through 1983, Dr Redig was education consultant for building a dental school at Saudi Arabia’s King Saud University of Riyadh. After his deanship, Dr Redig took on the position of Executive Director for the California Dental Association (1978-1996).

He has served as a member of the ADA Council on Dental Education and on the ADA’s Commission on Dental Accreditation. He also is past President of the American Fund for Dental Health (1980-1984), the American Society of Constituent Dental Executives (1989-1990), and President-elect (1978) for the American Association of Dental Schools.

Dr Redig has been much sought for his ability to design and develop dental schools and their programs in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam’s University of Saigon, and as United Nations consultant to Qatar University, United Arab Emirates.

After retiring from CDA, Dr Redig accepted the position of CEO for the Alliance for Dental Reimbursement Plans and still serves as Treasurer for the Sacramento Theatre Company.

Honorary Fellowship

Nikolaj M. Petrovic, President and CEO Emeritus of the American Dental Trade Association, will be presented with Honorary Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy at the Academy Awards Luncheon.

Dental Trade & Industry Award

The Dental Trade & Industry Award will go to Ultradent Products Inc, developers of the Astringedent Dento-Infusor concept. Actually, it was all the brainchild of Dr Dan E. Fischer, who began formulating this concept while at Loma Linda School of Dentistry (1970-1974). He was not able to interest any existing dental manufacturers with his products, so he founded his own company.

After the success of Astringedent, Dr Fischer went on to develop a superior retraction cord resulting in Ultrapak. Then came Ultra Etch. From Dr Fischer’s kitchen table, where he was surrounded by family working on his product, Ultradent expanded to 400 employees shipping to 62 countries and featuring 500 products. Ultradent has earned the “Exporter of the Year Award” and in 1993 the “Direct Distributor of the Year Award.”

Dr Dan Fischer also has been active with his dental school since his graduation, from his start as an instructor in Fixed Prosthethics to his current status as Adjunct Professor. He was presented the 1994 Loma Linda University Alumnus of the Year Award. And in 1995, the Utah ADG honored him with its “Utah Dentist of the Year Award.” Other notable awards include Utah’s Governor’s 1997 Medal for Science & Technology and the Clinical Research Institute’s 2000 Millennial Achievement Award.

Dr Fischer is still in private practice. He will accept the PFA Award at our Luncheon.

International Trustee James Englander Honored

PFA Trustee for Region 4 James A. Englander was honored by the Wisconsin PFA with its Distinguished Service Award this spring. Section Chair Glenn Maihofer cited Dr Englander’s outstanding and continuous dedication to the dental profession in nearly 50 years of service.

Jim Englander graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS degree and earned his DDS from Marquette University’s School of Dentistry. He then served as Captain in the United States Army for 2 years before entering private practice in Milwaukee. In 1963, Dr Englander returned to Marquette as an instructor in Fixed Prosthodontics until 1967. In 1967, he became President of the Marquette Dental Alumni Association. The following year, Dr Englander became the Director for the Canadian American Medi-cal Dental Association. In 1969, Dr Englander was elected President of the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association. And that same year, he served on the Comprehensive Health Planning Agency of Southeastern Wisconsin, a post he held until 1975. Alpha Omega Fraternity presented him its Achievement Award for Professional and Community Service.

In 1971, the Canadian American Medical Dental Association honored Dr Englander with its Certificate of Appreciation.

Dr Englander also was active in community dental programs, serving on the Comprehensive Health Planning Agency of Southeastern Wisconsin (1969-1975); on the Cream City Medical Society Neighborhood Health Center (1969-1972); on the Milwaukee Area Technical College Dental Advisory Board (1970-1974); on the Emergency Medical Services Urban Council of Milwaukee County (1972-1975); with the American Cancer Society, where in 1972 he was presented its Service Award; on the Wisconsin Interagency Council on Smoking and Health (1975-1978); and he received the Women in Community Service Commendation in 1972. In 1975, Dr Englander received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Medical Society of Milwaukee, and he served on the Southeastern Wisconsin Health Services Agency from 1975 until 1982. Governor Patrick Lucey appointed Dr Englander to the Wisconsin Health Policy Council (1976-1977).

In 1976, Dr Jim Englander became President of the Canadian American Medical Dental Association. And he was inducted into PFA Fellowship that year.

In organized dentistry, Dr Englander was making his mark as well. He was ADA Delegate in 1981, 1982, and 1983; Wisconsin Chair for the American Fund for Dental Health; and Wisconsin Dental Association President in 1983. From 1984 until 1989, he was Associate Editor for the Journal of the WDA.

He became an ACD Fellow in 1972, rising to Wisconsin Chairman in 1977 and 1978. He joined AGD in 1982, became an ADI Fellow in 1985, and an ICD Fellow in 1992.

As a PFA Fellow, Jim Englander became State Chairman in 1988 and was elected to International Trustee status in 1998 for Region 4.

In 1988, Governor Tommy Thompson appointed him to serve on the Wisconsin HIV Advisory Council (1988-1990). Then in 1993, Governor Thompson placed him on the Wisconsin Advisory Commission on Dentistry (1993-1995).

In 1989, Dr Englander received Marquette’s Distin-guished Alumnus in Dentistry Award. And in 1991-1992, Jim served on Marquette’s Search Committee for a Dean for the Dental School.

Dr Englander remains community active with the Wisconsin Impact Plan for Job Training, Family Services of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee County Historical Society, the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, United Way, City of Hope (Milwaukee Young Executive Chapter), the International Institute of Wisconsin, the St Coletta School Endowment Fund, the St Francis Activity and Achievement Center, the Wisconsin Society for Brain Injured Children, the Association for Retarded Citizens of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association.

In honoring Dr Englander, Section Chair Glenn Maihofer spoke of his achievements before a luncheon crowd of more than 200, which included the Marquette Dental School Dean, the PFA International Editor, and several past WDA Presidents.

Calendar 2000

29 November-2 December - FDI Centennial Congress, Paris

Calendar 2001

TBA, Spring - PFA Academy Board Meeting
May - Australasia PFA Induction, Brisbane
6-8 September - 25th European Prosthodontic Association Conference, Prague
27 September-1 October - FDI World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13-17 October - 141st ADA annual Meeting, Kansas City, Mo

Dr James Branson Willmott, 1837-1915, Toronto, Ontario

Dr Willmott display from the University of Toronto Dental Museum

Dr James B. Willmott is the first distinguished Canadian dentist honored with induction into the PFA International Hall of Fame at ceremonies conducted in Toronto last May. Included among those honoring Dr Willmott were PFA President Fred Halik, Canadian Trustee Kevin Roach, Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein, Ontario Section Chair Aldo Boccia, and Dental World Editor James Brophy.

Dr Willmott’s distinguished importance to the profession of dentistry in Canada was his visionary development of Canadian dental education. Within his lifetime, he forged and elevated the unregulated itinerant dental tradesman of the 1860s into a Canadian dental profession with the status of recognized academic standing and international reputation by 1915. Dr Willmott built and maintained the solid foundation on which the profession grew in Canada to be recognized among the world’s highest-quality standards of dental surgery.

Dr Willmott took an active interest in town affairs and held many positions of trust as a young itinerant dentist in Milton. This early experience was invaluable for Dr Willmott, who became a driving force toward passing the Act of Incorporation of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in 1868. This was the first efficient dental law enacted in the world.

Dr Willmott left Milton in 1870 to attend the Philadelphia Dental College, graduating at the head of his class with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Such degrees were not at that time conferred in Canada until Ontario’s Royal College of Dental Surgeons, founded in 1875, was affiliated with the University of Toronto in 1888.

After earning his formal degree from Philadelphia, Dr Willmott opened his dental office in Toronto. From this leading Canadian city, Dr Wilmott used his clear vision, acute intuition, organizing genius, and executive ability to promote his high ideals of life conduct and dentistry. As a man of recognized high moral character and a pillar of his church and profession, he soon became a revered figure by those he influenced. He was cofounder of Canada’s first School of Dentistry in 1875 and was its Dean until his death in 1915. Dr Willmott worked unceasingly to create recognition for his profession, and he finally attained this in 1888 with the affiliation of his dental college to the prestigious University of Toronto. His continued activities in dentistry earned him international respect for our profession. His dedication and driving force in elevating his dental college was honored by the University of Toronto in 1914, when he was conferred the Honorary Doctor of Laws degree—the first Canadian dentist so honored.

One of his students of 1887 went on to become Dean of the Chicago College of Dental Surgery, which later affiliated with Loyola University of Chicago. That dental school was founded by a fellow Canadian and classmate of Dr Willmott’s, Dr Truman Brophy. And Dr Willmott’s student was Dean Charles N. Johnson, who said of his mentor, “He meant more to Canadian dentistry during the days of its organization than will ever be computed. I do not know where in any land the profession of that land owed more to a single individual than the profession of Canada owed to Dr Willmott. The name of Dr Willmott will always be indissolubly linked with the science of morals and the theory of integrity.”

This was the age of great dental leaders who throughout the world moved our profession out of the barbershops, jewelry stores, market places, itinerancy, and preceptorship to establish a formal educational rite of passage into professionalism, ethics, and morals. And these dental greats wedded those three words to forge a strong recognition of the science and art of dental surgery. As Sir William Mulock, quoting Hamlet, said of Dr Willmott, “Taking him, all in all, you will never see his like again.” The same can be said of those honored in the International Hall of Fame. Dr James B. Willmott certainly deserves that ranking.

International Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein

Toronto, Canada

Hall of Fame Chairman Ray Klein thundered into Toronto from Atlanta amid lightening storms that rocked his entire route, closed down airports, and halted many flights. But International Trustee Kevin Roach was there to greet him to initiate the first Hall of Fame installation in Canada. Also on hand for the installation were Presi-dent Fred Halik (who drove) and Editor Jim Brophy (who took a bucking propeller plane).

The Canadian PFA did an excellent job of organizing the event in conjunction with its Distinguished Service Award presentation and Induction Ceremony.

Trustee Kevin Roach and Ontario Section Chair Aldo Boccia hosted the event at the Royal York Hotel to honor Dr James Branston Willmott during the annual Spring Meeting of the Ontario Dental Society.

Trustee Kevin Roach presenting Dr Willmott (stained glass window portrait on left) to the PFA Section

Many dignitaries and guests were in attendance, including relatives of Dr Willmott—great grandniece Sonya Willmott and great granddaughter Mrs George Williams Willmott. Dr Ann Dale, curator of the dental museum at the University of Toronto, had set up an excellent display of Dr Willmott mementos and gave the event attendees enthusiastic insights into his life.

L-R, Trustee Kevin Roach, Sonja Willmott, Chairman Ray Klein, Mrs George Willmott, Museum Curator Dr Ann Dale, President Fred Halik

Hall of Fame Chairman and past PFA President Ray Klein gave a thorough presentation of the Academy’s Hall of Fame, its history, the Paris venue, the displays at the National Dental Museum in Baltimore, and our pride in inducting Canada’s leading dental great into Fellowship among the world’s outstanding dental surgeons.

PFA President Fred Halik recognized Dr Kevin Roach’s initiative in bringing Dr Willmott to nomination for the PFA Hall of Fame. Dr Halik of New York expressed, “It is wonderful to visit my neighbors across the Lake.” President Halik presented a plaque to Dr Ann Dale for the museum and to the relatives of Dr Willmott in attendance.

Hall of Fame, Paris, France

PFA President Fred Halik, Secretary/Treasurer Richard%

6. November - December

President’s Message

I would like to congratulate Dr Frederick Halik on the completion of his term as President. He has certainly been one of the most erudite of our leaders. Our international Sections often request visitations from PFA Officers. Fred has represented us well throughout the world.

In November, Editor Brophy and I will attend the FDI Congress in Paris. I realize Paris is a tough duty, but someone has to do it!

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, under the chairmanship of Dr Robert Shira, has become internationally recognized for its significant contributions to the worldwide dental health community.

Our Hall of Fame of Dentistry, under the chairmanship of Dr Raymond Klein, has locations in the Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland, and in Paris. In these two locations, we have placed our commemorative plaques honoring outstanding dentists of the world.

This year, for the first time, the Hall of Fame will recognize a living honoree, Dr Robert Shira. Dr Shira has served as Major General and Chief of the US Army Dental Corps,

Tufts University’s Dean of the School of Dental Medicine, past President of the American Dental Association, past President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and his current position as the President of the Pierre Fauchard Foundation. He has provided the motivation to bring the Foundation to its place of honor within the dental community. It is difficult to express in words the gratitude, respect, and honor our profession owes Dr Shira.

The semiannual Board Meeting will not be held in Chicago in 2001. Instead, the meeting will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, with arrival on Wednesday, March 21, and departure Saturday, March 24. This change will provide a better interval and balance between our two scheduled meetings.

It is with humility and pride that I assume the Presidency of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with this outstanding visionary Board of Trustees. As I look forward to this year, I welcome your counsel, advice, and support.

Dr. Malcom David Campbell


In Memoriam

Wife of PFA President Dies After Battling Cancer

The gracious lady Margie Long, wife of immediate past President Jim Long of Starkville, Mississippi, passed away 11 September 2000 after a yearlong battle with lung cancer.

Her service as PFA First Lady was exemplary. The final appointment for her husband’s term last year was to include our Hall of Fame Ceremony in Miami, Florida. From there, he was to be whisked away to Mexico City for the FDI Meeting and Elmer Best Ceremony. Sadly, it was not meant to be. While putting up a strong front but deeply concerned, President Long officiated at the L. D. Pankey Hall of Fame installation without his partner Margie. She had taken ill and went to the hospital.

Immediately after the Miami ceremony, Jim returned to Mississippi to look after his wife; he was to meet us in Mexico City later that week. But Margie was not well and her battle against cancer was begun with Jim at her side. We missed them both in Mexico City. But now we will miss her most in our lives.

Dr Long has requested memorials be made in Margie Long’s name to the Cancer Research Fund or the Heart Foundation.

Foundation Footsteps of 1999

by Vice President Carl Lundgren

The Foundation Board approved $317,050 in Grant Awards last year, bringing the total awarded over a four-year period to $1.2 million.

Scholarships totaled $121,500, with 81 being given globally in the amount of $1500 apiece. The 54 dental schools in the United States received one each, and 27 were presented in 18 other countries.

Our 22 Service Projects totaled $195,550, mainly with the use of volunteer dental personnel. The following is a list and thumbnail sketch of their activities:

• Fundacao Esperanca of Michigan manages a dental clinic on the Amazon River in Brazil for the poor.

• MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) provides direct dental care to poverty-level uninsured patients in southern California.

• The Rhode Island PFA will run a chewing tobacco cessation program in their state called “Hey Dude, Chew Isn’t Cool!” smokeless tobacco project. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Chair M. Christine Benoit, the Section has a portable display for exhibition in classrooms, health fairs, shopping malls, and sporting events. Brochures, posters, and videotapes are given to dentists to distribute.

•The South Carolina PFA will provide a smokeless tobacco program, which provides a half-day seminar given by Dr John Barry in conjunction with the Medical College of Charleston. Participants are given literature, videotapes, and lecture instruction to duplicate the formal program for local schools, civic organizations, or any other appropriate groups.

• Funding for the Special Olympics/Special Smiles program will be carried out by the Kentucky PFA. This Section functions as a part of the Kentucky Dental Health Coalition. Section Chair Karl Lange organizes that participation. The names of dentists who may be able to provide treatment in the patient’s local area are provided. In 1998, 600 special athletes received dental health education and screenings. The same was expected for 1999. Overhead costs are about $7 per athlete.

• The Kentucky PFA will also provide funding for children to attend the Lexington Children’s Museum to see the dental health exhibit and have dental screening and health education. These children will see how toothpaste is made. Last year 1053 children participated. Of that total, 734 were screened by 278 volunteers.

• Driving Miles for Healthier Smiles—Christina’s Smiles in Texas provides dental care for needy patients in cities where the Professional Golf Association holds tournaments.

• Esperanza International of Solana Beach, California, provides dental diagnosis and hygiene for the poorest children of Tijuana, Mexico. These children live in or near the city dump and find their sustenance there.

• The Center for Victims of Torture in Minnesota cares for 14,000 people who have been intentionally impoverished by their governments. The Minnesota PFA helps those people with direct dental care. Because of the patients’ psychic and physical trauma, the dentists providing this service need special training.

• The Children’s Dental Health Association of San Diego, California, provides dental care for poor children.

• Laval University of Quebec provides dental care in the Dominican Republic to the poorest of the poor.

• The University of the Pacific School of Dentistry provides dental care in one of their many programs to the children of immigrant families of San Francisco. Most of these children are from southeast Asia.

• The Ohio State University School of Dentistry provides extramural geriatric care at senior citizen centers.

• Health Volunteers Overseas provides an introductory workshop for those dentists interested in volunteering for overseas charitable assignments.

• The Omaha Campus for Hope Dental Center in Nebraska is an 85-bed facility for low-income patients who are chemically dependent. Catholic Charities is establishing a dental clinic to serve that population.

• The University of California School of Dentistry in San Francisco provides a student-run dental care program for the homeless.

• The Truckee Meadows Community College Foundation of Nevada will fund the training of five instructors on the Dentrix Clinical Work Station, a computer software program. This is part of the establishment of a new Dental Hygiene program in northern Nevada.

• The Canadian PFA will develop an Academy Hall of Fame room at their National Dental Museum at the University of Ottawa, which will feature the fathers of Canadian dentistry.

• The University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry will continue to develop its Multimedia Teaching System.

• The PFA Section of Costa Rica will again provide a continuing education program at which the Loader-Espinach Prize will be presented.

• The Pierre Fauchard Academy will sponsor a Leadership Conference, enhance its publications, and maintain a web site for the membership.

The PFA Foundation awarded grants to five requesting PFA Sections last year because the philosophy of the Foundation Board is that the backbone of the Academy is active service participation by its individual members. These grants of up to $5000 can empower those activities. This creates enthusiasm as the grant results are achieved in the service field. Membership tends to increase when project results are seen. This is the same impact that service clubs, like Rotary and the Lions, achieve in their projects. The PFA is a dental service organization as well as an honor society. Thus, grant applications from our Sections have a high priority in the granting process.

This autumn’s Meeting in Chicago provided a new group of dedicated organizations that requested funding to service our profession in helping the public we serve. As soon as that list is finalized we will publish that as well.

All members through their Sections and all Sections are invited to participate in this process. As the Elks say in their service activities, “Our whole influence in life is determined by the good deeds we do, rather than by the emotions we feel, because the influence of a good deed continues on forever.”

2001 Calendar

29-31 March - PFA Academy Board Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
May - Australasia PFA Induction, Brisbane
6-8 September - 25th European Prosthodontic Association Conference, Prague
27 September-1 October - FDI World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13-17 October - 141st ADA Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri PFA Academy & Board Meetings

Central Office

Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal announced that PFA now has a lockbox for payment of dues for US members only. This allows for immediate deposit of the monies coming in to the Academy while providing a daily listing of those making payment.

In the past, with dues coming due at the same time, the Central Office would be swamped with checks and charges that tied up the personnel for some time in itemizing them for deposit and entering each of them separately in the computer. A lockbox service provides for immediate direct deposit (and hence earning interest for the Academy right away) while providing the Central Office with an alphabetized listing of those paying that can quickly be entered into the Academy computer by the Central Office.The cost savings to the Academy over the old method is but one advantage. The time savings, allowing personnel to respond to members’ requests immediately instead of being tied up processing dues, is another. So, it is necessary that members use the enclosed PFA statement envelope when paying dues.

For dues only, the lockbox address is: Pierre Fauchard Academy, P.O. Box 503642, St. Louis, MO, 63150-3642. This service is offered through the Bank of America.

Dame Margaret Seward Honored at Awards Luncheon

At the PFA Awards Banquet held at Chicago’s Swissôtel during the ADA Meeting on Saturday, 14 October, Dame Margaret Seward of Great Britain was among those dignitaries honored by our Academy for their distinguished service to our profession globally. Dame Margaret received Honorary Fellowship in the Academy for her long list of continuing activities to British dentistry as well as her worldwide service.

Dame Margaret Seward

Dame Margaret was the first woman elected to the General Dental Council (1976), the dental governing body in the United Kingdom, and became its President in 1994 for a five-year term. Dr Seward was also the first woman to be elected to the Board of Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of England (1980), becoming the first woman Vice Dean in 1990. She has also served as President of the British Dental Association (1993-1994).

Dr Seward also served as President of the Middlesex and Hertfordshire Branch of the BDA (1986) and of the Section of Odontology of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Dame Margaret is an ICD Fellow and Editor of the Digest of the European ICD Section. She is an ACD Fellow and member of its Editorial Board; she is also an ADI Fellow and Honorary Member of the ADA.

Dame Margaret has lectured extensively throughout the world and has numerous articles and books published. Currently, she is Director of the “Better Opportunities for Women Dentists” project and the Teamwork Project.

For her dedication to our profession, Dr Seward was appointed a CBE in the New Year’s Honours list of 1994 and was awarded Damehood (DBE) in the New Year’s Honours list of 1999, thus being the first woman dentist to achieve such status.

by Vice President Carl Lundgren

The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy is a service organization that shall safeguard, increase, and administer funds for the improvement of the oral health care of the citizens that are involved with the worldwide Sections of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The Foundation shall function under conditions where race, religion, or nationality shall not be taken into account.

The purpose is to advance the field of dental health through such activities as scholarships, the provision of needed services to the public, continuing education, faculty development, clinical research, and the support of other charitable projects in dentistry. The funds shall be provided through bequests, donations, planned giving memorial donations, investments, and grants.

Foundation News


International Trustee Bernardo Levit has arranged for the Foundation scholarships to be presented at the LaPlata School of Dentistry to students Hernan Alberto Castillo and Maria Victoria Gulino, and at the University Nacional Rosario to student Glenda Veronica Tonso.

Section News


Chair Professor Javier Garro reports inducting 14 new Fellows last May at a formal meeting in Valencia.

United Kingdom

Past PFA Section Chair Raj Rayan has nominated some 40 Fellows for induction, but he has had trouble getting them all together for the ceremony. He is attempting to get some inducted while attending the Chicago Meetings this fall.

Dr Matjaz Rode


Chair Professor Matjaz Rode called together the first PFA Section Meeting for Slovenia in Ljubljana. The continuing education program covered the issues of drug prophylaxis in the treatment of dental and mouth diseases, new modalities in treating dental fractures, the repositioning of luxated teeth, modern endodontic techniques, and new treatments for periodontal disease. More than 80 dentists attended, which is about 10% of the country’s dental surgeons.

L-R, US Ambassador Dr A Meer, PFA President Larry Barrett. Elmer Best recipient Dr Chang-Duk Kee, Section President Dr Choi


Secretary General of the Korean Section, Dr. Park Il Hae, reported the passing of PFA Elmer Best recipient Dr. Chang-Duk Kee last March. Dr. Kee was a much revered and honored professional who worked untiringly for the needy all his life. He will be missed by us all.

L-R, Eighth Congress President David Loza, Dr Leslie Belmont, Foreign Lecturer Dr Sumiya Hobo of Japan, and PFA Section Chair Javier Flores-Araoz


Chair Javier Flores-Araoz P. hosted the Section’s Awards Ceremony during the Eighth International Congress of the Peruvian Academy of Stomatology in Lima. He presented awards to dentists for their distinguished achievement in the arts and sciences of dentistry. Receiving those awards were Drs Leslie Belmont Reategui, Washington Casablanca Ibanez, Wilson Delgado Azanero, Arturo Lopez Begazo, Mariano Flores Rubio, and David Loza Fernandez, who was President of the Congress Meeting.

he PFA event was celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Academy of Stomatology of Peru.

Dr Marvin Berman

Dr Marvin Berman, a practicing pedodontist and CBS health reporter, was honored with the Illinois PFA Outstanding Dentist of the Year Award this October 14th in Chicago during the President’s Luncheon. Dr Berman is a popular world lecturer and Associate Professor at both Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. His lectures, videotapes, and manuals on patient management approaches and practice organization are used internationally.

He is a Consumer Advocate for the ADA, for the Chicago Dental Society, and for the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr Berman earned his BA at Northwestern University, his BS and DDS degrees at the University of Illinois. He is a Fellow in PFA, ICD, ACD, the Iconographic Honor Society, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the American Association of Hospital Dentists. He is the recipient of the 1993 University of Illinois Distinguished Alumni Award, the 1995 CDS President’s Award and the 1998 CDS Cushing Award. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Village of Bannockburn and has been the featured dentist on WBBM Radio (CBS).

Rhode Island

Chair Christine Benoit and her Section commenced a program against chewing tobacco in their State called, “Hey Dude, Chew Isn’t Cool!” They recently participated in the Narragansett Indian Health Fair last July in Westerly. Drs Aaron Shatkin and Rodney Thomas with Annick Gouin volunteered for the entire day exhibit during the tribe’s Pow-wow. Director of Health Services Vania Brown-Small and Dr J. Kahn thanked the Academy for its participation.

The Section’s three service projects are: volunteering for Donated Dental Services under Dr Clark Sammartino, helping with the smokeless tobacco exhibit at health fairs with Dr Rodney Thomas, Dr Aaron Shatkin, Dr John Underhill, and Dr Matthew Ascare and mentorship under Dr Richard Walsh.

Fellow John DaSilva received the Rhode Island Dental Association’s Jimmy Kershaw Award last May at the House of Delegates Meeting. Dr Kershaw was the 1982 President of the PFA.

Retiring Chair Christine Benoit has been elected as Vice President of the Rhode Island Dental Association for the coming year. Dr Benoit has been an outstanding contributor to the PFA with her enthusiasm, energy, and leadership as Rhode Island Section Chair, with the Mentorship Program in developing a new international pamphlet, and with several Foundation grants including her “Hey Dude, Chew Isn’t Cool!” spit tobacco project she took to malls and schools.

At the Section’s Awards Reception, RIDA lobbyist Patrick Quinlan was honored with the PFA Certificate of Appreciation for his contributions to the profession of dentistry.

L-R, Oral Health America’s Coalition Development Director Lois Reynolds, Dental Assistant Dorothea Tate, and Chair Karl Lange

Chair Karl Lange and his Section displayed the PFA banner at the Special Olympics Special Smiles screening during the State Special Olympic Summer Games. This was their second screening with over 100 volunteers conducting 400 screenings. Sealants were placed on 24 attendees—a first at such an event.

The Blue Grass Dental Society sponsored a screening during the Children’s Dental Health Month, giving dental health education to some 1680 first-grade children held at the Children’s Museum of Dental Health last February. A PFA $2000 grant covered the cost of the children to attend.


Membership Chairman David Matthews and Section Chair Ray Maddox completed a successful membership drive last spring in inducting five new Fellows.

Dr P. Sidney Neuwirth

Past PFA Section Chair P. Sidney Neuwirth received Honorary Lifetime Membership in Theta Kappa Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society. Dr Neuwirth received his DDS from North-western University in 1938, practiced in Peoria where he served as Presi-dent of the Peoria District Dental Society, and was Chairman of the Illinois Board of Dental Examiners. He became a clinical associate professor at LSU’s Medical Center School of Dentistry since 1982 and is a Fellow in PFA, ACD, and ICD and the American Academy of Endodontics. He contributes $500 a year toward the Neuwirth Dental Scholarship given to a junior dental student at LSU.


Secretary/Treasurer Richard Kozal has been appointed to serve on the State Board of Dental Examiners as Disciplinary Screening/Informal Hearing Officer.

South Dakota

Chair Robin Hattervig held the Annual Breakfast Meeting last May to induct 3 new Fellows into the Academy. Fellow Michael Till, past 10th District ADA Trustee, former Dean of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, and past PFA Section Chairman for Minnesota, was the featured speaker. New Fellows Drs Mel Thaler, Brian Wiswall, and Robert Reitz are all from Sioux Falls.


Fellow William Nagy was appointed to the ADA’s Commission on Dental Accreditation, Review Committee on Prosthodontic Education. Dr Nagy is the Graduate Prosthodontic Program Director at Marquette University School of Dentistry and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics since 1981.

Chair Glenn Maihofer hosted the annual Induction and Awards Luncheon last April with some 200 attending during the Wisconsin State Dental Association Meeting at Milwaukee’s Hilton Plaza Hotel. Chair Maihoffer recognized the many dignitaries attending including past ADA Presidents Frank Schuler (1976) and Tim Rose (1999), Marquette Dental School Dean William Loeb, WDA President Tim MacNamara and 16 past State Presidents along with PFA International Trustee James Englander and Editor Jim Brophy. The Foundation Scholarship awardee, Sarah Santos, gave thanks for the honor in addressing the luncheon.

The newly inducted Fellows included Bruce Barrett, Tim Wahl, Steven Peterson, Robert Witwall, Tim Durtsche, Russell Fortune, Paul Hagemann, Cynthia Riffle, and Scott Terry. Past PFA Wisconsin Chair James Englander was honored with the Distinguished Dentist for the new Millennium Award.


The Section Fellows gathered for the annual Sunday morning Breakfast Meeting at the University Club during the state’s Star of the North Dental Meeting last April. Retiring University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Dean and past PFA Section Chair Michael Till attended with Doug Lambert, Steve MacDonald, Pat Foy, Cindy Christensen, International Editor Jim Brophy, and many other Fellows. Their organizational meeting was printed in the Star of the North Event Schedule.

Past PFA Minnesota Chair Michael Till invited past PFA President Larry Barrett, Editor Brophy, and Section Chairs Virginia Merchant (Michigan) and Howard Mark (Connecticut) to attend the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry reception honoring him as retiring dental school Dean. The event was held during the annual Minnesota Star of the North Dental Meeting in St. Paul last April.

Washington, DC

Fellow Jim Richeson was elected Vice President of the Academy of General Dentistry at the July Meeting in Toronto after having served as Treasurer since 1998. Dr Richeson has also served as President of the District of Columbia Dental Society and of the Georgetown University Alumni Club.

North Carolina

Todd Garcia, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dental School, is the grandson of Fellow George Ferguson of Middletown, Rhode Island.

Washington State

Fellow Paul Robertson, Dean for the University of Washington School of Dentistry since 1992, has announced his retirement by 30 June 2001 to rejoin the Periodontics Department to concentrate on teaching and research. Among his many honors, Dr Robertson is a Fellow in PFA, ACD, and ICD.


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