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November-December 2019

Nov-Dec 2015

A good day to all my friends and colleagues in the Pierre Fauchard Academy! I trust this finds you well. As I write this, I’m running down the “To Do List” given to me by my wife. We’ll be celebrating the wedding of my middle daughter tomorrow. I seem to have found my management level here. I have a master list and schedule with my assigned duties highlighted in orange. I can tell quite readily that nothing on my list is too terribly important. Dress clothes picked up for the ceremony? Check. Delivery of the table decorations, name tags and table numbers? Check. Tip money available for all those having their hands out? Also check. It seems my job is really just to hold the credit card and checkbook so that even more funds can be disbursed. It comes down to this for me, “Be ready to help whenever called upon.” Check. I have a complete day scheduled for checking hygiene and making sure the Father of the Bride talk is well-rehearsed and worthy of a great event. Most importantly, I’m ready to meet and greet the family and friends of my family. I am truly blessed. I have successful daughters that have chosen great spouses. I’m blessed with a wife of almost 39 years that was once my high school sweetheart. How can I possibly be married to a Grandmother?

Nov-Dec 2015


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